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       Testbed release 0
Organization and working model

             F.Etienne, A.Ghiselli

  CNRS/IN2P3 – Marseille, INFN-CNAF Bologna

    DATAGRID Conference, 7-9 March 2001
•   Testbed 0 release goals
•   Working model
•   Organisation
•   Conclusion

7-9 March 2001       DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam   2
                  Goals of Testbed 0 release
• Grid basic services deployment at european level, based on
  Globus toolkit; main coordination issues are:
     – Information services
     – Resource access:Certification, Security and policies management
     – Installation kit and documentation

• Network layout monitoring tools
• First Grid Middleware tests
• First Grid Applications tests

7-9 March 2001          DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam                  3
                     Working model
• Goal: Testbed has to provide the grid-layout for test
  activity of each WP and organize the software release
  validation process.
• Working model defines the validation process of each
  software package released by the DATAGRID Work

7-9 March 2001     DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam        4
                    Working Model
1. WP test activity: Testbed WP will provide the basic layout
   for test activity of each DATAGRID WPs.
2. WP Release: a team of people from WPs, applications,
   testbed and network will organize the test environment for
   this release, do the tests, provide feedback to the WP and
   validate the release for the next test phase.
3. Testbed Release : the previous software release will be
   integrated to the last official testbed release. This new
   release will be tested in a larger environment in order to
   be validated for the next final testing phase.
4. Official Testbed Release:a new team including also
   users will organize a quasi-production environment in
   order to certificate this release as new official testbed
  7-9 March 2001    DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam        5
                           MIDDLEWARE AND APPLICATIONS

                     Specific WP test activity                          WPx team
                         I WP Release + appl. test             Testbed + WPx + appl. Team

   S                       II Testbed Release :integration            Testbed + WPs and
                            into testbed release and test in                                T
                                                                          appl. Team
                                  larger environment
   T                                                                                        W

   B                          III Official Testbed Release test              + Users Team   O
                               in quasi-production environment
                                       Official Testbed RELEASE                             K
   D             Development Version
                                                                 Production Version

7-9 March 2001                    DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam                               6
                 Testbed organization
• Permanent Group, to coordinate and plan the test
   – Partner representatives
   – Technical committee
   – Site contacts
   – Testbed support
• Release Teams: one team for each Release validation

7-9 March 2001     DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam      7
                      Permanent Group
     – Partners representatives
        • To coordinate testbed activity and evolution
        • To define resource access policies in collaboration
          with the owner of the resources
        • To approve test plans

7-9 March 2001       DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam            8
                             Permanent Group                                        cont.
• Technical Committee: to coordinate grid basic services and define
    test plans to be approved by the partners.
     – Requirements group (WPs Middleware, applications)
           • To define the testbed requirements for WP tests (resources, services..) and for
             the validation of WP software releases
     – Information service group coordinator
           • The IS group has to plan and support the IS service configuration for the
     – Certification Authority coordinator
           • To solve the multiple CA certificate issue for DATAgrid with the CA
     – Security group coordinator
           • To find the best mechanism to implement the access policies using the Globus
             Security Infrastructure
           • To provide the architectural model for security to ATF
     – Network layout and services: oneWP7         representative
                 – technical input from WP7 and WP6 requirements output to WP7

7-9 March 2001                DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam                                  9
                       Permanent Group                       cont.

     – Site Contacts:(a coordinator per organization)
           • To manage grid site-resources
           • To implement the access policies
           • To install software packages decided by the
             technical committee and by the release team
           • To provide local support for the official releases

7-9 March 2001          DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam              10
                       Permanent Group                       cont.

     – Testbed Support
           • To organize and provide support and documentation
             on the official testbed software to site contacts (and
             in collaboration with them) and users.
           • Need of direct channel with the Globus Team
             (testbed support & IS support)

7-9 March 2001          DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam               11
                       Release Teams

• Temporary groups set up for each specific WP release to
  certificate the different release validation phases. For each
  release the membership has to be set up.
• Clarifications:
   – the software code is owned by the WPs.
   – Testbed WP organizes the „release certification‟ and
      distribute the installation kit of the integrated WP
      releases also called “Testbed official release”.

7-9 March 2001       DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam              12
                                             WP6          Coordinator: Francois Etienne
                                                          Deputy     : Antonia Ghiselli

CERN               CNRS          ESA-          PPARC            INFN           Spain
                   IN2P3                         RAL            9 sites        5 sites
                                 4 sites
                   7 sites                                    A.Ghiselli
S.Jarp                  G.Brugnoni D. Newbold                 L.Gaido
              F.Etienne            A.Sansum                                    R.J.Wilson

                                                                    CZECH                Sweden
  ZIB                    LIP                 Russia
(Berlin)              (Lisboa)                4 sites                                    Lund
                                                                     2 sites
A.Merzky             J.Gomes               B.A.Llyin                                O.Smirnova
F.Schintke                                                          M.Ruda
  7-9 March 2001                  DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam                            13
                                   Sites map


                                                      Lund       Moscow

                                RAL Estec KNMI Berlin

                                        IPSL     Prague
                                Paris                     Brno
                   Santander      Lyon
                                 Grenoble    Milano
                      Madrid             Torino BO-CNAF
                                Marseille Pisa
                                                                 HEP sites
                              Barcelona           ESRIN
                                               Roma              ESA sites


7-9 March 2001                 DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam            14
                                 Testbed progressively growing
                                  from quantum to production Grid

                                                                ATLAS LHCb
                                                            CMS          ALICE
                                                             ??    GRID
                                          CMS    ATLAS      COMPASS
                                                                 ARGO APE

                                  LHCb TESTBED 1
                                     VIRGO ALICE

                              Quantum                 ON


7-9 March 2001                          DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam          15
• Actions of this meeting:
   – Testbed organization in place
   – Define CA/Security rules
   – Define a GIS topology and deployment coordination
   – Network monitoring tools proposal
   – Collect test requests from site contacts, and eventually
     from Middleware WPs and Applications
   – Testbed0 resource list
   – --- test plan

7-9 March 2001      DATAgrid Conference - Amsterdam             16

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