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					                                          Dress Code

Purpose: The purpose of the School Dress Code Policy is to provide additional
opportunities for increased school safety, to encourage our students to experience a greater
sense of school identity and belonging, to encourage an improvement in student behavior,
and to improve and expand academic excellence.

Background information: A committee was established in the fall of 2009 and the Camden
Fairview School Board adopted the following guidelines on March 16, 2010.

Guidelines: Each school shall strive to achieve full compliance through use of incentives
and positive reinforcement measures, and shall resort to disciplinary action only when
positive measures fail to ensure compliance. Children should take personal pride in their
appearance. Dress code should be neat, clean, fit to correct size and in good repair. All
children must be in compliance with the dress code everyday. The dress code will be strictly
enforced at all times. Please follow the guidelines for purchasing only the style of items listed
in the dress code policy. The basic clothing requirements apply to all students who attend
the Camden Fairview School District Public Elementary Schools (K-5th). The policy will be
enforced beginning the first day of school.

Tops ------Acceptable colors: Red, Black, White or Yellow
      • Solid polo style shirts with collars, Peter-Pan (rounded) collared shirts, turtlenecks,
           v-neck or crew neck sweaters or sweater vests, shirts that button all the way up the
           front (dress shirt style) may be worn with or without a button down collar. (No
      • Sweatshirts in acceptable colors
      • No hoodies

Bottoms------Acceptable colors: Khaki (light or dark tan), Black or Camden Fairview
      • Pants must be straight legged, boot cut, full length or Capri (Low rider pants, cargo
        pants or blue denim fabric cannot be worn).
      • Shorts, skirts, skorts or jumpers may be no more than 2 inches above the knee.
      • Skirts and jumpers must be worn with tights, shorts or leggings underneath. Tights
        and leggings must be solid red, black, white or yellow.
      • All bottoms must fit at the waist and not be oversized or undersized. They shall be
        of appropriate size no more than one (1) size larger than normal. (Example: When
        the waist size is a true 32, pants cannot be larger than a 34 waist.)
      • Pants and skirts that have belt loops must be worn with a belt of a length
        appropriate to waist size and must be buckled. (K-1st preferred, but optional)

School Spirit Gear: FRIDAY ONLY!!
     • School spirit (store bought or from the school), t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies or polo
        style shirts.
     • Team jerseys or cheerleader uniforms will be allowed.
     • Pants can be denim or colored with the same guidelines as listed.
     •     “Flip Flops”, house shoes, shoes with rollers, and steel-toed boots are not allowed.
           All shoes must be closed toe.
       •   Shoe heels must be no higher than two and one-half inches.
       •   Shoelaces colors must be white, brown, or black. Multi-colored shoelaces are not
       •   Socks, tights, and leggings colors must be red, white, black, or yellow

     • Solid color heavy coats, heavy jackets, fleece pullovers, hooded jackets, sweat
        shirts without hoods and raincoats may be worn to school, but will not be permitted
        to be worn indoors during the school day unless permitted by the principal for
        special circumstances. However, all of the above named items must be removed
        upon entry into the school building and placed in the locker or appropriate storage
     • Only solid red, white, black, or yellow sweaters or zip up lightweight jackets may be
        worn inside the building.

     • No mouth jewelry (grills) will be permitted.
     • Sweatbands, ball caps, and hats are prohibited inside the building. These items
        must be removed upon entering the building. Bandanas and “do rags” are not
        permitted on campus.
     • Belts must be plain with no initials, emblems, or symbols.
     • Belt color choices are black or brown.
     • Only small earrings can be worn (quarter size or smaller).
     • Watches may be worn.
     • Necklaces may be worn, but must not hang past the breastbone.

Additional Information
      • Students must be in compliance with the dress code upon daily arrival to school
         and remain in compliance during school hours.
      • The principal will reserve the right to prohibit any garment or accessory not
         included in the above stated dress code policy.
      • Students new to the Camden Fairview School District will be granted a one (1)
         week grace period.
      • Clothing should be neat and clean at all times.
      • A student needing special accommodations due to a disabling condition may seek
         the necessary adjustments through the IEP or 504 committee processes.

Consequences for not following dress code policy
             When students are not in compliance with the dress code policy the school will
contact the parent to resolve the issue. Initially, positive incentives will be given to encourage
compliance. If non-compliance continues, punitive consequences will occur for the student
ranging from a minimum of missing recess to a maximum of in-school suspension.

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