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Alexandre Ghavam ALAVI by linzhengnd


									                                                        Eros ARTUSO

3/15, SANDRIDGE STREET                      Mobile (AUS): +61.(0)48.860.00.40                       Marital Status: De facto
                                                                                                         Nationality: Italian
BONDI BEACH, SYDNEY 2026                          Mail:
                                                                                                    Residency: Luxembourg
NSW, AUSTRALIA                                                                                            DOB: 29/11/1978

Eros has recently joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as a Manager of the Sustainability and Climate Change practices in
Australia. Prior to that, Eros has spent more than 8 years delivering consultancy and auditing services in the field of natural
resources management, climate change and sustainable development with a wide international experience. Eros has a broad
range of experience in environmental and civil engineering, EHS (environment, health, and safety) systems and compliance,
project management, environmental auditing, and the integration of environmental considerations into management systems.
Eros has presented as keynote speaker at several conferences and workshops in Europe and Australia (University of Sydney,
International Institute of research, European Commission and National Laboratory of Civil Engineering in Lisbon).

Natural Resources Management, Water, Biodiversity, Corporate Social Responsibility, Risk Management, Climate Change,
Carbon Finance, Sustainable Building, Energy Efficiency and Renewables

Oil and gas, refining, petrochemicals, power generation and distribution, cement, food & beverage, telecommunications,

2009 – in pending     RETScreen International Renewables and Energy Efficiency Program Certificate, Natural
                      Resources Canada, online platform (Courses: Clean energy project analysis, energy efficiency,
                      cogeneration, wind, hydro and solar)
2008 – in pending     Dual Certificate of Training Program - GHG Offset Projects Accounting & GHG Verification,
                      GHG Management Institute, online platform (Courses: Introduction to Carbon markets, CDM/JI, GHG
                      Verification for Inventories and Projects, Setting up a GHG information management system for
                      organisations, Carbon Disclosure Project, GHG Accounting for Forestry)
2008 – in pending     Member Practitioner, AccountAbility, London, United Kingdom
2008                  Lead Auditor in EMS and OHS, SAI Global, Sydney, Australia
2006 – in pending     Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Development
                      Imperial College of London, London, United Kingdom
2005 - 2006           Diploma in Project Management
                      Oxford College, Oxford, United Kingdom (January – December 2006)
                      Diploma in Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
                      Institute for International Studies, Milan, Italy (February 2003 – December 2005)
2003 - 2005           Diploma in Risk Management
                      University of Verona, Verona, Italy
1997 - 2002           Degree (BS+MSc) in Civil & Environmental Engineering
                      University of Padua, Padua, Italy

2008 – 2009           PwC Australia (Best GHG Advisory Firm in Australasian market 2008, Environmental
                      Finance), Sustainability & Climate Change practices
                      Grade: Manager (temporary assignment)
                      Eros is acting in the role of project manager in the following tasks:
                       Corporate Responsibility Index Validation program for St. James Ethics Centre, Secretariat of
                        Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in Australasia (Clients portfolio: Energy Australia, Country
                        Energy, Caltex, Boral, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Veolia Environmental Services,

                Qantas, Vodafone, Colliers and Western Power);
               Coordinate local activities for a major resource company with Sustainability Reporting Assurance
                engagement (Client: Rio Tinto);
               Measuring and monitoring regulations compliance & preparation of consultation papers for clients
                potentially affected by the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) and the mandatory
                reporting system NGERS in Australia (Client portfolio: Meat & Livestock Industry);
               Preparing a SWOT (Strenghts-Weakenesses-Opportunities-Threats) analysis for the Korean
                Government of its Energy and Climate Change Strategy towards the implementation of an ETS.

2007 – 2008   Deloitte Australia, Sustainability & Climate Change practices,
              Grade: Manager (Client portfolio: PMP Limited, Vodafone Australia, Unilever Australia, Billabong
              and Country Energy).
              Eros has taken the role of project manager and regional coordinator for the Sustainability & Climate
              Change practices amid the firm and was responsible for:
               several GHG verification and carbon audits (all Kyoto Protocol gases) across different industry
                sectors (cement, pulp and paper, refrigerants) under the National Greenhouse Gases Reporting
                Scheme NGER), WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol, ISO 14064 and Voluntary Carbon Standards (VCS)
                and IPCC Guidelines;
               Corporate Responsibility assurance and strategy assignments under AA1000 and ISAE 3000
                (Vodafone and Unilever);
               Coordinate and deliver carbon due diligence on CDM/JI projects through feasibility assessment
                studies, financial analysis and project design document (PDD) review (Client portfolio: PMP
               Apply the RETScreen methodology to energy efficiency projects through a 5 steps process (settings
                & site conditions, energy model, cost analysis, emission analysis, financial analysis and sensivity &
                risk analysis);
               CDM & JI verifications: Eros has provided support to the development of verification practices in
                concomitance with Deloitte Cert GmBH (Germany) and Deloitte Conseil (France) henceforth used
                for CDM verification and validation of projects in Central and Latin America and South East Asia;
               Coordinating the development of the internal Deloitte’s Carbon Management Strategy;
               Advisory and verification of several projects under voluntary schemes, e.g. ISO 14064,
                WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol, Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) (Client portfolio: Centennial
                Parklands, Origin Australia and Country Energy)
               Environmental Risk Management and Due Diligence assignments.

2005 - 2007   Associate, AS Consulting & Management Ltd (own company), delivering consultancy and auditing
              assignments in the field of natural and water resources management, climate change, biodiversity and
              sustainable development with a wide experience including:
               Risk Metrics Group (Environment, Social Responsibility & Governance projects);
               UNEP (Basel Convention & Liaison Office Brussels);
               Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning (Luxembourg).

              Eros has been involved in a number of environmental consulting & water treatment projects. These
              included developing Environmental Impact and Strategic Environmental Assessments, preparing and
              reviewing Environmental Risk Analysis, monitoring of emissions in the atmosphere, and modeling
              applied to the environmental matrix (soil, subsoil, groundwater and atmosphere). He has also
              participated in a number of projects funded by the European Commission within the Sixth
              Environment Action Programme for the development of soil and groundwater vulnerability assessment
              methodologies and has been co-author or several publications on this subject in Europe, Central and
              Latin America.

              Founder director, ASE Soutien au développement durable asbl, an international micro-financing
              charity supporting sustainable development projects in developing countries. The charity is registered
              in Luxembourg.

2004 - 2005   European Court of Auditors – Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
              Eros has worked as an environmental expert from April 2004 until August 2005 with the following
               Development of financial and performance management auditing of EU environmental projects

                       support in developing countries;
                      Auditing the integration of environmental matters into EU development policy for Brazil and
                       Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras);
                      Feasibility assessment of the Phase I EU ETS;
                      Liaison with the European Commission and donor organisations, e.g. World Bank, UNDP and
                       UNEP of projects funded by the European Development Fund.

2001 - 2004          Foster Wheeler Italiana S.p.A./ Eni S.p.A - Milan, Italy
                     As project engineer, Eros has contributed to the preparation of:
                      Ecological risk assessments and auditing, including application of remediation technologies (soil &
                       groundwater) to major power plant and petrol stations sites in Italy, France and Portgual;
                      Environmental Impact & Strategic Environmental Assessment for public and private sectors;
                      Environmental Modelling (climate change and hydrogeology).

                     His role was to develop a specific know-how to remediate wide areas contaminated (e.g. refineries and
                     petrochemical plants) through the implementation of mitigation measures, activities of assessment,
                     design of remediation and adaptation measures, up to the completion of the works due certified by the
                     relevant public authorities and final release of the site.

2005 - 2006          LEAD International Fellow (1st March 2006), LEAD Europe Fellow (13th October 2005)
                     LEAD is an independent, non-profit organization based in London, established in 1991 by the
                     Rockefeller Foundation (

June 2009            Energy Risk, Issue June 2009, Author of “To Copenhagen via Australia”, pg. 18-23
Feb 2009             Environmental Finance, Issue February 2009, Co-author of “Australia’s countdown begins”, pg.
Jun 2008             University of Sydney, Faculty Symposium, 13 June 2008, Veterinary Science Conference Centre,
                     Theme: Facing Climate Change – Research on Adaptation of Agro-ecosystems, “Carbon Trading
                     Opportunities and Challenges”
Oct 2003             Aquifer Vulnerability and Risk, International Workshop AVR03 - Salamanca, Mexico
                     "On the experience of Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment in Portugal" (LNEC, Lisbon).
Jun 2003             Jornadas Luso-Espanholas sobre Águas Subterrâneas no Sul da Península Ibérica, Faro, 23 a 27
                     de Junho de 2003, “Analise de sensibilidade da aplicacao de metodoscindexados de avaliacao da
                     vulnerabilidade a poluicao de aguas subterraneas”
July 2002            Groundwater Division, Hydraulics and Environment Department – LNEC, Lisbon, Portugal
                     Artuso, E., Oliveira, M.M. and Lobo-Ferreira, J.P. "Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability to
                     Pollution using six different methods: AVI, GOD, DRASTIC, SI, EPPNA and SINTACS. Application to
                     the Evora aquifer",, LNEC Report,

 Mother tongue(s)    Italian

 Other language(s)   Understanding                             Speaking                                 Writing
                     Listening           Reading               Spoken interaction   Spoken production

 English             C2    Proficient    C2     Proficient     C2    Proficient     C2    Proficient    C2    Proficient
                           user                 user                 user                 user                user
 Spanish             C2    Proficient    C2     Proficient     C2    Proficient     C2    Proficient    C1    Proficient
                           user                 user                 user                 user                user
 Portuguese          B2    Proficient    B1     Independent    B2    Independent    B1    Independent   B1    Independent
                           user                 user                 user                 user                user

 French                A2    Proficient      B1      Proficient       A1   Independent   A1   Independent   A1   Basic user
                             user                    user                  user               user
 Dutch                 A2    Basic user      B1      Basic user       A1   Basic user    A1   Basic user    A1   Basic user
 Self-assessment European level ((Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level)

 Microsoft Windows™, Windows NT™, MS Office™ (Word™, Excel™, Power Point™, Front Page), Latex;
 Lotus Notes, ASSYST, Surfer, Statistica, Arc View GIS, Arc Info, Arc Map, MatLab RETScreen

                        Sports – Triathlon, Biking, Swimming, Running, Skiing
                        Travelling – Developing countries, Fellow of Adventures in the World and Italian Touring Club
Holder of a full clean driving licence (1997)


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