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                                 Texas Children’s Hospital Lactation Support Program

                                                                                                                           Winter 2003

                                 Lactation program
                                 ‘graduate’ thriving
                                    When my son, Clark, was         11 months old.
                                 born at 27 weeks, he weighed         The day after
                                 only 2 pounds, 4 ounces. The       Clark’s birth, I
                                 first time I was able to hold      consulted with a
                                 him he was 2 weeks old, and        lactation nurse from
                                 it was a feat to arrange all the   Texas Children’s
                                 tubes and wires. Still, holding    Milk Bank. With
                                 his tiny warm body against         the information I
                                 my full breasts gave me            received from her
                                 indescribable joy.                 and a rented
                                    I had looked forward to         hospital-grade
                                 breastfeeding Clark, but           breast pump, I
                                 because he was so tiny he          began a breast-
                                 did not have the strength          feeding experience
                                 or development to suck.            different than any I
                                 But with the help of Texas         had ever imagined
                                 Children’s Lactation Support       – one that perhaps
                                 Program and the milk bank,         fulfilled me even
                                 I was able to pump and give        more than
                                 him breast milk until he was       See Graduate on Page 2.
                                                                                                                     Clark and Angela Hudson

                                 The color of milk: variances in breast
                                 milk color bewilder lactating moms
                                    Mothers who express their       pump, the varying color of           The first secretion of the
                                 milk for their hospitalized        their milk often raises           breast is colostrum, a fluid
                                 babies often ask, “Is this the     questions about the quality       high in protein and rich in
                                 color my milk is supposed          of the breast milk. The only      antibodies and other protec-
                                 to be?”                            comparison they can make          tive cells. Colostrum is usually
                                    For the mother of a full-       is to the color of pasteurized    a thick, sticky fluid that is
                                 term healthy infant, this          whole cow’s milk or               light to bright yellow in color.
                                 question rarely occurs because     commercial infant formula.        It is speculated that the color
                                 she doesn’t actually see her          Since these milks are white    and consistency of this fluid is
                                 milk unless a little milk          in color, milk of another color   likely due to the abundance of
                                 drips down the baby’s chin         may seem out of the ordinary.     these larger cells (proteins and
                                 after a feeding.                   But mother’s milk is anything     antibodies) in the milk.
                                    However for mothers who         but ordinary.                     See Color of milk on Page 3.


    Internet offers a wealth
    of lactation information
      American Association for                 organization that provides
    Premature Infants (A.A.P   .I.), founded   reliable information, support
    in 1992, is an organization dedicated      services and resources to families
    to improving the quality of health,        of children with congenital heart
    developmental and educational              defects and acquired heart
    services for premature infants, children   disease.
    and their families.      The Premature Baby-                     encouragement, mainly through
      The Preemie Place is an on-line          Premature Child is a volunteer            mother-to-mother support, to all
    resource providing answers to              website that provides parents with        mothers who want to breastfeed their
    questions, or information for a specific   information they need to care for
    topic regarding prematurity.               their premature infants.                    On the Parents Place Web site exists          
                                                                                         a unique discussion board for mothers
      Parents of Premature Babies Inc.           National Organization of Mothers
    (Preemie-L) is a website offering          of Twins Clubs, Inc. (NOMOTC),            who are exclusively pumping their
    support to families of premature           founded in 1960, provides support,        breast milk for their infants.
    infants while the babies are               education and information for mothers     You can get there by typing in
    hospitalized and following discharge.      of twins.                                    The La Leche League                     and scrolling down to exclusively
      Congenital Heart Information             International, founded in the             pumping under the breastfeeding
    Network (C.H.I.N.) is an international     mid-1950’s, provides information and      subtitle.

    Graduate cont’d. from page 1

    traditional breastfeeding.                 really soared. He became an aggressive      Because we had dutifully frozen all
       My gratification for breast pumping     “feeder and grower” and was finally       extra breast milk I produced during
    came every time I topped off a bottle...   able to make eye contact with us.         those nine months, there was enough
    every time Clark surpassed another         Finally, at eight weeks old, Clark came
                                                                                         for Clark to remain on breast milk until
    milestone without infection.               home, and the NICU gradually became
       In the midst of all the advanced,       a distant memory.                         he was 11 months old.
    state-of-the-art medical care Clark           When Clark was discharged, we            Clark was incredibly healthy his first
    received, producing breast milk            took more than 400 bottles of my          year. During this time, he had only one
    specifically formulated for his needs      breast milk from the milk bank’s          cold and a minor ear infection. He
    was something only I could do. I took      freezer to add to our freezer full at     now is on track developmentally, and
    my job very seriously – and the milk       home. I was not ever able to feed
    bank did too.                              Clark directly from my breasts, but       at 31.5 inches and 23 pounds, he loves
       When Clark was moved to the Level       I continued to pump until he was          to mimic the ABC song, do the bunny
    II nursery in his seventh week, he         nearly 9 months old.                      hop and be chased around the house!

             About the Lactation Support Program
        Texas Children’s Lactation Support      hospital visits.                          and collection bottles.
     Program and Milk Bank provide a              Through the milk bank, mothers rent       The Lactation Station newsletter is
     variety of services for breastfeeding      breast pumps, purchase breastfeeding      produced quarterly by Texas Children’s
     mothers and their infants. The             supplies and receive lactation            Lactation Support Program. For more
     program’s registered nurses, who           information. The milk bank is             information about Texas Children’s
     specialize in lactation counseling and     surrounded by private rooms in which      Lactation Support Program or the
     clinical breastfeeding management,         mothers can come – 24 hours a day –       Lactation Station newsletter, call
     are available for clinic, home or          to use hospital-provided breast pumps     (832) 824-6120.

    Texas Children’s                 Moms’ milk donations to milk
   Hospital mothers’
   donated milk contri-              bank benefit babies’ health
   butions in the last six
                                        Texas Children’s           would like their
   months:                           Hospital Lactation            milk (and hard
        3,770 ounces or              Support Program is            work!) to help other
        111,492 milliliters          pleased to be a liaison for   sick babies.
        471.25 cups                  our mothers with the             Texas Children’s
        235.62 pints                 Mother’s Milk Bank at         Hospital lactation
        117.81 quarts                Austin (MMBA).                consultants and
                                        In the last six months,    milk bank tech-
        111.49 liters                3,770 ounces of milk          nicians identify
        29.45 gallons                have been donated to          possible donors
                                     Austin from Texas             based on mothers’
     Thanks to all our               Children’s Hospital           milk volume and
   generous moms for                 mothers.                      infants’ medical
   their donations. Many                Some of the donating       conditions. Once
                                     moms have oversupply          identified, mothers
   babies are healthier              issues or babies who are      are approached
   for their efforts.                not yet eating. Others are    with relevant infor-
                                     bereaved mothers who          See Donations on Page 4.

Color of milk cont’d. from page 1

   However, just as breast size varies     change in the color of the milk to a           evaluation. Milk that is green, orange,
from woman to woman, there can be          more watery, white color. Some                 or even violet usually is related to
a variety of colors of colostrum. Some     mothers notice a slightly blue tint to         medicine or foods taken by the
mothers have expressed colostrum or        their milk at this time. This is due to        breastfeeding mother. Iron
early milk that is brown or rusty in       the high percent of whey protein in            supplements (green); carrots, squash,
color. Also known as “the rusty pipe       breastmilk. Whey is a high quality             sweet potatoes (orange); and beets
syndrome,” it is thought that this is      protein that includes many of the cells        (violet) are often associated with
due to slight oozing of blood from the     responsible for protecting the breast-         colored milks.
swelling of the breast tissue as the       fed infant from infection. On the other          Finally, although some colors may
breasts become heavier and engorged.       hand, commercial infant formula has            alert you to a particular problem or
This is more commonly seen in              much lower levels of whey protein –            condition, one thing is certain – the
first-time mothers and is not harmful      owing to the whiter color.                     quality of your milk is pure gold!
to the baby.                                  As breastfeeding continues, milk
   As milk production increases during     may change colors periodically
the first days after delivery the change   depending on many circumstances.
from colostrum to transitional milk        Milk that has a pink tint may be due to
occurs – and with this change so does      cracked and/or bleeding nipples.
the color and consistency of the milk.     However sometimes there are no
The reason for this change is a closing    visible cracks or soreness and a small
of the gaps between the milk cells deep    amount of blood appears in the milk.
within the breast. When this happens,      This may be caused from the breast
the larger cells have a more difficult     pump’s suction gauge being set too
time moving from the mother’s blood        high.
to her milk.                                  If bleeding continues once the
   As a result the protein and antibody    nipples have healed and/or the pump
content decreases and the fat content      is adjusted, notify your lactation
in the milk increases. This results in a   consultant or doctor for further                                                                              3
                                 Donations cont’d from page 3

                                 mation from the MMBA. An          to Texas Children’s Hospital    available in the Texas
                                 initial screening is done by      and Woman’s Hospital of         Children’s Hospital Milk
                                 telephone interview and           Texas, to pick up milk for      Bank with additional   then a small blood sample         transport to Austin.            information on the milk-
                                 is drawn and stored, along           To qualify as a donor,
Texas Children’s                 with the expressed milk, in       a mother must have at least     donation process. The milk
Hospital Lactation               the milk bank freezers.           100 ounces of medication-       bank lactation consultants
Support Program                  About once a month volun-         free milk available to          also are happy to answer
6621 Fannin                      teers from the MMBA come          donate. Pamphlets are           questions.
Mail code CCC 1010.00
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: (832) 824-6120
Fax: (832) 825-3633

Lactation Support                    Shared experiences help moms cope
Program Staff
Nancy Hurst,                            The Texas Children’s           The Lactation Support        The staff will offer
 RN, MSN, IBCLC                      Hospital lactation             Program staff is compiling    new mothers this
Lactation Consultants                consultants are invaluable     a list of the names and       valuable resource for
Anne Myatt,                          for breastfeeding infor-       phone numbers of former       helpful tips and words
  RN, BSN, IBCLC                     mation, instruction and        lactating moms along with     of encouragement.
Bonnie Bartman,                                                                                     If you would be willing
  RN, MN, IBCLC                      support. But being able to     special information (for
                                                                                                  to offer your support
Kathy Pennington                     talk to another mom who        example, mothers of           to these mothers, contact
  RN                                 has had a similar              multiples, infants with       the Texas Children’s
Medical Director                     experience can provide         heart defects, mothers        Lactation Support
William Klish, MD                    that little something extra    with infants born prior to    Program Staff at,
Milk Bank Technicians                lactating moms need.           30 weeks gestation, etc.).    (832) 824-6120.
Angela Perry
Adriana Lopez
Nadia Mora
Maria Pineda
MaryKutty John
Mimi Hernandez


                                                                                                           Houston, TX 77030
                                                                                                           6621 Fannin, MC 3-3391
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