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					                                         GHAND RAPIDS. MICH .• FEBRUARY                                19. 1910

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     I                                                                                                                                                          •
     I                                                                                                                                                          ~
 I        THE KARGES FURNITURE co.                                                                                                                             1
                 Manufacturers of Chamber SUItes,Wardrobes, ChIffomers, Odd Dressers, Chifforobes.

 I THE BOSSE FURNITURE                                                          CO.
                 Manufacturers of KItchen Cabmets, K D. Wardrobes,      Cupboards and Safes, in ImItatIOn                                                      ~
                 golden oak, plam oak and quartered oak.

               Manufacturers of Mantel and Upright Folding Beds, Buffets, Hall Trees, China Closets,
          Combmahon Book and LIbrary Cases.

          THE GLOBE FURNITURE CO.                                                                                                                      I

                Manufacturers of SIdeboards in plam oak, imItatIOnquartered oak, and solid quartered oak,
                Chamber SUites, Odd Dressers, Beds and ChIffoniers in Imitation quartered oak, ir~\ltatlOn                                             f,
                mahogany, and ImItation golden oak                                                                                                     I
                Manufacturers of the "Supenor" Lme of Parlor, LIbrary, Dmmg and Dressmg Tables

                Manufacturers of "Hygiene" Guaranteed Brass and Iron Beds. CrIbs, Wire Springs and Cots.
                                                                                                             Made by The Karges Furllllure Co



                    Evansville is the great mixed car loading center of the                                                                       I

                    United States, made so by the Big Six Association.
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...    ...   •    aa    ••••   a.a.       _       r            ••               ad.   •          Fa   •••       ••   .,

                                          ARE SUPERIOR TO                                                                 I

                                          ALL OTHERS ON                                                                   i
                                FLAT SURFACES                                                                             I
             No Other Machine is Capable I                                                                  ,             I

               of Sanding Mouldings and
                   Irregular Shapes      I
  I   Perfect results obtained on material 16or 20 feet I
               long as well as shorter lengths.         I
                                                                                          Quality and Quantity
                                                                                          Profits Guaranteed.                 i
                                                                                          Ask for Catalog "E"

                       No. 194 Belt Sanding Machine.

      Wysong & Miles Company I
                 Cedar St. and Sou. R. R., Greensboro, N. C.
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I     Qran~Da~MsDlow Pi~e
I     an~Dust Arrester (om~anJ
      T HE       LATEST    devtce for handltng
            slJ,avmgs and dust from all wood-
      working machines. Our ntneteen years
      experience in thts class of work has
      brought it nearer perfectwn than any
      other system on the market today.      It
      fS no expenment)     but a demonstrated
      scientific fact, as we have several hun-
      dred of these systems in ltse} and not a
      poor one among them. Our Automattc
      Furnace Feed System, as shown In this
      cut, is the most perfect working devIce
      of anything in this line. Write for our                                                                    ,
      prices for equipments.                                                                                         I
      WE MAKE PLANS AND DO ALL                                                                                       I
      DETAIL  WORK WITHOUT  EX-                                                                                      I

      EXHAUST   FANS               AND   PRES-
      SURE  BLOWERS               ALW-AYS   IN

                   Office and Fa.ctory:

       208-210 Canal Street
        Citizen.   Phon .. 1282   Bell. Main 1804
                                                             OUR AUTOMATIC   FURNAOE FEED SYSTEM
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            One of Our New                                                                                                                            Freight                                    I
            FIBER-RUSH                                                                                                                               Shipment                                    I
                         PATTERNS                                                                                                                     Insured                                    I

    I           PLACE YOlJR ORDERS NOW                                                                                                                                                          II

    I         Our greatly enlarged line of Fiber ..Rush Furniture and our recently increased
    I  facilities for its manufacture, insure a wide variety to select from and prompt ship..                                                                                                   I
    I  ment of orders.                                                                                                                                                                          I
    II        Genuine Fiber-Rush Furniture is manufactured solely by The Ford &                                                                                                                 !

       Johnson Co.                                                                                                                                                                              I
              The following salesmen will represent the Company in the respective                                                                                                               !
    , tern tones :
    •                                                                                                                                                                                           ,
                                                                                          SALESMEN 1910                                                                                         ,

 I                                          W. B. Chase l
                                            J. B. Gough ~                          Pacific Coast                        J. I. Brewer    Southwest

Ij                                          C. G. Shaw                            Iowa, Nebraska
                                                                                                                        J. R. Cline     Michigan and Ohio
                                                                                                                        J. C. Hubbard Central South
                                            J. N. Mehornay                        Missouri and Colo.                    L. D. Green     Southeast                                               ,
                                            Paul Clark                            Illinois and Indiana                  F. H. Waterbury City of Chicago
                                            T om Woodbury
                                            C. F. Lehman
                                                                                  City of Chicago
                                                                                                                        J. S. Boyer
                                                                                                                        F. E. Hunn
                                                                                                                                        Floor salesman
                                                                                                                                        Floor salesman                                          I,
I                                                                                                                                                                                               I
                                            E. A. Sibley
                                            J. R. Walters
                                                                                  Credit Department
                                                                                  Sales Manager
                                                                                                                        L. H. Steiner   Floor salesman
                                                                                                                        A. H. Jennings City of Chicago
I•                                                                                                                                                                                              I,
I                                                                                                                                                                                               I

                THE FORD & JOHNSON CO.                                                                                                                                                          I
I                                                                                                                                                                                               I
         Show Room: 1435-37 Wabash Avenule. Chicago Warehouse: 16th Street and Indiana Avenue,
                               Chicago. Fadory: Michigan City, Indiana.                 _!                                                                                                      I

r.•• eoa.1&Wi   ...   "fJe   ......   & ......   _t6,;;m   ......   *,~_'!t       1!t61'll'll!l.'lIe.i1~p'._   t!l'§1li7$ffi~~"';'deo$'   ••••••••     !!"'!i:   ••••   -'5'6&8.   ':S"'>'leJ
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      I}            Have you had anything from The Luce Furniture Co. lately 1
                                Bedroom and Dining Room equipment in profusion.






                                   Time---Now.          Place---Grand Rapids.
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                                                                   .                   --- - -- ......

        Luce-Redmond Chair Co.,Ltd.         BIG RAPIDS,                     MICH.

                                              High Grade Office Chairs
                                                  Dining Chairs
                                              Odd Rockers and Chairs
                                              Desk and Dresser Chairs
                                                  Sli pper Rockers
                                               Colonial Parlor Suites


                                                  Dark and TUlia MahogallY
                                                     Brrd,' J Ey Maple
                                                       !::2!!artered Oal.
                                                     CtrcaJJum Waillut

                                           Our Exhibit you will find on the
        fourth     floor, East Section, MANUfACTURERS'BUILDING,North Ionia Street
                                               GRANO RAPIDS, MICHIGAN
                   Exhibit   in charge   of ]. C. HAMILTON, C. E. COHOES, ]. EDGAR FOSTER.
                                                                                                                    r~~;"'                      l

 30th Year-No. 34                      GRAND RAPIDS. MICH.• FEBRUARY 19. 1910                                                        Issued Weekly

                    OHIO RETAIL FURNITURE                                                                  DEALERS
           The Sixth Annual Convention Held at Toledo9 Proves a Pleasing Success.
                             .    Addresses and Report.

      Toledo, 0, Feb Ii-The             "lxth annual com ent10n of the          to a town, stopped at a hotel, and a:sked for rooms               The pro-
  Oh1O RetaJ! Furlllture        Dealers' assoclabon      wa" held 111 thlS      pnetor of the hotel saId he couldn't             give them room; that
 cIty at the Hotel Secor tl11s week Tuesday              and vI, ednesday       there were two corn ent10ns 111 the cIty and there was no
 It v,a::, a most succes"ful       and harmonlOus       affalr mal ked es-      "pace left m the mn             '\Vell,' they said 'can't you get us
 peClally by a "'plllt of cOf(!Jahty C'n the pal t of the enterta1l1er"         100111S out somewher       e m the town?'        The proprietor      of the
 compo~ed of the deale I " and manufacturel'"               of 1 aledo and     hotel sald, '0.0, I can't do that, they are all taken.'          Can't you
 by a feelmg of good fello'" shIp pervad1l1g all of the seS:,lOn"              let ns sleep on the bllhard table")'            'N 0, he said, 'four men
 The attendance       was conSldeldbly         lalgcl   tha.n at the last       ha" e all ead} spoken         for the b11hard tables'         They sald,
 conventlOn thel e bC1l1g about fifty outsIde delegates present                'well, how about the bal ber shop, can't we sleep in the chairs'
      The fir"t "e"SlOn \\ a" helel at 2 30 Tuesda}               afternoon,   '\0,    there are t,,\>o men for each chair as rt 1S." The pro-
 w1th P1 eSldent Ii \V )Jo~ey of :\IarYSY1Ile 111 the chall                    pl ietor saId, 'I want to take care of :; ou in some way, gentle-
      \\ I Owen of VetrOlt, presIdent of the :\IlchllSan Retdll                men and,'        he saId, '1f you w111 wait untl1 9 o'clock and meet
 Fur111tul e dealel,,' a",soclatlOn bell1g present was fir:,t called           me alound the corner I thmk I can arrange accommodatIOns
 to addres"     the COI1\entlOn and 111 a bnef talk Il1vlted the               fw } au'        \t <) o'clock he met them around the corner, he
 OhlO dealer~ to attend the meet1l1£i of the '\atlOnal                 Eetall  came aloll£; wlth a lantern, It \\ a'i a small town, and he took
 Fur111iurc Dedlers'      a..,:,ouabotl    111 DetrOIt   on lehrual y 21      them clown the street anel around a C01 ner and up another
 and 22, mgm~ that their pre:,enCL \\ ould add ..,tren£ith dnd                 ..,lde "tree1 and finally he stopped in front of a large bmldmg,
 mtluence to the con\ entlOl1 dnd thdt l11dny mdttel.., of "\Ital             1t \\ ,j-, a (hurch bl11ldmg, and he opened the door dnel said,
mtele..,t \\111 be con"ldered          He conglatl1ldted     the ()hlO A..,-  'flll.., I" the L 11Itdnan Church           It rs wa1m, they are gomg
"ouatlOn upon hdvmg "'0 many membel" prc..,ent, ?lIlch1gan,                   to ha\ e "en Ice t0l110rrw dnd thcse "eats are comfortable,               and
he said, ",as the filst state to ha\e an a~<"OClat1(lt1 fmmtl11c              ) au can <.,leep herc on these walln cush1Ons, and perhaps to-
dealers, there hemg one hundred and fift) on the roll" at the                 mon o\\> I can tmd you more comfortdble                   qual ters     They
present tIme       He refelled       to the fact that thele ,ire 5,000        thanked h1111and he left             Along about 10 o'clock the whole
mem bel s affihated \\ Ith the natIonal a'iSOClat1On ri he asso-              town \\ as stdrtled and awakened by the nngmg of the Uni-
CIatIOn.., 111 the dIfferent state" dftord the dealels the mean"              tanan Chul ch bell          The whole town flocked out and rushed
-of gett111g together and to can cct abuscs and to brmg about                 up there, the landlord          along wlth them-hc          of course sur-
better enforcement       of laws                                              1111 s1l1g \'\ ho It '" as that   was responsible     for thls demonstra-
                   Welcomed by Mayor Whitlock.                                tIOn, and he 1ushed 111 and saId, 'what I::' the matter WIth you
      2\Iayor Brdnd vI, hltlock was next 111troduced dnel 111            111" felIo", s,' and they sald 'nothmg            we are Just ordenng         two
 welcome     spoke a" follows                                                 dry MartIms for ~ a 313'
      "1ir ChaIrman and gentlemen,         I am sure lt gn es me a                    "N ow, gentlemen,   lf there lS anythmg     l!1 Toledo   you
great deal of pleasure thIS afternoon         to come here ,md say              want, Just nng the bell and we wlll turn out, the whole
to tIll.., ASSOCIatIOn of lurmture      Dealers that they al e wel-             town, and £;et It for you     As I said before, we feel honored
come to the CIty of Toledo,        and 1 'ihould hke to make thls               by yom COll1ll1g here     You replesent  a great and important
V\ elcome   a warm one pef'wndlly      as well as officially--mdeed             mdu Stl:; .. I used to know a man who was a councllman         and
 I should hke to have you feel lt IS not a mere c0ld officlal                   he at one tnne had been m the furnIture        business,   and the
formahty       \Ye fcel that by com1l1g hcre you do Us an honor,                men in the councll one mght asked hrm what he made his
dnd we seek to honor you to the full extent of am ablhty                        fm nltm e out of dnd he saId "out of my head" and one of the
      "1 wlsh 1 rl11ght say someth1l1g to make yOU feel at home                 men neal the door saul they supposed        he dId because they
m Toledo        1 hcard d httle :star} the other day 111\\ ,tsh1l1g-            had notlCecl hI'" head \\ as usudlly "cry wooden         As I say,
ton ",hlch E IJopkm::,on Sllllth told, and thCle IS a (ertam                    \ au repre"ent    a great dud lmportdnt   mdustry     and we arc
spint about that story that I shoud hke to £;et 111to 111\ lC-                  £ilad to haVE you co.me helc, and I hope you will go away
marks If It \\Cle pO':'lble He saId that t"'o Udvd111g men \\ent                r celmg \\ c h,n e done yOU :some good I aSSUl e you now we
6                                                     WEEKLY              ARTISAN

feel honored in your coming and I hope } Ou may feel hke                  a httle of It else\'; here, It has been taken up by Judge Lind-
comlllg back again and staylllg as long as } ou feel lIke sta}-           o,e) of Denv er and it probably Will be taken up farther along
ing    I thank you."                                                      1)\ other cItIes, but the} have thought so much of the move-
                  President Morey's Response.                             ment that thiS town hao, helped to bUlld a modern auditor-
       As a response   to the Mayor's   welcome    president   :-Iore}    Ium for these boys       You don't know what IS in the boys until
said                                                                      \ au get do\\ n 111\\ Ith them and wrestle with them, and take
      "Mr. Mayor, and gentlemen of the com entlon              I thll1K   them 111:' our heal t, and help them over the hard place"            MI
the walt was worth the story and I hope you \,,111 not be :0,0            (ltwkle ha~ been tel mecl 'a fisher of boys'
unfortunate      as to meet With the expenence of the travelll1g                "'\nd } OUI actIOn a" an 111dependent mayor of this to\'-' n
man In the story          Weare    very glad to be 111 Toledo, ill r      m your admmlstratlOn.         m grapplIng With human paraslties
Ma} or. 'Ve have heard of your enterpnse,             your progl e"".     of society, the hangers on 1f you please, that both parties
} our bounds toward a greater majorIty or a greater popu-                 ha\ e, men who seek office for the money It may bnng them
latIon lather-the        maJOIlty came to you when yOU \,ere              not for the good the} may do the people                You have taken
elected-but       a greatel populatIOn; and a progres~li e people         the huma11lty ~Ide of decldmg contentious            questions between
bespeak" an entel prIS1l1g city       The towering bUlld1l1g:o here       capItal and labor        U11lversal brotherhood        m the industnal
I efIect credit, and thi" hotel celta1l11} reflects credit to thr         \, orld \\ III do a,,-dy With mdustnal        warfare     Did you ever
capitalIsts who have ventu! cd to put It hel e I thlllk \\ Itll-          thmk of that, gentlemen?          :'-restle up clo"e to the laboring
out an exceptIOn It is one of the leadll1~ hotel", It not the             man       Tredt h1111as a man born With the same purposes as
leadmg hotel, of the state          There IS a great deal, a ~reat        pOSSlbl} :;ou \\ ere and because he IS lowel clown m the strug-
deal to be proud of, 1\11 1\1 ayor.       1 don't care to eulogl7e        gle ot lIte, gn e h1111a chance        Brotherl} 10\ e m and among
your surroundmgs,         or your bUIldings espeCially, you have          men wIll work out a common good m a neighborhood                   to\'-'n
other advantages       hele, parks-many     of the men don't knov\        or Clt} It IS the brothedy         spmt of the town of Columbus
you have 24 pal ks containmg a thousand acres of land, fl ee              that ga\ e It the clean admmstratlOn          It 13 now hay mg      You
breathing space for the commull1ty at large                               no doubt meet With contentious            personages,   that heretofore
      The first thmg that Identified the personalItv        of Toledo     lu\ e gUIded the ship of ward polItics to their own lIking
to me was way back-I           am some 20 yeals Jour senIOr.      :-rr          Thlo, Clt} has almo~t been bathed m the tears of the
Mayor,-way         back in DaVid Locke's tllne, I thmk of that            \\ eepmg oneo, \\ho ..,a\,-,w the future government of thiS com-
time as I remember the Toledo Blade              There \\ a" nothmg       monwealth      dire thmgs were going to happen               I can only
that gave the personalIty to the people of the state a:o P V              <-a} to your wdependent       admil1lstration,    naIl your ideals high
Nasby in hiS day           He aroused a patronage,     I don't knO\\      Up on the mast of mdependence               Counseling yourself with
how well it has stuck to It; but he certaInly did arouse a                thlo, thought, ll1dependence of thought and actIOns in politics
patronage that certamly made Toledo famous               My recollec-     IS the anchormg        keystone m the arch of our government.
tIOn way back there is of thiS being his home, and he lived               The whiplash of partisanship           is fast slackening     her reins,
to erect a monument that is wlthlll probably a squal e or two             the new errOl of controllmg         men IS upon us, let us meet it
of thiS place where I am speakIng              Mr :\Iayor, the city       mflll1chmgly       It was the Immortal Lmcoln who said, and
doesn't stand Just for bUlldIngs and parks and such as that,              we have Just passed the day set aside m memory of him.
but it stands for somethIng I want to bring out to these men,             "Let reverence for law be taught in our schools and colleges,
and in bnnging It out pardon my speCial bouquets that may                 let it be written m spellmg books and prImers, let it be pub-
come to yourself         They wIll be deserVIng and mented. mer-          lIshed from the pulpits, and proclaimed in legislative              halls
Ited thus far m your admInstratlon         of thiS Clt}     I suppo..,e   and enforced m the courts of justice, in short, let it become
there will be no serIOUS obJectlOn-I           don't \\ ant an} tlllng    the reltglOn of the nation        So I say, give us men who are
I might say to get Into pi ess notIces because I dldn t pre-              fearless, \\ ho dare to do nght as they see It, men who believe
pare in a careful way anything of that kind. but I am going               that the laborer has nghts, as well as capital; then we will
to read a little that I thought I had In my head but I find I             have less contentIOn and the true brotherhood               of man will
have not.                                                                 be achieved."
      "YOul success as an Independent          Mayor of this to\'-'n             REPORT      OF THE SECREATRY·TREASURER.
stands out before the people of the state with a prommence                      The I eport of secretary-treasurer        C. M. Voorhees was
and a character that IS above almost any CIty of the state                next read and accepted.
Columbus has wrestled with the question of punty and up-                        To the officers and members:            In presenting    this my
lift in political hnes and it has just been resurrected           here    "ixth annual report I wish first to submit a roster of the
within the last fall by Mr ]Vrarshall        The task of governIng        membershIp       at this date alphabetIcally      arranged   according
a city is great.     He has a job and so has Mr "hltock           You     to cIties and towns
have in your midst today a man of exceptIOnal character, a                      Akron-Burdette        L Dodge; The M. O'Neil company.
man who has surrounded           himself With the upnsIng gener-                Alliance- J. H Sharer & Son.
ation, a man whose heart goes out to the boy" of thIS to\\ n,                   A.thens-Home        Furnishing    company.
who takes them under his counsel, I elieves them of their                       Bellaire-Mellott      & Myers; H P. Rodewig & Co.
little difficulties, pictures out the higher ideal" of lIfe-that                Bowling Green-Coen          Bros.
is something for a town to be proud of, Just as proud of as of                  Blyan-The        Bryan Hardware      company.
the buildings and the churches and the hbrary bUlldmgs, for                     Camblldge-Gillespie        & McCulley.
he is mouldUlg the characters        of tomorrow. and the boys of               Canton-The         Klein & Haffelman        company.
today are the voters of tomorrow.            That man IS John B                 ChIllIcothe-Willis      N. Allen; W. B. Billings.
Gunkle.     So I won't want to speak altogether          of the town.           Cincinnati-Julius       Berger    company;     Anthony     Cook's
It is the men that are in It that make the town            The efforts    Sons, Betz and Central avenue; Dine's Furniture House, 1123
of her cItIzens to the higher ideals of hfe are what bring out            :-lain street, The Fair Department          Store, F. C. Buddington,
and make a city. I know of no such work as Mr Gunkle is                   manager,      Henry Franke;        Groese Bros., 1710 Eilm street;
doing in this town, anywhere in the state.          I will admit that     Theo Heck & Co, 323 W. Fifth street; Louis Hellman; The
the influence started is permeating          other cities.    We see      Herbert Furniture company, 3942 Spring Grove avenue; The
                                                                          WEEKLY      ARTISAN                                                               7

 --_._---~~-. ._------------------                                                                           -------------_._._._._--~----
            In GRAND RAPIDS Only,
                 January, 1910.
 I                            OLD SPACE,
           Furniture Exhibition Bldg.,
  I                           Fourth Floor.

 I• The .UDELL Line


           Library Bookcases, Medicine Cabinets,
                 Ladies' Desks, Commodes,                                                                                                                   I

I          Sheet Music Cabinets, Folding Tables,                                                                                                            I
I               Piano Player Roll Cabinets.
I         A Lille which IS wen worth gomg to see
     should have a complete catalog of
                                                      A Lme that you
                                       fhe fact that you have not our
     catalog can only be rectified by   WrItmg   for your   copy to day
I                      INDIANAPOLIS, IND                                   No. 679

'----_._~--------_.------_._._._._._.--- ~--------------------_._._._------'
                                                                                                   No. 354                               No. 1239
E Kleeman compan}, 314 VV hfth          street; Adolph Kle1l1,                              v\·ell~ton-Hotchl(Jss       & Co
224 VV FIfth siJ eei, LoUIs l\Ial'C & Bros , Nev\pori, K} , A                               \ \ estcn 11le-- \\ C Ph1l1ney
Ste1l1kamp & Co, 225 v\ I'Ifth street, Jake Tennenbaum       &                             vVOO'otE'I-J H n Danford
Co, 206 \iV ~ lfth Stl eet, Tennenbaum   BlOS & Co, 213 vV                                  YOUl1l:;,:>iov\l1-fhe II L 1\IcEhoy company
FIfth street, Tennenbaum    & Mode, 315 VV FIfth street, Thos                              -:-J ew memhtrs adll11tted Slllce ihe last meetlllg of the
P. Zackman, 4024 HamIlton avenue                                                      ,1SsoudtlOn al e a" follow"
     Cleveland-Aldnch-Howey       & Co, 2120 OniallO ~tJeet,                               May & Co, Columbus
Geo Belz, 4967 vVoodland avenue,       The BIebel Furlllture                               Henry Franke, Clllclllnati
company, 3039 \Voodland      avenue, Blown Bros, 2040 On-                                  J Ulllh- Derger Co, ClllcinnatJ
iario street, N W, I'leishelm & SmIth; Glckman & Wein-                                     'lhe Goblecht-Ge}er         Co, NOlwood.
berk, 3841 VVoodland avenue, Koch & Henke; S Kohn &                                        Lotus Hellman, ClllC1l1naiJ
Sons, 2336 vVoodland avenue, The Lederer Furlllture     com-                               Tennenbaum        & Mode, ClllclllnatJ
pany; Strauss-MIllel   compdny, 836 Huron Road, The Shel-                                  Grosse BIOS. Clllunnatl
wood FurllltUI e company, 7313 \\ oodland avenue; The V1l1                                                   ,
                                                                                           A.dnlph Klc111 CIllCl11nal1
cent-Barstov, compam, 72S Fuchd a\ enue vVm V\ lschmelel                                   Loms l\Ian. & BIOS, ClllclllnatJ, (?\ ewport, Ky)
2S60 W 25th stJ eel.                      '                  ,                            Jake Tennenbaum          & Co, C1l1ClllnatJ
      Columbus-Carhle    & Kell   629 \\    Broad street   The                             !\ Ste1l1kamp & Co, ClllclllnatJ
W. S Carhle & Sons company,' 445 N HIgh sireet, J 01111 D                                  The Conroy & Le\} Co J\Ilddletown
Cochran, 1023 ~ HIgh street; The Frohook Furniture        com-                            The ran, F C Budc1gllll5ton, l\Igr, Clllclllnatl
pany, 260 S Fourth Stl eet " \V E Heskett , 507 N Hlah street ,                           Theo Heck & Co, C1l1clllnati.
The Home Furlllsh1l1g company, 239 S Fourth street; Val                                   Dllle's Fur11ltm e House, Clllclllnati.
Loewer, 136 E Ma1l1 stJ eet, May & Co, 239 N. HIgh street,                                Thos P Zachman, ClllclllnatJ
The C R PalIsh company, 461 -:-J High. The SteVl art Bros                                 Anthony Cook's Sons, Clllcinnatl
Furlllture company, 467 N HIgh street                                                     The E Kleeman & Co, ClllclllnatJ.
    Conneaut-The       SImmons & Bennett company.                                         '1he followlllg membel s have WIthdrawn or gone out
                                                                                     of bus1l1ess
    Day ton- VV. N. Al tz, VV. Byrne, FI ed Cappel, VV D
Huber, May & Co, S A. Pnce & Co                                                           RelIable FurnIture        com pan} , Dayton
    Delaware-Blair      & Co.                                                             R C 11 Hastings, Athens.
                                                                                          The C 1\1 M cClalll company
    Elyria-Harry      H Smith & CO.,The Wilk1l1s-Hurst Co
    Glbsonburg-M        G Veh                                                        Total membershIp, February 15, 1909                             70
    J ackson-C     A. Wood                                                           XeV> member" dUllng year endlllg Februaly        15 1910        19
    Kent-I.     L Harriff.                                                           Toial numbel of withdrawals.          .      .                   3
    Leeonia-     C L. Crowell.                                                       TOial membershIp          Februal}   15, 1910             .' .. 86
    Lima-J.    W. Rowlands.                                                                                   Financial    Statements.
    Logan-J.     F. Harden & Co
                                                                                          FolloWl11g IS the finanCIal statement of the secretary     and
    Lorain-Fred      J. Fey, VVickens & Ransom
                                                                                     l1casurer for the yea I endlllg FebrualY 15, 1910
    Marysville-'Edson      G. Lott, H \lv. Morey & Co.
    Middletown-The         Convoy-Levy   company                                                                     of
                                                                                          Balance on hand ai t1111e last report February 15, 1909.
    Montpelier-Beach        & Gause
   Norwood-The        Gobrecht-Geyel   company.                                           Received as l11iidtlOn fees and dues during the year end-
   Oberlin-A.      D. Booth                                                          1!1g February 15, 1910, ihe following sums, to-wit:
   Painesville-E      D Keener.                                                                                           1909
   Portsmouth-F.       C. Daehler, Samuel Horchow                                    Feb'y    16 H VV Morey & Co, MarySVIlle     " .. "             $300
   Sandusky-Dilgart        & Bittner                                                   "      16 C R Pansh company, Columbus                         3.00
   Urbana-The       Mammoth Furniture      company.                                           16 Henry Franke, ClllclllnatJ..                        300
   Van Wert-H.        L. Sidle.                                                              16 JulIus Berger Co, Clllcl!lnati "                     300
                                                                                                              (Contmued on page 26.)
    ~~~~~~----~~-~~~---   -    -   -   -

8                             WEEKLY       ARTISAN

                                                   WEEKLY              ARTISAN                                                          9

              Takinli Your Own Medicine.                               doubled, but the lumber came out so much better that the
      "Take your medIcine" "try It on the dog;' are not                furnace was cheated out of enough waste in a year to more
  uncommon expreSSlOns when one wants to know something                than pay the cost of fitt111gup the kilns in the new way.
  about a thing presented to hIm, If It is 111 the nature of an        "Trying it on the dog" was an eminent success. Watch the
 investment. When one is running a large business, has many            ad" of the Grand Rapids Veneer Works for the next three
 thousand dollars 111vested,and from 50 to 100 or more men             months and see what other manufacturers say about it.
  employed, the matter of economy IS one of the most import-
 ant th111gsto be considered. StIll he does not hke to experi-               Buyers in Grand Rapids in August, 1880.
 ment-want's    some one else to do that ThIs IS so much the              Mr. Dewey, of Dewey & Stone retailers of Omaha, Neb, ia
 case in the matter of furniture making that even 111the              purchasing goods for the jobbing trade of the firm, which is
 matter of design most manufacturers are afraid to branch             large in Nebraska, Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado. Other
 out, and bring out someth111g new, but are content to go             arnvals include J. A. Colby of Colby & Co., Chicago; Mr.
 along in a rut till some more enterprising company does the          Thayer representing William Salomon, a prominent retailer of
 experiment111g and bUIlds up a demand for something new-             Chicago; \V. N. Conant of Conant Brothers, Toledo; C. F.
 and then they are ready to Jump 111  and harvest whel e others       Ran of Beloit, Wis.; WIlliam Striker of Palo, III ; Mr. Don-
 have sown. Take, for instance, the new stuff so prevalent            nelly of Donnelly & Barnes, Chicago; Mr. Hayden of Hayden
 this year-Flanders,   Tudor, Ehzabethan, etc , no one ventured       & Brother, Rocheater, N. Y.; W D. Pennington, Lyons, Mich.;
 to bring out anything of these styles untIl some of the Grand        J M. Bess111er,Hastlllgs, Mich.; W. N. Nordseick of Weber's
 Rapids factories blazed the way. The same is true in almost          funllture emporium, DetrOIt, Mr Lake of Hartson & Lake,

                                        Made by Charles Bennett   Furmture   Co., Oharlotte,   MlCh.

 every case-vve are all waIting for some other fellow to take        Ea ton Rapids, Mr. W lrts of W irts & Scholle, Chicago; George
 his own medIcine-to       "try It on a dog"      ThIS leads up      Brandt of Bloomington, III ; Robert Keith of Kansas City; E.
 to the matter of drying lumber-one of the most important            A Carder, Kalamazoo; Julius Kegal, Detroit; Nicholas Wag-
 things in wood working establishments.        PrevlOUs to 1904      ner, Kent CIty, Mr Montgomery, Montgomery & Vander
 the Grand Rapids Veneer Works-which         operates one of the     Werp, Muskegon; E S. Noble, Elk Rapids, A. Kie1, William
 largest panel mills III the country, in connection with veneer      \Vallace and James Barnes, Grand Haven; Henry \Voodward,
works, were compelled to face the fact that their dry kilns          Eastmanville and A. Spangemacher, Hastings, Mich.-Michi-
were wholly inadaquate to their requirements, although they          gan Artisan, August 1880.
had what was supposed to be as good an outfit as any in the
country. They were also compelled to face the fact that too
great a percentage of lumber was going to the furnace Some-                       Immigration Doubled Last Year.
thlllg had to be done and that at once. So they instructed the            Immigration into the United States doubled in 1909.      In
supenntendent to see if he could not find some way to relieve        all 95,105 alien immigrants entered the United States last year,
the sItuation. He studied the matter over carefully and re-          against 410,319 in 1908. Arrivals of non-immigrants numbered
ported that the only way to 111creaSe output of dry lumber
                                        the                          188,610.   From Europe came more than 85 per cent of the im-
was to put in more kIlns. which meant more waste for the             migratIOn, Italy leading with 221,964, of 25 per cent. Russia
furnace    Finally they put the matter into the hands of a           next with 161,142, or 16 per cent, and Austria and Hungary with
scientist who made a thorough study of the SUbject, and re-          117,087 and 115,267, respectively, or about 12 per cent each.
ported that with the expenditure of some hundreds of dollars              The immigration from Italy to this country last year num-
he could double the capacity of their old kilns. They decided        bered four times those of the year before. The only decrease
to "take the medicine," in other words "try it on the dog,"          in arrivals was from Roumania, which contributed 200 fewer
and to their aurprise the capacity of the kilns was not only         immigrants.
to                                                                                             WEEKLY                      ARTISAN
,.                                              --------------------.., ,,                                                 PROTEST                    AGAINST PATERNALISM
I        Dodds' Tilting Saw Table No.8 ,                                                                              I
I                                                                                                                     I    Would Prohibit the Government From Printing

                                                                                                                      ,,         Addresses on Stanlped Envelopes.


                                                                                                                                    1 he \atlUnal         Echtollal assodauon,            the NatIOnal Aso,ocI-
•                                                                                                                     I

                                                                                                                           ,ll]   l]1

                                                                                                                                       (1 "'tatlOnel -', the IntelnaLlonal
                                                                                                                                                 the \atIonal
                                                                                                                                                                                       ASSOcIatIOn of Photo-
                                                                                                                                                                     Tract\' A.s"oclabon,           the P1111ters
I                                                                                                                     I
                                                                                                                            league         01 'l.menLa the l-mted            Typothltae          of \mellca       and
I                                                                                                                     I
                                                                                                                                    \ 1 r! ,C dn F n \ elope \Ianufa(        turers' aSSocIatIOn have un-
                                                                                                                            It 1 '11 1'1 eR.n t to hay e the gOy Plnment                    dlscont1l1ue the free

I                                                                                                                     I
                                                                                                                            ()llltl'l!.., Ct letUln addles"e~ on stamped envelopes
                                                                                                                            "PI ( Jntec! a ]OIllt cC'mmlttee to l1anage theIr campal1:;n and
                                                                                                                                                                                                        They have

I                                                                                                                     I
                                                                                                                      I     hay ( (~t.lbh"hed           then headquartels            at 212 ]el11fer hUlldIllg,
I                                                                                                                     I
                                                                                                                            \\ 2,hll'~toll.        J) (     ] he file:t mc,e        by the commIttee was to
I                                                                                                                     ,
                                                                                                                      I     ',c ]~ the Illt]oc!udlCJn ot ,l bIll 1Il both house"
                                                                                                                            \\ hldl      ead" a, tollD\\-,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      of con~less,

                                                                                                                                      -\ hIll plO 1111)1 tIllg the prm tlllg 01 certam ma tier on
                                                                                                                            "tel', pcd e'm elope~ and the             sdle thereof            'Be It enacted b)

I                                                                                                                     !     the. "enate and hou"e ot lepresen abves of the Ul11ted States
                                                                                                                                  "..mellca III cOllgle~s assembled,                that from and after the

 I                                                                                                                    i     app' 0\ al 01 thl::' \ct It shall be unlawful for the Post Office
                                                                                                                            J)ep,l tment, 01 an, officer. head of bureau, 01 chief of dlVl-

II                                                                                                                    !
            We take plea%ure 1U mtroducwg        to you our new Saw Table         The base IS similar to wha
     we have been usmg on our No 4 Saw Table               only we have made It larger on the Roor            The
      raiSIng ard lowenn'l      deVIce 1$ the same as we have on the 1'.0 4 Machme                ""lth lever 3'ld
                                                                                                                            ,Ion the1 e01, to PIIllt or hay e pnnted, or sell or offer to sell
     pltman       The lever 15 made of steel

             fhe arbor IS made of 1% lOch steel mnOIng In Ions nng oIlmg boxes, and 1S for 1 Inch hole
                  We furmsh one 14 lOch saw on each machine            It WIll carry a 16 Inch saw If deSIred
            Table ho made With a center slide 12 Inches WIde WIth a movement
     lockIng deVIce- to hold it when yOlo. do not Wish to use It and has a detachable
                                                                                       of 21 lllches      It has a
                                                                                              mitre guage to be
                                                                                                                           an\ "tamped
                                                                                                                            ~J\ IIle; the
                                                                                                                                                    en, elope healll1g upon It a pnnted
                                                                                                                                              name uf an, IlldlVlclual, f11m, O[ company, 01 any

I    used when USIng the shdIn~ table           Can cross cut WIth table extendtd     to 24 Il'ches ah:o np up        I     nUll he1 oj dn\ po~t-('ffice box CJI lrawel, or ,lIlY street num-
     to 24 Hlches WIde        Table hJS a removable throat that can be tlken out when usJOg dado                 It
I                                                                                                                     '     bel or the name of am bUlldlllg tu whIch It shall be returned
I    also has two mItre guages for regular work and a two Sided np guage that can be used on f"lther
       Ide of the S1W. more especially when the table IS tilted also a tIltIng TIp gauge to be used to cut
I                      hen
     bevel work " .... yoU do not wl~h to tIlt the t<:l.ble The top IS 40x44 Inches
       haft should run 800
                           has T & I pulleys lOx 14 mches and the dnve pulley
                                 Mabng    In all about  as complete  a machine
                                                                                          16xS m,..hes counter
                                                                                    as can be found and at a
                                                                                                                      !     It uncalled tor or uncleln ered
                                                                                                                                                                            PIO\ Ided, that thIS shall not
                                                                                                                                        to tllO~e em elopes pnntecl WIth a return                         card left

II   s~asonable pnce

                            Wnte us and we WIll be pleased to quote you prIces

                                                        ~8~!II3 Canal St. Gran,!!a:",I"

                                                                                                           M,cE.      !I   blank d~ to name, addless, box, dl aVler, street number, or
                                                                                                                           IHl1ld1l1g. 'll1d \\hlch onl) gne the name of the town or city,

~---------------------------------_._--------~                                                                              1\ lth    the. State DI"tllCt, or TelntOlY"
                                                                                                                                    1 he bIll III both hou~e and senate vvas 1 eferred to the
                                                                                                                           cunllllltte.e on post office~ and post loads and It IS expected
                                                                                                                           to be I eported out du mg the pre-ent seSSIOn \Vhether                                  the
                                                                                                                           I cP! I h \\ III he fa, orable or aclYere e remam'o to be seen, but
                                         W-E                  Cl\.N                                                        tile \\olk that the Jomt «( mmltice                       1'- dOIng to secure the

                   DOUBL&        THE Cl\.P.f\.CITY
                                                                                                                           dl"11ul dctlCJIl h} «()lli.;lCC,,,h mdlc1ted hy the chstnhutIOn of
                                                                                                                           Ll Ll1cnlal

                                                                                                                                              that 1 ead" a" 10110ws
                                                                                                                                          thleatelll11g monopoly

                                                                                                                           pel t} an encouragement
                                                                                                                                                                          a confi"catIOll of pnvate pro-
                                                                                                                                                                  to SOCialIsm
                                               OFYOUD                                                                                 Lm elope mdnnfactmcrs
                                                                                                                                        i                                   paper mannfdctl.lrer",             paper

                                     DRY KILN.                                                                                    c
                                                                                                                           II tckh
                                                                                                                                                "tatlOnel c" p'mter"         trade penodlcal
                                                                                                                                         ne\\ ~PdP"1 publIshel '0, lItlwgrapher:o,
                                                                                                                           ,\11(l ]Oll1ne\ men pl111tel:o and all other workmen                        engaged m
                                                                                                                           the g'dplllc drt'o, plotest unItedly and unalterably                        agalllst the
                                                                                                                           c.ontmued free pnntlllg of Government                        stamped envelopes by
                                                                                                                           the Post Office Department
                                                                                                                                     1he, IdlO\\ that It IS a v.rong 0 every taxpayer, and so
                                                                                                                           1ar as It de" tl Oy:o, or e, en tends to destroy, the busllless of
                                                                                                                           an} pI 1\ ate manufacturer                or merchant,           or the property          of
                                               Syrar'nse, Jt' Y, Jan                       17,1910
                                                                                                                           am cItIzen, It IS confiscatIOn.
           GJ and Rapids Vpneer TnJ7!< '!,                                                                                         "So far as It monopolIzes                for the benefit of a single
                       ()r(~ncl !\cr,pIds, Mich                                                                            COlltldc.t01 Jt IS ,1 \\ long upon all other labor, whIch desires
           Dcal ,,<.,u
                                                                                                                           competItIOn and has a nght to it.
                                                                                                                                   "It I' a monopoly,            and It promotes             monopoly.        It en-
                 In J eph; to 'jOW letter of Jan. ] 1th. beg to
                                                                                                                           courage" the sOCJahstlc tendency                   lll',idously and menacingly.
          adl7SP   yon that SInce Installing yow 7vIln ne hale
                                                                                                                                   i E\ cry busllless         man in the whole country                   has equal
          j07",nd 1t ~'ery satIsfcwtory and cun ythll~g you
                                                                                                                           cauQe, WIth the allIed pllntmg                     and paper trades and the
          clmm It to be. Also fInd It a very economu al
                                                                                                                           \\ orkers III the graphJc arts. to oppose this dangerous                             prac-
          kiln to operate
                                                                                                                           tIce       It IS not a far cry from these paternalistic                    practices to
                          J oW'S 7 cspeetjully,
                                                                                                                           an ever lIlcreasmg              enclOachment        upon the private business
                                Th e C G BI Ol~n Fnnntll,re Co
                                                                                                                           of anybody and everybody                    Therefore,         it is absolutely       true
                                         Dean E Broun
                                                                                                                           that thIS is everybody's               fight who believes in the right of
                                                                                                                           propert},        m competJtIOn          and in opportunity             to do business
                                                                                                                           and to work.
                                                                                    WEEKLY        ARTISAN                                                                                            11
  _---~                           o_.                        . •                    •    _
                                                                                                   -_ ..   -~--------------------                             .._~ .               --~
                                                                                                                                    RICHMOND TABLET ARM CHAIR
                                                             RICHMOND                                                          GENUINE

                                                              CHAIR CO.                                                        LEATHER

                                                            RICHMOND                         INDIANA

                                                                        DOUBLE CANE LINE                                    The
                                                                       "SLIP     SEATS" - the                             Value
                                                                       latest and best method of                           and
                                                                       double seatmg.            ..                      Greatest
                                                                       Catalogues       to the Trade

                                • ----------.--------------------------.-----~---                                                                                                       __      __6 ...I
        ThIS eVIl practice has been promoted          by the Post Office                               "If yOU pllze your busmess          if you ale jealous of the
  Department     by an mgenlOus and persistent          pressure through                         nghts of ploperty       and opportumty,      If yOU are agamst Gav-
  the postmasters     of the count1y such as any behever m com-                                  el nment monopoly,       paternahsm     and soclahsm,     make It cer-
  petition or lOver of faIr play has an absolute right to protest                                tam that any Senator or Repl esentatn e m Congress              whom
 agamst; It IS his duty to protest agamst them                                                   } ou are ac<'!ua1l1ted Vvlth or can ~reach 111any way WIth argu-
        "The frankmg pnvl1ege IS used wIthout lUlllt              Postmas-                       ment and protest, shall not fad, ImmedIately           or at any tIme,
 ters, post-office c1t:~rks, lettel-carners,     all have been drafted                           to understand     the VItal Importance     of thIS issue
 mio the monopohstlc           sen Ice of the Government          stamped-                             "\iV nte persona11etters    to } our Senators and Representa-
 envdope     contractor     and the Government        monopoly      Itself.                      bves today, and mad us copIes of theIr rephe:,             We cannot
        "The claIm IS made that the use of the free-pnnted              Gov-                     Vv 111 WIthout   thIS help on yom part and Vv e cannot know
 ernment stamped-envelope          ImpIoves the po'>ta1 serVIce, chIef-                          whether we are mak111g heachvay unless you keep us posted I
 ly by decreasmg      the act1\ Itles of the Dead Letter Office, bnt                             "0 ONE CAN DO THIS WORK BUT YOU"
 the fact IS, the use of pnvately          pnnted    stamped     envelopes                             The jomt commIttee has also sent out copIes of a letter
serves the purpose effectively and properly.             BeSIdes, the use                         1rGm the thIrd aSSIstant postmaster           general   m whIch he
of the free-pnnted       stamped envelope as at present promoted,                                 ex-plams that the practIce of plmtmg        addrcbses on envelopes
IS almost wholly confined to large corporatlOns                 and other                         IS reqmred   by ex-Ist1l1g la vv'0 and that It can not be dlscon-
concerns whIch would use return-request              envelopes any way,                           [1l1ued WIthout leglbLltIon       ThlS 1S accompa11led by a rep1:
and are well able to afford them. ,Vorse th~n that, the gene-                                    from the commIttee       on pllnt1l1g stamped       envelopes of the
ral pubhc, Vv111chmIght use the return-request               more exten-                         ::\atIOnal Paper Trade aSSOCIatIOn vvho take Issue WIth ThIrd
SIvely and thus really dee 1ease the work of the Dead Letter                                     ASSIstant Postma-ster    Genel a1 Lawshe and contend that gov-
Office, gets no conbldelatJon       in the sa1es-promotlOn      scheme of                        ernment IS v101ating e'-lsting laws by the practIce of whIch
the department
                                                                                                 they compla1l1     The joint commIttee,        however, has deCIded
     "Thus,     tl11s abuse   ic, notoriously  for the advantage       of                        that m'3tead of appea1mg to the court" the better vvay is to
the few and notonously          for the dIsadvantage     of the man} ,                           secure 1eglslatIOn that wl11 prohIbIt the practJce, 2.nd, as WIll
and the many have to           pay the bill, not only for the free                               be seen, they ask all interested       to unite in urgmg the pas-
pnntmg,     but ultimately    for the numberless     dangers resulting                           sage of the bill
from the growth of thIS        most glaring and dangerous      example
of paternalism.
      "Moreover,    thIS m:::reasing volume of free pnntmg       by                                        Make
the Government       involves an equally irksome volume of free                                            Less
advertising    for the few favored      users of the free-pnnted                                           Waste
stamped envelope, who can and do employ their free adver-
                                                                                                           Use a veneer             Sells more Bud's Eye Maple Veneer per )ear than any other
tising opportunities      every time a free-printed  stamped    en-                                                            two mIlls because he manufactures nothIng el e. GIves blrd s eye
                                                                                                           punch to cut
velope is mailed.                                                                                                              the preference and hIS whole attention    Has 3 000 000 feet on
                                                                                                           out defects In      hand NOW from whIch you can have your pIck Our s, and no
      The bill by means of which it is proposed            to secure                                       Walnut and          other, bIrd s eye maple veneer 1$ 1-24!l thIck Won t sand thru
                                                                                                           Blrd's Eye          Yau can t see daylight thru a sheet of our blrd's eye W nte for
legislation     to stop all these abuses, and make no mi5take                                                                  samples They aTe FREE            PrIces lowest consIstent wah good
about it, forbids that any officer of the Post Office Depart-                                                                  quahty
                                                                                                           For sale by
ment whatever shall print or sell any stamped envelope bear-                                               Birds Eye           Phone Hyde Park33
ing a printed direction        for the return of any mail; but the                                         Walker,             Dept. D.
1 eturn-request    card left blank as to name and business, may                                            Chicago.
be used. Thus the il13urmountab1e competition        of the Govern-                                        Any Slze    }1i"                                       1111/1   I

ment monopoly          is prevented    and the convenience    of the
                                                                                                           each del.
                                                                                                                                                         WALKER                     Chicago
return-request     is preserved.
12                                                       WEEKLY                        ARTISAN

                                                                                       --pnngs, couch bottoms, moss, tow, feathers, etc, headed by
     NEW YORK BUSINESS                         OUTLOOK                                 H ~W Fned of the Bronx, A A M111er, Manhattan         and F.
                                                                                       Hemley, Brooklyn.
Furniture      Manufacturers, Jobbers and Dealers
                                                                                            J Holly \v ood, formerly \\ 1th A. Plser, is the new furni-
               Predict a Prosperous Year.
                                                                                       ture buyer fot Sand      \,V Bauman, 2131 Third avenue, suc-
       New York, Feb 17 -~Ianutacturels           ale fee1111g encour                    ceedmg G J afta
                                                                                              C E Leahey          1S a ne\\   hlrnitUl e dealer        at     727 Fulton
aged by the orders recelve1 so far tor the "pl111g and "ummer
business     and the year promIses to be one at the be"t ,,0 far                         "treet, Brooklyn
experienced        There lS an actlve teJ;ldency throughout         the                     Charles Fram, late salesman in the east for Boll Bras, is
trade.     The factones   are busy and salesmen are bnngl11£S m                          the new representatlve        in N e\v York for the Limbert com-
fairly good order" from the wholesale trade             The vvho1e:oale                  pam of Grand Rapids, :;\1ich
trade are working on the new hnes and send m good reports                                      Benja111111 Flledlander    has succeeded S Mlller as presi-
from all sectlOns       Dml11g room and parlor sUIte" are much 111                       dent of the Chlcago Cred1t con pany, 3351 Th1rd avenue.
demand as are rockers         The retaIl trade are not buymg \ cry                             The Plsel s have opened a new furniture        store, opposite
heavl1y yet, but are fairly well stocked             up, Consen atl\ e                   then pre"ent quartel s in the Bronx          Slmon Siegal, who was
buy mg is the rule.                                                                                     f
                                                                                         111bU0>111es., 01 hl111self, 1'0 With the firm
       The \V F. WhItney       ChaIr company, who hay e occupIed                               S K P1erce &.. Son have put cut a new hne of office chairs.
 two bmldlllgs in BlOoklyn at 495 Kent a\ enue and 193 Gland                                   1 Grand Rapids Furmture company, 168 yVest Thirty-
 street have sold their interests to Robel t J Ehlers, \v ho as the                      fourth street, after thelr fire some time ago decIded to give
 Robert J Ehlers company will contmue busmess at the lattel                              up the factOl y end of their business here
 address, Jobbing only.                                                                        1 he Stal Gedding company who had a fire at 12 Mont-
       The Star Upholstery       company    who haye not beLll 111                                                   b
                                                                                          ro<;e a\ enue al e el0111i.; us111ess a, usual and running to full
 busines" here very long, have mm ed it 0111210 East T\\ en t \                          capaclty
 third street to 36 East T\\ enty-th1rd       "treet and are mahl11S;                         The Cooper Store and Office Fixture company has been
 a new Ime of couches.                                                                         po
                                                                                         111COl rated to manufacture    office furniture, with a capital of
        Max Englander,     manufactunng     couch bed" on Seyenth                        $5,000 by Joseph and Abel Benjamin            and Samuel Cooper.
  avenue has leased property        at 513 to 523 \\ e"t T\\ enty-                            S Karpen   & Bra,      at 115 V{ est Thirty-fourth     street,
  fourth street, where he w111 build a SlX story factor}, 100 x                          haye added to their floor space at 22 Sudbury street, Boston,
  150 feet in sizze and w1ll occupy most of 1t hlmself                                   and have "pace to lease to manufacturers       who wish to exhibit
        T. C YVaterman, who has had charge of the PubhClt\
                                                                                          the1r  ltnes
  department     of the Furmture     Exchange,     has been plomoted
                                                                                               The PoughkeepSie        (1\ Y) Chair company    have been
  to the head of the field bureau his former pO"ltlOn bemg taken
                                                                                         \\ ul kmg "ome mghts and have an exhibit here. YV. S Hodge
 by W llliam Bangs
                                                                                         manager has taken a five year least' of qualters     in the new
    Elins & Sillen,     upholstery   dealer'> have     succeeded          El111s
                                                                                         turmture      ('{change bmldmg here     George F. Underhill  has
 & Co , 38 Whlte street.
                                                                                         bought     an interest     in the Kaal Rock Chair company     of
     The Empire     Clty Metalllc Bed company    hay e moved
                                                                                         Poughkeepsie,        N. Y, making high grade chails.
 from 184 Lewis street to 184 Thirteenth street, Jersey Clt)
                                                                                               Sam Ed\\ards, retall furl1lture, h;; s moved             from 194 Fifth
       The Grand Rapids      Show Case Co, 724 Broadway,           in
                                                                                          a\ enue to 479 F1fth avenue, Brooklyn
 addition to manufacturing     show cases, are equipmg a large
                                                                                               The Atla" Furl1ltUle    company   of Jamestown,    N. Y,
 plant for the manufacture      of dlsplay itxture",   hay 111g p1 e
                                                                                          hay e mcreased their capaclty by 33 1-,\ per cent and have had
 viously handled the line of another film
                                                                                          tu retuse orders as the1r output was 111 contracted   for.
       The H. J Montgomery       Manufactunng     company of SIl
                                                                                                  Arnm   Herman     of the    Bronx,     has   added        cribs   and   go-
 ver Creek, N. Y , making patent leathel lockers and Tmk1sh
                                                                                          ca1 t- to his hnes
 chalrs, are very busy on their special 1I11e'3.
                                                                                                1 he Cloker    Chalt  company,   325 West    Thirty-third
       Frank M. Randall w111 have in hlS new bmldlllg at 136
                                                                                          --u eet, makl11g receptlOn chair" of maple, oak and mahogany,
 West Flfty-second    stl eet 200,000 square feet of floor space
                                                                                          ha \ e added a new lme of saddle seat C1rcas5ian walnut chairs.
 and wl11 let out conslderable     of it as a furmture    exchange
 This he wlll arrange so as not to confl1ct with h1S own hnes                                  The ne", agency estabhshed               at 86 Forsyth street by the
 Mr. Randall has fmnished        47 city hotels w1th furmture                             \fe1se1eau  1\Ietal Bed company              is in charge of J. Brunner.
       F. Mohr & Co., who have been in business only a few
 months, have a warehouse      estabhshed   at 505 \Vest Thnty-
 second street, havlllg 60,000 square feet of space                                                                 Old Trade Jokes.
       The Amencan     Sea Grass company      lS a new incorpor-                               ,,,,- pi om11lent furmtm e manufactunng      house of Grand
 ation, with a capital stock of $25,000, to deal 111 jute, shoddy,                        Ra p1ds recen ed a letter trom a dealer 1111\ ew York, one sen-

     ,. - ... ....
     t------------------                        .. .                            ..
                                                                                          tence ot \\hKh lead as follows
                                                                                          demand and I need them badly
                                                                                                                                  "Your goods are 111 great
                                                                                                                                 If you cannot ship at once
                                         Henry Schmit 8              Co.                  senelme a b111of ladms; \\ hKh J could sho Vol my customers and
                                           HOPKt:r-.S AND HARRIET   STS                   tell them the good" w111 soon be rece1ved "
                                                C,nvmnati, Ohio                                 A letter from another dealer read'      "Please do not ship
                                                     makers   of                          me pal ts of smtes       I cannot show a wash ,tand and sell it for
                                                                                           a chamber "mte"
                                         Upholstered Furniture
                                                                                                 ;\nother  manufacturer,    responding to a humorous letter,
                                                        for                                complammg      of delays m the shIpment of goods written by a
                                         LODGE and PULPIT, PARLOR                          elealer sa1d      "\\ e can Shlp the pulls at once, and you can

                                            LIBRARY, HOTEL and
                                                CLUB ROOM                          I       dra\\ on us for the smtes If you "0 desire"
                                                                                     I     ~rlc1l1gan \!tl-:;an, Sept    1880
          . ....         ...............                                       -"'                                       J

                                                                    WEEKLY                ARTISAN                                                                    13

      PHILADELPHIA                         CORRESPONDENCE                                        Linn Peacock, who was buyer for the Prince Furniture
      Department Stores Trying to Increase Their Mail                                      company of Hazelton,          Pa, will start In the furniture      business
                     Order Business.                                                       again on his own account              at W Ilmll1gton, Del, where he
           Phlladelphla,      Feb     17 ~ There lS a great deal of mall                   u sed to be in business.
    order bus111ess belng done 111 furniture                 here      The various               Derbyshire     Bros. have taken the Hope street warehouse
    depal t111ent stures ofter to Shlp furnitm e to every state                  This     that was used by John Moore, to take care of their increasing
    1111eof the bus111e% is 1)1       anch111g out all the bme and is quite
    \\ ell patron1L:ed, especially        wlth111 a radlus of 500 to 1,000                      RItter Bras        have made many improv ements to their
    mlle':> Every year the blg "tore i" 1eachlng out further into                         factory, among which is a new sprinkling                  apparatus,     as a
                                                                                          precautIOn against fire
     new channels           Jlohn \;\7 anamakel ':, are making             extended
    mentIOn of thlS mall order busine<.,s                 They advertise         their          Mr. Koehle, who until recently was a furniture                   dealer
    store here as the largest retail store 111 the world, covering                        on Girard avenue is now inside salesman for Van Scivers of
                                                                                          Camden, N J.
   45 acres of floor spaef', takll1g in a whole city block, 485 feet
    long from Chestnut            to Malket        street and 250 feet from                     The estate of the late John Tanner, are closing out the
   Thil teenth to J U11lper street and it dwarfs the $30,000,000 city                     fur11lture busmess at 705 Girard avenue              The executors have
   hall, close by        It rises 12 stones in the all or 247 feet above
   the glound and ha;" 2Y; stories below the street level                        It is          The city authorities,          throug"h Mayor       Reyburn,      have
   bUIlt of gra11lte and bteel and fireproof.                                            charge· of the project to build a big exhibition              and convent-
          George Kelly and the Union Furniture                     :\Ianufacturing       lOn hall here, but no official actIOn has ibeen taken, except to
   company are also dOll1g a large mall order business.                         They     talk It over        It is something       that is needed very badly in
   put special Y; to 1 column "ads" in the mail order section of                         this city as there is no place large enough to hold a furniture
   the daily and Sunday papers                Some of the papers here have               :,how properly.         They think it is time the citizens should
   a special section or page for the mall order business and is                          get together and build a hall such as Madison Square Garden
                                                                                         or the Coliseum
   not intended        for the city trade as much as for the outside
   bwoiness.                                                                                    William     H. McMahon,          handling   brass and iron beds,
          The three depal tment            stores     at Eighth       and Market         cnbs, mattresses,        feathers,   etc., at 244 South Second street,
   streets, Strawbndge          & Clothier, Llt Bros and Glmbel Bros,                    reports that a general advance in prices is due for all lines
   have each year at this bme all k111ds of manufactunng                      shown             Guy W Banger            has been appointed        receiver    for the
   <it their industrial       exhlbltlOn      The machinery          IS put 111the       HanOver (Pa)          Furniture     company,     manufacturers,     and the
   alsles on each floor, from top to bottom and one can see                              plant Will be operated to fill orders.            The assets are $33,000
  fur1llture,     optical goods, Jewelry, cdrpeb,              dres<.,es, clothmg,       and liabilitIes      $43,000
  laceb, curtains,        shoes, flower;", picture         ft ames, cand} , cut                The Phlladelphla Excelsior  company lecently had a big
  glas<" prmting,        hOSIery, glass blowing, silk making, nbbons,                    order of 150 car loads of exceblOr which is the lalgest order
  suspenders,       gloves and about a hundred lines of all kll1ds of                    received so far The demand IS very heavy and they have had
  manufacture           It is open to all and each store gives out                       to refuse many orders.
  souvenirs        Jacob Alber shows the makll1g of ruStIC furni-                             ;\lanufacturers     here say that with the scarclty of ma-
  ture; Kasansky          & Bloom bamboo tabourettes,                S M Gosch           hogany logs, prices are fil mer and have advanced during the
  & Co, picture frames               I don't know of another city where                  past year 2S per cent, the stock coming mostly from Mexico
 one can see such an exhIbItion in the department                         stores         and Honduras         Further  advances may be made at any tlme
         \V L Horam has succeeded                   Bailey & Horam           111 the           The J. R Bunbing Beddmg       company of 232 South Se-
 fur11lture busll1ess at WIllsboro,               Pa.                                    cond street are very busy and expect a big bus111ess this year,
         The United        Upholstery       J\lanufacturers'      association      of    They think that this year will break all records        The past
 Philadelphia        have advanced        pnces on all 1ll1es of goods 10                four years have been somewhat       quiet tIll oughout  Pennsyl-
 per cent         This was expected           as some have been charging                 vallla and it has taken two years to get back to prosperous
 the advance for some time and now united action has been                                times    Cotton is hIgh and the consumer can not tell where
 taken                                                                                   they stand from week to week.     It is hard to make contracts
      The Funston Molding company has been incorporated     at                           for cotton ahead of time   At this plant mattresses    are made,
Camden N J with a capital of $50,000, to make mold111g,                                  whle the metal beds are made at Jersey City, by the Merser-
paints and var11lsh   It is headed by \Villiam J. Crompton,                              eau Metal Bed company      At that end they are swamped with
Eugene A Hogh, Benjamin Funston                                                          orders
... .... ......-
                                                  "THE          BEST          IS THE           CHEAPEST"

       BARTON'S GARNET PAPER                    Sharp, Very Sharp, Sharper Than Any Other.
               SUPERIOR TO SAND PAPER.                                It costs more, BUT It Lasts Longer; Does Faster Work.
             Order a small lot; make tests; you will then know what you are getting. WE GUARANTEE               SATISFACTION.          Furniture
       and Chair Factories, Sash and Door Mills, Railroad Companies, Car Builders and others will consult their own interests by using it. Also
       Barton's Emery Cloth, Emery Paper, and Flint Paper, furnished in rolls or reams.
                                                                      MANUFACTURED              BY

       H. H. BARTON & SON _CO., 109 South Third St., Philadelphia, Pa.
...    . ---   --_._._-------------------_._---_._------~------------- --~
                                                   ...... ~
14                                                                      WEEKLY                   ARTISAN

                                                                              ..      ·--1   teenth "treds, Indlanapohs                      $3,600, Mrs James M Harrison,
                                               CUP COMPANY                                  :c..,chool lane, PhiladelphIa                    Pa, $15,000. C Cravens                   Gray-
                                                                                       • 111( nt, Blfl111nlSham Ala, $3,800, Dr J S Glllesple, 1714
                                                                                       •    ,, [11'1 c1 a\ enue nOl th Blfl11lngham,                    $6,000, Dr R V Mobley
                                                                                              [ om teenth a\ enue and Sixteenth                         street south B1rm1l1gham,
                                                                                        I    S') 000 Hall} Hyman 228 Rigsby avenue, San AntonlO Tex
                                                                                             S') oeD \lr"              \11ce Illlson,          28 Russell place, San Anto111o

                                                                                             C'1000 E S la'rell,                     Thlfd street and ~meteenth                     avenne
                                                                                              I1uluth \111111 50-1-,000 E R Belli", V\ oodland park, Duluth
                                                                                             ,,') Cr,u r \ Pa\ ne 346 Decorah                               "treet, De;" M0111O'S,Ia,
                                                                                             q oeo           Fl eel \ r K \ 110'1 220 H nmston                    stl eet, Des M01l1es,
                                                                                        •I '-,') ;00 lied Durg e~s 129 :\1110 street, Des J\lo111es, $3,500,
                                                                                        •I (all Dohman 301 II heatland street Des l\Io111es $3. SOO, S
                                                                                         •     \     \ (11 ton      2204 Loublana            ;"treet, LIttle Rock Alk, $3,500,
                                                                                         • I " Cam 1523 Goodbar avenue, ::\Iemphis Tenn, $4,500, IV
                                                                                         •I ,,
                                                                                             c:; Scll11balc1, 1407 South Llghth street                          Omaha, ~ eb $4,000;
                                                                 ,,                          C }{ \\ hlte. Elk a\ enue, Cleveland, OhlO $4,000. L Abrams,
                                                                                              1;23 E ?\ 111eh-thll el street                      Cleveland,       Uh1O, $5,000, John
                                                                                             \IcC'a,,11l1, -\.shbul \ a, enue and E 118th street, Cleveland,
                                                         --~---~---                        I
                                                                                     .... 011lCl ';3;00, 1 heodOl e \\ 111111gham , 3832 Ma1l1 street, Kan-
          Buildings That Will Need Furniture.                                                ~,t'-. C!t\ \10, SG 500. Charles I: Phllhps, 3560 Flora avenue,
       Res1denees-Chadt:':>           H Kuehn 365; Humboldt boule\ al d                      l,..<lI1~a~ Clt\          S'1 000, II' IV Jo1-]n"on, 3515 Locust street,
Cll1eago, Ill, $6500            GO'OIge 1)e111n~ 1.21.+\\eo,t Oh1O street,                    kaL'a~          C H\ S5OO0 G C A.ndel son 129 Cypress street,
Ch1cago, $7,500, T J H.e\nelhon                        19)7 \      101t1eth sheet,           l'can,a.., Cm, 53,000, Illlltam                         F FnO'gang, 2841 vVJlllams
Ch1cago, $8,000, C L -"-ndel son 3R.+CJ dco'. a\ enue ChI-  II                               ~tleel \[111neapo!lo, \Imn                     $3000, Hl1ma?\              ;\Iallauder,    1702
cago, $3,000; 1 B Tlcle}, .+CJ39 \\ a~h11lf;ton houle\aul,                       Ch1          l'le1 Le ~t] ect, \I111neapohs,                    $3,000; W. G. Gardner,                lOSe
cago, $10,000, P ] \Ic '\fahon                 3;(>2 1\ ent\\ olth aHnue. ChI                  1\\ lilt, ~l,th a\ enue \[1l1neapoh",                        $3,000, v\ A Jackson,
cago $'+,500 -r. \ h.ll1del 11m 1\ eb~te1 ,1\ enue, Cll1cago,                                 lW) 1\ c11len a\enue                Columhns, OhIO, $3/)00, Oscar Davis, 20
$7,000. IV II' Goodwll1, 585 \IcLenol c a\ cnue, \Iemphh                                     1 a"t Iluntel             ~tleO't !'Ictlanta Ga. 9;4000, i\Irs Lee Jordan,
Tenn, $3,000, Jane Ha110\\. L28 \\ (st \01th Temple stlect,                                  R20 T'eclcht1 ee stl eet. A.t1anta, $10,000, '\ \. \IeGraw,                                1720
Salt Lake CIty L tah, $8,000 Tohn \IOre"l.                         \pple and 1 ern             l\\ent\        nIllth SUeet Omaha,                   '\eb.     $5,000, Albert         Olgen,
;"treets, ::\ e\\ 01 leans, La 5;3,500, 13 D Ladd                        368 Bl eme-         l()Qo Shel \\ 1ll a\ enue, Chicago, $4,500, D Ii'! Glenn, Cypress
\! 111estreet    ?\ ew Odean s, So 000, '\nme II unt 6038, 11 ~ll11cl ell enlle Rec11and" Cal, $5,000, M J :\IcDonald,                                                         Mesa, Anz
avenue      5t Loms, \1,) ,33,800                C \ DIeckmann             3830 101          S-1-()(\O \[I~ H \1 Palo,ons, M13slOn street and Brent, avenue,
~0ll1 avenue, St Lotus, S'1,'100, :\Ib C G 1310\\n 312 \hltle                                l:.:outh Pa~ae!el1a Cd                  $10 000, J l' Burns, Ardmore                     street
street, Atlanta,         Ga, $8,000, \11 s S \\ hltner                46      ,y
                                                                               FOU1- dnd II 1hhue boule\ aJ el, Los Angeles,                                     Cal, $10.000, 0 H.
ttenth     street,     !'Ictlanta, £4,500, II E HO\\ ard, 6-1--1-9             South         HalOlc1 \Iar"h               HellShts       l'\ogale'i, Ariz, $4,500, Col \i'! P.
Kll1gs h1gh\\ ay . St L01m, \10, S'+ 500 L LIane),                               1220        Cuelk Rech\ ooel and CnlOn streets, San DIego, Cal, $15,000;
Cnttenden          street,    n01 th\\ est, II ash'ngton             S6,000, Juhuo,
Ii'! e1n1g, 144 Bates street, north\\ e~t II a~ll1ngton, 322000)
                                                                                                      Mlscellaneous           BUlldmgs-           The Emanuel Preshytenan                 so-
E T Cnsmand,               516 LH;hth "treet, nOl th\\ e~t, 1\ a~hmgton,
                                                                                             Ud\ 01 Dd10lt,                                               a
                                                                                                                           \IJCh, 1S b1111d111g ch11lch to cost $40,000
$3,300, S C Thayel,               32 OahJal1d a\ enue, Columbus.                OhlO,
                                                                                               j he Rtalh           -\~~uuate" \\111 elect a ~IA-,tor} hotel on the corner
$3,000, J C Stncklel, 2(j(j \Ilelland t\ enue. Columb11'" S3OO0
                                                                                             c t 1 1\ lllg ~ton c.tl ect dnd Hano\ el place. DlOoklyn, NY,                               at a
 o C; Rankm, J\J aek o,t1eet an 1 the huule\ al el Detl OIt \Ilch                            co,t ot ~120 000                 I Ollg Beach, Cal, WIll expend $250,000 III
$8,000, Jacob Bolze1, Clchllal ,111elCanfield st1 eet" Detlo1t,
                                                                                             thl C011 QluC't!on ot ,,( hool bullcllllc;" d111111l:;                   the coml11g year
$3,000; M R Bt1110\\s. c.,el1l1llClle             anel '-,i I\1111 "tleet", DctlOlt,
                                                                                               I he 01 phcul11 "'I nc11lcllO'h to C1 eet a c1uphcatO' uf the Orpheul11
$11000, \\          II 110'11,ILuth\llCe!          elml Ll1l1c1"tleeto, DetlO1t,
                                                                                             thtaill         I J   r o~ \ngele" lal. on C;tate c,treet 111 Salt Lake
$3,;00,     Salah L \"al}U1               Cllft(ll1 ,me! 111l1h tl1l1d ,tlefts,
                                                                                             \ 11 \     l tclh        1hl \lthlh I ,1llc1C()1l1pan} WIll hu11cl a 'i1X-story
Inc11anapolI", ~3,()00, II tlhall1"               I1t/~ll aId I\.cn\\ (lod boule
                                                                                             h lte! 1)] IhL (llnCI               "f I !fih and Oltve streeh,                Los "\ngeles,
\ clrcl and ShO'palCl a\ eune, \111\\ autec               \\ 1'-. S12 ~OO \11 ~ r;-
                                                                                               II ,1V"t        (1 Sl-l-OOOO J he c.,lstels of St Joseph                     ha\e adopted
r Glsh DeAtel aud 1 \\ eut} -c,econd "t! eeh, ])l11\ u Col                                   J)lalh ,me! '-.]JluhutlOlh                t( 1 a com ent lJtllld1l1g to be elected
$10000,1        G Dloe1111,cl 382; :outh (Hanel a\ enl1L St LOlm
                                                                                             ,It CGng1l '-.~ "t! cer ,11H] '-,Janson a\ O'nue, Loo, \l1f.;eles, at an
i\[o. $6.000, CreOlge r 1n~el 2012 Ruc,,,dl a\ enne                        "'t Lenll'
                                                                                             l~tJJ11ated lo"t 01 C!;lrocoo                       The K111g-hh of Columbu'i wlll
i\Io $3,800, Valent111e Kcmpu,                     38.+.+ C0111pton d\E'l1nO' C:;t
                                                                                             u eLt a ~1, "t01 \ ufhce and luelg e bUlld111g 111Salt Lake CIty,
Loms $3400, R B Tuttle, Capltol t\ enue and [h1rt} -tl111d
                                                                                             l tdh          l apltalhh        ,,1 '-,alt Lake Clt J and DOlse, Idaho are to
::,tleet Indlanapohs           9>3,500 Bachel H1cm 919 \\ e"t Tl1l1 t\-
                                                                                             111\("t       ~FO,OOO 111 the electlOn of a theatre                         at TWIll Fall'i,
thud street Kansas C1t) \10, S3 sro 1 I Clltz \\ 111ston-
                                                                                              l t2h          [he kl11ghh of Pvthla" WIll erect a lodge hall and
Salem, j'\ C, $3,000: Ora S Gould, ~220 11001, SIde houle\ al d,
                                                                                                )ff]( (  lJtlllcl1l1g- 111San Dlec;o, Cal, elt a LOst of $75,000
Kansas CIty Mo $5,500 \Ir~ J efterson CunnllH;ham,                             South
and D111widd1e streets             '\ orfolk Va ~() 2,-0 T ohn C Ball 30-1- t                    ,..---------~----~
                                                                                                                                                          EL EVATO RS
L1bel ty street          Sy1acuse, '\ \            S-1- 00 Hcnq
LYlllh avenue, Syracuse, 9;3,500 I h. I1unlSclford, S03 II est
X e\\ dl street .c:y racuse $3200,                 -\10111 (ottet
                                                                         Rouo,e, 201

                                                                       349 :\11dLl11cl

                                                                                                                          IMPROVED, EASY AND
                                                                                                                                   QUICK RAISINC
                                                                                                                                           Belt, Electnc and Hand Power.
                                                                                                                             The Best Hand Power for Furnzture Stores
a\ O1Ue Syracu"e, $5, SOO, L K Spl ac;ue 12;2 Sonth C;altna                                  I
                                                                                                                                           Send for Catalogue and Pnces                      j
~tJ ect, S} Jaeuse $4,000, P Kr,t1mer                   84 La Salle o,t1ect, ChI             I
                                                                                                                          KIMBAll BROS. CO., 1067 Nlnlh St.. Council Bluffs, la. I
                                                                                                                          Kimball Elevator Co. 323 Prospect St Cleveland,O,
l ago $12000,           T L DettmC'lo,             4934 \1 ,lb,td,l ct\ l llll "I            I
                                                                                             I                              l0811th St , Omaha. Neb, 120 Cedar St , New York City.           fI
Lonls, Mo, 9;6,000 \11" \Ial1C Hl)ffmalk                         \da1l1s ancl \111C          I
                                                                                                 ,.                                     --- -~-------,----
                                                WEE      K L Y ART I SAN                                                                  15

NELSON-MATTER                                                          FURNITURE                                             CO.
                                           GRAND RAPIDS~ MICH.

                   BED-ROOM and DINING-ROOM
                                               COMPLETE SUITES
                                       in Mahogany.     Circassian    Walnut   and Oak.
                                                                                      Catalogue of 12x16 inch page groups, show ..
If you have not one in your store, a simple request will bring you onrmagnificent neW'"
ing suites to match. With it, even the most moderate sized furniture store can show the best and newest furniture satisfactorily.


16                                                                               WEEKLY               ARTISAN

                                                                                                      Rl1s~lan manufacturers         are I11vlted to avail themselves    of this
                                                                                                      Opp01 tunJt"l to (lJspla} theJr ploducts         111 the principal   ports
                                                                                                      of the Ottoman        Emplle       Each exhlhltOl IS expected to al-
                                                                                                      lange hI" eAlnblt 111 an attractl\e           and artIstIc manner and
                                                                                                      111,[\ ~Lnd attendant:,         It I" hoped that the exposltlOn WIll
                                                                                                      un (1 qmte tl1lh the expO! t pos'-,lbJ1lt1es of RUSSIa and WIll
                                                                                                      ,[IC] III ~eC1111ll~alaI!.?, el "hdre of TurkIsh     trade

                                                                                                            \\ hdt ,lbuut It)    \ clecOldtOl asl~" "Is the1e not dn Eng-
                                                                                                      ll~h 'ichool \\ lth an dffectatl0n of SJl11phClty a1110untmg to the
                            PUBLISHED   I!VERY    SATURDAY   BY   THe:
                                                                                                      obI lOUS stln mg aftel ,1 conceIted p1 nmtn eness?"           He also
                   MICHIGAN ARTISAN COMPANY                                                           a.,k" "Is thele not a F1ench school that lets 1tseH go mto an
                                                                                                      l11eblJatlOn of fOJ111 and flagJ ancy of decoratlOn that kicks
            OTHEI'I COUNTI'I'ES 52 00 PER YEAR.          SINGLE CO~IES 5 CENTS                        0\ el the tI aces of all clIsClplIne and     traclItlOn ?', \Vith en-
PUBLICATION      OFFICE.    108-112 NOI'I.TH DIVISION         ST,        GRAND    RAP,OS,    MICH,
                                                                                                      g ulfmg tears a rended heatt, sun ounded by walls of gloom
                            A. S    WHITE,       MANAGINCOED'TOI'I                                    ele\ en feet th1Ck, the edItor of the Artisan          mournfully  re-
Entered as .econd class matter, July 'i, 1909 at the post office at Grand         RapIds, \lIchlgan   ~poncI:, "thel e IS' there 1SI"
                              under the act of March 3 1879

                                                                                                            FUll11ture manufacturers    generally  will endorse Presi-
      Clarence H Mackay, pre"ldent            of the Po~tal- Telegraph                                dent Taft's     declaratlOn  that CO'fpOratlOns whosje bus-iness
and the CommercIal-Cable           companies,      ha"lll1g Just returned                             method:" conflIct WIth the law must change those methods.
from a southern       tom of obsel"l atlOn and Il1SpectlOn, IS 111
                                                                                                      ,'cry fe\\ cOlporatlOns are "'\lOlatmg the laws in letter or in
elmed to be ImpatIent wIth people \\ ho g-et nel"l ou ~ 0"1 er pI 0'0-
                                                                                                      'ipmt     ,lost of them, however, have fixed ideas as to what
pectlve legIslation,    COUlt decIsIOns gO"lernment pohcJ('" and
                                                                                                      extent theIr business should be affected by law.
all that sort of thll1g      If, he sa) s, we are all gOlllg to \\ alt
till capital ceases to be timId and labor demand" le"s Il1stead
of more and statesmen       stop seekin>; populallh,         "\\ e mlQ,ht as                                 The fml11tl11e trade paper publIshed in New York logi-
well shut up shop and >;0 home ] he onh attdck \\ c ha\ e nm\                                         calh m11"t he opposed to the fur111tl11e exposltlOn interests
i" an attack of the hu>;aboo'i         l'Lndll1g c1eCl~1()n~])\ Ihc SIl                               r t he he"l es m the pI aCtlcabilIty of a furnIture tJ ust, which
preme CaUl t, may be and doubtle~., ,\1 e 1111j)OI         tant    PlojJo-ul                          \\ (Jt1ld \\ IthclI a \\ ,111 hne" fJ om the expositlOns,  and adVIses
leglslatlOn 111 Congres" mayor may not be U1dl ted-bllt                  \\ 1M!                       the 111dnutactl11 er.'o to entel mto a combine         The obJ ect of a
                                                                                                      tl u"t I" to de"tIoy         compeiltlOn   \V1thout compet1tlOn there
of It)     Properties   are not gOlllg to be con fica ten dllll thc
country is not going to smash              On the contlaly,        "1\ e ha"l I"
                                                                                                      1\ ould   be no need 0 f the eAposltions
only to nd ollrseh es of '3llh appl ehen ~IOlb 01 \\ an tlm offiual
assault upon legItimate       busmess to enlO\ the (?,enelal PIC'.,-                                       The I epl oductlOns   of personals and news items from
perity whIch condltlOns        v\ all ant'     Pre'i1e!cn t ,Lacka \ \\ d ~                           the \1 tl~dn at thlfty      ) ear" ago wh1ch appear    on an-
talk111g of condItIOns m Y\ all .'otleet and hI ~ I emdl K' may                                       othel page, \\Jll gl\ I" many readers     a sensation akm to
have been I11tended to re"tore confidence                on thc 'itock 1""-                           sadness or "arrow      Many of those connected WIth the furni-
change but busll1ess men generally             "1\ III endor~e    hI" senti-                          tme mdustry today will recog111ze the names of their prede-
ments                                                                                                 ce"sors, at least nme tenths of whom have passed to the
                                                                                                      unknO\\ n \\ orld
      Unless reports are mlslead111g and estlmate~ Ul11 eha ble,
"our possesslOns,"      the PhJ1tpp111e'O ha"l e great      t1mbel re-
                                                                                                           A furnltme    paper pubhshed in New York states that the
sources 111the hardwood        lInes   It IS saId the blands         pos-
sess the most beautiful       woods m the world and they arc                                          condItions were not favorable for a furniture      combination at
reaching theIr development       Just at a tIme \\ hen the \\ orld 100                                the time of the Marston-Flint    campaign, "to organize a trust
100k111g for hard \"Ioods      The tImber h not located 111 thIck                                     of 111an11facturers"    The conditions   are no more favorable
stands but is well scattered,      cm enng, It has been e"t1mated,                                    at present than at the period indicated     above.
an area aggregating      40,000,000 aCl es     Of thIS great amount
less than 1 per cent IS under prl\ ate 0\'\ nershlp            :\Iost of                                   \V1th the organization   of the manufacturers   of furniture
these woods, which have no equal 111llel1l1eS'i of colol dur-                                         d., a trust the expositIOn plan of selling furniture  would dis-
abilIty, bnllIance   of polIsh and sIze of tImber, al e c1Jtficult
to transport     by water    TheIr texture      l'i so elo,e and theIr
spl"clfic gravity so fSreat that they qUlckl) 'illlK Then \\ eIght
a\ erage" about 75 poune!" to thl ulhlC foot heH::ht 110111;0                                                Furniture Manufacturer Left Millions.
to 100 feet, the natUlal annudl ~lll\\th hl1t1~ c,t!nldtul1J\         tlll                                   /                p
                                                                                                               (J ~1111111uns) I eSldent of the Sl1n111011sMal1u[actUfJng
insuldr gm ernment at 1 -WO,OOO 000 CUlllc tLet neaJ h ,Ill of                                        CU111pd1l\ of BelOIt, ,V 1S, 111anufactl11 ers of brass and 1ron
which IS now gOll1g to \"Ia'ite      Tn 190-1- the bmeau of tCl1L~hy                                  heds, dJed at hJS home last Saturday,         aged 81 years       He
had 1ecord of some 396 dIfferent ~peclcs no\\ the lJst has 1n-                                        lea"l es an estate valued at about $5,000,000 whIch under h18
creased to 665, the specIe" bel11g \\ ell m1'<:ed                                                     \\ III goes to relatives, nearly all to his only son and two
                                                                                                      daughter:"     Under the provisions of the will the entire estate,
     When 1t comes to gOl11g after hade the RLhslan" dIe                                              I11cludl11g both leal and personal, is bequeathed       to the son,
not so slow       They have sent out a floatl11g eAposltlOn \\ 111ch                                  7 almon G SImmons, with the understanding           that it is to be
1S to "I iSlt the chIef seaport'i of Tl11key and latel ma"l call at                                   held 111h ust and under hIS management           for a term of ten
GrecIan and other Medlttelfanean         porh    '\ vesse! ot about                                   "I ear~    ~t the terml11atlOn of trust the management       may be
7,000 tons IS furnished gratIs by the Rl1'~lan Steamsh1p com-                                         cont111ued and the estate 1S to remain l11tact unless one or all
pany       It has been fitted up espeClalh     f01 this exposition.                                   of the chIldren call for a dIVISIOn
                   WEEKLY   ARTISAN            17

       6   CARS A WEEK
             is our capacity during this
                       year on


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                     Write us.

Walter Clark Veneer Co.. Grand Rapids, Mich.
 18                                                     WEEKLY              ARTISAN

        JUSTICE IN ARKANSAS CITY                                            do/en of IllS fnends \\ ho scemed to feel that then recent ex-
                                                                            pe11ence necessItated     the hbe' al use of some stlmulatn e re-
 How the Pioneer Settlers Resented Aspersions                               stolatne      TheIr mVltatlOn to those abeady m the room to
              on Their Methods.                                             ][111' them  In thc quenchmg       of thlrst was promptly accepted
                                                                            anc! olc! man (;1 eenhut        hlb1ed himself   m serv~ng them
      "Somepm'     'pealS to be \\ 10n~ \\ Ith Joe TIa""ett the"e                   H0\\ come \ au an TIImkle) met up ltke you done?" he
day', " said old man Gl eenhut, 100kmlS out thl ou~h the \\ m               a"ked 'Ir    Parkel   pleasantl}
do", of his saloon m c\lkan"as City at a ~rou]J of men on t11e                      " 'T\\ a'n t nothm' much fil ",t off," 'oa1d that \;entleman
lev ee who :oeemed to he eXCIted                                             J 11111 dn' me \I d" mto d POkC1 £;amc last Saturday an' he was
      "How do } ou mean")         asked Jake \\ 111telbottom    \\ lw       "0111C,,01 e, be111 as he lost consld'ahle    of a \Yad   'Pears like
was also lookmg- out, and seem eel mal e mtel e"ted m the                   he hac! hard teclm s f r me long 0' me wm11m' the most on it,
domg"s outside than m \\ hat old man (,reenhut         \1 a" "a\ m~         an he tells one OJ t\lO what he wouldn't          never set m agam
"I ham't seen but \I hat 1oe s dom' 'hout 1I1,.ehe al d\" doe"              II 1th me

Long's he take" hi" rum an tObdCCO lei:', lal I lec!"on t am t
                                                                                    , 1 heel'd ot It an 0 C0111 ,e 1 ast h1111when I seen him
nothm' ser ous '
                                                                            \\ holt the mea11ln \\ a" If he d ',l' sdld, gentle11lanbke, what he
      "\Vell, thel e," 1epheel the olel man as 1\\ 0 01 the men m
                                                                            Jc!t hke hI" luch \\a n t good enough, lust nachullv that'd          'a'
the g10Up drew ,\ capons "lmultaneou -h '1l1d began shoot111g               been all thel e v\ a:o to It, but he hemmed ,111' hawed a blt an'
while the othels hasttly \\ Ithdrew to a httle ehstance '\I auld            then sa, s he rec1,.oned he d1c!n't hay e to "a, why he said lt,
n't you Just nachully look f01 Joe to be II~ht 111tOthat thel e             "c 0' course the e \\ a n't but one th111g to do, more speCial as
scrap?     J don't call to l11md no sel'ous au;\ ment 11 some               111'-. tlleml"   an' nn fllends \I as both thele to see what It was
consld'able spell hut what Joe \I as on hand
                                                                            "culed 11~ht         [\I 111"a\ f 1 Hllnkle, 't he didn't shirk a fight
     "I done said man) tune 'v hat he \\ as the mo"t 1elta hIe              bnt he ,\ el e a leetle '-.10\\ 111the ellaw '
man what we cd hay e f 1 Shellff, bem' he d al a\ '" "henl up m                                      "e
                                                                                    ,\ ell 0' C(1\.11 th' 1" th111gs what no man c'n put up
ca"c of an} dl"tUI bance, e\ U1 If he cltdn t stell t It Ill" 01\ n ",ell   \\ nh      '-.dlClold man Crleenhut \\lth Judlclal £;rdvlty, "an' If
but here sa,   al'able citizen ltahle fOI to cash m "lllldcn dl1Cl
                                                                            \ uU tel! I\hat      B1111kle} \la" Cd"t111' dl"pehlO11s onto yO' play
where's  Joe")
                                                                            111!r1,I ~dme 0 pokel peal <, ltke It sho' \\ dS needful for to
     "Jim TInnkle} " do\\ n ,In' luelgln f 111 the 100L I "h d              -]j()( t but T "ec they Ie a-b1111gm of hl111111hele, an' s'long's
"ay most hkely Hank Parkel         el got h1S man     '1 hat 11 mal,."      th am t 110 (OJ onel 111tal', n T reckon J 11 ha, e to hold a in-
three 't he's killed m"'lde of a year an' a half    'Peal" lthe th1"        qne"t       Be111 as \ on done thiS ShOOt111'I'll have to ast you to
un \\ as d fair fight, an' ltkely thel e ,un t noth111 mOl e to 1x          -t,l\ t111 It" helt ,w then I'll b111d ,011 over for the Gland
said but looks ltke \\ e'd oUi:','htel ha\ e mo' peace 111tO ,I              r nl \
c'mulllty ltke this here an' J oe'd oughtel be on hand am hO\l                                                  d
                                                                                  'Thu C \I ('n t be no b111d111' one to me," saId Mr Parker
so's to make sure It's reg'ldl "
                                                                            c1efianth   not 11 the bo)'s'lI stand Ly me      I won't stand for
     "Oh, I don't kno\\,'  ",ad -:\Ir 0\\ en Peppel      Llheh              to be tIed up b\ nobod)       "
Joe's somewhere,   You can't 'xpect him to be e\er)\'Vhere   all                  HIS fnends     assUl ed hlm v oClferously  that they would
to oncet no mo' 'n you can anybody else"                                    ",tand bv him, and old man Greenhut assured h1111as soon as
      "That's Just It," said aIel man Greenhut,     \I ho \\ as tou         he could be heal d that no 111chgnlty was contemplated
much intere"ted    111hlS 0\\ n tram of thought    to 1chuke ,11                       ra111 t noth111' bnt a fOlm 0' fictIOn what the law re-
Pepper with hiS usual se\ ellt}       'You hadn't ought tOI to              ([UllC- he '-.,ud '\11 s I'll do lS to make a note what you
'xpect no man to he e\ elywhele     to oncet an' pealS hke Joe"              ~lec t01 t() appedl dtOlC the (Jland JUly \\hen yOu're wanted
tryin' to splead hlsself too much         It he \las \\hele    he d          fha"" \I hdt the la\\ "a, s t yOU must"
oughter be he wouldn't he whe1 e he 1'0 c.:.omeboeh cl ou~htu                        Oh, \I ell, It that" the la\\ an'the     am't no tYln' up to be
take Hdnk 1'01 tel 111chalge vll a'tel the 111quc"t ,m\ \\al                (11d J 111,l~l ee,lble      "alCI '[I Parl,e1 plea"antly,    and he called
     "Likely Joe'll be '1011l1d some time thh e\ enm' an' he 11             I(J1 ,lllothu       10und oj c1lmk", 111c!uchng m h1s 1l1Vltdt10n the
 tend to It," said Jim Dlal"dell     "1 seen him lldm' a, el to the         tlllnd", of \fl B1mklc,          \lho came m beanng hiS rema111S
no'th 'long about noon hut 1 1eckon he Ivd'n t sta1 tm' un 1W                       \ite1 they had all (11 nl1k to~ether amlLabh           the 111quest
Journey 'r else he'd "atel "omepm'"                                         \\ a", held ,llld '[I      1',11ku \' a" duly held all hl'" O\Yll 1eco£;-
     "Don't the \\ Iddel Hdnk" hI e U]J to the no th "ome IC"               11/'11ec         1111, bU11" deuJmph"hed      old 111all (,1 eenhut "d1d
d"heel old mdn (Jleenhut     \\ 1th (1111C\",lhp1uon                                 ) (11 lId" "pcdkm' ol d ~d111Cof (haw poker II hat yO 1 an'
     "Sure cloe"," said Sam Peal :o,dl 1\lth ,1 g 1111                      the dl"'ed",ecl \\ d" "dUI1 III ,It Ill') (11 111uch of a pl'1) e1")'
      "1 mough t 'a knowecl thel C was a woman to the bott( 1                      , I \ ollldl1 t ~( "0 fm d" to '-.d\ tlut"        "aid \11 l'a' kel
on t," sale! the old man, 'hut I done ~n e Joe lJa,sett        ClulJt        1101 'e"tll  , 'hut I C n mo"t gen ly hold mv o\~n mto d game"
f r mo' sen"e 'n to be took 111at h1" tUlle 0 lJfe ITa111 thc   t                  , Hc II come \ 011 11dlll t l1e, e1 cOll1e 'round here to play")"
,y ldder Hanks been mal11ed tvvlcet a 1eady -                               lllr"'htecl the old mall           '] he ho}" l1a~ a >;ame III the 1,lch-
      "Three times," said Sam Peal sall, 1\ ho seemed to find               100111 it e([uent '

the subject amus111g                                                                \\ ell     "a1d ,II T'alkel, "omewhat emhallassed,  "1 rec-
      "Be111' a marned man) r 0\\ n "elf     "aid old 111ap G1cen           LOll lllehhe the he"t \\a\ I c n put 1t 1" for to say what my
hut severely, "YOU'd oughter find S0111ep111bettel to do than               1, e1, ,1111 t t"tn    good \\hen I'm playm' wlth wllat v('u might
to set there g-nnn111' 'Ion£; of a fl1end 0' \ onl n bem 1n Jlcl11          c,dl e, lCIj, an they tell 1,1e \\ hat "0111e 0' ,au un:o 1" COll-
e,' the sa111C th111g If th1" hCle \\ldc1c1'~ fiat thc 'lab1t (\            '1<1,lhlc ,1,I1led
mallY111 ltke yon "ay Joe \Ion t "tand no chan",t but llL                             [   1CC \011  II h'lt \ ( u d lJettel jJnt that the L d lcetle h1t
onghter know enough not to run a tel hel             If he'd stay to        pLll11l1          "'lId I'l\c \\ llltelhottom      \\lth gleat  deltbel<ltlOn
h0111e "he'd do the ll111n111 ,lu' 'n that, Ill' \\oltldn t be hable           '"'( unc1" ,,0111eItke 1\hat, on \\ as SdY111't TInnkle) was "aym'
fer to be neglect111' hiS dnty when he's meded '                             I htl e ~ ot he1" he"le!c" } ou \\ hat won't stand f r no dlsper-
      I'w thel cOin ersatlOl1 on thiS subject wa" "usptnded    for          ",1011'-.   hem c,l"ted ol1to the11 "tylt 0' pld} "
the   1lm(' bCCdUC,Cof the cnil am e of 1VTl Parkel wltl1 llcllJ ,1                     111 ,1111'tno c,lll l I } Oil to he "0 hell 1Odl111hd"ty, J ak(',"
                                                               WEEKLY          ARTISAN                                                                                  19
                                    BROTHERS CO.                                I
                                                                                                  DETROIT,                 MICH.
                                    FT. WAYNE, IND.                             I, HOTEL NORMANDIE
                                                                                I                      CONGRESS STREET
                                                                                I                         Near Woodward Avenue

                                                                                                                             Amencan Plan, $2 50 per
                                                                                                                                 Day and upwards,
                                                                                                                             European Plan, $ J 00 per
                                                                                                                                 Day and upwards,
                                                                                                                             Hot and Cold Runmng Water
                                                                                I                                                   m all Rooms,
                                                                                I                                              Rooms WIthBath extra.

 I    l APJD

                  QUARTERED OAK {
               rAN D MAHOGANY

                                                                                                                             A High Grade Cafe.
                                                                                                                             Restaurant   and Buffet

                                                                                                                               GEORGE FULWELL,
                                                                                                                                                       In   connecbon
                                                                               ..._---._.    --_. _---
                                                                                               .              -.. .
  e,ald ]un DlalsdelI 111 a concIlIatory      tone    "'Tam't    lIkely the    he vvas Vvaltlllg hIS tllne WIth the full expectatJOn                        of gettl11g
 gent has no such meamn' as you're tabn'                He done shovvcd        square w1th somebody
 d few mmucb        ago vvhat he'd I uther fight nor take a msult,                    Then IS seemed as If the tllne had come              Thel e was a
 an' bem' as he\ wllIm' to fight he'd speak plaIn enough If he                  Jackpot, and he sat to the left of Pearsall who dealt and who
 had th' Idee 0' gn mg any of VI e uns a msult                                  vvas not credIted vvIth any speCIal skIll 111 dealIng
       "1 take It," contmued        Blal"delI     "what he's afedr'd 0'               Ha\ IIlg the first say, l\1r Pa1ker passed WIthout looklllg
 pldyllU( wIth them ~lVhat ondel stan de, the game
                                                                                elt hI" cal d"      The othel s ulldel e,tood hI::' motlye of course,
       "You needr.'t to take It what I'm afear d 0' nothm',"                    dnd knew a::, well as he dlCI that he would I eap no advan-
 e:Acldlmed J\Ir J'alkel      dngnl}
                                                                                telge unless he happened        to have a stroni!,' hand
       ,. fhen th' aIn't Ilothm' to ptl\ellt       you 1111'0 f m helVln' a
                                                                                     \\ IIltel bottom,   who had the next '3eat, opened the pot
 ~d1llC lIght no\\, If all} on } e " cb"posed to 'pla},' "dld the old          fOl the Sl/l of It, vvl1lch was $6            Bates pds"ed, BlaIsdell
 mall Greenhut       gcttlng out the card" alld clupe, wIth great              stayed, ILatha\\ ay rahed It $0 and Pear"all dropped bringlllg
                                                                               It up to Pdrker, who then lIfted hIS hand and looked at it
       "I ham't e,ald nothm' dbout pld} m 'now," saId \11 Pal-
                                                                                     They could not tell anythlllg        by hIS exprC::,SlOn, but he
 ker, "an' I am't one to be devIled into dom' nothm 't I don't
                                                                               counted out $18 III clup'3 and shoved them forvvard, maklllg a
 want to do"
                                                                               second raISe so that the ll1dlcations         VI, as  clear that he had
      "That's  right," "aId BlaIsdell  "If the gent IS afear'd to              struck luck or was blufflni!,' strongly
play th' ain't no use 0' tIym' to make hun Gleenhut"
                                                                                     vYll1terbottoll1   heSItated    a moment       but traIled     Then
      But Mr Pal kel declared agam wIth profane emphasis                       BlaIsdell, who had nothll1g, but who saw that he might be
that he wa" afraId of nothmg dncI nobody, and to prove it                       useful to \iVll1tel bottom,       put up hIS money            Hathaway
\vhen he saw \\Tmterbottom       and Pearsall  slllllm~ contempt-              raised It $25
uou'ily he followed the party mto the hack room and bought.                         Parker \1' dS "tIll Immo\ ed and he pushed hIS whole stack
                                                                               fon, ard makll1Q, a ral "e of $10 Cll $12, and of course con-
     Bas"ett bemg ab"ent only thlee of the home partv sat at                  cIudmg ll1S pal t m the bettll1Q,'           \V111terbottom,    who had
the table, but Palkel  dnd a fnend of hI" lumed Bate" took                    heen a W111nel up to that tune, put up enough to see the
the fOUlth and fifth "edh and one Hathavv a}, \\ ho had been                  double ral"e but IVent no fl1l thel aile! Dlal::,dell dropped
of the IIImkley pal ty oUhlde took the e,IAth                                       Then ITathaIVay, "eell1g that hIe, enemv's pIle wa::, all 111,
       '1 d kmcl 0' lIke to take It outen Hank Palku     "ol1le\\ay           looked 0\ el at \1 I11terbottom's         Seel11~ a ~oodly numbel of
]'1 \Ilut he clone to Dnnk Ju"t novv,' he "aId III a e,tage Wll1"-            chip,; there he looked a £;alll , thl'3 tIme at 1\ I11telbottom's
pel to alloth(l Illdn \dw "talted to ICIlIUIl'itJate WIth hl111               face    C:;ol11ethm~ that he ::,aw there gel\ e lum pell1se, and aftel
      \1eantlmc, It I" lHopu to c:Aplam the 'cmam" oj the LIte                "tudy Ill£.;el bIt he thl ew dO\iVnhIS Cdl ds
III Bnnkle) hMI bcen tdken .1\\ e1\ h) the locdl undeItakel                         On thc dldW both men "tood l1c1t, and Pdl kel '-howecl
        The game \Va" al1<l1?ged de, table e,tdkee, and each man              dOli 11 el <iUlen iull II Ith a confident   elll \vTlIlterbottom,  how
                                                                              l\ el, shook lu" head
 toot $'10 m chIps de, a 'ital tel       There \1 3e, no gl edt Che,POSltlOll
 ::,ho" n to make It a con \ el e,atlOnal gan1 e, but on the conb ary                "'Ta111t no good," he "alel bnefl) , and "howed                  fom
 each of the pIa} els seemed deeply Intent on the stuel, of hIS -.eY1l1S
calde,       There \'Vas m LIlt a genelal ul1preS"lOn In the com-                   1\11 I'a1kel::, face d1d 110t change, but he lO:-.e flOm the
mt1111ty that "Ir Dnnldey \\ ould ha' e been Ju"tlfied m speak-               tdble
mg e\ en more plaml} than he clId to J\II Parker, and the                           "I reckon I hal11't no call to pIa) pokel 111tOthIS C1owd,"
home part) pIa} eel cautloue,lj at fil ::,t, bemg anXIous to knovv            he "aId and started to lea\ e the room
1f he hael anv "peclaltles          m hIS gdl11e
                                                                                    "Hold on there I" ::,ald \v lIlterbottom            "Be111' as you're
        \' one appeared for a tIme        Oil the contrary J   J\Ir Heltlu    "0 p tIc'lar    about what''3 "aId 0' yom game I'll Just trouble
way, \\ho had 110 great leputdtloll           ae, e' player and wa" un-       ) 011 TO "ay that    e,Ollle plal11el, "ame's you done to Brinkley"
\Van enou~h to h~iIay hIS pel'-onal enmltl hy hI" mdnnel,                           "\0 offence," said l'cl1l\er unglacJOusly,           "I a111t lookmg
"Ull cedecl III gettlllg    thl ee gO( d SIzed pots from \Ir l\l1ker
                                                                              t'r 110mo' Shootlll '3crapes, not to-day           T don't mean noth111' "
1Il"lde of half an hour and openly exulted in hIS sucu"s
                                                                                    "1\ ell," Sdlel old man (JI eenhut a" he left the room, "belll ,
       \ r r Pal kel, ho\\ elt I, pIa} ed on Impel tUI Lably, and even dS hI::' comb" clone been cut lIke It has I reckon Hank Parker
II h Cll he had 10"t Ill" fi 1 -. t "tack and had bou!?,h t another he        won't "hoot IHJ 1110' ntl/ens         f'l ::,Ol11etlll1e 'Pears lIke he',>
~holl cd no \ eX,ltH)Il Hath('l It 1111/<ht dve been suppo::,ed that          clone clIoppcc1 hIs telll"
20                                                     WEEKLY             ARTISAN

,             -         _. , ._---         - - - -- - - - - ----                    .. - ---- ---------
                                                                          --_._------------------       ---_ ....

                                                                                                      CHAIR                          CO.
                                                                                                                  DELAWARE      OHIO.

                                                                                                                   1  DOUBLE CANE
                                                                                                                    ~ LEATHER
                                                                                                          of       J MISSION
                                                                                                      CHAIRS, ROCKERS           and      SETTEES

                                                                                                      CATALOCUE        TO THE   TRADE         ONLY.

~-------------------          ---------_.                          ------                _.   --   ----_._.---_._------------------'
                                                                                                                       .._--    __   a   ••   __   -   ._   ~

lRAILROADS PLEAD --NOT GUILTY"                                            tell "peclmen mcreases smce 1897, 111 the prices of things the
                                                                          companle"    h<l\ e to buy, are as follows     Lead pipe, 55 per
Declare That They Suffer From High Prices                                 cent y cllm, pIDe, 85 per cent; hemlock, 102 per cent, window
       While Freight Rates Are Lower.                                     g-lass, 27 pel cent, cut natls, 62 per cent; common locks, 140
                                                                          PCI cent steel door knobs, bronze plated, 171 per cent     These
      j\s a refutatIOn of tbe cbal g e madc b, f!w111as \ \ La II         <lie onh a fell e'\.dmples Illustlatne of the general movement."
"on and otbels that the lal1lOacb ale lalgel)        lC~POI1~lhlc 101
the hIgh prices of pro' 1"1011.0 and othu commmhtle~        I epl e~Ul-
tatn e~ of a numbel of ea"tel n roach ha' c I~"ued the 10110\\ 1I1g
                                                                               Selling Timber From Government Lands.
statement·                                                                         \ statement    J11~t rece1\ ed from the forest servIce office
      "At a time when dctlve effOlt;;, ale be1l1g made to fi'\. thc       at l'Ottland,      Ole, "ho\\s that the timber sdlc busmess             on
le;;,pon~lbi1lty for hlghel prices, It should bc mdde plal11 thdt         na tlOt1<\1fOt e~ts m the PaCIfic n01 thwest IS mcreasing             very
the ral1road" ha' e not 111 any v'dy been re"pon~lblc tOl the 111-        1 clj)ldh      Thh 1I1Uea"e IS regarded        as an mdex of the re-
crea"e m the co~t of In mg         The) ha' e been the 'Ictlm~ ()!        11\ al of h11"mes:o m the lumber mdustry generally and shows
lugh prices wIthout benefit1l1g flam thcm at all                          cd -0 thc g 1m, mg use of )J a tlOnal Forest           resources   by the
      "ThIs statement    IS not one 01 opmlOn-lt      hone     01 ldCt    pubhc
supported by the officIal figures of the llllted     States Gm crn-              The contrast      betvI een the amount and value of timber
ment      If beef, or pork, or flour. or an) othel commodlt'              ~uld dlllm~ the last SIX months of 1909 and that sold during
costs more now than It cost 10 year:o ago not e, en thc tl ac-            thc COlIe'ipond111g period m 1908 IS very marked                 The fig-
tion of a cent of the mcrease can be charged to tl an:opOI tatlUn         llle, dlC tOI mo:ot of the natIOnal f01(sts in Oregon and Wash-
      "The figures gathered by the Interstate      Commel ce Com          1I1gton, and they ;;,hovv timber sales of over 52 million feet,
mission     show that the level of freIght rates has dec1med              lor nearly $114,000, dUring the last six months of 1909. This
steadtly     In 1897 It cost less than four-fifths of a cent to shIp      compare;;, vvlth sales of dbout 17 ml11l0n feet, for a total of
a ton of freight one mtle, 11 years later, in 1908, the ton-ml1e          $27000, dUring the same period in 1908
rate was still lower, bemg about three-quarter~        01 a cent                  The local officers of the department            al e very m~lch
      "Bradstreet's   index numbers     for 96 commodltle"        ~hm,    plea"ed \\Ith the fact that the demand for national                 fore~t
that the increase in the prices of these commodIties,           on the    tlm bel IS mu ca 'illlg so deCIdedly            The prospects     for the
average, from Jan 1,1890 to Jan 1,1909, \\a:o 21-1- per cent              comlllg SIX months are I egarded as promising even better than
If freight rates had mcreased dUring the same pCrlod at thh               "hat has becn I ealtzed III the period just past It is claimed
ratio, the gloss freight receIpts fOl the yeal endcd T11I1C         30    that thl~ lllcrccblllg Umber sale busllless opens the way to
1908, would havc been $243,536,407 gl eatcI thdl1 thc) <lct11dlh          maEa£;cment of the natIOnal fOI ests along the best ltnes, by
were                                                                      pel1111ttlllf; the I emm al of ovcl-matured         and decadent ttmber
                                                                          1\ lllc h ha ~ pI dctlCdll I comc   to a stand stIll m p01nt of growth,
      "Tbl" sum leple;;,en1">, thcn, ,\11dt II a" ~alul to thc ]ll1hhL
in tran"portation COSls by leason of the pllCC ut tldn"pOltdtlun          dnd dllo\\ lll~ replacement        of these ttces WIth a fully "tocked
not ad, ancmg along \\ Ith othu pIlLe"                                    ~ldll(l uj lclJlHlh ~10"lllg young trees
      "WhIle rates have dec1med, the pllCC ol elel}tlun~       tlldl
a ratlroad b11yS has advanced, so that the net c<lIlllng~ al e C11t                  Grand Rapids Furniture Leather.
into from both ends          PeriodIcal  advance~ 111 I' age, hd I C            Ddhm &.. Klelcr, tanners of Grand RapIds, who added a
brought about a large mcrease in the cost ot lahOl        The total       ltll111tUI e leathel department    last fall have made a pleasing
cost of fuel for the country's ratlroads was 208 pel cent gTeatel         ~ucce~:o of the ,cnture        They dress goat and sheep skins
in 1907 than m 1897, though freight traffic 111CI   ea~ed onh 1-1-8       col0t111g them a" de"11 ed by upholsterers      who apprecIate the
per cent, and passenger     traffic only 126 pel cent                     dClvantdgc of be1l1g db Ie to obtain the supply of leather at
     "RaIlroads  are heavy purchasers    of e, er) th111g on the          home       C:;ofal the film have had no dIfficulty 1ll dIsposing of
market, from steel to butter, and no corporatIOn or mdlvldual             theIr output, the qualtty of whIch IS equal, If not better, than
is more affected by a rise m price than a I allroad company    A          that of leather ordered from eastern tanners at SImilar prices
                                                                              WEEKLY          ARTISAN                                                         21

     RETAIL FURNITURE                                                                                     ADVERTISING
                                                                             Conducted by H. H. STALKER.
     Dealers Are Urged to Send in Samples of Their Advertisements and to Offer Any Suggestions
            and Helps Which They Believe Will Be of Benefit to Others. This Department
                      Aims to Be of Practical Sel"vice. Help Us to Make It So.

       How al e the ads pullmg?                                                               clearly and use lIberally of white space. Get COpy in early,
       Got started on that booklet yet?                                                       have the newspaper submIt proof. Then go over it carefully
      Those new cuts are an improvement, aren't they?                                         Improving the appearance in every way possible. This will give
      Don't you find that folks pay more attention to your                                    your sale a tremendous impetus right from the start, a good
 wmdow displays, since you began to give them more atten-                                     start is half of any race    Back this ad up with the goods,
                                                                                              cauttous treatment, tactful suggestions and lively interest-
      Have you rearranged your floor dIsplays lately?                                         Ing smaller ads as the sale progresses, and you'll vote the
      Kmd 0' freshel1'3 up a store to change the furniture                             oc-    Lhmg a big succes::, when its all over.
 casional1y. Try it
                                                                                                     A very successful plan follO\,\ed by many furmture men
      Herewith IS :-,hown one of the best "general publicIty"
                                                                                               and one not by any means new, IS that of watching the papers
 "ads" of "mall S17e that I have seen in a good whIle The
                                                                                               for birth, marnage and new arnval announcements.
 heading IS bold and attractive and at once catches the home
                                                                                                     For each class a form letter IS prepared.
 mterest    "Your home" are two magIc words to most folks,
                                                                                                     For 1I1stance when a marriage lIcense is announced, a
 for nearly everybody IS mterested m a home. While this ad
                                                                                               courteous and cordIal letter IS sent to the pair, inviting them
 IS good, It might have been strengthened by a specific sug-
                                                                                               to the store and mentlOning a few items calculated to inter-
 gestlOn or two together wIth pnce.
                  ~&6e   30                                                                         The letter to new atrivals m town deals with the matter
                                                                                               from the standpoint of the needs hkely to arise-furniture
                                                                                              broken or marred in being shipped and of pieces needed to
                                                                                               properly fill out the new home.
                                                                                                    BIrth records are filed and at the right time a letter is

                                                                                              sent call1l1g attentlOn to cribs and baby carriages.
                                                                                                    These things take time and attentlOn, but I have yet to find
                                                                                              the dealer who dlscontmued the practIce after once begin-
                                                                                              n1l1g it
                                                                                                    A very common practice in department stores and in-
                         Should be the brightest n cst! omehke home you                       deed in many others is that of advertising a special or leader
                         k 0 v of I'llU    Have      bought anythmg new
                         to br gh en It up?             your home IS 1I1 a                    which is sold at little or no profit and is designed primarily
                         rut-needs a fe v bnghteners to make It more
                         COs)    .and cornior    able                                         to get people into the store. I believe this could be worked
                             The Heyman Store lS full of sugge"tJans for
                         makmg 1t a more attractn e horn", Fifty years                        out better in the furniture business and more often than it is.
                         expenence tn n akmg nevI- homes and bnghten
                         mg up old homes make<; )t tl e logIcal store to                      For instance, get a quantity of some reasonable priced novel-
                         go to
                                                                                              ty and advertise it for a certain day, arrange them in a part
                                EverytIung      for the home
                                                                                             of your store that will allow of grouping other attractive
                                                                                             articles near by. Suppose you have a kitchen cabinet near at
                                                                                             hand or a davenport bed, or any special or advertised article
                                                                                             WIth good selling joints easily and quiCkly made. Have all
                         "EYMAN                         COMPANY                              these things conspiciously displayed and your salesmen
                                          4761 CANAL STR~fT

                                                                                             dnl1ed. Then when the people come in for the cheap special,
                                                                                             it will require no great amount of tact to interest them in the
      A good many furniture houses. are planning on a Febru-                                 other things     By laying your plans carefully splendid results
ary Clearance Sale. Suppose you try a full page "ad" as a                                    will follow. Start looking up some good leaders. Get the
starter.   Have a special headmg made, or select one from                                    people in your store       Then make your talk so convmcing
the bulletins of stock cuts whIch reach you from time to                                     that they'll save some of their money          When a salesman
time. Then write the strongest, most convincing and in-                                      persuades a ~ oman to mvest in worthless thmgs he hasn't
teresting opening paragraph you can flame, and follow with                                   much to be proud of But in persuading her to invest m
good cuts, brief descripttons and bold pllces of say, ten or                                 furniture you are doing her a service       This thought should
fifteen bargams   Arrange these so that each WIll stand out                                  add strength to your sales talk

             Coroners May HSit on Fires.                       H
                                                                                             to be and the coroner, shenff or deputy sheriff is requested in
     Attorney-General    O'Malley of New York has advised                                    wntmg by the presIdent, secretary or agent of any msurance
the superintendent of insurance of that state that the laws                                  company or by two or more reputable freeholders to investi-
enacted in 1909 give authonty to a coroner, sheriff or deputy                                gate the truth of such belief    The state furnishes an ex-
sheriff to summon a JUIy whenever It is made to appear by the                                peditious method of making inqUIry into facts and circum-
affidavit of a credltble witness that there IS glound to believe                             stances relatmg to a fire beheved to be of an incendiary
that any bUlldmg has been mahclOusly set on fire or attempted                                origin.
22                                                      WEEKLY              ARTISAN

----_...,~------ .. .- -------------------.....-----------
                                                                            -------------------------------------------~_                         ......
      Lentz Big Six

 I             No. 694. 48 in. top.
 I             No. 687. 60 in. top.
 I              Others 54 m. top.
        8 Foot         Duosty/es
 I                                                                                                                                                    I
  ,                                                                                                                                                   ,I
                   ANY FINISH                                                                                                                          I

I     Lentz Table Co.
            NASHVILLE,     MI.cHIGAftv                                                                                                                II
'-----_. .. - -----------------------------------------------------                                                    ------~                         I

Items From the Michigan Artisan, Sept., 1880.                                'II Ul1on, PULblo, '\ D Mal,11 of C UOpCIS\ llle; J B Eastmgs
      Mr Phelps of Phelp-, &- Brad<.,ilLet. \Il11neapoh.., )<.,pL,C         nt La Gl ang e 0 and r A Eckelsfels of Flfe Lake are m the
mg orders \\Ith our manutaLtl1leI'o                                         un        1)11\me, fur11ltUl e for stocks
      E G Pdrtndg-e, a ,ett>lan dealel at ]amL"tU\\n           " \     1"           (,eOlge r \\ eeb of Baldwm & \'Veeks, Akron, 0, partl-
laymg m hI." first stock of Grand Rapids tm nltUI e                         upated ll1 the late tnennlal        conLla, e of the Klllghts Templdr.
      Several carloads of furmture     \\ 111be 'oll1pped to 101edo         )n U11cagu ,mu then came to Grand Rapld<; to purchase goode;
,n the near future, a:o the 1esult of the, hIt ot B \Iel1ll1t~                     John Rett111g of Rettmg & Son, who sell large quantItIes
      C M. Plum of San f'ranCl"co        \\ ho e;c11~the plOcluCh at        ell turn ltUl e 111the Creen       Mountam     state ,at the Clty called
the Berkey & Ga} and the Phoem'( rurl1ltm e Lompan\ b cl                     I\ldttleboro     h 111 the malket      Mr Rettmg 13 paY1l1g hIS first
1ecent arnval                                                               \ l~Jt to G' ,111dRapids but has found <;0 many artIcles smtahle
      Weaver     & Son have opened a "taLk of (;1 and RapId"                I II 11h t1,U!c that he I" purchas1l1g- hberally
furmture     ln LockpOJ t, ~ Y      Thc firm came hel e dnd pm-
cha<.,ed the same
                                                                                                Lesson From a Fire.
      J M :V[eneffe of ~Ie,(lco, \10. \\ ho 1" 111Granel RapJd..,
for the first tIme, has ~n en hI" a ppi 0\ al tu the "'La~un " "t\ It"             [he \ rll1ker", ~ Y. Herald,   commentmg    on the            file
and workmanship.                                                            \ ha 1 Lan "'ed a loss of SSO,OOO m th3.t Clty on February              3,
      F Stukenborg     of C111unnatJ \iJ I"ee\ llle nl I"lt'\ 111e &-
                                                                                   fhe   fil e m a e;t01e loom of the Smlth Cal pet company
"\Vapplee;. Kansas CIty and !\ D Seaman of Seamdn & Co ,
::YIllwaukee, are bu} 111g hberalh                                          p   0\ t-,uJl1cln"n el) that there ale fir~ proof bulldmgs, wlllch
                                                                            11cl11} ha, e doubted        And It serves to plOve hkewlse that
      John L "\Vm:oton ,\ho ha.., lecenth       engagecl 111the sale
                                                                           mal1\ fire plOof bUJldmgs may be deCIdedly dangerous             unless
of fmnlttlre    111Lynchburg-.  Va, "talted fJ~ht 1)\ pm Lba"llU?
I11s Imtlal stock m Gland RapJCls                                          pl l)pel h \ entJlated
      ~Ir Cooper of Cooper & Hammond.             \\ ho e;ell tm mturc             [he le""on of that fil e <;hows moreover that the need of
 to the prospeiOUS farmel e; of 10\\ a fI om then lar~c stOl e J1,
                                                                           dl! ect wnnectlon       between aU the cIty's large bmldings        and
OUunnva, IS here       The "t}les ha\e \\on hIe; adl1111atJon and          hI e heaclqudl tel:-, IS hke\\ lse a necessIty      But as to the fire
he wl11 purchase     Grand Rapid" furllltUIL laigeh          hCle3.1tel    plCJot b11l1dl11g" It 1:0 \'Yell known that conllete           Wlll not
                                                                           hUII1 Dut l! on and :o.teel girders wl11 yield under a suffiClent
       ~1r One;on, the hghtJ1Jng-hke bu\ CI tor tht ~1edt hou"e
                                                                           de~l ee nf hedt       Concrete walls wlll stand, of course, but they
of Abernathey,       Xorth & OJJson         Kan"a"    Clh    h \\ alk1l1g
                                                                           ha, e not succeeded         m perfectJng   concrete    gl! ders yet, to
through the warelOoms and keepmg the salesmen Jumpmf; 111
                                                                           st3.Dd the stram
theIr efforts to note hI." ordel s a" fast as he calls out hlS
                                                                                  The fire m a very shOl t tIme destroyed         many thousand
                                                                           dollal S \\ 01 th of <;tock, but had the hUJlding been more or
       The veteran Colonel c\bernathe\       of Lea\ e11\, 01th, Kan"a,.,  le<.,e;mftamll1ahlc constl uctIOn the loss Vv ould have undoubt-
\'\ ho bu} S hlS <;tock fOI the 10\\ est pllce:o conceele,l to an} man     edh I eachul the hundl eds of thousands
in the vvorId, IS placin~ heavv orcIels            FJHeen cadoads       of
chaIrs IS a smgle ordel placed V\ ith the Grand RaplcIs Chall
company       The colonel injects actlvltv mto the malket when-                                  Handled by One Firm.
evel he comes here                                                                 ~ con cspondent     of the MichIgan Artisan at Baltimore,
      Mr Avery of Comstock & A.vel) PeoJJa, III . :;\11 Ell                 \\ JJtmg unclel elate of August 10, 1880 gave the following in-
cIreth of Holton & Hildreth,     Chicago,     Loui,., OttenacI of St        iOlmiltJon m legal d to the sale of Grand Rapids ftllniture      in
Louis, A Bamhelger        of Chicago,   MI Johnson        of Jackson-       that cIty
Ville, Ill. \"\ H Clal k of Decatul,    M1Ch , E C Ransom of                       , KhppCl, \Vebster & Co are 1ecen mg larg e quantities of
GJIbelt, Ransom & Knapp Jacke;on. ~[lch , Chdlle" Jackson                   furlllture from the factones of Grand Rapids     This lS the only
of Corunna, :lVflCh,]\,Ir KreIsel at /\.It:-,t111 1 exas, :'vIr South-      firm that handles Grand Rapids furl1Jture 111 tl11s Clty and their
ard of Southard   & Pratt, Toledo,     MI. Morton of Perk1l1s &             business lS large and profitable."
                                                      WEEKLY            ARTISAN                                                                23

               Brisk Demand for Carpets.                                vailing    Alexander    Smith & Sons Carpet company         report
     All repolh     from the east agree that the cunent      featme     duphcate    spnng    busll1ess exceptlOnally  hea\ y    The most
m the cal pet and rug market I" the 1mprO\ ement m demand               notICeable 1J11pJOvement is on three-quarters      ~oods, such as
for three-qualtel"      gOOl]-., It \va" ])('lle\ ul that the earl)     tape"tnes,   Wilton" and axmmsters
hea\ y sales of rugs \\ auld rest! Ict demand for carpet..,       On          The carpet sale::, smce the season opened ha \ ~ ')hown a
the cont!al},      a steady ImpIO\ ement I" shown         DuplIcate     mal ked lJ1crea"e 0\ er la')t yeal. and \\ Ith duphcate     order,
orders dre comlJ1g steadIly Jl1 spite of pnce advance~ on pnn-          "tl1l c0111mg the I e')ults for the season WIll, It I" expected,
cipal hnes                                                              break recolds fOI four or five sea:oons
     Selhng agents expres::, much ::,aU"factlOn ov er the bu"i-
ness lJ1crease, and are SUIpnsec1 at the early heavy c1uphcate                     An Important Infringement                  Case.
orders    IVlthdlawals   of both carpet and lug lme') ha\ e been
                                                                               The Seeger Refngerator         company       has started    SUIt m
numelOUS       In some quarters   t\\o-thuds    of the hnes "ho\\n      the federal court at St Paul, "0.1mn, agamst the vv hlte Enamel
at the openmg have been wIthdrawn,           and mother    quartel,)
                                                                        Refngerat01     company     askll1g damages        for mfnngement       on
full} one-half    PromlJ1ent sellmg a~ent::, state that the wIth-
                                                                        patent nghts. etc       The complamant-.         a::,k that a permanent
drawal" ale posltl\ e II hen Ii I" crmsHlerec1 that pnces hay e
                                                                        111J unctlOn be Is..,ued forbldd111g the IVhlte Enamel Refnger-
been advanced two or tllJ ee tIme') "mce the opeDln~ uf the
                                                                        dtl r company to manufactu1 e refngeratol            ~ made accord111g to
season, the fact that these lme.., hay e been sold up "how:o that
                                                                        the L\me~ patent, that an account111g be I eqmred ::,how111g
trade has been exceptIOnally     good
                                                                        what profit.., the company has made from the manufacture
      Demand from the 1\ est has been unu"ually            heavy and    and sale of these refngerators,          and that Judgement        in that
busme')s m that ::,ectlOn seem" to be e'(cellent           The south    amuunt be rendered        111 favor of the Seeger company.             The
has also taken large quantities,        and duphcate     orders from    court granted     a temporary      restra1l11l1g order and WIll take
that qualter are heavy        At present there is a strong demand       lesilmony on the ments of the case at a heanng on a motion
from the south for three-quarters        carpets of vanous descnp-      £01 dlSsolutlOn of the wnt
tions    Tapestnes    and wlltons have been favored, and buyels                The proceed1l1gs are based on the allegation              that the
have expressed     ch..,appolJ1tment at the \\lthdrawal     of certam   Ames patent, under whIch the liVhlte Enamel company have
of the most popular patterns        m these      Cel tam 111111swhICh   heen manufactunng        and sell1l1g refngerators        for about eight
have not made pnce advances as } et are expected to do so               } ears, IS an 1l1fl1l1gement on the Quinn patent. owned by the
soon as they are repOl ted to be heaVIly sold up, dnd theIr             Seeger conlpany.       The complainants       estimate that under the
raw matellal to be practically      exhau~ted                           ~\mes patent the vVhlte Enamel company have manufactured
     Supphes of new carpet \v ool Will cost from 3 to 4 cents           and sold 15,000 raIlroad car refrigerators          at a profit of $40 on
per pound more than last year, and It IS hardly pos"lble that           each car, and 75,000 household           refngerators,      at a profit of
these mIlls can tU1"n out ham new wools at pnces now pre-               $15 on each, mak1l1g a total profit of $1,715,000

                                       Are very popular with the Furniture Trade.

         $2~                                                                                                              $2~
           Each                                                                                                            Each
            Net                                                                                                              Net

                                             No. 46, Single Cone, $2 Each, Net.

                  We manufacture a full line of Single and Double Cane All Wire Springs.
                                                SEND       US    YOUR        ORDERS.

   SMITH &. DAVIS MFG. CO., St. Louis
                          MISCELLANEOUS NOTES AND NEWS
      C H Bauer, "old his furmtu1 e store at Bethany, :'10, to                                    ton, ~ C, \\ h1ch recently \\ ent into the hands of R. F. Dal-
E. W Prentiss                                                                                     ton as 1ecen er m bankruptcy        are scheduled at a little more
      P H Schwek, furniture         dealer of Tama, Iowa, has sold                                than $100,000, assets, $85,000
out to Cochrane         & Plumb.                                                                        C R Van Marter, H M Maus and W, H. Poulson have
      E 1'\ Schlager,     furmture    dealer ha" mo\ ed from Ro::,-                               orgd111zed the Kmgman Undertaklllg          company, capitalized       at
alia to VVenatchee, \Vash                                                                         $15.000, to take 0\ er the business heretofore conducted by Mr.
      Roberts & Son, undertake1 s of Sterlmg, .l\ ebr , ha\e sold                                 ,-an :'Iartel at Klllgman, Ariz
their busmess to Zink Bros                                                                              :'Ia1 qual dt & Zarbel, furniture    dealers and undertakers
      Sweet & BIggs of Grand RapId..., hay e moved theIr up-                                      of Oshkosh,       \Y1o" hay e dlsolYed partnership.         Mr. Zarbe!
holster)   plant to Allegan, :'hch                                                                1 etmng       R E :i\1arquardt will continue the business under
      The Johnson Furmture         and Hardy\ are company of Flu-                                 the name of il1arquardt        & Co
vanna, Tex, has been chssoh ed.                                                                         The plant ot the ~cme :l\1anufacturing        company of Pitts-
      Henry Kahn succeeds the ZImmerman               & G1ay Fur11lture                           burg Pa, recently burned, is bemg rebuilt.            Heretofore    they
company, dealers at Racine, vVis.                                                                 hay e manufactUl ed \\ ooden specialties, but will put in suitable
      Wtlham     \VIlltams has purchased      the furniture     business                          machmery       and may give more attention        to furniture    in the
of Alfred Johnson at Deerfield, W 1S                                                              future
      B. Gold, furn1ture dealeI of Vi. elch, \V ,-a, \\ 111open a                                       Offic1als of the Gold Medal Camp Furniture           cbmpany of
branch store at Red Gramte, same state                                                            Racme, \\ IS . a1 e repOl ted as saying that the mam reason for
      The Pnor rurmture        company, dealers of Dem e1, Colo,                                  the recent mcrease m then capital stock from $60,000 to
ha" been inc01 po rated       CapItal stock, $5,000                                               S300,000 IS then mtent10n to establIsh a factory in Ontario,
      O. E Perry, fm11lture deale 1 of Alban}. Ore, h 1eported                                    and thus "get 0"\ er or under" the Canadian tariff wall
as closing out hIS stock, \\ 1th the mtent10n of engagll1g 111                                          The Bass Brothers company, department            dealeis of Grif-
the busmes" 111some othe1 to\\ n m that state                                                     tm Ga, held the1r annual meeting on "groundhog"               day, made
      The Harry II Sm1th, company furmture dealer., ot Lh na                                      all "tockholders     dIerctors and declared a div1dend of 100 per
Ohio, have mcorporated           Cap1tal stock, 5;50,000                                          cent on the pa~t ) ear's bu..,mess      The stock is owned by H.
      G \V. and G E Meyers of Cheshire, Conn, hay e been                                           H Bass, J L Bass, B H Moore, B C. Randall, W. T Scott
granted a patent on a "combmat1On article of fm mtm e '                                            and il1lSS Kate Camp, J R Thaxton is manager of the furni-
      Ha"eltme    & Gordon hay e purchased         the e,ce1s10l manu-                            ture department
factunng     plant of Charles S ~ esm1th at :'lcrnmack.            '\ H
      W H Peden of Fredencksburg,              \- a, b rebl\1ld111g hI"                                        Firm Dissolved-Name               Retained.
excelsior works that were recently totally destroyed             by fire                                The firm of McManus Bros , of Eltzabeth,      N. J , was dis-
      The \V1lham Abel & Sons compan),                deale1 s m house-                           "nh ed b} mutual consent on February      10 Walter McManus
 furmsh111gs, of Cle\ eland, O. hay e mcorporated                Cap1tal                          buy mg h1s brother's interests and contmuing      the business un-
stock, $25,000                                                                                    der the same firm name (McManus           B10s)       The workmg
     Gomp1echt    & Benesch,      furmture   deale1" ot Dd1t1l1l0re,                              capItal of the busmess rema1l1S intact and the management
Md, have purchased       the stock of then compet1to1 s J uhus                                    the same as 1t has been for several years past.       The bus111ess
H111es & Sons                                                                                     \\ as e"tabltshed  by \JYalter McManus and John J. O'Ne111 in
     The Athens (Ga) Mattless and Bed Sp1mg compam are                                            1882 as :'IC}1anus & O'Neill, in 1885 Joseph McManus           was
conside1 ing inducements    offe1 ed for the remo\ al of then plant                               admItted     as a partner   and John J O'Neill      retiring.  The
to Cordele, Ga                                                                                    stores are well appointed      and very spacious,    and command
     S. W. Dobson succeeds the Burnham FurmtUl e com pan} ,                                       a good suburban      trade as well as quite some following on
dealers at BIsbee, A1 i7 He owns the buildmg m \\ h1ch the                                        Staten Island, New York.
store is located.
     The K1el Furmture     company is bUlldmg t\\O add1t1Ons to                                        Marquetry  was used unsucceessfully      as an ornament for
the plant, in 111h\ aukee-a    bOIler 100m and a storage house,                                   furmture by the manufacturers      of Grand Rapids thirty years
each to cost $10,000                                                                              ago. It d1d not please the buyers.    Carvings in plenty were in
     The liab1hties of the Eagle Furniture  compan) of Lexmg-                                     demand 111that year.

....... .. ............               _a_                             __ ..                  ..    __   •••   Fa   ••••••••      ........ __                          _._..,

                              Pitcairn Varnish Company
                                                                                                  Manufacturers of

              Reliable Varnishes of Uniform Quality
                                                                              Our Motto:
                                                                   "NOT HOW CHEAP-BUT HOW GOOD"

     C. B. Quigley, Manager Manufacturing Trades Dep't.                                                        Factories:     Milwaukee, Wis.; Newark, N. J.
Ira. • • ••   -   ••••     • ••   -   ----_.   _.---~----------.-------------_._---------_                                                                                 ....
                                                             WEEKLY            ARTISAN
        DEATH OF DAVID W. KENDALL                                      John T Strahan,        supenntendent     of the Phoenix       Furniture
                                                                       company,     who engaged 111m to come to Grand RapIds, and
 Another Prominent Grand Rapids Furniture Man- enter the employ of the company a'i an aSsIstant de;,igner
        ufacturer Answers a Sudden Summons.                            HIS 1 eSIdence 111Grand RapIds dated back to 1879 and wIth
                                                                       the exceptIOn of two years ;,pent wIth Carlton L Beardslay
       Da'Id II     Kendall who dIed m the CIty of \Iexlco       on
                                                                       111DetrOIt and three years wIth the Berkey & Gay Furniture
 Feblualy     Ib, wa" born 111the clt) of Rochester,     NY,      111
                                                                       company, his tIme and talents were devoted to the welfare
 October     1851    He learned the cab1l1et makers'    art 111 111'; of the Phoenix Furniture         company
 tather s ..,hop 1111111edldtely after leav1lJ~ school and early
                                                                             As a deSIgner Mr Kendall was resourceful             and origmal,
 e,mced     a talent for drawmg     and pa111t1l1g It 1" 'oald that
                                                                       u"ually in advance of the trade and the tImes.             Many of hIS
 dUllng hIS noon hours at the shop, when a )outh, he vvould
                                                                      productIOns were so mentonous          that he deserves such recog-
 sketch figure" or callcatures      Up011 the bottoms   of bureau
                                                                      nItIOn as has been conferred upon Sheraton,            Chippendale    and
 drawers    or odd bIts of wood and that he cra, ed that In-
                                                                       the noted desIgners       of France   and Italy       In hIS work he
                                                                      laId the foundatIOns for the Kendall school of art              He com-
                                                                      pounded      many fancy finishes and UltIlI7ed metal in many
                                                                      way 'S as d suh..,tItute for can mgs and 111lays \" hen the trade
                                                                      tll ed ot those for111s of decoratIOn       The glo%y hlack iron of
                                                                       Bell111, antIque brass tnmm111gs and fancy carved work were
                                                                      111trocluced by J\[r Kendall       He was a master of compo<.atlOn
                                                                      and m the mtel pretatlOn of the purposes             of the master de-
                                                                      ..,lgners of past generatIOns      he had few equals
                                                                             vIr Kendall     was not popular,      generally    speak111g, be-
                                                                      cau~e he dId not "eek populanty             Outside     of hIS bus111ess
                                                                      dUjt'a111tances he was lIttle known.          He had well grounded
                                                                      Ideals and lIved close to them        To an opinion once formed he
                                                                      clung tenacIOusly, and great) enjoyed the discussIOn of pro-
                                                                      hlem" m whIch he took an 111terest espeCIally when hIS argu-
                                                                      ments wel e opposed
                                                                                     At the tIme of hIS death Mr Kendall ,,,as the trea;,urer,
                                                                               ..,npel mtendcnt and deSIgner of the Phoe11lx Furntmre     com-
                                                                               pany, m whIch he was largely 111teresteel as a stockholder

                                                                                     Henry C. Schaefer. Victim of Apoplexy.
                                                                                     } rom the effects of a thltel ;,troke of apoplexy '" l11ch he
                                                                               ~l1ffered on February      7, Henry C Schaefer, a well known
                                                                               fnr11ltnre "ales111dn and commIssion      clealer, died in St 2'llary';,
                                                                              hospItal, GI and RapId" on Fnday, February           18, aged 58 years
                                                                              :\Ir Schaefer ,va" formerly a re"ldent of EvanSVIlle, Ind, and
                                                                              [01 se\ el al year;, tray elled f01 the K11l1gman FurnIture       com-
                                                                              pany ot Gland RapId"           Seven yeaI" ago he came to Gland
                                                                              Rd plcls and went 111to the ftllll1ture commI SSIOn hU"111e,,~ WIth
                                                                              hI" two ;,ons, Hem) F and \\ alterC The decea'oed had a WIde
                                                                              aCCll1a111 tance among ftllniture    manufactureI",    buyers and 'Sel-
                                                                              IcI ~ anc! hac! dn excellent 1 eputation for 111tegIlty and abIlIty

                                                                                                 Busy Factory in Toledo.
                                                                                        1 oledo, Ii eb 18 -The       Hucke} e Parlor      Furl11ture C0111-
                                                                                pam are \ CI} bu"y at tll1::otune              The factOly IS be111g nm
                        DA VID W KENDALL                                        tu full capaCIty to keep up WIth the demands of the com-
                                                                               pany b tl ade         Se, ent} employes       are on the pay roll       The
"U udlOn   111the tIne al h \\ hlLh   11l   latel   } eal " he "vas able to                                    a
                                                                               company al e OCCUPY111g 'SubstantIal four story brick bul1d-
                                                                               mg 100'{ 120 feet anc! have recently opened np on the fourth
        ~Ir ~enddll  wa,', be"t kncmn on account          of hI" lon~
                                                                               floO! one of the hand"oll1est "ample rOOms that can be founc!
 ..,enlce 11l the fur111ture tIdde      HI;, fir;,t employment     "va"
                                                                               an} where          The c!I"play of the Buckeye             goods numhers
 "Ith the \I ooton De..,k com pan} at Inehanapoli",      I nd   ~ man
                                                                               'Se, en hund1 eel pleces-conslstmg          of three and five-pIece suites
named IVooton had mvented           t\\ a speCIaltIes m office desk,
                                                                               da\ enports,       couches and rockers         the ma111 portion     of the
but wa.., unable to perfect them mecha111call}         HIS 1I1ventlOn
                                                                               th"play consist111g of davenports          of which goods the c0111pany
ante-elated the roll top or curtam desk now generally             u"ed
                                                                               make one hundred                                   p
                                                                                                          and two CllSt111C't atterns,       ",hlch doubt-
In mechanICS .J,II Kendall was a natmal ge111us and when the
                                                                               le"s place'S the Buckeye          Parlor     Fmniture     company    in the
sample de",ks \\ el e placetl before hIm he mstinct!vely         found        f01 efl ant a" 111anufacturers        of thI,', l111e of goods
the ImpelfectIon.., and Cjlllckly remedIed the "ame           Mr Ken-
                                                                                       FOl ty-fi' e Tungsten   lIghts al e used m the dIsplay r00111,
dall deSIgned the \I ooton desks aftel \\ aul and theII sale
                                                                              the walls of which al e tinted green, the floor covered With
\\a;, Hly 1,Llge Y\ OOt011faIled In 1873 dnd :Ur Kendall then
                                                                              !2,"1 een carpet                          s
                                                                                                   and the w111doV\ adorned WIth reel draperie,
laund emploYl11tnt '\Ith all ardlltect      named Shdhan, 11l ChI-
                                                                                rhc ..,ampIe r00111 is one of the most effectIve of Its k1l1cl, and
CdgO, \\here    he de\ eloped great abIlIt} d,', a c1raughtsman
                                                                              VI d.., 'SUpI0110Unceel by the                   elealels who attended
                                                                                                                  \ I<.,It111l:;                       the
\Vllllc su engaged     he attlactcd      the attentIOn    of the late
                                                                              OhIO RetaIl FurnIture           Dealer,',' ConventIOn here thIS week.
                                                             WEEKLY                ARTISAN

OHIO RETAIL FURNITURE DEALERS.                                                            500 1 ecelpt-,                                2 50
                                                                                          1000 letter head"                             375      775
                         (ContlDued   from Page".)                                 IfJ6   E H Sell & Co , Lal cl mde", cabmet, gmde and
   "     16   The Gobrecht-Geyel        Lompany, '\ 01 \yooel              300            mele" cards                                            -1-8J
         17   \V S Carhle & Sons Co, Columhu"                              3 00           l'o~ tage                                             1000
         17   Lom" Hellman,       Cmcmnatl                                 ) 00           C \l \ oorhees, fOl sen Ices of o,tenographel  for
        27    ~tewal t Bras rm n Co, Colum hu"                             ') 00          month-, ot \memhel,   Decemhel   anel January, at
"2\ldlch 2    Tennenbaum      & Mode Cl11Cmnatl                            300            S'i 00 pel month                                      1500
          3   (,rosse BlOS CmunndtJ                                        300     199    l \1 \ oOlhec" cApense", teleglam and telegraph         150
   "     ..J- Tennenbaum'     HI os & Co Cmcmnatl                          300                           fotal                               $1629C
         5 Adolph Klem, Cmcmndtl                                           300     Total 1 ecelpts                                           $1f)500
          5   Lom;, "2\lalA & Bros (\e\\pOlt)         Cmunlldtl            )00      loLt! dl~lJtll "Ulle11h                                   16290
         6 Jake 1ennenbaum           & Co, Cmu11natl                       ') 00
        11 A Stemhamp          & lo, ClnUllnatl                            300                                                                      $ 210
        15 1     he (0111 ov &. Le\ \ ( a , \1 lclclletcm 11               ) 00     ! ()t,d ,1l1wnnt of clne" uncollected    February     10 1910 .SI8S 00
        17 \Vtlham       ByJDe, Diy ton                                    ) 00                                  Re~pectfullJ    subI11ltted,
        17 The Cappel F11In Co, Day ton                                    ) 00                                           SIg-ned, C M Voorhees,
        17 \\       N Art7, Day ton                                        ') 00                                                                 Secletary
   "    17 H D H11hel &. Co DZl\ t( 11                                     ) 00           1he follem ln~ 1 epOl t of the executn e conl111Jttee was
        18 Mav & Co, Day ton                                               ) UO    11e"t lead1n      Cha11111an B r KelJ of Columbus            WhlCh was
        24    The Fan, F C Buddmgton,           \1g1    (111               300
                                                                                   aho accepted
Apnl     7 Theo Heck & Co . Clllclllnatl                                   300
   "     2 Val Loewer,          Columbu"                                   3 00               REPORT OF EXECUTIVE                 COMMITTEE.
   "     2 H. B Rodevv 19- & Cn , Belial! e                                ) 00          1 he fil st meet111g of the State Executive       Committee   was
         3 vVllkms-Hubt          Co, Ely na                                ) 00
                                                                                   lleld 111 the eal h part of Septel11bel 111the office of the secre-
         3 Fleshelm       & SmIth, CIe\ eland                              ) 00
         4 J D Cochlan, COI11l111111"                                      ) 00    t,u:, C \J \ oOlhees, Columbus,           Oh1O      l'resldent    H W.
   "      5 Home Furillshm£;         lu.   C(JIUllll111~                   300     \JOley, "eCletal}      C ill Voorhees,    chaIrman,      B F. Kerr, P.
         9    Sldles & :\ eedleI, \ an ,,\ el i                            608      \\ Sie\\dlt     dnd \V r Ganett       were plec;ent       Mattels  per-
         9 The Samuel Horcho\\            lo     POlhllwmh                 -1-17   tdl11lJ1g to the \\ cHare of the as"oClat1On wel e dIscussed, and
        10 Brown Bl o~, Clev eland                                         ') 00
                                                                                   the dd tt ~et on \\ hICh the ExecutlVe CommIttee vvas to go to
        11 Shannon r mlll tm e (0 Co 111111        bIb                     3 00
        14 S Kohn & Son;" Cle\ eland                                       1 7;     loledo     Ohw, to make arrang emen ts fOI the Annual             State
        19 VV S Carhle & Son-, Co, ( llUlllbu"                             ') 00   C Oll\.entton
Dec      18 Dme's Fmlllture         Hou"e, l111um1cltl                     300           .0Jovel11ber 17, 1909. the State ExecutIve            Commlttee     met
                                  1910                                             111Toledo, Oh1O, at Hotel Secor                Presldent    H VV. Morey,
Jan'y   27    The Herbert l~    Ull11tm e Co, (mclllnatl                   300     Chamnan        B r Kerr, George B vVlckellS, P. W. Stewart and
Feb'y     3 Thos       P Zachman, Cmunnatl                                 300
                                                                                   \\ 1 Gan ett \\ ere present            A numhel of the Toledo dealers,
   "     4    Geo Belz, (In eland                                          3 00
   "     4 Carhle &.. Kelr, Colul11hu~                                     300     d 1 Cpl e-,ent"tn e of the Toledo Chamber               of Commerce,      and
         4 Anthon)        Cook'.., Son", Clllcmnatl                        300     tht pI Opl letOl s of sevel al hotels met WIth us.                 Mr. \V m
   "     4 Strauss-.MlllcI       Co, Cln elancl                            300     Byrne of Day ton, Oh1O, stal teel to the meeting, but dId not
   "     7 \Ym \Velschl11e1el, lIe\ eland                                  300     get thel e, 01\ 1l1g to the wreck of the tra111 on vvhlch he was
   "     7. C L Clowell, Leetol11a                                         ') 00
                                                                                   a pa s"en~ el. and 111\\ 11Jch he \\ a" sltghtly 111Jured However,
   "     9 The Blebel lurl11tme Co lIeyeland                               ) 00
        11. The E hleeman          & Co, ClIlC11111dtl                     ) 00    pI 0\ lc1ence o,]Jaled h1111to dehvel hlS address to us here to-
        11 Fred J I, e\, Loram                                             3 00    da \     PI eltllll!1cllV ,u 1 ang ements were made for the holdmg
        14 The Frohook Fmilltmc           Co, Columhu"                     600     ot the conventIon
                                                                                         Our next meet111g vvas held at Columbus,                  Ohio, at the
                      Total      .                                     5JlS0QO
                                                                                   ::\ell House         PreSIdent H \1\ 1'1101 ey, secretary       C I'll Voor-
     The followmg         lS ltemlzed        hst of ordels     dra\yn smce
                                                                                   hees, chaIrman B F Kerr, P. W Stewart and \TV F Garrett
FebJUary 15, 1910, begmmng wlth order:\o                  183, to-Wlt
183. C. M Voorhees, sec'y, for expense to CmcmnatI                                 vvere pl esent, at whIch t11ne we cllscussed ways and means
      and return, fifth annual conventJOn, Febl uary 16                            for gettmg out an offiClal program and mailing same to the
      and 17, 1909.            . . .. . "                        . " $ 700         clealers of the state
184. Postage     ...        .. " " . .,                                    200        The next meetmg,             about a week later, was held at the
185   Chenngton        Pnntmg         & Engravmg- Co, 200 Rlb-
                                                                                   office of the Home Furnishmg             company, Columbus,          Ohio, at
      bon Badges for annual meetmg- at Cl11cmna±1                          r; 00
186 C M. Voorhees,               sel vIces of stenogI aphel. 101                   \\ hlch tm1e the Columbus             members     of the executive       com-
      months of F eblUar} and ::\1arch 1909                               10 00    mlttee, chaIrman B F Kerr, P. \TV. Stewart and W. F. Gar-
187. Amencan Pubhshmg                 Co., for supphes as follows                  rett vvere present           A hst of about 200 manufacturers             was
      175 postal cards                           .             .$375               prepared     to whom a letter was mailed asking them to take
      500 applicatJOn         cards......                      . 250
                                                                                   ~pace in the officlal program at $10 per page               Sufficient funds
      500 envelopes No 10.......                . .               250
      1000 envelopes         6}4.......       . .. ,             2 50     11 2S    \\Cl e personally        supplied by B F Kerr, P. W. Stewart and
188   C M. Voorhees, for sen lces of stenogl.lphcl                 f01             \V F Garrett to defray all necessary                preliminary     expenses.
      April and May                  .                                    1000     ThIS IS the first tIme m our history that the association                  has
189   C. M. Voorhees, on account, for selVlces as seCle-                           Laken into theil hands the printing              of the official program.
      tary for yeal begmn111g- Fehlual vIS, 1909                          2~ 00    \\ e 1 ecelvec1 answers          ftOm enough manufacturers           to make
190    C. M. Voorhees,             on account,      fOl serVIces as
      secretaly                                                           1~00     om official program possible;           and from whom we realized a
      secretary    .,                                                     1000     sum lal ~e enough to defray the expenses of this convention.
192. Postage     . .....       ..                                          200           The Statl         lAecut!ve    Committee     recommends        that the
193   C M Voorhees, for serVlces of "tenogldphel                    fOJ            membels        of this association       patronize     all the advertisers
      months of June, July and August                  ..                 1500     who appear in the official ptOgram, as it was through                    their
194    C. M Voorhees,          on account of sen lces of sten-
      ographer for months of Septembel                and October..       10 OJ    co-operation        that the committee     was able, in a financial way,
195. American Publishing               Co, Columbus.                               to make this meeting such a grand success.
      250 envelopes                                             $1.50                    A number of other meetings were held by the Columbus
                                                                  WEEKLY               ARTISAN                                                                           27
  members   of the ExecutIve Committee   in order to complEte                          towns where they can give better        serVlce than the local
  the program,    and make final arrangements    fO! thIS con-                         dealer
  ventlOn                                                                                   Questions  drawn from a question box were then taken
       Some matters have been referred to the state executive                          up which included quenes a~ to best methods in advertising
  commlttee    by the secretary    of the assoclatlO11 which we de-                    answered    by J c. Herbert  of CinClllnatI;   and the question
  Slre to pre'3ent at thIS meetlllg for dIscusslOn, V1Z' complalllts                   of havlllg tax paymg tIme placed at later dates than Dec. 20
  by membel'3 of the assocIatlOn agalll'3t certalll well known                         and June 20, was referred   for dIspositIOn to the legislative
  manufacturel    '3                                                                   committee
                                          SIgned,                                            The question       "If man's tIme lS sold in advance, will a
                                                      B. F Kelr                        garnishee     hold good ?" was answel ed by secretary                  Voorhees
                                                      vVm Byrne                        vvho sald a general asslgnment                wlll not defeat a garnishee
                                                      P W Stewart                      unless a credltol makes a demand upon the debtor a month
                                                      IV F Garrett                     m advance          The committee          on membershlp           reported     the
                                                      Geo B ·Wickens                   followmg      nine names as members                  Geo. H. L Burnham,
                                                                                       Geneva; G F. Schwltzer,              Lelpslc,     I Sllverman,      Toledo;      F
                              The Annual Banquet.                                      G Redd, Toledo;          Klllkbelller    Furn      Co, Toledo; Hillebrand
         Follov\ l11g the afternoon           se~~lOn came the annual ban-             Bra" , Toledo; J ohmon Bras Fmn                    Co, Toledo;       Geo Bon-
  quet of the assoClatlOn held at. b 30 m the Amencan                       dl11111g asch, Toledo;         Bell Dana Co, Columbus
  100m of t.he Hot.el .secor and whIch                may be tI uly mentIOned                The Pl ess CommIttee          reported they would make further
  a'o a man e1 of beauty m deSIgn and executIOn.                      The dlllmg      efforts to secure co-operation            of dealers m getting as much
  mOm bemg m red and gold aftel the French RenaIssance.                               publiclty as possible in the newspapels                 by keepmg in touch
   fhE pnsm         chandehers         are fa'3hIOned after those m the               wlth the editor            That they deserved            publicity     regarding
                                                                                      modern stuff and medwm priced stuff-not                        high priced or
  Hotel Belmont,         )Jew York.           President     H IV .. Morey pre-
                                                                                      period stuff        The commlttee         on by-laws offered an amend-
  SIded as toa'3tmastel          and after calling the 150 dealers and
                                                                                      ment which was adopted, that members                       be suspended       who
  manufacturers       pI esent to order the mvocatIOn was glven by
                                                                                      fail to pay dues at the end of the second year.
  George B \Vlcken'3 of Loralll.                  On the toastmaster's       right
                                                                                            The committee on convention               and location recommended
  was seated sec'y C M. Voorhees, Mr Wlckens and Edward
                                                                                     that the next convention            be held in Columbus,            Feb. 14 and
  F Trefz of ChIcago, and on his left was seated preSIdent H.
                                                                                      15, 1911. Adopted,
 I Shepherd         of the Toledo Chamber                of Commerce,       0 K
                                                                                            The report of the commlttee               on nominations        of officers
 \Vheelock of Cleveland and Vim Byrne of Dayton                           A most
                                                                                     and delegates was also accepted and adopted. the list being
 excellent        menu       was         disposed       of    and     afterwards
                                                                                     as follows'
 those       present      were        afforded        much      enjoyment        by
 t.he addresses            President         Shephel d dehvel ed a most                     President-B         F Kerr, Columbus
 llltere'3tmg     address      on the excellent            bU'3111eSS conditions            First vice president-John            A Herbert,        Cincinnati.
 and facilities      existing     in Toledo and the city's future, re-                      Second vlce-president,           Martin     MJ1ler, Cleveland.
 citing interesting       statistics     of its shipping blmncss
                                                                                            Secretary-treasurer-C            M. Voorhees,        Columbus.
        Edward F Trefz responded                to "PersonalIty     m Business"
                                                                                            Executive     Committee-       liV. N Al tz, Dayton; Harry Cap-
 m a most bnlliant address refernng                 eloquently to some of the
mo"t notable men, such as Napoleon,                    Lmcoln, P D Armour           pel, Dayton; Wllliam Byrne, Dayton;                    Chas. Carlisle, Colum-
and others        In a masterly and forCIble address on "The Deal-                   bus and Peter Gobrecht,            Norwood
 ers, Deals and Ideals,"              0 K. \Vheelock           emphaslzed      the          Ohio Member on Executlve               Committee,       National     Retail
need of strict integrity             in business       and of the growth         of  Furniture      Dealers'    association,     C R. Parish.
brotherhood        in the relations        existlllg between employer and
employee         Others     called on f01 lmpromptu               remarks    were           Delegates to National ConventIon-John                  A. Herbert, Cin-
IV. O. Frohock           of Columbus,           \Vllham     By rne of Dayton,       cinnatl; Geo Koch, Cleveland,               W. F. Gal rett, Columbus;           W.
Frederick       Waldcutter        of Toledo and EdItor ::Yrillard Gold-             D Huber, Dayton;              Geo. Wlckens,          Lorain;    H. W. Morey,
smith of the Furniture             vVorker of Cincinnati,        who spoke on       Marysville;       C. B. Johnson, Toledo and P. W. Stewart, Ports-
the benefits to the furniture               trade of the trade press.               mouth.
     Wednesday   morning was spent              by a number of the visit-                  M. G. Veh of Glbsonburg               was    elected   to the    office of
ing dealers in visiting the factories             of the Buckeye    Parlor
                                                                                     s ergean t-a t -arms.
Furniture  company;    Toledo Parlor            Fmmture    company;   Col-
umbia Couch company;         Schauss           Parlor   Flame   company;                  The Legislative  Committee   held an executive                session    but
Waldcutter   & Kahlenberg     and the          \Vtlhams   Chair company.             nothing of special importance   was reported.
      The third and final session of the convention           was held
                                                                                         (More of the proceedings,               addl esses, reports       and    dis-
at 2 o'clock Wednesday          afternoon     Walter      B Moore of                 CUSSlOns will be pubh"hed next              week -'Editor)
Dayton, who was to have delivered an address on "Freight
Rates and Claims" was unable to be present and President
Morey called on secretary         Mark Goodlett        of the NatIonal                                  Those Domes of Silence.
Retail Furniture   Dealers'    assocIation,   who referrE'd to d re-                     The Domes of Silence, or, The Invislble Caster, is owned
mark made by himself at St LOUIS three yealS ago, that "the                         and controlled     by the Invislble  Caster company of London,
furniture  dealer of the country store IS the slowest man on                        England.     The Umted StaJtes replesentatives       are Henry W.
Earth," owing to the peculiar conditions          in the retail furni-              Peobody & Co, 17 State street, New York, with sub-agencies
ture trade, especially      in the smaller      towns       Mail order              throughout    the United States.    This trade marke "Domes of
houses he said withdraw        their operations     from every town                 Silence-The      Invisible Caster" is the registered    trade mark
where they find live, active dealers-they          sell their goods in              of the Invisible Caster company.
28                                                          WEEKLY                  ARTISAN

                                                             Minnesota Retail Furniture
                                                                Dealers' Association
                                                                       a A      °LOUlS J Bnenger     New VIm Vice President, C Danielson, Cannon Falls, Treasurer,
                                                                               'VIoen, Peterson Secretdry W L Grapp Janesville
                                                           FXECUTIVE     COM'VIITTEE-D        F Richardson, Northfield Geo KlIne, Mankato, W L Harris, MlUneapolIs,
                                                                                           a Simons Glencoe M L KlIne St Peter.

                                                          BULLETIN                     No.      99.

                          ADVERTISING                          AND PREPARING                                      OF CUTS.
            An Address Delivered at the Annual Convention by Frank Favour, Foreman of the
                       Art Department of the American Type Foundry Company.

                                       1n pI epallllg pll "elll,l1J1L del           \\ e lall "u een, makmg them coarse enough ,,0 that they will
                                   \ el L"emenb         \ OU lllU"t unclel-         not fill up m the plocess of pnntmg'           The best results are
                                   Stdlld \\ hat an ,Ilh el tl"e111ent              ubt,lll1ed by makmg a hand draw111g whIch we call zmc etch-
                                   I ealll     I"     \ clUI deh el t1 "111  ~      me," or l111ecuh        In Older to get one made, It 15 necessary to
                                   nllht ha\ e pll "nll,tht\          I hel t       £11' t ha \ e ,I hanel dra \\ 111g made of the artIcle of whIch you
                                   111l1.,the .,0111elhal,tltell"tll        ot      \\ dnt ,t lUt     '\ /111C etch111g made from thIS WIll give a clear
                                   )our,elf        or     \OUI    bu"me".,          I111E' cut and VI III pnnt on almost any kmd of paper WIth any
                                   r nok at the ach el tl"e111el1t" nl              klnel 01 mk but thl" kmd of cuts does not brmg out the exact
                                   ld"lalet.,       Dougla" dh\a\"       hd"        gl,un 01 the I' oud           If yOU are domg "ome fine ppmtmg where
                                   h1-, plttl1le on hh ,IWl            del,         \ on n~e ml e glo""y papel and good mk, It IS nece5Sary for
                                    \ Ou 1111ht ha\ t "omethmg t]1clt               \ uu to ha\ e \\ hat VI e call a halftone WIth a medIum or fine
                                   I" u.,eel all thl tll<1t "0 th,H                 ~ll een        1'hl -, \\111 enable you to bnng out the exact gram
                                   \\ hen p~ople un th 1 u the pa~ e"               ul the I' ood 111the mO'ot 111mute deta1l and ::,hould be used m
                                   the\ ,a \        1hel e I" Tone' ,tel            ,tn\ th1l1g \\ hllh I" termed          bu:,:h class Pl'Intl11g
                                   rl hllefO e the ath eltl"el11lnt                         1n "tuch ne, '-ome of the advel tI:oements of the vanous
                                   .,hould call \ "ome elhtlllLtI\ C                Ulllntl \ jluhhcatlon.,.        I note the great vanet)        of '>lzes used-
        FRANK FAVOUR               tlcltle      11l,l1k      lOUI       del,        "Ul11e U.,ll1g the Idrge luh VI lllch pI esu111ably are fur11lshed
                                   should make thl ee .,tatemenh                    b\ the manufactlll er SOJ11e            halftones and some hand draWIngs
 1 he lady of the hOlhe It ddlllg the ach el tl"e111ell t, \\ III '-d\,              \\hlch plOduce':> el \ en lnegular              dnd "potted effect      If you
.I "ee that so dllel .,0 I" "elhllg ,I chall tm SI;O              1he 11t"t         \\ 1,,11 tu ha\ e \ OUI dth 1'1      tl.,e111ent., look u11lform and attrac-
th1J1g 1" a good PlttUlc     \LJ1~c all ll1~la\ m~ oJ 111 a Iltlt It                11\ ( th(\ ()\1ght to bl laId out m the Ul11fOlm sIze of cub and
t111l11lLue\\hlCh yOU ;l1e ~()]Ug to .,dl "0 th,lt It \\111 ,h \\\ 11               cll'-tll)ltl\l      l11eltttl    IheletOll,      I thl11k the a,:>,>oc1atlOn 1'>
to the be"t ,td\ anta~e      lt hd., to bt ell,m II 111 llt ,ll 1111c               d, ]I1~ el ~tl,lt \\lllk III lUlI11,:>hl11g-      )OU WIth whdt they ter111
IhdV\1J1g    \ Idlge numbel oj cuh ldll bc 111dell thld)lll             111,111     thul unIt '0\ "te111
one cut     ThelefOle  \\hen \0l1 oldel thlu \OUI 111111 .,\hUll                             [n J11,lkl11g up one of thesc umt", hI '>t we 111USthave a
) ou get them a gll dt tical t hlapll      thdl1 \ on othu \\ hl \\ onlel           ~()od pIt WI e ~ee()nd, we 11111:ot         cleuele upon the Sl7e of the "
 \ gleat 111dn) ldn be IhdV\n che'lpel thdll a -,mglc llll                          1 Iltl "tt ,t11011   1'he11 IV e ha\ e a clra\\ l11g- made WhlCh u"ually
       The best photo h nee e,,:oal\ to the plopel plodnltlOn       01              llhh       110111$1 to $3 and then we get the productIOn              made
a good cut     If) ou get a lUt mdele 'll1el get the plOpe1 heacl-                  \\ 1nlh co::,t" 75 lenh a" a 1 ule         1'1115 1" mounted dnd IS now
mg to Call) on the aeh e1tl.,ement, kelp the tldc1e 11laJ1~the                      I e,tely fOl the pll11tel        The pr1l1tel 111UStset the type around
dlstmCtlVe feature of the alh el U.,el11ent     II hen \ OU '-ee the                Ihl., lUt a" pel the de':>cnptlOn of the MUcle and fix a rule
name Regal, It ::,ugge::,l-, "hoe", Ea.,tl11an "u~ge.,t'- kocLlk,                   dlound \,hllh 1 -,hould Judge \\ould co"t db out 40 cents                Af-
It IS better to sugge"t the film., ndme "0 that one \\111 .,ug-                     tel thl" IS done It I11U"t be locked up m an iron case and
ge::,t the othel    It I., alwa)::, necessary   to do till" 10! the                 ::,ent to the eleotrotypel        to hd\ e the cut and type reproduced
ladles of the house      Then the sdle h mdde beto' e the lach                      VI hlCh      costs I .,hould judge about 2S cents           ""'fter th]::, IS
starts down town to do her .,hoppl11g         ~he knoVl '- I' hat "he               aClnmph -,hed, duplIcate5           can be made for a very nom111al
1::, gomg  to buy, whele she IS gomg to hu\ It dllli \\helt "'1t                    "U111 Thus \ ou ,ee that If you want to make an mdlvldudl
1S gomg- to pay fOl It It 1" well to call \ \ OUl (1\\ 11hc dclll1~                 UI1lt \ OUI.,e!t, It \\ ould cost $325 to get out the first UUlt,
It saves prmtmg- and sett111e, up e\ 1'1\ tl111e I"L(1) a guml,                     alto       VI 111ch It  would only cost yOU about 40 cents each
stlOng head111g and cal rv ) OUI pnce 111al plamhk                                   1 hl5 sho\\ -, \,y hat lo-operatl\    e buymg can do        By adoptmg
     The thmg that has blOught 111ehele 15 ple"\1111dhh thl                         the Ul11t .,Ize, \ ou 0\ el cOl11e the crazy llullt effect of your
fact that the a\ elac,e ::,null dealu does not knOl\ It 1" ntLt '-                    acl-, dncl) ou sa\ e m ::,pacc m each ]::,sue sometImes     more
Selly to get out a good ad\elU.,mg         cut   In the fIlst pldlt                 tlnn uhl co.,t of ) 0111 I' hole UUlt because If you use the Idlge
) OU cannot use all kmd., of cuts tOl ne\\ "papel \\ ()l k         rIllS            lnb fnrl11shed by some manufacturers          and you are paying
15 because    the a\ erage countn     Plll1t111g office thee, lOar.,e               h om Wc to 20c an lllch, ) ou \\ 111find that that cut takes up
papel and nece.,.,dnly,    of COUl'ol coar"c mk      It \ uu di it l11pt            J11C)Jtspdce fOl ealh I""ue thdll two or three Lll11b would co"t
to u::'c d hne dCdn halftonc, ) U\1 \\ oulcl ha\ l 11utllln~ hut ,t                 \ IlU \\l11ch I., another led.,on why yOU should adopt thl::' Ul11t
black spot     Therefore,   we hnd It neces"at,\ to lhe a haltLolle                 5\'ot(l11
plocess   winch IS a photo on loppel        andlutilng     out dab     \,lnch              1hen dgam, the5e umt" are -'0 ,lll anged by d lIttle mor-
                                                     WEEKLY            ARTISAN                                                          29
  ti'3e in the top under the head hne and at the bottom so that
                                                                        bv using our Ulllt system for when you use one of these units,
 the pnce can be changed at will dud the Ulllt kept up to date
                                                                        ) ou know that the descnptlOn of the article is along the line
 dnd usable, no mattel wl1dt k111d of a sale you may be (on-
                                                                        of sCientific salesman '3hip and IS con ect. One can thus write
 c1UCt111g As 111all k111d"of work, thele IS good wOlk and pOOl
                                                                        an «e1>  ertlsement m a half hout or so which would take him
 work hut because of the scope of your assoCIatIOn's adver-
                                                                        hom" and hour'3 If he had to wnte every lme which is a great
 U"mg helps, you can afford to employ the best talent that              sa\'ng to the small dealer
 money can command and therefore, get out, on an average,
                                                                              J n conclusIOn let me say as I said In the beginning, we
 better lllustratlOn.., than are produced m the usual form of
                                                                       ought to make our advel U9111gmdn tdual and you can easily
 COl11mei lal cuts      As one who is in dally touch with the
                                                                       accomphsh thiS by a headm::; cut No matter where you adver-
 troubles and difficulties that the small dealers have m gettmg        Usement may be put, whether next to the locals or among a
 the proper kmd of photos or pictures, I can readily see the           lot of others, It will have that llldlViduahty which will make

                                               THE ANNUAL CONVENTION IN SESSION
                                  Wnh Some of the Samples Shown by the Co-operatIve Buymg CommIttee.

 great value that your associatIOn advertlsmg helps bnng you.         it stand out more than the others and in return bring to you
      The next great value that I see 1ll this is that I notice in    great results    I would also advocate never letting an "ad"
 your Ulllt system, you use a ulllform size of deSCllptlve type       stand for more than one week in any paper and I believe with
 and I compared them With some of the advertisements           that   the helps that your association is glVlllg, It is not necessary.
I have picked up I find that they have used every kmd from            Anyone     with a httle enterprise and a true desire to be a
nonpareil ty pe to pica and many descnptlOns,         as vague as     successful advel tlser will soon see that it wII pay to change
they were, used from one to th1 ee mche" on smgle column              his "ad" often and keep his ad, ertlsements       as newsy and
space which cost the advertlsel      from 40c to 75c for space        bright and up to date as the paper wlthm which it is pubished.
alone    I am told by some men I 11dve met here today that the        I hope that the few thoughts that I have given you will be of
average small countrv pnntmg office refuses to set the small          sam e service to you in your", ark this year and that you will
t) pe necessary for descnptlve    matter and when they do set         come back to our next conventIOn still more eager for the
It, nme Dimes out of ten, It IS not correct   ThiS is alI avoided     aSSociatIOn helps that the conventIOn bnngs

            There"s Nothing Just as Good.                             rather than the long handles      All of the drawer pulls and
     The Waddell Manufactunng       company are showing a great       handles made by the Waddell Manufacturing       company have
vanety of new pattelt1s of furlllture trimmings m wood one of         the No-kum-Ioose    fasteners-a   dev Ice that absolutely pre-
                                                                      Yents the pulls coming off. There have been many attempts
                                                                      to produce something      just as good as the No-kum-loose
                                                                      fasteners but without Success

                                                                                       Enlarging Their Plant.
                                                                            Cleveland, Feb 17 -The    Kurtz Furniture    Manufactur-
                                                                      ing company, manufacturers    and Jobbers, are erecting a three
                                                                      story and basement bUIlding, 60 x 200 feet, (with foundation
which is illustrated herewith. In their advertisement next week       for six st:ones) at the corner of Longfellow    and Fifty-fifth
Will appear a drop handle that will appeal to many manu-              streets.  The bUlldmg is to be of concrete and steel and ready
facturers  as the correct thing for some kinds of furniture           to occupy April 1.
30                                                          WEEKLY                ARTISAN

     UPHAM MANUFACTURING CO.                                                                                    MARSHFIELD, WIS.

                                                            Dressing Tables
                                                                      Made in
                                                           Oak, Bird's-Eye Maple,
                                                              Mabogany, etc.,

                                                               All Popular
                                                                                                                    No 2240 Bed
                       No. 2241 Dresser

         SEND                   FOR               OUR               COMPLETE                                CATALOGUE

              The Latest Smoke Eliminator.                                                          New Furniture Dealers.
       F J Doyle IS the latest 111' entor clall111ng to hay e soh ed                    lohn StrAII1 IS the newest furl1lture        dealer 111 Seattle,
the smoke problem           LI]..e othel 111\entor~ he clAIms that hIS            \\ ash
deVIce not only pre' ents ~moke but sa\ es fuel                      It \\;sa           The \\ e"t FurnIture       company has opened a new "tore
given a test before the ma"te1 mechamc", of several raIlroads,                    at Laldlaw, Ore                                                 ,
111ChIcago, the other day and the re",ult 1" saId to ha' e been                         The Furmture      and ~IercantJ1e company are new dealers
surpris111g to the eApert           ~n old, hgbt eng-111e "b1Lb "ao               at BIg TlJnbel, :-Iont
1eady for the scrap heap, was fitted \\ Ith the Dm Ian "'I "ton                         Robel t :-IA) 0 and Charles Volkert, Sr , \\;III open a fm ni-
as It IS known, and wa" 1un back and forth on a mIle ot tlack                     tm e store 111X ew BrunSWIck, N J
FIrst It was run alone and then bvo loaded coal ca1S \'Vere                             The ='\ashvvauk Furl1lture       and Undertakll1g      co~npany
attached        Later half a dozen cars" e1e hauled and the engll1e               ha' e opened a new store at ='Jashwauk, Mll1n
was run at \ ar) Il1g 1ates of speed, \\ as left ~tal1clll1g half an                     \. G Schob of Cald,\ ell, Oh1O, an experienced        furl1lture
hour, then was run aga111 and \\a" sublected             to all the tesb          dealel and rreel Chapman of Coal Run, OhIO, have formed a
known to see If It would emIt smoke                                               partner~hlp     under the firm name of Schob & Chapman,             and
                                                                                  \\ J11 upen a first class furl11ture, undertakll1g   dnd house furn-
       Those who \\ltnessed          the te",t agl eed thdt no black
                                                                                  l<,hl11g sto! e, at Be' ell}, Oh1O, on March 1
smoke came from the ",taLk of the engme and that nnthmg
                                                                                        \\   F Geol g-Ia, formerly of the Georgl<1-Stlm son Furl1l-
\\;a'S enutted but a \\ lute -,teal1l1lke 'apol       fbe "eo et ot the
                                                                                  WI e com panv, and now heAd of the furl11ture department               of
apparent      effectlVenes:" of the apphance       h saId to hL 1Il the
                                                                                  the '-,crugl:;s-\ anelerHlolt-Barney    Dr} Good" company of St
fact that It cause", perfect combustlon              10 eqUIp d loco-
                                                                                   Loms, :-10, ha" O1gan17ed a furl11ture company of hIS own,
motlve of the t} pes now 111 11se \\ \.)llld co"t about $330, but It
                                                                                   And soon wIll open one of the large<,t I etall places of It:::.k111d
 h assel ted that the de\ Ice wIll pay f01 It",elf 111a few month"
                                                                                   111the Clt}
:-'hould the raIlroAds deude to USe the de\ Ice hm\ e\ el. the
llL\\ 10LoUlotn e" ,\ ould be hUllt occordll1gh               and "lthout                                 I<~urniture Fires.
add1tlOnal expen"e                                                                       1   hL I)a, lei ~ Goldberg company, dealers of Columhus,
    J n aclclltlOn to prevent111g- smo]..e and sa'll1g fuel the ap-                Ga lo"t $13.000 by fire 111theIr store recently       Insured
 pliAnce Ie., ",ald to reduce the \\ 01 k of finng 111all ~lIld s of                     Horace \\ ells of VlCtona, Tex, "uffered a loss of $l,JUO
 ellg-111es StAtlOllal} heatl11g plante., ha\ e been run 111Chlcagu                h\ fire 111hIS cab111et shop on February  13 Insurance,    $1,030
 ror n101e than a week vV1thout I enew al of fuel, It h assel ted                        The turmtul e anel cab111et factorv of Henry      Kau"man
 and sbould a 10LOl1l0tn e be hUllt ALLOldlllg to '[I                ])0'1 Ie"     &. ,",Oil. rlllllra   " Y, \Va" dAmaged b} file to the extent of
 -,peuficatlOn, It should not ha' e to he filed e"cept hdol e the                  5110,000 nl1 Fehnlal}       11
 lun hegan                                                                               The stock of the Bay State rurniture       company,   VIr or-
       The 1I1'elltor clalJn" that the d("lu'        '\Ol],.S    u(t1dll}    a~    cestel, 1Ia,," , \\ a'" badly damaged by smokf' from fire m an
 well undel stiitlnt1al y power boIlen; as (')11locomotlv<'s                       adJollllnl; b1.uc1lt'\l; on February 12
        ,-                                                        WEEKLY                       ARTISAN


        j                                                                                                                          Our Large New Line of
                                                                                                                               DINING and OFFICE                                    I
        t                                                                                                                                                                           I

                 The season
                for banquets
                                                                                                                        TABLES                                                      •

    I           is here.
                                                                                                                          are the best on the American market
    •           Get a stock
    I           of our                                                                                                    when prices and quality are considered.

    I           Banquet
                Table Tops
                so as to be

                                                                                                    STOW DRVIS fURNITURG GO.
                ready to
                supply the
                demand.                                                                                               GRAND RAPIDS, MICH.
    I                                                                                               CIty Salesroom. 4th floor, Blodgett BIde.
   ~------------------------ ---_._----                                          -------_._----._--_.                                           ------~---                     _4

                                UP HILL WORK                                                    A company IS bemg                organIzed       to establlsh a large fac-
                                                                                          tal v at ,Yhltne), Ont,                near the       Algonqum     IndIan reser-
   Difficulties                Which John Widdicomb ~Iet                       and        I atlOn
                                   Surmounted.                                                 R E \VIlson, formerly                  of Readle, vVarfield & Wllson,
                                                                                         RushVIlle, Ind , 1S prepanng                to engage in the manufacture  of
         One lllCldent III John \Vlddlcomb s Stl uggles to regam                         furnitm e at Eugene, Ore
   ll1S footlllg III the busl!1ess '" orld has not been told        When
                                                                                                Coffins & Bo} er are erecting a concrete buildmg at J ack-
   he retired from the \Vlddlcomb          Furllltme     company 111 189b
                                                                                         sonvtlle, Pia, in which they propose to manufacture          mission
   he wa" "broke"        He scraped to~ ethel the I emnants         of hI"
                                                                                        furnIture      and "all kinds of goods for home furnishing"
   1 esoUI ces bOl rowed   all he could and purchased          the Mantel
                                                                                               F M Ralke, G. H CoIltl1'3, Duke W Harnson           and F. D
  plant on Fifth Stl eet, whIch smce the palllc of 1893 had been
                                                                                        Hyde have mcOl porated the GreensvIlle          Mattress   company,
  Idle     The plant Iva" all eady eqmpped             He pUI chased or,
                                                                                        capltaltzed at $5,000, to estabhsh a plant at Greenville, Tex
  when he could, ~ot t1 usted for a few loads of lumber and
                                                                                               The Trompe       company  has been mcorporated      by D D
  'ouch othel matenal a'3 he needed, then came the halde"t pull
                                                                                        :;\.1Jller, Call 111E Troupe and others for the purpose of manu-
  of all, III the manufactm e of fUlllltUI e the seeel 1'0 sown and
                                                                                        factunng       "beds and fold111g beds" in Atlanta,     Ga    Capital
  the hal I est of dollars come" III about SIX months latel          How                "tack, $100,000
  to bllrlge thIS SIx months ,va'3 the problem             \ot many men
                                                                                             The Elk I'tlllllture     company      of Falconer,   Chautauqua
  wel e employed but they had to be paId and III cash               Some
                                                                                        county, NY, has been 111corporatecl to manufactm e all kinds
 of the men out of loyalty or fqendshlp            for John \Vlddlcomb
                                                                                        of vlooden articles, buy and sell timbe1, lumber, etc           CapItal
 and hall11g confidence        111 hIm accepted      part pay, but even
                                                                                       stock $6,000. Frank A Jacobson, John EngstlOm and Charles
 these had famlhes        to SUppOl t and needed all they could
                                                                                         \ SmIth, all of Jamestown,        NY,      are the 111corporators.
 earn      1111 \Vlddlcomb      managed     to keep thUlgs gOl11g fOl
                                                                                             Now It IS announced       that H W :1Iartin and others who
 "evel al ~ eeks, but at last reached what looked very much
                                                                                       wel e expected     to establish     a furl1ltm e factory at Opehka,
 1Ike the end of his rope         X ot another dollar could he scrape                  "\la have changed their plans and WIll estabhsh a new coffin
 tog ethel , and the bla<.,t111g of hIS last hope seemed at hand
                                                                                       and fml1lture factOl) at Columbus,            Ga    The busmess men
 It occuned      to him at thl'3 cnsls that '3ome ot the ?\ew York
                                                                                       of Opehka, however, ale detelmined            to have a furl1lture fac-
 matenal      Ulen with whom he had dealt 111 mOl e prosperous                         tor} and are nersotiat111g WIth other parties.
 day s UlIght gIve him a hft, but how to reach them wa~ the
 ploblem                                                                               ~---------------                                                                 - ""
       IIe confided IllS t1ouble to the late VvlllJ" Hall Tllll1er,
 then manage'      of the Pre'3,) ?iiI Turner fUlnlShed hIm WIth                               :fK~A~OU INTERESTING PRICES g~x~~Vk~~~
                                                                                                            SEND SAMPLES. DRAWINGS OR CUTS FOR PRICES.
 nev, "'paper transpOl tatlOn to Buffalo and return      1\Ir \\ Hle11-
 comb <.,talted for New YOlk WIth Ju"t mane) enough ll1 hI"
pocket to pay hI s fal e from Buffalo to ?\ e,l York           He chd
not take a "leeper       He ~ a" IOl tnnate 111find1l1~ \\ Ithont de-
lay the men he went to "ee cLnd laId hIS ca~e befOle them
They al5reed to ach ance h11n the fune1'o neces"al v to keep the
factory gOIng until the new hne ~ a'3 out           \nd ;\11 \\ Icldl-
comb had to bonow money fl0111 them to buy 111'., d1111ler and
to pay hIS way to Buffalo             \[1  \\ Idchcomh vIas ne, er
profu"e III hIS expressIOns of gratitude      bnt those who helper!
hIm 111thl" CllSIS and at other t1111(Snevel had rea<.,on tu C0111-
plam of hIS lack of appreClatlOn - :\1lch TI ade"man

                                 New Factories.

             VV. Stnpple   has opened   an uphnl<:,tenng
             ut'lhh~h111ent at Vinton. Iowa,
                                                           ,1.nd \ hdll-tnak
                                                                                     I......   Write for
                                                                                                             (   E. P. ROWE CARVING WORKS,                   ALLEGAN,
                                                                                                                                                                        , l
32                                                         WEEKLY                    ARTISAN

f' ••                                                                    ....                                     New York Markets.
i       Miscellaneous                Advertiselllents.
                                                                                           \e\\ \O1\..., l eb 18-~s       the consummg sea..,on applOaches
                                                                                     ..,Ol1le holc1el'" ot Lm"eed 011 betray am.Jety over the con-
                                                                            ,        tl11llCc1c1l1llne"'" ot the uade      11equent ,;haclmg of pllce" have

                     BUSINESS     OPPORTUNITIES.
        Furniture and Carpet business, PIttsburg, Pa, for sale    Es-
                                                                            ,        heen llportecl        on "mall deal.., thIS week but the "officla1"
                                                                                     quoLlllOn.., ..,till ..,tand elt 76 @ 77 f01 western raVv, the higher
        tablished over ten years; excellent down town locatIOn; val-
        uable leasehold; fresh, modern stock; about $65,000 reqUIred,
        favorable terms; selmg from poor health. Rosemond and
                                                                            I,       hg 111 e.., appl~ l11~ to lots of less than fr, e ban e13
                                                                                     011 lS no\\ only f1\ e lenb pel gallon hlgher than City double-

        Bell, Cambridge, Ohio.

                                                                            I,       bOlled       SIX months     ago the margm was 14 cents
                                                                                           Turpent111e 1" stlll qL11et The demand lS hght and pnces
                                                                                     ha\ e not changed matenallY for three weeks             Today's figures
        A second hand "Union Wood Embossmg Power Press" for
        flat die work, reciprocating movement and also a lathe for          I
                                                                            ,        eLl 63 at 63'ij here and 59 @ 59;Vz at Savannah
        turning oval frames. Address "Z" care Weekly Artisan Co                            Shellac I'; el1so dull, the expected        Improvement    in the
                                                           2 19-26
                                                                            I         demand hav111g fcilled to matenahze           Pllces unchanged    since

                                   WANTED                                   ,
                                                                            I        ['ehl uar~ 10
                                                                                           Goa hkms are act1\ e               though further weakness     is noted
        Salesman having an established trade to carry a line of novel-
                                                                                     111the demand      "Iexlcans              \\ ent up a cent early in the week

        ties and special sales articles on commiSSIOn. Address LoUIS
        Rastetter & Sons, Fort Wayne, Ind.           2 12-19-26 3 5-12               but ha\e ellopped back to                37 @ 38 cents     Paytas are quoted
                                                                                     at 42 (Ci; 43 Buenos c\\ les              at 43 @ 44, Haytien,; at 49 @ 51;
        Commission men for the states of Minnesota, WIsconsin,
        and Michigan, to sell our line of Novelty Furmture on a
                                                                                I    " e1 a Cruz, 51 r(J) 52, Bla711s, 66 @ 70
                                                                                           COldae,e'l'; act1\e and film   Imha tW111e No,; 40 to 6 i;;
        commission basis. Address The Art Novelty Co, Goshen,
        Ind.                                                2-12
                                                                                II   quoted at 8
                                                                                                        8[/-+ hght 9 @ 9}~ fine '(0 18. 1P/2 (OJ 11;}4,
                                                                                        C \C1 18 16 @ 160
                                                                                         Sheet 7111Ch dO\\n "0 cents                    per ton    It is now ql10tecl
                                                                                     at $7 ~O l)el 100 pounds fob                       Peru, Ill, with 8 per cent
        Position as commercial photographer of furmture by a prac-
        tical, competent man. Ten years' experience.  Best of refer-                 c1i"count
        ence. Address J. H. Packer, care Times Union, Jacksonville,
        Fla.                                                  1-22t£
                                                                                                               Index to Advertisements.
                                                                                     Dc1lnes, '1'1 r & Company                                                           Cover
        For territory east of Buffalo, New York City, New York state                 Balton, [{ 11 &.. Son, Company                                                          13
        and New England, one good line of furniture to sell in con-
        nection with my present line of dining chairs, Address A. E.                 Dd?\\ ell C Chc1ll Company                                                             20
        W., care Weekly Artisan.                              11-20                  i)oclch, \lL "andu   Company                                                           10

                                 WANTED.                                              r\    d   n ,,\ !lIe I u ll1ltl11e I'actone"                                       Cover
        Commission men for the states Michigan, Iowa, Missouri,
                                                                                      1 01 d &.. T ohn "on Com pall)'                                                            3
        Nebraska and Kansas, also for the western states or Pa-
        cific coast, to carry our line of Library, Center and Folding                                                                                                            2
                                                                                      (J!   and RapId"       InCH\ PIpe Company
        Tables on commission.     Address Lock Box No. 124, Sheboy-
                                                                                      Gland         Rapld.., \ Lneer 'IYOlks                .                                10
        gan, Wis.                                              12-25tf
                                                                                      Hottman  BrothelS   Compan)                       .                                    19
                                 SALESMAN.                                            Hotel ~ Ormell1dle, ~DetrOlt)                                                          19
        New York state, outside metropolitan district, is open for a
        line for buffets and china closets; also cheap and medium                     KImball         Bro"     Company                                                       14
        priced dressers and chiffoniers. Address Box 162, Kenmore.
        N. Y.                                                 12-18tf                 LctL Table Company. . . . . . . . . .. .                                               22
                                                                                      Luce FUl111ture Company.      '"      ..                                                   4
                              HELP    WANTED.                                         Luce Redmond    Chair Company                                                              4
         A good furniture man-assistant   to buyer or one who has                                                                                                           32
         had all around experience.   A chance for man who wants
         to leave a smaller town and go into a larger field. Address                  "[Klllgan    I=n~lc1\ mg- Company                                                  Cover
         Furniture Department, P. O. Box 245, Trenton, N. J. 11-20tf
                                                                                      Richmond    Chan Company                                                               11
                                                                                      Pltcan n Yarn Ish Company.                                                             24
         A Manufacturers' Agent doing a very successful business in
                                                                                      Ro\" e,:C P Cal \ 111g \Yorks                                                          31
         Baltimore and Washington and surrounding territory desires
         one or two good lines on commission.   Address "Success,"                                                                                                           12
                                                                                      Schullt, Henry & Company           .
         Weekly Artisan.                                     11-13tf
                                                                                      Smith & DaV1S Manufactunng    Company                                          .       23
                                                                                      St8f Caster Cup Company                                                        .       14
                        WANTED-LINES          FOR   1910
                                                                                      Stow & Davis Fur111tl11e Company                                           .           31
         Experienced salesman with established trade between Buffalo
         and Bangor, Me., would like to carry several lines of medium                 The Buss :\1achllle Works                                                      .   Cover
         priced case goods on commission.       Address "Es~"      care
         Weekly Artisan.                                      10-9 t. f.              G dell 'IVorks .                                                       .       .           7
                                                                                      Cpham ~Ianufactur111g                 Company..           .   .                        30
         40 H. P. direct current motor, latest make and in first class                 '1\ alkel. BIrdseye"     ..      "                               ..   . ..            11
         runnin~ condition.    Grand Rapids Blow Pipe &: Dust Ar-                      ·Wa1ter Clark Veneer Company                                                  .       17
         rester Co., Grand Rapid.. Mich.                      8-ZItf                   White Prmting     Company                                                     .    Cover
                                                                                       Wysong    & Miles Company .......................•                                            1
    k                                                                            •

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