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									The moment of truth

Your body shape

Your underwear and the clothes you choose have the magical power to accentuate
the positive and eliminate the negative aspects of your body. Therefore, recognising
your body shape is a vital step to looking good and shopping for a successful
wardrobe – remember not even the world’s top models are completely happy with
what Mother Nature gave them. This is the moment of truth - look in the mirror. Your
eyes will automatically rest on the parts of your body you do not like! Now look again
- but this time, look at the whole of you – good and bad. If you look hard enough, you
will discover what styles of underwear and clothes hide your bad bits. Trust the mirror
and make it your best friend – it’s the one thing which will be totally honest.

There are surprisingly few body shapes of women and designers are influenced by
the following body shapes. Which body shape do you identify with?

Type A
You will carry your weight on your thighs and bottom and have good upper body. You
will have a flat stomach (age and children taken into account). You will have a
smaller bust and have good shoulders and arms. You will have a small waist.

Type B
You will carry your weight on your tummy and the tops of your arms. You will have a
good bust, but not have a waist. Your bottom half will be slim - slim bottom, slim
thighs and slim legs

Type C
You will have a boyish shape, slim, small busted, narrow hips, small bottom and slim
Type D
You would have had one of the above types, but you have either added or taken
away parts with surgery.

Whichever shape you are, there is underwear and there are clothes out there for your
shape. You just need to discover them. Or, as the celebrities do, have a personal
stylist to help them. Many clients call me their ‘secret weapon’ or their very own
‘fashion fairy godmother’.

This is where looking and feeling good all begins. ‘Without foundation, there can be
no fashion’ (designer Christian Dior)

The importance of underwear should never be underestimated. The shape of your
body can change depending on your choice of lingerie.

If we think back to the 50s, which is very much the look now. We visualise images of
smart, well-groomed and elegant women. How did they do it? They did not spend
hours in the gym or go from one faddy diet to another. Neither was surgery an option.
Oh no - they had fantastic ‘hold you in, push you up, and nip you in’ underwear. They
did not buy their underwear whilst doing the weekly shop at the supermarket. They
went to specialised lingerie shops to have their underwear fitted and selected for
them, to create the figure they wanted.

We need to get back to basics to create the shape we want for our clothes.

The bra
The most important thing about choosing your bra is the fit. You should demand four
things from a bra:
*good looks
– Easier said than done!
Here are some basic pointers (to coin a phrase!)
       - know your size
   - consult the expert who can tell you (over 80% of my clients were wearing the
   wrong size bra when I first met them) potentially your best assets totally out of
   control. Seeping out of the sides, bulging over the top, bust stored at waist level
   or under the arm pits.
   -the only bra to wear is a ‘sheep dog’ bra that rounds them up and points them in
   the right direction! A joke told to me by my son – scary thought!
   - spend the time to find the right bra and if it works, buy lots of them, but you must
   have nude/flesh in colour as your basic.

If you are looking for something to wear every day, choose a bra that is well
constructed rather than one that is too dainty. A good bra will lift your bust and give
your waist a definition. Always put your clothes back on when choosing your bra, not
only has it got to be the correct fit but also work with your clothes.

Seamless bras are good for T-shirts, knitwear and close fitting items. Only show off
your underwear if you intend to.

Nude/flesh, as mentioned before, is a must, especially when wearing white, cream or
any pale colour garments this gives a total natural appearance (all skin colours
should also wear nude/flesh to give the best natural look). You will see your shape
and not your underwear.

Always make sure your straps are adjusted after washing your bra. To ensure your
breasts are well positioned. You can now buy stick-on cups, which are a great option
for wearing under your sexy little numbers. They give a wonderful shape to your bust
rather than the sausage appearance, which many strapless bras give.

Many of my clients choose the silicon ‘implants’ which give you the perfect shaped
bust without any surgery. Without spending a fortune, or being a celebrity, you too
can have the perfect shape.

If you don’t have a bust and would like one, if your bust has lost its shape and is
heading south (ski slope look), you can have the perfect youthful shape.
If you want the perfect cleavage, all you have to do is call me. You will be amazed
who has them – not only the celebrities but also your friends – they are every girl’s
best-kept secret!
Bridget Jones was not wrong – big knickers are in! There are so many on the market,
which seem to do weird and wonderful things with our bodies. There are knickers,
which will lift your bottom, flatten your stomach, smooth your thighs and appear
invisible under your clothes. There is a whole world of high-tech fabrics and designs
by the million, all on the high street and waiting to be discovered.

When choosing your knickers, light control is the one to go for – never firm. All firm
does is squeeze you in, but as we all know, it comes seeping out somewhere else!
Light control knickers always have a thin waistband and will hold you in without
squeezing you out. When buying your knickers, you should always buy one size
larger than your dress size. Following these simple guidelines, you will be amazed at
the positive effect on the look of your underwear. No dieting – no exercise – no
liposuction - just an amazing combination of lycra and good tailoring and we can nip,
tuck and smooth with the best. Bits which used to jiggle or flop or bulge just don’t any

So will you have the courage to look in the mirror and ‘listen’ to what it tells you? You
can improve what you see and what others see in you. No, not a new dress, but
more importantly, what goes underneath it!

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