Guidelines for use of ACCRU Equipment by ps94506


									                           Guidelines for use of ACCRU Equipment
                                                        Revised May 2010

  Note 1: All users and potential users must also read and be in agreement with the terms and
  conditions in the document entitled “ ACCRU Vehicle and Other Motorized Equipment Rental
                Policy” on the ACCRU website. This is of particular importance.

     Note 2. Individuals who are not University of Alberta staff, students or faculty wishing to use
      ACCRU equipment and/or vehicles must contact ACCRU for terms and conditions of use.
                Contact is James Stewart (, phone: 780-492-1314).

1.        Priorities for use
          A. Where the original intended use of equipment as outlined in the CFI Proposal still applies,
             that original intent will determine first priority for use. Application of this to the various
             categories of equipment is as follows:

           ITEM(S)                                                 INTENDED USE
      4,5,6 – GIS           Research programs dealing with habitat and landscape level, large-scale changes due to
      Equipment             development activities. Modeling, data storage and analysis, spatial analysis and mapping.
                            Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring.
      12, 13, 14, 15 –      Two complete setups are included. Each mobile lab is equipped with 2 shelters, standard
      Mobile Field Labs     lab equipment (spectrophotometer, centrifuge, balance), electronic equipment (2
      and associated        notebooks, printer, satellite phone, 4 walkie talkies, video camera, 2 digital still cameras, 2
      equipment             GPS receivers, 2 telemetry receivers, 2 range finders, 4 compasses and a weather station
                            with data logger),and field camp equipment (solar, wind and gas generators c/w inverter
                            ,batteries and charger; avalanche beacons; bear fence; 3 tents, propane heater and full set
                            of camp utensils and cutlery for 8), vehicles and other field transportation (2- 3/4T 4x4
                            trucks, 2 quad ATV’s, 1 utility trailer, 1box trailer, 1 snowmachine). Application was to be
                            projects requiring capability to set up a base of operations, complete with all the
                            above elements, in remote areas requiring intensive data collection over extended
                            periods of time. Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring, AME, ILM projects and other similar field
                            ecology studies were specifically singled out as justification for the equipment.
      16- Telemetry         Large mammal population dynamics/ecology studies. Individual researchers requested the
      Package Large         specific telemetry equipment we purchased (we updated the specific items required
      Mammal                subsequent to submission of the CFI proposal). Those researchers have priority for use of
                            that equipment or alternative items if their specific needs have changed.
      17- Telemetry         Avian and small mammal population dynamics/ecology studies. Individual researchers
      Package               requested specific items included in our wish list (updated since the CFI proposal was
      Avian/SM              submitted). They have priority for use.
      18- Avian Survey      Avian population dynamics/ecology studies. While deployment in conjunction with mobile
      Package               field labs was considered desirable, this was not a primary consideration.
      19, 20, – Jet boat    The jet boat Electrofisher was intended for fisheries survey, monitoring and population
      Electrofisher,        ecology research on rivers, larger streams and lakes. The backpack Electrofishers were
      Backpack              intended for similar work in small streams not suitable for work using boats.
      25 – Boat, Motor      Fisheries and other aquatic based research, or work that requires transport over water. Two
      and Trailer           such units are included because they were also intended for use at the mobile field labs
      Package               where transport over water is required, or the studies involve lakes, streams and other
                            aquatic habitat. The ABMP was a cited as a likely candidate for use.

          B.        Where the original intended use for the equipment no longer applies as determined by
                    the Leader of ACCRU in consultation with the Management Board, priority for use will
ACCRU Equipment Guidelines April 2010                                                                                   1
                    be determined by review of requests received from researchers. Priority will be given to
                    requests that:
                 i.    Are from tenured faculty (or their student) who are ACCRU Council members, as a
                       first priority, and then from Adjuncts and ACCRU cooperators.
                ii.    Are projects aligned with the program priorities of ACCRU as outlined in the
                       Business Plan (May 2002) or as revised by the ACCRU Management Board in future
                       (e.g., AME, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, Precision Ranching).
               iii.    Are for the equivalent of 50% or less of the equipment costs of the project (e.g., a)
                       50% of the cost of telemetry equipment requested is available from another source or
                       b) 50% of the cost of field camp equipment, including trucks, ATV’s, etc. is available
                       from other sources.
               iv.     Are for short periods of time unless part of a field camp associated with ABMI and the
                       CRD of Boutin et al., AME , or the like.

2.       Procedures for requesting equipment use
         A. Complete the online Equipment Loan Request Form located on the ACCRU website
            ( Several pieces of equipment can be requested on one
            form. Completion of this online request is required. You may wish to email James Stewart at
   to confirm your request has been received (or call 780-492-1314).
                i.  Description of specific equipment requested
               ii.  Principal Investigator and Supervisor if applicable
              iii.  Project title
              iv.   Project description (100 words or less)
               v.   Justification including alignment with ACCRU program priorities (100 words or less)
              vi.   Schedule of equipment use (date required, anticipated date of return) If the equipment
                    will be required for more than one year, this should be indicated at the time it is first
                    requested. Allocations are made on an annual basis so there is no guarantee that it
                    will be available to a specific project in subsequent years, but this information will be
                    useful in setting annual priorities.
             vii.   Budget, including a list of supporting agencies/groups, duration of funding and total
                    annual amount expected.

         B.       Submit your request preferably 4 weeks in advance of the date equipment is required.
                  Once the use of ACCRU equipment has been approved by ACCRU in writing, an “OFF
                  CAMPUS USE FORM” may be required. If this form is required, the Department of
                  Biological Sciences will issue it. This form must accompany the equipment to its field

     ACCRU will accept requests at any time but will consider the bulk of requests twice a year (March
     to deal with the following spring and summer field season- [March 1 deadline] and September
     [September 1 deadline], to deal with requests for equipment for the fall and winter period).

3.      Cost recovery & repair and maintenance
Cost of use of the Field lab facilities, lab equipment and field camp equipment is designed to cover costs
of repairs, maintenance, and replacement over a reasonable amortization period. Cost to lease
vehicles and other motorized conveyance is outlined in the ACCRU Vehicle and other
Motorized Equipment Rental Policy available at
Rates for other equipment and guidelines for use and maintenance are outlined below.

ACCRU Equipment Guidelines April 2010                                                                        2
         A. Rate Schedule for Other Equipment
                                                                                       Field Season
                          Item                   Weekly Rate       Monthly Rate         (4 months)
    Digitizer                                      $ 50.00            $ 150.00               n/a
    Spectrophotometer                              $ 25.00            $ 75.00                n/a
    Balance                                        $   15.00          $   30.00            n/a
    Centrifuge                                     $   40.00          $   80.00            n/a
    Notebook PC                                    $   35.00          $   70.00            n/a
    Portable Printer                               $   10.00          $   15.00            n/a
    Satellite Phone                                $   25.00          $   50.00            n/a
    Camcorder                                          n/a                n/a            $ 40.00
    Canon G3/ Sony DSC P93A Cameras                    n/a                n/a            $ 40.00
    Sony DSC-P72 Digital Camera                      n/a                 n/a             $ 40.00
    Lotek Telemetry Receiver                       $ 50.00            $ 100.00             n/a
    Bushnell Laser Rangefinder                       n/a                 n/a             $ 25.00
    Garmin II & 76 GPS Receivers                     n/a                 n/a             $ 25.00
    Motorola 2-way Radios Twin Pack                  n/a                 n/a             $ 25.00
    Weather Station/Datalogger                     $ 50.00            $ 100.00             n/a
    Solar Generator                                $   12.00          $ 25.00                n/a
    Wind Generator                                 $   15.00          $ 35.00                n/a
    Gas Generator                                  $   15.00          $ 35.00                n/a
    Inverter/Charger/Batteries                     $   40.00          $ 80.00                n/a
    Complete Power Generation Package              $   75.00          $ 150.00               n/a
    Tent                                           $    7.00          $ 15.00                n/a
    Camp Utensils                                  $  7.00            $ 15.00                n/a
    Avalanche Beacon                                 n/a                 n/a             $   25.00
    Convection Heater                                n/a                 n/a             $   25.00
    Communications Specialist Receiver             $ 20.00            $ 40.00                n/a
    Telonics Receiver                              $ 60.00            $ 125.00               n/a
    Telemetry Antenna                                n/a                 n/a             $   25.00
    Sony CD Tape Player                              n/a                 n/a             $   25.00
    Sony Cassette Recorder                            n/a                n/a             $ 25.00
    Kenwood VHF Transceiver                        $ 7.00             $ 15.00               n/a
    Motorola 3 watt Bag Phone                      $ 10.00            $ 25.00               n/a
    Back Pack Electrofishers                       $ 150.00           $ 300.00              n/a
    LCD Projector                                  $ 50.00            $ 100.00              n/a
    Weatherhaven shelter                              n/a             $ 200.00           $ 800.00

         As we gain experience other items may be added to this list. Rates will be reviewed on an
         ongoing basis to ensure both researchers and ACCRU benefit optimally.

         Charges for use of ACCRU equipment will commence on the date approved by ACCRU.
         Arrangements must be made with ACCRU to take possession of the equipment as close as
         possible to the date approved. Users should therefore be precise in determining the period
         for which use of the equipment is requested. Dates when specific items are available are
         posted on the ACCRU website equipment availability and request form.

ACCRU Equipment Guidelines April 2010                                                                 3
         B.         In addition to the above documented rental rates for use of field electronic
                    equipment, users will also:
                 i.     be responsible for licensing and air time for satellite and bag phones,
                ii.     be responsible for care and maintenance of equipment, including replacement of
                        batteries, and for repair of damaged equipment (not normal wear and tear),
               iii.     be responsible for replacement of lost and stolen equipment.
               iv.      be responsible for providing proof of non-owned auto/property insurance coverage
                        for non-University of Alberta users

         C. Use of Large Mammal or Avian/Small Mammal Telemetry transmitters and
             other related equipment.
         Collars, Radio-tags and related radio-telemetry equipment have been purchased at the request of
         individual researchers for specific projects. These are allocated for the exclusive use of that
         individual until he/she no longer requires use their use (i.e., the field portion of the project has
         been concluded). Once the original user has recovered the collars or radio-tags, they must then
         be refurbished and returned to ACCRU for future deployment.

              Specific responsibilities of users of telemetry equipment include:
                 i.  refurbishment of transmitters and related equipment (no initial cost to use the collars
                     or radio tags) and return to ACCRU,
                ii.  obtaining air time and contracts for cellular phone (bag phone),
               iii.  general maintenance and care of equipment including appropriate storage and
               iv.   repair/replacement of damaged equipment,
                v.   periodically reporting to ACCRU regarding the status of equipment (e.g., collars
                     deployed and functioning, collars lost, collars recovered and ready for refurbishment,
                     radio-tags recovered and ready for refurbishment, etc.), and
               vi.   replacement of lost and/or stolen equipment.

         D. General Responsibilities of the User of any ACCRU equipment include:
              ensuring that the equipment is used only for ACCRU/University business,
              ensuring the security and safe operation of the equipment until it is returned,
              ensuring that all University of Alberta requirements and regulations regarding
              occupational health and safety are understood and observed by the users of the
              equipment. See the Facilities and Services (Safety) section of the Department of Biological
              Sciences website at,
              ensuring that users have the required training and certification to operate the equipment
              (e.g., boat operation training and certification, backpack electrofisher training and
              certification, Jetboat Electrofisher training and certification, etc.),
              ensuring that the equipment is handled appropriately (e.g., a camera is properly cased and
              protected while not in use; equipment is secured during transport; electronic equipment
              is not stored or transported in a manner that subjects it to dust, mud, water and/or
              damage by other equipment).
              Ensuring that the equipment is properly cleaned and maintained,
              notifying ACCRU immediately of any damages to the equipment or injuries sustained by
              users in the course of operating the equipment.
              Replacing lost, stolen or damaged equipment, or if equipment is damaged but repairable,
              paying for the repairs.

ACCRU Equipment Guidelines April 2010                                                                       4

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