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									A+ certification
  2010 Guidelines
• CompTIA A+ certification validates
  the latest skills needed by today’s
  computer support professionals. It
  is an international, vendor-neutral
  certification recognized by major
  hardware and software vendors,
  distributors and resellers.
  CompTIA A+ confirms a
  technician's ability to perform
           History of A+
• The CompTIA A+ certification exam was
  developed in 1993 at the request of the IT
  industry; major corporations needed a
  way to validate the skills of entry-level
  technicians. CompTIA recruited Subject
  Matter Experts (SMEs) from more than 20
  companies to create the standards and
  objectives of CompTIA A+. Hands-on
  service technicians used their real-world
  experience to define the test content,
  while computer service experts developed
  the exam questions
 Thirteen years later, more
 than 700,000 technicians
    certified worldwide,
CompTIA A+ is still seen by
the technology community
as the perfect entry into an
          IT career
• n 2004, the US Department of Defense
  (DoD) established Directive 8570.1:
  Information Assurance Training,
  Certification and Workforce Management.
  It requires that all DoD Information
  Assurance technicians and managers are
  trained and certified to effectively defend
  DoD information, information systems and
  information infrastructures.
• The DoD Directive 8570.1
  Implementation Manual has an
  approved list of certifications to meet
  the DoD D8570.1 requirements;
  CompTIA A+, Network+ and
  Security+ are included. CompTIA
  certification programs receive
  worldwide use and recognition, and
  are built with the knowledge of
  industry leaders from the public and
  private sectors, including training,
  academia and the government
   Strategies for taking the
• Which of the statements is true
  about Intel Corporation:
a. Intel is a Japanese Corporation.
b. Intel was founded in 1963 as Integrated
   Electronics Corporation.
c. Intel’s first product was RAM and Shift
   Register integrated circuits.
d. AMD is not an Intel’s competitor.
          Format of the Test
• Since 2003 CompTIA Has decided to
  use Linear Format ( as opposed to
  adaptive) . The main reason for this
  decision was to include unscored
  Beta questions.
•   Essentials: 100 questions (previous Edition)
•   220-602: 90 questions- IT technician
•   220- 603: 90 questions- Remote Support Technician
•   220- 604: 90 questions- Depot Technician
          Format of the Test
• The latest version of CompTIA A+ is
  CompTIA A+ 2009 Edition. Two
  exams are necessary to be certified:
  CompTIA A+ Essentials, exam code
  220-701; and CompTIA A+ Practical
  Application, exam code 220-702 Each
  exam has: 100 questions
• 220-701: 90 minutes- score of 675 is required to pass.
• 220- 702: 90 Minutes- A score of 700 is required to pass.
• Range of score: 100 - 900
• Here you will find essentials for
  passing the 2 different A+
  cerification essentials:
• http://www.comptia.org/certification
     How to take the test
• Testing is available through
• Pearson VUE
• and
• Thomson Prometric
• facilities
     How much does it cost
• Certifications candidates and employers can now
  purchase vouchers directly from CompTIA. Each
  CompTIA A+ exam voucher can be used for any
  CompTIA A+ exam including the 2009 220-701
  Essentials exam as well as the 2009 CompTIA
  A+ 220-702 (Practical Applications. These
  CompTIA A+ exam vouchers are available in
  limited quantities and are valid at any Pearson
  VUE testing center in North America.
        Voucher prices
• CompTIA A+® VUE Voucher Effective
  January 1, 2011
• Non Member Price : $173.00
  CompTIA Member Price : $147.00
  Members Save : 15 %

• CompTIA A+® PROMETRIC Voucher
  Effective January 1, 2011
• Non Member Price : $173.00
  CompTIA Member Price : $147.00
  Members Save : 15 %

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