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					Oahu Transit Services, Inc. Newsletter                                                    Volume XVI, Number 3 Winter 2008

Look Inside!                                Holiday Greeting
Mayor’s Message                  Pg 2
                                                                                          2009 is just around the corner with
OTS Holiday Bash ‘08             Pg 3                                                     new challenges and new opportunities.
                                                                                          Make no mistake, we face an uncertain
Movin’ On Up                     Pg 4                                                     economy and a perilous world and no
                                                                                          doubt, there will be many challenges
Sustainability                   Pg 5                                                     ahead, both for the country and for us at
                                                                                          OTS. Our national economy just seems to
Operator of the Quarter          Pg 6
                                                                                          get worse every day, and Hawaii usually
Smiles                           Pg 10                                                    follows the Mainland. We continue to fight
                                                                                          two wars in faraway places, and we pray
Know Your Investment Self        Pg 12                                                    that all of our troops will soon be able
                                            J. Roger Morton                               to return home and out of harms way.
A Bus Full of Technology         Pg 13      President and General Manager                 And many in our community are not as
                                                                                          fortunate as us.
Technology Corner                Pg 14
Maintenance                                 The Holiday Season is a time to reflect       But we also have reason for hope. We
Making it Better                 Pg 15      on the successes of the past year, a time     have a new and historic administration in
                                            to spend with family and friends, and a       Washington. I’m sure, no matter what your
                                            time to be thankful for all the blessings     politics are, you will join me by praying

   Operator of                              each of us have. I am extremely thankful
                                            and proud of what our company has
                                                                                          for our new President and for our country.
                                                                                          We are all fortunate to live in our beautiful

   the Quarter
                                            achieved in 2008. Your hard work and          Hawaii. There truly is no other place like
                                            commitment has allowed OTS to have            this on earth. We are lucky to live in one
                                            another successful year.                      of the best cities in the country and we
                                                                                          are fortunate to have good jobs.
                                            Our ridership demand was strong this year,
                                            probably because of the higher gas prices.    I am very optimistic about the New
                                            We were able to open our new Handi-           Year and believe we will again have the
                                            Van facility and finally give a permanent     potential to be successful. I am especially
                                            home to all Handi-Van employees. We           confident because we have a team that
                                            were able to negotiate a fair collective      is driven by the spirit of Aloha. Whether
                                            bargaining contract with all TheBus           you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah,
                                            employees without rancor and without          Kwanzaa, Santa Claus or end of the
                                            disruption or anxiety for our customers.      year sales, I’d like to wish you and your
       The Operator of the Quarter          Now that gas prices are coming down, I        families Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli
Francis Fukuda says he likes to put 100%    am hopeful that we will be able to retain     Makahiki Hou!
 into his job because he really likes his   all of our new riders. I call on all of you
           job and co-workers.              to make sure all of our riders receive the
  “When you enjoy your job, everything      best service we can provide.
          just comes naturally.”                                                                                 J. Roger Morton
    Happy Holidays to the outstanding Oahu Transit Services team!

    The City and County of Honolulu’s reputation for having one of the finest bus
    systems in the entire nation is a tribute to the men and women who are the heart
    and soul of Oahu Transit Services, TheBus, and TheHandi-van. While we can have
    the most advanced and up-to-date hybrid buses and paratransit vehicles, they would
    be nothing without the employees who serve the public every day of the year with
    ample measures of dedication, courtesy, and aloha.

    Being on the front lines of public service is a difficult and demanding job. But OTS
    employees fulfill their responsibilities with praiseworthy skill and characteristic
    professionalism. Whatever your title or duty, you serve as proud representatives
    of the tradition and caliber of service of Oahu Transit Services—and I commend
    you for your efforts on our behalf.

    During this holiday season, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to you for answering
    the call to public service and for contributing in ways large and small to the progress
    of our island community.

    I hope the successes of the past year will inspire you to seek and achieve even
    loftier goals in the months to come and wish you nothing but the best in your

    Mele Kalikimaka and Hauoli Makahiki Hou.

    Mufi Hannemann

 Come One, Come All!
 OTS Holiday Bash at the Kalihi and Pearl City Bus and Paratransit Facilities,
 Thursday, December 11, 2008.

 Live Music and Karaoke                               Morning Pastry
 Craft Fair at both Kalihi and Pearl City Facilities   Assorted Loaf Cakes:
 Lunch being served from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.        Coffee Cake, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cake,
    Kalua Pig        Chicken Long Rice                 Chocolate Marble Cake
    Squid Luau       Teri Chicken
    Lomi Salmon      Haupia                          Dessert
    Poi              Rice & Macaroni Salad             Banana Cake with and without Coconut Frosting

                      THEBUS Roadeo 2008
                              December 11, 2008
                             Pearl City Facility
                            8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
OTS Karaoke Contest
December 11, 2008 Kalihi - Palama Facility
12:30 P.M.
First Prize $100
Second Prize $30
Third Prize $20
To sign up see Norma in Kalihi
Transportation Department
or call 848-4588.

      Movin’ Up
    Movin’ On On Up
     Movin’ On Up
    Michael K. Lauriano, HEM - Lube/Inspection,     Bryant Hisashi Okumura, Tire Supervisor,
    was promoted on 8/16/08. Michael was            was promoted on 11/1/08. Bryant was
    previously a Mechanic Helper and has been       previously a Lead Mechanic and has been
    with OTS, Inc. since 7/13/95.                   with OTS since 11/25/74.

    Reno Errol Ramiro, Mechanic Helper, was         Bobby Wallace Jr., HEM - Running Repair,
    promoted on 8/16/08. Reno was previously        was promoted on 11/17/08. Bobby was
    a Service Attendant and has been with OTS,      previously a Paratransit Mechanic and has
    Inc. since 5/4/00.                              been with OTS since 8/30/04.

    Divina Galutan Guieb, Accounts Payable          Peter Bermudez, Utility Worker - Bus Stop
    Clerk Coordinator, was promoted on 10/1/08.     Crew, was promoted on 11/18/08. Peter
    Divina was previously a Sr. Accounts Payable    was previously a Utility Worker and has
    Clerk and has been with OTS since 6/2/97.       been with OTS since 4/24/02.

    Tracy K. Kim, Training Coordinator, was
    promoted on 10/16/08. Tracy was previously
    an Instructor and has been with OTS since
                                                    Bus Operator Class 178
                                                      Graduated October 31, 2008
    Darryl C. Choy, Central Radio Controller, was
    promoted on 11/1/08. Darryl was previously
    a Bus Operator and has been with OTS, Inc.
    since 8/5/00.

    Tracie Laika Coelho, Road Supervisor, was
    promoted on 11/1/08. Tracie was previously
    a Bus Operator and has been with OTS, Inc.
    since 10/1/94.

                                                         First Row (left to right): Charles Halko, Robert Vierra
                                                              Tyson Honda, Jason Castillo, William Piena,
    Darryl Hajime Minami, Road Supervisor,                   Keola Esperas, Chris Soares, Walter Oba Jr.,
    was promoted on 11/1/08. Darryl was                                Edmund Lima, Walter Dew.
    previously a Bus Operator and has been                     Second Row (left to right): Jason Mizuuchi
    with OTS since 4/1/00.                                    Chad Matsui, Brentin Fabrao, James Cooper
                                                               Kurt Respicio, Brian Hurtle, Thomas Fujita
                                                            Joel Brennermon, Aaron Zoller, Thomas Ayson.

Jerome Preese
Vice President, Planning & Marketing

I recently attended the “2008 Sustainability for Business
Forum” that presented a number of companies in Hawaii and
their sustainability efforts ranging from Castle and Cooke’s
wind farm and solar projects to Heavenly Muumuu which
makes all their products out of recycled material. Listening
to the various types of environmentally friendly practices,
many of these companies employed had me thinking that we
practice many of the same things. I wondered if everyone at
our company knows about the initiatives that we take and
decided it would be good to put them together for those that
do not know.

To begin with a little history, we were at one time not very           Photo above: Recycling paper is one of the many ways
environmentally friendly and had the EPA status of a “Large          Oahu Transit Services, Inc. helps preserve the environment.
Quantity Generator” of hazardous waste. We made a number
of changes from switching to solvents that are not considered
to be hazardous waste to recycling the paint thinner we use        Our new Paratransit facility was designed so that the windows
in the body shop. The affects of these changes brought our         are located and oriented to maximize the use of natural light.
EPA status down to a “Small Quantity Generator” of hazardous       The trellises on the side of the building will hold vines that are
waste. Continued innovations from changing our fluorescent         in the process of growing and will help keep the building cool
lighting to low mercury tubes to recycling the water in our        and reduce the need for air conditioning. In the administrative
bus wash system have now earned us an “Unconditionally             building electrical consumption was recently reduced when the
Exempt” status or as Maintenance Vice President Richard            temperature setting for the building was increased, lowering
Hardy states “the hazardous waste output equivalent to a           the air conditioning demand.
home in Hawaii Kai.”
                                                                   These are some of the many things we do to preserve our
Some of the more apparent things we do are recycling paper         environment so that future generations can enjoy it as we
and reducing its consumption wherever we can and continuing        have. I am proud to work in a company with a culture where
to grow our fleet of hybrid buses. However, there are many         people take those little extra steps like turning off the lights
less obvious environmentally friendly practices we employ.         when leaving a room or shutting off a vehicle if it’s sitting for
Tires are an item that has received some attention for a couple    more than 5 minutes. We need to continue what we are doing
of reasons. One is it takes over 20 quarts of oil to produce       and be part of the solution to the problem of sustaining our
a tire, and on the other end the number of years it takes to       environment.
decompose in a landfill is well beyond our lifetime. So we
began recapping our tires instead of replacing them, which
only takes 8 quarts of oil. Next, we purchased aluminum
rims so they will run cooler, and recently, we switched from
compressed air to nitrogen to further reduce heat and increase
mileage, keeping more tires out of landfills.

We recover all our vehicle fluids to the point that we purchased
an oil can crusher that so that we can squeeze all the oil out
of the can. The can itself is recycled as are all types of metal
waste, (since Jan ’08 we have collected over $12,000 for
recycled metals). Even the transfers that we pass out to our
passengers are printed on recycled paper which doesn’t seem
like much until you learn that we purchase over 37 million
transfers in a year.

    In Memory of. . .
                                                                                 Operator of
                                                                                 the Quarter
    Willie S. Visitacion passed away on September 3, 2008.                                    Pearl City-based Francis Fukuda was
    Mr. Visitacion was employed with MTL, Inc., on April 10, 1976                             surprised to be this issue’s Operator
    as a Service Attendant in the Maintenance Department and had                              of the Quarter, and didn’t know what
    29 years of dedicated service.                                                            to say at first. So Sharon, his wife of
                                                                                              32-plus years said to say, “Behind every
    John L. K. K. Chong Jr. passed away on September 9, 2008.                                 good man is a good woman!” (Good
    Mr. Chong was employed with MTL, Inc., on April 10, 1976 as                               one Sharon.)
    a Bus Operator in the Transportation Department and retired on
    June 1, 2007 with 31 years of dedicated service.                                         Francis joined OTS in December 1993,
                                                                                             and has Route 53 Pacific Palisades for
    Avon M. Doane passed away on September 11, 2008.                   the December sign-up. It’s his favorite, Francis says, because
    Ms. Doane was employed with MTL, Inc., on March 1, 1979, as        he can stop to use the restroom at the Pearl City facility!
    a Bus Operator in the Transportation Department and reitired on
    September 1, 1999 with 20 years of dedicated service.              Francis says he likes to put 100% into his job because he
                                                                       really likes his job and co-workers. “When you enjoy your
                                                                       job, everything just comes naturally.”

    Holiday Food Drive                                                 Francis also keeps timetables handy in case customers need
                                                                       times of other buses, especially times buses leave Ala Moana,
                                                                       and times the last buses run.
    December 1 – 11, 2008
                                                                       As for advice, Francis says “ Your attitude determines what’s
    Oahu Transit Services, Inc. (TheBus & TheHandi-Van) would          going to happen, so keep a good attitude, keep your cool and
    like to collect canned food items and nonperishable food to        no get excited. Treat people with equal respect, that’s how
    help the Hawaii Foodbank. Please kokua by donating some            I was raised.”
    food for needy families during this holiday season. Donations
    may be dropped off at the following locations:                     Congratulations Francis!

    Kalihi Facility
          Dispatch Office in the Admin. Building
          IT Department
                                                                       A Masterpiece
    •     Purchasing & Material Management Office (by Copier)
    •     URF Maintenance Office (Foreman’s Office) Building C
    •     Maintenance Building 2nd floor
           (Superintendent’s Office)
    •     Maintenance Office (Foreman’s Office) Building B
    •     Transportation Division Office in the Admin. Building
    •     Dispatch/Reservation Lunch Room
    •     Maintenance Office
    •     Operations Office
    Pearl City Facility
    •     Transportation Admin. Office
    •     Maintenance Office (Foreman’s Office)

        1. Canned fish            6. Canned vegetables
                                                                          Photo above: Finance Secretary Linda Orion won a quilting
        2. Canned luncheon meats 7. Canned fruits
                                  8. Dry beans or pasta                contest that took place at Kahala Mall. The quilt won 2nd place
        3. Canned spaghetti/chili
                                  9. Rice                             in best design, 1st place in best color, and the grand prize BEST
        4. Canned soups
                                  10. Cereal                           IN SHOW. This masterpiece took her approximately one year to
        5. Pork and beans
                                                                        complete. The quilt design is called “The Ferns of Waialeale”
                                                                              and was designed Master Quilter Carol Kamaile.

Taste of
OTS Pastas
October 7, 2008
This Aloha United Way fundraiser was
held at the Kalihi-Palama Facility in the
Operators’ lounge. We raised $768.00
during this event.

The Winners of the Taste of OTS Pastas

1. Dwight Higa, Maintenance
2. Romulo Delos Santos, Transportation
3. Susan Kawasaki, Finance

Congratulations to all the winners!

Along with employee pledges, OTS raised

Mahalo for all your support of
Aloha United Way.

 Alzheimer’s Association MemoryWalk 2008
 September 7, 2008
  OTS raised $1,888.00 from Fun Pack sales and $2,313.16 from walker pledges for a total of $4,201.16!

  Photo above (left to right): Tim Ho, Kitty Souza, Charlotte   Photo above (left to right): Bianca Hoang, Barbara Nettles,
 Hee, Linda Mitsunaga, Guill Colon, Sarah Tajima, Jeff Tupa.        Gary Nettles, David George, Levin Nansen-Salas
   (Missing from photo: Agnes Loi, Guiseppe Rivera, and                      (holding Phoenix, Gary’s baby).
                 Kylene Takahashi-Rivera.)

    Bus Operators of the Month
    September 2008
                                             PEARL CITY DIVISION
                                            September 2008
    1. Elton Alcover
    2. Donovan Calhau
                                            1. Robert Costa
                                            2. Guy Davalos
                                                                                           Safety Awards
    3. Gerald Wan                           3. Nephi Kekaula
    October 2008                            October 2008                                   August                  Years
    1. Kenneth Pia                          1. Raul Delgado                                Russell M. Duarte        35
    2. Thomas Rollman                       2. James Feliciano                             Ethan K. Kahoano         28
    3. William Stowers                      3. Charles Rokero Jr.
    November 2008                           November 2008                                  September
    1. Nathan Ajifu                         1. Lisa Makuakane                              Alan O. Farias           22
    2. Gilbert Cruz                         2. Ringo Manu                                  Alan T. Nohara           30
    3. Lorenzo Tadena                       3. Henry Ulii Jr.                              Roman R. Richardson      23

    Retiree Corner
                                                                                           Herbert D. K. Titcomb    24

    Name                      Position                    Date Retired   Yrs. of Service   October
                                                                                           Lincoln B. Alvarez       27
    BOLOSAN, JUAN CADIENTE     Tire Supervisor              Sep 2008          39           Guy T. Gamuro            25
    CHUNG, BRADFORD            HEM - Running Repair         Sep 2008          29           Edward S. Nakamura       32
    MATTSON, LYLE P. P.        Bus Operator                 Sep 2008          26 1/2
    PESTANA, SEARLE K.         Bus Operator                 Sep 2008          36 1/2
    TAKANO, JEFFREY T.         Lead Mechanic                Sep 2008          21 1/2
    LAU, GERALDINE H.          Central Radio Controller     Oct 2008          28
    QUEYPO, JR., ARNOLDO       Bus Operator                 Oct 2008          36
    WONG, CLARENCE W. K.       Paratransit Operator         Oct 2008          14
    HAMASAKI, RUDY M.          HEM - Overhaul Shop          Oct 2008          28 1/2

    New OTS ‘Ohana
    TAKAHASHI, MAYDEEN Y.C.                                 Entry Information Clerk                    09/16/08
    DOLD, CHRISTINE NANI                                    Entry Information Clerk                    10/01/08
    ALCOVER, PAUL RANDALL                                   HEM - Air Conditioning                     10/01/08
    BILLEDO, GLENN                                          HEM - Running Repair                       10/01/08
    PIA, JOHNATHAN T.                                       Service Attendant                          10/08/08
    CHO, ULULANI M.                                         Entry Information Clerk                    10/09/08
    CHHIN, JOHN CHAMROEUN                                   Service Attendant                          10/13/08
    FILOTEO, CORONELLA K.                                   Paratransit Operator                       10/18/08
    KANESHIRO, GARY T.                                      Paratransit Operator                       10/18/08
    MATTOS, JR., RAYMOND S.                                 Paratransit Operator                       10/18/08
    YAMASHITA, GARY TERUO                                   Paratransit Operator                       10/18/08
    AYSON, THOMAS A.                                        Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    CASTILLO, JASON F.                                      Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    COOPER, JAMES EVERETT                                   Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    DEW, WALTER EDWARD K                                    Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    ESPERAS, KEOLA P.                                       Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    FABRAO, BRENTIN HAMILTO                                 Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    FUJITA, THOMAS TSUTOMU                                  Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    HALKO, CHARLES JOHN                                     Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    HONDA, TYSON MASAMI                                     Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    HURTLE, BRIAN KEITH                                     Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    LIMA, EDMUND U.                                         Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    MATSUI, CHAD KIYOSHI                                    Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    MIZUUCHI, JASON M.                                      Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    OBA, WALTER KEALOHA                                     Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    PIENA, WILLIAM R. JR.                                   Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    RESPICIO, KURT E.                                       Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    SOARES, CHRIS G.                                        Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    VIERRA, ROBERT ALLEN                                    Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    ZOLLER, AARON B.                                        Bus Operator                               11/01/08
    FELIX, JEFFREY TOMBOC                                   Service Attendant                          11/03/08
    BENNERMON, JOEL M.                                      Bus Operator                               11/04/08

Trick or Treat

 Photo Above (left to right): Krystelle Leano, Dacha Nahinu,                  Photo Above (left to right):
    Norma Godoy, Lilia Visitacion of the Transportation                Jon Nouchi, Service Development Manager;
                          Department.                              Joni Robinson, Workers’ Compensation Technician.

  Photo Above : Grace Tubania, Paratransit Reservationist.         Photo Above (left to right): Sadao “Ross” Narikiyo,
                                                               Graphic Designer; Tom Enomoto, Customer Services Manager.

Paratransit Jack-O-Lantern Contest
The Winners

Photo Above: The most original pumpkin     Photo Above: The ugliest pumpkin by        Photo Above: The most creative
by Donna Ridela, Administrative Clerk II    Paul Bringas, Paratransit Operator         pumpkin by Kealii Bartrand,
                                                                                       Customer Service Supervisor

     Patricia Nielsen

                                                                                 Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles
                                                                                 have been. (Mark Twain)
                                                                                 If you didn’t start out the day with a smile, it’s not too
                                                                                 late to start practicing for tomorrow.
                                                                         •       Laughter is regional: a smile extends over the whole
     Vice President, Paratransit Services
                                                                                 face. (Malcolm De Chazal)
     Do you have any idea what a powerful message you send each          •       If you’d like to spoil the day for a grouch, give him a
     and every time you smile?                                                   smile.
                                                                         •       A smile costs nothing but gives much. It enriches
     I am a proponent for smiling. In fact, since I’ve been involved             those who receive without making poorer those who
     in training transit employees for nearly 20 years and working               give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it
     with the senior and disabled community for even longer, I know              sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich or mighty
     with all my heart – a smile can really make a difference.                   that he can get along without it, and none is so poor
                                                                                 that he cannot be made rich by it. A smile creates
     Let’s get personal. YOUR smile can make or break a transit                  happiness in the home, fosters goodwill in business,
     experience for your passengers. Your smile can change the                   and is the countersign of friendship. It brings rest to
     atmosphere in the vehicle. Your smile can ease tense moments                the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the
     and troubled hearts. YOUR smile really does matter!                         sad, and is nature’s best antidote for trouble. Yet it
                                                                                 cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for
     Obviously, from the comments below, I’m not the only one                    it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is
     who thinks so. My hope is that you will give some thought to                given away. Some people are too tired to give you a
     them, and then put into practice your very best smile!                      smile. Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile
                                                                                 so much as he who has no more to give.
     May your holiday season be blessed and may love abound              •       Keep smiling—it makes people wonder what you’ve
     in your life.                                                               been up to.
                                                                         •       The bitterest misfortune can be covered up with a
     •        The curve of a smile can set a lot of things straight.              smile. (Yiddish Proverb)
     •        A warm smile thaws an icy stare.                           •       There are no language barriers when you are smiling.
     •        All people smile in the same language.                             (Allen Klien)
     •        Why not wear a smile? It’s just about the only thing       •       A smile is a powerful weapon; you can even break ice
              you can wear that isn’t taxed.                                     with it.
     •        A smile is the lighting system of the face and the         •       Smiles reach the hard-to-reach places. (Steve
             heating system of the heart.                                        Wilson)
     •        When you see someone without a smile, give him             •       A smile is a passport that will take you anywhere you
              one of yours.                                                       want to go.
     •        A smile is a wrinkle that shouldn’t be removed.            •       The fruit of love is service. The fruit of service is peace.
     •        What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.               And peace begins with a smile. (Mother Teresa)
              (Joseph Addison)
     •        Smile—it improves your face value.
     •        Smile—it’s the second best thing you can do with
              your lips.
     •        Before you put on a frown, my friend, make absolutely
             certain there are no smiles available.
     •        Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have
     •        A smile is the universal welcome. (Max Eastman)
     •        The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.
              (Mary Waldrip)
     •        You’re never fully dressed without a smile. (Martin
     •        It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three
              to frown.
     •        All the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth
              of a smile. (Chris Hart)
     •        No matter how grouchy you’re feeling,                      Photo above (left to right): Paulette Adric, Reservationist; Allison
             you’ll find the smile more or less healing.                  Mariano, Scheduler; Katherine “Lei” Kapanui, Reservationist.
             It grows in a wreath. All around the front teeth—
             Thus preserving the face from congealing.
             (Anthony Euwer)

Paratransit Safety Awards
 1st Yr. Award   Ronald Colling        Gaylen Paio              Allan Sablan
2nd Yr. Award    Tetele Acedo          Jamiane Tamura           Conrado Bagay             Filiki Tupuola
                 Peter Fiori           Russell Lopes            April Vera Cruz
3rd Yr. Award    Norman Baker          Itagia Timoteo            Michael Vea
4th Yr. Award    Rueben Cezar
5th Yr. Award    Melody Bangay         Robyn Freitas            Randy Makahanaloa
1st Yr. Award    Earl Naile, Jr.
2nd Yr. Award    Tavesi Augafa         Bryan Natividad           Dolores Santiago          Matthew Sione
3rd Yr. Award    Ralph Wilms
1st Yr. Award    Michael Evangelista   Leilani Omeli             Kyle Hussey              Leonard Paculan
                 Daniel Macho          Hank Takafuji
2nd Yr. Award    Valray Jeremiah       Freddie Makinano          Ricky Quibodeaux
3rd Yr. Award    Tonette Gumapac
4th Yr. Award    Amelia Willing
5th Yr. Award    Benjamin Roque, Jr.   Laurie Schipinski

                                                           Paratransit Class 34
                                                           Graduated October 18, 2008

                                                        Photo Left (left to right): Gary Kaneshiro, Raymond Mattos, Jr.,
                                                           Elizabeth Gwin, Coronella Filoteo and Gary Yamashita.

     Know Your Investment Self
     You know your favorite time of year, what type of friend or        Moderately aggressive — Investors in this category can accept
     parent you are, and maybe even how you react in different          higher levels of risk and generally have a longer time horizon.
     situations. But do you know what type of investor you are?         They are looking for higher growth potential and will accept
     Have you ever given it any thought?                                some significant swings in their portfolio returns.

     Your social personality may be quite different from your           Aggressive — Most aggressive investors have the longest
     “investment personality.” Your investment personality should       time horizon and will accept higher risk for higher growth
     be evaluated based on two important factors.                       potential. Short term losses are accepted as a means to longer
                                                                        term capital appreciation.
     •        Time horizon – how long you have to save and invest
              before you reach retirement                               Once you determine what type of investor you are, you
                                                                        can better decide what type of portfolio allocation, or asset
     •        Risk tolerance – how comfortable you are with the         allocation, might work best for you. Asset allocation is an
              potential to lose money                                   investment strategy utilizing a range of investment choices
                                                                        to help minimize risk.
     Taking these two factors into consideration, most investors
     fall into financial types, or profiles, such as:                   Keep in mind, diversification does not eliminate risk, does
                                                                        not guarantee a profitable investment return, and does not
     Conservative — Possess a short time horizon and a low risk         guarantee against a loss. It is a method used to manage risk,
     tolerance, these investors look for stable, low risk investments   which can help reduce the overall volatility of your investment
     with lower, predictable returns and high liquidity.                portfolio.

     Moderately conservative — These individuals are just slightly      You can contact Bankoh Investment Services Professional Mr.
     more tolerable of risk than conservative investors, and usually    Albert Piena at (808) 694-4372 today to find out more about
     have a somewhat longer time horizon. They stick with safer         asset allocation. Knowing your investment personality may help
     investments but accept occasional, slight fluctuations in the      you discover your “retirement personality” more quickly.
     value of their portfolios.
                                                                        Bankoh Investment Services, Inc. is a non-banking subsidiary of Bank of
                                                                        Hawaii. Member FINRA/SIPC
     Moderate — Moderate investors are the middle of the road.
     They have a midrange time horizon and some tolerance for           Securities and products are not FDIC insured, not Bank guaranteed, and
     risk. They are looking for stable returns for some level of        may lose value.
     growth and they are comfortable with some risk and market          Source : Lincoln National Corporation 2007

     Four Signs of Recognizing a Stroke
     Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are
     difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the
                                                  S       Ask the individual to SMILE             If they have trouble with ANY ONE of
                                                                                                  these tasks, CALL 911 immediately
     lack of awareness spells disaster. The                                                       and describe the symptoms to the
                                                          Ask the person to TALK and
     stroke victem may suffer severe brain                                                        dispatcher.
                                                          SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE
     damage when people nearby fail to                    (coherently) (i.e. It is sunny
     recognize the symptoms of a stroke.                  today).                                 A cardiologist says if everyone who
                                                                                                  gets this information and shares it

     Now doctors say a bystander can                      Ask the person to RAISE BOTH            with 10 people, you can bet one life
     recognize a stroke by asking four simple             ARMS.                                   will be saved.
                                                          Ask the person to stick out their

                                                  R       tongue and take notice if their         Have a wonderful day.
                                                          tongue appears crooked or
                                                          twisted to one side.

A Bus Full of Technology
Jon Nouchi Service Development Manager
TheBus will be testing a new technology bus manufactured            It is important for us to learn all we can about the CompoBus
from lightweight composite materials (think: surfboards and         during the demonstration period. We will gather feedback from
Corvettes). The CompoBus, manufactured by North American            all areas, especially bus operators, maintenance personnel, and
Bus Industries (NABI) is also unique because it is 45 feet long.    our passengers. Expect to see the CompoBus in its patriotic
What does this mean?                                                red, white, and blue colors in February.

The extra five feet over our standard 40-foot models allows
the CompoBus to carry more seated and standee passengers.           Caring For Our Community
Although the demonstration model seats 46 passengers, future Once again, OTS Bus Stop Crew member Peter Bermudez and
builds will seat 48. The CompoBus can seat more passengers his wife Jenny, coordinated a day of service and giving at the
than any of our 40-foot buses.                               Pai’olu Kaiaulu Waianae Homeless Shelter (Pai’olu Kaiaulu means
                                                             “pleasent lift of encouragement as your journey begins”).

                                                                    With volunteers from OTS, Word of Life, U.S. Marine Band
                                                                    and food courtesy of Koolina; it was a day of celebration and

                                                                    A warm Mahalo goes out to all the volunteers and the many who
                                                                    donated generously with toiletries, home essentials, clothing,
                                                                    chilren’s toys and books, and money.

                                                                    Thank you all for your generosity.

     Photo Above: The CompoBus that will be used for testing
 during the month of February at both the Kalihi-Palama and Pearl
                          City Divisions.

We plan to try a number of new technology items on the
CompoBus. It will be equipped with a new TransitMaster
system (already in use on Handi-Van vehicles) that has an
easier-to-view color screen and more ergonomic design. A
new farebox will also be installed that has the capability to
issue electronic transfers and possibly accept smart cards
and charge cards. Of course, it will also have our standard
amenities such as automatic voice annunciation and automatic
passenger counters.

The CompoBus hits Honolulu’s shores in January 2009.
Following a brief maintenance, testing, and training period,
it will run in revenue service at both Kalihi-Palama and Pearl
City divisions during the month of February. The Training
Department will ensure that the vehicle is safe to operate on
all test routes.

We plan to run the CompoBus on routes and trips that carry
heavy loads which do not require an articulated bus. Some
of the routes where you might see the CompoBus and it’s
unique smiling face include Routes 1, 8, 17, 19, 20, 41, 43,
52, 55, 62, 81, 93, 98, and 434.

     Technology Corner
     Text Messaging, Part 2: Do you Copy? (Yes/No)
     Jon Nouchi
     Service Development Manager

     Central Control is using more TransitMaster text messaging Farrington right Nanakuli, left Mano, left Haleakala, right
     every day. Remember, an incoming text message is signaled Farrington, resuming regular route. Reverse detour on
     by three long beeps.                                       Eastbound. Expect delays.”

     Some text messages will ask you to acknowledge that you have   Central Control may request an acknowledgement that you
     read and understand the message. For example, if there is      received the message. If so, “SEND ACK” will appear on the
     a major accident on Farrington Highway in Nanakuli, Central    screen. Press this button to let Central know that you have
     Control can text all the buses on Routes C, F13, 40/40A,       read and understand the message sent.
     93/93A, and 403.
                                                                    Central Control can also ask yes or no questions via text
     <BEEP> <BEEP> <BEEP>                                           message. If Central requires a yes or no answer, these buttons
                                                                    will show when you read the message. Hit “YES” or “NO” to
     “MSG” appears in the top right hand corner of your Mobile Data answer the question.
     Terminal (MDT) screen. From the main screen in TransitMaster,
     press “RCVD MSGS.”                                             Text messaging will be a convenient and time-saving way to
                                                                    communicate between fixed-route Central Control and bus
     “Major accident on Farrington Highway fronting Nanakuli operators. Handi-Van dispatchers are also using this technology
     Beach Park. All lanes closed. Westbound DETOUR from to send data to Handi-Vans on the road.

     HASTUS Upgrade
     The Scheduling Department is using a new version of the
     HASTUS software to schedule trips and create runs. What
     does this mean to bus operators? Using a new computerized
     runcutting process, we have improved the quality of runs by
     reducing the number of three-time-out runs.

     The December signup was the first time Scheduling used this
     new system. As they become more familiar with the new
     HASTUS, we will see better runs and overall improvements
     in Scheduling.

                                                                      Photo Above: Screenshot of the HASTUS program used to create
                                                                                        runs and schedule trips.

Making it Better                                                                                  Express!
                                                                                                      Published by
                                                                                               Oahu Transit Services, Inc.
Richard Hardy                                                                             Operators of TheBus & TheHandi-Van
Vice President, Maintenance                                                                        811 Middle Street
                                                                                                Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
Not content with maintaining the status quo, we strive continually to make                                  ≈
improvements that will benefit the riding public as well as our fellow employees.         Department of Transportation Services
Some of what we do is highly visible, some is obvious only to a small number of                     Wayne Yoshioka
                                                                                                      Director, DTS
us. In no particular order of priority, here’s what’s happening in the garages and
on the streets:                                                                                       James Burke
                                                                                              Chief, Public Transit Division
1.      Bus Rehab Program. Kalihi Maintenance, with a significant assist from                               ≈
        the main Body Shop at Pearl City, is in the process of doing a complete                Oahu Transit Services, Inc.
        rehab of older Gillig buses at the rate of about one a month. To date, 12                   J. Roger Morton
        buses have gone from old and tired to looking and smelling brand new.                President and General Manager
        Pearl City has also painted a handful of their buses. However, most notable                  Express! Staff
        is that the windshields, front door glass and driver’s side windows of the
        Pearl City fleet have been buffed free of water spots.                                       Jerome Preese
                                                                                          Vice President, Planning & Marketing
2.      Y2K Artic Re-power Program. We already have 13 new Cummins engines
        on property. As soon as the rest of the conversion kits are delivered, we will            Michelle Kennedy
        again start re-powering the problem-prone 2000 artics. By the middle of           Manager, Customer Communications
        next year, we expect to have re-powered 26 out of 30 buses in this fleet.                  Linda Mitsunaga
                                                                                           Customer Service Clerk Coordinator
3.      LED Interior Lighting. Does the lighting look brighter and more pleasant              (Customer Communications)
        in Buses 501, 868, 301 and 150? It is the newest thing—LED lighting.
        And, it is supposed to last for 10-12 years without replacement, which is                  Sadao R. Narikiyo
        a huge cost savings.                                                                        Graphic Designer

                                                                                                 Glen S. S. Nakamura
4.      Wheelchair Ramp and Kneeling Controls. Find it hard to reach those                         Distribution Clerk
        toggle switches on the lower right-hand side of the dash? Thanks to the               (Customer Communications)
        recommendation of the Safety Committee, these switches are now being                               ≈
        conveniently located near the door opener.                                                Contributing Writers

5.      CLASS Door Opening System. This new system, installed on the 900 series                    Mufi Hannemann
        and on Buses 142-150, uses a beam rather than a touchbar to cause the              Mayor, City and County of Honolulu
        doors to open. With fewer moving parts, it is more reliable and requires                   Richard W. Hardy
        less maintenance. However, if passengers are standing in the beam’s path,             Vice President, Maintenance
        it could affect operations. Therefore, we are trying a new annunciator
        device in Bus 928 which asks passengers to remain clear of the doors.                      Patricia M. Nielsen
                                                                                           Vice President, Paratransit Services
6.      Anti-Graffiti Shields for Bus Windows. We currently use this plexiglass
        anti-graffiti shields. As we have all seen, whereas the plexiglass protects the             Tom Enomoto
                                                                                               Manager, Customer Service
        glass windows, they get hazy when you clean them and some develop what
        looks like an oil sheen. We are now experimenting with a film product by                      Jon Nouchi
        3M which we hope will ease the problems that we see with plexiglass.                 Service Development Manager

                                                                                                    Charlotte Hee
                                                                                                  Corporate Secretary

Calender of Events
7 -    Effective Start Date of the          27 -      Regular Run Sign-Up:            10 -     Relief Run Completion:
       December 2008 Sign-Up                           Start Time: 9:00 a.m. at the            Start Time: 9:00 a.m. at both
11 -   OTS Holiday BASH (TheBus Roadeo                 Pearl City Division                     divisions
       and other events)                               Start Time: 2:00 p.m. at the   11 -     Relief Run Completion:
25 -   Christmas Day Holiday - Sunday                  Kalihi Division                         Start Time: 9:00 a.m. at the
       Schedule (AZoff)                     28 - 30 - Regular Run Sign-Up:                     Kalihi Division
                                                      Start Time: 9:00 a.m. at both   16 -     Presidents’ Day Holiday -

January                                               divisions                                Saturday Schedule

1 -     New Year’s Day Holiday - Sunday
11 -
         Schedule (AZoff)
        Deadline to submit “Division        2-4-     Regular Run Sign-Up:               March
        Transfer” memos to Dispatch for              Start Time: 9:00 a.m. at both      1-     Effective Start Date of the March
        March 2009 Sign-Up                           divisions                                 2009 Sign-Up
19 -    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day -       5-       Regular Run Sign-Up:               26 -   Prince Kuhio Day - Holiday - State
         Holiday- State Holiday Schedule             Start Time: 9:00 a.m. at the              Holiday Schedule
26 -     Regular Run Sign-Up: Start Time:            Kalihi Division
         2:00 p.m. at both divisions

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                                                                                                                     Honolulu, HI
                                                                                                                    Permit No. 9033

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 Honolulu HI