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                                                     Code            Special Offers                                         Special   Normal
                                                                                                                             Offer    Price

                                                                        MAKE TIME STAND STILL!
                                                     1020010         Purchase the Upsize Bo-Serum (80ml), save R268 and      R599      R1 206
                                                                     get a fabulous 40th Anniversary Diamante Watch
                                                                     (valued at R339) FREE

                                                                   TIME TO REVEAL BEAUTIFUL SKIN!
                                                     AA/00150/08     Moisture Cover SPF 15 50ml                              R 89      R105
                                                     AA/00070/06     The Scrub 75ml                                          R 79       R 98
                                                     AA/00060/02     Refining Scrub 100ml                                    R 79       R 98
                                                     AB/02202/07     FF Smooth Over Scrub 75ml                               R 79       R 98
                                                     AB/02201/07     FF Calm Down Masque 50ml                                R 69       R 85
                                                     AA/00320/02     Moisture Masque 50ml                                    R 99      R115
                                                     AA/00310/03     Detox Silk Masque 50ml                                  R 89      R110

                                                                   SOFT, GENTLE AND SAVE FOR BABY
                                                     2220003         Fabric Softener 1lt & Detergent 1lt - Save R40          R160      R200

                                                                             BEAT THE HEAT!
                                                     AA/00503/05     Safe in the Sun SPF 30 with DNAge 75ml - Save R40       R135      R175
                                                     AA/00507/06     Sun Safety Aerosol SPF 30 125ml - Save R40              R 85      R125
   Campaign 3
                       1 March - 31 March 2011
            Special offers valid while stocks last

                                                     AA/00508/09     Be Wise SPF 50 30ml - Save R40                          R108      R148

                                                                            INSTANT RESQUE!
                                                     2020001         2 x Resque Essence 10ml - Save 40%                      R102      R170

                                                                   PROBLEMS SOLVED, HEAD TO TOE!
                                                     1320003         ZeroAche 75ml - Buy one get one for R4                  R139      R198
                                                     AC/05000/06     Zerotox 60 Capsules - Save 40%                          R195      R325

                                                                             DOUBLE IMPACT!
                                                     AA/14000/09     Tummy Tuck 75ml - Save 40%                              R132      R220

                                                                       BE TWICE AS DELIGHTFUL!
                                                     AF/10000/09     Delight Eau de Parfum 50ml - Save 50%                   R155      R310

                                                                   CONSULTANT EVENTS / INCENTIVES
                                                     3203017         New Consultants who join the Annique Team in March,     R750      R1 500
                                                                     pay R750 and receive products to the value of R1500,
                                                                     will receive a fabulous Annique Name Badge and a
                                                                     Towel Turban FREE.

                                                     3106017         HOSTESS GIFT: Buy Annique Fashion Wallet with           R 45      R100
                                                                     your purchase of R1000 or more (NON-DISCOUNTABLE).

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