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            ABOUT US

            Fuse is a marketing services
            agency that connects brands to
            teens and young adults.
           - Founded in 1995
           - Offices in Burlington, Vermont and New York, New York
           - 35 full time staff
           - Independent agency and privately owned
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           BRAND STRATEGY                  PUBLIC RELATIONS            DIGITAL
           Brand Positioning               Endemic/ Mainstream/Trade   Strategy
           Retail Programs                 Digital                     Web Design & Development
           Research                        Media Events                Video Production
           Sponsorship Management          Copywriting                 Mobile
           Grassroots Programs             Media Training
           Partnership Marketing
           Influencer Marketing

           EVENT MARKETING                 DESIGN                      SOCIAL MEDIA
           Onsite Activation               Art Direction               Strategy
           College Marketing               Identity                    Content
           Mobile Tours                    Packaging                   Development
           Event Management                Print                       Distribution
           Presence & Premium Production   Collateral
           Product Sampling                Production
           Guerilla Marketing
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           Fuse supports clients in
           reaching a mass market while
           building credibility with youth
           culture’s influencers.
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            AND BRAND                  MAGAZINE                 JOURNAL
            EXPERIENCE                - Grand EX Award         - Forty Under 40
            INTERNATIONAL             - Top 100 Agency         - Sports Business Award Finalist
            AWARDS                    - EX Award               - Top 20 Agency
           - Gold Winner

            NATIONAL                   PROMO MAGAZINE           OUTSIDE MAGAZINE
            TELEVISION                - Top 100 Agency         - 50 Best Places To Work
            ACADEMY                   - Pro Award
           - Sports Emmy Nomination   - Promo 100 List

            PRSA BIG APPLE             INC. MAGAZINE
            AWARD                     - 5000 Fastest Growing
           - Consumer Marketing         Private Companies
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                      BRAND STRATEGY /
                      MOUNTAIN DEW

Additional            Strategic challenge
Services Provided /
Event Marketing       The key challenges included driving sales and building brand equity with
Public Relations      millennial consumers at a time when the carbonated soft drink market was
Media Buying
Design                in decline.
Content Development
Social Media
                      Action sports reach nearly 35 million participants and 75 million fans in the
                      U.S. and represent an aspirational and trend-setting lifestyle within
                      youth culture.
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                      BRAND STRATEGY /
                      MOUNTAIN DEW

Additional            execution
Services Provided /
Event Marketing       Fuse collaborated with Pepsi-Cola North America to develop a strategy
Public Relations      that included media properties (the Dew Tour), core grassroots programs
Media Buying
Design                (amateur skateboarding sponsorships), industry partnerships (Burton
Digital               Snowboards), pro athlete sponsorships (for use at retail, TV, social media,
Content Development
Social Media          grassroots, PR, print and digital), endemic media partnerships to distribute
                      branded content, and retail tool kits for key customers.

                      Mountain Dew is the #1 soft drink sold at C&G stores and has grown to a
                      $5 billion brand.
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   Mountain Dew’s event presence and partnership with Fuel TV
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                      EVENT MARKETING /
                      DUREX CONDOMS

Additional            Strategic challenge
Services Provided /
Brand Strategy        The primary challenges included driving awareness and product trial while
Design                considering sensitivities to the product category.

                      Campus marketing programs should employ multiple tactics and selecting
                      student Brand Ambassadors with wide ranging interests and broad-reaching
                      social networks creates greater access across campuses.
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                      EVENT MARKETING /
                      DUREX CONDOMS

Additional            execution
Services Provided /
Brand Strategy        On 60 campuses, Fuse utilized 150 Brand Ambassadors, social media, and
Design                sponsorship of campus events to distribute samples and premiums and raise
                      brand awareness within Greek communities, student governments, collegiate
                      athletes and other campus influencers. The agency executed an account-
                      specific program with CVS to drive retail purchases.

                      The program resulted in the distribution of 1.2 million samples, garnered over
                      20 million impressions, increased product sales at retail partner CVS by 25%
                      and helped to solidify Durex as the #2 condom company in the U.S.
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   Durex’s college marketing collateral
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            PUBLIC RELATIONS /
            USA SWIMMING

            Strategic challenge
            USA Swimming, the sport’s governing body, was challenged to increase the
            number of participants and educate minority children, who had been under-
            represented in the sport, about the benefits of swimming.

            Leveraging the time leading up to the Olympics to harness the excitement
            of the Games would help to increase interest in swimming, but a credible
            resource and a new story to tell would also be essential.
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            PUBLIC RELATIONS /
            USA SWIMMING

            Fuse identified an Olympic-contender and subsequent gold medalist, Cullen
            Jones, as spokesperson for the new Make A Splash program. The agency
            managed a research study that found 57% of African American children
            and Hispanic/Latino children are unable to swim and three times as likely
            to drown – data that then became the newsworthy centerpiece of the public
            relations efforts.

            The campaign garnered over 25 million media impressions, including an
            exclusive with the Associated Press that ran in media outlets across the
            country including USA Today, the New York Times, Newsweek, Boy’s Life
            and local outlets. The Make A Splash campaign drove a 550% increase in
            local learn to swim programs.
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   Olympic gold medalist Cullen Jones during a Make A Splash event
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                      DESIGN /
                      MATADOR by Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

Additional            Strategic challenge
Services Provided /
Brand Strategy        The key challenges included designing a complete visual identity that
Event Marketing       appealed to teens and young adults, including product packaging that would
Public Relations
Digital               stand out among competitors on store shelves and convey key
Social Media          product attributes.

                      Because MATADOR’s consumers are millennials – a demographic that
                      appreciates progressive design from the brands they love – the brand’s look
                      and feel needed to stand out from the majority of meat snack brands who
                      have historically adopted nearly identical visual cues.
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                      DESIGN /
                      MATADOR by Jack Link’s Beef Jerky

Additional            execution
Services Provided /
Brand Strategy        Fuse collaborated with Jack Link’s to concept, design, and then test multiple
Event Marketing       design options to stand out from the competition. Ultimately, millennial
Public Relations
Design                consumer feedback from the research informed the final design.
Social Media

                      MATADOR is now the #1 beef jerky for millennials. Consumer testing
                      showed a 3 to 1 preference of the new packaging over previous packaging.
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   MATADOR Beef Jerky packaging design
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                      DIGITAL /

Additional            Strategic challenge
Services Provided /
Brand Strategy        Creating a website for an iconic youth culture brand that has been the
Event Marketing       uniform of everything from the National Basketball Association to punk rock
Public Relations
Design                is an incredible challenge. Adding to that task was the goal to re-launch a
Social Media          brand – Converse Skateboarding – that had been dormant for decades.

                      In the crowded skate shoe marketplace with brands using their websites
                      to showcase product and sponsored athletes, Converse needed unique
                      content and features to cut through the clutter, inspire repeat visits and
                      influence purchase.
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                      DIGITAL /

Additional            execution
Services Provided /
Brand Strategy        Fuse created a site that featured product, athletes and events, and broke
Event Marketing       new ground by incorporating a never before used interactive “skate map” to
Public Relations
Design                help skaters find skate spots and hangouts anywhere they lived or traveled.
Social Media          To help promote the site and the brand, Fuse also published a limited edition
                      skate-inspired ‘zine with limited distribution to specialty retailers.

                      ConverseSkateboarding.com quickly rose to become one of the most heavily
                      trafficked action sports brand sites and contributed to Converse’s current
                      $40 million skate shoe business and its #4 position in the category behind
                      only Nike, Vans and DC.
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   Converseskateboarding.com Skate Map
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                      SOCIAL MEDIA /

Additional            STRATEGIC CHALLENGE
Services Provided /
Brand Strategy        The key challenge for Gatorade was to use social media to entertain and
Event Marketing       educate a new, younger consumer target about the science behind their
Public Relations
Digital               product that helps athletes go longer and harder.

                      For many teens and young adults, sports are not as much about competition
                      as they are about closely following their favorite athletes and consuming
                      behind the scenes and action content - providing an entertaining gateway to
                      communicate product benefits.
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                      SOCIAL MEDIA /

Additional            EXECUTION
Services Provided /
Brand Strategy        Gatorade-sponsored athletes embodying the brand’s “Go All Day” campaign.
Event Marketing
Public Relations      Content was developed and shared across Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and
                      YouTube for each sport, featuring pro snowboarder Ellery Hollingsworth, pro
                      BMX rider Nigel Sylvester’s and pro skaters Chaz Ortiz and Sean Malto at
                      locations around the world. Content was shared across the Gatorade social
                      media universe and has created a growing subscriber base and enabled the
                      brand to sustain meaningful engagement with millennial consumers.

                      In one year, there were 1.2 million video views, 20 million digital media
                      impressions and 98% positive consumer comments.
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   Gatorade athletes Sean Malto and Nigel Sylvester
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            STAFF BIOS
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  ISSA SAWABINI / PARTNER                         BILL CARTER / PARTNER                              BRETT SMITH / PARTNER
- Sports Business Journal’s Forty under 40       - Sports Business Journal’s “20 most influential   - awarded Fast Company’s Fast 50 award
  award winner, as one of the “Forty Most          people in action sports”                           and Vermont Business Magazine’s rising
  influential executives in Sports”                                                                   Stars award
                                                 - Featured in the new York times, and quoted in
- highly-respected youth culture expert with       uSa today, adweek, Forbes and other media        - oversees agency and provides strategic
  close relationships with top professional                                                           guidance on all client projects and accounts
  athletes and artists, event organizers and     - Featured speaker at marketing conferences
  endemic media                                    ranging from naScar Motorsports Marketing        - Featured speaker at the ieg Sponsorship
                                                   Forum, Fight Summit Mixed Martial arts             conference, the Youth Marketing exchange
- oversees all client services at Fuse and         Business conference and the Symposium for          executive conference and the Marketer’s
  specializes in the development and execution     the Marketing of higher education                  creative conference
  of targeted marketing strategies
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  HEATHER HENNESSY /                               JULIE JATLOW /                                          CLARKE COLON /
  PUBLIC RELATIONS                                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR,                                     EVENT MARKETING DIRECTOR
  DIRECTOR                                         STRATEGIC PLANNING                                     - oversees all event programs, from
- oversees the development of Pr and              - oversees the development of brand                       conceptualization to planning through
  media strategies                                  strategies, branding, athlete and artist marketing,     activation, including campus programs,
                                                    grassroots programs and sponsorship marketing           sponsorship executions, grassroots initiatives
- extensive experience working with media at                                                                and turnkey event marketing
  major magazines, digital and social media,      - expertise in retail systems and leads all client
  newspapers and television                         retail programs and promotions                        - experience includes work with Durex,
                                                                                                            gatorade, new Balance, harley-Davidson
- Former Vice President at cohn & Wolfe in new    - has consulted with PlayStation, Yahoo!,                 and others
  York, where she was responsible for strategic     harley-Davidson, nBc, Pepsi, Discover
  communications and creative planning              Financial Services and others                         - Prior to joining Fuse, clarke managed
                                                                                                            coca-cola’s olympic torch run sponsorship
                                                                                                            for the Salt lake city and athens
                                                                                                            olympic games
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  SCOTT RIVERS /                                    TIM BENTLEY /                                        MATTHEW HAY /
  PRODUCTION DIRECTOR                               CREATIVE DIRECTOR                                    ART DIRECTOR
- oversees all production projects, including      - oversees all creative print and digital projects   - talented artist and graphic designer with a
  catalogs, printed marketing collateral,                                                                 personal and professional passion for
  premiums, vehicles and custom built              - Manages project timelines, billing and               youth culture
  experiential elements                              resources and acts as primary creative client
                                                     contact related to overall project direction       - oversees design team projects in brand
- Provides insight and strategic                     and strategy                                         development and art direction
  recommendations on the latest trends in
  production and products                          - Prior to joining Fuse, tim supervised all print    - Prior to joining Fuse, Matt was a Digital
                                                     work at Burton Snowboards, including                 Production Specialist at JDK Design and
- has a wide network of vendors to ensure top        catalogs, ads, PoP, packaging, brand identity        worked with clients such as Burton
  quality products and the best possible pricing     and event collateral                                 Snowboards, Stx lacrosse, Merrell
                                                                                                          and Sylvania
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  DOUG CLARK /                                  MARK HEITZINGER /                                 ARA FINLAYSON / DIRECTOR,
  ART DIRECTOR                                  ASSOCIATE BRAND                                   AGENCY INSIGHTS
- an accomplished illustrator who works with    STRATEGY DIRECTOR                                - oversees the development of the agency’s
  digital and fine art media                   - leads strategy development and execution of       techniques and tools required for its staff
                                                 client campaigns                                  and clients to have a complete and timely
- oversees design team projects in brand                                                           understanding of youth culture
  development and art direction                - experience includes working with Fortune 500
                                                 companies such as Pepsi, gillette, Procter &    - contributes to the development and execution
- Prior to joining the Fuse team, Doug was a                                                       of client initiatives based on research and
  brand designer for Burton Snowboards,          gamble, Yahoo!, nBc, MtV and others
                                                                                                   understanding of actionable consumer insights
  specializing in conceptual development of    - has a lifelong passion for technology and the
  catalogs, event presences and media kits       Buffalo Bills                                   - has managed multiple award winning projects
                                                                                                   for clients such as new Balance, eastern
                                                                                                   Mountain Sports and Pepsi
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            FUSE/ BURLINGTON
            P.O. BOX 4509 / BURLINGTON, VT
            05406 USA
            FUSE/ NEW YORK
            10013 USA

               FIND US ONLINE_ fusemarketing.com

               LIKE US ON FACEBOOK_ facebook.com/FuseLLC

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