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					How to block unwanted emails
       by Naveed Farooq.

Many people don’t know how to get rid of unwanted emails
Its very easy follow these steps
1) Open the email from your gmail account which you don’t want to see.
2) Click on right side as shown in the picture
3) Click on filter messages like these.
           Set the criteria
• Choose one or more options from these.
• For example , write the email address or
  the whole domain which you want to block
  or the subject line.
Set the action
Now you will define what to do with such emails.
If you want to delete it or want to put star or label on it.
Or you want to do any other actions with such emails.
Just choose the right option and you have done. 
So simple
Click on settings in your gmail account.
And you will find a lot of tabs there
First tab is GENERAL.
In general tab there are a lot of options
Two main options are picture and signatures.

You can upload your avatar or picture , this will be shown which you chat with other gmail users. As
shown in the red box.

And you can add signatures and save them. They will be sent with each and every email you send
to other. As shown in the green box
There are more tabs .
One is filters tab , here your applied filters will be stored as we have applied on filter in
previous slides.

Offline tab has a kool features of Offline mail. First download all the mails when you are
connected. Then you can work offline , check mails , prepare replies , and again when
you will be get connected , all the mails will be sent all together.
In the themes section you can select the theme for you email.
As I have selected pebbles for me.
Do u see the stones In the background? It’s the theme.
                       Spell checker

On the right side , see the option “check spelling”
Click on it and see the results
You see the wrong spellings were high lighted.
I hope you understand 
Why Choose GMail
Don't like spam.
Don't waste time with junk mail and unwanted messages. Gmail blocks
spam before it gets to your inbox.
What is spam?
These are the unwanted e-mails and messages that come to mail box.
For example those suspicious emails which offer you big lottery money /
medicine /investment offers, or other adult messages or advertisements.

 spam                        spam
How to use spam option?

For example I found these two emails suspecious , I don’t know the sender and I
found unknown files in this email , I can report it as spam , so that gmail support
notice these kind of messages.
Only you have to check mark the mail and click “Report spam”
 Search your mail instantly
Gmail don’t use folders. It asks you to search emails to find them. So never delete your
important emails. You can find your emails even if they are present in the trash.
Any e-mail which was sent, received or deleted from your list, Just type the key words of that mail or
write the subject, no matter when it was sent or received. Just search for e-mail, it will be there in front of
Get your mail on the mobile phone
 Click here to see a video about use of Gmail on mobile phone

  For more details
  Click here
Google Talk messenger.
You gmail Id can be used with gmail messenger.
See and hear friends and family right from within Gmail. All you need
is a webcam and a small download that takes seconds to install.
Make phone calls from Gmail
”Call any phone in the US and Canada for free (till the next year starts)”
 and at insanely low rates internationally — right from inside Gmail.
But first you need to install the voice and video chat plugin, then click "Call phone" at the top of
your chat roster.
Get the plugin from this url
Your storage limit
More than 7 GB of free storage for your messages and attachments.
Maximum attachment size
             Send and receive   messages up to 25 (MB) in size.
More storage for less money
 If you need more space for your email and photos, you can now buy
20 gigabytes of storage for only $5 a year. Extra storage is shared
between Gmail and Picasa Web Albums and acts as an overflow if
you use up your free storage.
Free photo editing software from Google
open the page
Click on “Save file”and install the software
 and enjoy its features
Google Tool bar
Open the above page download it and run
and click “Install Google toolbar”
Google Toolbar
    Only available for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Web search option:-           You can search any web while you
are receiving, sending or reading the e-mails.
Chat online or video chat :-
You can chat live with your friends and family while having while
browsing to Gmail account. Just You have to install chat plug-in.
Record of sent mail
All the e-mail which had been sent to any body are kept in the
“Sent Mail” folder. You can check them by simply click on this

Easy to send mail:-
           You can see your contact list at your e-mail main page and
just click on the name and then no need to write the e-mail address.
“Auto save” option for any composed mail:-
While composing any e-mail auto saved in draft folder box after a few minutes.
So in case of powershut down , you can get your prepared email safely in the
drafts folder.
Manage your Tasks (works to do)
You can manage your tasks through your mail boox by simply click
on the “Tasks”
Ads, but only the good kind:- Google always try to
advertise positive commercials. Sexually explicit or immoral
advertisement are not allowed.
Stay secure
                      Just like bank and credit card websites,
Gmail uses  always-on HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure,
so someone sharing your favorite coffee shop's public wifi can't
 maliciously read it.
All that is free?
The answer is “Yes”
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