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             Room No. 401, Administrative Block, District Courts Complex
                            Saket, New Delhi – 110 017.

                                                                         Dated: 29.08.2011.
       Subject:-  Initial allotment of a Lawyers’ Chambers in Lawyers’
            Chamber Block, District Court Complex, Saket, New Delhi.

        Whereas 2582 applications were received from the advocates during the
specified period i.e. from 23rd May, 2011 to 4th June, 2011 in response to the notice
dated 16.05.2011 for initial allotment of Lawyers’ Chambers in Lawyers’ Chamber
Block in District Court Complex, Saket, New Delhi as published in the form of Master
List for information and perusal of all concerned as per notice dated 13.07.2011,
whereby representations were invited from all concerned to point out error, if any, in the
data mentioned in the said Master List as published by submission in writing within
seven days from the date of issuance of the said notice;

       And whereas in response to the said notice, 378 representations were received,
on the basis of which suitable corrections/modifications in the Master List have been

        And whereas having regard to the letter & spirit of the Lawyers’ Chambers
(Allotment and Occupancy) Rules, 2010, the information furnished by the applicants
and the seniority list provided by New Delhi Bar Association, on the basis of Master
List as corrected, following two lists, in order of serial number of the applications, have
been finalized:-
        (a)     List of applicants, short-listed as per NDBA record, tentatively found
        eligible, subject to scrutiny, for initial allotment of chambers at Saket (list C -1),
        containing 1606 names, the inclusion of the name in this list being purely
        provisional, subject to scrutiny and by itself conferring no right for actual
        allotment; and
        (b)     List of applicants who have been found ineligible for initial allotment of
        chambers at Saket (list C – 2), containing 976 names, indicating in the last
        column the reasons therefor.

       And whereas the Allotment Committee has decided to publish the
aforementioned two lists C – 1 and C – 2 on the website of Delhi District Courts for
information of all concerned;

      And now, therefore, the lists are hereby published and may be perused by being
downloaded from the website of Delhi District Courts (

       Issued under directions of, for and on behalf of the Allotment Committee.

                                                         (B.R. Bansal)
                                                       Member Secretary
                                               Lawyers’ Chambers Allotment Committee
                                               District Court Complex, Saket, New Delhi.

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