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Professional Learning Units


 Professional Study

     Winter 2010
State Department of Education (SDE)
   Leadership and Evaluation Unit
       Gordon Persons Building
             Room 3323
           P.O. Box 302101
      Montgomery, AL 36130-2101
                 Chris Wilson
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     SDE Teacher Education and Certification
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      SDE Technology Initiatives, STI PD

ACLD Professional Study (PS)
 Application and Resources
      Alabama Council for
     Leadership Development

    Maintaining Instructional
      Leader Certification
Earning   Professional Learning

Approved    Professional Study
           Appointed By
 State Superintendent of Education

 Serve Three-Year Staggered Term

Central office instructional leaders
       Assistant principals

           Supported by
  SDE Leadership and Evaluation Unit
1.   Planning for Continuous Improvement
2.   Teaching and Learning
3.   Human Resources Development
4.   Diversity
5.   Community and Stakeholder Relationships
6.   Technology
7.   Management of the Learning Organization
8.   Ethics
1.    Organize adults into learning communities
2.    Require knowledgeable and skillful school and district
3.    Provide resources
4.    Use disaggregated student data
5.    Use multiple sources of information
6.    Prepare educators to apply research
7.    Use learning strategies
8.    Apply knowledge about human learning and change
9.    Provide educators with collaborative skills
10.   Prepare educators to understand and appreciate all
11.   Deepen educators’ content knowledge
12.   Provide educators with knowledge and skills to involve
      families and stakeholders
                Fully addresses
  • Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders
              Completely aligns to
• Alabama Standards for Professional Development
               Approved two ways
                      • ACLD
  • Local education agency (LEA) superintendent
                    Applies to
  • All educators maintaining instructional leader

Only method to earn Professional Learning Units
        Vendors/private providers
      Local education agencies (LEAs)

        Complete and submit an
   ACLD Professional Study Application
           On Leadership Website

ACLD reviews and approves each application
                       LEAs are not required
                    to submit locally approved
  Local Education Agencies
                    professional studies to the
        are not required
                     ACLD or SDE for approval.
           to submit
locally approved professional
    study to the ACLD for
      review or approval.
                               WHAT IS A PLU?
• Content driven, long-term
• Fully addresses the Alabama Standards for Instructional Leaders
• Completely aligned to the Alabama Standards for Professional Development
• Earned upon completion of approved professional study
• Replaces the continuing education unit (CEU)

                         WHO MUST EARN A PLU?
• All educators electing to maintain their instructional leader certification

                    HOW WILL PLUs BE RECORDED?
• Software Technology Incorporated, Professional Development (STI PD)
•   For approved college courses to earn PLU credit, official transcripts
    must be submitted (in sealed envelopes) from the institution.
• To maintain instructional leader certification, five PLUs must be
 earned over a five-year certification cycle.
• At least two PLUs must be earned from ACLD approved
 professional studies.
• Two PLUs may be earned from an LEA approved professional
• The fifth PLU may be earned from professional studies approved
 by either the ACLD or the LEA.

                     WHEN DID THIS BEGIN?
                            • 2009
       • A method for transitioning from CEUs to PLUs over a
                     five-year period is in place.
          • Complete conversion to PLUs anticipated by 2014.
             Approved Professional Study
             Professional Learning Units

   ARE directly related to an individual’s instructional
    leader certification.

   ARE NOT related to an individual’s position, role or
    place of employment.
Includes anyone holding a valid Alabama certificate
        one or more of the following areas:

                     Superintendent
                Superintendent-Principal
               Principal (any grade level)
               Educational Administrator
     Supervisor (any subject and/or grade level)
   Administrator of Career and Technical Education
                  Instructional Leader
   Submit a Duplicate Certificate Request (Form DUP)
   Submit a $30 fee to the SDE
   If employed by an LEA, the LEA will have Form DUP
   All individuals, regardless of employment, may
    obtain Form DUP by going to the SDE website at
    -   Click on Sections
    -   Select Teacher Education and Certification
    -   Select Publications
    -   Select Forms
    -   Select Form DUP and download

   Directions for completion of form and fee submission
    are included in Form DUP
   Individuals may also access their
    certificate information at

   Once there, go to Teaching in Alabama
    on the Home Page.
       There is no charge for this method of access.

       Individuals will not obtain another certificate.
        However, their certificate information is available
        at this site.
            State Department of Education
Alabama Math, Science, & Technology Initiative
    Standards 1 & 2
Alabama Reading Initiative
    Standard 2
Curriculum/Instruction–Making Middle Grades Work
   Standard 1

Federal Programs - Coordinators
   Standard 7

Federal Programs - English Language Learners
   Standard 2

Federal Programs – School Improvement
   Standard 1
      State Department of Education
Leadership/Edvantia, Incorporated
  Shared Leadership
  Re-culturing for Student Success
   Standards 1 & 5

Leadership/Federal Programs
  Alabama Leadership Success Academy
   Standard 1

Leadership/Evaluation – EDUCATEAlabama
   Standard 7
 Agencies, Associations, Organizations
   Alabama Association of School Boards
                 Standard 1
      Alabama Education Association
          Standards 1,2,4, 5, 6, & 7
        Alabama Reading Associaton
                 Standard 2
   Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools
            Standards 1,2,3,4,6, & 7
    School Superintendents of Alabama
                 Standards 6 & 7
   School Superintendents of Alabama/A+
                    Standard 1
School Superintendents of Alabama/Apple Inc.
                  Standard 6
                  Other Entities

e-Learning for Alabama Educators
AL Public Television/State Department of Education
   Standards 1 & 6

Education Leadership Center for the Wiregrass
 Standards 1,2, & 7
          Private Providers

     Curriculum Advantage, Inc.
              Standard 2

Education & Assessment Solutions, Inc.
              Standard 2

 Information Transport Solutions, Inc.
               Standard 6
  Auburn City                   Ft. Payne City
      Standard 1                 Standard 2
 Blount County                  Gadsden City
         Standard 2             Standard 7
Cleburne County
                              Lawrence County
         Standard 2             Standard 1
Cullman County                   Phenix City
     Standards 1 & 5          Standards 2 & 6
  Elmore County                 Shelby County
       Standard 2               Standard 1
                  Vestavia Hill City
                   Standard 7
 To view ACLD approved professional study applications,
             follow the steps listed below:
1.    Go to
2.   Select, the Search link
3.   Select, the Fiscal Year 2009, under the Public
     Application Search section
4.   Then, click the Search button to populate the list
5.   Next, select the View Application link
6.   Then, select View/Print Entire Application link
     to see all content
May a person carry-over
PLUs from one five-year
certification cycle to the
        next cycle?

How many PLUs must be
 earned from an ACLD
 approved professional
 study over a five-year
  certification renewal

   Are PLUs required to be
earned from a locally approved

             What if a person moves or
              changes positions while
            participating in an approved
                 professional study?

                  Continued participation in an
approved professional study may be determined
  upon agreement between the participant, and
                    former/current employers.
Yes !
           May PLUs be earned
        from college course credit
               received from
     institutions of higher education
 (e.g., online, out of state) that are not
 part of Alabama’s university redesign?

Not from ACLD/SDE approval,however . . .
           May PLUs be earned
        from college course credit
               received from
     institutions of higher education
 (e.g., online, out of state) that are not
part of Alabama’s university redesign, if
  a local superintendent approves this
    Education specialist or doctoral level
  administrative coursework completed at
institutions outside of Alabama may be used
 as a PLU only if the course is approved by
the Alabama superintendent or headmaster.

No more than three PLUs approved by the
local superintendent may be used towards
       the renewal of a certificate in
    administration and/or supervision.
All coursework at Alabama institutions that have
         been approved for use as a PLU
       (through the SDE) can be found at
Approved Professional Study Status
   Since the Last ACLD Review
 The Alabama Council for Leadership Development (ACLD)
  and the Alabama State Department of Education (SDE) do
    not endorse any groups, organizations, associations,
  agencies, individuals, private providers, vendors, and/or
    any other entities that submit Professional Study (PS)
     Applications for ACLD approval to earn Professional
                  Learning Unit (PLU) status.

ACLD approval is strictly for the content and delivery of the
    professional study provided through the application
   Preview the approved professional studies
    (PS) on Leadership & Evaluation website.
   Contact the provider listed by each PS you
    find of interest.
   The provider should assist by providing:
     Additional information on the PS
     A method/means to register for the PS
     Assistance/facilitation during the PS
     Documentation of successful completion of PS to
      earn professional learning unit(s) through Software
      Technology Incorporated, Professional Development
      (STI PD)
   Contact the person responsible for
    professional development at your local
    education agency (LEA) central office.
   Determine if locally approved professional
    study is available to you.
   Participate, as applicable, and as allowed by
    your local superintendent and/or supervisor.
   Upon successful completion of locally
    approved professional study:
       Ensure participation is documented through STI PD,
        in accordance with local policies.
                   FAQ Memorandum
                         January 13, 2009
                State Superintendent of Education
                        Joseph B. Morton
                       Points to Remember
•   Questions asked by over 4,200 Alabama educators
• Responses were compiled from the ACLD and SDE
• Applies to individuals holding a valid Alabama
  instructional leader certificate
• FAQ Document is marked DRAFT, January 13, 2009
     • Responses may be subject to change as new instructional leader
       certification and the approved professional study process is refined.

                              YOU MAY COPY !!
  Thank you
for your time !