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					                                                                                                                                   Fall 2002

                                                                            Buoy Alert!
                                                                                With the winter/fall season quickly approaching and the boating
                                                                            season ends for most people, Western Boaters Safety Group would
                                                                            like to warn our members of the potential hazards of having your boat
As for most of us, we have come to the end of the 2002 boating season.      moored to a buoy. Large lakes in which trailerable vessels over 26
We at WBSG hope that you and your families can look back over many          ft. moored to buoys need to be placed into a protected slip or better
happy boating experiences.                                                  yet, taken out of the water. Vessels that have a low freeboard (ex.
                                                                            Fountains and other offshore Deep V’s) also need to be taken off buoy
Just as most of our members have enjoyed their boating experiences,         due to the very high percentage of swamping and buoy chains breaking.
                                                                             Boaters who leave their boats on buoys at this time have reason to
a few unfortunate families experienced tragedy. Let me explain.             worry because now is the time that salvage companies receive most
                                                                            of their business. “I don’t mean to be callous or anything like that,
Your association officers participate in the major claims review meetings   but I look forward to this time of the year, it’s when we get the majority
conducted by the Boat/Yacht Insurance Group Program Administrator-          of our business. People know better, but they don’t think it will ever
Western Marine Insurance Services and the Claims Administrator-             happen to them.” says a salvage company employee whose name
Marine Claims Services. We review all claims involving serious bodily       wishes to be withheld.
                                                                                Storms historically blow through areas such as Lake Tahoe, in
injury, death, theft and large boat issues.                                 Northern California and Lake’s Mead and Powell this time of the year
                                                                            and do not let up until March. Other reasons salvage companies
We never became accustomed to hearing a report about a drowning             receive most of their business at this time is due to the lack of buoy
associated with boating, a young girl overcome by carbon monoxide,          inspections. The buoy chain is constantly being worn down and it
a limb severed from a young boy by a propeller or broken neck to a          might look good 20ft below the surface, but on the bottom is where
young tuber.                                                                the chain usually breaks because that is where the constant movement
                                                                                Regardless of our recommendations, we know that some will leave
The human tragedies caused by these events far transcend the financial      your vessel on the buoys. If you happen to be one of these people,
impact that the claims adjuster must deal with.                             here is a quick list to possibly prevent your vessel from becoming a
                                                                            marine life sanctuary and blip on someone’s sonar:
We must cope with the reality that these events will occur in our form
of recreation as they do in all other major sports. These experiences       • Ensure mooring covers are a tight and elevated fit to allow runoff of
constantly remind and reaffirm our role as a safety association and         rainwater. A pyramid effect is a proper fit.
                                                                            • Check to see if your bilge pump is functioning correctly. Bilge pumps
the responsibility WBSG has to continue to share information, educate,      should be wired directly to the automatic switch.
and stress to its members the need to practice safe boat handling. If       • Check the bilges routinely for debris that can accumulate, rendering
our efforts can help avoid even one of these tragic accidents, then our     your float switch inoperable.
efforts are well served.                                                    • Ensure your batteries are fully charged (a solar trickle charger is
                                                                            good insurance)
I take this opportunity to thank our guest authors and hope you take        • Ensure buoys are inspected every 2 years determine condition.

the time to read these important articles.                                  Buoy Service
                                                                            High Sierra Marine

The WBSG membership is growing and our approximately 20,000                 (530) 581-2628

members provide a strong voice in areas of legislation, insurance,          P.O. Box 70
safety and member benefits.                                                 Tahoe City, CA 96145

Your executive director has done an excellent job in updating existing
member benefits and we will all be working hard on your behalf to
improve and add new benefits.

                                                                                                             The Consequence .................... 4
                                                                                                             Underwriter's Perspective ....... 5
                                                                                                             Legislative Advocacy .............. 6
                                                                                                             Preventing Boat Thefts .......... 8
Joseph J. Cecchini                                                                                           Photo Contest ........................ 9
WBSG President

Where’s your
bucket?                                        by John Lee

   Preserve the security of your boat’s bilge pump with a little
preventative maintenance. It’s a shame that most boat owners
know more about their engines than they do about their bilge
pumps. It would probably shock most boat owners to know
that their bilge pumps are most likely inadequate.
   When you purchase a new boat, it already has a
bilge pump installed. You would assume that the
manufacturer has done the homework and
installed the right size. Unfortunately in many
cases that is a poor assumption to make.
   Consider for a minute that the most
common bilge pump installed in trailer-able
boats is the 500 gallon-per-hour (GPH) variety;
a compact plastic gadget in the bottom of the
bilge. If you thought about it, you’d probably
assume that, since the pump is capable of filling
10 50-gallon drums in one hour, it should certainly
be more than enough to handle most
   If the hose on a one-and-a-half through-hull (such as water
intake for a bait tank) slipped off a fitting a mere six inches below the
water line, you’d take on more than 2,000 gph. This means your 500               a way to alert the harbor patrol to the problem. You can do this by
gph pump is losing ground at a rate of four gallons in for only one gallon      mounting a second automatic switch at a point about six inches above
out.                                                                            the primary automatic bilge pump switch. Rather than attaching it to a
   Change that to a two-inch through-hull fitting two feet below the water,     bilge pump, wire it to a boat horn. This allows your bilge pump to handle
now you’re looking at nearly 4,000 gallons an hour. By moving that two-         normal leakage, but if the water rises to a critical level and reaches the
inch through-hull fitting to three feet below the water line, the water flow    secondary automatic switch, the horn will blast. It’s certainly a good idea
increases to 5,000 gallons each hour. Do you still think your 500 gph           to notify your marina about the alarm, but even if you don’t, the noise
bilge pump is sufficient? You may as well be bailing with a Dixie cup.          will bring somebody to investigate further and save the boat before it
The U.S. Coast Guard and federal equipment requirements decree that             sinks. Properly wiring your bilge pump is also important, particularly
you must a have a certain number of life jackets, fire extinguishers, flares    since many manufacturers provide only a few inches of wire pigtail, which
and even a horn on board, it is surprisingly how silent the regulations         means that your wire connections are likely to be in the bilge. If possible,
are about bilge pumps. You don’t even have to have a bucket.                    seal your bilge pump connections with a liquid tape compound from a
   It’s been said that the best bilge pump is a scared boater with a bucket.    marine hardware store. This will keep water from corroding the wiring
 Even at a minimal 2,000 gph intake from a broken through-hull, you’d           or shorting it out at a time when you need it most.
need to move 33 gallons a minute just to break even. The big question              Routine Cleaning: Last, pay some attention to your bilge pump. It’s
is, how long could you keep up that pace?                                       an unfriendly environment, submerged in water and bilge muck, overheated
   Enough about what is not done properly; let’s talk about how to equip        by the engine, and often allowed to run dry. Most bilge pumps are
your boat to prevent this from happening.                                       designed to be taken apart easily, so clean the debris out of the strainer
   Numbers game: First, there should be at least one bilge pump in              on a regular basis, check the impeller for broken vanes, and make sure
each separate compartment. For instance, if your engine compartment             the wiring is protected from the effects of the water. Considering the price
has a 11/2-inch through-hull at a depth of six inches, the pump should          of bilge pumps, they’re one of the best hull insurance policies you can
be capable of moving at least 1,900 gph. The idea is that if your boat          buy for your boat.
happens to take on water, you have enough “buckets” to dispose of
the water.
    Caught “wet” handed: You never want to be caught without the
knowledge of your boat taking on water. A serious leak may be too much
for the normal bilge pump to handle, and the pump will quickly drain
the batteries, resulting in a sunken boat. Realistically speaking, in today’s
marina, who pays attention to their neighbor’s bilge pump? You need
Knot Hard to Learn

End From End                    Bowline                         Cleat Hitch                      Clove Hitch                     Sheet Bend
Master these four               This is the one knot to         This knot used to                This is a good all-             This is one of the best
basic boating knots             learn if you’re only            secure lines to cleats           around knot,                    knots for tying two
and you’ll be fit to be         learning one. It forms          and tells you at a               especially useful for           lines together. It’s
tied. But first, a              a secure loop that              glance it was tied by            securing a line to a            strong, easy to tie and
couple of quick notes           won’t jam, can be tied          a boater.                        pole or post. It’s not          works with lines of
about knots. The                around stationary               1) Pass the running              100 percent secure,             different sizes. You
“standing end” refers           objects, supports               end around the end of            but it’s easy to tie and        can even use a double
to the end of the line          extreme loads and is            the cleat farthest from          untie, and it’ll hold           sheet bend to hold
that’s attached to              still easy to untie.            the object being                 well enough for most            two slippery nylon
whatever you’re                 1) Form an eye in the           secured, then around             applications.                   lines.
securing. The                   rope with the standing          the near end of the              1) Pass the running             1) Start with the
“running end,”                  underneath.                     cleat.                           end around the post             standing end of one
sometimes called the            2) Pass the running             2) Form an underhand             coming back below               line to your left, the
“free end,” is the end          end up through the              loop and pass it                 the standing end.               standing end of the
of the line that’s being        eye (the rabbit out of          around the far end of            2) Make a second,               other to your right.
used to tie the knot.           the hole), around the           the cleat, pulling on            loose pass around the           2) Make a loop with
“Overhand” means                standing end (the               the running end to               post, this time feeing          the running end of the
that the running end            rabbit around the tree)         tighten. 3) Do the               the running end of the          heavier line.
of the line is placed           and back through the            same around the near             line through the loop.          3) Pass the running
atop the standing end;          eye (the rabbit into his        end of the cleat.                3) Pull the running             end of the second line
“underhand” means               hole).                          4) Loop the excess               end of the line to              through the loop
the running end goes            3) Hold the running             line around the cleat            secure the knot.                around the back of the
beneath the standing            end and pull the                to keep it out from                                              heavier line, then back
end.                            standing end to secure          underfoot.                                                       under itself.
                                the knot.                                                                                        4) Pull the knot tight
                                                                                                                                 to secure.

   There are many materials used today to make line (ropes are on shore, line is afloat). The most popular is nylon. It is strong, holds up well to the weather
and stress, and coils nicely without too much kinking. Line is also made from natural fibers like cotton and hemp (manila), and other synthetic fibers such
as dacron, kevlar, spectra, technora, and polypropylene. Nylon three strand is the preferred line for docklines, since it stretches sufficiently to dampen
the sharp shocks of wave action and wind against your cleats. Dacron doesn't stretch as much, and is used for sailboat running rigging and other applications
where you don't want stretch to interfere with your sets. The big advantage of polypropylene line is that it floats. Therefore, it is appropriate for ski lines
or other applications where you want to be able to see the line on top of the water.
Line is constructed in two basic ways, although there are variations on the theme.
                                                                                                                                                3 STRAND LINE
The first is "3 strand" line.
  Three strand twisted line can be "laid" right or left, and should always be coiled with the lay of the line. If you hold a length of 3 strand right-hand laid
twisted line at arm's length and eyeball it, you will see the wrap of the line twisting to the right.
                                                                                                                                                 BRAIDED LINE
The other construction type is braided line.
   Braided line can be single or double braided, and in both cases the line is braided around a central core. This type of line does not stretch to the degree
that twisted line does, and is more difficult to splice. However, it goes through a pulley or block very well because of it's rounded shape, and is stronger
than its equivalent size twisted line.
   Whichever lines you choose to use, make sure they are kept out of the sun when not in use, clean, unfrayed, and coiled neatly. Don't leave knots in a
stowed line for long periods of time. Protect the line from chaffing, and replace the line at the first sign of wear.
The Consequence                                    Boating Popularity Declines
                                                                                         By John Lee
The safety of our waterways falls to everyone,       While fishing and motorboating remain among
from our government to our communities to          the top 15 most popular sports out of the 64
individual citizens. We must all do our part.      surveyed, fitness and recreation activities declined
Alcohol has been a factor in several fatal         from 2000 to 2001 according to a survey by the
motorboat accidents throughout the states.         U.S. based National Sporting Goods Association
Besides jeopardizing your own life while           (NSGA).
operating a motorized vehicle, you choose to         Motor/Power boating has dropped a spot from
jeopardize someone else’s without their            13, with participation declining 6.7 percent to 22.6
permission and that is not right! Everyone wants   million. Fishing retained its number 4 position,
to enjoy a safe and happy environment when         although participation dropped 5.8 percent to 44.4
boating, so please do your part and don’t drink      This decrease can be attributed to increased
and boat. Here are some brief, but surprising      competition from other recreational activities.
punishments of what will happen if you get         People are becoming more health conscious, so
caught drinking and boating.                       they are taking part in more physical activities in
                                                   their spare time.                                      Chili Con Carne
California                                           Participation in boating activities is expected to
• 0.08 Blood Alcohol Level                         rebound in 2002 according to the NMMA. This is         Some like it hot! Some like it mild, but whatever
• Driver’s License Suspension from 6 months        due to the increased emphasis on spending time         your taste buds desire, our objective was to develop
to 5 years, depending upon the number and          with family and friends due to the terrible tragedy    a dish that could readily be prepared from easy-
type of vehicle and/or vessel violations           on September 11th.                                     to-store ingredients (except for the minced meat).
accumulated.                                         The popularity of non-boating activities however     The jalapeño peppers can be kept deep frozen and
• Up to one year in the county jail.               is rising, according to preliminary data prepared      be used as required. But deseed them first; they
• Up to a $1000 fine                               for the NSGA Sports Participation in 2001 survey.      can then be put directly into the food processor
• Zero tolerance for drivers under                   Participation in canoeing rose 9 percent to 6.2      without thawing. Of course, there is nothing like
the age of 21                                      million; kayaking/rafting rose 13 percent to 3.1       fresh delicious chili.
                                                   million; and sailing rose 10 percent to 2.5 million.
Oregon                                             Windsurfing was the only non-power water sport         Ingredients: (serves approximately 3)
• 0.08 Blood Alcohol Level                         that showed a decline in participation, which was      •   1 large, finely chopped onion
• $613 fine for a non-accident                     10 percent.                                            •   200 g lean minced meat
• $1113 fine for an accident                                                                              •   one 400 g can peeled tomatoes
                                                   The top 15 most popular activities in order from       •   1 chopped sweet vine tomato
                                                   1 through 15 are:                                      •   1 diced green onion
• 0.10 BAC                                                                                                •   2 large crushed garlic cloves
                                                   1. Exercise walking- 71.2 million participants         •   2 red jalapeño peppers, deseeded and finely
• Fines up to $5000                                2. Swimming- 54.8 million participants
• Up to 20 years in jail                                                                                        chopped (spice meter is up to you)
                                                   3. Vacation camping- 45.5 million participants         •   75-100 g tomato paste
                                                   4. Fishing- 44.4 million participants                  •   oregano, cayenne pepper, white pepper and
Washington                                         5. Exercising with equipment- 43 million                     salt as required
• 0.08 BAC                                            participants                                        •   one 400 g can with baked beans in
• Up to 90 days in the county jail                 6. Bowling- 40.3 million participants                      tomato sauce
• Up to a $1000 fine                               7. Bicycle riding- 39 million participants             •   butter or olive oil for frying
                                                   8. Billiards/Pool- 32.7 million participants           •   2 slices of cheddar cheese
Idaho                                              9. Basketball- 28.1 million participants
• 0.08 BAC                                         10. Golf- 26.6 million participants                    Proceed as follows:
• Fines up to $1000                                11. Hiking-26.1 million participants                   1. Fry the onion for 5 minutes in butter or olive
• Up to six months in county jail                  12. Running/Jogging- 24.5 million participants         oil at moderate heat, add the minced meat and
                                                   13. Aerobic exercising- 24.3 million                   divide the lumps using a fork until you have a
Utah                                               14. Boating, motor/power- 22.6 million participants    grainy consistency.
• 0.02 BAC                                         15. Weight lifting- 21.2 million                       2. Add canned tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic,
• Mandatory jail sentence of 48 consecutive        A participant is defined as someone seven years of     jalapeño peppers, salt and spices. Let the mixture
hours to 250 consecutive hours                     age or older who plays a sport more than once within   simmer for 10 minutes without cover.
• Assessment at an alcohol rehabilitation center   the year, according to NSGA.                           3. Add the baked beans and let simmer for a few
                                                                                                          minutes more.
New Mexico                                                                                                4. Put in a bowl. Add cheddar cheese, chopped
• 0.08 BAC                                                                                                tomatoes and green onions.
• Fines from $50 to $500                                                                                  5. Serve together with garlic bread and iceberg
• Imprisonment for up to thirty day                                                                       lettuce.
                                                                                                          6. Enjoy!
Arizona                                                                                                   The dish can be deep frozen and thawed in the
• 0.08 BAC                                                                                                microwave oven. Leftovers can be used by putting
                                                                                                          them on slices of white bread, cover with cheese
• Up to six months in jail                                                                                (grated or in slices) and bake in the oven.
Up to a $2500 fine

                                                Semler, Vice President Marine
WATERCRAFT INSURANCE MARKETPLACE by Douglas /E.Vantage Casualty Company Operations
                                  Old United

      An “evil necessity” that all boat owners have                    Historically, reinsurance costs are cyclical in                                        in length. To better put
been faced with is the purchase of watercraft                       nature and are dependent upon several variables                                           this in perspective for
insurance. While not something a boater often                       in the worldwide reinsurance market --- most notably,                                     you, the California
contemplates or discusses on the dock, improper                     Lloyd’s of London. The reinsurance pricing cycle                                          Department of Justice’s
coverage can become “all-consuming” once you                        started trending upward in 2000. Every indication                                         stolen boat report listed
have sustained a loss --- but then it’s too late! My                in the marketplace was that it was going to continue                                      more than 900 boat
twenty-five years as a marine insurance underwriter                 its moderate upward climb in 2001 and 2002.                                               thefts per month on
has provided me a rather unique (yet sometimes                         Then came September 11th, 2001 ! This day                                              the “average” back in
biased) perspective of this specialty insurance field.              turned the insurance/reinsurance community                                                1999 --- this was three
Sharing some of my “insider” viewpoints, may,                       upside-down! Suffice it to say that reinsurance                                           years ago! The odds of
hopefully, give you a better appreciation of exactly                companies are demanding much higher price                                                 getting a stolen boat
what factors influence an insurance company’s risk                  increases (25-50% more in some cases) in                   back are only 1 in 10 for insurance companies!
selection or underwriting process, and, ultimately,                 reinsurance premiums from insurance companies                   Due to everyday inflation, there simply isn’t a
the pricing of your annual watercraft premium.                      for the same limit capacity or coverage that they          whole lot out there that an individual isn’t paying
       Most all watercraft specialty insurance carriers             provided only one short year before. Any sort of            more for today than they were paying for a couple
   look at the following underwriting criteria when                 minimal annual price increase you may have                 years ago. Occasionally, we receive calls directly in
  evaluating an application:                                        incurred under your Western Boaters Safety Group           our home office from policyholders inquiring why
ÿ The watercraft: Its design characteristics,                       Master Insurance Policy Certificate during 2002            their annual insurance premium went up $5-$10
  the horsepower, the maximum speed, the type of                    pales in comparison to the 20-25%+ increases               --- afterall, they haven’t had any losses! Is it
    propulsion, the age, the hull and machinery                     seen by commercial lines retail insurance                  unreasonable to expect that they, too, may
    value, etc.;                                                    consumers.                                                 periodically experience a slight inflationary or “cost
ÿ The location/navigation territory: What                                                                                      of doing business” bump in their annual premium?
    state will the boat be used in? What are the                                                                                  Competitors’ products and pricing often dictate
    primary bodies of water where the watercraft will                “Approximately 27,000 boats are                           to an insurance carrier exactly where they must be
    be used? How many months of navigation are                                                                                 to remain a “force to reckon with” within the
    normal for this particular area of the country?                    reported stolen each year ...”                          insurance marketplace. “Free trade” and
ÿ The operator: How many total years of boat                                                                                   “competition” are healthy for the consumer ---
    operating experience? How many years of                                                                                    even when it pertains to something as mundane as
    experience in a similar size and type watercraft?               Insurance fraud is on the rise as well. A recent           marine insurance. No insurance company operates
   Has the operator ever trailered a boat before? Has               Insurance Research Council (IRC) and Insurance             in a vacuum, so we must attempt to provide a
    the operator taken any formal boating education                 Service Office, Inc. survey taken among 343                relatively similar product at a fair and equitable
    classes? Does the operator have a Captain’s or                  insurance carriers showed that 40% of the insurance        price to the consumer or, alternatively, we will lose
    Master’s License? Does the operator have a                      carriers are spending more on the battle against           our fair market share.
  “clean” Motor Vehicle Report?                                     insurance fraud over the past three years than they        (You do need to be careful, however, as there can
       While the previous criteria are certainly                    were in prior years. Respondents indicated that “soft      be significant differences in coverages, limits, and
   relevaninunderstanding a “risk”, there are many                  fraud” --- the exaggeration of otherwise legitimate        deductibles!)
   other factors that today’s underwriters must                     claims (often committed by individuals acting alone)           Currently, we see most every direct competitor
   thoroughly evaluate in order to accurately and                   --- is far more frequent than “hard fraud” --- the         --- Boat U.S. included --- raising their
   properly underwrite and price a risk. A partial list             deliberate attempt to stage losses (often committed        rates/premiums this year; yet offering the same
   of these various factors follows:                                by organized rings). Because of the mere prevalence        coverages and sublimits. The biggest difference
 ♦ The dramatic increased cost of reinsurance in                    of “soft fraud”, it is reported it adds more to overall    between “the other guys” and us in 2002 is that
  today’s marketplace. (“Reinsurance” is commonly                   claim costs for an insurance company than “hard            through the Western Boaters Safety Group, you have
  defined as “an insurance company’s insurance                      fraud”.                                                    obtained an “enhanced and broadened” insurance
    company”. Without adequate reinsurance                             Who ultimately pays for these additional fraudulent     certificate featuring generous sublimits --- at a
    coverage, many insurance companies simply                       claims? YOU DO --- AND EVERY OTHER INSURANCE               minimal increase from last year’s premium!
    could not operate);                                             CONSUMER! This additional unnecessary expense                 What do you have to look forward to in the future
   ♦ The increase of insurance fraud and its                        is shared by all and literally, adds hundreds of dollars   as respects to the watercraft insurance marketplace?
    corresponding cost to all the insurance-buying                  to all consumers’ overall annual insurance premium         Certainly, more of the same! I don’t see any
  public. This includes both “soft fraud” and “hard                 payments --- automobile, homeowners, watercraft,           immediate resolution to the increase in watercraft
  fraud” (which I will attempt to clarify later in this article);   umbrella policies, etc.                                    thefts. Some states are certainly more pro-active
   ♦ The increase of boat thefts nationwide;                             Watercraft thefts are on the rise nationwide as       than others as respects to attempting to recover
   ♦ The increased cost of an insurance company’s                   well. Boat thefts cost the boating community between       stolen boats. Today there exists much more
  normal “internal” overhead (i.e. salaries, benefits,              $85-125 Million each year according to the                 cooperation between the offices of various law
  rent, investigators’ fees, attorneys’ fees, travel,               WisconsinDepartment of Natural Resources.                  enforcement units and state insurance investigators.
    etc.); and,                                                     Approximately 27,000 boats are reported stolen each
   ♦ Our competitors’ “pricing” for a similar piece                 year and of those, 90% (24,300) , are less than
    of business.                                                    twenty feet                                                                               (continued on page 12)

"State Legislature Grappling with Huge Budget Deficit --
Could Affect the Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund"

   As we move into the summer, we continue to face efforts by           law enforcement the tools necessary to stop this illegal activity.
the state to steal from the Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund       This bill has broad support and continues to move easily through
(HWRF) and key legislation that could impact the industry. The          the legislative process
following is a brief update on those issues we are involved with
on your behalf.                                                         AB 107, Nation. Vessels: wrecks and wrecked property;
                                                                        ballast water: This bill was "put over" due to continued
State Budget                                                            opposition from the liveaboard community in the Sausalito area.
   The Governor released his May Revision of the budget in early         As you may recall, AB 107 is the bill that would have
May. This document is an adjustment to the Governor’s proposed          somewhat.streamlined the process for dealing with abandoned
spending plan released in January. The “May Revise,” as it is           vessels. "Put over" means the hearing was cancelled, but could
called, contains updated figures on state expenses and revenues         be heard at some future date. According to the author's office,
to more accurately craft a balanced budget, which is due to be          they thought they had taken the amendments necessary to
signed into law in late June. In the May Revise, the projected          remove their oppositions. However, another letter arrived with
budget deficit leaped from $12.5 billion to $23.6 billion, which        a long list of new demands that would significantly weaken the
now represents nearly 30 percent of the General Fund. The               bill. At this point, the author is inclined to drop the bill.
status of the budget could have a direct bearing on the proposed
transfer of $15 million from the HWRF to meet the needs of the          ACR 133, Havice. Merchant Marine Remembrance Week.
General Fund, which we have aggressively opposed. We have               This bill was chaptered 3/20/2002 recognizing June 10th though
made it clear that this fund is to be used only for boating-related     June 16th as Merchant Marine Remembrance Week.
   After the budget conference committee process, the state will
borrow the full $15 million dollars aand pay it back in four years.

SB 1393 (Romero)
This is the bill that would make illegal the use of certain types
of treated lumber, that is critical for construction in or near
water. We were successful with our efforts to secure the inclusion
of an amendment that would exempt marinas, ports and harbors
from the provisions of this bill in those applications in which
treated lumber is necessary to prevent rot.

AB 2362 (Canciamilla)
This bill authorizes law enforcement to board a vessel for the
purpose of inspecting marine sanitation devices and to place a
dye tablet in the holding tank for the purpose of identifying illegal
dumping. We are supportive of this measure as it give
Ruff Time Boating                                                        News Release
   The ideal boating mate has already been discovered by many.
 This crewmember is alert and protective, takes up minimal space
                                                                         Lake Mead NRA
on board, never talks back, obeys your every command, worships           July 22, 2002
the ground you walk on and showers you with affection. Who               For Immediate Release
is this crew member? Is it your friend that owes you money?              Karla Norris, 702-293-8947
Nope.                                                                    Karla_Norris@NPS.gov
   It is our loving, four-legged crewmates from dogs to cats.            Lake Mead National Recreation Area
They are often a big part of the boating experience. Whether it’s
                                    a perfectly trimmed Doberman         Complies with Court-ordered Ban on
                                    on board a luxury yacht or a         Personal Watercraft
                                    rambunctious Siamese patrolling
                                    the decks, pets are definitely       Effective September 15, 2002, Lake Mead National Recreation
                                    something boaters are passionate     Area will comply with a court-ordered ban on personal
                                    about. For extended trips, a pet’s   watercraft on Lakes Mead and Mohave. Personal watercraft
                                    companionship can be                 are considered to be vessels, usually less than 16 feet in
                                    invaluable for kids who have an      length, which use an inboard motor powering a water jet
                                    extra playmate to add fun when       pump as their primary source of power.
                                    going out on the boat.
                                      If you have hung around boats      In March of 2000, the National Park Service published a
                                    and marinas enough you have          nationwide regulation for the management of personal
                                    probably noticed that certain        watercraft. The regulation prohibited personal watercraft
                                    breeds take naturally to the         use unless it was determined that the use was appropriate
                                    water. Labradors, Retrievers,        and compatible for the specific area.
                                    and Newfoundlands seem to
                                    have fish in their genes. Many       The regulation sparked litigation by the Blue Water Network,
                                    of these animals are familiar        a San Francisco-based environmental group. As part of the
                                    with fetching docklines and          settlement of the litigation, all units of the National Park
floatation devices, pulling fish nets, retrieving waterfowl and          System that desired to continue personal watercraft use
rescuing drowning boaters due to centuries of breeding.                  were required to prepare an environmental analysis and
   Let’s not forget about the cats. They have played a crucial           special regulation. Lake Mead National Recreation Area
role in controlling mice and rats on board ships. Even Capt.             immediately began the required analysis as part of their
James Cook born in 1728, the famous navigator who mapped the             Lake Management Plan. The Lake Management Plan and
Pacific, made careful log entries on his supply of cats while on         draft Environmental Impact Statement were issued April 26,
historic voyages.                                                        2002. The plan's preferred alternative supports the continued
   Coco, a mixed breed chow recently made national news when             use of personal watercraft.
he bravely stayed on board alone after his ownersaccidentally
went overboard in the Gulf of Mexico. Coco drifted alone on              The 60-day public comment period for the Lake Management
the power boat for three days until being rescued in good shape.         Plan and draft Environmental Impact Statement ended on
 His owners were spotted in the water by a patrol helicopter and         June 26, 2002 and staff are currently analyzing the over
rescued after 12 hours. Coco’s main intent was to guard the              9,000 comments received. Lake Mead National Recreation
vessel while waiting for his owners to return. Luckily there was         Area does not anticipate completing the environmental
food on board as well as water.                                          impact statement and special regulation by September 15,
  Just as people, pets on board a boat face certain risks that they      2002. Extension of the court-ordered deadline was requested
wouldn’t encounter on land and a few precautions are                     from the Blue Water Network, but the request was denied.
recommended. Bring plenty of food and water to tend to their             Therefore, as of September 15, 2002, the ban will take effect.
basic needs as pets need drinking water at least three times a day.      It is anticipated that the environmental impact statement
 Floatation devices should be considered as pets can tumble              and special regulation will be completed in early 2003 and
overboard when you are not looking. Most dogs can doggie                 will allow for personal watercraft use.
paddle, but not indefinitely. Large landing nets should be kept
handy for cats as this could save one of their nine lives. For heat,     Superintendent Dickinson reminds visitors that while personal
remember that heat stroke is a real danger, especially for overweight    watercraft use may be temporarily banned, there are a
animals. A pet that appears to be having a heat stroke can be            multitude of recreational opportunities at Lake Mead National
doused with water or a hose to cool them off quickly. Finally,           Recreation Area. "We want to encourage visitors to come
pets also may need first aid for injuries. Keep on board antibiotic      to the lake to boat, swim, canoe, and just relax."
ointments for cuts and scrapes as well as bandages.
  Remember, dogs don’t automatically have sea legs and they              For more information on the personal watercraft use issue,
can get seasick too. The best way to prepare for boat rides are          visit the park website at : http://www.nps.gov/lame/pwc.html.
car rides so they can get accustomed to motion. You will be
thankful that you took the time to prepare for the adventure and         Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a unit of the National
so will your ideal four-legged boat mate.                                Park Service.
                                                                                It just makes more sense to protect yourself. If you don’t have proper
                                                                                insurance for the vessel and the property contained within it, you are
                                                                                playing Russian Roulette with your boat. The bullet may take some time
                                                                                to find the firing pin, but make no mistake, it will eventually. Sure, paying
                                                                                the deductible can be agonizing, but nothing compares with the excruciating
                                                                                heartache of finding your boat missing with everything from your vacation
                                                                                along with it.
                                                                                    Insurance companies do have at their disposal a means to investigate
                   David Giddings                                               theft and attract more interest from the authorities to get involved.
                   President,                                                   Affiliates with associations such as the International Association of Marine
                   MARINE CLAIMS SERVICES, INC.                                 Investigators (IAMI) and Marine Surveyor associations such as Society of
                                                                                Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) have the ability to inform all members
                                                                                of incidents or events through their use of reflectors and E-mail to get
PREVENTING BOATING THEFTS                                                       the word out much faster than ever before.
                                                                                    Use of private firms such as Maritime Information Systems/Todd &
Don’t Be a Statistic!                                                           Associates has created an internet site to post stolen vessels with rewards.
   The customer called in a panic state exclaiming, “My boat was stolen,         Currently this internet site averages 4,400 visitors per day. Visitors to
HELP!” We immediately sensed the panic that all too often occurs. We            their website have been identified primarily as law enforcement personnel
would rather hear that an attempt was made, but the thief was unsuccessful.     but the general public is also welcomed. At the site, “Wanted” posters
 “Due to the precautions we took on our boat, the only thing the theft got      may be viewed, downloaded and printed. This two pronged approach of
away with was damaging our wheel. I need to make a claim for the                posting a stolen vessel on their website and the simultaneous distribution
wheel.” Reports from frustrated customers are all too often for us. “I          of a fax “Wanted” poster to their target broadcast list has proven to be an
left my ‘baby’ parked on the side of the house, in a locked outside storage     effective tool for law enforcement and the boating public. This highly
facility or in the street. In the morning, it was gone!” Of course it would     effective method for vessel recoveries is an efficient utilization of the
be gone; you are leaving a couple of thousand dollars completely                resources available and provides for the only known comprehensive
unprotected. Would you leave your convertible with the keys in it, parked       investigation currently available. For vessel related theft investigations,
with the top down, in the driveway, overnight? What about during the            we use this service almost exclusively.
day? Do you leave your skis, wakeboards, CD’s in the boat? You should           See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
treat your vessel like any other valuable; protect it!                              The most important thing you can do is to eliminate the opportunities
   The bad news is that personal property and boat thefts are on the rise,      of the thief for accessing your boat. Securing behind a locked fence with
but the good news is that they are not as common as car thefts just yet,        tongue locks and/or wheel locks ensure the thief will think twice about
so you will not have to experience the feeling of being personally violated.    taking your boat in favor of one less secured. Leaving your boat unlocked
 To keep from becoming a statistic yourself, take the steps necessary to        on its trailer in front of your home, in your apartment complex RV storage
learn from a thief’s perspective what makes a target and what makes a           area or on the side of the road are examples of an open invitation to a
boat not worth the time and effort.                                             thief to steal it. The thieves typically have the boats dismantled in a matter
   Boat related thefts are all too frequent today. In our constant efforts      of minutes; stripping the engine, stereos, interiors, drive units, etc. then
to combat this growing and vastly underreported crime, we have found
most customers appreciate information and directions to properly secure
their property. Conservative estimates of reported losses indicate that
stolen boats, outboard engines, trailers, equipment of the vessel including                          “Most law enforcement agencies and
electronics and personal property exceed $150 million annually. Research                     officials still view boat thefts as a minor problem
has indicated more than 18,000 boats annually are stolen or an attempt                                       that is rarely pursued.”
was made, in California alone. In fact, California alone has reported an        leaving them in remote areas. By utilizing boat-specific alarm systems,
average monthly theft rate of more than 1,000 vessels. Boat and yacht           locking devices for the boat engine, drive units and the trailer, you can
related theft claims have continued to rise in the western states with more     save your property and not loose valuable summertime boating. Check
than $15 million in reported losses.                                            with your local retailer, there are systems designed specifically for marine
The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth                                       applications. There are locks available for sterndrive and outboard mounts
   In 2001, the FBI’s stolen boat files had more than 30,000 boats on file      that replace a mounting bolt. There are propeller locks that make removal
without recovery. We have heard from law enforcement officials who              nearly impossible. Tongue locks that provide full cover over the hitching
believe that number should be tripled due to the lack of reporting. The         area are hard to defeat. The bottom line is that the more difficult it is
agencies we have contacted are very reluctant to dispatch an officer to         to steal the engine, the sterndrive or the entire boat; it will deter the thief
the scene unless there is a good chance for contact with the thief or with      to go to another vessel less protected. There are way too many other
the property taken. Telephone reports provide no real investigation and         boats available to bother with all the security measures you have taken.
this trend is becoming favored method used. If you have been a victim,             Your vessel is moored in a marina. The marina claims its security is
you understand how frustrating and violating this can be. Most law              the tightest, well lit, and patrolled frequently. Even though it is protected
enforcement agencies and officials still view boat thefts as a minor problem    on land, the scary truth is that the water is not and anyone can access
that is rarely pursued. They view boats as toys or luxury items and             your vessel easily. Thefts from vessels moored in marinas are very easily
investigations should be the insurance company’s responsibility to conduct.     done from the water at night or during the day. With so many people
 Authorities get involved only after the insurance investigator has uncovered   walking the docks, virtually anyone can access your boat. We have
information which could lead to a possible recovery. This information           researched the claims made from owners with security devices
is known and exploited by thieves.
that either sounds an alarm, their own horn combined with flashing
lights and discovered this is vital theft reducing factor. Very few, if any
claims have been recorded involving a vessel with a security system.
   Leaving a vessel moored to a buoy is very easy for someone to enter
and exit without ever being detected. The common misunderstanding
is that people trust others to stay off their boat when they should not.
Boat owners should find any means necessary to secure their property.
One key reason is that insurance carriers are only obligated to make
payments up to specific limits, so not everything on your boat would be
                                                                              Picture This!
covered or recovered by a claim. Read you coverage carefully. When               We’re
shopping around for insurance coverage, don’t go with the cheapest
carrier or policy. Research the coverage and compare, Western Marine
                                                                                 having a
Insurance provides Agreed Value policies and Replacement Cost coverages
that you will soon appreciate if your vessel or property from your vessel
is stolen. We offer incentives and creative alternatives that reduce costs       contest.
dramatically if you are a member of our Western Boaters Safety Group.
Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer                                           Western Boaters Safety Group wants to encourage everyone
   Your boat, personal property, as well as all the spare equipment,          to enjoy boating in a safe and fun manner. We are having
binoculars, cameras, CD’s, extra equipment is stolen. The equipment           a photo contest for three categories,
you thought was all covered since it was all on the boat is in question.      Best Photo: Taken “On-Water”, Best Photo: Practicing
You have no receipts, owner’s manuals, nothing to verify your loss. You       Boating Safety and Best Photo: People Enjoying Boating.
discover that the equipment you thought was considered “personal” is
defined as “boat equipment” and therefore insured under your Hull             Grand Prize winners of each category will receive $50 and
coverage. There is a net limit of coverage afforded under the policy and      an Aquapac Millennium cap. Runner-ups will receive two
you just lost thousands. What do you do? Most Homeowner insurance             free boat show tickets of their choice.
policies cover personal property wherever you have it stored for use.
They also require receipts, proof of ownership to make claim. What we         HOW TO PLAY:
recommend is that you carefully document your major purchases and             Send in your name, age, address, phone number, customer
                                                                              number, category, description of picture and e-mail along
the minor ones as well. This is easier than you may have thought! At          with your great photos. Winners will be decided by Western
the beginning of the boating season or at any time really, take everything    Boaters Safety Group staff and publicized next newsletter
you can off the boat and lay it on the dock, the aft deck or your driveway    for everyone to see. Please send your photos to:
and photograph it. Document the age and any serial and model numbers
as well as the cost. Most don’t keep records of purchase but photographs      PHOTO CONTEST
are easy and stored in a safe place in your home. This procedure makes        WESTERN BOATERS SAFETY GROUP
the claim process move like greased lightning, with little question of the    P.O. Box 1847
items stolen! We’ll have more articles in the future about documentation      Stockton, CA 95201
of loss in the future. The best plan for prevention is properly planned       E-mail: Training1@aquapac.com
preparation. Receipts are important, keep them in a secured place along
with your pictures, you won’t be disappointed with the effects. The key       Official Rules: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.
to protecting your “baby” is prevention. Treat it like any of your other      No copyrighted photos will be accepted. You must be a
valuables. This will help prevent your valuable items from sprouting          member of Western Boaters Safety Group in order to enter.
“legs” and walk away.                                                         Enter each category as many times as you want. Western
                                                                              Boaters Safety Group reserves the right to add, change,
                                                                              and remove any part of this contest without prior notice.
                     Quick list                                               All decisions are final. All entries become the property of
                  • Install a boat-specific alarm.                            Western Boaters Safety Group and may be used in other
            • Provide a safe place to store the vessel.                       areas of the Western Boaters Safety Group without prior
                  • Remove attractive gadgets,                                notice to owner. Contest Period: Starts September 1st,
                     Out of sight, out of mind.                               2002 at 8:30 a.m. (PST) and ends January 6th, 2002 at
           • Install locks to increase the time it would                      8:30 a.m. (PST) Eligibility:To be eligible to win the grand
                                                                              prize in the contest, you must be a legal resident of the 50
                take to steal property or the boat.                           United States or the District of Columbia. Void in Puerto
            • Make it necessary for the thief to make                         Rico and where prohibited by law. Winner
                  noise or light to steal property.                           Selection/Deadline Dates: One (1) Grand Prize Winner
           • Cover windows, secure doors and hatches.                         and One (1) Runner-up will be selected by Western Boaters
                 • Provide a full length mooring                              Safety Group staff from among all eligible entries received.
                       and/or storage cover.                                   The decision will be made on January 7th, 2003 at the end
                                                                              of the Contest period from all eligible entries received.
                                                                              Winners will be notified by e-mail within ten (10) days
To contact Dave, write to:                                                    following the contest date. For additional rules and
MARINE CLAIMS SERVICES                                                        requirements, please send e-mail to:
P.O. Box 1847                                                                 Training1@aquapac.com. Good luck!
Stockton, CA 95201
email: dgiddings@aquapac.com
         Muth Mirror Systems’ Signal Mirrors
         Muth Mirror Systems’ Signal Mirrors are
                  sure to grab everyone’s attention
                  in passing situations, at least that
                  is the point. (Pun intended) The
                  blinking red chevron appears in the    You Hold the Key to a World of Benefits from Hertz
                  side mirrors which are
                  synchronized with the vehicle’s
                  blinker. This is critical in passing                                     GO WITH THE WORLD’S #1
                  situations because trailers
                  drastically increase the driver’s
                  blind spot. Sometimes you can’t        Planning a family vacation or an out-of-town business trip? If your
                  even see a car overtaking you and      plans include renting a car, then take advantage of special
         many times drivers may not be able to see       membership savings and services from hertz.

         your signal. The Signal Mirror ensures
         everyone knows your plan to change lanes        At Hertz you’ll find time-saving options like Computerized Driving
         or make a turn. The LED lights in the mirror    Directions, Hertz NeverLost, Express Return, 24-Hour Emergency
         illuminate faster than conventional tail-       Roadside Assistance. And whether you need a compact, full-size

         lights, which provides an extra 17 feet of      or specialty vehicle, Hertz offers a wide variety of new cars to handle
         reaction distance for a vehicle traveling at    all your rental needs.
         65 mph according to Muth. Hopefully, this
         product will be a standard for automobile       Hertz also makes sure you’re enjoying special worldwide savings.
         industry one day, as for now, the company       As a Western Boaters Safety Group member, you’ll receive discounts
         makes mirror kits for more than 70 vehicles,    off you rentals in the U.S. and around the world. The key to your
         including most major minivans, SUVs and         savings is your Hertz Discount CDP# 1389520 (enclosed in your
         light-duty trucks with prices ranging from      Western Boaters Safety Group membership kits). Just mention
         $149 to $399.                                   this number when making your reservation. Then present your
         Contact Muth at (800)844-6616, .                membership card or Hertz Member Discount Card at the time of
                                                         rental. It’s that easy!
         Turbo Lube Hub
         The Turbo Lube Hub system, manufactured         For reservation and information, call your travel agent or Hertz’
         by Tie Down, is one of the most innovative      “Members Only” toll-free number: 1-800-654-2200 or visit hertz.com
         trailering products to hit the market. The
         Turbo Lube Hub works by rotating individual
         bearings through an oil bath several times
         per wheel revolution. The constant soaking
         effect keeps the hubs and bearings cool
                                                         SAVE, SAVE, SAVE
         while it reduces the wear and the friction.     When you make a tax-deductible donation of $250 or more,
          To ensure that lubrication levels are never    not only will you be receiving a Lifetime membership to our
         too low, Tie Down has also created a see        Western Boaters Safety Group Association, but will be also
         through threaded cap which allows you to        donating to a great boating cause.
         monitor the lubrication levels. The barrel
         of the hub has a screw for quick and easy       Western Boaters Safety Group, the publisher of WBSG
         changing.                                       Newsletter is a not-for-profit organization that has been
         The Turbo Lube Hub goes for $39.99-             informing and protecting boaters since 1994.
         $59.99.                                         Your tax-deductible contribution helps us maintain our
         Contact Tie Down at (404)344-0000, .
                                                         independence and integrity. This year we will spend over
         Quick Change Trailer-Jack                       $200,000 informing boaters about safety, education, crucial
         Did you ever want to scream and pull your       legislation and negotiating for group rates. Money will also
         hair out when your tire received a flat? I      be used for developing membership benefits, printing, strategic
         know I did. Springfield Marine has this         endorsements and various boating related activities. Your
         great tool called the Quick Change Trailer-     donation will help us protect your health, your safety and
         Jack that will help you change your tire in     your boat. Make your donation today!
         mere minutes. It is made out of high
         strength aluminum and it works on most                $250        $500         $750          Other________
         trailer axles with 10-to-15 inch wheels.
         Simply place the jack under the axle and
         drive a few inches forward or reverse to        Make donations payable to:
         get the axle up on the jack. That’s it! Now
         you can jack up your trailer without getting    Western Boaters Safety Group
         yourself “all jacked up!” Springfield           Attn: Donations Department
         Marine’s retail price is about $30.             P.O. Box 1847
         Contact Springfield Marine at                   Stockton, Ca 95201
         (417) 725-2667 .

                                                                            Yamaha vs. Bombardier-
                                                                            PWC Trade Dispute Settled
The Patrol Rescue Jet                                                       Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. And Bombardier Inc. has reached a
                                                                            comprehensive settlement of their litigation involving personal watercraft
The Patrol Rescue Jet is the world's first jet-drive, quick-response,       (PWC) patent infringement claims, the companies announced on
marine emergency vehicle. The jet drive enables it to operate in            Tuesday, May 14th 2002.
water as shallow as 14", or in flood waters where submerged objects
would interfere with the propellers of other craft. It can also maneuver    The settlement included claims before the International Trade
in close proximity to victims because it presents no danger from            Commission (ITC), filed last year, and a separate lawsuit in the U.S.
propellers.                                                                 District Court for the Central District of California, and filed in 2000.
                                                                             The dispute began over patent infringement claims.

                                                                            Yamaha claimed that patents were filed on technology providing
                                                                            techniques for improving handling, reducing noise emissions, reducing
                                                                            exhaust emissions and preventing flooding of the engine, but
                                                                            Bombardier was copying its designs in its Sea-Doo RWC models without
                                                                            obtaining licenses.

                                                                            Bombardier contested the claims, stating that some of the patents that
                                                                            Yamaha owned were standard PWC technology that was in industry
                                                                            use before the patents.

                                                                            In response, Yamaha filed a claim with the ITC attempting to ban
                                                                            importation of Bombardier’s PWC, after which Bombardier filed a
The Patrol Rescue Jet can reach speeds of up to 60 mph, the PRJ 1500        counter suit alleging anti-trust and uncompetitive behavior against
will put police, EMS and fire personnel on the scene quicker than any       Yamaha.
boat on the market today. Standard engines offered outside of
California are dual Mercury Marine Sport Jet drives delivering 175 hp       Finally Over-Resolution
each. In California, the standard drives are twin 200-hp Mercury
Optimax engines. Measuring 16'3" overall and a 7'10" beam. With             The details of the settlement were not discussed, but both companies
the Patrol Rescue Jet's patented progressive V hull, it is able to handle   have come to a resolution. The winners will be the PWC’s owners as
extremely stable and can maneuver at any speed. A closed-deck               they will be benefiting from the innovative technologies.
construction prevents the boat from flooding and can accommodate
up to three people with the optional dive platform. In emergencies,         “The settlement will open the way for both companies to focus on
the PRJ 1500 can carry up to 10 people.                                     what they do best, which is providing high quality, cutting-edge
                                                                            technology products for their customers,” said Michel Baril, president
Standard equipment                                                          and chief operating officer of Bombardier Recreational Products.
two 29-gallon fuel tanks, 24" emergency light bar, flashing and strobe
lights, low-profile siren hailer, flush-mounted, stainless steel tow ring   “Both companies have brought innovative technologies to the personal
4-point helicopter lifting rings.                                           watercraft market and both have fought hard to defend and protect
                                                                            their respective interests in these disputes,” said Mark Speaks, president
For more details contact Sonic Jet at:                                      of Yamaha’s Watercraft Group.
Phone: 714-895-0944
Fax: 714-895-7139
Email: sales@sonicjetperformance.com
(continued from page 5)                                     including Texas. (You will note that under the Western
UNDERWRITER’S PERSPECTIVE                                   Boaters Safety Group’s newly revised insurance program,
                                                            your individual Certificates of Insurance now reflect
                                                                                                                      NCMA: PRESS
They are working together in a sincere effort to
jointly use their skills and resources in apprehending
                                                            “Uninsured Boaters Coverage” limits that match the
                                                            “Watercraft Protection & Indemnity (P&I)” limits you
individual perpetrators and uncovering organized                Some sort of minimal, mandatory boating               Oakland, California. The 31st annual Northern
rings.                                                      education standard should also be adopted in each         California FALL Boat Show runs September 7-
      Many states have formed “active” fraud units          state in order for someone to operate virtually any       15, 2002and includes over 100 yachts in the
within their respective Departments of Insurance.           watercraft. Our Company’s claim records                   water to 70 feet and 200 plus trailer boats,
Also, insurance companies are required to keep a            substantiate an East Coast retailer’s (SYMS               accessories, and marine services in Jack London
“log” of any and all fraudulent insurance activity          department store’s) slogan: “An educated consumer         Square, Port of Oakland. This year, the
within various states; while other states require           is our best customer”. Those watercraft operator’s        highlights are some of California’s best fishing
insurance carriers to report potential insurance            that have completed some formal boating education
                                                            course (even if it was just a basic safety course) are    pros giving seminars on where and how to get
fraud activity to them within 10-30 days for their                                                                    the best fish in the fall season. Additionally,
investigation and follow-up purposes. As insurance          not involved in near the number of severe claims
carriers, we are training our claims adjusters and          as those operators who have had no formal basic           renowned world sailor, Pat Henry will talk of
our underwriters to watch for common “fraud                 seamanship courses. This is precisely why we award        her exploits as a cruiser and racer in the
flags”or “warning signs”.                                   all Western Boaters Safety Group insureds with an         international sailing world. Many yachts will
    No “uniformity” in watercraft registration              additional “discount” off of their annual insurance       debut here for the first time on the West Coast
documentation currently exists between each                 premiums for successfully completing a formal             including U.S. Marine’s new line up. Families
states’Watercraft Registration Bureau and/or                boating safety course. The more advanced their            are encouraged to come to the show and enjoy
Department of Natural Resources. Currently to               training, the greater the available “boating education”   Splasher Puppet Theater, the amazing 10 foot
register a watercraft, 19 states have no requirements       discount.                                                 jet powered boat, the Tribute Cup Regatta and
that a title to a watercraft be presented; 13 states             Finally, I am seeing an increase in the number
                                                            of requests to develop unique and exclusive               other special events. The latest information
require no proof of ownership; and 10 states require                                                                  and adult discount tickets are available at:
neither a title nor a proof of ownership. Is it any         insurance programs for “affinity” or group
wonder that insurance fraud is on the increase?             membership insurance programs like the Western            www.ncma.com.
    Watercraft legislation regarding “minimum”              Boaters Safety Group. “Group buying power”                Show hours are: Weekdays, Noon to 7pm,
education standards, age, and proof of insurance            translates into large premium dollars. This certainly     Weekends, 10am to 6pm.
requirements has been an ongoing issue in many              is an enticement to most insurance companies---
states for years. Frankly, this particular issue is of      ours included. Insurance companies can afford to          Contact: Mik Maguire, Marketing Director
major concern to me. It is probably the single most         cost-effectively develop special “bells and whistles”     Northern California Marine Association (510)
frustrating issue that I feel insurance companies           (additional coverages or higher sublimits --- such        834-1000 mmaguire@ncma.com
must collectively address with the capable assistance       as those contained in your new Insurance
of various lobbying groups and industry organizations       Certificates) for little to no additional premium
such as the Western Boaters Safety Group. The               charge. Sometimes insurance companies can even
majority of my brethren, boat manufacturers, and            offer “special discounts” if you are a member of
 retail vendors selling to the general boating public       one of these affinity groups.
are against any sort of regulatory or mandatory                 Insurance fraud, watercraft thefts, and the lack
licensing prerequisites for boaters. They are afraid        of appropriate and uniform watercraft
that it will hurt the industry (particularly their own      registration/titling requirements have been present
pocketbooks), and act as a “deterrent” for people           for quite some time in this country. But not, however,
to participate in the sport. In short, these opponents      to the extent that we are seeing them today; nor,
--- retail vendors, boat manufacturers, and, yes,           perhaps even more importantly, to the even greater
even some insurance companies --- have a vested             extent that we will observe them tomorrow! (On the
interest in not wanting a mandatory education               other hand, “uninsurd boaters” claims and affinity
standard; a minimum age requirement for watercraft          group watercraft insurance programs are relatively
operators; mandatory proof or evidence of insurance;        new creatures that specialty watercraft insurance
and other licensing legislation passed. (Personally,        companies are just now coming to terms with.) The
I find these self-serving interests unconscionable!)        marine insurance underwriting professional today
   What we need in the boating community is better          and of the future must weigh all these additional
state legislation regarding boat licensing/ registration.   factors into their final decision making process
It needs to address establishing both “minimum”             when evaluating a risk. They must then decide what
operator ages and a mandatory “minimum” boating             exactly constitutes a “fair price” for a watercraft
education standard that each boater must                    insurance policy. My twenty-five years as a marine
successfully complete before being allowed to operate       underwriter has taught me this: “The one thing that
a watercraft --- exceptions being “canoes” and              is constant, is change”.
“kayaks”. In addition, we need state watercraft                 Now that you are armed with this additional
registration legislation (which is uniform                  insight, you should be reassured that you have
countrywide) that requires proof of ownership and           taken a step in the right direction by being a
proof of insurance to help us fight against fraud,          member of the Western Boaters Safety Group.
boat theft, and a serious increase in frequency of          You have in your possession a state-of-the-art,
“uninsured boaters” claims. Our Company has                 affinity group Certificate of Insurance which
noticed over the past several years a tremendous            contains “customized” terms, conditions,
increase in the number of “uninsured boaters”               limits, and “discounted” pricing that is
claims ---particularly in California and the Southwest,     “second-to none” in the watercraft insurance
                                                                                       Disconnect fuel hose and run engine until it stops. It is important to follow
                                                                                       a step by step process to make sure that all fuel is drained from the carburetor

                                  Preventing                                           to prevent build-up of deposits from evaporated fuel. Use fogging oil in the
                                                                                       cylinders to lubricate the cylinder walls and pistons. Apply water resistant
                                                                                       grease to propeller shaft and threads. Change the gear oil in the lower unit.
                                                                                       Lightly lubricate the exterior of the engine or polish with a good wax.

                                   Frostbite                                           Bilges - Ensure the bilges are clean and dry. Use soap, hot water and a stiff
                                                                                       brush to clean up any oil spills. Once the bilges are clean, spray with a
                                                                                       moisture displacing lubricant and add a little antifreeze to prevent any water

                                   for Boats
                                                                                       from freezing.

                                                                                       Fuel - Fill your fuel tank(s) to avoid a build up of condensation over the
                                                                                       winter months. Add a fuel stabilizer by following the instructions on the
                                                                                       product. Change the fuel filter(s) and water separator(s).
Winterizing                                                                            Fresh Water System - Completely drain the fresh water tank and hot water
                                                                                       heater. Isolate the hot water heater by disconnecting the in and out lines and
It’s that time again . . . winter! Unfortunately, that means the boating season        connect them together. Pump a non-toxic antifreeze into the system and
is over and it is time to start thinking about protecting your valuable recreational   turn on all the facets including the shower and any wash-down areas until
asset. Think of your boat as a prize winning performance car; how would                you see the antifreeze coming out. Also put non-toxic antifreeze in the water
you treat that “baby”? Would you leave it out in the cold, all damp and wet?           heater.
 Of course not! Take the same proactive attitude to protect your boat. The
time and effort you spend now will have a definite effect on your boat's               Head - Pump out the holding tank at an approved facility. While pumping,
performance or lack of it, and certainly save you time, effort and money               add fresh water to the bowl and flush several times. Use Vanish crystals or
come spring. You should remember that your insurance policy does not                   whatever your owner's manual recommends that will not harm your system
cover damage done by lack of maintenance or neglect. Winterizing a boat                and let sit for a few minutes. Again add fresh water and pump out again. Add
reminds me of the old commercial that says "pay me now or pay me later."               antifreeze and pump through hoses, holding tank, y-valve, macerator and
                                                                                       discharge hose. Again, check your owner’s manual to make sure that an
The best place for your boat to be during the winter is out of the water, under        alcohol-based antifreeze won't damage your system.
cover, in a climate-controlled boat storage area. This can be expensive. If
you don't have this option, perhaps you should consider shrink-wrapping                Interior - Once you have taken care of the system you should remove any
your boat. This, too, is a little expensive but provides a very protective cover.      valuables, electronics, lines, PFD, fire extinguishers, flares, fenders, etc. Over
 Short of these two items, make sure that your boat is well covered with a             the winter these items can be cleaned, checked and replaced as necessary.
tarp or some other sturdy cover. Ensure that there is a pyramid effect to              Open all drawers and lockers and clean thoroughly. Turn cushions up on
provide proper runoff.                                                                 edge so that air is able to circulate around them or, better yet, bring them
                                                                                       home to a climate controlled area. Open and clean the refrigerator and
Making a checklist of all items that need to be accomplished should be your            freezer. To keep your boat dry and mildew-free you might want to install a
first step in winterizing. Check the owner's manual of your boat and motor(s)          dehumidifier or use some of the commercially available odor and moisture
for manufacturer's recommendations on winterization. If you are a new boat             absorber products such as "No Damp," "Damp Away" or "Sportsman's Mate."
owner, employing the assistance of a friend with experience in winterizing              Don’t forget your expensive electronic equipment such as your stereo! It
or hiring a professional to do the job is recommended. The following is                is a sitting duck for thieves during the winter.
general outline of areas which should be of concern to you when winterizing
your boat.                                                                             Out of Water Storage - Pressure wash hull, clean barnacles off props and
                                                                                       shafts, rudders, struts and trim tabs. Clean all thru-hulls and strainers. Open
Inboard Engine(s) - Run the engine(s) to warm it up and change the oil                 seacocks to allow any water to drain. Check the hull for blisters and if you
while it is warm. This tends to allow impurities to be drained away with the           find any that should be attended to you might want to open them to drain
oil. Change the oil filter(s) while you are at it. Flush the engine(s) with fresh      over the winter. Waxing is recommended also. It is probably best to take the
water. Circulate antifreeze through the manifold by using a pickup hose from           batteries out of the boat and take them home and either put them on a trickle
the waterpump to a bucket of antifreeze. Start the engine and allow the                charger or charge them every 30-60 days.
antifreeze to circulate until water starts to exit the exhaust. This process will
vary slightly depending on whether the type of cooling system. While in the            In Water Storage - Close all seacocks and check rudder shafts and stuffing
engine room, change the fluid in your transmission. Remove spark plugs                 boxes for leaks, tighten or repack as necessary. Check the battery to ensure
and use "fogging oil" to spray into each cylinder. Wipe down the engine with           it is fully charged, clean terminals, add water if necessary and make sure the
a shop towel sprayed with a little fogging oil or WD-40.                               charging system is working. Check bilge pumps to ensure they are working
                                                                                       and that float switches properly activate the pumps and that they are not
Stern Drive(s) - Inspect the stern drive and remove any plant life or barnacles        hindered by debris. Check your boat periodically or have the marina check
from the lower unit. Drain the gear case and check for excessive moisture              it and report to you. If in an area where the water you are docked or moored
in the oil. This could indicate leaking seals and should be repaired immediately.      in actually freezes, you should have a de-icing device or bubbling system
 Clean the lower unit with soap and water. If your stern drive has a rubber            around your boat.
boot, check it for cracks or pinholes. Grease all fittings and check fluid levels
in hydraulic steering or lift pumps. Check with your owner's manual for                By following some of the above suggestions your boat should be in good
additional recommendations by the manufacturer.                                        shape when spring arrives. However, do not neglect to consult your owner's
                                                                                       manuals for manufacture's recommendations on winterizing your boat and
Outboard Engine(s) - Flush engine with fresh water using flush muffs or                other systems. If you have not done a winterization job before or do not have
similar device attached to the raw water pickup. Let all water drain from the          an experienced friend to rely on, seek out a reputable professional to do the
engine. Wash engine down with soap and water and rinse thoroughly.                     job for you.

On the Water

    If you are too tired to turn your head while operating your watercraft, you are too tired to operate it! Jap Syderhound, father of 5-
time world champion slalom skier Mike Syderhound, told me something similar to that back in 1983 while I was attending his water-
ski school in Oahu, Hawaii. While I was awaiting more instruction from him, he told me that if I was too tired to bend my knees I
was too tired to ski, so I should get back in the boat. At the time I thought to myself, “I came here to ski, not to sit in the boat.”
However, through the years, his words rang in my head every time I put on my skis and I credit him for changing and improving my
style of water skiing.
    The point is that if you are too tired to do the basic safety checks while boating, you are too tired to be boating. It does not matter
if you are operating a 14’ aluminum boat, bass boat, canoe, ski boat, high performance boat, PWC or a big cruiser, before you make
a maneuver, you should look in all directions to ensure that it is safe. Collisions from operator error are one of the highest causes
of fatalities.
    You should also be wearing sunglasses to reduce the sun’s glare no matter if you are on a lake, a river, or on the ocean. I hope
that these few words that I have shared with you will also ring in your mind every time you operate your watercraft for years to come.
    See you on the water!

       Anchors Away,

                                                         Look in all
                                                        directions to
                                                        ensure that
                                                          it is safe.

      Mike Garner

If you don’t feel confident in the operation of your vessel and need some
instruction, don’t be embarrassed about it. Call our Western Boaters
Safety Group Director, Kelly Lam @ 1-800-252-9597 #1326 for a list of
programs that can help you hone in on your boating skills. We are here
to help so please make the call.

                                                                                   Other existing ships that would be replaced include fourteen 1960’s vintage
                                                                                   210-foot Reliance class, and a variety of other ships, some dating back from
                                                                                   World War II. Aircraft readiness has also been a recurring problem in recent
                                                                                   years with expenditures for repairs on the rise, and some of the Coast Guard’s
                                                                                   existing helicopters cannot operate from the flight decks of some older

                                                                                   The new ships and planes are coming at an opportune time for the Coast
                                                                                   Guard. In addition to increased homeland security responsibilities which
$17 Billion Deal to Revamp USCG                                                    involve “pushing our borders back” to protect our ports, waterways, and
(continued from page 16)                                                           coastlines, the Coast Guard still has many missions vital to the nation’s
                                                                                   physical, economic and environmental security. Primary duties include:
Known as the ‘Deepwater Program,’ the ICGS award is the largest ever for           search and rescue, maritime emergency response, military operations, anti-
the U. S. Coast Guard. It calls for the delivery of the first ships and planes     drug patrols, illegal migrant interdiction, and fisheries enforcement.
– and upgrades to some existing vessels – within the next five years. This
is the first time the Coast Guard has bundled procurement of several types         The Coast Guard’s Deepwater Program that led to the ICGS contract has been
of ships, aircraft and other equipment into an integrated procurement              in development for five years. The ICGS contract does not include smaller
program.                                                                           rescue and patrol boats, buoy tenders and workboats, icebreakers, or shore
                                                                                   side facilities.
The contract may extend up to 30 years. Deepwater will involve the acquisition
of up to 91 ships, 35 fixed-wing aircraft, 34 helicopters, 76 unmanned             Contact: Capt Jeff Karonis
surveillance aircraft, and upgrade of 49 existing cutters and 93 helicopters,      Tel: (202) 267-1587
in addition to systems for communications, surveillance and command and
"The tragic events of September 11th changed the world as we know it.
Homeland security, now more than ever, is a mission where we must succeed,”
said Admiral Collins. “As the leader in Maritime Homeland Defense, the
Coast Guard must have the most capable ships, aircraft, sensors and
communications technology available to protect our nation and carry out
our many missions. The Deepwater Program will give us the necessary tools
to create an effective, layered defense of our nation’s maritime interests."

The vessels and aircraft included in the ICGS procurement project make up
the Coast Guard’s primary multi-mission coastal and offshore fleet -- larger
Coast Guard cutters and aircraft which serve as the backbone of many
missions including drug and illegal migrant interdiction, fisheries enforcement,
pollution patrols, and homeland security patrols, boardings and inspections.
 Command, control and communications systems will be designed not only
to integrate operations of the new ships and planes, but also improve
coordination of all Coast Guard operations, as well as with other Federal
agencies and the Department of Defense.

Of 39 similar navy and coast guard fleets surveyed around the world, the U.S.
Coast Guard's vessel fleet is the 37th oldest. The Coast Guard's twelve 1960's
era Hamilton class cutters are among the service's aging fleet slated for
replacement under the Deepwater contract. The 378-foot Hamilton class
are the largest multi-mission, helicopter capable ships operated by the Coast
$17 Billion Deal                                                                       WATERFACTS
to Revamp USCG                                                                         What is the most common substance found on earth?
Coast Guard Launches Multi-Billion Dollar Plan For New Fleet Of                        Water
Ships, Aircraft, Command Systems For Homeland Security, Other                          How much of the earth's surface is water? 80%
                                                                                       Of all the earth's water, how much is ocean or seas? 97%
U. S. Deputy Secretary of Transportation, Michael P Jackson, joined by U. S.
                                                   .                                   How much of the world's water is frozen and therefore unusable? 2%
Coast Guard Commandant Thomas H. Collins, today announced the award                    How many gallons of water would it take to cover one square mile
of a landmark contract valued at $11.04 billion for a fleet of new ships and           with one foot of water? 219 million gallons
aircraft, plus improved command and control systems, to meet the service’s
homeland security and other mission needs. In addition, the contract                   How much water is in one cubic foot? 7.48 gallons
includes $5.91 billion for operating, maintenance, and sustainment costs               How many gallons of water do you get per acre, when it rains one
for a value of $16.95 billion. The contract was awarded to Integrated Coast            inch? 27,000 gallons per acre
Guard Systems (ICGS), a joint venture established by Lockheed Martin and
Northrop Grumman.                                                                      United StatesEnvironmental Protection
                                                                                       Agency: Office of Water
“The Deepwater Program will ensure that the Coast Guard continues to
                                                                                     Write to:
guarantee the nation’s maritime security,” said Deputy Secretary Jackson.
“As America’s first line of defense for maritime homeland security, it is critical   WBSG
                                                                                     P.O. Box 1847 • Stockton, CA 95201
that the Coast Guard be able to identify and intercept targets of interest as        E-Mail: klam@aquapac.com
far from U. S. shores as possible.”
                                                                                     Published by WBSG • Editor:Kelly Lam Design:Dick Hanson
(continued inside on page 15)

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