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					                                      Special Advertising Section

        &spa                                           PROFILES

                                                Want to look great and
                                                feel pampered? Here are
                                                11 salons and spas that
                                                can do the trick

184 Bethesda Magazine May/June 2009
salon & spa                                                         PROFILES                                      Special Advertising Section

                                                                     Zohra Salon

                                                                               Zohra Salon in Potomac exemplifies and encompasses what an
                                                                               upscale salon in the neighborhood really is. The salon’s goal is to
                                                                               sustain an environment where its stylists’ creativity and visions are
                                                                               right on the mark with what is new and “of the moment” with
                                                                               trends in the fashion market.
                                                                                   Owner Ofeer Marwani and the professional well-trained staff
                                                                               at Zohra, believe that once a “good cut” is achieved, clients gain
                                                                               the confidence to carry the particular season’s trends, colors, etc.
                                                                                Along with this philosophy and using the most innovative treat-
                                                                               ments, tools and products, Zohra has created a salon environment
                                                                               so unique that clients of all ages love it. The salon operates as one
                                                                               big family and considers each client a part of that family.
                                                                                   Ofeer and the staff have created a dynamic that keeps their
                                                                               clients coming back time and time again.

                                                                               Zohra Salon
                                                                               7711 Tuckerman Lane


                                                               Citrine Salon & Spa

                                                                                          Located in the heart of Bethesda, Citrine Salon & Spa
                                                                                          is an upscale full-service salon and spa where guests
                                                                                          enjoy a relaxing, cozy and friendly atmosphere while
                                                                                          they are pampered from head to toe.
                                                                                             Citrine’s team of stylists and colorists pride them-
                                                                                          selves on staying up-to-date on industry techniques
                                                                                          and trends by attending hair, color and beauty classes
                                                                                          in the States and abroad. Their stylists begin each
                                                                                          appointment with an informative consultation to deter-
                                                                                          mine the client’s hair history and needs. Clients leave
                                                                                          the salon with great-looking, manageable haircuts and

                                                                                          gorgeous color. With spa treatments right there, clients
                                                                                          can save time by having multiple services in one place.
                                                                                          Nominated by clients as one the best salons in Bethes-
                                                                                          da, Citrine has built its name in the community by offer-
                                                                                          ing a variety of special promotions, including massages,
                                                                                          facials and beauty days. During May and June, among
                                                                                          other specials, customers can enjoy “Cellophanes by
                         Citrine Salon & Spa                                              Sebastian”—a treatment that is said to be “lip gloss
                         6931-D Arlington Road, Bethesda                                  for the hair.” The Cellophane treatment and blow dry
                         301-656-8220,                         are $50; by itself, the treatment is $20.

186 Bethesda Magazine May/June 2009
Special Advertising Section                                            salon & spa                                           PROFILES

                                                         Red Door Spas

                                                                            Red Door Bethesda team: (L – R)

                                                                                                                                                   HILARY SCHWAB
                                                                            Deanna Chambers (Guest Service Manager),
                                                                            Elmo Barranco (General Manager),
                                                                            Elena Rodriguez (Cosmetic Sales Manager).

  With nearly 100 years of experience, Red Door Spas has been the           passing menu of signature spa and salon services such as the Red
  leader in the day spa industry. For spa goers, its name stands for        Door Signature Facial with PREVAGE® to restore radiance to every
  trust, experience and knowledge. And their brand reputation is as         skin type; and the Ultimate Arden Facial, a multi-faceted beauty
  strong as ever. The legendary techniques and philosophies were            indulgence. Soothe your body and your spirit with diverse massage
  developed by day spa pioneer Elizabeth Arden. Today, Red Door             offerings that include the Signature Stress Melter Ritual, an inte-
  Spas continues to strive to perpetuate Elizabeth Arden’s vision. Red      gration of soothing services with an olive oil skin-softening scrub,
  Door Spas’ goal is to enhance the lives of their guests through beau-     aroma therapeutic body wrap and massage to melt stress and rebal-
  ty, harmony and well-being.                                               ance spirit.
      The look that has become synonymous with the Red Door Spas
  is contemporary yet elegant, refined and understated with a vary-         Red Door Spas
  ing mix of wood, stainless steel accents, textured stone and other        10213 Old Georgetown Road, Wildwood Shopping Center,
  natural materials. The dramatic red accents throughout add an icon-       Bethesda, 240-644-1319
  ic flair that says “Red Door Spas.”
      The Red Door Spas experience consistently delivers impeccable         5225 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C.,
  guest service, the highest level of technical expertise, innovative       202-362-9890
  treatments and quality services with scientifically proven and advanced   62 Market St., Kentlands Place, Gaithersburg, 301-527-1901
      In February, Red Door Spas unveiled a new spa menu complete           Willard InterContinental, 1401 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.,
  with their renowned signature services, enhanced specialty treat-         Washington, D.C., 202-942-2700
  ments and wellness recommendations. They offer an all-encom-    

                                                                                                   Bethesda Magazine May/June 2009 187
salon & spa                                               PROFILES                                      Special Advertising Section

                                                 Avatar Salon & Wellness Spa

                Yeama Thomas, a hairstylist                          Avatar Salon & Wellness Spa in downtown Silver Spring is ded-
                with nine years of experience,                       icated to beauty and healthy living. “At Avatar we understand a
                manages the Avatar Salon &                           balanced lifestyle. And we have the unique ability to solve a client’s
                Wellness Spa in downtown                             problems regarding their total appearance. Most importantly we
                Silver Spring.                                       give our clients ‘The Mom Treatment.’ We treat every guest as if
                                                                     he/she was our mother,” says owner Bruce G. Johnson.
                                                                        Guests enjoy a comfortable and home-like setting. Avatar
                                                                     offers guests the latest trends in hairstyling, therapeutic mas-
                                                                     sage, deep hot-paraffin hand and foot treatments, esthetics for
                                                                     the face, neck and upper body and natural nail care.
                                                                        “Avatar‘s philosophy is to enhance the quality of life of our
                                                                     guests from the services we provide to the community we serve,”
                                                                     says Johnson.

                                                                     Avatar Salon & Wellness Spa
                                                                     8395 Colesville Road, Suite C
                                                                     Silver Spring


                                                         DESSANGE Paris

                                                                     A relaxing atmosphere welcomes guests to Dessange Paris.
                                                                     The biggest franchise in Europe, the staff gets regular training
                                                                     in Paris at the Dessange school and sometimes in the U.S. with
                                                                     instructors from their Paris school. “Our techniques and prod-
                                                                     ucts are improved annually and we receive new collections from
                                                                     Europe twice a year with new styles and color,” says Frederic
                                                                     Pambrun, the assistant manager.
                                                                        In addition, Dessange Paris has its own line of special sham-
                                                                     poos, masks and sprays with bamboo and kiwi to preserve the
                                                                     “luminosity” of your color.
                                                                        More than ever, women have decided to be beautiful for them-
                                                                     selves. “In an era of globalization where fashion is becoming
                                                                     international, the Dessange style, recognizable from the rest,
                                                                     remains an attitude and a concept of beauty that combines the
                                                                     elegance, personality and quality of a genuinely tailor-made
                                                                     offering. We create styles that turn heads,” notes Pambrun.

                                                                     DESSANGE Paris
                                                                     5410 Wisconsin Ave.
                                                  Haircut by
                                                  Daniel Amaury      Chevy Chase

188 Bethesda Magazine May/June 2009
salon & spa                           PROFILES                       Special Advertising Section

                                        Salon Prive

                                                      Newly renovated with rich woods and fabulous
                                                      lighting, Salon Prive in downtown Bethesda has
                                                      a beautiful, serene, welcoming ambiance. Its
                                                      energetic, vibrant and very diverse staff is
                                                      always on the cutting edge of fashion. The styl-
                                                      ists constantly share ideas and train, so they
                                                      can bring the latest trends and techniques in
                                                      cuts and color to their clients. Their goal is to
                                                      make each guest feel beautiful.
                                                          Men and women feel equally comfortable
                                                      and relaxed in the salon. And the salon offers
                                                      reasonable prices, quality services and an ex-
                                                      tensive line of affordable hair-care products.
                                                          “We deliver structured and easily manage-
                                                      able—yet fun—looks. Our staff listens and
                                                      has the skills to translate our clients’ prefer-
                                                      ences into great styles. We also provide our own
                                                      professional recommendations and sugges-
                                                      tions to help enhance our clients’ looks and
                                                      accentuate their best qualities,” says owner
                                                      Carlos Garzon.
                                                          Want to get ready for spring/summer? Salon
                                                      Prive says that smooth and flowing styles with
                                                      lots of textures and brighter highlights around
                                                      the face are the look. And to take care of the
                                                      humidity they suggest a Nano Keratin relaxer,
                                                      and Kerastase smoothening masks. Clients will
                                                      be happy that Salon Prive’s cuts are easy to
                                                      maintain between visits while still being stylish
                                                      and contemporary.
                                                          Salon Prive builds relationships with their
                                                      clients. And it must be working—they owe their
                                                      success to client referrals and testimonies.
                                                      Conveniently located, there is nearby parking
                                                      and they are within walking distance of Metro-
                                                      rail and Metrobus.

                                                      Salon Prive
                                                      7818 Old Georgetown Road

190 Bethesda Magazine May/June 2009
Special Advertising Section                             salon & spa                  PROFILES

                                                    Salon Nader

  It was only three years ago that Nader Lotfi
  and business partner Lina Rodrigues took
  over a small salon. “Now there are 28 of us
  working together,” says Nader. “It’s an area
  favorite and a grand success.” Their guest-
  book contains international names as well as
  names of important area figures. To stay on
  the cutting edge of fashion, the staff travels
  to New York, Los Angeles and Europe. And
  they meticulously train within the salon. Their
  loyal clients know that at Salon Nader they
  will get a cut and color that is modern and
  low maintenance. In addition, the style will go
  from day to night and will move freely, yet re-
  tains its shape. “We believe that a client’s
  hair should reflect the individual and reveal
  the client’s features,” says Nader. Their
  knowledgeable stylist, color specialists and
  esthetician combine their innate creativity
  with an understanding of the craft to bring
  clients the best styles for every season. The
  philosophy of the salon is to treat the hair as
  an organic material. Customer service is the
  number one priority and the staff gives one
  hundred percent of themselves, making
  clients always feel welcome. The warmth
  and energy are felt the moment a client
  walks in the salon and they always leave with
  a smile.

  Salon Nader
  10243 Old Georgetown Rd
                                                                                                   HILARY SCHWAB

                                                                  Bethesda Magazine May/June 2009 191
salon & spa                           PROFILES                      Special Advertising Section

                               Spalon Day Spa & Boutique

                                                     Spalon Day Spa & Boutique is the perfect place
                                                     to melt away today’s stress. Located in Falls-
                                                     grove Village Center, the bright, modern, state-
                                                     of-the-art spa and salon offers clients a quiet
                                                     relaxing oasis.
                                                         Twenty-six-year-old entrepreneur Susana
                                                     Kontorovich, who has opened businesses for
                                                     others, uses her expertise to run Spalon, her
                                                     own business. With only one location, this full-
                                                     service, 5,000-square-foot, high-end day spa
                                                     provides its clients with the ultimate in cus-
                                                     tomer service. The knowledgeable and expe-
                                                     rienced staff combines European traditions
                                                     with the latest technology. And Spalon offers
                                                     clients exclusive product lines such as Yon Ka
                                                     Paris skincare and Schwarzkopf haircare.
                                                         At Spalon, clients get the royal treatment
                                                     from head to toe. The extensive menu includes
                                                     skin care treatments, nail services, hair serv-
                                                     ices, hair removal, makeup, massage, hydrother-
                                                     apy, body scrubs, body wraps, microder-
                                                     mabrasion and soothing ear candling.
                                                         A major appeal of Spalon Day Spa & Bou-
                                                     tique is that all of its services are upgraded.
                                                     Imagine having a pressure point scalp mas-
                                                     sage with your hair shampoo and styling. You’ll
                                                     feel your worries float away. And what could
                                                     be better than an exfoliation and reflexology
                                                     with your manicure and pedicure. Spalon has
                                                     more than the usual treatment rooms. They
                                                     have a couples’ VIP suite with custom-built
                                                     hydrotherapy baths and a sauna.
                                                         With the warm weather coming, Spalon Day
                                                     Spa & Boutique suggests you get body exfoli-
                                                     ation treatments, microdermabrasion and facials
                                                     to remove dry, dead skin from the cold winter.
                                                     For your hair, schedule a hair mask and pro-
                                                     tein treatments to restore lost fibers within the
                                                     scalp and hair follicles. For your next spa day,
                                                     choose Spalon where they always offer great
                                                     service and specials.

                                                     Spalon Day Spa & Boutique
                                                     Fallsgrove Village Center

                                                     14925 Shady Grove Road, Suite A

192 Bethesda Magazine May/June 2009
Special Advertising Section                                         salon & spa                                           PROFILES

                                                  Aveda Salon & Spa

                                                                                                                                                HILARY SCHWAB
  We all need a place to escape to. And the perfect place in down-       hand treatments and sensory journeys. In addition, their manicures
  town Bethesda is Aveda Salon & Spa. Warm and relaxed, light and        and pedicures include free paraffin wax treatments.
  open, it’s a tranquil urban oasis. At Aveda, they realize everyone        To get ready for spring and summer, Aveda Salon & Spa sug-
  leads busy lives, so they make beauty easy and convenient. They        gests their Salt Glow to smooth away dry, flaky, winter skin. Wax-
  are open seven days a week and even have appointments starting         ing and pedicures are essential for warmer weather. Look for two
  at 6 a.m. Wednesday through Friday.                                    major hair styles this season. One is straight and sleek; the other
     They have a highly trained and experienced staff. Each member       is a soft unstructured cut. Bangs are very much a part of both. Big
  brings something special to the salon and spa. The massage ther-       chunky highlights are out, while more natural looking ones with con-
  apists and estheticians rely on a high-touch, low-tech approach to     trast in your base color are in.
  treat the face and body. Each of the 10 hair designers offers a cre-
  ative approach to what is current in today’s fashion trends. And       Aveda Salon & Spa
  using aromatherapy essential oils in all of the services throughout    4807 Bethesda Ave.
  the salon and spa is a beneficial treat.                               Bethesda
     Aveda offers many extras such as complimentary bang trims in        301-652-1610
  between haircut appointments, complimentary makeup touch-ups,

                                                                                                Bethesda Magazine May/June 2009 193

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