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					Historical Overview of Royal Ahold
•   Ahold names Kerry Underhill SVP Corporate Communications
•   Ahold completes sale of Tops convenience stores in the United States
•   Ahold announces its results for Q1 2005
•   Ahold CFO Hannu Ryöppönen accepts new career challenge
•   Four new members appointed to Ahold Supervisory Board. Ahold shareholders
    adopt 2004 financial statements
•   Anders Moberg at annual Ahold shareholders' meeting: 'Building a firm
    foundation for future profitable growth'
•   Ahold signs new unsecured credit facility
•   Ahold determines the impact of conversion to IFRS for 2004
•   Ahold completes sale of its stake in Spanish winery joint venture
•   Trading Statement Q1 2005 First Quarter 2005 net sales
•   Ahold publishes 2004 Sustainability Report
•   Ahold reaches agreement on terms of sale of Tops convenience stores in the
    United States
•   Ahold publishes 2004 Annual Report and Agenda for Annual General Meeting of
•   Ahold completes sale of G. Barbosa in Brazil
•   Ahold completes sale of 13th large Polish hypermarket.
•   Ahold announces its results Q4 and Full Year 2004.
•   Ahold announces it has received from escrow the final purchase amount for the
    approximately 85% of the shares of Disco S.A.
•   Ahold announces it has reached agreement to sell two Hypernova hypermarkets
    in Poland to Carrefour Poland
•   Ahold announces its intention to terminate its EUR 300 million and USD 1.45
    billion secured back-up credit facility in the course of this month.
•   Ahold announces it has completed the sale of its U.S. retail subsidiaries BI-LO
    and Bruno's to an affiliate of Lone Star Funds.
•   Ahold 2004 fourth quarter net sales.
•   Ahold announces that the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of
    Appeal has ordered an inquiry into the conduct of certain actions of Ahold during
    the period from January 1, 1998 through December 18, 2003.
•   Ahold announces that it will appeal certain new court orders that could
    potentially affect the sale of Disco S.A. in Argentina to Cencosud S.A.

•   Ahold announces that it has signed an agreement to sell its Brazilian retail chain
    G. Barbosa Comercial Ltda. to an affiliate of ACON Investments, a US-based
    investment firm which has other retailing investments in Latin America.
•   Ahold announces it has entered into an agreement to sell its U.S. retail
    subsidiaries BI-LO and Bruno's to an affiliate of the Lone Star Funds.
•   Ahold announces that its subsidiary Disco Ahold International Holdings N.V.
    ("DAIH") has appealed an Argentine judicial order rendered by a federal court in
    San Rafael, Province of Mendoza, Argentina, of which DAIH was notified on
    December 3, 2004. The order relates to the transfer of approximately 85% of the
    shares of Disco S.A. to Cencosud S.A., which was communicated on November
    1, 2004. If ultimately enforced the order could lead the parties to reverse the
    transfer, at least temporarily.
•   Ahold announces it has successfully completed the sale of its Spanish retail
    activities to the Permira Funds.
•   Ahold announces third quarter 2004 results
•   Ahold announces that Bill Grize, President and CEO of Ahold U.S. Retail, will be
    stepping down from the Ahold Corporate Executive Board at the end of
    December 2004, in preparation for his retirement.
•   Ahold announced it has reached agreement on the divestment of its 13 large
    hypermarkets in Poland to Carrefour. The closing of the transaction, the price of
    which was not disclosed, is expected in the first quarter of 2005.
•   Ahold closes transaction of Canica stake in ICA AB; extraordinary dividend of
    ICA AB paid.
•   Ahold transfers controlling interest in Disco to Cencosud.
•   Ahold announces that it has reached final agreement with Canica AS on the
    purchase price of Canica's 20% interest in the Scandinavian joint venture ICA
•   Ahold announces that, in an appeal, the Amsterdam Court of Appeals dismissed
    on October 14, 2004 claims made by Amstel Capital Management B.V. ("ACM")
    against the previous judgment made by the Remedial Injunctions Section of the
    Amsterdam District Court.
•   The United States Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") announced that
    it had reached a final settlement with Ahold. As reflected in the SEC's Complaint
    and Litigation Release, Ahold cooperated fully with the SEC in its investigation
    and has undertaken significant remedial actions in connection with the issues that
    were investigated. Ahold will continue to cooperate fully with the SEC and other
    authorities. This settlement completely resolves the SEC's investigation of Ahold
    and its various operating companies, including its U.S. Foodservice subsidiary.
•   Ahold announces that it has received the decision from the Swedish arbitration
    tribunal regarding the premium which is part of the price of the put option
    exercised by Canica AS ("Canica") of its 20% interest in the Scandinavian joint
    venture ICA AB.
•   Ahold announces it has sold its Spanish retail interest to the Permira Funds.
    Closing is anticipated before the end of the year and is subject to the fulfillment of
    certain conditions, including antitrust approval.
•   Ahold announces that Andrew Parkinson has been named as President of its
    wholly-owned subsidiary Peapod, the leading internet grocer in U.S., effective
    October 1, 2004.
•   Ahold announces that it has reached a settlement with the Dutch Public
    Prosecutor with regard to the investigation into side letters.
•   Ahold announces its intention to divest its Benelux foodservice unit, Deli XL
•   Ahold appoints Bart Karis as Senior Vice President General Merchandising.
•   Karel Vuursteen resigns as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Royal Ahold
    N.V. because of personal circumstances.
•   Ahold publishes its results second quarter 2004.
•   Ahold announces new U.S. Foodservice Securitization Program.
•   Ahold appoints Alex Gibbons as Ahold's Chief Information Officer.
•   Ahold announces 2004 second quarter sales.
•   Ahold announces that it entered into an agreement with ICA Forbundet Invest
    AB, its partner in the Scandinavian joint venture ICA AB.
•   Ahold announces that it has recieved a notice from Canica AS ("Canica"), its joint
    venture partner in the Scandinavian joint venture ICA AB, that Canica has
    exercised its put option with respect to its 20% interest in ICA AB.
•   Ahold publishes its first quarter 2004 results.
•   Annual Shareholders' Meeting: "Ahold is focused, ambitious and moving fast":
    President and CEO Anders Moberg.
    o Shareholders adopt 2003 financial statements.
    o Rene Dahan and Karen de Segundo appointed to Supervisory Board. They
       partially replace Sir Michael Perry, chairman of the Remuneration
       Committee, Bob Tobin and Roland Fahlin, who all stepped down.
    o Deloitte appointed external auditor for 2004 and 2005.
    o Official language of annual report changed to English.
•   Ahold places on its corporate website the document it filed with the Enterprise
    Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeals.
•   Ahold joint venture partner Canica AS offers shares to ICA Forbundet Invest AB
•   Ahold publishes its 2003 results.
•   Ahold announces the names of the new executive leadership team that will lead
    its American subsidiary U.S. Foodservice under CEO Lawrence Benjamin. The
    company also announced the reorganization of U.S. Foodservice's field
•   As a further step in its "Road to Recovery" strategy, Ahold announces a number
    of changes to its Finance organization.
•   Ahold announces its intention to call its 4% Convertible Subordinated Notes due
    2005 in the aggregate principal amount of EUR 920 million on or about June 2,
•   Ahold announces it has reached agreement with Chilean retailer Cencosud S.A.
    on the terms of sale of its controlling stake in the Argentine supermarket chain
    Disco S.A.
•   Ahold announces it has reached agreement on the sale of its stake in CRC.Ahold,
    operating in Thailand, to its partner, the Central Group. The divestment is the
    final step in the overall sale of Ahold's Asian operations.
•   Ahold announces it has sold its Brazilian retail chain Bompreço to Wal-Mart
    Stores Inc. Simultaneously, Ahold sold its Brazilian credit card operation
    Hipercard to Unibanco S.A.
•   Ahold announces that as part of Ahold's corporate governance initiative, term
    limits have been established for Corporate Executive Board members.
•   Jan Andreae decides on his own initiative to withdraw from the Executive Board.
•   Ahold announces its plans with regard to the recommendations of the Dutch
    Tabaksblat Committee on corporate governance.
•   On February 11, 2004, Ahold announces its intention to divest its BI-LO and
    Bruno's subsidiaries.
•   Ahold announces that agreement has been reached with the holders of
    (depository receipts of) cumulative preferred financing shares (the "Preferred
    Shares") on the restructuring of the Preferred Shares.
•   Exclusive negotiations end with joint prospective buyers, the investor Mr.
    Fransisco de Narváez and Casino Guichard Perrachon S.A., for the sale of
    Ahold's controlling stake in the Argentine supermarket chain Disco S.A.
•   Ahold announces plans for corporate restructuring:
•   Retail corporate headquarters in Chantilly, Virginia, will be closed and Ahold
    U.S. Retail and Corporate functions aligned with those of the new business arena
    based in the Boston, Massachusetts area. This arena will integrate the back-office
    functions of Ahold operating companies, Stop & Shop and Giant-Landover. The
    change is effective July 2004.
•   The European Competence Center will be closed. Services provided by the ECC
    will be aligned with the requirements of the Ahold corporate headquarters and
    the Netherlands arena. This change is effective March 2004.
•   U.S. subsidiary Tops Markets LLC ("Tops") intends to divest its chain of 204
    convenience stores. These are Ahold's remaining convenience stores in the
    United States, operating under the banners of Wilson Farms Neighborhood Food
    Stores, Sugarcreek Stores and Tops Xpress.
•   Ahold announces consolidated net sales for 2003.

•   Ahold confirms that the exclusivity period for negotiations with Chilean retailer
    Cencosud S.A. for the sale of Ahold's controlling stake in the Argentine
    supermarket chain Disco S.A. has lapsed. Both parties could not reach final
    agreement within this period.
•   Later in December, Ahold announces it is engaged in exclusive negotiations with
    joint prospective buyers, the investor Mr. Francisco de Narváez and Casino
    Guichard Perrachon S.A., for the sale of Ahold's controlling stake in Disco S.A.
•   Dudley Eustace, the man brought in as interim CFO in March, completes his term
    as a member of the Corporate Executive Board at Ahold.
•   Ahold announces the closing of its approximately EUR 3.0 billion 2 for 3 rights
    offering and related rump offering of 620,951,317 new common shares.
•   Ahold announces it has successfully completed the sale of its Peruvian operation,
    Supermercados Santa Isabel S.A. The sale agreement is with Grupo Interbank
    and a group of investors led by Nexus Group.
•   Ahold announces its agreement with Grupo Interbank and a group of investors
    led by Nexus Group on the sale of 100% of its shares in its Peruvian operation,
    Supermercados Santa Isabel S.A.
•   Ahold announces results for first three quarters of 2003.
•   Ahold announces terms of its proposed rights offering.
•   Ahold confirms it is engaged in negotiations with Cencosud S.A. for the sale of its
    controlling stake in Disco S.A.
•   Ahold sells two Polish hypermarkets to Carrefour Poland.
•   Ahold outlines 'Road to Recovery', its 3-year financing plan and strategy to
    restore value.
•   Ahold published its 2003 half-year results
•   Ahold announces its audited, financial position as per December 29, 2002 and
    the results for the year then ended.
•   Ahold completes sale of Golden Gallon, its fuel and merchandise convenience
    store, to The Pantry, Inc..
•   Ahold appoints Lawrence S. Benjamin as Chief Executive Officer at U.S.
•   Ahold announces the filing of its Annual Report 2002 on Form 20-F with the
    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
•   Ahold publishes its Annual Report 2002
•   Ahold announces it has successfully completed the sale of its 100% interest in
    Supermercados Stock S.A. to A.J. Vierci. This transaction is limited to Ahold's
    supermarket activities in Paraguay.
•   Shareholders approve the appointment of Anders Moberg as President and Chief
    Executive Officer and Hannu Ryöppönen as Chief Financial Officer at General
    Meeting of Shareholders.
•   Ahold publishes financial information for Albert Heijn and Stop & Shop for fiscal
    years 2000 - 2002.
•   Ahold Supervisory Board announces changes to its composition: Chairman
    Henny de Ruiter to resign at the next shareholders' meeting and Karel Vuursteen
    to succeed Mr. De Ruiter.
•   Ahold CEO Anders Moberg announces his agreement to adjust his remuneration
    package in response to public debate on the subject.
•   Ahold obtains extension of deadline for delivery of audited, consolidated
    financial statements for 2002 to September 30, 2003.
•   Ahold announces its proposal to nominate Peter Wakkie as Chief Corporate
    Governance Counsel and member of the Corporate Executive Board, effective
    October 15, 2003.
•   Ahold announces successful sale of its 99.6% interest in Santa Isabel S.A. to
    Chilean retailer Cencosud S.A. The transaction is limited to Ahold's supermarket
    activities in Chile.
•   Ahold announces that all of the ongoing internal forensic accounting
    investigations at Ahold, its subsidiaries and its joint ventures were completed. The
    forensic accountants identified an additional approximately EUR 73 million of
    intentional accounting irregularities related to improper purchase accounting.
•   Ahold announces the appointment of Joost Sliepenbeek as Senior Vice President
    and Controller.
•   Ahold announces that the Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam is conducting a
    criminal investigation regarding Ahold.
•   Ahold divests Dutch candy store chain, Jamin Winkelbedrijf B.V.
•   Ahold announces that on May 30, 2003, it provided its bank syndicate with the
    audited 2002 financial report for Albert Heijn.
•   Ahold announces its proposal to nominate Hannu Ryöppönen as company Chief
    Financial Officer.
•   Tops Markets President and CEO, Frank Curci, tenders his resignation.
•   the audited 2002 financial report for Stop & Shop is provided to Ahold's banking
•   Ahold extends the U.S. Foodservice securitization programs by another sixty
•   Ahold announces that Deloitte & Touche had resumed their audit at Albert Heijn
    and Stop & Shop.
•   the proposal to nominate Anders Moberg as President & Chief Executive Officer
    of the company is announced; he assumed the position of Acting CEO on May 5.
•   forensic accounting work being performed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as
    part of our internal investigation of subsidiary U.S. Foodservice is announced to
    be substantially complete, finding a total overstatement of pre-tax earnings of
    approximately USD 880 million. The legal internal investigation continued.
•   the Ahold shareholders' meeting extends the deadline for completion of the 2002
    annual accounts.
•   Jim Miller, then President and Chief Executive Officer of U.S. Foodservice and a
    member of the Corporate Executive Board of Ahold, resigns from these positions.
•   This resignation is followed shortly thereafter by Michael Resnick, Chief Financial
    Officer of U.S. Foodservice, and David Abramson, Executive Vice President and
    General Counsel of U.S. Foodservice, resigning from their positions. All three
    ceased to be employed by U.S. Foodservice effective October 1, 2003.
•   Ahold obtains a bank extension of the deadline for delivery of audited,
    consolidated accounts for 2002. This was necessary because, given the
    thoroughness required, it was determined that it would take the company longer
    than anticipated to complete the accounts.
•   The company announces an estimated additional USD 29 million reduction of
    pre-tax earnings, primarily at Tops Markets in the U.S., as a result of internal
•   Ahold announces plan to divest Indonesian operation to Hero. Finalization
    expected Q3 2003, subject to Hero shareholder approval.
•   Ahold announces plan to divest South American operations in Brazil, Argentina,
    Peru and Paraguay.
•   Dudley Eustace appointed interim Chief Financial Officer. Transition period
    completed following resignation in February of CEO Cees van der Hoeven and
    CFO Michiel Meurs.
•   Ahold enters into new revolving credit facility with ABN AMRO, Goldman Sachs,
    ING, JP Morgan and Rabobank.
Ahold announces that:
•   net earnings and earnings per share would be significantly lower than previously
    indicated for fiscal 2002
•   our financial statements for fiscal 2000 and 2001 would be restated. We
    indicated that these restatements primarily related to overstatements of income
    related to vendor allowance programs at our subsidiary U.S. Foodservice.
•   ongoing forensic investigations into the accounting irregularities at U.S.
    Foodservice and the legality and accounting treatment of certain questionable
    transactions at our Argentine subsidiary, Disco.
•   certain joint ventures would be deconsolidated based on information that had
    not previously been made available to Ahold's auditors.
•   in view of these developments, we also announced that Cees van der Hoeven
    and Michiel Meurs would resign
•   Ahold's auditors had decided to suspend the 2002 fiscal year audit pending
    completion of the investigations.
•   Ahold had obtained a commitment for a new credit facility, totaling EUR 2.65
•   ICA Ahold and AEGON end negotiations on forming joint venture involving ICA
    Ahold subsidiary, ICA Banken.
•   Ahold streamlines back-office operations at four U.S. retail companies: Giant-
    Carlisle and Tops, and BI-LO and Bruno's.
•   Ahold 2002 sales rise 9.2% to Euro 62.7 billion

•   U.S. Foodservice signs and closes a transaction to acquire broadline foodservice
    distributor Allen Foods, Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri.
•   Ahold President & CEO Cees van der Hoeven announces "Tough program for
    future growth and profitability" focused on portfolio rationalization and debt
•   Ahold announced it successfully completed its tender offer for the outstanding
    Shares of common stock and American Depositary Shares ("ADSs") of Chilean
    supermarket company Santa Isabel S.A. not already owned by it.
•   U.S. Foodservice announces agreement to acquire certain assets and assume
    certain liabilities of Kansas City-based, prominent regional broadline foodservice
    distributor, Lady Baltimore Foods, Inc. ("Lady Baltimore").
•   Ahold 2nd quarter 2002 net loss of euro 197.5 million
•   Wholly-owned Polish subsidiary Ahold Polska Sp.z o.o. ("Ahold Polska") reaches
    agreement in principle to acquire five hypermarkets from Jerónimo Martins Sp.z
•   Ahold announces intention to tender offers for any and all of the outstanding
    shares of common stock ("Shares") and American Depositary Shares ("ADSs") of
    Chilean supermarket company Santa Isabel S.A. not already owned by it.
•   Ahold assumes full control of Disco Ahold International Holdings (DAIH), its
    former Latin American joint venture company with Velox Retail Holdings (VRH).
•   Ahold revises full-year 2002 EPS growth target to 5 - 8%
•   Ahold adjusts conversion price of its 3% convertible subordinated notes due
    2003 and its 4% convertible subordinated notes due 2005.
•   Ahold announces 1st quarter 2002 net earnings rise of 3.8% to euro 328.4
•   Ahold announces 2002 first quarter sales rise and organic sales growth of 5.4%
•   Ahold opens new financial center, Ahold Finance Group Suisse, in Geneva,
•   Ahold announces 2001 net earnings of euro 1.11 billion
•   Ahold introduces two new Albert Heijn supermarket formats in The Netherlands -
    Albert Heijn XL and AH to go
•   Already a market leader in The Netherlands, Etos health and beauty care stores
    open in Sweden
•   Ahold, La Fragua and CSU complete new joint venture in Central America,
    realizing regional store network with sales of USD 1.3 billion.
•   Ahold announces 2001 sales surge: 27% to record euro 66.6 billion

•   Ahold's tender offer for the outstanding shares of Spanish food retailer
    Superdiplo S.A is successful
•   U.S. Foodservice acquires 100% of the shares of Parkway Food Service, a
    broadline distributor in western Florida
•   Ahold announces year 2000 results. Net earnings surge 48% to euro 1.1 billion;
    operating results rise 61% to euro 2.3 billion; sales increase by 56% to euro 52.5
    billion; earnings per common share are up by 32% to euro 1.51
•   U.S. Foodservice signs a letter of intent to acquire Mutual Distributors, Inc.
•   Ahold forms a strategic alliance with Amicus Financial, the U.S. division of the
    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), to offer a range of financial
    services in selected Ahold stores in the USA through telephone call centers,
    ATM's and the internet
•   ICA Ahold AB and Dansk Supermarked form joint venture to develop and
    operate discount stores and hypermarkets in Sweden and Norway
•   Ahold completes tender offer for all outstanding shares of common stock of
    Peapod Inc., America's leading internet grocer
•   Ahold 2nd quarter 2001 net earnings surge 37.2% to euro 351.6 million, sales
    increase 29.3% to euro 16.1 billion, operating earnings increase 28.7% to euro
    694.9 million. Organic sales are strong (+8.4%) and earnings show (+18.3%)
    growth. Earnings per share rise 20.8% to euro 0.41 (+15.5% excluding currency
    impact), and interim dividend rises 22% to euro 0.22
•   Ahold announces agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of Alliant
    Exchange, Inc., the parent company of Alliant Foodservice Inc., a leading
    foodservice operator in the United States with fiscal 2000 net sales of
    approximately USD 6.6 billion and EBITDA of approximately USD 174 million
•   Ahold announces agreement to acquire all outstanding shares of Bruno's
    Supermarkets, Inc., a prominent food retailer in the Southeastern USA
•   Ahold global offering raises approximately euro 2.2 billion, excluding
    underwriter's option. The net proceeds partially finance the proposed acquisitions
    of Alliant Foodservice, Inc. and Bruno's Supermarkets, Inc.
•   Ahold's Dutch subsidiaries Albert Heijn supermarkets - Gall & Gall wine and
    liquor stores, Etos health and beauty care stores, De Tuinen natural product
    stores and Deli XL's institutional and foodservice operations - introduce Albert, a
    joint internet-based home delivery service
•   Ahold wins new Dutch Reputation Award 2001, and the annual Dutch Investor
    Relations Prize
•   Stop & Shop in the U.S. opens new 'low energy' superstore
•   Ahold and partner La Fragua in Guatemala announce their intention to team up
    in new joint venture with Costa Rican market leader CSU creating the largest
    food store network in the Central American region
•   Ahold completes acquisition of Alliant Exchange, Inc.
•   Ahold acquires Brazilian food retailer G. Barbosa
•   Ahold named U.S. Retailer of the Year by prominent trade publication MMR
    Mass Market Retailers
•   Ahold successfully completes acquisition of Bruno's Supermarkets, Inc.

•   U.S. Foodservice, Ahold's American distribution company, completes acquisition
    of south-eastern U.S. operator, PYA/Monarch
•   Etos, Ahold's Dutch health and beauty care store chain, finalizes its acquisition of
    British drugstore chain Boots Stores The Netherlands
•   Santa Isabel, Ahold's Chilean joint venture operation, agrees to acquire 100
    percent of Chilean Supermercados Agas S.A.
•   Deli XL, Ahold's wholly-owned Dutch foodservice subsidiary, acquires Mea-De
    Wilde-De Loore, the leading Belgian foodservice company
•   Ahold completes the transaction to purchase the remaining 50 percent voting
    shares of its Brazilian joint venture, Bompreço
•   Tops Markets, Ahold's U.S. subsidiary, acquires the Sugar Creek chain of New
    York-based convenience gas stores
•   U.S. Foodservice, food distributor to over 130,000 institutional customers, is
    acquired by Ahold
•   Ahold announces its intention to acquire U.S. internet grocer, Peapod Inc in
    Chicago, and U.S. Golden Gallon convenience gas store chain in Tennessee
•   Ahold helps found The WorldWide Retail Exchange, a web-based business-to-
    business e-commerce initiative, with 17 U.S. and European retailers

•   Ahold acquires 150 supermarkets in seven companies in Madrid, southern Spain
    and Catalonia
•   The company announces a partnership with ICA Group, Scandinavia's leading
    food retailer
•   Ahold establishes a European Competence Center to share know-how and
    maximize synergies across different platforms
•   La Fragua, Central America's leading food retailer, joins forces with Ahold in
    Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras
•   Ahold restructures its activities in Asia, focusing on Thailand, Malaysia and

•   Ahold acquires Giant Food Inc.
•   Velox Retail Holdings and Ahold form partnership to acquire a majority stake in
    Disco, Argentine supermarket chain and Santa Isabel in Chile, Peru and
•   ETOS, Ahold's chain of health and beautycare stores, acquires 'Le Drugstore'
•   Company options start trading for the first time on the New York Stock Exchange

•   Ahold's Brazilian partner Bompreço acquires SuperMar
•   The company's position in the Dutch institutional food market strengthens as
    GVA, its food supply company, acquires Van der Spek

•   Ahold acquires U.S. supermarket chain Stop & Stop in New England
•   Local partners develop food retail activities with Ahold in Singapore, Thailand,
    Malaysia, China, Brazil, Spain and Poland

•   The company acquires Mayfair in New York's metropolitan area
•   Albert Heijn introduces new distribution system, guaranteeing store delivery
    within 18 hours

•   Ahold acquires Red Food Stores' 55 U.S. supermarkets in Tennessee and

•   Ahold stock trades for the first time on the New York Stock Exchange, as well as
    listing in Amsterdam, Zurich and Brussels
•   Cees van der Hoeven succeeds Pierre Everaert as Ahold President and CEO

•   Ahold and its Portugese partner form Jerónimo Martins Retail (JMR)

•   Ahold acquires Tops Markets Inc. in Williamsville, NY

•   The fall of communism in central Europe enables Ahold to establish a holding
    company in the then Czechoslovakia
•   Ahold opens its first wholly-owned supermarket chain in Czechoslavakia, now
    known as Albert
•   Albert Heijn retires after 27 years and is succeeded as President by Pierre
    Everaert, the first non-family member to hold the position.

•   Ahold acquires its third U.S. supermarket chain, Finast, in Ohio.

•   Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands awards Ahold the designation "Royal" on its
    100th anniversary

•   Ahold acquires its second U.S. supermarket company, Carlisle-based Giant Food

•   Ahold enters the U.S. market for the first time, acquiring the BI-LO supermarket
    chain in the Carolinas and Georgia.

•   Further growth in The Netherlands and abroad is enabled by the founding of
    Ahold N.V, with Albert Heijn as prime subsidiary
•   Liquor chain, Alberto, and health and beautycare chain, Etos are Ahold's first
    specialty stores

•   Albert Heijn moves into new company headquarters in Zaandam

•   Albert Heijn opens first self-service supermarket in Rotterdam.

•   Albert Heijn acquires Van Amerongen store chain.

•   Albert Heijn is listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange.
•    The first Albert Heijn brand name products sold are cookies baked by Heijn
     himself in the kitchen of a local mansion house. Manufacturing company Marvelo
     develops from this, with a range of activities including production of tea, coffee,
     peanut butter, and wine bottling.

•    Albert Heijn stores open in Alkmaar, The Hague and Amsterdam. Within 10
     years the store count rises to 23.

•    On May 27, 22 year-old Albert Heijn took over his father's
     small grocery store near Zaandam, West Holland— selling
     a wide variety of products, from groceries, to dredging
     nets and tar—and began offering those products and
     services at value-for-money prices.

    This history was compiled from the Royal Ahold Internet site during July of 2005.

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