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					APRIL 2003 NEWSLETTER                      BMW MOA CHAPTER #165

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                    Prez’s and Editor’s articles                  Pg. 2
                    Hank’s trip in Baja, part 2                   Pg. 3
                    Randy and some of his friends, part 1         Pg. 4

  APRIL14, 2003     Doings and photos                             Pg. 5

 Volume 4, Issue4   Rear Cover Photo, thanks Mike; Blake’s Tips   Pg. 6
                                                                                                          Desert with Phyllis and Sir Winslow
                                                                                                          Somewhere outside Barstow in the
             the buzz on the net is true, someone
                                                                    nd I nominate for President Cy
poured some clear liquid in my beer and I woke up
the next morning as our club President, with Chris                  and all those in favor say Cy,
Lucadello as Vice-President.                               ....thanks for stepping up to the front
     I have since met with past President Hank             table Cy! Now we need to get the Directors to-
Hughes, and been presented with the sacred file box        gether.
(thank you Phyllis for putting “the sacred file box” to-        Senator Allen Hurt (R) presented a bill in New
gether) whose contents I have reviewed so that I           Mexico that a declared brain dead motorcylist (who
could best assess the clubs history, goals, liabilities    was not wearing a helmet) become an automatic
or lack thereof, financial & corporate status, blah blah
                                                           organ donor, hmm, it was defeated. And now a
blah.... The better to gain some perspective on my
duties and responsibilities etc. One of my first goals     word from Congress, on Feb 14th, Sens. Russ
is to revive our moribund command & control struc-         Feingold (D-Wis) and Susan Collins (R-Maine)
ture (board of directors) and to have at least one         have introduced a Bill to remove Health Insurance
board meeting a year to clean out some of the clutter      Companies ability to deny health care -in case you
in the sacred box and chart the course of the club. I      were injured in a recreational accident such as rid-
also want to improve our roster to include a thumbnail     ing a motorcycle. You’ll remember Congress’s ear-
picture of each member (from the neck up) with what        lier attempt to improve health coverage resulted in
BMW(s) we ride, so both our old and new members
                                                           this guffaw. Do you have any idea what it takes to
can put the name with the face/bike, so we are not
such strangers to each other.                              get a law passed? It’s quite a bit of doing!
     Enough for now, my personal dossier, proclivities,         We now have 38 members in the club and if
and fetishes can wait for another newsletter. I look       you haven’t renewed, why not? Hello to Bob and
forward to presiding over our meetings and to facili-      Paula at Lake Havasu and Good Luck and Happy
tate discussions on favorite mods, lanesplitting, main-    Sailing to Phil Holland.
tenance, riding techniques, rants & raves, favorite &           Simon is in Nicaragua loving life and collecting
useful websites discovered, as well as actual rides,
                                                           donations-if you need to know more, ask!
roads, or rallies we have done.
   Sincerely, with a dose of levity,                            Change happens all the time and it takes a lit-
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                                  SB BMW Riders meet the 3rd Monday of every month at the Sizzler Restaurant
                                              5555 Hollister Avenue @ Kellogg Avenue, Goleta.
                                           Come for dinner around 6PM and stay for the 7:30 meeting.
                                                    NEXT CLUB MEETING IS APRIL 21st!

Santa Barbara BMW Riders, page 2
Velodog MY TRIP THROUGH                          gassed up again as the          decided to go up to the restau-
BAJA                                             sun was going down. You         rant and camp on the patio area.
                                                 don’t want to drive at night    I finally fell asleep sleeping on
                                                 in Baja so we got a room        solid concrete with no ground
                                           at the rundown ranch house at         pad. About every 30 minutes the
                                           $10.00 a bed. They also had a         coyotes would go off for about 3
                                           resaturant and in the back yard       minutes about 50 feet away. I
                                           there were 2 crashed airplanes        didn’t get much sleep that night.
                                           plus chickens and cows running        Berndt didn’t get any at all and
                                           free. The next morning we were        that morning I was awakened by
                                           up before the roosters and on         Mike honking his horn and all
                                           our way to Guerrero Negro             ready to go. I was not ready to
                                           (GN). That is where I was on re-      go, I had to repack my bike plus
                                           serve and needed gas, so I got        suit up, all before the sun was
                                           gas but no one else stopped so        up. So we all got gas and
                                           I drove very fast to catch up,        blasted down the road to San Ig-
                                           but after 40 miles I stopped and      nacio for breakfast at a little
                                           checked the map. I missed a           place called Renes, they have a
                                           turn and had to go back 40 plus       very old mission there plus the
                                           miles into GN were I saw              landscape is covered with palm
                                           Steve’s bike. They had just fin-      trees. On the road again we got
                                           ished eating! I got a little some-    some gas in Santa Rosalia. Af-
                                           thing to eat and then we went         ter about 50 miles we all stopped
                                           whale watching down a dirt and        at Jack’s house, he lives on a
                                           sand road about 10 miles. We          beautiful bay of crystal clear wa-
                                           got a camp site on the beach          ter at Bahia Conception. Jack’s
Editor’s note: To bring you up to date,   and got to go out onto the Bay to      house is up a dirt road up a
Hank recounts his trip and                watch the whales up close. One         pretty steep hill and what a view
we now begin with the sec-                                                                          he has. Inside
ond day from the border                                                                             his house are 3
where the group has just                                                                            BMW’s, an RT, /
eatean their lunch at                                                                               5 and a /2 with a
Mama Espinosa’s Restau-                                                                             sidecar. I’ve
rant....                                                                                            been there 3
    I had the lobster                                                                               times before and
which was fabulous,                                                                                 this was the first
they were happy to see                                                                              time he was
and feed all of us. This                                                                            home. He was
restaurant is one of the                                                                            very firendly and
Baja 1000 check                                                                                     offered us beer
points. Since 1930 it’s                                                                             and the use of
a must stop kind of                                                                                 his home. He
place. After filling our                                                                            made me feel
stomachs and gas                                                                                    right at home.
tanks, we were off                                                                                  Every year his
again. The roads were                                                                               house looks bet-
in very good conditon                     pod went right under the boat,         ter and better. Steve dumped his
and very well marked. The next            very exciting. That night was ok       GS on the way up the drive way
stop was to check out some                at first, but it began to rain and I   ,so before we could help him we
painted caves on a very sandy             did not have a tent or cover so I      had to take pictures first!
road, very hard to drive. We all

                                                                           Santa Barbara BMW Riders, page 3
  Sunday’s Ride with my Dutch Friends

                           by Randy Lum
                                               I    a

                                              friend in
                                                           beautiful sensual lines. I love the way the cylin-
                                                           ders stick out the sides - I’ve heard it said that a
                                                           BMW boxer is a Moto Guzzi that needs a bra. I
                                              town from    chuckle every time at the thought of it.
 the Netherlands, a fellow BMW enthusiast who re-              Sunday morning was spent running around
 cently traded in his K75 for an R1100RT. He was           getting things ready. I drove a car to John’s
 my technical counterpart based just outside of Am-        house, left it there and rode the Moto Guzzi back
 sterdam and we had worked together for years,             to my house. I topped off the oil in both airheads,
 always getting together for some great meals and          checked the tire pressures, and filled the gas tanks
 motorcycling. I’ve since moved on to another com-         on the bikes and lined them up on the street in
 pany, but we continue to get together whenever            front of the house. A nice little gathering of bikes –
 he’s in town.                                             they would do just fine, thank you.
      So I planned a ride for Sunday with me on my             Teun and Boudewijn arrived about 12:30pm.
 1975 R90S and Teun on my 1983 R65. I found                We spend some time outfitting the guys with vari-
 out, however,                  that he had another        ous helmets, jackets, and gloves and we were set
 colleague with                   him that was                to go. I           spend some moments explain-
 also a motorcy-                    clist (he                   ing the                various idiosyncrasies of
 rides a Cagiva                        El                         my                   bikes – like the R90S
 efant back in                                                                        speedo will register 10
 the Nether-                                                                               mph fast (unless it’s
 lands).                                                                                       reading 15 mph
 Hmmm,                                                                                            fast or 10 mph
 three riders                                                                                       slow, in other
 and two                                                                                            words it’s ba-
 bikes –                                                                                              sically use-
 this would                                                                                           less – just
 not do. Af-                                                                                          remember
 ter some                                                                                             that 4K rpm
 calls to                                                                                             in 5th is 65
 some                                                                                                 mph, OK?),
 cycle-                                                                                               both bikes
 owning friends I was                                               have false-neutrals, the self-retracting side
 able to borrow another bike, a 1999 Moto Guzzi            stands suck, the neutral light on the R90S is dis-
 Brava V11, from my friend John. I figured it’d be         connected, the brakes are weak, etc . My wife
 best not to put a stranger on a friend’s bike, so I       snaps a quick picture of us on the bikes and then
 planned to put Teun on the R90S, Boudewijn on             we’re off.
 the R65, and me on the Moto Guzzi.                            With such a late start I figure a romp through
      I was actually quite excited to ride the Moto        the Santa Ynez Valley would be about right. My
 Guzzi. I haven’t spent much time on bikes other           plan was to head up 101 north to Buellton, take
 than my two old airheads, so to get the opportunity       246 to Solvang and a stop at the motorcycle mu-
 to ride a modern, albeit still an “airhead”, motorcy-     seum, then 154 to Stage Coach Road and Cold
 cle was very exciting to me. The Brava V11 is             Springs Tavern before heading back into Santa
 Moto Guzzi’s version of a cruiser-style bike. It’s        Barbara.
 amazing what the company has done with the old-               I lead the guys out at a modest pace, letting
 tech Guzzi v-twin engine, offering it on several dif-     them get used to the bikes. We pick up 101 and
 ferent bikes in various states of tune with two and       head north, enjoying the beautiful view of the
 four valve heads. While it’s fairly big and heavy,        ocean on the left. I’m riding at the speed limit of
 the Brava V11 is lighter than most other cruisers         65 mph, a bit slower than normal, because all
 and reviews of the bike gave high points to its han-      three of us are riding unfamiliar bikes and I don’t
 dling. What I really like about the bike is that it is    want to take any unnecessary risks.
 drop-dead beautiful! No excess chrome, just
Santa Barbara BMW Riders, page 4
                                                                     From Harvey Rawn:
          ENDA                                                           Another Rock Store oddity...
     S CAL                                                               BMW's C1 covered scooter that they

EVENT                                                               showed in Europe for a while. The rider
                                                                    said that this prototype is the only one in
                                                                    the U.S. and he is under contract to de-
                                                                    stroy it in a few weeks. In the process, he
                                                                    will fit a sidecar to it to establish some
                                                                    specifications. He expects BMW to ship
                                                                    him the next model for testing.

                                                             And from Steve Miller #1:
                                                                              Death Valley Jr.?
                                                                  I was wandering and discovered a very
                                                             scenic road that passes through a place called
                                                             the Elkhorn Plain. It starts at hwy 166 just south
                                                             of Maricopa at the Elkhorn grade turn. About 35
                                                             miles of excellent dirt road eventually punches
                                                             through to hwy 58. The views are great and it
                                                             reminded me of Death Valley very much. And
                                                             it’s in our own backyard!
                                                                        Thanks for the Cover Photo!

   S     o, you think you've ridden every good road in the area. Well, think again. Ever been on Gobernador Canyon
         Road? How about Sweeney Road? Those roads and more are described on Jeff Donovan's web site, Roads
of Santa Barbara County, The site is very well organized containing "main rides" and side
trips from them. For example, the description of the Highway 150 ride takes you on a journey from Carpinteria to
Santa Paula, with links to Gobernator Rd, Sulphur Mountain Rd, and the Creek Rd. to Santa Ana Rd. detour around
Ojai. Each ride has a map of the road and a description with photos telling you what the road is like. Some roads
even have a 3D contour map. So, if you want to try something new, check out the website. You may discover a
road you never knew about. And be sure to check back often as new roads are added to the site. cheers,
     --Dave Swanson.

                                      S  aturday 26th           (Continued from page 2)
                                         starting about         tle getting used to. I’ve had a bit of time on
                                 noon and ending some-          my hands lately so I improved my new R bike
time after breakfast the 27th, is the annual Twaddlefest        and fixed the gas and oil consumption, along
being held once more at Songdog Ranch.
     The cost is $30. in advance which includes: Tri-tip
and chicken BBQ, French toast breakfast, group camp-               About to take it for the first spin.
fire, pit toilets and camping.
     Please no Coleman lanterns, fluorescent lanterns,
portable stereos, fireworks or politicians.
     Contact: J Ehrlich, or 510/ 235-

                     Dear IRS,
                     I would like to cancel my subscrip-
                     tion. Please remove my name from
                     your mailing list.

                                                                         Santa Barbara BMW Riders, page 5
  John W. White, Editor. E-mail:, Phone: 805-487-0767 Last Minute Press Phyllis A. White, Proof Reader

                     Santa Barbara BMW Riders Inc., APRIL ‘03 Newsletter.

                              A Doug Joke                     Lena folded and put away Ole’s underwear.
                                                         Ole took out a pair the next morning and was shaking
                                                     the powder out and said “Darn it , Lena, I wish you
                                                     wouldn’t put so much powder in my underwear.”
                                                         Lena replied, “That’s not powder Ole, it’s Miracle Gro!”

    627 N. Salsipuedes, near Ortega
        Park, 805/ 966-6508
   Now closed on Sunday and Monday
       Tu-Fri 8-6 and Sat 8-4.

 Blake’s Tips
                                       The    DMV makes one of the best reference materials for mo-
torcyclists I’ve ever read. It is the Motorcycle supplement to the Drivers Handbook. I try to review it
frequently, not just before my test. It covers all aspects of motorcycling, but the sections I review the
most are about lane position, visibility, avoiding hazards, and general riding safety. Another excel-
lent publication for this sort of information is Friction Zone. You can pick up the supplement at the
DMV, and Friction Zone can be found at most motorcycle shops. The best part is that both these
publications are free. Blake
                                    Santa Barbara BMW Riders, page 6

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