BHT_Hostess by linzhengnd


									                                 POSITION DESCRIPTION

Position:       Hostess

      •     Performing daily runs to all satellite kitchens ensuring coffee is fresh and kitchens
            are stocked with supplies (napkins, forks, sugar, straws, etc.);
      •     Ensuring that dishwashers are cleaned out and emptied on a regular basis;
      •     Re-stocking the Hostess station with milk, coffee, juice, pop, etc.;
      •     Re-stocking the lawyers lounge, staff lounge and satellite kitchens;
      •     Ensuring that all satellite kitchens are kept neat and tidy;
      •     Ensuring that the hostess station, lawyers’ lounge and staff lounge are kept neat and
      •     Setting up boardrooms for meetings (beverages, lunches, etc,);
      •     Cleaning up boardrooms (cleaning plates, taking away dishes and leftovers, etc.);
      •     Assisting with the set-up and clean up of seminars and large meetings;
      •     Setting up TGIFs in the lawyers' lounge;
      •     Assisting the Lead Hostess with her duties as required;
      •     Making recommendations on how to improve the Hostess station.

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