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									           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

           Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                  3

Introduction: Real Estate Investments and the
Diva Connection                                   4

My Journey Into Divahood                          7

Living the Lie                                   17

The Turning Point                               33

Get To Know You                                  38

Creating Wealth                                  49

Tools #1: The Diva Declarations and Diva
Affirmations                                     58

Tools #2: Real Estate Portion of the Book        91

The Millionaire Diva Coaching, Courses and
Events                                          108

                   Chandan Toor

         I would like to express my deepest
gratitude for the many people who assisted me in
completing this book.          This book is an
expression of my wonderful life. I would like to
thank the many people who have touched my
path with their thoughts, wisdom and love and
made my life so much richer and joyful. Thanks
to all and special thanks to the following people:

Cameron Hartl who put his heart and soul into
bringing depth to the text and the editing of this
My daughters for their insights and honest
opinion of the book and its content.
My four sisters for their edits, thoughts and
honesty about their experience of our childhood
and family.
My friend Henry who helped by offering his
My many girlfriends for sharing their stories of
success and struggles and giving me
encouragement to carry forward.
Teresa for her professional expertise to make the
necessary changes.
My friend Karen who added depth and insight to
the story.
My personal assistant Chantelle and my favorite
real estate coach Edgar who added their expertise
in the realm of real estate and investing.

      Thank you to all for without you this
book would not have been possible.

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

Real Estate Investments and the
       Diva Connection

         M          y journey into Divahood began
                    at my birth, but the price of
admission was living a life of unfortunate
difficulty, its alchemy molding and transforming
me into a vibrant, wise, and resilient woman … a

       So, what is a Diva you ask? How could
being a Diva relate to investing in real estate?
Although it might not be apparent at first, for me
that connection became the crucial link to
becoming successful in real estate.

     Let me begin by defining what a Diva is.
A Diva is a distinguished and extraordinary
woman. A Diva is a woman who embraces her

                   Chandan Toor

femininity and enjoys and relishes the beauty of
who she is. She is bold and expressive. She is
deliberate and creative. A Diva is a goddess who
is aware of her brilliant intellect and her
nurturing soul. She ventures deep within herself
with reverence and a deep appreciation of the
gifts life has granted her. Her strength is her
love and compassion for herself and others. Her
power lies in her humility, kindness, and ability
to face challenges with grace and wisdom. She
trusts the process and flow of life. A Diva is a
healer, a life giver and a composer of the melody
of life. She is neither shy, nor abrupt, but is
persuasive and pure as she lives the life of a
goddess. A Diva taps into her feminine energy
and the unlimited potential of creatorship. Her
true gift is being a woman who loves and
respects the imperfections within herself and
rejoices in living life as a Diva.

        Consequently for me, the connection
between being a Diva and a real estate investor
became quite simple. As these two worlds
melded and as the substance of me was
transforming from a restricted life into one of
unlimited potential, the path to my true wealth
was gradually revealed. It was a slow, one foot
in front of the other walk, and little by little I
learned to trust myself as I progressed towards
true self-sufficiency and wealth. However, the
fuel required to reach my ultimate goals was
courage. Looking back, I realize the potency of
my bravery and the powerful return of my

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

        The first step on the path of my rebirth
began with gaining some deeper understanding
of myself. I knew that I must triumph over the
personal challenges, which for many years had
prevented me from becoming the woman I knew
I was born to be. As my journey to becoming
more independent began and as my quotient of
knowledge in real estate investing excelled
nagging thoughts and feelings about not being
good enough or smart enough emerged and
countered my increasing confidence. These
beliefs were the specters, the source of terror that
kept me paralyzed in a life that was fearful,
abusive, and self-destructive. As I became more
aware of what I wanted to accomplish with my
investments, I kept finding reasons or excuses
not to take that next step of making and
finalizing purchases. I was gripped with fear and
feelings of inadequacy even though I knew in my
core that I had the knowledge and wisdom to be
successful.       I began to understand the
immobilizing and destructive impact of
negativity. I gradually began to comprehend the
power of the negative messages and images that
fueled my world from childhood and well into
my marriage. I began to see how the subtle
programming of those messages of not being
good enough to do anything on my own had
impaired me; the roots ran deep. I recognized
that the first step was to examine and transform
the beliefs that kept me frozen and fearful of
taking action. In my book I take you through my
story of self- examination, some of the questions
I asked myself, and the steps that followed, in
my initiation into Divahood.

                    Chandan Toor

    My Journey Into Divahood

           E    ach person has a story. My story
                is told to help all of us
appreciate the power that our stories hold. Its
purpose is to make use of my life as an example
of one woman’s journey from a place of
confinement to a place of freedom and personal
and financial power.

        My journey into Divahood began with
identifying my story, acknowledging the pain,
and moving beyond it. The significance in this is
how it has taken me from an existence of
limitations, fear, abuse, and loneliness to the life
of Divahood. This story was predetermined by
my family of origin and traditions that were
passed onto me by my ancestors. My story was

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

predictable and written, but the real power in my
story was recognizing that I could rewrite it.

         There were many reasons why I stayed
stuck in my story and failed to move forward.
You may even be able to relate to some or all of
these. At first I was not aware that I was a
participant in co-creating my reality. Slowly I
began to comprehend that if you create your
reality then you have the opportunity to change it
as well. As I became aware of my story I had a
choice to either change it or stay where I was. I
was trapped for decades because I was afraid of
hurting my children, my parents, and myself.
The fear of change was overwhelming and
frightening. What if the new reality was more
difficult than the present one or what if? … and
what if?… and so the story continued.

        To make changes I needed to have the
courage to confront what had to be addressed. I
had to look at myself in the mirror and see what
was being reflected back to me. What I saw was
a woman beaten, broken, half alive, not sure of
what to do, or who to turn to. It was easy to go
into denial and wear jewelry, nice clothes, and
have the illusion of being happy. It was easy to
keep busy and not think about the emptiness or
loneliness, but after a while I could no longer
continue hiding. I wasn’t fooling anyone, not
even myself. My choice was simple, either
address the issue or continue to medicate myself.

       Living in the fear of the unknown
prevented me from having the courage to find
my voice. I lived in fear of more abuse and

                   Chandan Toor

judgments from my community, family, friends,
and even myself. In my culture women are
expected to endure mistreatment for the benefit
of the community and the family. It is considered
selfless and dutiful to follow the traditional
norms and if you stray from these traditional
norms you can expect to be punished.

        Feeling    helpless,    powerless,     and
victimized, I had to examine why I chose to be a
victim and what I gained from it. The day I took
an honest look at myself and how I had allowed
other people to control my life, was the day that I
realized that no one had done this to me. I had
played the victim because it was easier to do that
than stand on my own two feet and be
responsible for my life. Realizing this about my
situation was one of the hardest things I have
ever done. I had lacked courage and been
paralyzed by fear. What would happen to me if I
tried to live my life by my own design? My
culture and family had done an excellent job of
convincing me that if I tried to break free I
would be punished. I was told that I would be
isolated and ostracized and so the story
continued. In order to break free I had to
acknowledge that living my life as a lie was a
bigger and more confining prison than the one I

        One of many episodes that I have tried to
forget is a dinner party early in my marriage. I
had prepared dinner for my husband’s business
clients and their wives with whom I had nothing
in common, but had to entertain anyway. Like
many times in my marriage, I had to be the

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

hostess because my husband and my culture
expected me to. Striving to be the good wife and
wanting to please my husband, I did what was
expected. At the dinner table my husband began
to swear and insult my parents and I felt the need
to defend them. He turned and punched me in
the face in front of our guests. I got up quietly
from the table and went into the bedroom. Our
guests left shortly afterwards and nobody ever
spoke of the incident again. No one addressed
the issue with my husband and the code of
silence was established.

         At that moment, sitting on the corner of
my bed, I was paralyzed by the insanity of what
had just happened and looked to see what I could
have done to deserve this. Although he had
struck me other times in private, the
embarrassment and humiliation of being
punched in the face publicly shook me to my
very core. I was a young woman, bright,
beautiful, and educated, living in a world of
abuse and terror. That was my turning point.
Still it took me another thirty years to get the
courage to finally become free of this situation.
All the while, I knew that I deserved better and
believed that if I could both avoid and appease
him I could preserve my dignity.

       Looking back at my past I realized that I
had bought into all the messages, expectations,
and stories that I had been told as a little girl. I
came to realize later in life that those stories and
messages were the demons that haunted me most
of my life, but they were demons that I had
created for myself. I have released those demons

                    Chandan Toor

and those beliefs about who I have to be and how
I have to live my life. Today I have loving
relationships, self-respect, dignity, and hope for
the future because I have committed to living the
life of a Diva.

        We all carry within us the power and
wisdom to generate new physical, emotional, and
spiritual growth. We must be willing to trust in
our sacred feminine essence that we were born
with. I define this as the essence that honors and
trusts in the wisdom that emanates from the
universal source. As women and mothers we are
born with a special intuition that I believe is
unique to each of us. If we are willing to look
within our hearts, we can embrace who we truly
are, not who we are expected to be.

        I began to ask myself, “What do I truly
believe in? What is important for me and my
happiness and my development as a woman?”
For so long I had buried my own desires, wants,
hopes, and passions to fulfill the roles that others
expected of me. I became aware that the greatest
tragedy for most people was not in dying but
what dies within us. As I examined what my
true desires were, I realized that my passion lay
in many areas such as business, health,
relationships, and spiritual growth. In business,
one area that sparked my interest was real estate.
I had worked with my husband, a real estate
agent for thirty years, and had often assisted him
as a secretary and hostess for his clients. I
learned what it took to be successful in the world
of real estate and now I felt the excitement of
venturing on my own. First and foremost it must

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

be a passion of yours that excites and exhilarates
you. If you have a desire that has an emotional

attached to it, the intended, or in some cases, the
unintended results of that emotional thought
works to attract whatever you are thinking. It is
important for me and those who I work with in
real estate investing to be certain that real estate
is something you feel passionate about. Are you
committed to staying the course and doing the
work required to be triumphant? If this is your
passion then the answer will be yes.

      Real estate investing has always been
exciting for me. I love the idea of looking for
different properties in different places and
finding ways to create passive income for
myself. I have spent many years learning and
educating myself from a variety of resources
including professional real estate investors who
were kind enough to share their insights and
knowledge with me. There are many different
methodologies, formulas, and opinions offered
today. I have researched and participated in
many of these and have formulated a strategy
which is quick, easy, and achieves my
investment goals.

        Sharing my secrets of success with other
women happened quite accidentally. I received a
phone call from my friend Elizabeth who I had
not heard from in some time. She was quite
depressed, her marriage was lifeless and empty,
her children had moved on, and she was feeling

                   Chandan Toor

very alone and scared. One of the issues
affecting Elizabeth and her husband was that
they had invested in real estate outside of the
country. Unfortunately they had lost a great deal
of money. Elizabeth herself had worked hard
over the course of thirty years and had wisely put
away her money. Five years ago her husband
started buying property outside of North
America and she had reluctantly given him her
savings. Regrettably, as the marriage was going
sour, so were the real estate investments.
Elizabeth felt depressed and spent by the
experience. She told me she simply was not
feeling good about her life and felt like there was
nothing to look forward to. I had known her for
some time and knew her to be like myself;
intelligent, attractive, full of life, and vibrant.
Suddenly she was a shell of her original self,
beaten down, much like myself, from years of
neglect and unhappiness. I listened to her for
some time and realized that not only had she
suffered at the hands of others but she had also
continued to suffer as a result of buying into the
story that had been imposed on her.

        After about twenty minutes of talking
nonstop about her story I stopped her and posed
a question. What would it be like if at this
moment you were no longer burdened by all of
the history, challenges, and limitations that had
been placed upon you? What would it be like if
you could experience a new story or a new way
of being, living without fear, living with the
freedom to chose, and with the joy of limitless
possibilities? Elizabeth still had a desire to
invest in real estate but after the experience with

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

her husband she was terrified of losing more
money. She had taken her husband’s advice of
handing over her savings to him to invest and
most of it was now gone. Elizabeth was unsure
that she was capable of investing on her own.
Like many women of our generation, we were
taught to depend on our husbands and not
question their decisions. I recall my own
conversations with my husband when I would
ask him about business decisions he would be
making with our investments and he would
scowl at me and tell me not to worry, everything
was taken care of. I was made to feel that this
was an area I should have no concern about
because it was not my area of expertise. I asked
her if I could work with her and work on her
beliefs about her abilities, to discover who she
was and what she was capable of doing. I talked
about my own story and told her what I had been
able to accomplish by learning to invest in real
estate. Equally important was what I had learned
about what I thought I was capable of doing on
my own. Elizabeth agreed and over the next few
months we worked on changing her story. We
deconstructed her beliefs and rebuilt her from the
inside out. At the same time I introduced her to
my new “Real Estate Wealth Program.”

        Over the next few months Elizabeth’s life
began to change. As she gained more
confidence, she began to experience more fun
and best of all, she had been able to take the
money that she had left and began to rebuild her
portfolio. The last I heard from Elizabeth was
that she had left her husband and had decided to
move. During my last conversation with her, we

                   Chandan Toor

talked about how the lives we were beginning to
live truly felt right for us. We were women who
were capable of having financial success, feeling
good about our lives, and we were making
positive changes for ourselves. Elizabeth had
come a long way from that woman who had
phoned me not so long ago.

        As a life and business coach I surmised
that there must be other women like Elizabeth
facing similar situations and challenges. I
believed these women could use a coaching
program to teach, assist, and support them. I
wanted to provide tools to help them redesign
their lives and gain financial independence and
wealth. At that point I decided to formally
design a real estate coaching program that could
do all the things it had done for Elizabeth and
more. I wanted to design a program that was
affordable, educational, and would help women
change their lives by investing in the real estate

        I created a course of action that would
help women learn about real estate investing and
personal transformation. Everything would
require precise focus to achieve maximum
results within a short period of time. I have
designed this program to tackle the fears and
feelings of being overwhelmed that many
women face when getting involved in the real
estate market. I have created a program which
allows women to regain not only their sense of
self but to also gain control of their financial

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

        In my book I not only describe my own
personal struggles, challenges, and the
importance of transforming these into successes
and strengths, but also how real estate coaching
can alleviate the anxiety, stress, fear, and
intimidation of getting involved. My intention
with this book is to help women become aware
that anyone who is willing to learn the necessary
steps can become a successful real estate investor
and create passive income for themselves. This
book is going to help us move beyond our
stories, creating new stories, a new reality, and a
new life for ourselves. My real estate coaching
is designed to help thread knowledge, passion,
and intent into a lifestyle that helps Divas
achieve freedom, independence, security, and

                   Chandan Toor

              Living the Lie

       I     was born into a culture where I
            received mixed messages.         As a
woman, I was told that I was beautiful and to be
treasured, but on the other hand I was told that
my thoughts and feelings were not important,
and it left me feeling unworthy and confused.
As this story unfolds, I encourage you to listen to
the messages that were communicated and how
they shaped the future of a young girl, preventing
her from living a life by her own design. I also
encourage you to listen for similarities in your
own life or use my story as a metaphor that may
parallel your own experiences. This book is a
guide to inspire you to make powerful new
choices so that you may live freely in all aspects

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

of your life including mentally, emotionally,
physically, spiritually, and financially.

        I was born in 1953 in the small town of
Duncan, B.C. to my parents who had been
married for three years. My mother immigrated
to Canada from India after being arranged to
marry my father, who had been in Canada since
the age of six.       Arranged marriages were
customary in those days and are still traditional
in some families today. They lived in India for
approximately one year where my mother gave
birth to her first child, a son, who died a few
days after childbirth. This had a tremendous
impact on their lives and their future children as
he was their only son and five daughters
followed after his death. My mother was deeply
traumatized by the death of her only son and
suffered many episodes of depression which, I
believe, were rooted in this incident. This event
was never talked about in our family and its
impact and significance is felt every day. I
remember as a young girl I would hear some
slight reference to it but it was a secret no one
talked about. From this point forward, this one
single tragedy consciously and unconsciously
affected many choices that my family members

        In my culture, the presence of a son was a
reflection of a woman’s worth. A woman who
only birthed daughters was made to feel like she
was biologically defective and inferior to other
women who had sons. Men were encouraged to
take second or third wives if their present wife
was unable to produce a son. Daughters were

                  Chandan Toor

considered burdens to the family whereas sons
would marry, bring wives and children into the
homes, and the family would prosper and grow.

        I have many memories of what would
happen each time another daughter was born into
our household. People would come to console
and mourn with my grief-stricken mother over
the birth of yet another burden. They would
soothe her and say, “Don’t worry, one day you
will have a son.” When my youngest sister was
born, my mother was so overcome with
depression and grief that she could not care for
her new daughter and my sister spent her first
year being cared for by an aunt. Each time a
new daughter was born into the family I
remember the sadness that would set in for my
mother, and as a young girl I could not
understand why it was such a tragedy to have
another daughter. I remember feeling sad for my
mother and thought that there must something
wrong with me and my sisters. I know that this
affected my not being able to leave an abusive
marriage because I did not want to be an
additional burden to my already unhappy
mother. Consequently, the thought of being a
divorced daughter was so troublesome to me that
I stayed in my disastrous marriage to spare her
any further pain connected to having so many

        My early childhood memories of my
father are fond ones. I remember his patience,
sense of humor, deep love, and unwavering
responsibility for his family. He never made my
sisters or me feel like we were a burden to him

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

and to this day he treasures his children and
grandchildren. He is an incredible man and my
strong values and strength were molded by his
stability and love. In my culture, the average
male will often play into a stereotype and
become rigid in his rules and traditions. My
father was not this way. His love has helped me
accept who I am today and taught me to ask for
what I deserve. However, I needed his support
when I originally tried to leave my husband and
even he said to me in his quiet voice,
“Children need their father.” I stayed for many
more years because the “children needed their
father. ”

        Looking back over the many years of my
marriage, I have to ask myself why my father
didn’t speak up and take me away from this
situation. For all his love and tenderness, he too
was a product of cultural expectations and beliefs
that women should obey and do what’s proper
for the family. Often no one speaks up, hoping
that somehow the situation will magically correct
itself and everyone will live happily ever after.
Even within my present family the idea of
staying together for the benefit of the children
may have been productive, but would a loveless
marriage be the proper thing to do? Certainly
not, and in hindsight, I am aware of the power of
what true love between a husband and wife,
father and mother can offer kids in their support,
growth, and development.          Love is more
stabilizing and more important than any amount
of money or societal prestige. The lesson that I
would share with young Indian men and women,

                   Chandan Toor

and in fact all men and women, is that love is the
foundation of a strong family.

         My mother was the strict one in the
family, always being concerned about what her
daughters should be doing, what was proper, and
what people might say about them and her. I
started school in Mission, B.C., which had a
large East Indian population. We stayed there
until I reached the age of ten and then moved to
Kamloops. We left Mission because my parents
were unhappy with the politics and backstabbing
which often occurs in small close-knit,
segregated, ethnic communities. There had been
numerous events that concerned my parents
about raising their daughters in a community
where rigid cultural standards are enforced

        In Kamloops, we had more freedom to be
children without worrying about our every move
being scrutinized. My childhood memories are
filled with summer days at the beach, winter
times out in the snow, and lots of fun and
laughter growing up in a household of girls. The
word “boy” was never mentioned in our house
because as young East Indian girls we were not
allowed to have boys to play with and certainly
not allowed to have boyfriends. I remember
being twelve years old and making plans to go to
a boy’s house to work on a school project. It
was the middle of winter and there was a terrible
blizzard. The boy phoned my house and left a
message that we were canceling our work project
because of the storm. My mother did not tell me
and I walked to his house in the freezing blizzard

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

only to get there and have him tell me that he had
phoned and cancelled. My mother did not tell
me because we did not talk about boys.

        Another memory is my high school
graduation and my mother being upset and angry
because I was going to my graduation with a
“Hindu boy.” Her biggest fear was that her
daughters might marry outside of our religion
and caste and she would be viewed as a failure as
a mother and our lives would be doomed. She
forbade me from going to my graduation, but I
disobeyed her and took my Sari to school,
changed in the school washroom, and went to
my graduation against her wishes. I remember
changing my clothes, feeling sad and cheated
that here was yet another supposedly happy time
in my life being ruined by something I didn’t
completely understand. We never talked about
that episode again.

        My mother’s greatest fear was that her
daughters would humiliate her by not marrying
correctly. It was her desire that we do the
acceptable thing and be viewed as good girls.
Our culture is overly concerned about outward
appearances and individuals will sacrifice their
own happiness and the happiness of their
families to do the “proper” thing. This is done at
the expense of people’s lives. People die
because they are forced into dangerous situations
to preserve family dignity. Recently this is
becoming more of an issue where women are
trying to break free and being victimized and
intimidated by men who are trying to preserve
the old ways of having power and control over

                   Chandan Toor

women. Fortunately there is a new generation of
East Indian males who are willing to treat
women kindly and with respect and to change
the old traditional ways that men and women
perform their roles in our society.

        At the age of nineteen my mother decided
she was going to find a husband for me because I
was very popular in school and “boys” were
becoming my friends. She found a “proper” East
Indian husband for me, one who was educated,
good looking, and from the correct caste. A
gathering was prepared where I was allowed to
view him and expected to give my approval after
one visit with him in the presence of other family
members. My husband had recently immigrated
to Canada and I intuitively sensed that I could
not be happy in this marriage. I wrote him a
letter explaining how I felt, how I was concerned
about the differences in our lives, the two
different worlds we had grown up in so I would
not marry him. My mother discovered that I had
written the letter and my mother and I went to
see him. She made me apologize to him and beg
him to forgive and marry me. At the age of
nineteen I had very few options.

       As I revisit this event, I have asked
myself what kind of mother makes her daughter
beg a man for his forgiveness when she declines
his marriage proposal because she does not love
him and makes her marry him anyway? For
many years I could not talk of this and within me
seethed a deep resentment and anger towards my

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

Yet today when I watch her and see how she
struggles with her beliefs and her depression and
unhappiness I recognize that she was so heavily
conditioned by her environment and by the
beliefs that were imposed upon her from a very
young age. She was in fact stuck in a place in
her consciousness where she had no other
choice. She could not be any other way and
today I watch as she struggles with how the
choices she made that were to be in the best
interest of everyone, including me, could turn
out to be so painful and tragic.

        My parents placed a very high value on
education yet this was contrary to what many
people within our community believed women
should be allowed to do. Boys were supported to
pursue a higher education and girls were told to
learn to cook, clean, sew, and become a good
wife. My sisters and I went to University, but I
remember my grandmother saying to me that we
were wasting our money because after we
married, any money that we earned would go to
our in-laws and not stay with our maternal
families. Education was not considered a good
financial investment for women. Education also
exposed people to more choices and choices
were not an option for young East Indian

        I remember how my wedding was seen as
an opportunity for the family to advance
themselves socially. New relationships were
forged and everyone profited. In my culture,
individual needs are not a priority, but rather
what is best for the entire family is more

                    Chandan Toor

essential. In marriages where problems occur, it
is generally thought that the wife is to blame. If
she is “clever” enough she can influence her
husband into doing what she wants. If she is
“smart” she can change a man into becoming a
better husband. Therefore the message that was
silently communicated to me was that I was not
clever and not smart so my husband did not
respond to my wishes.

        Today I feel blessed by the ability and the
opportunity to reflect upon memories such as
these and recognize messages that were destined
to destroy my free will and thought. For thirty
years I maintained an existence of necessity, but
my mind could never be stilled, nor could my
hope and desire for a better life be diminished,
even at its darkest moments.

        I stayed in this unhappy life for thirty-one
years and could not leave a loveless and abusive
marriage because of the teachings and
expectations of my culture.          Later in my
marriage, my parents begged me to leave him
when they witnessed the abuse, but because of
the deeply ingrained conditioning of “being a
burden” and it being the improper thing to do for
a “good” East Indian girl, I could not leave.
Many women stay in tragic marriages because
they are ostracized by their community and often
hurt physically and emotionally by their
husbands or his family. Women stay because
they don’t see any way to preserve their dignity
and the dignity of their families. Women stay
because they have been convinced that they have
no other choice.

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

        My husband had emigrated from India
two years prior to our marriage. He was very
traditional in his thinking and especially
concerned about how he appeared in the eyes of
his peers and the community. He wanted a
“proper” East Indian bride and that was who I
became for thirty years. I was not allowed to cut
my hair, show my bare legs in public, and had to
attend to his wishes without complaining. I was
forbidden to express my opinion and was not
allowed to discuss issues with him. I worked
and looked after myself and the children
financially and emotionally while he focused on
his business and the social obligations which
come with being a “successful and prominent”
member in the community.           My husband
entertained friends nightly, while I was not
allowed to voice the constant pressures of being
a mom, wife, and employee. I was expected to
do it all and to do it well. I lived up to his
expectations and continued silently to do what
was proper.

        In our traditional bible it is stated that a
woman is to be highly regarded, respected, and
cherished by her husband and family. However,
in many Indian families this is not the case and
the woman is abused and kept submissive. My
husband was proud of the fact that his wife was
educated and highly intelligent, but never wanted
me to express my views or to do things outside
of the “cultural” norms. I was only there to serve
him and his needs, while mine were of no
concern to him. I was there to fulfill a role and
an obligation.

                   Chandan Toor

         As a woman I have always felt intuitively
and instinctively pulled towards nurturing and
caring for others, yet somehow the message for
so many women of my generation and
specifically for me, meant sacrifice. Sacrifice
your hopes, dreams, and desires. Sacrifice them
because they aren’t important or relevant, only
the dreams, hopes, and desires of my husband
and family were to be honored and supported.
Today, I still see my conditioning manifest itself
as I try to balance the demands of my culture and
the demands of my heart. It is a powerful grip.

        My relationship with my husband was
mentally and physically abusive.          I never
complained to anyone and always pretended to
have a “happy” life. I did attempt to divorce him
twenty years into the marriage, but he begged me
to take him back and claimed he would do
anything to make me happy and would change
his behavior. After the reconciliation, he sank
into a deep depression insisting I had stripped
him of his manhood because I had insulted him
in the eyes of his peers. He was restricted legally
from hurting me again, and in his world, I had
removed his manhood because he could no
longer control me with physical abuse and
intimidation. The intimidation continued in
more subtle ways. He would blame me for his
drinking and depression. Men like him feel that
they have been shamed by their wives if a wife
stands up to her husband and expresses her
displeasure. I have witnessed this in other East
Indian marriages where the men feel they have
been “reprimanded” by their wives. Some men
in our community ridicule other men who have

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

changed their abusive habits to bring peace into
their families and they are perceived as weak
men being controlled by their wives. My
husband and his friends would laugh and talk
about such men. He would ridicule my father
because my father’s priority was his family and
also because he chose not to drink socially.

        East Indian men from my husband’s
generation place a high value on drinking and
being “men.” They ridicule any man who does
not drink and would say that because they
abstain from drinking they are not men. At
dinner parties in our house, the men would drink
until they could no longer stand and would
stumble to the dinner table. I remember many a
morning waking up the next day after one of
these dinner parties, having to wipe the feces off
the toilet, and clean up after they had been sick.
In my husband’s eyes, the more liquor that was
consumed by his guests and himself was an
indication of the success of the dinner party and
his status as a prosperous man and generous

        As an East Indian woman I found myself
disgusted and determined never to have a
relationship like that again in my life. As a
counsellor who has worked with men who suffer
from drug and alcohol addictions, I have a great
deal of compassion for these men and the
messages and beliefs that they carry. I have
compassion for men who have been abused and
hurt and those who have abused and hurt others.
I do understand how anyone, male or female, can
become a product of their culture and

                   Chandan Toor

experiences. Can I forgive my husband? Yes I
can and I do. I understand that he is a product of
his culture, family, and his traditions. However
this does not mean that just because I chose to
forgive those abuses perpetrated against me, that
I accept them as right. Today, I will not accept
anything less than complete respect.

         I have felt cheated and restricted by the
culture in which I was born. The journey has
been twice as difficult as I struggled with being
female and being East Indian. My choices in
terms of career, friendships, relationships, and
decisions about being my own person, have been
restricted. I wanted to pursue a medical career,
but was pressured into marrying at the age of
nineteen. I wanted to cultivate friendships with
people who intrigued me, but was not allowed to
because they did not fit into my husband’s
agenda of only cultivating friendships with East
Indian people who would help promote financial
success in his real estate business. I wanted to
travel as a young adult but was not allowed to by
over-protective parents who were concerned
about what others would say about their
daughters. I wanted to have a happy marriage,
but could not do so because I would not give
myself permission to leave an abusive
relationship. Today, I am breaking free of these
restricting obligations and I am feeling the
consequences of doing so. I know I am being
criticized and judged by members of my culture,
but have made a decision to not let their
judgments and beliefs determine my happiness.
I have lived the lie for too many years, living as
a robot, pretending that everything was fine and

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

manageable, when in reality everyone knew the
truth. A great lesson that I have learned about
these kinds of dark secrets is that they gain
weight on the human psyche over time and
eventually explode with devastating results.

         Much of the emphasis in our culture is on
doing what is in the best interest of the entire
community.       Individuals don’t count; they
conform and walk through life accepting their
cultural role as defined by antiquated beliefs and
values. Families work together as a team and
present a strong front to any opposition that
threatens change or exposure. Appearances are
all important as people hide their unhappiness
and displeasure. In my family, even though we
are very loving and caring towards each other,
we don’t talk openly about our pains. We
discuss only the outward appearances of success.
We talk about our cars, houses, kids, and
successes in our careers. We don’t discuss our
disappointments,      fears,   and    frustrations.
Superficiality is an accepted way of life. Today,
I am breaking this pattern and eventually hope to
find freedom within my truth. One of the most
important things I have learned as a woman and
human being is that we need to have a personal
obligation to ourselves to be the best that we can
It is to be happy, to journey towards our dreams,
to be able to live not a lie, but our authentic

       The strength of my people is a sense of
belonging and connectedness to a community.
There is always family available to support you

                    Chandan Toor

and be there for you in your time of need. The
community encourages support amongst its
people and businesses thrive. East Indian people
place a great deal of importance on family,
immediate and extended, and this enables
financial and educational success.        Married
children are encouraged to stay with their
families until they have accumulated enough
financial resources to live comfortably. Children
are lovingly cared for by their grandparents and
aunts and uncles. This sense of family creates a
safety net for those children who are often raised
in dysfunctional families.

        In India, our culture is filled with beauty,
richness, spirituality, and depth.           I feel
disappointment because I don’t often see that
richness and passion being demonstrated in
Canada. In my travels to India, I have seen
people culturally alive, engaging in the arts,
reading      literature,     having       intriguing
conversations, and enjoying life. I don’t see that
same joyfulness and richness here. I understand
that when people immigrate to a new country
their primary focus becomes meeting their basic
needs, but I hope that eventually people from
India can regain some of the wisdom they seem
to have lost. It’s as if we left behind what was
beautiful and rich about our culture in India and
brought the old tribal and caste system with us to
our detriment.

       As a mother, I am often surprised at how
I am conditioned to have culturally biased
expectations for my children, even though I may
not agree with those values. I find myself

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

encouraging my children to marry within the
caste system although I firmly believe true love
and compatibility is more important than doing
what is “proper.” My culture has caused me
much pain, yet I still desire that they should be
culturally and socially accepted.              This
incongruence between my actions and beliefs
and what I really wish for them is evident at
times, in how I live my own life. I have made
the journey from darkness to the light, from
bondage to freedom, and from hopelessness to
hope. These things are at the core of what is
beautiful about being a human being, which is
the ability to live one’s life like an artist who is
painting and creating each stroke on a canvas.
We have the power to determine what that
canvas will look like. My life today is that

        I find myself living as a fifty-four year
old Canadian woman, emerging and finding that
I can finally align myself with what is true for
me, and not living by expectations of others or
the cultural demands put upon me. I see my life
as a journey, one that has endured many valleys
to get to where I am today. I have begun to see
the peaks of fulfillment and the joys of true self-
acknowledgment. I desire a life that comes from
a place of one truly knowing oneself. It has been
a journey of trials and tribulations getting to this
place and I am still early in this new awareness,
but I am confident that I have emerged like a
caterpillar from her cocoon into the butterfly that
flies free into the experience of her own being
and truth.

                  Chandan Toor

           The Turning Point

       I   n 2001, the company that I was
           working for decided to downsize and
offered long term employees a buyout and
separation package. For many years I had felt
that my job was taking me nowhere. I had spent
twenty-five years working at a mindless job so
that I could devote most of my attention to my
kids, since my husband was either too busy or
unwilling. Now that they were past the stage of
needing constant attention, I saw an opportunity
for me to pursue something I had always longed
for. It had been a dream of mine, one I had
thought I could never fulfill; to get a Masters
degree in Counselling Psychology. I had never
been encouraged in my marriage nor given
financial or emotional support to even consider

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

the possibility of fulfilling this dream of mine. I
calculated every dollar of the money that I
received from the buyout and knew that I could
afford one year of education. I decided to train
to be a coach and counsellor. This was one of
the most difficult decisions I have ever made
because for the first time in a long time I was
thinking of my needs and desires.

        My education started with myself. To be
the coach that I have become, I had to learn by
healing myself so that I could be available to
others without my biases. The first step was
obviously my unhappy marriage. It was three
months before I could speak about it. This was
the first time in the entire twenty-five years of
my marriage that I had told anyone about the
circumstances surrounding my marriage.            I
remember feeling like a weight was being
released as I spoke. It felt like a dark secret was
being exposed and the sense of freedom was
overwhelming. I experienced such relief that I
wanted to tell the next person and the next,
slowing starting to let go of the disappointment
and pain I had carried for so many years.

        For three months of practical training, I
worked with people from various backgrounds.
Single mothers, people recovering from drug
addictions, young people changing careers,
people with criminal records who had served life
sentences for murder, and emotionally bankrupt
people all became my teachers. Here I was, a
suburban housewife, appearing to have the
perfect life, sitting with my designer clothes and
diamonds, but as we began to share our stories I

                   Chandan Toor

realized that the only difference in our lives were
the events. My story was the same story as the
man who had committed murder and the woman
who had been abused at a very young age. We
were all victims of some circumstances looking
for a way to heal ourselves and salvage what we
had lost. We were all trying to find some way to
understand why our lives had unfolded as they

        Ironically, the first woman I felt safe
enough to tell my story to was a former
prostitute who had spent many years on the
streets of Vancouver disguising her pain with
drugs and sex, living an unbelievably hellish life.
I chose her even though I thought she would
judge me and tell me how stupid I had been. I
feared her and her reprimands, but at the same
time, perhaps I felt that that she would be the
most sympathetic to my situation. To this day I
still don’t understand the various feelings I had
while telling her my story, but maybe the reason
I chose her was because she reminded me of
myself; abused, battered, hard, and cold. Her life
had been so different than mine, but we had both
done things we felt we had to because we saw no
other option. In a strange way we both had been
abused by our circumstances and men. I felt that
if I could tell her and have her understand my
pain and not judge me, then I could tell anyone.

         In my training I expressed my own pain
and listened to the pain of others.        The
facilitators taught us the various methods that
were necessary to support and transform
people’s lives. Being connected to others and

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

finally expressing the pain I had buried deep
inside for so long, I one day discovered myself
genuinely smiling. This may sound trite or
trivial, but I had smiled so often for my
husband’s guests or whenever I was out in the
community portraying the happy East Indian
wife. That smile had disguised any sign of the
unhappiness or pain that I carried within me. I
didn’t even know why I was smiling, but I did
know when I walked through the pain and my
fears around letting my guard and defenses
down, it took no effort to be real and happy.

       I began to develop relationships of
meaning and depth with people whom I would
have judged harshly several months earlier had I
known their backgrounds and stories. I would
have never dreamed it possible that I would be
sharing time with people of all different
backgrounds and circumstances, yet these same
people were the ones that taught me some of the
most meaningful lessons of my life. I have
learned that every person in my life can be a
teacher to me, or a catalyst for my change, and
new possibilities emerge as I embrace that fact.

        One of the hardest and most important
lessons I learned in my transformation was that I
had to accept myself for who I am. This does
not mean that I do not strive for beauty and
fulfillment in my life. Instead, it tells me that I
must be present to who I am and love myself
fully for all my strengths and challenges, all my
light and dark sides, before I can move forward
with confidence. If I do not, the old thoughts can
come back when I feel challenged or in a

                   Chandan Toor

moment of weakness. If I accept and love that
part of myself, there is nothing to avoid, nothing
to fear because there is no part of me worthy of
rejection. I hope you can let that resonate in
your body as you read that statement and apply it
to your own healing.

        In my training to be a coach and
counsellor, the one common denominator that
became evident to me was that given the
opportunity to be safe, heard, and loved, people
choose to be what I believe are innately good
human beings. This affected my path profoundly
when I chose how to further my education and
career. It directed me into the field of addiction
and recovery, working with people who have
often never received recognition, support, or
love. My new experiences allowed me to see
hope where others saw hopelessness. I could see
potential where others saw waste. I saw human
beings where others saw class, race, religion,
gender, or creed. I felt my purpose becoming
clear to me and my passion for living again had
grown from a dim spark to an ever-larger flame.
Looking back I wonder how I did it. Then again
I wonder how I could not have done it. My
renewal was about becoming a vibrant human
being with unlimited potential, hope for the
future, and the courage to be whatever I desired.
Who among us does not deserve this? I believe
that everyone deserves a chance to rewrite their
story this way, just as I have when people
believed in me.

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

           Get To Know You

       “G et to KnowmyYou” isbecausenext
          chapter in   book
speaks about how I continued to grow and learn
more about myself and permitted others in my
life to get to know me as well.

        In my world, my biggest pain was that I
had been hiding who I was and what I truly
believed in. From early childhood, to my
marriage, to current relationships, I had to
structure my life to fit what was expected of me.
My mother had certain expectations of me and
later my husband had more roles for me to
perform. I was a daughter, wife, mother, and
employee, yet who was I really? I was never
permitted to truly be myself and when I had tried

                    Chandan Toor

to communicate what was important for me I had
been chastised and told I was wrong.

        When I realized that I was rewriting my
story and I began feeling the freedom it brought,
it was the first time I attracted people who didn’t
demand anything from me other
than complete honesty and true self-expression.
I loved the sensation of being able to speak about
what was important and relevant to me without
having to worry about disappointing anyone. A
transformation was taking place within me and I
cherished the new feeling and novel sense of
freedom. I was excited at every step as I went
through my metamorphosis and created a new
life. Many new things were emerging in my life
that were outside the realm of the East Indian
housewife that I had portrayed for the last 30
years. My depression from the last few years
began to disappear and I no longer needed the
anti-depressants I had been prescribed. My
healing was occurring at many different levels
physically,     emotionally,      and    spiritually.
However, as this pain was dissolving, a bigger
fear was developing. That fear was that this
wonderful new life might be taken away. How
could I maintain this new way of being after so
many years of conditioning?

       I was returning home from visiting my
daughter who was attending law school in
Ontario, when my first spark of a business idea
came to me. Have you ever had a little idea that
you thought could be a benefit to people’s lives
and then second guessed that idea because you
thought it was silly, or you couldn’t do it, or

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

someone else could do it better than you? I had
those thoughts, but for some reason they had less
intensity and I actually believed in it long
enough to stave off the negative thoughts. In the
past, I had felt so secretive when writing in my
journal during my transition into a self-
empowered woman because I was afraid
someone would find out that I was being
subversive and exploring new possibilities.

        I would write looking for answers, but
then I would worry about how to hide the journal
from my family so that they would not discover
my thoughts and feelings. I had struggled with
wanting desperately to share the story I was
rewriting for myself because I was excited about
my life for the first time in many years, but it
was all so new and fragile that I was afraid of
their reaction. There was suddenly in this
adversity, a creative way around my fears. My
business idea was to develop journals that would
not have to be hidden. They would be journals
that expressed your thoughts, feelings, and
experiences in a way that was safe to share with
people who were important to you. The journals
would allow people to understand in great depth
who you were and what was important to you.
The name of these journals was simply, “Get to
Know You Journals.” They were immediately
wildly successful, and what was supposed to
generate a few dollars easily turned into many
hundreds of dollars as people recognized their

       The appeal of “Get to Know You
Journals” is that it is a modality which allows us

                   Chandan Toor

to talk safely about what makes us laugh, cry,
express our dreams, joys, and our pain. In being
able to express ourselves, we create healing for
ourselves and for people close to us. This idea
originated from my own experience of how
therapeutic it felt to share myself with people
rather than trying to hide and be someone I was
not. Later in my work with recovering addicts, I
witnessed the same dilemma existing for many
of them. Their addiction was often a result of
people not accepting them for who they were,
causing the addicts to not love and accept
themselves, and further plummeting them into
the world of drugs and alcohol. My “Get To
Know You Journals” were not the solution for
addictions of course, but there was a principal
present there and I knew that these would reach
people and give them vehicles for their own
transformation and healing.

        One of the things that occurred during
my time healing was a friendship that turned into
a valuable relationship. Even as I write these
words, I reflect on how I felt about a relationship
that I myself would have judged as improper
because of my marital status. I met Henry while
I trained to be a coach and counsellor. Henry
was kind, honest, and intelligent, but what struck
me the most about him was his ability to speak
about his life, who he was, and his deep
sensitivity to other people. My first impression
of him was that he was a man who had been
deeply hurt and misunderstood. He would talk
about the work he wanted to do, but he lacked
confidence and often sat with his shoulders
hunched over, head down. It was clear that no

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

one would take him seriously if he didn’t believe
in himself, so others in training challenged him
to trust in himself even if others would not. He
would sit in class and be very accommodating
and considerate of others, however there was a
deep sense of darkness brooding within him as
he struggled to regain his sense of worth and
confidence. He intrigued me because someone
or something had deeply wounded his spirit. It
was prior to my work with addicts, so it was my
first contact with someone in recovery, and he
did not seem to be the stereotypical drug addict.

        Henry and I spent a lot of time sharing
our thoughts and experiences over coffee,
reflecting on how we had both lived very
different lives yet suffered deeply at the hands of
others. Our relationship was one of respect and
grew into a deep friendship for one another. To
this day we have shared many joys and faced
many battles, and together we have been able to
support each other and laugh at life and its
complexities. The one thing Henry brought into
my life was his deep commitment to his spiritual
growth and it made me begin looking for
something more spiritual in my own life.

       Eventually, my journey took me to other
places where I continued to learn about myself
and other people. I enthusiastically began a new
career working as a drug and alcohol counsellor
on the streets of Vancouver. I started in detox
and moved into addictions counseling where I
worked with addicted men who came from
horrendous backgrounds. I would sit in a room
full of addicts, criminals, and mentally ill

                   Chandan Toor

individuals wondering what a suburban
housewife was doing sitting in that crowd and
truly loving her experience! I was affected by
their stories and what they had to say. I thought
my life was hard, but theirs was equally
challenging. They had lost all hope and had
completely severed themselves from living.
These were men who were living in pain,
causing their partners, family members, and
people in their life grief as well. They had been
abused and were abusing others. They were
scared and alone, but could never admit it for
fear that they would be taken advantage of.
They had created hard shells to protect
themselves, not only from outside forces but also
from their own disappointments and judgments.
Drugs and alcohol were a solution for their
intense pain and hopelessness. I learned about
the world of addiction and its grip, but more
importantly, I learned how to support these men
through their challenges and help them move

        I remember going to work every day and
feeling alive. I was beginning to have a better
understanding of men and a better understanding
of myself. As a child growing up, I was
discouraged from talking to men because it was
not the proper thing to do, but working in
addiction I felt like I could connect with people
on a very authentic level. Dealing with addiction
is about becoming real and naked, exposing your
pain and resolving unfinished issues. I invited
my mother and father to come and see where I
worked and I remember the look of fear and
shock on my mother's face as she saw her

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

daughter mingling with these “dangerous” men.
What she didn't understand was that I was safe
working in this environment because as I was
healing them, I was healing myself. I did not
pose a threat to them because I could accept
them as they were and see the good person
behind their addiction. I remember my husband
insisting that the one thing he would not allow
me to do was be a counsellor and I would think
to myself that he doesn’t understand me, nor
does he care to. His only concern was what
people would say about his wife working with
men who were addicts.          I became more
determined at that moment to pursue what truly
felt right for me whether it was a career in
counseling or any other profession I chose. I
would not let anyone determine how I lived my
life and how I chose to spend my days.

        These men in recovery taught me that
they had been given messages that they were
unworthy of love, trust, happiness, and self-
worth. They were men who had been abused
physically, mentally, emotionally, and often
sexually. They had been led to believe that they
were not good people and had nothing to
contribute to society. My work with them
consisted of educating them that whoever had
damaged their sense of self had done so
incorrectly. They were worthy men and could
have everything they desired and deserved.
These men yearned for and longed for a normal
life. One of my clients talked about how he
didn't know what normal meant. He had been
beaten repeatedly by his dad who would turn him
upside down and bang his head on the floor. His

                   Chandan Toor

mother had died when he was 3 years old and a
steady stream of his dad’s girlfriends had raised
him. His “normal” world was chaos, abuse, and
alcohol. My work with him was instructing him
that normal was what felt good for him. Being
normal was being happy, treating people with
respect, liking himself, and feeling like he could
contribute positively to society. His face would
light up because it felt good to him and that was
what he was meant to be; how he was meant to
live his life. All of those negative experiences
and negative messages which he had been given
by his unhealthy father were not who he really
was. He invited me to his one-year celebration
of sobriety and last I heard he was still living
drug and alcohol free, smiling at life, and just
being “normal.”

        My clients had allowed these damaging
messages to control their lives and ended up
feeling sad, worthless, and hopeless. We worked
on shifting their belief systems about themselves
and creating another reality or another story
about them and their lives. I taught them that
successful people believe in themselves and in
turn create a positive life. Successful people
don't allow other's messages or opinions to
destroy their own inner sense of self. We are all
born with a positive sense of self and these
damaging messages destroy and chisel away at
our very core. I taught them that they were more
than the addicts that they identified themselves
to be. I would challenge them to remember what
their dreams, hopes, and wishes were.

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

Often they were so defined by their addiction
that they had lost all sense of themselves outside
of the addiction.

         One thing that always amazed me when I
worked with my drug and alcohol clients was
how similar their longings or desires were to my
regular, highly “successful” clients. I would hear
my drug and alcohol clients talk about how they
felt not smart enough, not lovable, not good
enough, how they had no one in their lives, and
had no choices in making changes in their lives.
Surprisingly, my coaching clients who were
working on their financial goals and other life
goals would make similar statements. I would
hear their stories and their inner conversations
and listen to how they would judge their abilities
and their worth as individuals. I came to
understand that it does not matter what our
external circumstances may look like, internally
many of us have the same battles. Until we learn
to value ourselves and believe in our abilities,
our thoughts can hold us back from having
success in our lives. Until we believe that we
can achieve change in our lives, we can't really
move forward. Furthermore, if I had not gone
through my own journey of rewriting my story I
would not have been able to lead anyone to a
place of choices and self-empowerment. In my
coaching/counseling relationship with the drug
addicted man that was so hurt and abused, I
taught him to love himself more despite his
negative environment. He also solidified the
learning for me, which was just how similar we
all are.

                   Chandan Toor

         As I began my own quest within and
looked for what was relevant to my happiness, I
started to clear away those things that were
superficial. I began to focus during this period
of time on what my passions in life were and
how I could live these passions and dreams. I
began to ask myself what price one pays in order
to maintain a lifestyle that has no relevance to
creating a deep sense of meaning in one’s life. I
realized that my motives for material advantages
were based on my need to present a picture of
wealth and happiness, yet I was bankrupt
emotionally from within. I talked to my friends
for many hours and we discussed different things
that gave us a zest for living, expressing and
creating our new lives. I began to look at people
in a much different manner once I had let go of
my pain and fear and realized that the pretenses I
put up only acted to disconnect me from other
people and everything of true value. Most of my
experiences in my marriage delivered little
satisfaction and I realized that my deepest needs
as a spiritual being were sacrificed to maintain a
lifestyle built on a foundation of material gain
and false images. This had led me down a path
that was empty and void of real substance.

        The clarity that I had attained so far on
my journey and within my cocoon, opened me to
the creation of Divahood and how I could have
both a rich physical existence and honor my deep
spiritual need to find truth. Within the cocoon, I
began laying the ground work to what a
Millionaire Diva truly is. Through this
process I began to state clearly to myself certain
steps that I would embrace in order to become

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

the divine being that I truly knew I was. The
Millionaire Diva is about experiencing the riches
of both the physical and non-physical world. It
is about becoming aware that as a woman there
are certain innate gifts that I embody and can
share with others to help balance and experience
life. Spiritual growth is not focused on any
destination but rather on the journey itself and it
is when we realize the power of our journey we
begin to live our lives.

                   Chandan Toor

            Creating Wealth

       A     fter rewriting my story into one
             filled with passion and purpose, I
could see many of my friends, clients, and even
in my own family, women who lived within the
messages and expectations that had been put
upon them. At that point I decided to create a
vehicle that these women could use to rewrite
their stories to better reflect their inner wishes.
Often, after many years of being told what is
expected of you and who you are to be, many of
us have never been asked, what is it that we truly
want from life? Who are we as human beings?
The birth of the Millionaire Diva was a
deliverance of joy for me because I would finally
be able to share with other women the tools that

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

had allowed me to experience and recreate my

        What is the purpose of the Millionaire
Diva and what is the value in it for women who
have made a conscious decision to search for a
meaning behind their existence? The Millionaire
Diva is designed through my experiences and the
experiences of my team to give women an
opportunity through coaching, courses and
events, to reach the clarity they need in order to
be able to rewrite their stories and create lives
that are purposeful, dynamic and passionate.
Like one of my clients said to me, “It is an
opportunity to turn misfortune into fortune and
to take my life to its next level.”

        One of the things that became apparent
from my own experience and in working with
my clients is how this transformation works. I
call it the shift and land approach. When we
shift we are in a state of change and
transformation. Sometimes we can shift, shift,
and shift again before we land. When we land, it
is when the shifting has resonated within us and
we have reached that point of change,
experiencing the results of that shift. It is not a
place where we stop shifting and continue on our
journey, but rather it is a place where we begin to
assimilate what we have experienced and what
we have learned. We begin to use it in our lives
when we land and at that point we begin to see
the results of our efforts of learning and
transformation. Often with my clients I work on
shifting, shifting, more shifting, landing, staying
there for a period of time and then shifting again.

                    Chandan Toor

The process is one of continuous growth and
expansion touching upon all aspects of our life,
whether we are creating wealth, happy
relationships, new friendships, better health, or a
closer connectedness to our spiritual source.

        The Millionaire Diva is the vehicle
through which I can affect the lives of many
women. My goal is to touch the lives of millions
of women by giving them the support,
motivation, and the tools which will allow them
to live the life that they desire. Many of the
women that I work with have expressed to me a
feeling of being overwhelmed, feeling lost,
hopeless, depressed, and a fear of the future.
What I recognize is that the fear that grips
women is a byproduct of an oppression of the
true power within our feminine being or energy
that exists within us. Many of us have been told
what our limitations are, who we can be and
what is expected of us. What the Millionaire
Diva does is break through those paradigms by
using the shift and land technique thereby
moving us closer to our authentic selves.
Through the Diva Coaching program we help
women clarify what has been holding them back,
what their true desires are, and reconstruct the
steps necessary to attract the life that you desire.

        Let me share with you my biggest fear
and how I shifted, shifted, and landed and still
continue to shift and land to this day. My most
immediate concern when I left my husband was
whether or not I had the knowledge to create
security for my family and I. Even more than
that, could I dare dream of creating wealth for

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

myself? Early in my process, even the mere
thought brought up tremendous fear. My inner
voice would say, “Can I really do it, am I fooling
myself, am I capable, am I smart enough, will I
fail, what will people think and what will happen
if I cant?” These thoughts paralyzed me and
shook my very core. The reality was that I was
truly on my own trying to support a small split
family. Although I loved my job as a drug and
alcohol counselor and working with men in
recovery, it did not provide me with an income
that would help me keep up with the costs of
maintaining the standard of living we had
become accustomed to. I looked around and
observed how many of my friends and
acquaintances were in marriages that they dared
not leave for fear that they would be financially
unable to maintain the standard of living they
were familiar with. They had sacrificed and
would continue to sacrifice their lives and their
happiness in order to pay the bills and present a
facade of a functional and happy family. The
truth was that they either lived in fear or denial
or both. I could relate to their fears because that
had been my truth prior to my new start.

        The first step that I needed to take in
rewriting my story was gathering emotional
support, but it was virtually non-existent within
my community. I remember going to a dinner
party with my husband after we got back
together, and how the husbands kept a close
watch over me whenever I would approach their
wives. Their biggest fear was that I would
corrupt their submissive wives and lead them
astray. In truth, these wives or many of them

                   Chandan Toor

were living within the conditions availed to them
and were not interested or able to do what I had
done. They were not there to support me or help
me in any way and I was alone in this experience
in the interim.

        When I finally did leave my husband, I
created a safety net to protect myself from the
threats that exist within my community when a
woman breaks free from an abusive marriage.
Stories of women being beaten or murdered
played heavily on me and a greater fear than
being financially bankrupt was one of being
murdered. I experienced fears on many levels.

         What kind of life can be lived if it is
living half alive, or with half a passion or
purpose? In truth I was not even living half of
any of these. The greatest step one will ever take
forward in realizing and living your dream is that
first step of breaking through the fear. My coach
taught me that there will never be the perfect
moment to take that first step. You simply need
to push forward and be prepared to do what ever
it takes to keep moving towards that life that you
wish for. That is a very large shift.

        The biggest obstacle is not an external
force, but messages inside our internal dialogue
that try to convince us to stay safe and remain
where we are, even if that safety is actually an
illusion. Even today, these messages appear in
my internal dialogue when I am faced with
challenges, however thanks to the tools I have
gained and the support I have in place, I am
quick to recognize them. Today I move past

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

them and use them as an impetus for faster
shifting and change.

        Another example of the shift and land in
my own life was when I took possession of my
house upon separation. Due to the laws that
govern separation of assets in Canada and the tax
implications around divorce, our assets were left
in a state of limbo until certain real estate could
be sold. Knowing that this situation was going
to be financially and emotionally difficult, I was
fearful and I needed to face up to the fact that the
money from our assets was not going to be
available immediately. It was unknown at the
time how long it would be before we could get a
fair return on our properties. My husband and I
owned two homes on the same street and I was
given the family home while he was given the
other home. When I examined my budget I
could see that my job would not pay the bills and
necessities needed to stay in my home with my
kids. I recalled the knowledge around my
husband and his work in real estate over the last
30 years of my marriage. I always felt a passion
for real estate, but my husband did not support
me or include me in any business decisions. I
had to confront my fear that told me, “I cannot
support my family, I cannot create wealth and
abundance, and I am not smart enough.” Facing
reality with my back against the wall and no
option other than to go forward, I took my first
and scariest step. I went to the bank, borrowed
$50,000 on a line of credit, and built two income
producing suites in the basement of my home.
Just making this single decision alone was huge
because I had never made a decision before

                    Chandan Toor

which involved a large sum of money. I did this
against the objections of my kids because they
enjoyed their sense of privacy and did not want
any change. I had to shift my thinking to one
that would present an option that would help me
support my family and I while encountering their

        This next statement will be one of the
most important statements you will read in my
book. When you start to change and transform
your life, many who have known you may
directly or indirectly fight your transformation.
My experience has been that when people know
you in one way and have built expectations of
how you are to act and perform in their world,
they can be reluctant and even harshly resistant
to any change that may disrupt their expectations
of who you should be. This has been one of the
biggest obstacles to my permanent happiness. It
is the greatest challenge for those of us stuck in a
role that we had not consciously designed in our
previous life.

        The Millionaire Diva is about you
creating and writing the script from the very
moment that you decide to change your life.
There is great joy in this, but you may also
encounter some sadness because there may be
some people who will not accept you for who
you truly are and will ether distance themselves
from you or drop completely away. This is the
reality of creating a new person who vibrates a
new type of energy that attracts untold riches and
possibilities and people. As I changed, the
greatest fear for me was losing my children.

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

How could I maintain a decent relationship with
them and yet continue on my journey and be true
to myself? My own experience has been
difficult at times, but I have also been pleasantly
surprised at the growth, maturity, and
willingness that I have seen in my children. I am
proud of how they have been able to handle the
many changes they have had to face. This is the
result of my landing after much shifting. As a
mother, my biggest joy is being able to teach my
children to be true to themselves and to take hold
of the direction of their lives. My wish for them
is that they can create their story in a powerful
and passionate way without the fear of what
others or our community thinks.

         It has been many years since I built those
two suites in my basement, and I have created a
lot more wealth through real estate. I have long
and enduing relationships and many friends like
me on this wonderful journey of growth and
creation. I have several businesses that when I
first started, I didn’t have a clue where to start,
what to do, or even who to talk to. I quickly
learned through the many tools that I gained
from so many sources, to put together an easy
and simple way for women to generate wealth.
You may have very little money, very little hope,
or a lot of money and some hope and you can
build whatever business, passion, or purpose it is
that you desire. The Millionaire Diva does not
only this, but much more. It creates the emotion
of joy, excitement, hope, freedom and security in
knowing that as women we are truly the most
powerful source in the universe.          We are
deserving of anything and everything we want.

                   Chandan Toor

This is not about being self-centered, egotistical
or narcissistic. This is about knowing that
everyone, everywhere, truly deserves to live as
the Queen and King that they are. Many of us
live as subjects to the kingdom when we truly
are royalty. We have simply hidden behind a
mass of messages that oppress us. It is about
exploring and celebrating our Goddess nature.
Not a day goes by in my life without celebration
and acknowledgement of the power that lives
within me. I have the abilities to live beyond
anyone’s expectations and live fully everyday, in
every moment. I invite every woman out there
who has every dreamed, from the time she was a
small girl to wherever she is today, to fulfill
those desires and dreams and to live and
celebrate a purposeful and passionate life. Each
of you is a Millionaire Diva in waiting. My
company and my message is dedicated to each
and every woman everywhere who wishes to
experience the freedom, joy, wealth and love that
I experience daily as the Millionaire Diva.
Welcome to my world! Are you ready to get

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

The Diva Declarations and Diva
        The next two sections are designed for
you to use and interact with as you see fit. The
Diva Declarations are a set of sentences that you
can repeat to yourself daily that will keep you
feeling focused and on track. Breathe deeply and
exhale fully while saying them to yourself or in a
mirror. It is truly effective when you connect
yourself to them.

        The Diva Affirmations are daily
affirmations designed to help you focus and
move forward in an enlightened and positive
direction every day. They can be randomly
picked permitting your intuition to reflect back
to you what is most important to focus on for
that day. The Diva Affirmations remind us to
celebrate, nurture, receive and create the life that
is purposeful and joyous every day.                I
recommend that you print one when it feels
appropriate for you depending on what you want
more of in your life. Pin it up on your wall, in
your workspace or meditate on the statement you
have printed.

         Enjoy them, use them and live your Diva
life to its fullest, embracing and cherishing every

            Chandan Toor

    Diva Declarations

   I go with the flow of the

   I am a Beautiful Woman.

 I am a Vessel overflowing in
  Love, Passion, Sensuality,
     Brilliance, and Joy.

I am the Creator of my Life, I
Write the Script of my Life to
  reflect Who I am, What I
   want, and How it will be.

   I embrace my Diva Hood
Fearlessly with Confidence and

I am Proud, Powerful and Never
           Give Up.

      How To Become a Millionaire Diva

I am Willing to do Whatever it

I am Larger than any Obstacle.

I invite Success, Wealth, Love
 and Good Health into my life

     I am free to Choose.

  I Always Speak my Truth.

   I am a Millionaire Diva.

               Chandan Toor

“I have all the qualities of the Divine

     How To Become a Millionaire Diva

 “I balance the energies of my
Masculine and Feminine into a
        perfect Union”

             Chandan Toor

“I Dream of Unlimited Possibilities”

     How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“I Am Finding My Path To Inner

           Chandan Toor

“I Am Exploring My Inner Truth
       and Finding My
        Inner Beauty”

       How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“I Am Mindful of What I Feed My
   Mind. All Thoughts Lead To
Feelings And Feelings Are The Fuel
      That Propel My Engine
           Of Creation”

           Chandan Toor

“I Do Not Sell My Dreams Short”

 How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“I Fly High As A Kite”

             Chandan Toor

“I Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate,
Everyday Like It’s My Birthday.”

      How To Become a Millionaire Diva

 “When I Focus A Thought With
  Clear And Powerful Emotion
Nothing Will Stop Me From Being
          On Target.”

           Chandan Toor

“I Know That Behind Every Gray
 Cloud Lies The Rays Of Hope.”

How To Become a Millionaire Diva

  “I Create Magic.”

         Chandan Toor

“I Make All My Creations A
    Rainbow of Colors.”

     How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“I Am A Millionaire Diva And I
 Attract Wealth Into My Life.”

           Chandan Toor

“A Diva Dreams Of Love, Joy And
      The Freedom To Be.”

       How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“I Am In Touch With My Diva Soul
And Embracing The Melody Of Life”

           Chandan Toor

“As A Diva I Know How To Treat

     How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“As a Diva I Know How To Love

            Chandan Toor

“As A Diva I Always Reach For The

       How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“ As A Diva I Know How to Unlock
     My Heart and Potential.”

            Chandan Toor

“As A Millionaire Diva I Nurture
           My Body.”

       How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“As A Millionaire Diva I Make Time
          Work For Me.”

            Chandan Toor

“A Diva Delight, Good Food, Good
     Friends, A Great Life”

       How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“I Am A Millionaire Diva And I Am
             Part Of
        The Diva Hood.”

             Chandan Toor

“I Journal My Successes, Loves and

      How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“As A Millionaire Diva I Always
     Counts My Blessings.”

           Chandan Toor

 “ As A Millionaire Diva I Am
Always 1st To Tell Someone How
 Special They Make Me Feel.”

      How To Become a Millionaire Diva

 “As A Millionaire Diva I Know
Luck Had Nothing To Do With My

             Chandan Toor

 “ As A Millionaire Diva I Share In
The Natural Wealth And Abundance
         Of The Universe.”

      How To Become a Millionaire Diva

“As A Millionaire Diva I Am The
  Deliverer Of Hope and Love
       Wherever I Go.”

                 Chandan Toor

     Real Estate Portion of
           the Book

The “Diva Dos” are some fundamental and
important steps you need to take to become
a successful real estate investor. These
steps are both business strategies and the
law of attraction principles that I have used
in creating my own success through
purchasing              real           estate.

1. Diva Do: Create Your Divine Diva Real
Estate Team.

One of the important steps you will need to
take is to develop your real estate team. At
this early stage you need to do research on
your target area. The team that you choose
should know a bit about your target area.
So if the area is in a different state or
province or country then you should build
your team accordingly specific to that target
area. Your team will consist of people who
will provide you with advice, feedback, and
information in their areas of expertise.

Your team will consist of: An attorney and an
accountant. Their role will be to help you set
up your company correctly. Next will be
your property search team and they will

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

consist of a real estate agent and a property
management person. Their role will be to
help you search for the right property that
fits your system. The next team will consist
of a mortgage broker or banker and an
insurance agent. They will provide you with
the necessary financing and help you insure
your property with the correct coverage.
Other important members of your team may
be a contractor or someone who specializes
in doing renovations or rehabs.          Their
knowledge and skill set will help you add
value to your property with renovations. An
appraiser will help you determine the value
of your property before and after the sale.

You find your team by interviewing people,
networking, talking with other investors,
looking in newspapers, etc.

2. Diva Do: Do your research.
Doing your research helps you decide where
and what to buy to maximize your profits.
You need to have a research strategy that
fits with your overall plan and will move you
closer to your goal. To do your research
you need to learn about the different tools
available to you. You will learn how to
check city websites, government websites,
newspapers, public libraries, and by talking
to different individuals who are currently
aware of trends in the market. You will read
books and learn different strategies
designed to fit differing goals.

                  Chandan Toor

As you do your research you will be looking
for various economic fundamentals such as:
job growth, employment rates, vacancy
rates, appreciation rates, the economic
climate (does it welcome growth), sales over
list price, low interest rates, average income
increases, retail sales, new infrastructures
being planned, future potential of industries
which support the community, how fast are
houses selling in the area and housing
trends such as the inventory of homes being
listed.     These are just a few of the
fundamentals to consider when looking for
positive        investment        opportunities.
Successful real estate investors make their
decisions based upon facts and figures and
not emotions.

3. Diva Do: The One Percent Rule.
The most important thing that I consider as a
first step in my investments is to determine if
the property follows the one percent rule.
How I calculate this is ensuring that the per
month rent be equal to or greater than 1% of
the purchase price. For example, if I am
looking to purchase a property for $250,000
then the monthly rental income must be at
least $2500 per month. This ensures that I
will be able to cover my expenses
(mortgage, insurance, taxes, vacancy
allowance etc). What this does is allow me
to purchase multiple properties that are
generating income to cover my expenses.

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

I have now created a positive cash flow
rather than a negative one and I can
continue   to   build   my     portfolio.

4. Diva Do: Joint Venture Partnerships.
For many of us starting out in real estate we
may         find      that        we      need
some financial help in acquiring our
properties.      My     friend     Pablo   and
his wife Regina are two people who are
exceptional      examples       of    how    to
find joint venture partnerships and acquire
multiple properties.        Currently they are
looking at acquiring their 17th property in
less than 2 years. Pablo’s desire is to retire
in the next 16 months with 50 doors (a door
is every unit which can be rented out). We
will show you how to get started and how to
find joint venture partnerships. This can be
important information for someone starting
their investing portfolio.

A joint venture partnership is an agreement
between two or more parties to purchase a
real estate investment together. A Joint
Venture partnership can be set up in
different ways.

The ‘no money down’ partnership
Some investors use Joint Venture
Partnerships as a way to put no money
down.     They do their research and
homework and find a property that fits their

                 Chandan Toor

system and looks profitable. Then they find
investors to invest in the property for a
percentage of any profit. The financial
investor is getting a good place to invest
their money without having to put the time
and effort into finding the deal. The other
investor, who puts no or little money into the
deal finds and takes care of the property.

Other Partnerships
Another option is that both or all parties put
in money and time. The percentage of
money that is put in at the beginning by
each party determines the percentage of
profit that each party will receive.

CAUTION: Typically, JV’s are done once
you’ve established some credibility investing
in real estate. One of the worst things that
can happen is that you find investors who
want to invest with you, but if you have not
yet proven a track record for yourself, the
other investors are taking a much higher risk
on their investments. I’m not suggesting
that you close the door entirely on JV’s
when you’re just starting out. I’m just saying
to watch carefully what you do with other
people’s money when you’re just starting

Joint ventures allow you to build your
property portfolio by pooling money and
expertise to buy properties.

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

5.Diva Do:       Create a clear vision that
motivates        and      inspires     you.

One of the most important things in creating
real estate wealth is to be clear about what
you want from purchasing real estate. For
me real estate is my passion and my love.
That passion and love created the powerful
emotion of desire and intention.          That
emotion along with the commitment to action
helped me move beyond my fears and
helped me formulate an action plan that was
clear and flexible. My plan was to generate
a steady stream of income from my
properties that would allow me to live my life
completely and joyfully without having to
worry        about        my         finances.

6. Diva Do: Find the right lender.
The right lender will be able to work with you
to help you use the most beneficial strategy
to optimize your ability to continue to grow
your investments. Once you have more
than three properties you want to use a
lender who will allow you to use the
properties rental income as a basis for
deciding whether he will provide you with
more financing for future properties. If the
rental income exceeds the expenses the
banks will allow you to buy more properties
without needing huge personal income to
service the debt. The banks calculate this

                 Chandan Toor

by looking to see how much income is
generated for every dollar being spent. A
good gauge is $1.10 being generated for
every $1 of expense.

7.   Diva Do: Have a real estate coach.

The purpose of having a coach is to keep
you motivated, focused, and accountable.
The Millionaire Diva Real Estate Coaches all
come                   with                  a
background in real estate investing. What a
real estate coach does is keep you
organized, help you find and source out the
right kind of members to make up your
team,     impart   their    experience    and
knowledge to you and suggest various
options to help you become successful. I
cannot stress the importance of having a
coach on your team.          They make the
difference between failure and success.
There are other real estate programs that
don't offer coaching and often 90 % of the
students learn the curriculum but don't follow
through with any actions. Coaching keeps
you in action, writing offers, and ultimately
purchasing                         properties.

8. Diva Do: Negotiate a Great Deal.
Learn how to negotiate effectively and
knowledgeably. Before a deal is finalized

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

there will be many details to determine such
as the final price, terms of the deal,
inspections, possession date, and any other
concerns you may have. You must make
sure that you fully understand the contract
that you are committing to and have it
examined by a real estate attorney so that
your best interest is being considered.

In the negotiation process you always want
to act with integrity and follow through on
your commitments. This will help the other
party feel confident in your transactions.
Make the process a win-win for all parties
involved. Have a plan and be clear on your
needs, your final figure and when you are
willing to walk away from the deal. Set an
upper limit and a lower limit. Understand
that the negotiations are about the deal and
don’t let personalities determine how the
negotiation goes.       This is where your
creative financing comes into play. Offer
terms instead of price. Look for mutually
beneficial arrangements when negotiating
and be willing to give a bit to come up with a
situation that works for all parties involved.

9. Diva Do: Identify motivated sellers.
Highly motivated sellers will be more willing
and eager to sell their property and
negotiate terms that are fair for everyone
involved.     Determining their reason for
selling will help you better able to negotiate
a deal that fulfills their needs as well as your
own. You may be able to find a seller to help

                  Chandan Toor

you buy and finance your home. Some
sellers may be willing to hold a second
mortgage for you as a "seller take-back." In
this case, the seller becomes your lending
institution. Instead of paying this seller a
lump-sum full amount for his or her home,
you      would    pay   monthly    mortgage
installments. Some sellers are motivated by
a quick sale and may be more flexible on
price, possession date, and other terms.
Once you have determined why they are
selling you can offer them solutions for their
needs and agree to terms that are important
to them. Then you can ask for terms that are
important for you and that may not be as
important to them. If a seller is asking too
much and not motivated to sell be willing to
walk away. It is not worth it to put your
energy into a deal where the seller is not
willing             to             negotiate.

10. Diva Do:       Prepare your financial

Having a financial portfolio prepared and
ready to present to your lender is a must
have tool when applying for financing.
What his allows you to communicate to your
lender is your commitment to your business.
You have taken the time and provided him
or her with the necessary information that
they need in making a decision as to
whether they want to work with you. This
also shows them that you have done the
calculations and are able to financially afford

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

the property. You will need to include in
your portfolio the following items: Proof of
income, a cash flow summary on the
property, a credit bureau report, a net worth
statement, and a summary of any other
properties that you own including mortgages
and other important details. This gives the
lender the answers to their questions so that
they can make a decision as to whether they
are willing to provide you with financing.

11. Diva Do: Three Essentials for Real
Estate Investing.

Systems: Be clear on a system that you will
use that will generate the results that you
are looking for. There are many different
systems available and depending on the
market conditions and your goals, use a
proven strategy that aligns with your end
result. It is also important to create systems
that will help keep you organized once your
portfolio has expanded. You will need to
have a bookkeeping system and an
accounting system that will keep your
figures updated and ready for analysis.

Relationships: Success in most businesses
is dependant upon the relationships that we
build. In real estate particularly the people
on our team are crucial. They will give us
advice, help us find the deals, and help us
move towards our goals. Your real estate
community will often lead to situations that
are beneficial to all parties involved. With

                  Chandan Toor

our team we can share knowledge,
expertise, experiences and lessons, and
gain information that keeps us motivated
and keeps us challenged. Our relationships
will help us with the pieces that we need to
have in order to complete and close our
deals. People who have a similar desire as
us, our fellow investors, will both motivate us
and provide us with opportunities to do joint
ventures and partnerships with. In real
estate your fellow investors are not your
competitors but rather people to join forces
with and prosper together with. I found that
this was fundamental in keeping me focused
and in helping me understand the trends in
the market. I cannot stress networking as
one of your most powerful tools and you will
find that as you grow your circle of influence,
the people that you attract will reflect the
same success that you are having in your
own life. As you grow this network or your
circle of influence you will grow yourself.

Taking action: The biggest mistake that
many “wannabe” investors do is that they
learn all of the information, know what to do
but don’t take action. Without taking action
you will not achieve any positive outcome.
Successful people learn every time they
take action. Mistakes are to be viewed as
stepping stones that move us closer to our
end result rather than as being viewed as
the end of any further action. In my ventures
every feat has resulted in learning and has
made me a more confident investor.

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

12.   Diva Do:         Real     Estate       Buying

There are a number of different strategies
you can use when investing in real estate.
The economic fundamentals of the area you
are investing in, as well as your financial
situation, and personal preferences can all
effect which strategy will be the most
effective for your situation. One strategy
that I use and have referred to often in this
book is to purchase a property that falls into
the one percent rule and to rent out the
property to cover your mortgage. This is one
effective strategy that works in certain
markets; namely “rising” or “up markets.”
Other strategies include; buying, renovating
and selling, flipping (wholesale/retail), buy
and hold, assignment of contract, and seller
take back. All strategies will work if applied
in the right market for the right investment.
The important thing to remember is to do
thorough research and understand the
economic fundamentals of the area you
choose to invest in. Then choose a strategy
that will help you to fulfill your real estate

13. Diva Do: Identify a good real estate

There are some fundamentals that you must
consider when identifying a good real estate
investment. The first step to understand is
that investing in real estate is about doing

                 Chandan Toor

the calculations and deciding if the numbers
warrant further investigation.       A good
investor does not base his decision based
on his emotions.

Look for towns where the average income is
increasing more than the national average.
What this indicates is that this is a town
where future real estate prices will be driven
by individuals who can afford to pay for
increased property values. This will also be
reflected in higher retail sales because there
is more income available for spending. Also
be aware of whether there is an increase in
population. This will be due to an increase
in job opportunities. Again you are looking
for a higher than national average.          A
political climate which favors growth and
welcomes new business is also an indicator
of a potentially good investment. Look for
towns where new highways or airports or
other forms of transportation are being

14. Diva Do: Use a proven system to
help   you    determine         what   to   buy.

Millionaire Diva Real Estate Blueprint
checklist: Some Questions to consider
before buying.

1.    What influences the economy specific
to your location?

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

2.     Is there a lot of speculative buying in
that location?

3. Is the area transforming?

4.     Is it moving towards a higher standard
of clientele and residences?

5.   Has the cost of either labor or material
gone up in your location?

6.       Has the demand increased for
properties in this location?

7.      Are there any economic factors that
will indirectly or directly affect the value of
your property in the future in a positive

8.       Is the average income increasing
faster than the national average in this area?

9.    Does the political leadership locally
and within the surrounding area support

10.    Are any properties currently listed
above the average price?

11. Are you able to increase current rents
or is there any other option for generating
income (laundry money, garage income)?

12.   Does the property afford itself a
change of use ex: duplex converting into

                  Chandan Toor

fourplex or a house converted into a house
with a suite?

13.   Does the property fit within your

14.   Are interest rates low?

15. Can you lock into a long term interest
rate that makes the one percent rule work in
your favor?

16.     Is there continuing demand for
property in this area?

17. Will renovations increase the value of
the property and provide either a greater
rental income or appreciation?

18. Does the property you wish to acquire
align with your vision of what real estate will
do for you?

15. Diva Do: Know the difference
between a passionate real estate investor
versus an emotional investor.

A passionate investor is one who uses his
passion to fuel his desire for more
information and understands that it is
necessary to have a system in place to
succeed. This is a time tested system which
moves you towards your financial goals. A
passionate investor is one who is excited

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

about building his portfolio based upon

An emotional investor is one who does not
rely on facts and figures but rather on a
feeling. They focus on the feeling of wanting
to buy a particular property and don’t want to
waste their time by checking out details.
Checking out the details doesn’t give them
the feeling that they are looking for. They
often get caught up in making fundamental
mistakes by disregarding a system of past
successful investors. Ensure that you are
extremely clear about the steps necessary
to take when investing. Working with a real
estate coach helps us stay focused on our
goals and our proven system.

16. Diva Do: Creating a community of
like minded people

Creating a real estate community often
leads to situations that are beneficial to
all parties involved. By sharing knowledge,
experience, passion, and information you
stay motivated and continue to challenge
yourself to grow financially and take smart
calculated risks. I found for myself this
was fundamental to keep me in action and
keep       me      informed    about    the
trend in the market.

Networking is a powerful tool. As you grow
your circle of influence, the people you
attract into your life will reflect the same

                 Chandan Toor

success that you are having. As your circle
of influence grows you will grow yourself.

17. Diva Do: Successful people have a
certain mind set.

Ultimately you are in the Driver’s seat and
you will drive your success. People who are
successful in business have a certain life
philosophy and habits that contribute to their
continued growth. Some steps that I have
followed that I believe have empowered me
to realize my own successes are:

1.   Rewriting my story.

2.  Recognizing myself as an empowered

3.   Believing in myself and my abilities.

4.   Having a clear vision of what I want to

5.   Being fully committed to my vision.

6.   Seeking out the top professionals for
my team.

7.   Doing my research and homework.

8.    Having fun, networking, and dreaming,
believing and taking action.

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

 The Millionaire Diva Coaching,
      Courses and Events
          Our Coaching Programs
    When my team and I designed and developed
the Diva coaching programs I thought about the
areas that I needed to design with respect to
support, knowledge and motivation. In the last
few years I had gained so much knowledge
helping people create wealth, strengthen or
obtain relationships, learn how to change their
lives and attract what they wanted in their lives.
I also saw the need for so many bright and
entrepreneurial women who could benefit from
specific coaching designed for their needs and
lifestyle. The foundation of my entire program
requires a belief that as women we deserve and
can attract whatever it is that we desire in our
professional and personal lives. From the work
that I have done based on the Law of Attraction,
and mine and my team’s knowledge of real
estate, business, relationships and sexuality, and
our Diva (law of abundance creating abundance
for you) coaching, we have designed a highly
effective teaching technology. These programs
are uniquely designed to:

   •   Work with the needs, wants and desires
       of women.

   •   Motivate, support and inspire us to
       achieve our fullest potential and dreams.

                   Chandan Toor

   •   Use well known strategies that are highly
       effective in real estate, business,
       relationship and life coaching/Diva life

   •   Create the only known hybrid of the law
       of abundance tools, skills and techniques
       combined with professional, well known
       coaching strategies that have been highly

    The Millionaire Diva has created fast and
easy methodologies and formulas that I
guarantee will show results in your life. These
hybrid coaching programs will fast track you to
creating success in your life. I only wish that I
had had them many years ago to help me and
now that I do, I am both honored and excited
about helping you.

  About the Millionaire Diva Coaching

        At the Millionaire Diva we offer four
different coaching programs and two different
coaching formats. Our four coaching programs
are Real Estate Coaching, Business and
Leadership Coaching, Relationship Coaching
and Diva and The Law of Abundance Coaching.
You can chose from two different coaching
formats: either Personal Coaching which is
working one on one with your coach or chose a
group coaching program which is more

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

affordable and more interactive with people in
similar situations.

   A Description of the Two Different
      Coaching Formats Available
 Option One: Millionaire Diva Personal
    In Option One you choose a personal Diva
Coach from our team and enter into a coaching
relationship with your coach. This twelve month
personal coaching relationship provides you with
2 one-hour coaching sessions per month. In
these sessions your personal coach and you will
develop an action plan that will focus your
attention on where you want to go and who you
want to unleash. The advantage of this program
is that you will receive the coaching that you
need from a coach who has the experience and
wisdom and knowledge to unlock the Millionaire
Diva inside and challenge you to lead yourself to
your desired future. The program is tailored to
your needs and addresses your personal

   •   The cost of this program is $197 per
       month for 2 – 45 minute sessions with
       your personal coach. This is for the
       Relationship Coaching program and The
       Diva and The Law of Abundance

                  Chandan Toor

   •   The Business Coaching program and The
       Real Estate Coaching program is $297
       per month for 2 – 60 minute sessions
       with your Business Coach.

  Option Two: Millionaire Diva Group
    In Option Two you and up to 15 other
individuals will enter into a six month program
focusing on the major topics of either Real
Estate, Business development and Leadership,
Personal growth and the Law of Abundance or
Relationships depending on the coaching
program that you have selected. In group
coaching you will meet for 2 one-hour sessions
per month and as a group you will explore
creating success together. Your group will keep
you accountable, help you celebrate your
successes as well as provide an environment
where you learn together from each other as well
as from your coach. During group coaching you
will be inspired by the actions of the other
members of the group and you will find that the
momentum of the group will propel you faster to
your desired goals.

   •   The cost of group coaching is $97 per
       month for 2 – 60 minute sessions. This is
       the cost for all four coaching programs:
       Real Estate Coaching, Business and
       Leadership     Coaching,     Relationship
       Coaching and The Diva and Law of
       Abundance Coaching programs.

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

Each program includes a one-hour monthly
teleseminar or webinar to discuss any relevant
information needed for personal growth and

   A Description of the Four Different
           Coaching Programs
    The Millionaire Diva Business and
          Leadership Program
        The Millionaire Diva Business and
Leadership Program helps you eliminate any
obstacles that might be in the way of you
creating success for yourself and your business.
In our desire to help create Millionaire Divas, we
have set out to provide a team of mentors and
coaches who can help you create your desired
success. Our Millionaire Diva Business and
Leadership Coaches teach powerful skills and
have the knowledge to help you become the Diva
you desire.

What the program will provide for you:

   •   Help you unlock your leadership style so
       that you can achieve the success that you
   •   Help you take your business to the next
       level, whatever that may be, from a start
       up trying to gain legs, to a larger business
       ready to enter the next market.

                  Chandan Toor

   •   Create your own personal and business
   •   Help you deal with adversity in the work
   •   Speak about and instruct on special topics
       in business such as
           o Start up business
           o Sales success
           o Marketing
           o Business operations
           o Strategic thinking

Millionaire Diva Business and Leadership

   •   Are members of the International
       Coaching Federation (ICF), considered to
       be the industry standard for professional
       ethics and coaching professionalism.
   •   Are graduates of the some of the best
       coaching schools in the world
   •   Have real world experience from having
       worked in everything from large
       conglomerates to individual start-ups, to
       government agencies, not-for-profit and
       all business in between as well as their
       own business. That means that you will
       have a coach who has walked in your
       shoes, led in your situations and been
       challenged in ways similar to yours.
   •   Many of our coaches have advanced
       degrees in leadership and business and
       have advanced degrees in “the street”.
       With this advanced learning your coach
       can bring ideas and experiences that can

            How To Become a Millionaire Diva

         help you      thrive    in    business   and

       The Millionaire Diva Real Estate
        The coaching program is unique as it
provides you not only a coach but also a Real
Estate Investing Guidebook, Webinar and
curriculum. Our Real Estate Investing
Guidebook and Webinar will give you the
knowledge and skills you need to be successful
in Real Estate and our expert Real Estate
Coaches and curriculum will help you stay
motivated and put what you learn into action.

What the program will provide for you:

   •     Help you create a real estate plan that
         works on setting goals, gaining
         knowledge and taking action.
   •     Give you the confidence and knowledge
         on how to write an offer on a piece of
         property in 90 days.
   •     Help you build your real estate team of
         professionals who will assist you to find
         and invest in properties which fit your
         system of investing.
   •     Show you how to increase the value of
         any property that you purchase.

                   Chandan Toor

   •   Talk about different financing options
       and how to choose the one that fits for
       you and is in alignment with your
       investment strategy.
   •   Teach you how to make money in an up
       or down market.
   •   Show you how to find property that
       generates income from the date of
   •   Instruct on how to research different
       areas and explore the economic
       fundamentals that all successful investors
       use to make financially sound decisions.

Millionaire Diva Real Estate Coaches:

   •   Have their own personal knowledge and
       experience in real estate to help you with
       every day decisions and action steps.
   •   Will act as a mentor because they have
       created success in their own investment
   •   Are highly versed in the area of coaching
       and skilled at working with your
       stumbling blocks and fears.
   •   Are instructed in the Law of Attraction
       and understand how thoughts and actions
       create your reality.
   •   Help with property analysis and other
       necessary calculations required for real
       estate investing.
   •   Are experienced at working with your
       inner critic and that negative self-talk that
       often paralyzes us and keeps us stuck.

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

     The Diva and Law of Abundance
         Most everybody needs to either sharpen
their skills or learn new ones in order to be really
successful. Diva Coaching uses techniques that
identify your limiting beliefs that unnecessarily
shrink your potential. We work on the principals
of the Law of Abundance to create a larger, more
fulfilling life for you.

What the Program will provide for you:

    •   You will learn through the Law of
        Abundance that the world is wide open
        and that the sky is the limit once you
        identify and heal past issues.
    •   You will learn through the Law of
        Attraction that working smart instead of
        hard is aligned with the truly fluid state
        of the Universe.
    •   You will learn that you are the creator of
        your own destiny and the world that you
        live in so that you have the ability to live
        and choose powerfully.
    •   You will explore the possibilities
        available to you when you have the level
        clarity that deep awareness brings.
    •   You will discover what you are truly
        passionate about and committed to and
        use that to fulfill your life’s purpose.

                  Chandan Toor

Diva and Law of Abundance Coaches:

       •   Are well versed in the Law of
           Attraction principals.
       •   Have their own personal knowledge
           and experience in creating one’s own
           life by their design.
       •   Create a safe space in which you can
           let down your defenses and see how
           your behaviours affect your life.
       •   Believe in your deepest expression
           of yourself so that you can become
           congruent and effective in all your

 Millionaire Diva Relationship Program
       It is a fact that in today's society many
 people enter adult relationships without
 having the right tools to thrive. This explains
 why the rate of divorce is high and why
 many couples end up being dissatisfied in
 their relationships.        Diva Relationship
 Coaching will have you explore obstacles
 that prevent you from having fulfilling and
 more       intimate      relationships.    Your
 Relationship Diva coach will help you
 resolve your issues, and help you define and
 put into action what you need to have
 relationships you create out of love, not fear.

           How To Become a Millionaire Diva

What the program will provide for you:

       •   Will help you attract the people you
           want in your life by bringing your
           awareness to what you create in your
           life through your current behaviours.
       •   Will teach you how to create intimacy
           or improve it and deepen it where it
           already exists.
       •   Will increase your empathy skills and
           your ability to connect deeply to other
       •   Will teach you what is really behind
           the terms “chemistry” and “soul-
       •   Will teach you how to fall in love and
           make others fall in love with you.
       •   Will teach you how to be infinitely
       •   Will teach you how to bring
           excitement and passion back into
           your relationship.

   Millionaire Diva Relationship Coaches:

   •   Have a deep understanding of
       relationships and wide range of
       knowledge about how intimacy works.
   •   Will keep you in your authentic self so
       that you are congruent and attract whom
       you really want.

                Chandan Toor

 •   Have deep understanding and empathy to
     create safety for you to move through
     what is blocking you.
 •   Have excellent coaching skills in order to
     lead you to awareness that comes from

       Become A Diva Diplomat
The Diva Diplomat is The Millionaire Diva
Affiliate program. This program is designed
to help women make residual income as one
of our affiliate members. Diva Diplomats
receive a generous percentage on sales of
Millionaire Diva Courses, Events and
Coaching. There is no limit as to the amount
of money you can earn and we offer a special
certificate program that can be used to
discount prices when purchasing one of our
products or programs. Top earners will be
enrolled in our Diva President Club where
they will be recognized and rewarded for
their achievements.

Diva Diplomats Affiliate Program:
Share         Your      Knowledge…
Earn BIG BUCKS and Help Women
Transform Their Lives.

         How To Become a Millionaire Diva

The Diva Diplomats Affiliate Program is
Designed to Help You:

   •   Earn unlimited cash!
   •   Transform women’s lives.
   •   Be a part of our Diva Diplomats
       Affiliate Team.
   •   Improve your networking and sales
   •   Top earner will be enrolled in our
       Diva President Club for special

 To register for this course call our office at
          1-888-518-3482 or email

 The Millionaire Diva Events
      Our events include multiple speakers
who come and speak on various topics. They
share their expertise in creating wealth
through real estate and investments, as well
as living a life of vitality, being healthy
physically, and rich in relationships and
sensuality. We will showcase women that
have been successful in achieving their goals
by creating businesses, charities and various
organizations. These multiple speaker events
will happen throughout the year, and they are
some of the most informative events
available designed to benefit all of my future
millionaire divas. I invite you all to pick one

                 Chandan Toor

or more of these events that speak to you and
sign up to experience them live!

     Live Like a Millionaire Diva
      Learn to Live Life Like a Diva! A
Diva attracts wealth, abundance, prosperity
and joy to her life. This evening event is an
introduction to Wealth Creation that will
teach you simple steps to create your own
wealth, happiness, freedom, and joy by using
investment tools and the Diva Law of
Abundance. Learn to attract positive, loving,
supportive and fun people into your life.

      Hear the original Millionaire Diva,
Chandan Toor and others in her team speak
about how they created wealth through
investing in Real Estate and how you can do
the same. Discover how she transformed her
life from fear and confinement to a life of
freedom, and personal and financial power.
This is an introductory event and will offer
an overview of our programs and events.
You will learn what it means to live the life
of a Millionaire Diva.

 Call 1-888-518-3482 and talk to one of our
        client representatives or email and one of our
    representatives will get back to you.

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

   Real Estate Investing for Divas
      Get the knowledge you need to feel
confident in the marketplace from experts in
the field of Real Estate. We have assembled
some important people for your Real Estate
Investing team. They are seasoned Real
Estate Agents, Lawyers, Mortgage Brokers,
Financial Advisors, Property Managers and
other professionals who will give you
information and knowledge in their areas of
expertise so that you have the tools to build
your wealth through real estate. If you are
serious about using real estate to help you
achieve your dreams then you must attend.
Upon graduation from this event you will
walk away with the knowledge needed to
develop and implement your Diva Real
Estate strategy.

During our workshop you will:

   • Develop a real estate action plan.
   • Set dream markers that help           you
         achieve what you desire.
   •   Learn how to proceed and celebrate
         each step.
   •   Identify and eliminate obstructions that
         hamper your progress before they
   •   Learn how to use your cash flow.
   •   Learn about different mortgage
   •   Learn how to get and use Joint Venture

                 Chandan Toor

   • Hear from Real Estate professionals on
      how to minimize your taxes and
      maximize your profits.
   • CELEBRATE,              CELEBRATE,

Hear from Inspirational Women who will
inspire you to put your new knowledge into

 Call 1-888-518-3482 and talk to one of our
        client representatives or email and one of our
    representatives will get back to you.

           Divas of Influence
This is an event where women from different
backgrounds share their stories of success
and their struggles. These women have
overcome obstacles and have not let their
circumstances dictate their lives. These wise
women have paved the way and show,
motivate and inspire us. Learn how they
started with very little and created great
success for themselves. They will provide
you with tips and techniques on how to
create a business so that you can earn money
and take care of your family, position
yourself for early retirement through real
estate investing, use marketing tips to turn

         How To Become a Millionaire Diva

your business into a success, and design and
start a profitable business with virtually no
money. Learn these and many more secrets
from women who are now experts in their

This is an opportunity for all women to
participate in the Celebration of their own
successes and begin the journey of becoming
leaders and healers.

 Call 1-888-518-3482 and talk to one of our
        client representatives or email and one of our
    representatives will get back to you.

  Diva Sensuality and Relationships
       This event is designed to bring
awareness of how what you think and believe
manifests itself in your relationships. We
teach you to deepen your awareness of your
sensuality and how to heal the parts of you
that have been hurt, thereby blocking your
path to creating the intimacy we all crave. It
all begins with you, and by healing and
gaining insight you will ultimately create
new behaviours that will be irresistible to
others. We will teach you what is really
behind the terms “chemistry” and
“soulmates” so that you can use this
learnable skill to fall in love and make others
fall in love with you. Learn how to be with
men and women in order to compel them

                 Chandan Toor

rather than repel. This will turn your ideas
about relationships upside down and get you
exactly what you need to give and receive
unconditional love. Couples are also highly
encouraged to attend.

 Call 1-888-518-3482 and talk to one of our
        client representatives or email and one of our
    representatives will get back to you.

       Supreme Health for Divas
      Supreme Health for Divas is designed
especially for women. This event presents
experts from the fields of medicine, exercise
and alternative health who share exciting
news from the world of female health.
During the event be prepared to experience
the wisdom of ancient traditions such as
Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation as well as
more modern practices such as Belly
Dancing, Weight Lifting and Pilates. Learn
about super foods and how they heal,
revitalize and re-energize your body.

          How To Become a Millionaire Diva

Supreme Health for Divas will teach you:

     • How to increase your vitality and
         energize your libido.
     • How to fight off degenerative diseases
         and reverse the aging process.
     • How to use diet and exercise to
        maintain an uplifting mood and fight
        off depression.
     • About new skin care products that can
        take years off your appearance and
        give you a more youthful look.
     • About new and exciting treatments and
        technologies that will help you live
        longer and healthier.
     • And much more…

 Come to this event and learn how to improve
 the quality of your life.

   You only have one life to live. Live it as a

   Call 1-888-518-3482 and talk to one of our
          client representatives or email and one of our
      representatives will get back to you.

                 Chandan Toor

        Income Streams for Diva
      Would you like to never work again?
This course brings together authorities on
passive and residual income who will share
their secrets with you. They will teach you
how to create streams of passive and residual
income so that you have money coming in
without having to work for it. Hear tips and
techniques from the experts who have
created passive and residual income from
investments that gave them the freedom to
live the Diva life of financial freedom in 2 to
3 years. Are you ready for a change? Register
today for this exciting and life changing

Passive Income for Diva’s will present many
passive income opportunities and make
experts available to help you put together a
Passive Income Plan for your life suited to
your abilities and passions.

What you will learn at Income Streams for
Diva Entrepreneurs:

   •   Learn strategies and investment
       processes that develop and increase
       passive income.
   •   Have experts share with you earning
       strategies that produce more time and
       money for you.

        How To Become a Millionaire Diva

   •   Learn how to create passive income
       that works for you.
   •   Identify businesses that generate high
   •   Learn how to earn BIG BUCKS in
       passive income every month for the
       rest of your life.

Call 1-888-518-3482 and talk to one of our
          client representatives or and one
of our representatives will get back to you.

 The Millionaire Diva Banquet - One
            event per year

      The Millionaire Diva Banquet is our
version of the Oscars. Once a year we have
an awards ceremony to acknowledge the
successes of our members. Come walk the
red carpet and reward yourself for your
success over the past year. At the award
ceremony we will acknowledge the successes
of the top Diva members by presenting them
with The ‘Diva’ award. This award has five
components that are Tremendous Success in
Business (old and new), the Dedication to
Charitable     Work,      Woman       Most
Transformed, and a Motherhood Award for

                 Chandan Toor

the mother who has been an inspiration to her
children and others.

     Be ready for a lavish night of
celebration, recognition, and fun. Share your
successes and meet and mingle with other
Diva’s. This evening event will feature guest

 Call 1-888-518-3482 and talk to one of our
        client representatives or email and one of our
    representatives will get back to you.


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