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					Family Business Australia has a strong focus
on the development of the Next Generation of
family business owners and operators through
helping them deal effectively with the issues
that are unique to Family Business.
                                                       Contact your local
                                                       Next Generation
Our Next Generation (Next Gen) Committee
is a group of passionate, dedicated and
supportive ‘Next Genners’ from around                         ACT
Australia who, like you, will become the leaders
of Australian businesses in the future. They
seek to promote the interests of Next Gen                     QLD
members within the FBA community and assist
with developing a supportive educational                      SA
platform incorporating both business and                      TAS
personal development that meets the needs
and interests of Next Gen members.                            VIC
Next Gen provides access to a huge network
of people across Australia who are, of course,
all part of the next generation of family
businesses.                                        National Office
                                                                                            Are you the

                                                   Suite 4, Level 3
                                                   450 St Kilda Road
                                                   Melbourne VIC 3004
                                                   P (03) 9867 5322
                                                   F reecall 1800 249 357                       Generation
To find out how you can become part of this                                                          of your family business?
unique extended business family and learn
about Next Gen activities in your State, contact
your local State or visit       Design & Print by WAAM
                                          1300 854 700
                    Andrew Horne                                      Tegan Webb                                       Duncan Shave
                    D S Horne Pty Ltd                                 Spring Gully Foods Pty Ltd                       Shave Human Resources

“Coming from a smaller family business,            “I have found that by having the opportunity to   "Having the opportunity to network and
FBA’s Next Gen events have been a fantastic       meet and network with other Next Genners we        learn with other Next Gen family members
opportunity to meet & network with a vast         are able to learn from each other, as well as      has been invaluable. When looking to
range of businesses that I otherwise wouldn’t     develop strong friendships for the future.”        purchase my family business last year, it
have been exposed to. It has been refreshing                                                         occurred to me that I had no advisers as
to realise that the issues facing the next                                                           they all resided with my father. Utilising
generation in some larger family businesses                                                          my Next Gen colleagues, I was able to
are exactly the same as I am facing in ours.                         Justin Taylor                   meet my own advisers and gain valuable
Hearing first hand ‘war stories’ from peers                          T & T Corporation Pty Ltd       learning to assist in the transition. Next
has given me the encouragement to address                                                            Gen family members have differing needs
many of these sooner rather than later.”                                                             to the incumbents and as such having our
                                                                                                     own network is very important."

                    Pippa Hallas
                    Ella Baché
                                                  “Having been involved in our family business                        Lucy Willson
                                                  since its inception some 6½ years ago, we                           Bremerton Vintners Pty Ltd
                                                  have experienced success in growing the
                                                  business rapidly and profitably. This success
                                                  has not all been smooth sailing on either
                                                  the business or family fronts. From the
                                                  family perspective, I can attest to the FBA
“Joining Ella Baché, our family business          support networks giving access to pertinent
was one of the most challenging times in          information and helping us through some
my life! I was not prepared for the fact that     difficult situations. Being part of the FBA has    “Family Business Australia is a fantastic
my last name resulted in people treating          ensured we have the appropriate knowledge          organisation that has given me the
me differently to my previous roles, and a        to developed strategies to continue our            opportunity to connect with other ‘Next
few key people giving me a really hard time.      success moving forward. For me, the Next           Genners’ through a variety of seminars
Meeting other Next Genners has allowed            Gen Group has been an invaluable part of this      and get-togethers. Most importantly it has
me to discuss my experiences openly with          networking, through sharing knowledge and          given me the chance to discuss potential
others who understand and can share their         giving an alternate perspective to situations      problems and solutions with my peers,
experiences and provide strategies to best        that I otherwise would not have appreciated.       and realise that the same issues affect us
handle every situation. Before I joined I never   Next Gen Group has also allowed me an              all and generally there is a solution!”
realised being part of a family business was      opportunity for personal growth, challenging
actually common in Australia!”                    my intellect and holding me accountable.”

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