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HISD On-Line Databases


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									                    HISD Online Resources 2007-2008

On-Line Encyclopedias

                                     Grolier Online
     Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, a general purpose encyclopedia
     Encyclopedia Americana, a high school, adult-level encyclopedia
     New Book of Knowledge, an elementary level encyclopedia
     La Nueva Enciclopedia Cumbre, a Spanish language encyclopedia – with 2 levels

          Target audience K-12

                              Britannica Online

         Encyclopedia Britannica, a high school level encyclopedia

         Compton’s Encyclopedia, for middle school and up

         Britannica Elementary, for elementary students

         Britannica Learning Zone, for K-2

      Includes videos, websites, journal articles, dictionary, world atlas, and more.

          Target audience K-12

Other On-line Resources

 ABC-CLIO - Social Studies Resources -
ABC-CLIO consists of three separate databases: World Geography, World History- the modern era (after 1500),
and American History. Contains maps, primary resources, articles, and e-books.

             Target audience 8-12 (may be used by younger students with help)

        This comprehensive on-line EBSCO package provides students and educators access to multiple
        databases simultaneously though five interfaces: Searchasaurus, Kids Search, Student Research Center,
        EBSCO Host and though the new Grokker visual search tool. There are also specialized health resources
        in English and Spanish. The Novelist and Novelist K-8 resources serve to link readers to the right book.
        Science Resource Center is a specialized Science database that can be searched alone or within the
        EBSCOHOST database.

             Target audience K-12

                                NetTrekker - web site collection

NetTrekker organizes web sites around the K-12 curricula. All sites are evaluated for academic integrity and age
appropriateness before they are considered. Users can search by grade level, key word, or curriculum area.
Resources are aligned with the state standards including lesson plans and learning exercises.

             Target audience K-12

Proquest provides access to 4 products:E -Curriculum Library, History Study Center, Proquest:Literature, and
Historical Newspapers. E-Curriculum Library provides answers from more than 2,000 full-text magazines,
newspapers, reference books, and transcripts-plus thousands of pictures, maps, educator-approved websites,
and audio/video content. Historical Newspapers offers a unique collection of primary source historical documents
featuring back issues of the New York Times

             Target audience 6-12 (younger grades with assistance)


Teaching Books makes available original, in-studio movies of authors and illustrators, audio excerpts of
professional book readings, guides to thousands of titles and a wealth of multimedia resources on children's and
young adult literature.

             Target audience K-12

                              Thompson Gale
Thompson Gale provides access to 3 products: Literature Resource Center, Student Resource Center Gold and
Testing and Education Reference Center. Literature Resource Center provides students with access to traditional
literary reference works, critical information on authors and their works, and current journal articles. Student
Reference Center Gold provides biographies, essays, full-text magazines, glossaries, historical overviews,
photographs, audio files to answer research needs. Testing & Education Reference Center helps users prepare for
higher education and the working world by providing access to information on colleges and universities, majors,
careers, and testing. It also features interactive online practice tests for preparatory examinations including
entrance exams and certification and licensing tests. To access you must indicate which high school you are
affiliated with.

             Target audience 9-12

        A resource for High School teachers concerned with academic integrity of student work. The primary focus
        of this service is to prevent plagiarism. Please call Debbie Hall at 713-861-1204 or email her at to obtain School ID# and usage information.

             Target audience 9-12

                  Discovery Education United Streaming
United Streaming is a digital video-based learning resource from Discovery Education. Educators gain on-demand
access to 50,000 content-specific segments from 5,000 full-length educational videos- including more than 1,000
new videos in subject areas including foreign language, secondary math, science, and language arts. This resource
requires a unique login for each user. You may obtain a login kit from your librarian or your tech coordinator. Each
teacher creates a unique user id and password so you can bookmark and organize your content.

             Target audience K-12

                   Wilson Web – Educational resources for professional educators

Professional journals and entire articles on many subjects related to education.

             Target audience educators


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