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PlautWorks attorney
 the solution for an effiCient                                                         yo u r        Benefit
 management of laW firms and                                        With PlautWorks Attorney, you can reach the following targets:
a higher level of transParenCy
                                                                    » Working faster and more e ciently:
plautWorks Attorney is a package, which consists of preconfigu-
                                                                      The solution provides a holistic and integrated picture of all
red software, services and operation, tailored especially to suit
                                                                      core processes and accelerates file management and internal
the processes and standards of law firms. The processes are ge-
                                                                      projects. The efficient planning, allocation and billing of files is
ared to best practices of international law firms.
                                                                      integrated into financial accounting and Controlling.
The solution is based on processes and roles, thus flexible, and    » Obtain an up-to-date degree of target achievement at the
can be deployed in stages. In addition, access to all transaction     push of a button:
and master data can be controlled via a sophisticated autho-          You will be able to view anything that is happening along
rization system and thus, the solution meets high data safety         the value chain anytime at the push of a button: Status and
requirements. A seamless and complete integration into Cont-          assignment of staff as well as cash expenditure, invoices al-
rolling provides information on the status of planned, ongoing        ready prepared, the cost situation and the future employ-
and closed cases, about internal projects and their impact on         ment of resources.
the result, revenue and cash flow situation of the department,      » Complete billing of a le:
the company or the group of companies at any time.                    Working time data can be entered online or offline real-time
                                                                      and in a user-friendly way. You will receive payments earlier,
                                                                      because customers receive their invoices earlier. In addition,
                                                                      informative reports keep you up to date on sales, revenues
                                                                      and liquidity.
                                                                    » E cient controlling at le, customer and department level:
                                                                      By integrating all core processes, Controlling is able to analy-
                                                                      se customers, projects and departments top-down from the
                                                                      operating result of the company or group of companies.
                                                                    » Integration of external service providers:
                                                                      The entire workflow for the integration of external service
                                                                      providers is copied in its entirety and is transparent on the
                                                                      part of the departments involved in every phase.
                                                                    » Controlling the document stream:
                                                                      Document management & workflow: To archive all infor-
                                                                      mation connected to a file centrally and easy to access for
                                                                      authorized persons, is a core requirement. If, in addition, the
Picture: PlautWorks Attorney based on SAP Business All-in-One         respective tasks are managed via workflows, the efficiency
                                                                      and transparency of internal processes will be improved.
file and ProjeCt management
                                                                                                    This application provides features that will enable you to
                                                                                                    plan, execute, manage and analyse your files and internal
                                                                                                    projects or activities from start to finish. It also provides
                                                                                                    predefined models or model procedures for reference.

Below the phases, tasks and subtasks can be defined: Shown here e.g. „create specifications“ with
the subtask „edit document“, among others.

management & oPtimisation of resourCes
                                                                                                      Staff management is one of the core processes in the
                                                                                                      services industry. The solution enables long-term as
                                                                                                      well as short-term planning of resources on an activity
                                                                                                      or project level and shows, where additional capaci-
                                                                                                      ties are needed or where capacities are idle. In addi-
                                                                                                      tion, capacities of integrated subcontractors (external
                                                                                                      attorneys, experts or appraisers) can be managed ana-
                                                                                                      log to the internal staff.

Display of project resources by role
The project performance (hours worked on a case file or internal project) is easy to enter via CATS (Cross Applicati¬on Time Sheet), not
only for internal staff but also for subcontractors and is subsequently released by the partner or attorney in charge. Only then, the file
is charged and the client will be billed. Furthermore, additional features of Employee Self Service, such as the recording of absence
times, order processes including the respective authorization workflows, or the processing of travel costs, are optional.

management of external serviCe Providers
Beside the planning of internal staff, the integration of external service providers and experts is becoming increasingly important.
Controlled adminstrative handling via internal purchase requisitions, and the orders generated from them, guarantee, that the sub-
sequent invoice for the services rendered, can be verified quickly and allocated to the correct account. The complete process is inte-
grated into controlling and can be easily tracked by the user.

aCtivities list, fee settlement and aCCrual
                                                                                                 Via the integrated controlling, the
                                                                                                 status of each file can be retrieved at
                                                                                                 any time. All services rendered or cash
                                                                                                 expenditures for every single file can
                                                                                                 be analysed in detail. The file can be
                                                                                                 invoiced on a time and material ba-
                                                                                                 sis, overall, or according to individual
                                                                                                 agreements, either upon closure or
   PS-work breakdown structure                                                                   for interim fees. Long-term projects/
                                                                                                 files are accrued monthly. This feature
                                                                                                 supports correct accrual by month for
                            SD-customer order                                                    work-in-progress, parallel to financial
                                                                                                 reporting standards such as HGB or
Cash management, Controlling &
interComPany settlement
                           These features support the management of
                           the complete company or group of compa-
                           nies. The results can be analysed top-down
                           from the result of the group to the profit
                           contribution of each file or each customer. In
                           addition, costs can be analysed by cost cate-
                           gory/cost category groups (salaries, leases,
                           marketing, and so on) or at the cost center
                           level in terms of plan/actual. It is possible to
                           drill-down online to the receipt level, which
                           facilitates swift clarification of questions or
                           discrepancies. In addition, for company-wide
                           activities, intercompany settlement can be
                           supported and an overall cash management
                           can be installed.

                MAnAGEMEnT & IT COnSuLTInG
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