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									 WAN optimization:
 Eliminating duplicated data transmission to optimize traffic flows to ensure faster internet experience.

NUUO UTM Software
 Private Cloud:
                                                                                                Key Features

                                                                                           WAN with cloud technology.
 Exclusive Master-Slave modes distribute calculation to maximize UTM effectiveness and efficiency Optimization:
Transform PC to UTM Appliance                                                              Eliminating duplicated data transmission to
                                                                                           optimize traffic flows to ensure faster internet
NUUO Unified Threat Management (UTM) Software is designed to
 Data Leakage Prevention:                                                                  experience.
 Custom tools let you create policies specific businesses, providing maximum
meet the needs of small to medium to your organization’s confidential data.
protection for your network. NUUO UTM Software offers the same                                 Private Cloud:
                                                                                               Exclusive Master-Slave modes distribute
functionalities that resides in the NUUO UTM hardware appliances -
  Web Application Firewall:                                                                    calculation to maximize UTM effectiveness and
  Protect against transforms attacks, and PC into a full or malicious application
XHA series. Itmany applicationany of yourblock inappropriate features security traffic.        efficiency with cloud technology.
appliance with easy deployment, yet enables comprehensive security
level for your network environment. Integrated security services such
  Brand Manager:                                                                                Data Leakage Prevention:
  Factory Application Firewall (WAF), Virtual Private unified company image. Custom tools let you create policies specific to
as Weblogo can be replaced with your own brand logo to ensure aNetwork (VPN),
Firewall, Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Anti-virus, Anti-malware,                             your organization’s confidential data.
Anti-spam, Web Content Filter (WCF), URL Blocking, IM and P2P
  Report Management:
                                                                                               Web Application Firewall:
  Report wizard guides your through report creation easily for log data (IPS) provide environment management.
management, and Intrusion Prevention System analysis and networkyou
                                                                                               Protect against many application attacks, and
with a wide range of protection in a single system, while reducing                             block inappropriate or malicious application
your management time and costs.                                                                traffic.

                                                                                                Brand Manager:
                                                                                                Factory logo can be replaced with your own
Hardware Requirements                                                                           brand logo to ensure a unified company image.
 Specifications                      Minimum                        Recommended

 CPU                        Pentium 4 1GHz or above           Atom 270 1.6GHz or above          Report Management:
 RAM                                  512 MB                              1 GB                  Report wizard guides your through report creation
                                                                                                easily for log data analysis and network
 Hard Disk Drive               5 GB available space             10 GB available space
                                                                                                environment management.
 Network Interface Card         10 / 100 Base-T x 2           10 / 100 / 1000 Base-T x 2
Feature Specifications
Stateful Inspection Firewall                         IM/ P2P Management                                      PPTP VPN
- Access Control Criteria (ACC) - user - identity,   - Manage 12+ IM applications e.g. AIM,                  - Supported client OS - Windows, Linux
  source & destination zone, MAC and IP                Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, Skype, Tencent QQ,             - Authentication - inbuilt account, RADIUS
  address, service                                     Yahoo! Messenger and iChat
- UTM policies - IPS, Web Content Filtering,         - Manage 12+ P2P applications e.g. PPStream,            IPsec VPN
  Web Application Filtering, AntiVirus,                                                        - Encryption - AES, 3DES, Blowfish, Serpent,
                                                       BitTorrent, eMule, Gnutella, LimeWire, and Mute
  AntiSpam and Bandwidth Management                  - Allow/ block Login                        Twofish
- Policy based source NAT                                                                      - Hash algorithms - MD5, SHA1, SHA2
                                                     - Allow/ block file transfer
- DoS & DDoS attack prevention                                                                 - Diffie Hellman Groups - 2, 5, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
                                                     - Virus scanning for IM traffic
- MAC & IP - MAC filtering
                                                                                               - Exclusive firewall rule setting
- Port forwarding/ mapping by destination NAT
                                                     Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)             - DHCP relay over IPsec
- NAT traversal - FTP, H323, IRC, PPTP, SIP,
                                                     - Support protocols: SMTP/ SMTPS/ POP3/   - Connection status monitoring support
- Stream-based firewall                                POP3S/ HTTP/ FTP/ MSN/ Yahoo! Messenger - External certificate authority support
                                                     - Fully customized blocking rule          - Site-to-Site, Client-to-Site connection support
Web Application Firewall (WAF)                       - Complicated compound rules supported
-   Exclusive firewall rules                         - REG-EXP supported                                     Reporting
-   900+ rules, 4000+ patterns                       - 15+ default rules for general usage                   - Historical and real-time reports
-   HTTP / HTTPS protocol support                                                                            - Reports - Security, Virus, Spam, Traffic,
-   Automatic real-time updates                      WAN Optimization (WAN Opt.)                               Policy violations, VPN
                                                     -   TCP acceleration                                    - Multiple format reports - tabular, graphical
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)                    -   HTTP proxy support                                  - Exportable formats - HTML, PDF, CSV, print file
- Signature default (43 categories, 3,000+           -   Traffic cache support                               - Host, application, time, specific monitoring
  signatures)                                        -   Packet compression and coalescing support             dashboard
- Automatic real-time updates                        -   Reducing network traffic lower to 40%~70%           - Multiple customized reports dashboards
- DoS / DDoS / Flooding attack prevention                                                                    - Local/ remote log server backup
                                                     Bandwidth Management
AntiVirus                                                                                                    Private Cloud
                                                   - Protocols based bandwidth management -
  - Automatic real-time updated database                                                                     - Exclusive master-slave modes
                                                     IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP
  - Scans HTTP / FTP / SMTP / POP3 / IM tunnels                                                              - Distribute traffic calculation to different
  - Packet-level stream-based scanning             - Percentage-based WAN balance management
                                                                                                               independent server
  - Scan vs. performance by file size              - Guaranteed & max bandwidth policy
                                                                                                             - Maximize effectiveness and efficiency with
  *Kaspersky SafeStream database support(optional) - Round-robin WAN balancing policy
                                                                                                               cloud technology
                                                   - Multi WAN bandwidth reporting
                                                                                                             - Scalable system at minimum investment
AntiSpam                                           - Failover - automated failover/ failback,
- Filter based on message header, content,           multi-WAN failover
                                                                                                             User Authentication
  sender, recipient                                - Link status check (ICMP/ HTTP)
                                                                                                             - Internal database
- Real-time Blacklist (RBL), MIME header check
                                                                                                             - External RADIUS database integration
- Subject line tagging                             Networking
- IP address black-list / white-list                                                                         - External authentication - users and administrators
                                                   - IP address assignment - Static, PPPoE,
- Spam mail managements                              PPTP, & DDNS client
- Spam notification digest                                                                                   Administration and System
                                                   - DHCP server, DHCP relay
- Supported protocol: SMTP / SMTPS / POP3 / - Support for HTTP proxy                                         - Web-based configuration
  POP3S                                                                                                      - Firmware/ signature/ license updates via web UI
                                                   - Support mode: router, transparent (bridge)
- AntiSpam engine training                                                                                   - Firmware/ configuration/ reporting backup
                                                   - Captive Portal NAC (Network Access Control)
                                                                                                               via web UI
                                                   - Routing - Static, Default
URL Blocking                                                                                                 - Multiple language support: English,
- Inbuilt URL category database with                                                                           Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
  1,160,000+ signatures                              SSL VPN
                                                                                                             - Brand manager
- Categories: default (88+), custom                  -   TCP & UDP tunneling
- Black/ white URLs list supported                   -   Authentication - RADIUS
- Automatic real-time updates                        -   Browser-based (portal) access - clientless access
                                                     -   Administrative controls - session timeout,
Web Content Filter (WCF)                                 dead peer detection
- Inbuilt web category database with 66,400+         -   TCP based application access - HTTP, HTTPS,
  signatures                                             RDP, TELNET, SSH
- URL / Keyword / REG-EX type block                  -   Encryption - AES, DES, 3DES
- Protocol supported: HTTP, HTTPS                    -   Exclusive firewall rule setting
- Block malware and phishing URLs                    -   Monitor connection status                                           NUUO Authorized Partner

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