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					                      Photo by Diane Schafer
                                                                               Youth Tennis San Diego
                                                                               Past Presidents 1952-2005
                                                                               Fred Kinne 1952, ’53, ’54, ’55
Table of                                                                       Robert Galloway 1956, ’57
                                                                               Hugh Weckerly 1958, ’59, ’60, ’61

Contents                                                                       Bob Berrey 1962, ’63
                                                                               Garnet Glenney 1964, ’65, ’66
                                                                               Jonathan Pierce 1967, ’68, ’69
                                                                               Mary Ann Shelton 1970, ’71, ’72
                                                                               Tom Boyle 1973, ’74, ’75
 1 President’s                                                                 Pierce Kavanagh 1976, ’77
                                                                               Dick Treat 1978, ’79, ’80
   Message                                                                     Jean Kremm 1981, ’82, ’83
                                                                               Dennis Askvig 1984, ’85
 2 Awards                                                                      Jamil Khoury 1986, ’87, ’88, ’89, ’90
                      Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                               Ron Baker 1991
 7 National                                                                    George Adams 1992, ’93
                                                                               Dal Watkins 1994
   Championships                                                               Kimberly Miller 1995, ’96
                                                                               Bill Kellogg 1997, ’98
 8 Tournament                                                                  Kathy Willette 1999, 2000
   Results                                                                     Rick Evans 2001, ’02
                                                                               Peter Garchie 2003
                                                                               Joe Zesbaugh 2003
10 Junior Rankings                                                             Scott Rogers 2003, ’04, ’05

12 Special Events
   Foundation                                  2006 Officers
                                               Michael Bandemer - President
14 After School                                Scott Rogers - Immediate Past President
   Tennis                                      Jonathan Atun - Treasurer
                                               Lee Booth - Secretary

15 Programs                                    2006 Board of Directors
                                               Bob Alden, Jonathan Atun, Michelle B. Baker, Lee Booth, Alejandro Castanedo,
16 Community                                   Brett Dickinson, Lori Faierman, Jim Frakes, Judge Charles Hayes, Brian Lorenz,
                                               Marty Molden, Scott Rogers, Kristen Rosen, Anne Rosser, Maria Salas,
   Tennis                                      Eric Steidlmayer, Julie Watts, Kathy Willette
   Highlights                                  Staff
                                               Kerry Blum - Executive Director
18 2006                                        Linn Walker - Executive Director- YTSD Foundation
   Junior Open                                 Lee Booth - Director of Education
                                               Steve Bickham - Facility/Tennis Director
   Tournment                                   Conan Lorenzo - Program/Tournament Director
   Schedule                                    Anne Podney - Tournament Director
                                               Gio Castellanos - Admin/Volunteer Development
20 2006                                        Calla Vastola - Fund Development
                                               Paula Flesher - Accounting Manager
   Junior Satellite
   Tournament                                  George E. Barnes Family Junior Tennis Center
                                               4490 West Point Loma Blvd. • San Diego, CA 92107
   Schedule                                    619-221-9000 • FAX 619-221-9076
                                               E-mail: • Website:
                                               Youth Tennis San Diego, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, owns and operates the
                                               George E. Barnes Family Junior Tennis Center.
                                               The 2005 Junior Tennis Yearbook was compiled by Youth Tennis San Diego.
                                               Special thanks to Gio Castellanos, Diane Schafer for photos and Simone Llerandi.
                                               Cover design by Brian Lorenz • Lorenz Advertising
                                               Printed by North Shores Printery • 926 Turquoise Street • San Diego, CA 92109
                         President’s Message

                                                                                                                                          Photo by Diane Schafer
                                  s I begin my term as the 2006 President of Youth Tennis San Diego,

                         A        I believe that we are embarking on one of the most exciting times
                                  in our organization’s extraordinary history.
                            Our signature After School Tennis program is the largest and most suc-
                         cessful in the country-more than 8,000 children in 85 schools participating
                         throughout San Diego and North County! Our programs are truly multi-
                         cultural and are making a lasting impact on our communities.
                            We have begun plans to add an education building to the Barnes Tennis
                         Center that will bring to our youth the unique combination of tennis and edu-
                         cation. Thanks to the generous gift of Lee and Steve Booth that made this
                         possible, the coming years will see Youth Tennis San Diego continue to pro-          Mike Bandemer, President
                                                                                                              Youth Tennis San Diego
                         mote the educational, physical and social development of the youth in our
                         community through organized tennis and educational activities.
                            This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Barnes Tennis Center; we
                         have already set in motion a Major Gifts Campaign whose goal will be to
                         ensure the long-term maintenance of the tennis center, educational facilities
                         and programs for future generations.
                            The success of our various programs is largely due to the efforts of our
                         enthusiastic and devoted staff, as well as a dedicated Board of Directors
                         and our many hard-working volunteers and supporters.
                            I am privileged to be part of an organization with such a remarkable history
                         of vision and dedication from those who founded and followed through on              Youth Tennis San Diego
                         mission to serve the youth of San Diego through tennis and education and             is a nonprofit organization
                         I am excited to work with all of you in the coming year.
                                                                                                              whose purpose is to
                                                                                                              promote the Educational,
                                                                                                              Physical and Social
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                                              Development of all youth
                                                                                                              through organized tennis
                                                                                                              and educational activities.

                                                                                                              Our community programs
                                                                                                              encourage youth partici-
                                                                                                              pation, personal integrity,
                                                                                                              leadership, and competi-
                                                                                                              tive spirit in a friendly
                                                                                                              environment that builds
                                                                                                              responsible citizens.

                                                                                                Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook                      1
Photo by Diane Schafer

                         Service to Tennis
                                                    OLIVE R. PIERCE AWARD
                                                    Presented to an adult for outstanding contribution to the welfare and development
                                                    of tennis in San Diego. In memory of Olive R. Pierce, wife of Jonathan Pierce,
                                                    San Diego Tennis Patrons President 1967-69.
                                                    2005   Marty Molden      1995 George Adams &        1986   Gary Edwards          1976   Alex Gordon
                                                    2004   Ellen Ehlers           Gil West              1985   Kathy Willette        1975   Virginia Glass
                                                    2003   Anne Podney       1994 George Peterson       1984   Jack Campbell         1974   John Tsumas
                                                    2002   Fred Circo        1993 George E. Barnes      1983   Clyde Crockett        1973   Tom Boyle
                                                    2001   Gerri Gullen      1992 Janet Rostovsky       1982   Jean Kremm            1972   Mary Anne Oberle
                         Marty Molden               2000   Bob Alden         1991 Homer Peabody, Jr.    1981   Louis Nargi           1971   Jean F. Boothby
                                                    1999   Marilyn Streed    1990 Jim Wright            1980   Ed Collins            1970   Powell Blankenship
                                                    1998   Jim Hillman       1989 Bill Kellogg          1979   Gloria Nixon          1969   Lillian Herrick
                                                    1997   Charles Wax       1988 Ben Press             1978   Mr. & Mrs. R. Brock   1968   Robert L. Galloway
                                                    1996   Steve Ruzic       1987 Jamil Khoury          1977   Steve Cushman         1967   Ralph Trembley
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    BILL DUDASH MEMORIAL AWARD
                                                    Presented for outstanding service to tennis by a girl or boy.
                                                    Bill Dudash was a San Diego umpire who enjoyed working with junior tennis players.
                                                    2005   Caroline Ehlers   1997   Marc Lucero         1989 Ron Marquez             1983 Stephanie Hake &
                                                    2004   Tam Vo            1996   Alonso Velasco      1988 Geoffrey Harris              Lisa Lareau
                                                    2003   Katherine Jan     1995   Bo Navarro          1987 Adrian Cordova          1982 Jennifer Chapin
                                                    2002   Carol Erickson    1994   Tony Marquez        1986 Naomi Hotta             1981 Oscar Quinones
                                                    2001   Cindy Chu         1993   Ulysses Marquez     1985 Patti Elson             1980 Tenley Treat &
                                                    2000   Jose Barajas      1992   Candice Donahoe     1984 Stephanie Hake &             Connie Lemon
                                                    1999   Dana Bacalla      1991   Jamie Saben              Nancy Shore
                         Caroline Ehlers            1998   Amy Molden        1990   Ron Marquez

Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    SOPHIE CUSTADO SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD
                                                    Presented for dedication, participation and devotion to tennis. Sophie Custado is the
                                                    Grandmother of the Redondo Family who devoted many hours to junior tennis.
                                                    2005   Thad Mostowtt     1997   Lindsey Green       1989   Branaca Elsberry      1981   Lynn Lewis
                                                    2004   Thomas Keiffer    1996   Scott Kintz         1988   Jeff Miyamoto         1980   Alex Levie
                                                    2003   Andrew Haynes     1995   Katie Umekubo       1987   Kerry Safdie          1979   Jackie Geller
                                                    2002   Cindy Chu         1994   Candice Donahoe     1986   Julie Coakley         1978   Steve Pearson
                                                    2001   Brandon Wai       1993   Molly Gavin         1985   Katrina Crawford      1977   Shelly Stillman
                                                    2000   Amy Molden        1992   Brian Kintz         1984   Kathy Mulvehal        1976   Susan Hagey
                                                    1999   Jody Sheldt       1991   Nicole Willette     1983   Colette Kavanagh      1975   Walter Redondo
                                                    1998   Michael Coelho    1990   Lee Ann Rostovsky   1982   Jack Griffin          1974   Walter Redondo
                         Thad Mostowtt
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    SOUTHWEST TROPHY SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD
                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    Presented to a 14 and under boy and girl.
                                                    2005 Warren Wood         1999 Rolando Cadua         1993 Leo Docuyanan
                                                         Sofia Ruiz               Esther Cadua               Erica Tower
                                                    2004 Remi Martin         1998 Jonathan Vo           1992 George Moungvong
                                                         Jake Fellows             Kaitlin Callan             Katie Umekubo
                                                    2003 Steven Henderson    1997 A.J. James            1991 Tony Marquez
                                                         Anna Yang                Liddy Bartell              Katie Umekubo
                                                    2002 Bobby DeSimone      1996 Derek Betyar          1990 Eric Wang
                                                         Leanne Milliken          Amy Molden                 Candice Donahoe
                                                    2001 George Pritzker     1995 Brent Davis           1989 Brian Kintz
                         Sofia Ruiz                                                                                                   Warren Wood
                                                         Kristin Strimple         Ashley Backus              Erin Lowrey
                                                    2000 Lawrence Kourie     1994 Kevin Chen
                                                         Rebecca Lin              Andrea Sanders

                         2   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
                                         MARGARET WECKERLY SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                         Presented to a 16 or 18 and under girl. Margaret Weckerly and her family have
                                         been long-standing supporters of junior tennis in San Diego.
                                         2005   Julie Chao         1993   Michelle Morris    1981 Maria Melbourne        1970   Avriel Shroth
                                         2004   Natasha Black      1992   Kristen Nicita     1980 Deanne Loonin          1969   Ruan Smith
                                         2003   Kari Barklis       1991   Angela Cruz        1979 Maria Pe               1968   Ann Lebedeff
                                         2002   Ashley Coulson     1990   Suzy Drage         1978 Karen Mulvehal         1967   Mary Struthers
                                         2001   Kristina Pierce    1989   Lynn Coakley       1977 Cecilia Kavanagh       1966   Valerie Ziegenfuss
                                         2000   Leigh Roberts      1988   Kristin Costi      1976 Liz Smith              1965   Kathy Apple
                                         1999   Heather Leslie     1987   Veena Prabhakar    1975 Paula Smith            1964   Suzanne Herrick
                         Julie Chao      1998   Dara Walsh         1986   Linda Allred       1974 Anne “Bunny”           1963   Lucinda Danielson
                                         1997   Erica Tower        1985   Kim Rostovsky           Bruning                1962   Kathy Blake
                                         1996   Kirsten Olsen      1984   Jennifer Steen     1973 Margaret Teague        1961   Molly Danielson
                                         1995   Jenny Lee          1983   Mary Graber        1972 Margie Strode          1960   Kathy Chabot
                                         1994   Laura Scher        1982   Taiche Kanter      1971 Rory MacEwing          1959   Judy Minna

                                         ROLAND BROCK SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                         Presented to a 16 or 18 and under boy. Roland Brock was one of the founders
                                         of the San Diego Tennis Patrons.
                                         2005 Benjamin Roy         1993   Simon Shen         1980 Stan Perry             1968   John Burrmann
                                         2004 Yen-Ming Chen        1992   Brian Kintz        1979 Mark McMahon           1967   Dwight Frerichs
                                         2003 Alex McDaniel        1991   Simon Kurth        1978 John Graber            1966   Jim Logan
                                         2002 Thomas Yancey        1990   Jerry Miyamoto     1977 Roger Knapp            1965   Steve Avoyer
                                         2001 Casey and            1989   Michael DeGuzman   1976 Carlos Mora            1964   John Rolph
                                              Kyle McMakin         1988   Sean Willette      1975 Walter Redondo         1963   Rocky Jarvis
                         Benjamin Roy    2000 Jason Gapud          1987   Peter Morawiecki   1974 Brad Rowe              1962   Larry Amador
                                         1999 Zach Fox             1986   Erik Johnson       1973 Warren Eber            1961   Roy Barth
                                         1998 Zac Markham          1985   Reid Middleton     1972 Tim Kremm              1960   John Bennett
                                         1997 Pocholo Mangubat     1984   Tim Budnack        1971 James Hagey            1959   Ruben Carriedo
                                         1996 Michael Huss         1983   Otis Allmon             Edward Hagey
                                         1995 Andrew Evans         1982   Todd Khoury        1970 Raul Ramirez
                                         1994 Alan Regala          1981   Danny Stack        1969 Steve Kremm
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                         Presented to a high school senior at the Harper Ink Tournament. Bob Carrothers was a junior
                                         player in the 30’s and 40’s in San Diego and well-known for his outstanding sportsmanship.
                                         2005   Andrew Haynes      1995   David White        1986 Katrina Crawford       1977 Joan Carson
                                         2004   Alyse Tyson        1994   Michelle Morris         Kevin Klabunde              Roger Knapp
                                         2003   Jonathan Luo       1993   Allan Jurlina      1985 Craig Ellison          1976 Hale Maher
                                         2002   Eric Yandoc        1992   Jamie Saben        1984 Otis Allmon            1975 Paul Press
                                         2001   not presented      1991   Jerry Miyamoto     1983 Taiche Kantner         1974 Del Tulao
                                         2000   Fatoumata Keita    1990   Branaca Elsberry   1982 Connie Lemon           1973 Tim Kremm
                         Andrew Haynes   1999   Denis Kolenovic    1989   Jeff Miyamoto      1981 Dave Kuhn              1972 Larry Belinsky
                                         1998   Sara Heron         1988   Kerry Safdie       1980 Tom Adams              1971 John Bennett
                                         1997   Uly Marquez        1987   Linda Allred       1979 Doug Bradley           1970 Bernie Feldman
                                         1996   Katie Umekubo                                1978 Kathy O’Brien          1969 Lucy Kable

                                         WILBUR FOLSOM AWARD FOR COLLEGE PLAYER OF THE YEAR
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                         Presented by Southwest Trophy & Awards. Wilbur Folsom was an early supporter
                                         of junior tennis in San Diego.
                                         2005   Amber Liu          1998 Eric Faulk           1992   Laura Richards       1985 Peter Smith
                                         2004   Amber Liu          1997 Ditta Huber          1991   Zarina Galvan        1984 Lynn Lewis
                                         2003   Amber Liu          1996 Betsy Miringoff      1990   Cammie Foley              Kelly Jones
                                         2002   Amber Liu          1995 Chris Tontz          1989   Chris Toomey         1983 Mark McMahon
                                         2001   Lindsey Green      1994 Lynn Coakley         1988   Lesley Hakala        1982 Randy Nixon
                                         2000   Allison Bradshaw   1993 Tommy Phanco         1987   Jennifer Larking     1981 Peter Herrmann
                         Amber Liu       1999   Ditta Huber             Cammie Foley         1986   Greg Failla          1980 Kathy O’Brien

                                                                                                  Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook      3
    Award Winners                                                             Wilbur Folsom Award for
    14s Amelia Herring, Miguel Danet
                                                                              Most Improved Players
    16s Natasha Makarova, Bradley Klahn                                       Presented by San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club.
    18s Rebecca Kwan, Steven Forman                                           Photos by Diane Schafer.
    14s Jacquie Harrison, Michael Lin
    16s Rebecca Kwan, Steve Forman
    18s Rebecca Lin, Michael Caldwell            18s

                                                     Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                                             Photo by Diane Schafer
    14s Leisl Lewis, Bradley Klahn
    16s Kristin Strimple, Jason McNaughton
    18s Esther Cadua, Hardy Ehlers
    14s Carling Donovan, Jason McNaughton
    16s Hardy Ehlers, Esther Cadua
    18s John Caldwell, Patricia Ruman
    14s Jason McNaughton, Rebecca Lin
    16s Jeff Nguyen, Ashley Strimple
    18s Dan Tontz, Sheila Lewis
    18s Andrew James, Joslynn Burkett
    16s Daniel Andrus, Sheila Lewis
    14s Hardy Ehlers, Lindsay McBride
                                                                              Rebecca Kwan                                            Steven Forman
    18s Eric Scheldt, Katie Foos
    16s Kalan Baisden, Lauren Perl
    14s Michael Hirshman, Carol Erickson
                                                                                                             Photo by Diane Schafer
                                                     Photo by Diane Schafer

    18s Derek Miller, Heather Shelby
    16s Brian Wilson, Katherine Foos
    14s Jordan Belinsky, Lauren Perl
    18s Michael Coelho, Laresa Marino
    14s Armando Carrascosa, Sheila Lewis
    18s Pocholo Mangubat, Kendra Strandemo
    16s Glen Miller, Jody Scheldt
    18s David White, Kirsten Olsen
    14s Mike Placek, Anna Sieczka
    18s Scott Lippitt, Leah Fisher
    14s Joshua Berner, Abi Spears
                                                                              Natasha Makarova                                        Bradley Klahn
    18s Brad Humphreys, Erin Lowrey
    14s Brad Vo, Sara Arguilla
    18s Bobby Hrdina, Tami Byrd
                                                     Photo by Diane Schafer

    14s Trent Miller, Lindsey Green
                                                                                                             Photo by Diane Schafer

    18s Tim Burke, Molly Gavin
    14s Hector Cortez, Marissa Velasco
    Jimmy Brown, Ingrid Kurta
    Jamie Saben, Sasha Boros
    Willie Carter, Ditta Huber
    Chris Numbers, Susan Hawke
    Jeff Miyamoto, Carla Quaresma
                                                                              Amelia Herring                                          Miguel Danet

4    2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
                         Junior Players                                                                     Award Winners
                         of the Year 2005                                                                   2005
                                                                                                            14s Michael Lin, Lacey Smyth
                         Highest nationally ranked players in San Diego County.                             16s Bradley Klahn, Natasha Makarova
                         Photos by Diane Schafer.                                                           18s Gregory Hirshman, Rebecca Lin
                                                                                                            14s Bradley Klahn, CoCo Vandeweghe

18s                                                                                                         16s Steve Forman, Nadia Abdala
                                                                                                            18s Brett Condon, Esther Cadua

                                                          Photo by Diane Schafer
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                                            14s Steven Forman, Natasha Makarova
                                                                                                            16s Jason McNaughton, Julie Chao
                                                                                                            18s Brandon Wai, Emma Taylor
                                                                                                            14s Jason McNaughton, Carling Donovan
                                                                                                            16s Brandon Wai, Esther Cadua
                                                                                                            18s Brandon Wai, Julianna Gates
                                                                                                            14s Bijan Moallemi, Esther Cadua
                                                                                                            16s Brandon Wai, Julianna Gates
                                                                                                            18s Daniel Andrus, Amber Liu
                                                                                                            14s Brandon Wai, Camelia Todorova
                                                                                                            16s Byron Cole, Lauren Perl
                                                                                                            18s Brian Wilson, Amber Liu
                         Rebecca Lin                                               Gregory Hirshman
                                                                                                            14s Eric Riley, Cindy Chu
                                                                                                            16s Ryan McNaughton, Jody Scheldt
16s                                                                                                         18s Jason Pongsrikul, Amber Liu
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                          Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                                            14s Eric Yandoc, Lauren Perl
                                                                                                            16s Mike Placek, Amber Liu
                                                                                                            18s Derick Miller, Allison Bradshaw
                                                                                                            14s A.J. James, Amber Liu
                                                                                                            16s Ryan Redondo, Natilie Mikolich
                                                                                                            18s Anthony Mateljan, Alexandra Stevenson
                                                                                                            14s Ryan Redondo, Natalie Mikolich
                                                                                                            16s Derek Miller, Allison Bradshaw
                                                                                                            18s Trent Miller, Alexandra Stevenson
                                                                                                            14s David Giorgis, Abi Spears
                                                                                                            16s Anthony Mateljian, Allison Bradshaw
                                                                                                            18s Trent Miller, Marisa Velasco
                         Natasha Makarova                                          Bradley Klahn            1994
                                                                                                            14s Derek Miller, Allison Bradshaw
                                                                                                            16s Trent Miller, Alexandra Stevenson

14s                                                                                                         18s Vo Chu, Marisa Velasco
                                                                                                            14s Brad Vo, Alexandra Stevenson
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                          Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                                            16s Brad Humphreys, Candice Donahoe
                                                                                                            18s Vo Chu, Molly Gavin
                                                                                                            14s Andrew Evans, Gee Gee Garvin
                                                                                                            16s Taryn Burgk, Vanessa Rooks
                                                                                                            18s Jon Elsberry, Tami Byrd
                                                                                                            James Conda, Betsy Miringoff
                                                                                                            Chris Tontz, Ditta Huber
                                                                                                            James Conda, Angelica Gavaldon
                                                                                                            Marco Zuniga, Veena Prabhakar
                         Lacey Smyth                                               Michael Lin

                                                                                                      Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook     5
                         Outstanding Role Model                                                               Awards
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    GEORGE E. BARNES FAMILY JUNIOR TENNIS AWARD
                                                    Presented to a junior for being outstanding role models while
                                                    participating in programs at the Barnes Tennis Center.
                                                    2005 Patricia Guinea                    2001 Sasha Altshteyn        1998 Brian Sullivan
                                                    2004 Bryce Bettwy                            Tamara Sarafijanovic        Kari Olsen
                                                    2003 Axel Cramer                        2000 Michael Hervey         1997 Ryan Garchie
                                                    2002 Niko Karnopp                            Lexi Provancha              Amy Molden
                                                         Elizabeth Becker                   1999 Andrew Haynes          1996 Hardy Ehlers
                                                                                                 Tori Hoeft                  Jennifer McCullough
                         Patricia Guinea
                                                    YOUTH TENNIS SAN DIEGO SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    Presented to recognize special achievement in Junior Tennis.
                                                    2005   Ben Fishbourne                   2000   Austin Trisdell      1994 Todd Short
                                                    2004   not awarded                      1998   Jason Uribe          1993 Angela McMahon
                                                    2003   Waylon Mobley                    1997   Aimee Rosenberg
                                                    2002   not awarded                      1996   Sean Defreitas
                                                    2001   Margaret Lennon                  1995   Eddie Sengendo

                         Ben Fishbourne

                         After School Tennis Program
                                                    CHABOT FAMILY LEADERSHIP AWARD
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    Presented for outstanding sportsmanship by a girl in the After School
                                                    Tennis Program. Kathy Chabot Willette is a former YTSD President and founded
                                                    the After School Tennis Program.
                                                    2005   Isabel Huynh                     2000   Irene Salazar        1995   Barbie Davis
                                                    2004   Alexandria Palaferria Schieber   1999   Jovita Sanders       1994   Clare Long
                                                    2003   Alexandra Weiss                  1998   Jerrica Escoto       1993   Noukahm Phouangsavanh
                                                    2002   Stephanie Bours                  1997   Fanny Tang           1992   Khonesavanh Souriyavong
                                                    2001   Jaclynn Torres                   1996   Effie Hsu
                         Isabel Huynh

                                                    BILL RENNIE SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    Presented to an outstanding boy in the After School Tennis Program. Bill Rennie,
                                                    along with Kathy Willette, established the After School Tennis Program.
                                                    2005   Kevin Torrones                   2000   Alex Camacho         1995   Joe Raines
                                                    2004   Adrian Rivera                    1999   Chri Christensen     1994   Roberto Hernandez
                                                    2003   Eric Beatty                      1998   Brent Hughs          1993   Wesley Stewart
                                                    2002   Jesse Klein                      1997   Virac Dith           1992   Steven Shira
                                                    2001   Albert Terrones                  1996   Garrison Ly          1991   Tom Stuart

                         Kevin Torrones
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    BELINSKY FAMILY AWARD
                                                                                                                                                         Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                    Presented for outstanding sportsmanship displayed by a boy and a girl
                                                    in the After School Tennis Program in the South Bay region. The Belinsky
                                                    Family have been long-time supporters of junior tennis in San Diego.
                                                    2005 Martin Marin                       2000 Cesar Solario
                                                         Lisa Meng                               Judith Perez
                                                    2004 Armando Gutierrez                  1999 Taryn Irby
                                                    2003 Jose Lopez                         1998 Ragini Sarma
                                                         Luis Lopez                         1997 Anastasia Opata
                         Martin Marin               2002 Robbie Greystone                   1996 Aaron Fischer-Chen                 Lisa Meng
                                                         Valeria Cuevas                     1995 Nallely Gaspar
                                                    2001 Oscar Santiago
                                                         Trang Phan

                         6   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
                         National Championships
                         At the Barnes Tennis Center

                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Diane Schafer
                         The Barnes Center hosts four National Championships. The largest of these is the
                         USTA Girls’ 16 National Championships. It is one of the nation’s most prestigious
                          junior tournaments. Tournament Director Steve Bickham made the tournament
                         an event to be remembered for all who participated.
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                           The Boys’ 14 National Hardcourt Open and
                                                           the National Father/Daughter, Mother/Son
                                                           Hardcourt were also held at the Barnes Center.
                                                           San Diegans did especially well in the latter
                                                           tournament. Duke and Rainy Miller won the
                                                           Mother/Son, Kristie and Ken Watson the
                                                           Father/Daughter, and Robin Ogburn and
                                                           Bud Harris were victors in the Super Senior

                                                                                                                                        Kimberly Haynes, Isabelle Taylor,
                                                           Duke and Rainy Miller: San Diego winners                                     Anna Chkhikvishvili, Rebecca Kwan,
                                                           of National Mother/Son Tournament                                            Remi Martin, Natasha Makarova,
                                                                                                                                        Lisel Lewis
                                                             Photo by Diane Schafer

                          Tournament                                                                                                       Billie Jean King
                                                                                                                                           WTT National
                          Sponsors                                                                                                         Championships
                          Ace Foundation                                                                                                   The Barnes Tennis Center
                                                                                                                                           ended the summer with
                          Angel Lopez Tennis Academy
                                                                                                                                           the Billie Jean King WTT
                          Mr. George E. Barnes
                                                                                                                                           National Championship.
                          Alex Castanedo                                                                                                   Sixteen teams from
                          Rick Evans and Jon Wright                                                                                        throughout the nation com-
                          Friends of Esmé Pearson                                                                                          peted in an exciting team
                          Andy Gordon                                                                                                      tennis event with the Youth
                                                                                                                                           Tennis San Diego team
                          Humphrey’s Concerts By the Bay
                                                                                                                                           winning the Championship.
                          The Jacobs Family
                                                             Photo by Diane Schafer

                          The Jan & Barklis Families
                          King of the Painters, Inc.
                          La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club
                          The McMahon Family                                                                                               Wheelchair Tennis
                          Ben Press                                                                                                        When the Barnes Center
                                                                                                                                           opened in 1995, Wheelchair

                          Mr. George Sanderlin
                                                                                                                                           Tennis was one of the first
                          San Diego District                                                                                               programs to roll on board.
                            Tennis Association                                                                                             Thanks to sponsorship from
                          Dr. John Sheposh                                                                                                 the Torrey Pines Kiwanis
                          Melanie & Bill Silva                                                                                             Club, the Wheelchair Tennis
                          Southern California                                                                                              program meets every week
                                                                                                                                           at the Center. Participants
                            Tennis Association
                                                                                      range in age from seven to 68 years. The program is one of the few year-round
                                                                                      programs in the country. Every October, the International USTA Wheelchair Open
                                                                                      is held at the Barnes Center. Over 150 players compete in this, the premiere
                          Thank You!                                                  wheelchair tournament in the United States, and one of the most prestigious
                                                                                      events in the disabled sports world.

                                                                                                                            Youth Tennis San Diego | 2005 Junior Yearbook    7
            Youth Tennis
              San Diego
Esme Pearson Memorial January Tournament                                                       DOUBLES
SINGLES                                                                                        B 18  Y. Chen/ A. Furman d. W. Chu/B. Desimone 6-3; 7-5
B 18   Steven Forman d. Bijan Moallemi 6-3; 7-6                                                B 16  Q. Doan/C. Isip d. M. Armstead/M. Lin 6-0; 6-4
B 16   Steve Johnson d. Jake Fleming 6-4; 6-4                                                  B 14  D. Garcia Mayers/D. Nguyen d. J. Isaacs/
B 14   Florante Sarmiento d. Brian Fang 6-0; 6-4                                                     C. Johnson 5-7; 6-0; 6-4
B 12   Joseph Di Giulio d. Brandon Mitchell 6-2; 6-4                                           B 12  A. Levie/A. Meltzer d. G. Garcia/J. Murphy 5-7; 6-2; 6-0
B 10   Gregory Garcia d. Nikko Madregallejo 7-5; 1-6; 7-6                                      G 18  E. Cadua/K. Haynes d. R. Martin/M. Raygada 6-2; 6-4
G 18   Julie Chao d. Katarina Reveche 6-3; 2-6; 6-2                                            G 16  A. Corpuz/A. Yang d. C. Vazquez/P. Vazquez 6-3; 6-2
G 16   McCall Jones d. Lyndsay Kinstler 6-1; 6-3                                               G 14  R. Parker/L. Smyth d. E. Najera/T. Sarafijanovic 6-2; 6-1
G 14   Julia Boserup d. Anna Akimova 6-4; 6-1                                                  G 12  D. Krawczyk/A. Tonks d. T. McCully/J. Willett 6-2; 6-1
G 12   Gabrielle Desimone d. Joanna Smith 6-4; 6-3
G 10   Alyssa Smith d. Anna Rudakov 3-6; 7-6; 6-0
                                                                                               35th Maureen Connolly Easter Tournament
56th Annual San Diego Metropolitan                                                             B 18   Joseph Terrill d. Alejandro Velez 6-2; 3-6; 6-1
SINGLES:                                                                                       B 16   Waylon Mobley d. Thomas Keiffer 6-2; 7-5
B 18   Janusz Conradi d. Connor Schiller 6-0; 7-5                                              B 14   Zachary Leslie d. Thomas Pham 6-2; 6-3
B 16   Tam Vo d. Corey Sheehan 6-4; 6-3                                                        B 12   Antonio Romero d. Francesco D’Arcangelo 6-7; 7-5; 6-3
B 14   Gannon Nicoll d. Corey Smith 6-2; 6-3                                                   B 10   Pascal Nilsson d. Arunav Singh 6-3; 7-6
B 12   Francesco D’Arcangelo d. Daniel Faierman 6-2; 6-2                                       G 18   Charlee Warford d. Stephanie Schon 7-6; 2-6; 6-2
B 10   Aaron Meltzer d. Gage Brymer 5-7; 6-3; 7-6                                              G 16   Taylor French d. Angelique Corpuz 6-3; 7-6
G 18   Maykim Yang d. Tiffany Huang 6-3; 6-3                                                   G 14   Lacey Smyth d. Amelia Herring 4-6; 6-4; 6-3
G 16   Molly Aloia d. Natalia Novelo 6-0; 6-1                                                  G 12   Christina Hansen d. Desirae Krawczyk 6-2; 6-3
G 14   Wileen Chiu d. Elena Najera 6-2; 6-4                                                    G 10   Jana McCord d. Sophia Costes 6-3; 6-4
G 12   Sofia Ruiz d. Melinda Chu 4-6; 7-6; 7-6
                                                                                               MIXED DOUBLES
DOUBLES:                                                                                       B. Desimone/R. Lin d. V. Tang/J. Wood 6-0; 6-3
B 16  S. Rogers/T. Van Buskirk d. D. Casey/T. Watling 2-6; 6-1; 7-6                            Z. Leslie/M. Matsuoka d. A. Frakes/L. Smyth 0-6; 6-2; 6-2
B 12  G. Garcia/J. Murphy d. A. Levie/A. Meltzer 6-7; 7-5; 6-4                                 S. Najera/A. Romero d. T. Burks/L. Matsuda 6-0; 6-1
G 16  D. Carolla/C. Friedman d. W. Chiu/E. Najera 6-0; 6-2
                                                                      Photo by Diane Schafer

71st Harper Ink Memorial Tournament
B 18   Jamie Smith d. Joseph Terrill 6-4; 6-0
B 16   Walter Lau d. Alex Sohaili 3-6; 6-2; 6-3
B 14   Zachary Leslie d. Mario Lopez 6-2; 6-3
B 12   Mikey Zablan d. Francesco D’Arcangelo 6-3; 5-7; 6-3
B 10   Gage Brymer d. Gregory Garcia 7-5; 6-4
G 18   Rebecca Kwan d. Kristin Strimple 6-3; 6-1
G 16   Haley Dixon d. Maria Raygada 6-2; 6-1
G 14   Lacey Smyth d. Amelia Herring 7-6; 6-0
G 12   Coy Jones Hunter d. Sophia Najera 6-1; 6-3
G 10   Elizabeth Profit d. Sarah Kwan 2-6; 6-0; 6-1

                                                                                               Harper Ink Winners!

8   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
Photo by Diane Schafer
                                                                                                                        MIXED 16 DOUBLES
                                                                                                                        W. Mobley/L. Smyth d. D. Jacobs/K. Reagan 6-4; 6-0

                                                                                                                        MIXED 14 DOUBLES
                                                                                                                        A. Frakes/S. Weng d. Z. Leslie/M. Matsuoka 3-6; 6-3; 7-5

                                                                                                                        Thanksgiving Vacation Tournament
                                                                                                                        B 18   Lawrence Formentera d. Jason Sinkoff 6-0; 6-1
                                                                                                                        B 16   Steven Henderson d. Kaiser De Leon 6-3; 6-3
                                                                                                                        B 14   Alfonso Garcia d. Michael Tan 7-5; 6-2
                                                                                                                        B 12   Cameron Bernhardt d. Cameron Amyot 6-2; 7-6
                                                                                                                        B 10   Jonathan Sorn d. William Chiu 6-0; 6-0
                                                                                                                        G 18   April Bisharat d. Leanne Milliken 6-1; 6-1
                         Todd Short’s aunt, Melanie Silva, with tournament players.                                     G 16   Lina Xu d. Vanesa Reibstein 6-2; 7-6
                                                                                                                        G 14   Jamie Raney d. Bella Genkina 6-3; 6-4
                                                                                                                        G 12   Meghan Sheehan Dixon d. Sophia Najera 6-2; 4-6; 6-4
                         32nd Annual Wilbur Folsom Memorial Tournament                                                  G 10   Erica Nesses d. Kylie Haviland 6-2; 6-2
                         B 18   Thomas Keiffer d. Jeffrey Stoughton 6-3; 6-4                                            DOUBLES
                         B 16   Kendrick Au d. Alex Yermanos 6-4; 6-1                                                   B 16  A. Biddlecome/D. Chen d. D. Mayers/
                         B 14   Eduardo Gallegos d. Michael Rabinovich 6-2; 6-3                                               N. Karnopp 6-3; 4-6; 6-4
                         B 12   Christopher Chan d. Jonathan Lo 6-1; 6-3                                                B 14  A. Abagyan/M. Rabinovich d. J. Lin/I. Stone 6-1; 6-1
                         B 10   Adam Levie d. Ryan Rosen 6-0; 6-1                                                       B 12  J. Garcia/J. Karnopp d. J. McCullers/H. Yamamoto 6-2; 7-5
                         G 18   Tara Brinkman d. Tara Gonzalez 6-2; 6-2                                                 G 18  S. Schon/N. Schon d. M. Perez/V. Schon 6-3; 6-2
                         G 16   Sophia Bursulaya d. Kimberly Cox 6-2; 7-6                                               G 16  K. Curtis/I. Tumini d. C. Dittman/Y. Lewis 6-2; 6-2
                         G 14   Taylor Rancy d. Kristina Voytsekhovich 0-6; 7-5; 6-1                                    G 14  E. Johnson/T. Sarafijanovic d. S. Najera/
                         G 12   Alexis Marquez d. Sophia Najera 6-4; 4-6; 6-1                                                 H. Ramage 6-3; 6-7; 6-2
                         G 10   Jwany Sherif d. Emily Olivier 6-2; 4-6; 6-1

                         DOUBLES                                                                                        2005 Christmas Vacation Jr. Tournament
                         B 16  T. Lee/P.J. Wooley d. A. Biddlecome/D. Chen 6-3; 3-6; 6-3                                SINGLES
                         B 14  A. Abagyan/M. Rabinovich d. E. Hernandez/                                                B 18      Dmitri Vaisberg d. Fernando Esquivel 4-6; 6-4; 6-2
                               R. Hernandez 3-6; 6-4; 6-3                                                               B 16      Warren Hardie d. Steven Wo Henderson (inj)
                         B 12  D. Faierman/A. Romero d. A. Levie/A. Meltzer 6-1; 6-2                                    B 14      David Doehring d. Michael Schneider 6-2; 6-0
                         G 16  R. Martin/M. Raygada d. A. Archambault/K. Cox 6-2; 6-1                                   B 12      Nathan Lewis d. Gregory Garcia 6-1; 6-3
                         G 14  V. Moreno/S. Ruiz d. T. McCully/H. Ramage 6-1; 6-1                                       B 10      Yannik Mahlangu d. Adalberto Canto 6-1; 6-0
                                                                                                                        G 18      Brooke Pletcher d. Vanesa Reibstein 7-6; 6-3
                                                                                                                        G 16      Sophia Bursulaya d. Sarah Weng 6-3; 6-1
                         16th Annual Todd Short Memorial Tournament                                                     G 14      Sharon Reibstein d. Edna Cueva 6-0; 6-2
                         SINGLES                                                                                        G 12      Maya Mozdzierz-Monico d. Jenny Borck 6-2; 6-4
                         B 18   Donald Johnson d. Thomas Keiffer 6-3; 6-4                                               G 10      Isabella Mozdzierz-Monico d. Carolyn Xie 6-4; 5-7; 6-4
                         B 16   Zachary Leslie d. Trent Brown 6-3; 6-2
                         B 14   Thomas Pham d. Mario Lopez 6-2; 6-1
                                                                                               Photo by Diane Schafer

                         B 12   Aaron Meltzer d. Rafael Martinez 7-5; 7-5
                         B 10   Lucas Gomez d. Ryan Rosen 6-1; 6-0
                         G 18   Leanne Milliken d. Czarina Puffelis 4-6; 6-0; 7-5
                         G 16   Vanesa Reibstein d. Roxanne Parker 6-4; 7-5
                         G 14   Danielle Flores d. Chanelle McGregor 6-4; 6-4
                         G 12   Sophia Najera d. Alexis Marquez 6-0; 6-2
                         G 10   Victoire Saperstein d. Lucy Kafka 6-2; 6-3

                         21st San Diego Junior Doubles Tournament
                         B 18    D. Johnson/L. Kruger d. T. Easton/G. Puttkammer 6-0; 6-1
                         B 16    C. Frakes/W. Mobley d. R. Agbayani/C. Freeman 6-2; 4-6; 6-2
                         B 14    D. Nguyen/A. Sarawasi d. C. Smith/A. Yermanos 6-1; 3-6; 6-1
                         B 12    A. Romero/D. Trent d. G. De La Concha/R. Martinez 6-3; 6-4
                         B 10    A. Ferry/R. Rosen d. A. Aguirre/A. Lamas 6-3; 6-3
                         G 18    C. Puffelis/V. Reibstein d. A. Archambault/K. Cox 6-3; 6-2
                         G 14    E. Najera/L. Smyth d. K. Smith/J. Smith 6-3; 6-3                                       Doubles Tournament: Mixed 16 champions Waylon Mobley and Lacey
                         G 12    D. Krawczyk/S. Najera d. M. Sheehan Dizon/H. Stone 7-5; 6-4                            Smyth with finalists Doug Jacobs and Katie Reagan.

                                                                                                                                          Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook    9

                                                                                                                             rl y
               2005 Juniors

               Girls 18s                                      26     Alexandra Preece
                1   Julie Chao                                27     Lesley Becker
                2   Rebecca Lin                               28     Amanda Lin
                3   Nadia Abdala                              29     Amy Scarano
                4   Esther Cadua                              30     Alexandra Flores
                5   Rebecca Kwan
                6   Kimberly Haynes
                7   Carling Donovan                           Girls 14s
                8   Kristin Strimple                           1     Lacey Smyth
                9   Maykim Yang                                2     Amelia Herring
               10   Whitney Smith                              3     Jessica Kwan
               11   Stephanie Schon                            4     Anna Yang
               12   Charlee Warford                            5     Elena Najera
                                                               6     Zoe Scandalis         Girls 10s
               13   Vanessa Schon
                                                               7     Danielle Flores        1   Christina Makarova
               14   Leanne Milliken
                                                               8     Sarah Weng             2   Sarah Kwan
               15   Nicole Schon
                                                               9     Wileen Chu             3   Jana McCord
                                                              10     Chanelle McGregor      4   Jwany Sherif
                                                              11     Roxanne Parker         5   Sophia Costes
                                                              12     Lexi Provancha         6   Nevada Apollo
                                                              13     Elizabeth Johnson      7   Lucy Kafka
                                                              14     Sharon Reibstein       8   Christina Krasnikova
Melind a Chu

                                                              15     Mimi Hamling           9   Rozel Hernandez
                                                              16     Elizabeth Alexander   10   Emily Olson
                                                              17     Vivian Moreno         11   Courtney Schulte
                                                              18     Kaley Schultz         12   Marion Boullin
                                                              19     Sofia Ruiz            13   Jenna Willett
                                                              20     Taylor McCully        14   Maya Lewis
                                                              21     Stephanie Hoffpauir   15   Sheridan Rice
                                                              22     Sarena Alvarado       16   Lindsey Jacobs
                                                              23     Constance Alexander   17   Lynn San Roman
                                                              24     Jessica Eung
                                                              25     Malorie De la Cruz
                                                              26     Joy Backer            Boys 18s
                                                                                            1   Steven Forman
               Girls 16s                                      27     Hillary Ramage
                                                              28     Patricia Guinea        2   Gregory Hirshman
                1   Natasha Makarova
                                                              29     Rebecca Sicile-Kira    3   Bijan Moallemi
                2   Rebecca Kwan
                                                                                            4   Lawrence Kourie
                3   Kimberly Haynes
                                                                                            5   Alex Placek
                4   Lisel Lewis
                                                              Girls 12s                     6   Robert Dabbs
                5   Coco Vandeweghe
                                                               1     Karen Forman           7   Donald Johnson
                6   Anna Chkhikvishvili
                                                               2     Danielle Flores        8   Jamie Smith
                7   Maria Teresa Raygada
                                                               3     Sophia Najera          9   Aron Ouye
                8   Jacquie Harrison
                                                               4     Melinda Chu           10   Olumide Sherman-Norman
                9   Remi Martin
                                                               5     Jessica Willett       11   Andrew Haynes
               10   Sophia Bursulaya
                                                               6     Alexis Marquez        12   Thomas Keiffer
               11   Isabelle Taylor
                                                               7     Taylor McCully        13   Ben Burkhart
               12   Angelique Corpuz
                                                               8     Alexandra Tonks       14   Conner Schiller
               13   Hannah Holladay
                                                               9     Iva Milovanovic       15   Bobby Desimone
               14   Alexandra Barsell
                                                              10     Hillary Ramage        16   Thaddeus Mostowtt
               15   Lexi Provancha
                                                              11     Anna Rudakov          17   Adam Furman
               16   Megan Leahy
                                                              12     Monica Pastor         18   Mark Marsala
               17   Margie Ann Milliken
                                                              13     Dominque Cetale       19   Dmitri Vaisberg
               18   Kimberly Cox
                                                              14     Laina Matsuda         20   Timothy Binmoeller
               19   Cayenne Shpall
                                                              15     Jessica Pepa          21   Dylan Leslie
               20   Brooke McBride
                                                              16     Tory Parravi          22   Bibo Lan
               21   Alexi Archambault
               22   Angela Caraglio                           17     Lindsey Kostas
               23   Brett Nissinoff                           18     Paige Press
               24   Angelica Lopez                            19     Tiffany Filipovich
               25   Kelly Peters

               10    2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
Boys 16s                   28   Cameron Rivero
 1   Bradley Klahn         29   Timothy Ryan
 2   Waylon Mobley         30   Sean Kent
 3   Donald Johnson        31   Alexander Vasquez
 4   Michael Lin           32   William Zhang
 5   Benjamin Roy          33   John Todd

                                                           Grego y Garcia
 6   Alexander Johnson     34   Nathaniel Johnson
 7   Chu Wayland           35   Kyle Champ
 8   Chris Tartre          36   Brett Pearce
 9   Luke Kruger           37   Matthew Scarano

10   P.J. Woolley          38   Erik Funk
11   Christopher Hayes     39   Zhikai Wang
12   Adam Biddlecome       40   Josh Isaacs
13   Christopher Frakes
14   Dmitri Vaisberg
15   Michael Miller        Boys 12s
16   Nissim Cohen-Sabban    1   Warren Wood
17   Trent Brown            2   Cameron Bernhardt
18   Stefan Pastor          3   Daniel Faierman
19   Duke Miller            4   Dylan Trent
20   Fernando Esquivel      5   Rafael Martinez                                   Boys 10s
21   Jason Sinkoff          6   Aaron Meltzer                                      1   Gregory Garcia
22   Joey Calenzo           7   Christopher Chan                                   2   Jack Murphy
23   D.J. Jaehnig           8   Jonathan Lo                                        3   Adam Levie
24   Ilya Imas              9   Romar Hernandez                                    4   Lucas Gomez
25   David Chen            10   Gregory Garcia                                     5   Joseph Saad
26   Doug Jacobs           11   Aaron Marvin                                       6   Ryan Rosen
27   Kyle Van Buskirk      12   Jacob Johnson                                      7   Amir Ferry
28   Daniel Lapidus        13   Andy Sorn                                          8   Arunav Singh
29   Brennan Barsell       14   Cameron Amyot                                      9   Franco Rubio
30   Jordan Dobron         15   Axel Cramer                                       10   Ivan Martinez
31   Yu Yoshii             16   James Boyd                                        11   Jonathan Sorn
32   A. J. Mells           17   Samuel Todd                                       12   Kosta Milovanovic
33   Amrit Singh           18   Michael Trujillo                                  13   Adalberto Canto
34   Seth Hoenig           19   Adam Lohnes                                       14   William Chiu
35   Kenneth Leung         20   Tyler Pham                                        15   Ivan Jichi
                           21   Gerardo De La Concha                              16   Naomichi Yamamoto
                           22   Daniel Milliken                                   17   Tyler Hansen
Boys 14s                   23   Conner Jacobs                                     18   Chase Friedman
 1   Michael Lin           24   Robert Shaw                                       19   Everett Waterman
 2   Zachary Leslie        25   Guy Giubilato                                     20   Alec Aguirre
 3   Miguel Danet          26   Shawheen Khodapanah                               21   Christopher Bernhardt
 4   Jake Fellow           27   Denis Vaisberg                                    22   Jared Brungard
 5   Campbell Johnson      28   Mark Kirzon                                       23   Burim Bajrami
 6   Thomas Pham           29   Vladimir Ivkin                                    24   Justin Chanthalangsy
 7   Alexander Frakes      30   Derek Klein                                       25   A.J. Hofstetter
 8   David Doehring        31   Joel Garcia                                       26   Daniel Ruiz
 9   Corey Smith           32   Anthony Kim                                       27   Michael Rosen
10   Fernando Sansores     33   Jakob Karnopp                                     28   Martin Marin
11   Ian Brown                                                                    29   Jack Barber
12   Alex Yermanos                   Armen A                                      30   Connor Arleo
                                            ba                                    31   Tristan Murphy
13   Michael Rabinovich                        g    ya
14   Samuel Huang                                                                 32   Francis Filipovich

15   Bryce Bettwy                                                                 33   David Cabinian
16   Nikolas Marino                                                               34   Luke Kafka
17   Armen Abagyan                                                                35   Timothy Sah
18   Adam Skinner
19   Michael Saria
20   Justin Agpaoa
21   Erik Rosner
22   Jonathan Wechter                                                             Photos by Diane Schafer
23   Elias Scandalis
24   Erwin Hernandez
25   Nikolai Karnopp
26   Taylor Hindle
27   Zubin Anklesaria

                                                                            Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook   11
                                Youth Tennis San Diego
                         Special Events
                         Lee & Steve Booth Make a Generous
                         Donation to Youth Tennis San Diego
                                                     ee and Steve Booth have             • Programs for children from the Monarch School, a

Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                     announced a major gift to              school for homeless children in San Diego
                                                     Youth Tennis San Diego              • Special Olympic students learn the game using special
                                               (YTSD). Their heartfelt gift of $2 mil-      equipment and teaching techniques developed by Lee.
                                               lion will ensure that the Lee and         • Homework assistance program
                                               Steve Booth Family Legacy at the          • Full service computer lab
                                               Barnes Tennis Center will continue to     • Parent seminars
                                               serve the children of San Diego.          • College guidance support
                           Lee’s father Fred, who visited San Diego to learn more        • Steve chairs the YTSD Financial Assistance Program,
                         about YTSD’s mission, introduced Lee and Steve to the              which provides grants to other community tennis asso-
                         Barnes Tennis Center. Mr. Wells had a dream to build a             ciations in San Diego County and program scholar-
                         tennis center for youth in Minneapolis where, like at the          ships for kids.
                         Barnes Tennis Center, children would have equal oppor-             Lee and Steve have said, “We believe that through
                         tunity to participate, expand their horizons, and experi-       tennis and education, children learn patience, tolerance,
                         ence the lasting benefits of tennis and education. The          confidence, fairness, respect…and they can dream
                         Fort Snelling Tennis Center is now a reality, serving thou-     achievable dreams.”
                         sands of children in the inner city of Minneapolis.                Every step of the way, Lee and Steve have quietly
                           Lee and Steve have nurtured YTSD’s mission with their         established the foundation of their legacy through their
                         love for children and their strong belief that every child      passion for the welfare of children and their incredible
                         deserves a chance to be a champion in life.                     generosity.
                           Lee is a master teacher in Special Education, a mem-             They have set the stage for children in our community
                         ber of the YTSD Board of Directors, and the Director of         to rise above expectations and contribute to our society.
                         the Education Programs at the Barnes Tennis Center.                Lee and Steve were honored on court at the Acura
                         Through her vision, hundreds of children have been              Classic for their dedication to our children. Thanks from
                         exposed to a breadth of educational programs that she           all the children at YTSD; we eagerly anticipate the Booth
                         has established at the Barnes Tennis Center:                    Education Building.

                         YTSD Foundation                                                        2005 Youth Tennis San Diego
                            n 2000, as play at the Barnes Tennis Center increased               Foundation Board of Directors

                         I  each month and off site tennis programs were growing,
                            it was decided that we needed to concern ourselves with
                         the long-term care and maintenance of the Tennis Center.
                                                                                                Bob Bowden, Gregg Caledonia, Raquel Giscafre,
                                                                                                Jorgen Heimburger, Gordon Jorgensen, Ron Langley,
                                                                                                Fred Lewis, Angel Lopez, Ed Luce, Jack McGrory,
                                                                                                Dr. Homer Peabody, Ben Press, John Schroeder.
                         That year the Youth Tennis San Diego Foundation was found-
                         ed. The purpose of the foundation is to create a long-term                                        Chairman – Kathy Willette
                         endowment for the George E. Barnes Family Junior Tennis                                           Secretary – Wendy McWethy
                         Center and support the programs of Youth Tennis San Diego.                                        Treasurer – Richard Evans
                                                                                                                           Ex. Director – Linn Walker
                           The YTSD Foundation Board is comprised of outstanding
                         community members who have a love of what we stand for                                            Honorary Members
                         and a strong concern for children. The Foundation Board works                                     Arnold Belinsky, Rolf Benirschke,
                         year long to create sources of funding. Some of these funds                                       Dick Enberg, Elliot Feuerstein,
                         are given to YTSD each year for operations and programming                                        Billie Jean King, John McEnroe,
                         and a portion of the funds are invested for long-term growth.                                     Kathy May Fritz, Pam Shriver
                           The YTSD Foundation is looking forward to a very                     Kathy Willette, Chairman
                         productive year in 2006.

                         12   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
           The Rogers Family

          argo and Scott Rogers give selflessly of both their time and energy to
          Youth Tennis San Diego (YTSD). They believe that tennis is not only a
          great way to improve physical strength and coordination, but is also
an avenue for children to gain self-esteem, autonomy, social skills, dedication,
and sportsmanship.
   Scott has been president of the YTSD Board for the past two years. He has
dedicated many hours and dollars to the growth of excellent programming, tour-
nament play, and the maintenance of the Barnes Tennis Center as a first rate facil-
ity. Margo has volunteered endless time and energy to our galas and special

                                                                                                                                  Photo by Diane Schafer
events, including hosting our first alumni party in July.
   When Scott got involved with YTSD about five years ago, he spent much of his
early attention on the After School Tennis (AST) programs. He was instrumental in
implementing a five-year growth plan, which would double the number of AST
sites and reach more than 7,000 kids a year.
   Scott brought the Monarch School program to the Barnes Center and has pro-
vided tremendous support with the Urban Village and other outreach programs.
He told us, “Margo and I want to help increase the resources of the organization so we can continue growing our
programs for the next 50-100 years. We have a real passion for combining all the benefits of tennis with disadvan-
taged kids, and learning how to increasingly mix education initiatives with tennis.”
   To this end, Margo and Scott have committed $250,000 to YTSD. They see this donation as the beginning of a
strong pool of capital to ensure that children can be served and YTSD goals can be met for years to come.
   This wonderful pledge makes a strong statement of the pleasure Scott and Margo receive from helping our children
and their belief YTSD will enjoy continuing success. Youth Tennis San Diego thanks them for their bright leadership
and positive attitude in helping to develop a new generation of healthy, involved citizens.

   “Tux and Tennies”
   Hosted by Ruth and Gordon Jorgensen
            his year’s MatchPoint Ball held special signifi-   A 15-member committee worked on the evening’s

   T        cance because it celebrated the Barnes Tennis
            Center’s 10th anniversary. The event was held
   at the Barnes Center—under the stars! Attendees
                                                               plans for eight months and because of the team’s
                                                               efforts, the evening sparkled. The French Gourmet
                                                               served a delicious buffet dinner and lovely music
   arrived wearing a mix of formal attire and tennis           accompanied the evening events.
   duds, clearly being creative with the Ball’s theme.            Youth Tennis San Diego (YTSD) president, Scott
      At the start, players from the USCD tennis teams         Rogers, spoke about the wonderful success the
   joined children from the Preuss After School Tennis         Center has had and plans for its future growth.
   program for an exhibition on the Swortwood Family              The bidding on live auction items was lively; lucky
   Stadium court.                                              bidders left with trips to the French Open, Wimbledon,
      Guests were treated to a lovely reception and silent     and the US Open, along with other fun packages.
   auction in the Biszantz Youth building and on the              Youth Tennis San Diego thanks Ruth and
   patio. The bidding generated to a high pitch as the         Gordon Jorgensen for hosting the event, and
   final silent auction board was closed.                      many thanks go to all the sponsors, guests, and
      The evening progressed outside, where several            bidders at the MatchPoint Ball. We raised over
   courts were transformed into an open-air dining room        $110,000 for all the children of YTSD. Your gen-
   with twinkling lights and beautiful floral centerpieces.    erosity is greatly appreciated!

                                                                             Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook   13
Celebrates its 15th Year!
On any given day of the week, the sounds of ten-
nis balls, laughter and excitement of children can
be heard from San Ysidro to Oceanside as hun-
dreds of children participate in Youth Tennis San
Diego’s After School Tennis Program. AST is an
entry level program conducted in the security of
the school environment held September through
May. Students receive two hours of instruction a
week and participate in regularly scheduled special
events at the Barnes Tennis Center. The program
is available to all children, regardless of economic
background. Critical to the participation of these
children is our ability to provide partial scholarships.
Approximately 93% of the students request finan-
cial assistance which is made possible by a number
of sponsors and “Friends of After School Tennis.”
   Youth Tennis San Diego has a planned pathway
of development for any child who wants to pro-
ceed beyond After School Tennis.

 Thank You!                                                 Alberto LeDuc coaches AST and Team Tennis students at Willow, Smythe,
                                                            and San Ysidro Rec Center.
 After School
 Tennis Sponsors
 • Wilbur May Foundation                             AST Team Tennis
 • San Diego District Tennis Association             At one site, the nets were made of metal and the courts were hard
 • John and Smokey Sutherland                        cement, but the smiles on the players’ faces were genuine. Further
   & Associates                                      north the courts were part of the luxurious La Costa Spa and Tennis
 • Wilson Racquet Sports                             Resort, but the students’ smiles were equally genuine. Unlike real
 • The Belinsky Family                               estate, After School Tennis is not about location, location, location.
 • Griff Ordway                                      It is about children.
 • Weingart-Price Foundation                            In our second year of After School Team Tennis, the number of
 • Wells Fargo Bank                                  children participating nearly doubled. Matches were played in the
 • Gloria Schiff                                     fall and again in the spring. 191 students participated in three geo-
 • Scott Rogers                                      graphic divisions and 13 schools were represented.
 • City of San Diego                                    Special thanks goes to Mountain View Sports and Racquet Club
 • Angel Lopez                                       and La Costa Resort for donating court time. We also owe a huge
 • Westfield Shoppingtowns                           thank you to the coaches for donating their time. Without their dedi-
 • S.D. Rotary                                       cation, Team Tennis would not be possible. Thank you Judy Inskeep,
 • Amateur Athletic Foundation                       Nick Irby, Sylvia DeVoe, Rufus Rencher, Jennifer Teachout, Alberto Le
 • Kimmelman Family                                  Duc, Fred Aryee, George Espinosa, Steve Mallory, and Melanie Neville.
 • The Chabot Family
 • and an Anonymous Donor

14   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
Programs Center
At The Barnes Tennis
        eaching tennis is a lot more than hitting the ball back and forth. The Barnes Tennis Center, home of
        Youth Tennis San Diego, has been producing champions and outstanding recreational players for many years.
        For most of those who play tennis here, we are a second home to them because of all that we have to offer.
   Stop by and you will see that we have more than just tennis! In addition to our 21 hard courts and 4 clay courts
(all of which are lighted for evening play), we have a snack bar, a large indoor banquet room with kitchen located in
our Betty Bizantz Building, basketball court, computer lab and library and parking for 200 cars.


                                                                                                                                          Photo by Diane Schafer
At the Barnes Center, you’ll find classes offered for all levels of
play. Juniors between the ages of three and 18 are welcome to
come out Monday through Saturday to participate in any of our
high-energy programs.
   Our High Performance classes are tailored for the player who
is working on their Southern California and National ranking
and committed to playing two to three times each week. We
continue to place these juniors into the varsity level of high
school and even into colleges with tennis scholarships.
   Our Rising Star Classes run two to three days each week.
These classes are more flexible and are tailored to the beginner
and intermediate players.
   We hope you’ll come on out and take advantage of one of
the complimentary evaluations offered by ourProgram Director,
Conan Lorenzo. It’s a great opportunity to see what class
would be the right fit for you.

Barnes Cup Tournaments
Mark your calendars for our upcoming, Sunday afternoon
Barnes Cup round robin tournaments. Players who are partici-          USA Team Tennis
pating in Novice and Satellite tournaments are a perfect fit for      This USA Team Tennis Program at Barnes has been designed
our Barnes Cups. These round-robin tournaments will provide           to allow the beginning and intermediate tennis players to com-
a low-stress competitive experience for beginner and inter-           fortably move into tournament competition in a team-style envi-
mediate juniors between the ages of six and 16. Our pros              ronment. The environment will ensure a supportive foundation
are on-hand to offer advice on tactics and sportsmanship.             for new tournament players. The team participation includes
You may sign up at the front desk or on our website at                registration fee, transportation to-and-from the tournament, as                                           well as pre-and post-match coaching. Look for our next travel-
                                                                      ing team event, as they are scheduled in 8 week sessions two
Homework Assistance Program                                           times a year.
The Barnes Tennis Center offers a positive and quiet learning
atmosphere for students who are working to complete their             Adults
homework before or after tennis practice. Lee Booth, our              We provide adult match play and workout classes for the
Education Facilitator, provides homework assistance from              beginning to the more advanced players. Look for our Ladies
3:30-6 p.m. Monday through Friday.                                    Ad-In Doubles League, Ladies Morning Doubles Clinic,
                                                                      Ladies Evening Clinic, Adult Advanced Evening Clinic and
Summer Camps                                                          our Adult Beginner and Intermediate group lessons. If match
One of our most exciting times of the year is summer. Half-day        play is specifically what you are looking for without time con-
and full-day camps are offered from June to the end of August.        straints, we offer a roster of players who are looking for match-
The camps are intended for the beginner to advanced player,           es located on our website,
ages 4-18. Highlights of the camps are 15 hours of instruction
and fun, match play and personal skills evaluation. One of our
highlights of the week is our Davis Cup Team skits. Each Davis
Cup Team has a chance to create a dance, song and chant for
their team. Parents, make sure you have your cameras ready!
They get pretty creative! And to round out each day for our
full-day campers, we also provide extended afternoon activities
such as structured match play and arts and crafts.

                                                                                     Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook   15
                         Community Tennis
                         USA Team Tennis
                         USTA Jr. Team Tennis is a recreational ten-
                         nis program for juniors who are beginners
                         to highly competitive players trying to
                         gain more match experience. Juniors are
                         matched with other players of the same
                                                                                                                                      USA Team
                         ability to form a team in one of three lev-
                                                                              Photo by Diane Schafer
                         els—Ralleyball (novice), Intermediate, and
                         Advanced. Teams play a Round Robin
                         schedule against teams from their area
                         at the same ability and age level. League
                         winners will advance to the Sectional
                         Championships to determine the Southern
                         California Champions. The Southern

                                                                                                                                                Photo by Diane Schafer
                         California Champions, in various divisions,
                         will advance to State, Regional, and
                         National events.
                             Program organizers in the public recre-
                         ation agencies, private clubs, schools, etc.
                         are invited to organize teams and enter in
                         the league program. If you do not have a
                         league in your area, the SCTA will provide
                         information to start a league and welcomes
                         any existing programs that may wish to join
                         Jr. Team Tennis.

                             2005 Award
                         Banquet Winners
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                                       Urban Village
                                                                                                       The Urban Village Site in Center City
                                                                                                       continues to service the tennis commu-
                                                                                                       nity in the surrounding neighborhood.
                                                                                                       Eight schools use the site for their
                                                                                                       After School Tennis programs. These
                                                                                                       schools meet regularly with Director
                                                                                                       Stan Jefferson, YTSD manager of
                                                                                                       the Urban Village Tennis Center, and
                                                                                                       coaches Fred Ayree and Jessica
                                                                                                       Redding for additional support.

                                                                                                       Director Stan Jefferson with
                                                                                                       Urban Village tennis stars

                         16   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
                                                  Junior Player Council

                                                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Diane Schafer
                                                  The Junior Player Council, is dedicated to
                                                  serving junior tennis and has contributed
                                                  much to the community and the Barnes
                                                  Center this year. Council members are
                                                  busy redecorating the players lounge by
                                                  painting it and raising money to purchase
                                                  a TV and other items for the lounge.
                                                  Council members serve as court monitors
                                                  at many of the Open tournaments,
                                                  assist with the wheelchair program,
                                                  and plan and produce the Annual Junior

                                                  Awards Banquet.                              Front row: Chris Hayes, Alexi Archambault, PJ Woolley, Nick Archambault
                                                                                               Back row: Ellen Ehlers, Caroline Ehlers, Alex Preece, Briana Provancha,
                                                                                               Lexi Provancha, Kimberly Haynes, Rebecca Lin, Thad Mostowtt,
                                                                                               Jaston Mostowtt, Chris Frakes, Alex Daniele
                                                                                               Not pictured: Natasha Makarova, Bobby Desimone, DJ Johnson
                         Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                                                            Outreach Programs
                                                                                                                            Youth Tennis San Diego’s outreach program
                                                                                                                            is run by the education division. This year
                                                                                                                            participants include the Ocean Beach
                                                                                                                            Elementary School, Monarch School and
                                                                                                                            Special Olympics. It is a unique opportunity
                                                                                                                            for children to learn tennis and also receive
                                                                                                                            academic assistance.

                                                                                                                               2005 College Scholarship Recipients
                                                                                                                               Andrew Haynes - Notre Dame                   $500
                                                                                                                               Michael Zwang - University of Pennsylvania   $500
                                                                                                                               Janet Hwu - Stanford University              $500
                                                                                                                               Kimberly Nguyen                              $500
                                                                                                                               Leslie Perea- UCSD Extension                 $500
                                                                                                                               Kelsey Richardson - UC Berkley               $500

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo by Diane Schafer
                                                    2005 CIF Results                                                                Boys
Photo by Diane Schafer


                                                                                Kimberly Haynes (finalist,
                                                                                Cathedral Catholic) –
                                                                                Rebecca Kwan (winner,
                                                                                                                                 Greg Hirshman (finalist, LJ Country Day) –
                                                                                Torrey Pines) 6-1, 6-3
                                                                                                                             Steven Forman (winner, Torrey Pines) 6-0, 6-2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo by Diane Schafer
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                Remi Martin –
                                                                                Justine Perlman (Torrey Pines)
                                                                                def. Maria Raygada –
                                                                                Angelique Corpuz (Eastlake)
                                                                                6-1, 6-7 (2-7), 6-4
                                                                                                                        George Pritzker – Ben Burkhart (LJ Country Day)
                                                                                                                    def. Yen Ming Chen – Adam Furman (LJHS) 6-3, 7-6

                                                                                                                                  Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook   17
2006–2007 San Diego County
Junior Open Tournament Schedule
Date               Tournament                        Entries Close    Tournament Director              Location

May 27-29          Little Mo-(Sectionals)            May 19, 2006     Steve Bickham                    Barnes Tennis Center
                   B/G 8,9,10,11 & under             Sgls $40         (619) 221-9000                   4490 W Pt Loma Blvd
                                                                            San Diego, CA 92107

June 2-4           USTA Father/Daughter,             May 20, 2006     Anne Podney                      Barnes Tennis Center
                   Mother/Son,Senior &               $110/Team        (858) 551-1162                   4490 W Pt Loma Blvd
                   Super Senior Nationals                              San Diego, CA 92107

June 2-4           SD Regional Public Parks          May 25, 2006     Virginia Glass                   Rancho Bernardo HS
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                    Sgls $25         (619) 224-5746                   13010 Paseo Lucido
                   Father/Son Dbls                   Dbls $28/Team    Entries to: Box 83105            Rancho Bernardo, CA
                                                                      San Diego, CA 92138              92128

July 10-14         21st Annual Fallbrook             June 30, 2006    Dorothy Roth                     Fallbrook Tennis Club
                   B/G 8-18 Sgls                     Sgls $24         (760) 728-1100                   2141 S. Mission Road
                   B/G 10-18 Dbls                    Dbls $28/Team    PO Box 763                       Fallbrook, CA 92028
                   B/G 10-18 Mixed Dbls                               Fallbrook, CA 92088    

June 26 - 30       90th La Jolla Tournament          June 11, 2006    Mike Brown                       La Jolla Tennis Club
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                    Sgls $30         (858) 454-4434                   7632 Draper Ave.
                   B/G 14-18 Dbls                    Dbls $40/Team         La Jolla, CA 92037

July 5-9           33rd Wilbur Folsom Memorial       June 23, 2006    Anne Podney                      Barnes Tennis Center
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls Cons               Sgls $30         (858) 551-1162                   4490 W Pt Loma Blvd
                   B/G 12-18 Dbls                    Dbls.$30/Team           San Diego, CA 92107

July 15-16         5th Annual Rancho                 July 8, 2006     Carol Donahue                    Rancho Penasquitos
& 22-23            Penasquitos Open                  Sgls $25         (858) 484-0745                   Tennis Club
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                    Dbls $30/Team              12350 Black Mountain Rd
                   B/G 14-18 Dbls                                                                      San Diego, CA 92129

July 31-           Balboa Championships              July 21, 2006    Geoff Griffin                    Balboa Tennis Club
August 4           B/G 10-18 Sgls                    Sgls $22         (619) 291-5248                   2221 Morley Field Drive
                   B/G 10-18 Dbls                    Dbls $26/Team            San Diego, CA 92104

August 6-13        USTA Girls' 16                    SCTA             Steve Bickham                    Barnes Tennis Center
                   National Championships            Endorsement      (619) 221-9000                   4490 W Pt Loma Blvd
                   G 16s Sgls/Dbls                                          San Diego, CA 92107

August 7-11        San Dieguito Championships        July 22, 2006    Brad Humphreys                   San Dieguito Tennis Club
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                    Sgls $30         (760) 942-9725                   1414 Tennis Club Dr.
                                                                                                       Encinitas, CA 92024

San Diego Junior Ranking Regulations
The rankings shall be based upon players’ performance in USTA Open Tournaments, sanctioned by the Southern California Tennis
Association (SCTA), played during the current ranking year. Only juniors residing in San Diego County qualify for a San Diego County
ranking. San Diego will use the same criteria for ranking as does the SCTA.

18   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
Date               Tournament                     Entries Close       Tournament Director              Location

August 14-18       University City Racquet Club   August 6, 2006      Jim Ferrari                      UCRC
                   Jr. Open                       Sgls $25            (858) 452-5683                   3585 Governor Drive
                   B/G 8-18 Sgls                                                San Diego, CA 92122

August 26-27       17th Todd Short                August 11, 2006     Anne Podney                      Barnes Tennis Center
& Sept. 2- 3       Memorial Tournament            Sgls $30            (858) 551-1162                   4490 W Pt Loma Blvd
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                                      San Diego, CA 92107

Sept 30-Oct 1      West Coast Tennis              Sept 18, 2006       Paige Farmer/John Topper         La Costa Resort & Spa
& October 7-8      Academy Open                   Sgls $30            (760) 438-9111                   2100 Costa Del Mar Rd
                   B/G 8-18 Sgls                                      WCTA PO Box 230132               Carlsbad, CA 92009
                                                                      Encinitas, CA 92023

October 14-15      22nd SD Doubles                October 6, 2006     Anne Podney                      Barnes Tennis Center
                   B/G 10-18 Dbls                 Dbls $32/Team       (858) 551-1162                   4490 W Pt Loma Blvd
                   B/G 12-18 Mixed Dbls                                San Diego, CA 92107

October 14-15      5th Annual JCC Junior          October 7, 2006     Marc Pinckney                    JCC
& 21-23            B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Sgls $35            (858) 362-1136                   4126 Executive Drive
                                                                                                       La Jolla, CA 92037

November 11-12     Thanksgiving Open              October 27, 2006    Anne Podney                      Barnes Tennis Center
& 18-19            B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Sgls $28            (858) 551-1162                   4490 W Pt Loma Blvd
                   B/G 12-18 Dbls                 Dbls $30/Team           San Diego, CA 92107

December 2-4       USTA Nat'l Father & Son        Nov 14, 2005        Bill McGrath                     La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club
                                                  Dbls $90            (858) 551-4616                   2000 Spindrift Drive
                                                                                                       La Jolla, CA 92037

December 9-10      Christmas Vacation Open        November 28, 2006   Steve Bickham                    Barnes Tennis Center
& 16-17            B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Sgls $28            (619) 221-9000                   4490 W. Pt. Loma Blvd.
                   B/G 12-18 Dbls                 Dbls $30/Team                San Diego, CA 92107


January 6-7,       Esme Pearson Memorial          Dec 14, 2006        Anne Podney                      Barnes Tennis Center
& 13-15            B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Sgls $30            (858) 551-1162                   4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd
                                                                       San Diego, CA 92107

February 17-18     58th San Diego Metropolitan    Feb 2, 2007         Anne Podney                      Barnes Tennis Center
& 24-25            B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Sgls $28            (858) 551-1162                   4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd
                   B/G 12-18 Dbls                 Dbls $30/Team           San Diego, CA 92107

March 31-April 1   37th Maureen Connolly          April 15, 2007      Anne Podney                      Barnes Tennis Center
& April 7-8        B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Sgls $28            (858) 551-1162                   4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd
                   B/G 12-18 Dbls                 Dbls $30/Team           San Diego, CA 92107
                   B/G 12-18 Mixed Dbls

April 21-22        73rd Annual Harper Ink         April 6, 2007       Anne Podney                      Barnes Tennis Center
& 28-29            B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Sgls $28            (858) 551-1162                   4490 W. Pt Loma Blvd
                   B/G 12-18 Dbls                 Dbls $30/Team           San Diego, CA 92107

May 19-20          Powell Blankenship Memorial    May 3, 2007         Anne Podney                      Pacific Beach Tennis Club
& 26-27            Pacific Beach Open             Sgls $30            (858) 551-1162                   (Make Checks Payable
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Dbls $30/Team       Entries to: 5431 Linda Rosa      to PBTC)
                   B/G 12-18 Dbls                                     La Jolla, CA 92037               2639 Grand Ave
                                                                           San Diego, CA 92109

May 26-27          SD Regional Public Parks       May 28, 2007        Virginia Glass                   Rancho Bernardo H.S.
& June 2-3         B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Sgls $28            (619) 224-5746                   13010 Paseo Lucido
                                                                      Entries to: Box 83105            Rancho Bernardo, CA 92128
                                                                      San Diego, CA 92138

                                                                                   Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook   19
2006–2007 San Diego County Junior Novice
& Satellite Tournament Schedule
Date               Tournament                        Entries Close     Tourn. Director/Entries to:     Location

June 17-18         West Coast Tennis Academy         June 12, 2006     Paige Farmer (760) 438-9111     La Costa Resort & Spa
                   Novice                            Sgls $25          1836 Tennis Place               2100 Costa Del Mar Road
                   B/G’s 8-16 Sgls                   WCTA Member $20   Encinitas, CA 92024             Carlsbad, CA 92009
June 24-25         Damoytt Tennis                    June 16, 2006     Neysa Sanchez                   Urban Village Tennis Center
                   Winter Satellite                  Singles $30       (619) 641-6107                  4380 Landis St.
                   B/G 8’s-16’s Sgls                               San Diego, CA 92105
July 14-16         Angel Lopez Satellite             July 7, 2006      Conan Lorenzo                   Barnes Tennis Center
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                    Sgls $20          (619) 221-9000 Ext 314          4490 West Point Loma Blvd.
                                                                            San Diego, CA 92107
July 22-23         UVTC July Novice                  July 17, 2006     Stan Jefferson (619) 641-6107   Urban Village Tennis Center
                   B/G 8-16 Sgls                     Sgls $20              4380 Landis Street
                                                                                                       San Diego, CA 92105
August 12-13       Damoytt Tennis Satellite          August 7, 2006    Neysa Sanchez                   Urban Village Tennis Center
                   B/G 8-16 Sgls                     Sgls $30          (619) 641-6107                  4380 Landis Street
                                                                   San Diego, CA 92105
Sept 9-10          Alex Castanedo Novice             Sept 1, 2006      Conan Lorenzo                   Barnes Tennis Center
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                    Sgls $20          (619) 221-9000 Ext 314          4490 West Point Loma Blvd.
                                                                            San Diego, CA 92107
Sept 9-10          North County Tennis Patrons       Sept 1, 2006      Betsy Miringoff                 NCTP
                   Novice                            Sgls $25          (760) 402-8900                  PO Box 210
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                                                Del Mar, CA 92014
Sept 9-10,         22nd Annual Fallbrook             August 30, 2006   Dorothy Roth                    Fallbrook Tennis Club
16-17              Fall Satellite                    Sgls $24          (760) 728-1100                  2141 S. Mission Road
                   B/G 8-18 Sgls                     Dbls $28/ team    PO Box 763                      Fallbrook, CA 92028
                   B/G 10- 18 Dbls                                     Fallbrook, CA 92088   
Sept 22-24         Syril Press Memorial Satellite    Sept 15, 2006     Conan Lorenzo                   Barnes Tennis Center
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                    Sgls $20          (619) 221-9000 Ext 314          4490 West Point Loma Blvd
                                                                            San Diego, CA 92107
Sept 30-Oct 1      North County Tennis Patrons       Sept 22, 2006     Betsy Miringoff                 NCTP
                   Novice                            Sgls $25          (760) 402-8900                  PO Box 210
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                                                Del Mar, CA 92014
Oct 14-15          K & W Satellite                   October 7, 2006   Winston Strozier/               Mountainview Sports &
                   B/G 10 - 18 Sgls & Dbls           Sgls $20          Kevin Coleman                   Racquet Club
                                                     Dbls $30/ team    (619) 549-2518                  6401Skyline Drive
                                                                       PO Box 1121                     San Diego, CA 92105
                                                                       Spring Valley, CA 91979
Oct 21-22          Damoytt Tennis Satellite          Oct 16, 2006      Neysa Sanchez                   Urban Village Tennis Center
                   B/G 10-16 Sgls                    Sgls $30          (619) 641-6107                  4380 Landis Street
                                                                   San Diego, CA 92105
Oct 21-22          North County Tennis Patrons       Oct 20, 2006      Betsy Miringoff                 NCTP
                   Novice                            Sgls $20          (760) 402-8900                  PO Box 210
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                                                Del Mar, CA 92014
Oct 28-29          UVTC October Novice               Oct 23, 2006      Stan Jefferson                  Urban Village Tennis Center
                   B/G 8-16 Sgls                     Sgls $20          (619) 641-6107                  4380 Landis Street
                                                                           San Diego, CA 92105
Nov 4-5            Winter Classic Novice             Oct 27, 2006      Conan Lorenzo                   Barnes Tennis Center
                   B/G 10-18 Sgls                    Sgls $20          (619) 221-9000 Ext 314          4490 West Point Loma Blvd
                                                                            San Diego, CA 92107
Nov 18-19          Scripps Tennis Novice             Nov 15, 2006      Jessica Redding                 Scripps Ranch High School
                   B/G 8-16 Sgls                     Singles $25       Checks to: Scripps Tennis       10410 Treena Street
                                                                       3760 Mississippi St.            San Diego, CA 92131
                                                                       San Diego, CA 92104   

20   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
Date              Tournament                     Entries Close    Tourn. Director/Entries to:      Location

Nov 22-26         UVTC Thanksgiving Novice       Nov 20, 2006     Stan Jefferson                   Urban Village Tennis Center
                  B/G 8-16 Sgls                  Sgls $20         (619) 641-6107                   4380 Landis Street
                                                                       San Diego, CA 902105
Dec 2-3, 9-10     West Coast Tennis Academy      Nov 24, 2006     Paige Farmer/Alison Guzman       La Costa Resort & Spa
                  Satellite                      Sgls $30         (760) 753-5530                   2100 Costa Del Mar Rd
                  B/G 8-16 Sgls                                   PO Box 230132                    Carlsbad, CA 92009
                                                                  Encinitas, CA 92023    

Jan 6-7           North County Tennis Patrons    Dec 29, 2007     Betsy Miringoff                  NCTP
                  Novice                         Sgls $25         (760) 402-8900                   PO Box 210
                  B/G 10-18 Sgls                                             Del Mar, CA 92014
Jan 13-14,        21st Annual Fallbrook          Jan 3, 2007      Dorothy Roth                     Fallbrook Tennis Club
20-21             Winter Satellite               Sgls $24         (760) 728-1100                   2141 S. Mission Road
                  B/G 8-18 Sgls                  Dbls $28/ team   PO Box 763                       Fallbrook, CA 92028
                  B/G 10-18 Dbls                                  Fallbrook, CA 92088    
                  B/G 18-10 Mixed Dbls
Feb 10-11         Owenita & John Sanderlin       Feb 2, 2007      Conan Lorenzo                    Barnes Tennis Center
                  Memorial Novice                Sgls $20         (619) 221-9000 Ext 314           4490 West Point Loma Blvd.
                  B/G 10-18 Sgls                                        San Diego, CA 92107
Feb 17-18         North County Tennis Patrons    Jan 26, 2007     Betsy Miringoff                  NCTP
                  Novice                         Sgls $25         (760) 402-8900                   PO Box 210
                  B/G 10-18 Sgls                                             Del Mar, CA 92014
Feb 24-25         Damoytt Tennis Satellite       Feb 16, 2007     Neysa Sanchez                    Urban Village Tennis Center
                  B/G 8-16 Sgls                  Sgls $30         (619) 641-6107                   4380 Landis Street
                                                               San Diego, CA 92105
March 3-4         UVTC March Novice              Feb 24, 2007     Stan Jefferson                   Urban Village Tennis Center
                  B/G 8-16 Sgls                  Sgls $20         (619) 641-6107                   4380 Landis Street
                                                                       San Diego, CA 902105
Mar 10-11         North County Tennis Patrons    Mar 2, 2007      Betsy Miringoff                  NCTP
                  Novice                         Sgls $25         (760) 402-8900                   PO Box 210
                  B/G 10-18 Sgls                                             Del Mar, CA 92014
Mar 16-18         28th South Bay                 Mar 9, 2007      Virginia Glass                   East Lake High School
                  Spring Satellite               Singles $28      (619) 224-5746                   1120 Eastlake Parkway
                  B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Family fee $16                                    Chula Vista, CA 91913
Mar 31- April 1   North County Tennis Patrons    March 24, 2007   Betsy Miringoff                  NCTP
                  Novice                         Sgls $25         (760) 402-8900                   PO Box 210
                  B/G 10-18 Sgls                                             Del Mar, CA 92014
April 7-8         Scripps Tennis Novice          April 4, 2007    Jessica Redding                  Scripps Ranch High School
                  B/G 8-16 Sgls                  Singles $25      Checks to: Scripps Tennis        10410 Treena Street
                                                                  3760 Mississippi St.             San Diego, CA 92131
                                                                  San Diego, CA 92104    
April 21-22       Damoytt Tennis Satellite       April 13, 2007   Neysa Sanchez                    Urban Village Tennis Center
                  B/G 8-16 Sgls                  Sgls $30         (619) 641-6107                   4380 Landis Street
                                                               San Diego, CA 92105
May 5-6, 12-13    Rancho Penasquitos Satellite   April 23, 2007   Barbara Kingston                 Rancho Penasquitos
                  B/G 10-18 Sgls                 Sgls $25         (858) 484-0745                   Tennis Center
                                                                                                   12350 Black Mountain Road
                                                                                                   San Diego, CA 92129
May 12-13         North County Tennis Patrons    May 4, 2007      Betsy Miringoff                  NCTP
                  Novice                         Sgls $25         (760) 402-8900                   PO Box 210
                  B/G 10-18 Sgls                                             Del Mar, CA 92014
May 19-20         UVTC May Novice                May 12, 2007     Stan Jefferson                   Urban Village Tennis Center
                  B/G 8-16 Sgls                  Sgls $20         (619) 641-6107                   4380 Landis Street
                                                                       San Diego, CA 902105
May 12-13         North County Tennis Patrons    May 25, 2007     Betsy Miringoff                  NCTP
                  Novice                         Sgls $25         (760) 402-8900                   PO Box 210
                  B/G 10-18 Sgls                                             Del Mar, CA 92014
June 8-10         Dr. John P. Sheposh            June 1, 2007     Conan Lorenzo                    Barnes Tennis Center
                  Memorial Satellite             Sgls $20         (619) 221-9000 Ext 314           4490 West Point Loma Blvd
                  B/G 10-18 Sgls                                        San Diego, CA 92107

                                                                               Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook     21
                         2005 San Diego Novice and                                                                    2005–2006 San Diego
                         Satellite Junior Tournament Results                                                          Novice and Satellite Junior
                                                                                                                      Tournament Eligibility
                                                        Alex Castanedo Junior Novice Tournament                       Information
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                        B 10   Walter Nesses def. Kalman Boyd
                                                                                                                      Winners of sanctioned Novice and Satellite
                                                        B 12   Daniel Esparza def. Luke Meoli                         divisions will be eligible to participate in a
                                                        B 14   Kliment Bozhilov def. Tatsuki Nakajima                 “Masters” event at the end of the year. Any
                                                        B 16   Chad Strong def. Justin Preibisus                      player can play as high a level of tournament
                                                        G 10   Yolanda Pham def. Rachel Bossler                       as he or she likes. Only matches played in the
                                                        G 12   Kinsey Volkert def. Arianne Cubillo                    sanctioned Novice and Satellite tournaments
                                                        G 14   Chelsea Nguyen def. Hannah Smith                       are eligible for the “Masters” tournament.
                                                        G 16   Alexandra Stone def. Brooke Bobyak                     Junior Novice Tournaments
                                                                                                                      Novice tournaments are recommended for
                                                        Angel Lopez Satellite Tournament                              beginner players. Most Novice events are
                                                        B 10   Kei Ezaka def. Eric Abbuhl                             round robin
                                                        B 12   Yuuki Ota def. Mark Kirzon                             Junior Novice Eligibility Rules
                                                        B 14   Sean Moazezi def. Chad Strong                          1. A player who has won a match in the first
                         Walter Nesses and                                                                               main draw round in any Open tournament
                                                        B 16   Mathew Peacock def. John Sherwood
                         Kalman Boyd                                                                                     will not be eligible.
                                                        B 18   Mitchell Sholty def. Guillermo Pino
                                                                                                                      2. Players who win 2 rounds in a main draw
                                                        G 10   Emily Olsen def. Kendra Mahoney                           Satellite tournament are not eligible.
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                        G 12   Maritza Vela def. Shea Mahoney                         3. Players who win 2 Novice tournaments
                                                        G 14   Mariel Casta Castillo def. Amanda Sykes                   (with 6 or more in the draw) must move up
                                                        G 16   Alicia Koontz-Pe def. Maile Macloud                       to Satellite tournaments regardless of the
                                                                                                                         age division(s) they won.
                                                        Dr. John P. Sheposh Memorial Satellite                        Junior Satellite Tournaments
                                                        B 10   Ryan Rosen def. Alec Aguirre 6-3, 6-1                  Satellite tournaments are recommended for
                                                        B 12   Cameron Amyot def. Yuuki Ota 6-3, 2-6, 6-4             intermediate players. Satellite tournaments will
                                                        B 14   Michael Saria def. Daniel Grazian 6-0, 6-1             be 2 out of 3 sets, regular scoring.
                                                        B 16   Zachary Macaraeg def. Daniel Lapidus 6-3, 6-4          Junior Satellite Eligibility Rules
                                                        B 18   Guillermo Pino def. Derrick Chung 6-4, 4-6, 7-6        1. Players ranked in the top 50 (Top 40 in the
                                                        G 10   Courtney Schulte def. Lynn San Roman 6-2, 4-6, 7-5        10’s) by the SCTA, any other section, or for-
                                                        G 12   Madison Phillips def. Paige Press 6-2, 6-1                eign country are note eligible.
                                                        G 14   Malorie De la Cruz def. Analese Snyder 6-4, 6-7, 6-1   2. A player may not have won three or more
                         Chelsea Nguyen and                                                                              matches during the past two calendar
                                                        G 16   Kristina Yuzbasheva def. Lesley Becker 6-1, 6-4           years (not including defaults or byes) in the
                         Hannah Smith                   G 18   Megan Baisley def. Jenny Sharpe 6-0, 6-3                  main draw of (2) SCTA sanctioned junior
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                                                         Open tournament. This does not apply to
                                                        Owenita and John Sanderlin Memorial Novice                       the 8 and under.
                                                        B 10   David Cabinian def. Tyler Hansen                       3. A player may win a maximum of two Satel-
                                                        B 12   Sean McDowell def. Robert Atwood                          lite tournaments in the same age division
                                                                                                                         (each with 3 rounds or more). The player
                                                        B 14   Khoa Truong def. Chad Strong
                                                                                                                         must then move up to the next higher age
                                                        B 16   Carl Stricker def. Kenneth Tang                           division where they may win a maximum of
                                                        G 10   Alison Klein def. Christina Krasnikova                    two tournaments in that age division.
                                                        G 12   Nicole Kresky def. Emily Keach                         4. A player may win no more than four satel-
                                                        G 14   Christina Yuzbasheva def. Carley Cooke                    lite tournaments during a calendar year.
                                                        G 16   Andrea Nunez def. Corrine Wright                          However, a player may not win more than
                                                                                                                         five Satellite tournaments during the
                                                                                                                         junior’s career.
                                                        Syril Press Memorial Tournament                               5. It is the player’s responsibility to notify the
                                                        B 10   Everett Thomas def. A.J. Hofstetter 6-3, 6-3              tournament director in any subsequent Junior
                                                        B 12   Adam Lohnes def. Mark Kirzon 4-6, 6-1, 7-6                Satellite Tournament(s) of any change in
                         Courtney Schulte and                                                                            his/her status as a result of winning a Junior
                                                        B 14   Chikara Oshima def. Ferdinand Bautista 6-2, 6-1
                         Lynn San Roman                                                                                  Satellite Tournament. If such notification is
                                                        B 16   Chris Keeler def. Kikolai Karnopp 6-4, 6-3
                                                        B 18   Ryan Halverson def. Guillermo Pino 6-0, 6-0               made prior to play, the player is entitled to a
Photo by Diane Schafer

                                                                                                                         refund of any entry fee paid, or may request
                                                        G 10   Erica Nesses def. Nevada Apollo 6-4, 6-3
                                                                                                                         to be moved up an age division.
                                                        G 12   Paige Press def. Susanna Nesses 4-6, 6-3, 7-6          6. If you plan to enter a Junior Novice or
                                                        G 14   Constance Alexander def. Tory Parravi 6-4, 6-2            Satellite Tournament, it is YOUR responsibil-
                                                        G 16   Alicia Koontz-Pe def. Katie Ottenbreit 6-0, 6-0           ity to make sure that you are eligible to play
                                                                                                                         in those levels of tournaments. Players who
                                                        Winter Classic Junior Novice Tournament                          repeatedly enter levels of tournaments they
                                                                                                                         are ineligible for are subject to probation or
                                                        B 10   Greg Lyon def. Conner Arleo
                                                                                                                         suspension from tournament play. If have
                                                        B 12   Eric Miller def. Kevin Dong                               questions about your eligibility, contact the
                                                        B 14   Alec Howard def. David Smith                              SCTA office directly. (310) 208-3838.
                                                        B 16   Alex Bell def. Justin Preibisus                        7. Singles eligibility determines doubles
                                                        B 18   George Lopa def. Michael Pappalardo                       eligibility.
                                                        G 10   Yolanda Pham def. Madeline Makings                     8. A Round Robin tournament winner is
                                                        G 12   Emily Keach def. Brooke Ronney                            eligible for the Satellite Masters, as long
                                                                                                                         as the player wins three matches
                         Analese Snyder and             G 14   Alyssa Paraiso def. Chelsea Nguyen
                                                                                                                         (not including defaults).
                         Malorie De la Cruz             G 18   Carley Miller def. Amanda Mulligan

                         22   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
      Dr. Homer Peabody—A Special Man
                               NOVEMBER 16, 1919–DECEMBER 16, 2005

          outh Tennis San Diego has lost a very dear   had a vision of a facility for children—and they

Y         friend. Dr. Homer Peabody died December
          16 , 2005 at the age of 86. He was born
Nov. 16, 1919 in Denver, and moved with his family
                                                       made it happen. They felt that tennis has been an
                                                       elite sport when it should be available to everyone
                                                       because it can provide lifelong recreation.
to San Diego at age 6.                                                      As a champion of education
   Dr. Peabody graduated in 1937                                          and athletics, Dr. Peabody spear-
from San Diego High School,                                               headed plans for what became
where he was Associated Student                                           the Barnes Family Junior Tennis
Body president and lettered in                                            Center. Without Homer, the tennis
basketball and tennis.                                                    center wouldn't be here, he was
   At 6 feet 3 and 187 pounds, he                                         the father of it all. He was kind of
excelled on a Cavers basketball                                           a one-man bandwagon the way
team that won Coast League and                                            he encouraged people to partici-
CIF Southern Section titles. He                                           pate in the project. Many other
earned a basketball scholarship to                                        communities across the country
Harvard College and continued his                                         view the Barnes Tennis Center
sports career, receiving his bache-                                       as a prototype. The 12 1/2 -acre
lor's degree in 1941.                                                     center opened with 24 courts
   Dr. Peabody received his medical degree in 1944     and an 11,000-square-foot youth activity building
from Physicians & Surgeons College at Columbia         in 1995 and became the headquarters for Youth
University. His training was accelerated after he      Tennis San Diego.
was inducted into the Army during World War II.           To children benefiting from the recreational and
   He left the Army Medical Corps as a captain in      educational amenities of the Barnes Family Tennis
1947 and underwent additional medical training at      Center, he was a father figure who always had time
Rees-Steely and the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Peabody           to share dreams and exchange volleys. During the
joined Rees-Steely's staff in 1951 after earning a     past year, about 10,000 children from throughout
master's in medicine from the University of            San Diego County have participated in 80 outreach
Minnesota. He became medical director of the           programs offered by the center, many at elemen-
Rees-Stealy Research Foundation in 1967 and            tary and middle school sites as well as programs
medical director of the group in 1977.                 and tournaments at the Barnes Tennis Center. In
   Dr. Peabody was named Mr. San Diego in 1997         addition to tennis coaching, the programs provide
by the San Diego Rotary Club and was a longtime        education and tutoring opportunities.
member and past president of the group.                   Homer was a bright, generous, caring man who
   In 1953 when Youth Tennis San Diego was             gave so much to all the children of YTSD. He had
formed to support junior tennis, the founding mem-     a respect for all mankind and a sense of humor
bers envisioned a tennis center that would provide     that “children” of all ages could enjoy. We thank
opportunities for youths of all economic levels. But   him for sharing so many of his hours and talents
their dream was put on hold for decades.               with us. Youth Tennis San Diego is named in a
   The catalyst was a $1 million donation in 1993      charitable remainder trust created by Dr. Peabody
by George E. Barnes, a philanthropist and former       and his wife Betty. In this manner Homer and Betty
U.S. Tennis Association president whom Dr.             will be giving to the children of YTSD for many
Peabody befriended. Homer and George Barnes            years to come. Thank you.

                                                                     Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook   23
               Support San Diego                               Gift and Memoriam Contributions:
                                                                   In Memory of

                  Junior Tennis                                    In Honor of
                        The Barnes Tennis Center is a public
     facility that serves as a community resource center for
     youth and their families. Children have priority at the       Gift Contribution for friend or relative
     Center and have access to the facility FREE of charge.
     Children can borrow equipment to play tennis, basket-
     ball or sand volleyball and have the opportunity to
                                                               Increase your Donation with Employee
     get involved in the Learning Center activities, which     Matching Funds!
     include tutoring and supervised access to computer        Many employers will match your donation. Please
     technology. Children can also check out tennis videos     check with your company for more information on
                                                               matching gift programs.
     and books in our tennis Library.
                                                                   I am enclosing my matching gift form.
     YES! I want to help Serve the Future of
     San Diego’s youth.                                        NAME

        $50 Commitment                $500 Commitment
        $100 Commitment               $1,000 Commitment        ADDRESS

        $250 Commitment
                                                               CITY                       STATE               ZIP

        George E. Barnes Family Junior Tennis Center
        4490 W. Point Loma Blvd. San Diego, CA 92107 • Email:
         Phone: (619) 221-9000 • Fax: (619) 221-9076           E-MAIL

24    2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
   The Tennis Exchange
 San Diego’s Premier Social Tennis Club!
    We match you with other players
 four times a week at Barnes and other
  locations. All levels, exciting doubles.
         No reservations needed.

                   “La Jolla’s Tennis Experts”
                                                 Holiday Inn San Diego
                            7548 Draper Ave.     Bayside is proud to be a part
                           La Jolla, CA 92037    of the housing needs for junior
                                 Mon.-Fri. 9-6   tennis in San Diego County
                                Saturday 10-5
                              (858) 454-2778

                                                 4857 N. Harbor Dr., San Diego, CA 92106
RACKET STRINGING WORKSHOP                        619.224.3621 •

                                                              Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook   25
                                               Tel (858) 513-7190
 “Setting the Standard”                        Fax (858) 513-7191
                                               12575 Stowe Drive
                                    Poway, California 92064-6805

       San Diego County Tennis Umpires
       Serving the San Diego tennis community
          since 1974, ensuring fairness and
                 equity to all players.

             Interested individuals contact:
          Mark Kasimatis (858) 638-7634

 ACE                            LET                            C    O   N   G   R   A   T   U   L   A   T   I   O   N   S   N   T
 A D VA N TA G E                LINE
                                                               J    T   E   B   K   I   Y   O   U   T   H   T   E   N   N   I   S
 APPROACH                       LOB
 BACKHAND                       LOVE                           U    M   O   S   A   N   D   I   E   G   O   L   I   L   A   M   C
 BACKSPIN                       M ATC H                        N    T   E   P   A   G   A   Z   T   U   M   A   L   S   F   D   E
 BALL                           OUT                            I    L   G   V   S   N   I   P   S   K   C   A   B   H   B   G   V
 BASELINE                       OVERHEAD
                                                               O    U   T   Q   O   P   D   J   P   K   B   D   E   M   A   G   R
 BREAK                          RACQUET
 CHAMPION                       RETURN                         R    A   L   G   U   L   I   N   E   R   A   Q   U   T   S   N   E
 C L AY                         SAN DIEGO                      S    F   O   R   E   H   A   N   D   E   O   O   N   P   E   S   S
 C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S    SCORE                          R    E   T   O   S   D   N   A   H   K   C   A   B   U   L   E   T
 COURT                          SERVE
                                                               Y    L   E   U   A   B   C   R   P   B   V   S   C   I   I   T   A
 DEUCE                          SET
 D O U B L E FAU LT             SLAM                           E    B   U   N   O   T   E   O   H   D   R   F   C   H   N   C   D
 DROP                           SLICE                          L    U   Q   D   L   V   R   L   A   C   J   E   Y   O   E   L   I
 FAU LT                         S TA D I U M                   L    O   C   U   O   D   E   U   C   E   T   A   A   S   R   N   U
 FOREHAND                       TENNIS
                                                               O    D   A   T   B   W   X   Z   O   Y   L   A   E   K   P   E   M
 GAME                           TOPSPIN
 GROUND                         VOLLEY                         V    F   R   N   R   U   T   E   R   C   H   A   M   P   I   O   N
 JUNIORS                        YOUTH                          L    O   R   E   N   Z   A   D   V   E   R   T   I   S   I   N   G

26   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook   27
28   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
                                                           ON SERVING
  A full service Accounting firm providing:
     ♦ Audits
                                                    OVER 10,000 CHILDREN
     ♦ Tax Return Preparation
                                                               IN 2005
     ♦ Tax, Estate & Financial Planning
     ♦ Accounting Services
     ♦ Management Consulting
     ♦ Real Estate Consulting                              KEEP UP THE
     ♦ Accounting Systems
        Design & Computerization
                                                          GREAT WORK!
3655 Nobel Drive, Suite 500 • San Diego, CA 92122
              Tel: 858-597-4100
               Fax: 858-597-4111
                                                          Dave Walker
            Visit us on the web!

 Richard E. Evans, CPA, David W. Cortney, CPA
Ken M. Kasianovitz, CPA, Keith L. Troutman, CPA
             Michael H. Lorber, CPA

                                                     Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook   29
Ralph Acosta • Steve Adamson • Nelson Alapi • Cory Anderson • Harton Anderson • Reed Anderson• David
Ansay • Alejandro Astiz • Christopher Atzet • Dan Aubuchon • James Ault • Clay Babcock • Bob Bacon •
Mike Bannister • Jan Bardot • Keith Barksdale • Bruce Barr • Ronald Beaubien • Vikki Belinsky • Greg Bell • Randy
Berg • Mark Berner • Bradlee Berry • Steve Bickham • Don Bilby • Duke Bogatay • David Bone • Doug Bradley •
Allison Bradshaw • Jay Burchett • Kimberly Butler • Sandy Cadel • Wilburn Campbell • Brette Campos • Mike
Casey • Manuel Castaneda • Alejandro Castanedo • Frank Chaboudy • Lloyd Chaisson • Sasha Chuchkovich •
                                                 Carrie Cimino • Christian Clauson • Erick Collas • Cary Collins
  Is your pro USPTA certified? • Ed Collins • Curt Condon • Kevin Connolly • Bryan Conway •
Chris Conway • Peter Cooper • Greg Cosgrove • Julie Cota • John Craig • Patti Crane • Steve Crawford • Jack
Daniels-O’Brien • Vincent Darmohusodo • Susan Daughters • Scott Davis • Jorge Del Moral • Douglas Denton
• Jesus Diaz • Dave Dollins • Jeff Dollins • Michael Dowse • Barbara Dunn • Diane Elliott • Daniel Emmerson
• Chad Empey • George Espinosa • Paige Farmer • Pam Farmer • Mike Fedderly, Jr. • Jim Ferrari • Colleen
Ferrell • James Frakes • Patricia Fraser • Tory Fretz • Claude Fry • Kim Funk • Teresa Gardner • Rafael Gassen •
Adam Gebeau • Damian Gillespie • Marc Goldberg
• Don Gomsi • Joseph Gordon • Frank Grannis •
Robert Green • Renee Gregorio • Rocky Gregory •
Geoff Griffin • Lew Grinnan • Kamel Guessoum • Patrick Guion •
Tony Haber • Thomas Hagedorn • Ted Hagey • Anna Hedden •
Uta Hegberg • Ken Heidman • Leslie Herbert • Bob Hernandez •
Peter Herrmann • Nick Hobson • Paul Holbach •                      Find-a-Pro is a free public service
Marlene Holland • Angela Horacek • Randy Houston • Brad            designed to put tennis players in touch
Humphreys • Larry Hunter • Nancy Hunter • Daniel Irvine •          with local USPTA-certified teaching
Stan Jefferson • Clay Johnson • David Johnson • Gordon
                                                                   professionals – pros who have
Jorgensen • Joshua Jorgensen • Hyung Seok Kang • Stephen
Kappes • Amy Kelts • Tyler Kempton • Paul Kid • Ken                passed the industry’s most respected
Kuperstein •Rod Laver•Alexander Levie•Katharine Lewis•             certification exam. Just visit www.
Tonya Llewellyn • Angel Lopez • Conan Lorenzo • Carolyn Lumber • for a list of USPTA-member
Thomas       Luncford     •     David     Lyon     •     Cammy     teaching professionals in your area.
MacGregor • Gretchen Magers • Steve Mallory
•Lisa     Maloney•Pamela        Maloof     •    Dylan     Mann•
Eric Mann • Marcelo Marino • Brian Martin • Norman Mauz • Isaac    Find-a-Pro
McBroom • Bill McGrath • Hilary McGuire • Jaroslav Medek •
Richard Medwar • Anne Meigs • Rainy Miller • Ian Mindell • Bob
Mitchell • Tom Monahan • Leslie Monteforte • Richard Morales
• Kenny Murphy • Montserrat Noboa • Thomas Nygaard • Tom           United States
O’Brien • Robin Ogburn • John Ogden • Debra Ouye • Rick Panos      Professional Tennis Association
                                                                   (800) USPTA-4U •
• Tony Parzanese • Alexia Peters•Narelle Pettee • Christopher
Phelan • Marc Picker • Thomas Pirodsky • Dophie Poiset • Ellen
Porter • Melissa Porzak • Ben Press • Ralph Rabago • David Rapp • Bryan Renaud •Ed Richardson • Mike Rogers
• Bill Rose • Jose Ruelas • Nick Saltmarsh •Johnny Sanchez • Frank Sberno • Lisa Schreiber • Carl Schroeder •
Natalia Schull • Bradley Schulte • Chuck Schunk • Janet Scott • Lois Sczepaniak • David Seline • Allen Shapter •
Tom Shea • Russell Sheh • Simon Shen • Suzanne Simmons-Bohan • Rodger Siordia • Scott Slade • Byron Smith
• Raymond Smith • Thomas Stanton•Aaron Steinhauser • Tammy Stephens • Barry Sterett • Charles Stewart •
                                                                        Pamela Stewart • Patricia Stewart • Dennis
   USPTA San Diego Division Board of Officers                            Stojewa•Bruce Storrs•Buddy Strawn•Skip
                                                                        Strode•Rodrigo Suarez•Jeff Tarlton•Ken
   President: Geoff Griffin                                              Temple • Mark Thomas•Konstantin Todorov
   Regional Vice President: Doug Bradley                                •John Topper • Guillermo Torrez • Rene Toscano
   First Vice President/Treasurer: Tom Nygaard                          • Bryan Totman •Welby Van Horn • Norma Veal
   Vice President (San Diego): Robin Ogburn                             • Becky Vineyard• Charles Warner•Michael
   Vice President (North County): Jeff Dollins                          Wegenka• Nathan Welden•Joe Wesson•Bob
   Vice President (North County Coastal): Dophie Poiset                 Wheatley Jr. •Susan Whiteside•Lawrence
   Vice President (Coachella Valley): Rob Wheatley                      Willens •Daniel Williams •Kara Williams•Eric
   Secretary: Alex Levie                                                Winrow • Jim Wolavka • Jonathan
                                                                        Wolfe •Tom Zeman • Andres Zingman

30   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego
Youth Tennis San Diego | 2006 Junior Yearbook   31
                                     After School Tennis
          The Signature Program of Youth Tennis San Diego
         115,000 Children Introduced to Tennis on over 85 Parks and Rec Sites
                       Over 90% of Children on Full Scholarship

                                            After School Tennis Pathway

                                    1. Introduction to Tennis on School Site
                                       Training in Healthy Lifestyles

                                    2. Tournament Tennis—Competitive Play
                                       Barnes Tennis Center
                                       Meeting Children from All Neighborhoods
                                       and Backgrounds

                                    3. High School Tennis Teams
                                       Team Comradery
                                       Learning Life Skills

                                    4. Enjoying a Lifetime Sport
                                       Playing with Family and Friends

32   2006 Junior Yearbook | Youth Tennis San Diego

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