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Summer Horse Sale
  May 28th, 2011
HESAGOLDSNICKLEFRITZ                    HIP # 1       SHESA DECKA RED GOLD                     HIP # 2
     AQHA 5198422 - PALOMINO STALLION MAY 6, 2009             AQHA 5295997 - GRAY MARE APRIL 13, 2010
OWNER: DENT BRADLEY                                   OWNER: DENT BRADLEY
                               SNICKELFRITZ CHEX                                     LITTLE CANOSO
      SNICKELFRITZ FLAKE                                   SAN LAURELES PEPPY
                               BECKER DUSTER                                         LAGRIMITA PEPPY
JAY SNICKLEFRITZ                                      MR DECKA GOLD
                               COUNT THE GOLD                                        TEE J BROKEN FINGERS
      MISS BLUE HEN                                        MISS BROKEN AGGIE
                               ROCKY RIO RITA                                        TEXAS AGGIE TEE
                               DR FOLLEY                                             RANDYS GAMBLER
      DR SHE FOLLEY                                        WINS GOLD TICKET
                               SHE HAD IT                                            WINNYS GOLD DUST

DECKA COOL GOLD                         HIP # 3       SHES FOLLEYS GOLD                        HIP # 4
       AQHA 5295993 - SORREL MARE APRIL 11, 2010               AQHA 4367598 - DUN MARE APRIL 8, 2003
OWNER: DENT BRADLEY                                   OWNER: DENT BRADLEY
                               LITTLE CANOSO                                         LITTLE CANOSO
      SAN LAURELES PEPPY                                   SAN LAURELES PEPPY
                               LAGRIMITA PEPPY                                       LAGRIMITA PEPPY
MR DECKA GOLD                                         MR DECKA GOLD
                               TEE J BROKEN FINGERS                                  TEE J BROKEN FINGERS
      MISS BROKEN AGGIE                                    MISS BROKEN AGGIE
                               TEXAS AGGIE TEE                                       TEXAS AGGIE TEE
      COOL ROAN STAR           COOL BLUE HAZE              DR FOLLEY                 BOB'S FOLLY
COOL CARDINAL                  TOY BREAKER            DR SHE FOLLEY                  DISPLAY
                               MASIE'S BLUE                                          HARVEY'S RANDY
      NYLON BLUE                                           SHE HAD IT
                               HAPPY NYLON                                           MISS HADLOCK

DONE FROSTED GOLD                       HIP # 5       WATCH PEPPYS DUNNIT                      HIP # 6
      AQHA 4377666 - RED DUN MARE MARCH 27, 2003           AQHA 5295994 - SORREL STALLION APRIL 11, 2010
OWNER: DENT BRADLEY                                   OWNER: DENT BRADLEY
                               DOC O'LENA                                            MR CONCLUSION DUDE
      COLONEL REY LENA                                     HESA PRETTY WATCH
                               CHRISTY JAY                                           MADAM MISS WATCH
DOCS FROSTY LENA CT                                   HESA WATCH
                               FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                      DUDES PANHANDLE
      DOCS FROSTED FLAKE                                   PANHANDLES PRIDE
                               DOC'S SUGAR CUBE                                      AMBRAS PRIDE
                               GAMBLIN TICKET                                        SAN LAURELES PEPPY
      WINNYS GOLD DUST                                     SAN PEPPY FOLLEY
                               DR WINNY FOLLEY                                       DR SHE FOLLEY
HESA WATCH                                               HIP # 7                FOLLEYS SNICKLEFRITZ                                     HIP # 8
      AQHA 4080165 - RED ROAN STALLION MARCH 27, 2001                                     AQHA 5106054 - PALOMINO MARE APRIL 7, 2008
OWNER: DENT BRADLEY                                                             OWNER: DENT BRADLEY
                                            OBVIOUS CONCLUSION                                                              SNICKELFRITZ CHEX
         MR CONCLUSION DUDE                                                              SNICKELFRITZ FLAKE
                                            BATTLING DUDE                                                                   BECKER DUSTER
HESA PRETTY WATCH                                                               JAY SNICKLEFRITZ
                                            WATCH JOE JACK                                                                  COUNT THE GOLD
         MADAM MISS WATCH                                                                MISS BLUE HEN
                                            MADAM SUGAR                                                                     ROCKY RIO RITA
         DUDES PANHANDLE                    SILVER ADO DUDE                              MR DECKA GOLD                      SAN LAURELES PEPPY
PANHANDLES PRIDE                            JILLS RERUN                         SHES FOLLEYS GOLD                           MISS BROKEN AGGIE
                                            SCARLET WATCH                                                                   DR FOLLEY
         AMBRAS PRIDE                                                                    DR SHE FOLLEY
                                            ONLY A STREAK                                                                   SHE HAD IT


BAR MAIDS GOLD JAY                                       HIP # 9                HESA SASSY WATCH                                         HIP # 10
         AQHA 5198423 - SORREL STALLION MAY 30, 2009                                   AQHA 5295995 - RED ROAN STALLION APRIL 4, 2010
OWNER: DENT BRADLEY                                                             OWNER: DENT BRADLEY
                                            SNICKELFRITZ CHEX                                                               MR CONCLUSION DUDE
         SNICKELFRITZ FLAKE                                                              HESA PRETTY WATCH
                                            BECKER DUSTER                                                                   MADAM MISS WATCH
JAY SNICKLEFRITZ                                                                HESA WATCH
                                            COUNT THE GOLD                                                                  DUDES PANHANDLE
         MISS BLUE HEN                                                                   PANHANDLES PRIDE
                                            ROCKY RIO RITA                                                                  AMBRAS PRIDE
         MR DECKA GOLD                      SAN LAURELES PEPPY                           TEQUES DUNNIT RIGHT                DUNNIT KYLE STYLE
BAR MAIDS GOLD                              MISS BROKEN AGGIE                   DUNNIT RIGHT SASSY                          TEQITA DOCS HANNA
                                            DR FOLLEY                                                                       SAN LAURELES PEPPY
         FOLLEY BAR MAID                                                                 SASSY PEPPY BAR
                                            RANDY'S BAR BABE                                                                SASSY SHOWDOWN BAR

HR SUZANNES SILENCE                                      HIP # 11               HR SILENT FRECKLES                                       HIP # 12
       AQHA 5349646 - PALOMINO STALLION APRIL 1, 2010                                   AQHA 5301358 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 12, 2010
OWNER: HAT RANCH QUARTER HORSES                                                 OWNER: HAT RANCH QUARTER HORSES
                          SOMETHING CLASSIC                                                               SOMETHING CLASSIC
     SHEER CLASSIC                                                                   SHEER CLASSIC
                          SKIPS SATEEN                                                                    SKIPS SATEEN
SHEER SILENT                                                                    SHEER SILENT
                          CLASSICAL TENDER                                                                CLASSICAL TENDER
     TENDERS SILENT GOLD                                                             TENDERS SILENT GOLD
                          TENDER ORCHID                                                                   TENDER ORCHID
     CJ SUGAR             SON O SUGAR                                                SCOTCHES SHOWTIME    SCOTCH BAR TIME
AZUCAR APRIETO                              CHRISTY JAY                         LEXI FRECKLES                               CENTENNIAL SISSY
                                            DOCTOR FRECKLES                                                                 CJ SUGAR
         MISS ASHLEY FRECKLES                                                            AZUCAR APRIETO
                                            MISS CANDY ROYAL                                                                MISS ASHLEY FRECKLES

Pretty headed palomino with big blaze and a nice colt. Moves well and should.   Pretty headed with a big soft eye. Stockings and big bald face makes him an
Sire is a fancy horse and dam is good daughter of CJ Sugar.                     old man's project for sure. Has a nice daddy and outstanding mama. Really
                                                                                gentle minded.
SKIPS ARRAYED LARK                                         HIP # 13                 ZIPS LITTLE STAR                                            HIP # 14
           AQHA 5012306 - PALOMINO MARE JULY 5, 2007                                                AQHA 3618530 - BAY MARE MAY 7, 1997
OWNER: HAT RANCH QUARTER HORSES                                                     OWNER: HAT RANCH QUARTER HORSES
                           SKIPSTER SPANISH                                                                   THREE BARS TB
      SKIPSTER K NOTORIOUS                                                                ZIPPO PAT BARS
                           SKIPPITS QUEEN                                                                     LEO PAT
SKIPS NOTORIOUS LARK                                                                ZIP FOR CASH
                           SKIPS EVADE                                                                        SILVER CASH
      SKIPS A DOLL                                                                        PATTIE SUE
                           STRING LEE                                                                         GANGWAY MOLLY
      TWO STEPPIN ARRAY    SPANISH ARRAY                                                  DESERT DOCTOR       DOC'S TOM THUMB
SKIPS GUARDED ARRAY                           SPANISH DANCIN                        CHARLIES MADONNA                              BROWN LADY BESS
                                              SCOTCH ALARM                                                                        DEL GENO
         SCOTCH N GUARD                                                                      MISS CHARLIE GLASS
                                              SKIPS O LUCKY                                                                       CISCO TOLUCA

Nice four year old palomino mare. Broke to ride and gentle. Never been bred.        There are mares that have colts and then there are broodmares. This one is a
Sound, loads and hauls like an old saddle horse.                                    broodmare. Her colts have been futurity winners and gone on to make real
                                                                                    riders. Vet checked in foal to Scotches Showtime-son of Scotch Bar Time.

BAR FLOWERS LYNX                                           HIP # 15                 IN TIME TO MUSIC                                            HIP # 16
            AQHA 4211253 - SORREL MARE APRIL 4, 2002                                           AQHA 3386832 - SORREL MARE APRIL 25, 1995
OWNER: HAT RANCH QUARTER HORSES                                                     OWNER: HAT RANCH QUARTER HORSES
                          DOC BAR                                                                             WIN OR LOSE
     DOC'S LYNX                                                                          SONNY DEE BAR
                          JAMEEN TIVIO                                                                        CHIGGER'S BABY
MONTANA LYNX                                                                        SCOTCH BAR TIME
                          SUGAR BARS                                                                          SPOT TIME
     MISS MONTANA SUGAR                                                                  CHUBBY TIME
                          PREACHER LOU                                                                        HAT EIGHT TWO
     SCOTCH BAR TIME      SONNY DEE BAR                                                  PRAIRIE MUSIC BARS   RANCH BARS
MS SCOTCH BAR FLOWER                          CHUBBY TIME                           PRAIRIES BRICKASUGAR                          MEADOW MOUNT
                                              MR SHOWDOWN SUGAR                                                                   MR SHOWDOWN SUGAR
         MS SUGAR BARS FLOWER                                                                MISS VELVET SUGAR
                                              MS SHODOWN DARLENE                                                                  VELVET SOBRE

Fancy sorrel broodmare by a Reserve World Champion cutting horse. Big,              This has been a great mare for us. Produced five futurity winners that have
pretty mare that has had two colts-both futurity winners. Keeping last years colt   gone on to make good horses. Prepping her 2010 gelding for fall shows now.
for personal use. Vet checked in foal to Scotches Showtime (High Point stallion     Should have a full sibling by Sheer Silent by sale day. Selling all our mares but
in Montana).                                                                        3.

CACHES RAINBOW                                             HIP # 17                 CORD GRIFFIN                                                HIP # 18
           AQHA 4593514 - SORREL MARE APRIL 14, 2004                                       AQHA 4741193 - PALOMINO GELDING APRIL 20, 2005
OWNER: JIM BURROWS, TANNER KUBE, AGT                                                OWNER: TEAL & COURTNEY BENNETT
                            MISS N CASH                                                                        DOC BARS BOY 2
     DOX BUENO DINERO                                                                     LUCKY BOTTOM RUFUS
                            SUGARITA CHEX                                                                      LUCKY LITTLE BABY
MAYBE FOR CACHE                                                                     LUCKY BOTTOM TOM
                            NO MAYBES                                                                          GOLD BERT BAILEY
     MAYBE ITS LUV                                                                        CINDEE ANN BAILEY
                            CODY'S MISS CROTON                                                                 FAN'S CINDEE
     TURNER PAR DELL        PAR FOR DELL                                                  COWBOY LENA          MAXI LENA
TURNERS RAINBOW                               MISSYS VELVET                         SIERRA CLASSY                                 COWGIRL COGDELL
                                              WATCH JOE BEA STAR                                                                  DRY DOC 15
         WATCH RAINBOW STAR                                                                  DRY SIERRA
                                              RAINBOW HENNY                                                                       SIERRA COGDELL

This big, stout, seven year old mare has been used in all aspects of ranch          Nice gelding that was born and raised on the Cogdell Ranch. He has been used
work. Tons of yearlings doctored outside. Plenty of speed and big stop. Ready       in all phases of ranch work. He is well broke and 100% sound. See video.
to be finished on head end. Gentle and sound.
OUT OF BADGERS LINE                                       HIP # 19                 SL SMART BOON                                                HIP # 20
         AQHA 4693772 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 28, 2005                                        AQHA 5046227 - RED ROAN MARE APRIL 10, 2007
OWNER: COLT CARTER                                                                 OWNER: RICHARD NOLTE, KIP DEFOOR, AGT
                                             PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                   DOC O' LENA
         SERENDIPITY BADGER                                                             SMART LITTLE LENA
                                             DOC'S SERENDIPITY                                                  SMART PEPPY
SAN BADGERS ACE                                                                    SMART LENA BOON
                                             BERETTA SAN                                                        PEPTOBOONSMAL
         BERETTAS FANCY                                                                 BET YER BOONS
                                             LI'L DIAMOND SNIP                                                  BET YER BLUE BOONS
         COMMANDERS BOY                      SON OF LES                                 JOANIES SIX             TANQUERY GIN
VANDALINE                                    COMMANDER'S BABE                      JUBILEES SMOKIN SIX                             CEE HOLLY JOANIE
                                             DIAMOND B OKIE                                                                        AINT DUN SMOKIN
         LAUREN OKALL                                                                       TX CLEVER JUBILEE
                                             VANDALETTE                                                                            CLEVER JUBILEE

Marshall is a really cute heel horse, and he has had a lot of calves breakawayed   Nice daughter of Smart Lena Boon (his offspring are NCHA earners of
on him. He is really good to ride in the pasture. If someone is looking for a      $112,705.66). Her 2 year old was in training with Jamie Dosher. Big stop, will
really good heel horse or just one to ride up and down the trail, here he is!!     make a nice amateur mare. 100% sound.
100% sound and gentle. Video. Demo.

CHUGGINGTON                                               HIP # 21                 CME SMARTY PANTS                                             HIP # 22
                     GRADE - BLACK GELDING 2004                                             AQHA 4926335 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 12, 2006
OWNER: KARRIGAN McQUAY                                                             OWNER: FRED BRAY RANCH
                                                                                                                                   DOC BAR
                                                                                            DOC O'LENA
                                                                                                                                   POCO LENA
                                                                                   SMART LITTLE LENA
                                                                                                                                   PEPPY SAN
                                                                                            SMART PEPPY
                                                                                                                                   ROYAL SMART
                                                                                            DOC'S HICKORY                          DOC BAR
                                                                                   ANNA HICKORY                                    MISS CHICKASHA
                                                                                                                                   DOC O'LENA
                                                                                                                                   SKEETS CHICK
Chuggington is a 7 year old black gelding. Ranch raised and ridden. Been
heeling steers on him. Really broke and stays broke. Stays nice outside and        This little horse looks just like his daddy, Smart Little Lena, and being out of a
can keep up with a big horse. True ranch horse, been hauled to play days and       daughter of Doc's Hickory. It just don't get any better than this. Smarty Pants,
does really well. This horse isn't very big but does any job a big horse does.     is a trained cutter and is a super athlete. He rides quiet and gentle all the time
Sound.                                                                             and he is a good looker with four white socks and a blaze.

BABY FACE HICKORY                                         HIP # 23                 YUBASAN PHD                                                  HIP # 24
         AQHA 4554681 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 24, 2004                                        AQHA 4931090 - SORREL GELDING FEB. 20, 2007
OWNER: CLYDE GASSER                                                                OWNER: DAVID OR EVA SCHOUBROEK
                                             DOC BAR                                                          MR SAN PEPPY
         DOC'S HICKORY                                                                   CT MR SAN PEPPY
                                             MISS CHICKASHA                                                   CUTTER'S SUSIE QUE
CODY HICKORY                                                                       RN DOCTER PEPPER
                                             DOC O'LENA                                                       GENUINE POCO BOB
         ELANA LENA                                                                      ROYAL DAKOTA MAID
                                             PEPS DESIREE                                                     TRIPLE BAR TEX
         PEPPY BADGER CHEX                   PEPPY SAN BADGER                            YUBAS GAMBLE         YUBASAN
MISTI BADGER CHEX                            BOOGERETTE CHEX                       YUBA STAR                                       GAMBLING TIGRESS
                                             JALAPENO PEPPY                                                                        CJ SUGAR
         WAPITI WAHOO                                                                       NO MAS SUGAR
                                             MISTY DOC BAR                                                                         VINCES FIRST LADY

This is a nice looking horse. Gentle and 100% sound. Can rope both ends.           Peppy San Badger and Mr San Peppy bred horse. 100% sound, handles good,
Has been used as head horse the most. Willing and kind, wants to please.           stops, turns around, used outside. Ranch horse. Gentle.
Lots of speed, good in the box. Be sure to see him at demo-head and heel.
Double registered AQHA/APHA.
KF SMART SUNDAY                                             HIP # 25                 JAE BAR SPOONFUL                                             HIP # 26
         AQHA 5156460 - SORREL STALLION MAY 14, 2008                                          AQHA 4879348 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 17, 2006
OWNER: SKIP & ELAINE JONES                                                           OWNER: BEN CAVINESS
                                               DOC BAR                                                                              PEPPY SAN BADGER
         DOC O'LENA                                                                           PEPTOBOONSMAL
                                               POCO LENA                                                                            ROYAL BLUE BOON
SMART LITTLE LENA                                                                    HES A PEPTOSPOONFUL
                                               PEPPY SAN                                                                            SMART LITTLE LENA
         SMART PEPPY                                                                          MISS SMARTY REY
                                               ROYAL SMART                                                                          REY JAY JANIE
         PEPPY SAN BADGER                      MR SAN PEPPY                                   DOC'S JACK SPRAT                      DOC BAR
MS PEPPY SAN SUNDAY                            SUGAR BADGER                          JAE BAR REBBA                                  PURA FINA
                                               DRY DOC                                                                              POCO R S KING
         SHESADRYDOC PLAYBOY                                                                  POCO LEO QUEEN
                                               PLAYBOYS REWARD                                                                      QUEENIE QUESTION

Out of a money producing daughter of "Little Peppy" this colt is started on cattle   This is a real nice gelding. Fletcher is the thickest, stoutest Peptospoonful I've
and is on track for the Fall events. Will make a cutter, or anything else you can    seen. Year and half cutting training, last six months in professional rope horse
do horse back. The genetics to make an outstanding sire. Don't miss him.             training in heeling, hauled to local jackpots and to Ft. Worth CowTown
Sire, Smart Little Lena NCHA $577,652.36; off-spring NCHA $33,284,900.84,            Colliseum Rodeo's. Sire, He's A Peptospoonful NCHA $72,850.89, his
NRHA $453,664.50, NRCHA $783,564.45, RHAA and AQHA WCS. Dam, MS                      offspring NCHA $2,847,945.64, NRCHA $133,767.39, AQHA World
Smart San Sunday NCHA $44,135.10; off-spring NCHA $179,516.83.                       Championship Show $11,553.91. Dam, Jae Bar Rebba NCHA $3,382.92 her
                                                                                     offspring NCHA $5,680.63.

BOOGIES FANCY LENA                                          HIP # 27                 RED                                                          HIP # 28
        APHA 929833 - GRAY/SOLID GELDING MAY 21, 2007                                               GRADE - SORREL FILLY MARCH 28, 2009
OWNER: CASEY REINERT                                                                 OWNER: WESLEY GRAU
                                               DOC BAR
                                               CAMELOT CLABBER
                                               WINFRED CODY
                                               HOLLYWOOD'S SWEETY
         MADE TO BOOGIE                        DOC O'LENA
IMA BOOGIE LENA                                PLAY DOT
                                               KINGS TRIPLE CROWN
                                               IMA PAR THREE
                                                                                     Sire, Petos Irish Spin a double Peppy San Badger. Dam is Clays Poco Lady
                                                                                     that goes back to Skipbar Supreme and Strait Silver.

MR SANDY KING                                               HIP # 29                 MISS LUKIE                                                   HIP # 30
         APHA 887895 - DUN/SOLID GELDING MAY 15, 2006                                                   GRADE - SORREL MARE MAY 1994
OWNER: GRAY GALLACHER                                                                OWNER: RANDY HARRIS
                                               ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP
                                               MISS ROYAL SCOTCH
                                               INVESTA GLOW
                                               BONNIE BAR CUE
         DOC SILVERS KING                      PAJARITO DOC
DOC SANDY KING                                 LOLA FIVE
                                               MR SWEETMILK
                                               LULU FIVE
                                                                                     Nice riding mare. Worked on ranch, dragged calves to the fire.
King is a nice five year old dun that is ranch raised. He's been dragging calves
to fire for two years. Started at the heel in the arena. See him at demo.
SPICY CAT                                                   HIP # 31                BACAS TWO EYED GEM                                         HIP # 32
     APHA 875896 - SORREL/TOBIANO GELDING FEB. 8, 2006                                         AQHA 5205762 - GRAY MARE MARCH 29, 2009
OWNER: CODY & JENNIFER ANDERTON                                                     OWNER: BOB & JULIENNE LOWE
                            HIGH BROW HICKORY                                                                                     TWO EYED JACK
      HIGH BROW CAT                                                                          JACK TWO STAR
                            SMART LITTLE KITTY                                                                                    STARABAR
DELTA BUNNYS CAT                                                                    BACAS TWO STAR GEM
                            DELTA OLENA                                                                                           LINEBARS BLUEBOY
      DELTAS BUNNY                                                                           BACAS GEM
                            BIRD AND THE BEE                                                                                      BACAS GEMINI RED
      DELTA FLYER           PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                 BIG STEP TROUBLE                     BIG STEP
DELTA FLYING SPICE                             DELTA                                FRECKLES BEAUTY STEP                          TROUBLE KITTY
                                               GOLD DOC BAR                                                                       COLONEL FRECKLES
         GOLD SUGARSPICE                                                                     FRECKLES MISS GOLD
                                               LENAS SUGARSPICE                                                                   BURNETT BLONDE

Gentle and sound. Needs a job. Nice set of papers. Excellent prospect. Well         We raised this filly. She is gentle. Has had lots of ground work done on her.
made.                                                                               She is sound.

CHIEF SMOOTH DANCER                                         HIP # 33                NOBLES SPARKELNSHINE                                       HIP # 34
       APHA 629614 - BAY/SOLID GELDING MARCH 13, 2001                                       AQHA 4831633 - PALOMINO MARE MARCH 29, 2006
OWNER: G & S                                                                        OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT
                                               TRIPLE CREEK                                                     SHINING SPARK
         SUPERCHIEF                                                                       SHINING KING CODY
                                               HOBAR JEWELL                                                     LANCEOLITA
CHIEFS SMOOTHEAGLE                                                                  WR SHINING PAVO
                                               SMOOTH N EASY                                                    PEPPYS PAVO
         SMOOTH GAMBLE                                                                    MISS PAVO DEGREE
                                               LAST GAMBLE                                                      MISS NIFTY ALEJO
         GLACIERIZED                           GLACIER                                    NOBLES ALEJOS STEP    BIG STEP
GLACIERIZEDS PEARL                             ROSY JACK BONANZA                    NOBLES SPARKLIN STEP                          NOBLE'S JUNE BABE
                                               DOCS TIVIO BAR                                                                     CLAYTO ZERO
         DC TIVIO DOC                                                                        JOSEY SUE
                                               DEE C DAWN                                                                         JOSEY BONNIE

Very gentle gelding with a great disposition. Stays gentle even when you don't      This golden lady looks good while you are riding the ranch. Used on the ranch.
ride him. Excellent handle. Knows his leads. Used in the pasture. About             Really has a turn and stop on her. Great barrel prospect. Good all around horse
anyone can get along with this horse. Very pretty gelding, easy to shoe and         that will make you want. Shining Spark and Big Step on the papers.
load. 15 hands, 1200 lbs.

TACO                                                        HIP # 35                WYO SUGARBAR                                               HIP # 36
                     GRADE - BLACK GELDING 2001                                               AQHA 5018193 - GRULLO GELDING JULY 8, 2006
OWNER: TIM RIDDLE                                                                   OWNER: CLAY DANNELLEY
                                                                                                                                  JEWEL'S LEO BARS
                                                                                             COLONEL FRECKLES
                                                                                                                                  CHRISTY JAY
                                                                                    SOLID SUGARBAR
                                                                                                                                  SUGAR BARS
                                                                                             BONANZA'S SUGARBAR
                                                                                                                                  FAY'S ALIBI
                                                                                             WYO O BLUE                           WYO BLUE BONNET
                                                                                    WYO GIN CHICK N GOLD                          BONNIE O BLUE
                                                                                                                                  TANQUERY GIN
                                                                                             GIN SIX
                                                                                                                                  SWIFT SWAN
Taco is a little horse, he stands 14.1 hands and is solid black with white socks.
He has been used on our ranch and has been heeled on. Anyone can ride him.          Mighty Mouse has had lots of cattle roped outside. Has had cattle headed and
                                                                                    heeled off him. Great prospect for an all-around Jr Rodeo horse. Has lots of
                                                                                    speed and is stout to the horn. 100% sound.
SKIPPER                                                    HIP # 37               HOLEY JUMPIN JACK                                         HIP # 38
                  GRADE - RED ROAN GELDING 2007                                           AQHA 5073982 - BUCKSKIN GELDING JUNE 20, 2008
OWNER: SCOTT CLUGY                                                                OWNER: MEYER HORSE CO.
                                                                                                                                BUCKO JACK
                                                                                           JUMPIN JACK SOLANO
                                                                                                                                KATY SOLANO
                                                                                  DOC BAR JACK TIGE
                                                                                                                                TWO EYED HOWARD
                                                                                           HOWARDS KITTEN
                                                                                                                                TIGE'S STAR
                                                                                           FIXERS CRYSTAL BRICK                 THE BIG FIX
                                                                                  HOLEY CRYSTAL                                 LIL CRYSTAL ROSE
                                                                                                                                MR HOLEY SOX
                                                                                           MISS HOLEY KING
                                                                                                                                MISS KING FRECKLES
Gentle, red roan gelding. Rojo Drifter son out of a Blue Valentine/Driftwood
mare. Started with 120 rides. Nice calf or heel prospect.                         Jack is a very pretty buckskin gelding. He has a very deep color with silver
                                                                                  layover in his mane and 4 white socks with black spots on them. He was started
                                                                                  to ride by a 14 year old girl when we got him and she did a very nice job. He is
                                                                                  gentle and no buck. Has been ridden to check mares and fence, he will go
                                                                                  wherever you ask. Lopes good circles and wants to stop. He will make a top
                                                                                  notch performance horse. 100% sound, no vices.

A GOOD DUCK                                                HIP # 39               DCC NATURAL HOTSHOT                                       HIP # 40
        AQHA 4978011 - CHESTNUT GELDING FEB. 20, 2007                                         AQHA 5345124 - SORREL MARE JUNE 4, 2010
OWNER: MIKE WILSON                                                                OWNER: DASCO CATTLE CO.
                                              MISS N CASH                                                                       COLONEL FRECKLES
         MISS N OKIE                                                                       VAGABOND COLONEL
                                              OKIE K CUTIE                                                                      MISS EMBER BAR
BLUE DUCK OKIE                                                                    CD COLONEL HOTSHOT
                                              SMART LITTLE LENA                                                                 COLONEL HOTRODDER
         SMART FANCY LENA                                                                  STARS HOTRODDER MISS
                                              DOCS FANCY PEPPY                                                                  DOCS STARFLIGHT
         TIM O LENA                           MR GOLD O'LENA                               NATURAL ENTERPRISE                   SURPRISE ENTERPRISE
LENAS SUGAR CRYSTAL                           BLUE'S BAND                         WHOLE OATS                                    NATURAL
                                              SUGAR BARS                                                                        SAN TIP
         SUGAR DUN BABY                                                                    OAT PATCH
                                              BABY DOLL BUENO                                                                   IVORY SUN

This is a real nice young horse. Duck will really ride around, is a big stopper   Very nice filly, excellent conformation. Halter broke, wormed and current on
and loaded with cow. Started right and is an outstanding working cow horse or     vaccinations. Mare was raised by the 6666 Ranch.
reining prospect. Gentle, sound and friendly. Blue Duck Okie NCHA
$142,994.95; AQHA World Championship Show $25,558.63; off-spring NCHA
$201,765.31, NRCHA money earners.

WORTH THE WAIT SONNY                                       HIP # 41               MISS GIN BETS HIGH                                        HIP # 42
        APHA 820548 - BLACK/SOLID GELDING FEB. 5, 2004                                        AQHA 5026571 - SORREL MARE MAY 22, 2007
OWNER: BODEE BALDWIN                                                              OWNER: S & M BARNS
                                              SON DEE BEST                                                                      SMART LITTLE LENA
         LUCKY SONNY DEE                                                                   BET ON ME 498
                                              CUTIE J. BAR                                                                      BET YER BLUE BOONS
SONNYS LUCKYCHANCE                                                                HIGH STAKES BET
                                              SPORTY PEDRO                                                                      FRECKLES PLAYBOY
         MISS SPORT CHANCE                                                                 FRECKLES PLAIN JANE
                                              TOLAN'S RUBY                                                                      LENA LORENE
         IMA OLE MAN                          LEO'S OLE MAN                                JUSTA SWINGING PEPPY                 PEPPY SAN BADGER
IMA LYNNS SUGAR BARS                          IMA PACIFIC BAILEY                  SWINGING MISS GIN                             SPECIAL MEDICINE
                                              SUGAR BARS BLAZE                                                                  TANQUERY GIN
         SUGAR BARS LYNN                                                                   MISS TANQUERY BAND
                                              SISTER BARS                                                                       BAND WAGON MISS

Solid heel horse. Any level roper can ride Sonny. He can run and drag it! Easy    Awesome! Big stop, straight sound, dam full sister to mare that has won over
to ride and scores the best. You can head on him also. Stands 14.3. hands,        $100,000 and produced earners of $300,000+.
1200 lbs. 100% sound and gentle.
RL PREFERRED WHISKEY                                      HIP # 43               MM DEES PEPPY SAN                                        HIP # 44
        AQHA 4658524 - SORREL GELDING MARCH 27, 2005                                        AQHA 3447182 - BLACK MARE MARCH 10, 1996
OWNER: B. W. FANCHER/LATHE MAY                                                   OWNER: RANDY HARRIS
                             MR SAN PEPPY                                                                                     LEO SAN
     PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                                     PEPPY SAN
                             SUGAR BADGER                                                                                     PEPPY BELLE
PADDYS IRISH WHISKEY                                                             PEPPYS SAN TWO
                             DOC BAR                                                                                          THE JUDGE
     DOC'S STARLIGHT                                                                      TOP SAILS
                             TASA TIVIO                                                                                       SIX SHOOTER GAL
     PREFERRED PAY           DASH FOR CASH                                                MAJOR PEPPY ROYAL                   PEPPYS SAN TWO
PREFERRED ACE                                FANCY THREE                         DEES MAJOR ROYAL                             MAJOR'S ROYAL
                                             SAN TIP                                                                          BILLY JOE LEO
         ACES TIP                                                                         DEE'S BILLY JOE
                                             BLUE ACE                                                                         MISS DEE RED

This is a real pretty horse with outstanding conformation. He has been used in   Nice mare with real cowhorse bloodlines. Should have foal by sale time by
the feedyards and outside on wheat pasture and on the ranch. He is gentle for    Teninos Peppy Cowboy. Sire, Peppys San Two, NCHA money earner with
anyone. Sound. He is ready to haul on the head side.                             offspring money earners in NCHA and NRCHA.

DOYS CHIEF DELIGHT                                        HIP # 45               WRANGALANE                                               HIP # 46
            AQHA X0637928 - DUN GELDING MAY 1, 2004                                         AQHA X0635758 - BLACK MARE APRIL 13, 2004
OWNER: EDD HUBBARD                                                               OWNER: JAMES LEE ODLE
                                             WAR CONCHO                                                                       NOHOLME II TB
         FROSTYS WAR CHIEF                                                                THE SIGNATURE
                                             FROSTENA                                                                         MABLE CHICK TOO
LENAS BLUE EYE CHIEF                                                             FIRST WRANGLER
                                             JUSTA LENA                                                                       FIRST DOWN DASH
         SUGAR LENA BLUE                                                                  FIRST FEMME
                                             MISS HELLDORADA                                                                  FISHERS FAVORITE
         MR GOLDSTRIKE                       MR IKEWOOD                                   THE ADVANCE MAN                     AZURE TE TB
FRONT PAGE REFUND                            REDWOOD GOLDIE                      ADVALANE                                     HOWDY SIS
                                             NEKE JR. TB                                                                      OUTWARD BOUND TB
         NEKES FRONT PAGE                                                                 LANEVIEW WIND
                                             FRONT PAGE PICTURE                                                               WIND SONG JET

Gentle, well broke gelding. Excellent everyday ranch horse. Heads and heels      Wrangalane raced as a 3 year old with 5 wins and has a SI 74. Her sire, First
and has been hauled to jackpots. Stout from the horn with a big stop. 100%       Wrangler SI 105, 4 wins, $95,805; 1999 Superior Race Horse, etc, his offspring
sound.                                                                           money earners $2,944,795.00. Dam, Advalane, produced 4 ROM foals (Paint
                                                                                 My Lane SI 107, Lanes Wrangler SI 90, Bar Winning Jet SI 93, Azul Chick SI
                                                                                 88). She is a good looking black mare.

YER PLAYGIRL                                              HIP # 47               PLAYIN ON HICKORY                                        HIP # 48
          AQHA 5343522 - RED ROAN MARE JUNE 1, 2010                                     AQHA 4301257 - SORREL GELDING MARCH 24, 2002
OWNER: DALLAS TALKINGTON, KIP DEFOOR, AGT                                        OWNER: DONALD H. BOGLE
                             PEPTOBOONSMAL                                                                                    DOC BAR
      BOONLIGHT DANCER                                                                    DOC'S HICKORY
                             LITTLE DANCER LENA                                                                               MISS CHICKASHA
IMA BOONLIGHT DANCER                                                             MOVIN ON HICKORY
                             DOC'S JACK SPRAT                                                                                 DOC QUIXOTE
      JAE BAR HEATHER                                                                     DOCS MOVE
                             MISS LEO LE                                                                                      BOLD MOVE
      PLAYBOYSALITTLESMART FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                               FRECKLES PLAYBOY                    JEWEL'S LEO BARS
MH MAKEMINEADOUBLE                           SMART LITTLE NANCY                  PLAYBOYS PIZZAZZ                             GAY JAY
                                             DUAL PEP                                                                         GAY BAR KING
         SMART LITTLE DUALLY                                                              GAY BAR PIZZAZZ
                                             SMART LITTLE FLIT                                                                HANK'S JETTERBUG

Look close at this pedigree, her sire is half brother to Third Cutting NCHA      Very solid sound cutting horse. For Open to Amateur rider. Has NCHA
$506,644. Her dam is here at the sale, and she is double bred Smart Little       earnings of $55,572.88.
Lena, Dual Pep and Freckles Playboy. She is flashy and she has the pedigree
behind her to be a great one.
HATCHET 603                                                HIP # 49                 PANCHO TOLO                                                  HIP # 50
        AQHA X0651898 - BAY ROAN MARE MARCH 10, 2006                                       AQHA 4828608 - BUCKSKIN GELDING MARCH 20, 2004
OWNER: MARIA BOND                                                                   OWNER: BUNK FARLEY
                                              DOC'S HICKORY                                                                        DRY DOC
         KING CUTTER DOC                                                                     DRY SMOKY LEO
                                              CUTTER'S MAY DAY                                                                     PRICES CHRISTY LEO
CUTTIN DRIFTWOOD                                                                    JONES PANCHO DOC BAR
                                              WAR CONCHO                                                                           POCOS SONITA
         CONCHOS LADY 033                                                                    RAFTER L POCOS LADY
                                              JUANA WATCH JOE                                                                      LADY PANCHOETTE
         STERLING PEPPY DOC                   DOC T BAR                                      TOLO PINE FEATHERS                    PINE FEATHERS
HATCHET 202                                   BOX TOP PEPPY                         TOLO PINE MISS                                 LEO TOLO KINGS JR
                                              CLASSY TY                                                                            IMA VEGAS DANDEE
         CLASSY LADY 103                                                                     MISS SMOKY GIRL
                                              CONCHOS LADY 005                                                                     MISS SMOKY BLUE

Cutters, reiners take a look! Had 90 days riding as a three year old. Moves like    This classy gelding really cow we have used him branding on the wheat pasture
a cat on a hot tin roof. Has roan filly at side by our Missn Lena roan stud. Bred   and at the ranch rodeos.
back to our Jackie Bee stud.

LYNNIES SPOONFUL                                           HIP # 51                 HANSOME SKIPASTAR                                            HIP # 52
          AQHA 5046031 - RED ROAN MARE JUNE 20, 2007                                           AQHA 4460109 - GRULLO GELDING MAY 7, 2003
OWNER: TOM BROWN                                                                    OWNER: WES HOUSLER
                                              PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                                     SONNY DEE BAR
         PEPTOBOONSMAL                                                                       SONNYS COURTNEY
                                              ROYAL BLUE BOON                                                                      BIG M FLICKA WIN
HES A PEPTOSPOONFUL                                                                 SONNYS SKIP STAR
                                              SMART LITTLE LENA                                                                    SAMMY TAILWIND
         MISS SMARTY REY                                                                     SKIPA STAR TAILWIND
                                              REY JAY JANIE                                                                        APRIL SKIPA STAR
         DOC O'LENA                           DOC BAR                                        HANSOME ROANIE BOY                    GILL BARS
LOVELY LYNNIE O LENA                          POCO LENA                             HANSOME RUBY                                   LEE'S ROANIE
                                              COLONEL FRECKLES                                                                     CODY BERT
         LOVELY FRECKLES                                                                     BERTS JEWELS
                                              LOVELY LADY BAR                                                                      JEWEL'S DONA

Sire, Hes A Peptospoonful, NCHA $72,850.89, his offspring; NCHA                     This is a real pretty mouse colored, true grullo gelding. He is just the right size
$2,847,945.64; NRCHA $133,767.39; AQHA World Champ Show $11,533.91;                 to do anything you would want. He has been used on the ranch in all aspects.
All-Time Points Earned All Divisions Combined 328. Dam, Lovely Lynnie O             He has had calves drug on him and cattle doctored on him outside. He is a real
Lena, NCHA $2,630.89, her offspring; NCHA $171,607.34                               smooth traveling, quiet gelding that is gentle and stays that way. He has lots of
                                                                                    ability and a great mind. 100% sound.

DOCS NU DANCER                                             HIP # 53                 WANNA COWBOY BABY                                            HIP # 54
           AQHA 4639444 - DUN GELDING APRIL 11, 2005                                         AQHA 4138101 - CHESTNUT MARE APRIL 19, 2001
OWNER: KLAY WATERS & TEAL BENNETT                                                   OWNER: SHERRIS NELSON
                            DOC'S JUNIPER                                                                                          DOC'S HOTRODDER
     DOCS JUNIPER DUST                                                                       HOTRODDERS JET SET
                            MISS MAGIC MELODY                                                                                      MISS CLIQUE
HANNAS SPUNKY                                                                       HOTRODDIN COWBOY
                            DOCTOR DANCER                                                                                          ZAN PARR BAR
     DANCERS HANNAH                                                                          SUE C ZAN
                            FREEWAY FOXY BABY                                                                                      SUE C JACK
     NU LENA                CAPTAIN LENA                                                     FIDDLE ON JACK                        TWO EYED JACK
LENAS BUENA LADY                              NU LIBERTY                            TWO DUN JACKIE                                 LITTLE MUSIC
                                              KODA'S SUN CHARGE                                                                    JACKIE BEE
         RUFFIAN SUN CHARGE                                                                  MISS RARE EDITION
                                              TONTAS MISTY LADY                                                                    JESTER JUSTINE

A real nice gelding that has been used on ranches and wheat pasture. He's           Awesome! Awesome! ROM in halter. Broke to ride. 15.1 hands 1300 lbs.
doing well in the arena. Gentle, sound and pretty.                                  Check her bloodline out. No Impressive breeding. Has tracked cattle and been
                                                                                    ridden on trails.
STP POCO JOKER                                            HIP # 55               TINYS PURE GOLD                                            HIP # 56
        AQHA 4506204 - GRULLO GELDING APRIL 21, 2003                                    AQHA 4823433 - PALOMINO GELDING APRIL 19, 2005
OWNER: BEN LOLLEY                                                                OWNER: DIAMOND L HORSES
                                             POCO BUENO TOM                                                                    SMART LITTLE LENA
         POCO TOMS COPY                                                                   STEADY TRADITION
                                             MISS POCO 007                                                                     DOC'S STEADY DATE
JF MISMOBUENO AMIGO                                                              DA STEADY POCO
                                             SPARTA TIVEO                                                                      WILD WASP
         MISS POCO 076                                                                    MISS POCO HOLIDAY
                                             PEPPYS GOLDIGGER                                                                  MISS POCO BID
         SENATOR POCO LEVON                  POCO PROP                                    STATS SERIOUS MONEY                  STATS JIMMY
IMA POCO SUGAR                               SAN BLAIR                           TINY STATS                                    ROGUISH BOBBIE SOX
                                             GOFAR EDD                                                                         TINY TORNADO TOO
         CODY'S ANGIE                                                                     TINYS TOP N GO
                                             TRIGGER'S KITTEN                                                                  KITAFLAME

Here's a real nice horse. A good heel horse. Very broke. Easy to get along       Nice, six year old palomino gelding that is fancy made. 14.2 hands tall and as
with. Lots of looks. Sound.                                                      wide. Used at the yards and outside. Gentle, real broke and an eye catcher
                                                                                 with bald face and white mane and tail.

BOWMANS REYCER                                            HIP # 57               SMOKIN FASHION                                             HIP # 58
         AQHA 4902256 - SORREL GELDING FEB. 24, 2006                                          AQHA 3309168 - BAY MARE MARCH 30, 1994
OWNER: STUART C. BOZEMAN                                                         OWNER: G. M. "DOGIE" JONES
                                             PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                                  JEWEL'S LEO BARS
         DUAL PEP                                                                         COLONEL FRECKLES
                                             MISS DUAL DOC                                                                     CHRISTY JAY
DUAL REY                                                                         SMOKIN COLONEL
                                             WYOMING DOC                                                                       MR GUN SMOKE
         NURSE REY                                                                        MOLLY SMOKE
                                             JAY MOSS                                                                          LILO'S COWGIRL
         LENAS JEWEL BARS                    DOC O'LENA                                   SKIP'N BARB                          SKIP'S SIR BARB
BOWMANS FANCY                                FRECKLES ROYAL                      SKIP N FASHION                                BARB A ETTA
                                             DRY DOC 16                                                                        TUFF BOB
         DRY FANCY                                                                        IMA GOLD DAISY
                                             PAUL'S FANCY                                                                      DAISY'S QUEEN

Winner of NCHA $1,647.24. Gentle and quiet. Used to gather cattle and            Broke, then put her in our broodmare band. She had a black stud colt on April
show. Nice gelding. Sire, Dual Rey NCHA $105,038.29; his offspring NCHA          17, 2011 by "A Night Train" who is by an AQHA Hall of Fame Stallion "Great
$17,270,513.73, AQHA World Championship Show $131,813.15, NRHA                   Pine". She has been a good producer for us for several years.
$24,566.61, NRCHA $224,956.38, NHAA $3,836.60. Dam, Bowman's Fancy
NCHA $257,202.75; her offspring NCHA $504,674.82, NRCHA $692.60.

CISCO                                                     HIP # 59               PATTIS SITTER                                              HIP # 60
                  GRADE - BUCKSKIN GELDING 2003                                              AQHA 3514122 - BROWN MARE FEB. 17, 1995
OWNER: JESSE VALDEZ                                                              OWNER: RICHARD HUGHES
                                                                                                                               LOOM TB
                                                                                          CHRISTOPHER R. TB
                                                                                                                               RITA MARIE TB
                                                                                 SITTING ON GO
                                                                                                                               JET DECK
                                                                                          SUZIE JET
                                                                                                                               SNO GO
                                                                                          DASHES EAGLE                         DASH FOR CASH
                                                                                 EAGLES PATTI                                  GO GO EAGLE
                                                                                                                               HEISANATIVE TB
                                                                                          MISS GO NATIVE
                                                                                                                               PATTI GO
Big, stout pretty horse. He is making a really nice head horse. Has been used
in the feedyard and outside on pasture cattle. Started in the arena. Sound and   Has had five colts for me, I've got two at home to run. Her race record; 4-15-4
gentle. See video.                                                               $35,365; she ran a 1st, 2nd and 3rd over 50% of the time. She had one colt to
                                                                                 run 3rd; SI 86 at Ruidoso. Open.
MDP ITZA BOBBY BLUE                                        HIP # 61               LETTERS HOPE                                               HIP # 62
       AQHA 4928736 - BLUE ROAN GELDING MAY 12, 2007                                            AQHA 4063432 - BAY MARE APRIL 16, 2001
OWNER: HEARTLAND CATTLE & QUARTER HORSES                                          OWNER: RICHARD MAULSBY
                           DUDES LEO BERT                                                                                       DOC BAR
     DAKOTA DUDE COULEE                                                                    DOC'S J JAY
                           KANSAS GINNY                                                                                         PAULA JUMPUP
PEPPYS BLUE DUDE                                                                  CAPITOL LETTERS
                           SLEEPYS MOON MAN                                                                                     AGAINU
     PEPPYS BLUE LASS                                                                      EIGHTEEN LETTERS
                           SONNYS BLUE GIRL                                                                                     MISS BERTY ABNER
     ITZA REBEL            REBEL GEORGE                                                    LYNX STAMPEDE                        DOCS LAZY LYNX
ITZA BOBBI BLUE                               IZIT SQUAW                          HOPI CHEST                                    ANGLIA
                                              MR JOHNNY QH                                                                      DOC'S JUNIPER
         ROZET BOBBI                                                                       SR MISS HOPE CHEST
                                              BOBBI JET                                                                         MISS CASH TICKET

Bobby is a western blue roan gelding. He has a lot of shape and is built right.   We now have a beautiful, bald face, grullo filly born 4/13/2011 by Primo Boon,
He has been started under saddle and should make a good riding/performance        and should be bred back to him by sale day for a 3 in 1 package! Primo Boon is
horse. 100% sound.                                                                throwing good color. This mare has lots of cow and conformation wise, she's
                                                                                  pretty easy to look at. Sire, Capitol Letters has offspring that are money
                                                                                  earners in NCHA/NRHA/NRCHA/RHAA, etc.

PLAIN BARON                                                HIP # 63               SM DOUBLE COWBOY                                           HIP # 64
         AQHA 4258166 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 2, 2002                                      AQHA 5148866 - SORREL GELDING MARCH 01, 2008
OWNER: WAYNE DENDY                                                                OWNER: JUSTIN & KACI MORRIS
                                              BARON BELL                                                                        EL VAIVEN
         MASTER BARON BELL                                                                 ALEXANDER'S HAND
                                              TWO EYED DOTTY                                                                    LA ALEJANDRA
BARONS JOE REED                                                                   ZANDERFORDS COWBOY
                                              ROBIN ROUGE                                                                       SOME KINDA FANCY
         RAPID ROUGE                                                                       MADONAS SURE FANCY
                                              CHIQUITA DAY                                                                      COWBOY MADONA
         MR PLAINS BAR                        JAYHAWKER BAR                                PAR THREE JACK                       PAR THREE
NO PLAIN ROSE                                 PLAINS LADY                         LA DOBLE                                      JACKS PROM QUEEN
                                              DAISY'S DEE BAR                                                                   TEE J JACK STEEL
         ES VERDAD                                                                         DOUBLE STEEL MISS
                                              SKELTON'S BAROOT                                                                  MISS DOUBLE PEPPY

A big pretty gelding that I have used all winter, has been headed on.             Nice, gentle 3 year old gelding. Ready to have a job to go on with.

NATIVE HOT STAR                                            HIP # 65               NARDOS BUCK                                                HIP # 66
       AQHA X0663689 - BAY ROAN GELDING JUNE 29, 2006                                      AQHA 4761346 - RED DUN GELDING MAY 26, 2005
OWNER: CLAY DANNELLEY                                                             OWNER: PAT CARTER
                                              CEE BAR BADGER 71                                                                 CERTIFIED THREAT
         CEE BOOGER RED                                                                    FEATURES BABY BOY
                                              CROSS 1 59 BELL 71                                                                MISS OTOE BILL
HOT HANCOCK DUDE                                                                  NARDO
                                              RED HOT HANCOCK                                                                   SHONUFF CASH
         RED HOT HALLIE                                                                    BABES CASH BAR
                                              QUEEN BARETTE                                                                     MISS ROWELING BARS
         NATIVE EMO TB                        BAR DANCER TB                                SKIPPER MATADOR                      SMOKEYS FLAME
NATIVE STAR DUST                              WIN SUM GUSSIE TB                   SKIPPERS SASSALASS                            MATADOR LADIE
                                              OSAGE PESKY                                                                       SHONUFF CASH
         PESKY'S STAR DUST                                                                 MAKES MY DAY
                                              DIXIE CHAMP                                                                       OTOES GREATEST GAL

Finished head and heel horse. He has been hauled to USTRC ropings and             Nardo is a really good looking dun gelding. We've been using him as a head
rodeo's. He has lots of speed and a hard stop. Seasoned and ready to go.          horse and to pony colts in the pasture. He's very gentle. Doesn't matter if you
                                                                                  ride him once a month or once a year. 100% sound and gentle. Video.
R S TIVITOS CHOICE                                          HIP # 67              TEQUES SLR PRIDE                                            HIP # 68
         AQHA 5035237 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 14, 2007                                          AQHA 4822457 - DUN GELDING MAY 5, 2006
OWNER: MAVERICK HORSE CO.                                                         OWNER: G & S
                                               DOC BAR                                                                           HOLLYWOOD DUN IT
         DOC'S HICKORY                                                                     DUNIT RAWHIDE
                                               MISS CHICKASHA                                                                    IMA SPANISH SKIP
SR INSTANT CHOICE                                                                 DUNNIT KYLE STYLE
                                               DOC'S LYNX                                                                        MR DIAMOND DUDE
         STYLISH LYNX                                                                      MISS DIAMOND DELLA
                                               STYLISH SQUAW                                                                     BRIGHT DELLA
         DOCS TIVITO                           DOC QUIXOTE                                 DOCS LETTERS                          DOC'S J JAY
TIVITOS BLAZE                                  JAMIE TIVIO                        TEQITA DOCS POLLY                              EIGHTEEN LETTERS
                                               BOON BAR                                                                          PUTTHEHAMMERDOWN
         BOONS BLAZIN FRECKLE                                                              MY CRÈME DE COCOA
                                               MS WAR FRECKLES                                                                   TEQUES LADY 370

Used all winter doctoring yearlings on the Spike Box. Gentle and broke. Sire,     Big, pretty, five year old gelding. Started really good. Very gentle and has a
SR Instant Choice NCHA $96,850.25; offspring NCHA $4,979,545.68, AQHA             bright future in the right hands. 15 hands, 1100 lbs. Line back dun.
World Championship Show $54,764.43, NRCHA $42,170.82, NRHA
$7,028.92. Dam, Tivitos Blaze NCHA $13,070.78.

JST HOLLYWOOD CHROME                                        HIP # 69              FRECKLES MOONSHINE                                          HIP # 70
         AQHA 4802358 - PALOMINO GELDING MAY 3, 2006                                        ApHC 633026 - BUCKSKIN GELDING JULY 7, 2004
OWNER: PINE & SAMANTHA McQUAY                                                     OWNER: BODEE BALDWIN
                           DOC BAR                                                                                               MOONSHINE BANDIT
     DOC HOLLYWOOD                                                                         WRS HOLY SMOKE
                           MISS HOLLY PALO                                                                                       WRS JB PLAUDIT
DOC HOLLYWOODS LAST                                                               WR'S THUNDER N SMOKE
                           JAY PEPSAN                                                                                            DOUBLE UP SKY
     SUGAR PEP GIRL                                                                        DOUBLE DUTCHESS
                           MISS GAY SUGAR                                                                                        PEOTE BIRD
     TEE J GOLD SOCKS      GOLD FINGERS                                                    BRASS DIAL                            DIAL BRIGHT CAPTION
TJ LACEY TWIST                                 JACKIE BOO                         BRASS DIALS FANCY                              BRIGHT N BRASSY
                                               TWO EYED TWISTER                                                                  MR WONDER BARS
         TWISTIES LIL GIRL                                                                 WONDER BAR MAID
                                               TWISTY LACE                                                                       APPLE DUMPLING

5 year old palomino gelding with 4 white socks. This horse has a lot of ride to   We call him SUE. I purchased him three years ago. He is a solid head horse
him. He is being used to doctor a set of 300 yearlings. Got a good mind and       and a good ranch horse. Big spots and made like a quarter horse. 100%
disposition. He is ready to go on with in about any direction. Sound.             sound. One of a kind.

HERSHEYS HOT LYNX                                           HIP # 71              NOBLELEOBOONLILPRIDE                                        HIP # 72
          AQHA 5246187 - GRAY GELDING MARCH 8, 2009                                         AQHA 4121507 - SORREL GELDING JULY 3, 2001
OWNER: GIDEON & BEKA PETERSON                                                     OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT
                            SUN FROST                                                                         BIG STEP
     PC RED ROCK PEPPY                                                                 NOBLE LUCKY BIG STEP
                            PC ROCKETTE PEPPY                                                                 NOBLE'S JUNE BABE
FROSTY DOCS LYNX                                                                  NOBLES STEP DOC BOON
                            COYOTE COLONEL                                                                    BOON BAR
     RED COYOTE LYNX                                                                   NOBLE BARBEST STEP
                            JANNAH LYNX                                                                       NOBLE DOLLY MCCUE
     A BLUE HANCOCK         RED HOT HANCOCK                                            NOBLES ALEJOS STEP     BIG STEP
HOT BLUE OAK                                   BLUE DELINE                        NOBLES LEO GOLD STEP                           NOBLE'S JUNE BABE
                                               PRAIRIE OAK                                                                       SAND RIPPER
         LAST OAK KAY                                                                      CARLA'S SWEET MARY
                                               SHESA DUSTY DOC                                                                   MONTE CARLA

Nice two year old gelding with thirty days of riding. Going real good. Been       This solid gelding has been heeled and breakawayed on. Hauled to jackpots.
ridden outside on the ranch. Gentle and easy going. Will make just about          Has had a lot of riding on the ranch penning cattle and gathering. Works hard
anything ranch, rope or barrel horse. Easy to catch and can trim his feet. 100%   and wants to please. Double bred, Big Step and Boon Bar.
LARNEDS BLUE MAGNUM                                        HIP # 73         JAZZ A BOOM                                                 HIP # 74
            AQHA 4563641 - GRAY GELDING APRIL 7, 2004                                  AQHA 4844212 - BAY GELDING MARCH 23, 2006
OWNER: RILEY SMITH                                                          OWNER: BOB & JULIENNE LOWE
                                                 BOGIE BLACK                                                               PEPPY SAN BADGER
          WILD HORSE BREEZY                                                          PEPTOBOONSMAL
                                                 INEZ'S BREEZY                                                             ROYAL BLUE BOON
SCOTTIES BLUE                                                               BOONSMAL CEE LENA
                                                 SAFE DECK                                                                 DOC O'LENA
          MEGARGEL JILL                                                              HOLLY CEE LENA
                                                 LONDON JILL                                                               PEP'S HOLLY
          SPIKE OF DOC                           HOTROD RACER                        DUAL JAZZ                             DUAL PEP
LARNEDS SPIKED CHILI                             SPIKE PEPPY LADY           SHEEZ JAZZY                                    JAZABELL QUIXOTE
                                                 KING CREEK GLO                                                            DOC HOLLIDAY
          KING GRAY DEE                                                              DOCS RICARDA
                                                 GRAY DEE LINDA                                                            LA RICARDA

Big, stout horse that has been used in the feedyard and outside. Started    A nice broke, gentle gelding. 14.2 hands. We use him to cut cattle, rope and
heading in the arena. Gentle and sound.                                     he's had lots of outside riding. Handles really well. Sound. Sire, Boonsmal
                                                                            Cee Lena NCHA $136,742.65; off-spring NCHA $96,532.73 and NRCHA
                                                                            money earners.

SORRELY                                                    HIP # 75         PEPPY SKIP EM                                               HIP # 76
                 GRADE - SORREL GELDING JUNE 1996                                    AQHA 4323428 - RED ROAN GELDING MAY 8, 2002
OWNER: CODY & JENNIFER ANDERTON                                             OWNER: BEN LOLLEY
                                                                                                                           PEPPY SAN REBO
                                                                                     PEPPYS SKIP BAR
                                                                                                                           SKIPPER BAR ME NO
                                                                            PEPPYS SKIP CHARM
                                                                                                                           BLUE DOUBLE CHARM
                                                                                     DOCS DOUBLE CHARM
                                                                                                                           DOCS LINDY STAR
                                                                                     REDD REDFORD                          ROBERT REDFORD
                                                                            REDFORDS SHAWL                                 NEDDIE HONEY LEO
                                                                                                                           REGER'S SKIP
                                                                                     BOBBIE BABY BABE
                                                                                                                           SHAWNEE KAHOK
Old ranch horse; great for kids, playdays, trails, etc.
                                                                            Big, handsome horse. Really nice to heel on. Has been hauled a lot and lots
                                                                            won on him. He is also easy to head on. Lots of outside use. Sound and very

CHINOS MONTE GOLD                                          HIP # 77         EMMITT                                                      HIP # 78
           AQHA 4823760 - GRAY GELDING APRIL 11, 2006                                              GRADE - BAY GELDING 2001
OWNER: M & M CATTLE                                                         OWNER: CASEY REINERT
                                                 JACKIE BEE
          TEE JAY BADGER
                                                 BADGER GAL 50
                                                 GOLD FINGERS
                                                 MISS RONDA BAR
          IMA SON O SUGAR                        SON O SUGAR
CROSS BELL 904                                   GAY JAY
                                                 PREFERRED PAY
          CEE BARS PAY
                                                 MS CEE BARS CHICK
                                                                            I have had this horse for a year. I have used him for everything. I have picked
Pretty gray horse that has been used extensively. Gentle and good minded.   up on him and used him to drag bulls at the bull ridings. Hauled him to the
Had lots of cattle roped and doctored on him and drug many calves.          jackpots and used him to gather wild cattle. He is tough, gentle and sound.
COLONELS QUIXOTE DOC                                       HIP # 79                REBELHILL GOLDENBOY                                        HIP # 80
       AQHA 5299448 - SORREL STALLION MARCH 25, 2010                                          AQHA 5018659 - DUN GELDING APRIL 24, 2006
OWNER: BILL & GINGER SNEED                                                         OWNER: MEYER HORSE CO.
                                              CJ SUGAR                                                                           QUARTERS GET EM
         CJ CHARLES                                                                         BLUE TAW
                                              TIGER BADGER                                                                       DRIFTING FANCY ANN
CJ DOCS QUIXOTE                                                                    CC BLUES WHIZ DRIFT
                                              SHOW OFF SILVER                                                                    DRIFTWOOD HOWARD
         SILVER DANDY BABY                                                                  WHIZ GI GI WHIZ
                                              SHES DOCS DANDY DOLL                                                               DRIFTY AWAY GIGI
         COLONEL LEGION                       COLONEL FRECKLES                              CLAYTONS COUGAR                      ROMEO BLUE
COLONELS LAST DANCE                           MISS LEGION                          REBEL HILLS GOLDDUST                          FALCONITA ROJO
                                              HEZA TULIE STOP                                                                    LARY HECK HANCOCK
         SHEZA HAPPY DOLL                                                                   GUYS NOBLE LADY
                                              HAPPY GAY BAR DOLL                                                                 BOBS NOBLE LADY

This flashy colt has lots of chrome. We like his size, bone and good               Rebel is a nice sized gelding that will stand 14.2 hands and is stout. He has
disposition. He comes with a solid pedigree of quality proven horses. 100%         been used at the sale barn to pen back cattle for the last year. We have ridden
sound. Check him out! A great prospect!                                            him in the pastures and sorted on him. He has a nice way of traveling and is
                                                                                   very handy. We have started him on the hot heels and have roped several out
                                                                                   of the box on the heel end. Very gentle and civilized. 100% sound, no vices.

PANCHO FANCY DOC                                           HIP # 81                BADGERS STYLE                                              HIP # 82
        AQHA 4498395 - SORREL GELDING MARCH 15, 2002                                        AQHA 4310159 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 20, 2002
OWNER: BUNK FARLEY                                                                 OWNER: MICHAEL & SHERRI BERRY, COLE BERRY, AGT
                                              DRY DOC                                                          PEPPY SAN BADGER
         DRY SMOKY LEO                                                                  PEPPYS SOLANO GLO
                                              PRICES CHRISTY LEO                                               GLO SOLANO
JONES PANCHO DOC BAR                                                               DOCTOR PEPPY MONTOYA
                                              POCOS SONITA                                                     DOCTOR MONTOYA
         RAFTER L POCOS LADY                                                            STORMY MARIE
                                              LADY PANCHOETTE                                                  CAPS MISTY MARIE
         TOLO PINE FEATHERS                   PINE FEATHERS                             GOLD LENA              DOC O'LENA
FEATHERS FANCY GIRL                           LEO TOLO KINGS JR                    LENAS HONEY BEE                               HOLLY SMOKE
                                              IMA VEGAS DANDEE                                                                   DAN'S BOY SKIPPY
         MISS SMOKY GIRL                                                                    SAMANA'S HONEY BEE
                                              MISS SMOKY BLUE                                                                    HONEY CLOVER

Sleepy is an extremely gentle, well rounded gelding with great disposition and a   This gelding is in the prime of his life. Very broke. Great ranch horse. Fun to
lot of cow.                                                                        rope on. Has been shown AQHA in Reining and Working CowHorse. Cole
                                                                                   Berry has ridden this horse all through his training.

PREPPYS PRINCESS                                           HIP # 83                SKEETER                                                    HIP # 84
            AQHA 3608228 - GRAY MARE MARCH 29, 1997                                                  GRADE - BAY ROAN GELDING 2007
OWNER: WESLEY GRAU                                                                 OWNER: SCOTT CLUGY
                                              REB'S POLICY
         REBS BID
                                              REED BID
         HES GOTTA DO                         HEALDO INEIGHTYTWO
QUEENIES FEATURE                              MY LITTLE DIPPER
                                              QUEEN'S GRAY CLOUD
                                              MANCHO MANDY
                                                                                   Gentle bay roan gelding. Rojo Drifter son out of a Blue Valentine/Driftwood
                                                                                   mare. Started with 120 rides, ready to go to work.
FLYING STORM CAT                                           HIP # 85              RED MESA TOMCAT                                          HIP # 86
        AQHA 5325321 - BROWN STALLION MARCH 28, 2010                                    AQHA 5285172 - BLUE ROAN GELDING JULY 30, 2009
OWNER: JAMES LEE ODLE                                                            OWNER: CRAIG COX
                                              STORM CAT                                                                       CLARKE HANCOCK
         DEVON LANE                                                                       JP HANCOCK
                                              TO THE HUNT                                                                     HIGHLANDS LADY
DEVONS SIGNATURE                                                                 JP HENRY HANCOCK
                                              THE SIGNATURE                                                                   BLUE BOY HANCOCK
         SHIRLEYS SIGNATURE                                                               MS BLUE DIAL HANCOCK
                                              SHIRLEY B GAYLE                                                                 LADY BLUE DIAL
         PIE IN THE SKY                       EASY JET                                    PLENTY HAPPY                        HAPPY GLEN
FLY ON THE PIE                                MISS JELLY ROLL                    RED NANCY HANCOCK                            BERRYS BELLE
                                              ROCKETY BAR                                                                     BAR TALENT
         FLYING ROCKETTE                                                                  ROSEVILLE HANCOCK
                                              FLY STRAW                                                                       RANKIN HANCOCK FLY

This good colt is halter broke and handled some. His sire, Devons Signature      Really nice ranch cowhorse prospect. Good headed, good minded, real gentle.
has a SI 100; ROM, placed All Amercian Futurity, Los Alamitos Winter Derby,      Ready to start, should be a breeze to break. One who might do it all. Two full
Rainbow Derby, All American Gold Cup. His dam, Fly On The Pie has 4 ROM          brothers are studs. 2 x Driftwood, 2 x Blue Valentine, 2 x Roan Hancock.
foals (Hesa Fly On The Pie; Pies Flying Effort; Jets Special Effort, Backed By   Sound.

DCC DULCES GOLD                                            HIP # 87              DOC BOOGIE SKIP                                          HIP # 88
           AQHA 5345125 - RED DUN MARE APRIL 2, 2010                                     AQHA 3917274 - PALOMINO GELDING JULY 2, 1999
OWNER: DASCO CATTLE CO.                                                          OWNER: GRAY GALLACHER
                                              PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                                SILVER SKIP
         DULCES PEPPY                                                                     BOOGIE SKIP
                                              SANDIA DULCE                                                                    BOOGALU
JRS DULCES SPARK                                                                 GOLDBAR PISTOL
                                              SHINING SPARK                                                                   SKIP'S SIR BARB
         JRS GRAYSONS CHARM                                                               SIRETTA BARB
                                              MISS SHI CHICKS                                                                 BARB A ETTA
         JAZ POCO GOLDUN BLUE                 LITTLE STEEL DUST                           DOC SILVERS KING                    PAJARITO DOC
TRR PLAYBOY GOLD                              SLICK ROCK NINA                    DOC SANDY KING                               LOLA FIVE
                                              FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                                                MR SWEETMILK
         PLAYBOYS SMURFETTE                                                               MISS SWEETMILK KING
                                              DRY OPAL                                                                        LULU FIVE

Nice red dun filly. Halter broke, wormed and current on vaccinations. Mare       Peanut is my ranch rodeo horse. You can head or heel on him, go hunting or
was raised by the Tongue River Ranch.                                            just great for a young team roper. See at demo.

PUBSBLAZINFILLY                                            HIP # 89              FRECKLE JAY DOG                                          HIP # 90
           AQHA 4998952 - GRAY MARE MARCH 15, 2007                                       AQHA 4888677 - RED DUN GELDING AUG. 23, 2006
OWNER: RICHARD HUGHES                                                            OWNER: DAVID OR EVA SCHOUBROEK
                                              MR. PROSPECTOR TB                                             COLONEL FRECKLES
         NAEVUS TB                                                                    SHOT O SPIRIT
                                              MUDVILLE TB                                                   SHOT O TEQUILA
JACKSBORO                                                                        FRECKLES YELLOW DOG
                                              DASH FOR CASH                                                 JAY SAW DECK
         WOODSBORO                                                                    JAY SAW SQUAW
                                              CHICK'S DIMPLE TOO                                            SARAH CHANT
         CHICKS A BLAZIN                      CHICKS BEDUINO                          SHOT O SPIRIT         COLONEL FRECKLES
PUBS BLAZIN LADY                              FOR THE LOVEOFHONEY                FRITZI JAY LYNX                              SHOT O TEQUILA
                                              ROYAL PUB                                                                       DOC'S LYNX
         PUBS WHIRLWIND                                                                   FRITZI LYNX
                                              WHIRLWIND SUSIE                                                                 SEN CHEX

Sire, Jacksboro AAA and multi-stakes producer. Dam, Pubs Blazin Lady,            Colonel Freckles bred. Used outside. Gentle ranch horse. Handles good,
produced a foal that ran SI 104. Her dam, Pubs Whirlwind AAA produced 7          stops, turnaround. 100% sound.
ROMs, 2 top AAA, 4 AAA, 3 stakes winners, 2 stakes placed. Granddam,
Whirlwind Susie had 3 ROM, 1 AA and 2 AAA.
POCO TENINOS                                             HIP # 91                POCO PEP SI BUCKSHOT                                        HIP # 92
            AQHA 5188578 - BLACK MARE APRIL 5, 2009                                     AQHA 5290921 - BUCKSKIN STALLION MARCH 5, 2010
OWNER: RANDY HARRIS                                                              OWNER: SUSAN BUCHHOLZ, BILL SNEED, AGT
                                            PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                 PEPPYS LEO DOC
         LITTLE PEPPY FAIR                                                             PEPPYS DOMINANCE
                                            TENINO FAIR                                                      SUGS SASSY CHICK
TENINOS PEPPY COWBOY                                                             POCO PEPPY REED
                                            SOUSA QUIXOTE                                                    BANDIDO LEO
         HADA DEL RANCHO                                                               MISS BANDILEO
                                            LA DE TEJAS                                                      TONETTE BAR
         PINES HOLLEY                       POCO PINE                                  GAY COWPOWER DUN IT   COWPOWER GAY KLEBER
FOUR LAKES LADY 002                         HOLLYWOOD MELODY                     COWPOWER PEP SI                               HONEY HERM
                                            JAE BAR KERRY                                                                      PEP BAR SILVER
         TONETTE DORSETT                                                                  PEP SI CUERO
                                            LINDA DE PICACHO                                                                   BENS CUERO

Very fancy black filly. Lots of chrome. Great conformation and cowhorse          This is a super nice buckskin colt. He is extremely gentle and has been
bloodlines.                                                                      handled a lot. Buckshot is by a proven stallion owned by Bill and Ginger Sneed
                                                                                 which has consistantly bred quality colts. If color and class is what you're look
                                                                                 for, come by and look at this colt. 100% sound.

MDP ILLUMINATORS LEO                                     HIP # 93                DUNNIT TEXAS TUFF                                           HIP # 94
         AQHA 4928729 - RED ROAN GELDING MAY 6, 2007                                        AQHA 4608474 - BAY GELDING MARCH 25, 2004
OWNER: HEARTLAND CATTLE & QUARTER HORSES                                         OWNER: SHAE FRANKLIN
                           CEE BOOGER RED                                                                                      HOLLYWOOD JAC 86
      HOT HANCOCK DUDE                                                                    HOLLYWOOD DUN IT
                           RED HOT HALLIE                                                                                      BLOSSOM BERRY
BLUE HANCOCK STAR                                                                DUNNIT IN HOLLYWOOD
                           OSAGE PESKY                                                                                         DOC O'LENA
      PESKY'S STAR DUST                                                                   POSITIVIO LENA
                           DIXIE CHAMP                                                                                         POSITIVIO SIS
      MR ILLUMINATOR       DICK BADGER                                                    SAIL WIN SAM                         TOPSAIL CODY
MS ILLUMINATOR MCCUE                        MSIS FROSTY CLEGG                    TOP SAILIN BLONDY                             ELISE CAY
                                            DON WREDE                                                                          TOPSAIL CODY
         MS SALTY BLUE MCCUE                                                              SPINNAKER CODY
                                            KATY BLUE HANCOCK                                                                  DUDE'S PINKY

Leo is a good looking red roan gelding. He is stout and built right. Leo has a
pedigree to be a performance horse. He is started under saddle should make a
nice horse. 100% sound.

LARNEDS TIVIO CHASER                                     HIP # 95                DIRTY LIL COWBOY                                            HIP # 96
        AQHA 4563640 - RED DUN GELDING APRIL 16, 2004                                      AQHA 5189160 - BROWN GELDING AUG. 31, 2008
OWNER: BILLY MORROW                                                              OWNER: S & M BARNS
                                            POCO BUENO                                                                         PEPPY SAN BADGER
         POCO TIVIO                                                                       LITTLE PEPPY FAIR
                                            SHEILWIN                                                                           TENINO FAIR
RIGHT ON TIVIO                                                                   TENINOS PEPPY COWBOY
                                            DOC BAR                                                                            SOUSA QUIXOTE
         DOC'S ALAMEDA                                                                    HADA DEL RANCHO
                                            CHANTELLA                                                                          LA DE TEJAS
         DOC BOOMER                         RED BAR WAR                                   JAE BAR KERRY                        DOC'S JACK SPRAT
LITTLE BOOMER DOC                           SEMINOLE STELLA                      TONETTE DORSETT                               MISS LEO LE
                                            GRAY DEE BAR                                                                       PICACHO JOE
         GRAY DEE LINDA                                                                   LINDA DE PICACHO
                                            MOTHER MACHREE                                                                     POCO DELINDA

Looks good. Ridden outside. Sixty days at feedyard. Been headed on.              Cowboy is an August baby. Near black with three white wheels and a blaze
                                                                                 face. Dam is a High Point Reining mare. Straight and sound. Nice gelding.
                                                                                 Should have several rides by sale time.
PCR WHITESOX SCANDAL                                       HIP # 97              ROPER                                                    HIP # 98
         AQHA 4762490 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 1, 2005                                        GRADE - RED ROAN GELDING SEPT. 15, 1994
OWNER: TIM RIDDLE                                                                OWNER: A. S. ABSHIRE
                                              MR SAN PEPPY
                                              SUGAR BADGER
                                              DOC'S OAK
         JANELLS OAK
                                              WILL DUSTBRITCHES
         ZAN GOLD JACK                        ZAN PARR BAR
SHES A GOLDEN SKIP                            MISS GOLDIE JACK
                                              SKIPITY LEO
                                                                                 15 hands, 1100 lbs. Finished head and heel horse. Broke, gentle and stays that
This is a cool little horse. We have used him on our ranch then hauled to the    way. Placed at USTRC ropings on him consistantly. No gimmicks and no buck.
team roping to heel on. He is cool to rope on.                                   Will rope both ends on him at the demo.

ROOSTERS FASHION                                           HIP # 99              MH MAKEMINEADOUBLE                                       HIP # 100
            AQHA 5075068 - BROWN MARE APRIL 4, 2008                                               AQHA 4406020 - SORREL MARE 2003
OWNER: G. M. "DOGIE" JONES                                                       OWNER: DALLAS TALKINGTON, KIP DEFOOR, AGT
                                              PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                JEWEL'S LEO BARS
         GALLO DEL CIELO                                                              FRECKLES PLAYBOY
                                              DOC'S STARLIGHT                                                 GAY JAY
ROOSTERS SHORTY                                                                  PLAYBOYSALITTLESMART
                                              SHORTY LENA                                                     SMART LITTLE LENA
         SHORTY LENA SIX                                                              SMART LITTLE NANCY
                                              MISS QUIXOTE SIX                                                MISS ROYALE DRY
         A DANDY RAWHIDE                      DUNIT RAWHIDE                           DUAL PEP                PEPPY SAN BADGER
A DANDY FASHION                               DANDY POCO LEISA                   SMART LITTLE DUALLY                          MISS DUAL DOC
                                              SMOKING COLONEL                                                                 SMART LITTLE LENA
         SMOKIN FASHION                                                                   SMART LITTLE FLIT
                                              SKIP N FASHION                                                                  FLITS WICHITA

Good foundation. Tracks cattle and will watch a cow. We have practiced           Look at this pedigree! Excellent broodmare with perfect conformation. Her
heeling with her on a donkey and is doing good and not afraid of the rope. She   mother Smart Little Dually has NCHA $53,000+. She is in foal to Smart Lena
has been ridden on the ranch through some rough country, river bottoms and in    Boon an own son of Smart Little Lena x Bet Yer Boons with offspring earnings
our arena. Handles her feet well.                                                over $111,000.

TRINITY FANCY SLY                                          HIP # 101             DCC GOLD FLOOSY                                          HIP # 102
           AQHA 4583789 - BAY GELDING MARCH 20, 2004                                       AQHA 5349181 - BUCKSKIN MARE FEB. 13, 2010
OWNER: MARIO RODRIGUEZ                                                           OWNER: DASCO CATTLE CO.
                                              DOC BAR                                                                         SON O SUGAR
         DOC O'LENA                                                                       CJ SUGAR
                                              POCO LENA                                                                       CHRISTY JAY
SYLVESTER STALLENA                                                               CJ GOLDRUSH
                                              MR SUGAR BOY                                                                    SMOOTH HERMAN
         GAY'S SUGAR DOLL                                                                 SMOOTH DOT
                                              GAY JAY                                                                         NU CREAMPURR
         DOCS MIXTURE                         DOC'S JACK SPRAT                            RAY RAY LEO                         WAR LEO
LADY APRIL FANCY                              PREAKNESS                          BIG FLOOSY                                   TEE JAY SUE
                                              SUNNY STAR DUDE                                                                 DOCEN COLONEL
         DUDE JACKET LADY                                                                 FOUR LAKES LADY 010
                                              MISS JACKET 4B                                                                  MINOR FLOOSIE

A big, bay horse that been used in the feedyard and had cattle roped off of.     Big, buckskin filly. Halter broke, wormed and current on vaccinations. CJ
Gentle and sound.                                                                Goldrush has earned AQHA points in Halter, Working CowHorse, Reining,
                                                                                 Heading, Heeling, Ranch Versaility, 1 Grand and 2 Reserve Grands, 4 All
                                                                                 Around titles and has earned his Performance ROM. Mare was raised by the
                                                                                 Bogle Ranch.
HE AINT PLAYIN                                             HIP # 103                FINE HOWER YOU                                              HIP # 104
          AQHA 5011088 - SORREL GELDING JUNE 2, 2007                                        AQHA 4600845 - CHESTNUT GELDING APRIL 3, 2004
OWNER: BOGLE LTD                                                                    OWNER: BRIAN CLINE
                                              DOC'S OAK                                                                            DOC O'LENA
         DOCS STYLISH OAK                                                                    SMART LITTLE LENA
                                              DOCS STYLISH                                                                         SMART PEPPY
PLAYIN STYLISH                                                                      SMARTS ARE BETTER
                                              FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                                                     CAL BAR
         PLAYBOYS MOM                                                                        QUEENS ARE BETTER
                                              LENAETTE                                                                             TACKATOO
         SMART LITTLE LENA                    DOC O'LENA                                     PEPPYS APRIL COOL                     WHEELING PEPPY
AINT SHE SMART                                SMART PEPPY                           PEPPYS DIAMOND RING                            MISS COOL TANQUERY
                                              DOC WILSON                                                                           MR DIAMOND DUDE
         GAY BAR WILSON                                                                      DEE LADY DIAMOND
                                              CATHYS GAY BAR                                                                       GOLD DANDY BAR

In training with Jim Mapes-this is an outstanding young horse. At his first show,   Nice seven year old that can head or heel. He has been used on the ranch the
he placed 3rd in the Open Cutting. Will make someone an excellent Amateur           last few years for all aspects of ranch work. Gentle, has no buck and will really
or High School horse. Dam, Aint She Smart has NCHA earnings of $11,642              watch a cow. See at demo.
and a full brother to him has over $64,000 NCHA earinings. Sire, Playin Stylish,
NCHA $111,330; his offspring NCHA $2,365,135, NRCHA $395,807, AQHA
World Champ Show $32,299, NRHA $10,509, RHAA $2,052, etc. Sound &

MUSIC BAYOU JACK                                           HIP # 105                SKY HIGH COLONEL                                            HIP # 106
          AQHA 4719770 - BLACK GELDING APRIL 22, 2005                                          AQHA 4601969 - SORREL MARE JUNE 11, 2004
OWNER: JIM McCLELLAND                                                               OWNER: WAYNE SMALL
                                              SUN FROST                                                                            JEWEL'S LEO BARS
         PC SUNDER FROST                                                                     FRECKLES ASSET
                                              PC STELLAR FROST                                                                     CHICK O LENA
DRIFTIN JACK FROST                                                                  FRECKLES WISE ASSET
                                              DOCS OAKS SUGAR                                                                      COLONEL FRECKLES
         DRIFTIN SUGAR OAK                                                                   MISTY FRECKLES
                                              SAN DRIFT                                                                            MISTY WISE
         OK BAYOU DOC                         CRAGOS DOCTOR NICK                             FRECKLES GUSTOLENA                    SKY HIGH LEO
MUSIC BAYOU DOC                               DARLINS LIL MUFFIN                    FRECKLES DOO DAD                               MISTY FRECKLES
                                              FIXERS CRYSTAL BRICK                                                                 YUTU PEPPY
         MUSIC AND CRYSTAL                                                                   PO PO PEPPY
                                              MUSICS MELODY                                                                        POCO OCHATA

Zydeco is a big, stout, Driftwood & Sun Frost bred gelding. He's a finished heel    This is a real nice young mare that has been started on a mechanical cow and
horse and has been hauled to quite a few jackpots. Huge stopper. Beautiful.         following slow calves in the arena. Gentle for anyone who knows how to ride.
Excellent feet and bone. Gentle for anyone. Should fit a #4 heeler and up. See      Bred the best you can get.
him work at the demo.

POCO CHICKS COWBOY                                         HIP # 107                ROPER                                                       HIP # 108
        AQHA 5329083 - RED DUN STALLION APRIL 23, 2010                                                GRADE - PAINT GELDING MAY 2006
OWNER: J. W. NOBLE                                                                  OWNER: CODY & JENNIFER ANDERTON
                                              POCO BUENO
                                              LADY ILLINI 25
                                              POCO FACT
                                              KATY DILLON
         POCO BUENO 2                         POCO BUENO
POCO TWOS CHICK                               MISS HOTROCK 67
                                              POCO DIEGO 007
                                              SHY YOUNG CHICK
                                                                                    Big and stout. Nice rope horse. Lost papers. Has lots of speed.
Foundation bred top and bottom. Very good temperament. Lots of color. Will
lead, load, tie, etc. Very athletic and gentle. Well muscled and correct. This
colt will make about any type of horse you want without much effort. Look him
FANCYS GOLD DUST                                          HIP # 109                KIDS PALOMA QUIXOTE                                          HIP # 110
        AQHA 4273187 - PALOMINO GELDING MAY 21, 2002                                       AQHA 4446341 - BUCKSKIN GELDING JUNE 30, 2003
OWNER: JIM REEVES, RALPH TATON, AGT                                                OWNER: JOHN STALLARD
                             ROAN BAR                                                                                              PEPPY SAN BADGER
      FANCY ROAN BAR                                                                        ZERO BADGER BOY
                             FANCY BAKER 2                                                                                         ZERO BADGER GIRL
FANCY RED BAR BOY                                                                  LITTLE BADGER KID
                             TWO EYED BEAVER                                                                                       SKIPUN DOUBLE
      TWO BEAVER DEE                                                                        SKIPUN KID
                             BILLIE DE                                                                                             THERES MY KID
      DIRTY COTTON           DOCTOR COAX                                                    DOC'S HICKORY                          DOC BAR
MATEVINA                                     GOLD DUST CHICK                       HICKORY N QUIXOTE                               MISS CHICKASHA
                                             MILLER'S IKE                                                                          DOC QUIXOTE
         GOLD DUST CHICK                                                                    PALOMA QUIXOTE
                                             FLY BADGER                                                                            MONEY FROM HOME

Real nice, good looking, golden palomino with long mane and tail. Used on the      Been used a bunch. Cattle sorted. Drug cattle in branding pen. Doctored
ranch, solid ranch horse. Really broke. The right size. Will be at demo roping.    wheat cattle. Started right in the arena tying calves down on-I mean right!
                                                                                   Been to the high country (mountains) three times. Sound. No buck.

BUDDYS OKIE                                               HIP # 111                QUIOTE MATE                                                  HIP # 112
    APHA 807741 - SORREL/TOBIANO GELDING APRIL 3, 2004                                       AQHA 4974744 - SORREL GELDING FEB. 27, 2007
OWNER: MARTY EAKIN                                                                 OWNER: FRED BRAY RANCH
                                             COLONEL LEE                                                                           DOC O'LENA
         WIMPYS PRIDE                                                                       SMART LITTLE LENA
                                             DOC'S WIMPY                                                                           SMART PEPPY
BUDDY SKYTOP                                                                       SMART MATE
                                             SKY TOP BAR                                                                           FRECKLES PLAYBOY
         SKY TOPS VALENTINE                                                                 FRECKLES PLAYMATE
                                             RED WING BABE                                                                         NIP NAP
         SWIFT JUAN                          SWIFTS SPOTTED BAR                             DOC QUIXOTE                            DOC BAR
MISS OKIE J                                  MISS LUCINDA                          LADY OKIE QUIXOTE                               MAGNOLIA GAL
                                             MR DUN WUN                                                                            OKIE LEO
         MISS OKIE DUN WUN                                                                  LEOS ADVOCATE
                                             OKIE BAR MISS                                                                         TROUBLE'S ADVOCATE

Flashy paint gelding with a nice handle. Cactus has been used outside all winter   Gus is a nice looking sorrel gelding that is bred the best. He is trained in cutting
doctoring wheat pasture cattle. He is gentle and quiet outside and in the arena.   and has a world of athletic ability. Watch him at the demo.
Started heeling and has a great stop and has been hauled to some local

HONEY                                                     HIP # 113                NOBLEBOONBUGLILDIPER                                         HIP # 114
                    GRADE - PALOMINO MARE 2001                                               AQHA 4123235 - SORREL GELDING MAY 16, 2001
OWNER: KIP DEFOOR                                                                  OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT
                                                                                                               BIG STEP
                                                                                        NOBLE LUCKY BIG STEP
                                                                                                               NOBLE'S JUNE BABE
                                                                                   NOBLES STEP DOC BOON
                                                                                                               BOON BAR
                                                                                        NOBLE BARBEST STEP
                                                                                                               NOBLE DOLLY MCCUE
                                                                                        BAR NONE BUG           MR BAR NONE
                                                                                   NOBLES BAR BUG STEP                             LADYBUG'S QUEEN
                                                                                                                                   NINTY SEVEN STEP
                                                                                            NOBLES HUSLUN STEP
                                                                                                                                   NOBLE'S JUNE BABE
Quarter Pony. Honey will be the prettiest pony at the sale. Golden palomino
with long mane and tail. Big hip and kind eye. She looks like dads horse in a      Flashy gelding is a standout. Has been hauled to jackpots roping both ends.
little body.                                                                       Started on barrels. Easy to ride and has a lot of ranch work done on him. This is
                                                                                   a solid rope horse and he is pretty. Boon Bar and Mr Bar None on the papers.
OKIES IRISH WHISKEY                                       HIP # 115               MOMMA                                                    HIP # 116
           AQHA 4768016 - SORREL MARE JUNE 09, 2005                                                     GRADE - SORREL MARE 1992
OWNER: PINE & SAMANTHA McQUAY                                                     OWNER: COLT CARTER
                           PEPPY SAN BADGER
                           DOC'S STARLIGHT
                           DOC QUIXOTE
                           CRYSTAL DOC BAR
OKIE LETS GO                                   MS PLAYBOY DOLL
                                               DOC O DYNAMITE
                                               CRYSTAL CHARM
                                                                                  Momma is a real nice 19 year old barrel horse. She has been hauled to a lot of
Frankie is a 6 year old mare that is super broke. She spent 2 years in the        Amateur and College Rodeo's. She is very automatic. She will be great for a
cutting pen. She has been used lately as a turn back horse. Been ridden           youth that wants to win.
outside a lot, drug calves to the fire, roped and doctored yearlings. We have
been roping steers and calves in the arena. She has been to a few playdays this
summer. She is great around other horses and runs with the geldings. She is
always the one I catch when I need to get a job done. Sound.

MR COKES FRECKLES                                         HIP # 117               BEAUTYS LITTLE JACK                                      HIP # 118
         AQHA 4817992 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 19, 2006                                 APHA 846601 - PALOMINO/SOLID GELDING APRIL 9, 2005
OWNER: CLAY DANNELLEY                                                             OWNER: TED RISBERG
                                               JEWEL'S LEO BARS                                                                 KENOS JACKPOT
         FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                                                  MR KIM KENO
                                               GAY JAY                                                                          BRIGHT KIMBARLY
PLAYBOYS PHOENIX                                                                  WCS KENOS JIMMY JACK
                                               DOC TARI                                                                         CROSS BAR JACK
         TRIXIE TARI                                                                       EL OBLIVION
                                               MISS ROYAL LAST                                                                  TEE J SPARKLE SUE
         COKE OLENA                            DOC O'LENA                                  DOC CHARGE SKIPPER                   DOC CHARSKIP
COKES MS FRECKLES                              HOLLY BINGO                        MRS BEAUTY                                    TWIST OF CHARGE
                                               COLONEL FRECKLES                                                                 TUFFERNPRINCE
         MS FRECKALENA                                                                     HVR PRINCESS POKEY
                                               MS MAGDALENA                                                                     POKEYS SELECT

All around ranch horse. You can head, heel, and tie down-doctor anywhere on       Good looking, good minded young horse. Has gathered lots of cattle, started
him. He has a lot of cow-sense. He has been hauled to jackpots. He is a good      roping in the last few months on both ends. Will make a winner.
calf or steer horse prospect. He is ready to go. He will be at the demo. See

MICHAELAS LIGHTNING                                       HIP # 119               TEJAS PEPPY                                              HIP # 120
            AQHA 5069048 - BAY GELDING APRIL 27, 2008                                        AQHA 5189067 - SORREL MARE APRIL 10, 2009
OWNER: JUSTIN & KACI MORRIS                                                       OWNER: RANDY HARRIS
                                               ZAN PARR BAR                                                                     PEPPY SAN BADGER
         ZANS LAST LIGHT                                                                   LITTLE PEPPY FAIR
                                               SKIP LIGHT TROUBLE                                                               TENINO FIAR
ZANS LAST REQUEST                                                                 TENINOS PEPPY COWBOY
                                               BOSTON MAC                                                                       SOUSA QUIXOTE
         EXCLUSIVE SUSIE                                                                   HADA DEL RANCHO
                                               TWO EYED JODIE SUE                                                               LA DE TEJAS
         GO MOON DIAL                          MR MOON DIAL                                JAE BAR KERRY                        DOC'S JACK SPRAT
MISTY MERRY MORNIN                             AM 2 GO                            MISS BO DITTO                                 MISS LEO LE
                                               NOBLE FEELING                                                                    ST BAR
         FEELING MERRY HEMP                                                                MISS SAINT BAR
                                               LOTTIE STAR                                                                      HOLLAND'S TWIST

Nice 3 year old gelding. He is ready to have a job.                               Nice filly. Ready to start. Great cowhorse bloodlines.
PEPTOS MOLLY                                               HIP # 121             SMOKIN LENA 214                                             HIP # 122
             AQHA 5169899 - GRAY MARE AUG. 21, 2008                                          AQHA 5300715 - GRAY MARE MARCH 30, 2010
OWNER: WESLEY GRAU                                                               OWNER: BILL & GINGER SNEED
                                              PEPTOBOONSMAL                                                                     MISS N CASH
         LITTLE PEPTOROANI                                                                MISS N CATCH
                                              OLD SWEET MARTHA                                                                  CEE ANNIE
PEPTOS IRISH SPIN                                                                COWBOYS MISSN 214
                                              PADDYS IRISH WHISKEY                                                              IMA SON O SUGAR
         IRISH CREAM SPIN                                                                 MERRY GO MAVIS
                                              CHEX MY SPIN                                                                      MAVIS RACK
         GENERAL SANTANDER                    UNO PEPPY BUENO SNIP                        SMOKEY DUSTER CINCO                   SMOKEY DUSTER TOO
WG MOLLY LEO                                  CHE CHE SANDY LEO                  LITTLE LENA SMOKEY                             BAR FIVE FROST JOB
                                              TURNIN SILVER                                                                     COLONEL LEGION
         MOLLYS TURNIN SILVER                                                             TIMS LITTLE ALICE
                                              GAMBLIN MOLLY                                                                     TIMS BOSTON BEAUTY

                                                                                 Lena is a nice, correct filly that has a beautiful gray color. Her outstanding
                                                                                 pedigree should show what potential she has. We are proud to raise this kind
                                                                                 of quality filly. 100% sound.

LEO SADDLE MY DREAMS                                       HIP # 123             CHIEF                                                       HIP # 124
             AQHA 5198903 - SORREL MARE MAY 6, 2009                                                    GRADE - PAINT GELDING 1994
OWNER: HOWARD TOMPKINS                                                           OWNER: RAYMOND RIVALE`
                                              MR SAN PEPPY
         RIO ROCK DOC
                                              DRYS MISTY SMOKE
                                              DOC J JAYS SILVER
                                              SKIPPA QUESTION
         DOC J JAYS SILVER                    DOC'S J JAY
DOC SADDLE MY DREAMS                          HY SILVER HOPE
                                              BRER TERAPIN
         NIKKI LEO
                                              MITZY JOE
                                                                                 Large Welsh type pony that we've used on the ranch. Nice traveling horse that
This colt is gentle, halter broke can lead and handle very well. She's had her   is gentle and sound. Chief was my daughters horse when she was five years
feet handled and trimmed.                                                        old and she rode him in some really rough rocky country. Sold him to mIddle
                                                                                 aged lady that used him on ranch for several years. Bought him back and my
                                                                                 grandkids have been riding him. Drug calves, sorted cattle, a nice horse and
                                                                                 nice size.

DANDYS SAN CAT DOC                                         HIP # 125             JET N SPECIAL                                               HIP # 126
          AQHA 5246789 - SORREL MARE MARCH 17, 2009                                       APHA 652025 - BAY/TOBIANO MARE MAY 11, 2001
OWNER: IVEY QUARTER HORSES                                                       OWNER: ROSS DAVIS
                                              HIGH BROW HICKORY                                                                 EASY JET
         HIGH BROW CAT                                                                    EASY JET TOO
                                              SMART LITTLE KITTY                                                                INDIAN MUSIC
LITTLE FRECKLES CAT                                                              JET LEGACY
                                              FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                                                  BEDUINO tb
         FRECKLES FROM HEAVEN                                                             PAINTED COPY
                                              PEPPYS FROM HEAVEN                                                                COPY CAPRI
         PEPPYS DOC                           PEPPY SAN                                   SPECIAL LEADER                        SPECIAL EFFORT
JRL YOGIS SNOWFLAKE                           DOC'S SNOW FLAKE                   MY SPECIAL QUEEN                               MISS EYE OPENER
                                              THE MAJOR LEAGUER                                                                 JODY OH
         YOGIS MAJOREY                                                                    LION OH NESS
                                              LIGHTNING MOONREY                                                                 LION QUEEN

Sire is a NCHA money earning son of High Brow Cat and out of a daughter of       Easy Jet and Special Effort plus many more race horse's on her papers. She
Freckles Playboy. Bred to go any direction.                                      was raced and later introduced to the barrel pattern. She has 3 foals, one is in
                                                                                 this sale. Breed her for a race horse or barrel horse. Beduino and Dash in her
PC GALLEON OAKS                                               HIP # 127                HANCOCK BAILEY                                               HIP # 128
             AQHA 5032270 - BAY GELDING MAY 11, 2007                                                      GRADE - CHESTNUT GELDING 2000
OWNER: DAVID & SHANNON WITCHER                                                         OWNER: HARLEY FRY, DON GATES, AGT
                            DOC BAR
      DOC'S OAK
                            SUSIE'S BAY
                            MR SUGAR BOY
                            CUTIE BINGO
      SUN FROST             DOC'S JACK FROST
PC GALA FROST                                   PRISSY CLINE
                                                COUNTRY REBEL
                                                LOUD MEOW
                                                                                       Bailey is 11 years old with good confirmation and a sound heel horse. He has
Well broke gelding that is light and supple in the mouth. Has a sliding stop,          won money heeling and is calm in the box and leaves smooth. He has also
spins on a dime and has roping experience. Come see this beautiful, big-               been ridden by children and roped on by women. Has been tied on to and is a
boned, bay gelding. You will not be disappointed! He can do it all from ranch          good solid stopper. Easy to catch, trim or shoe. He is patient, very gentle, rides
work to arena. You can head, heel, rope calves and is well started on barrels.         light and will stand tied with no bad habits. We just have too many horses and
100% sound. Quick and catty on his feet. He has been started right and has a           have to sell him. Will make someone a great heel horse. 100% sound.
great foundation to be a superstar!

HR GAY BAR GUN                                                HIP # 129                WYO ROPIN ROAN                                               HIP # 130
            AQHA 4835822 - BAY GELDING APRIL 25, 2006                                           AQHA 4197657 - BAY ROAN GELDING MAY 18, 2001
OWNER: BODEE BALDWIN                                                                   OWNER: JESSE VALDEZ & RODEY WILSON
                                                FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                                   LOWRY HANCOCK JR
         PLAYGUN                                                                            LOWRY STAR
                                                MISS SILVER PISTOL                                                 PRETTY MANDY
GUNS OF MARIETTA                                                                       WY GRAND PRIZE
                                                CLASSIC JOE                                                        BUENO CHEX TOO
         CLASSIC JOESY                                                                      CHICK CHEX
                                                LANCET PAWNEE                                                      FLY CREEK'S KING
         SOMEKINDA MAGIC                        GAY BAR KING                                BOLSA ROJO             EL REY ROJO
MAGIC PRIMA                                     POCO MISS SOLIS                        MS HARLETTA ROJO                               LA BOLSERIA
                                                FRECKLES SMOKE                                                                        HIRED STORMY DEE
         FRECKLES PRIMA                                                                         HIRED HARLETTA
                                                SPICY PRIMA                                                                           HARLETTA HANCOCK

Super nice gelding. We have started heading on him and he is a good ranch              Big, stout horse with color. We have had this horse for two years. He has been
horse. You can do absolutely anything there is to do horse back. Sound and             used outside and hauled to jackpots. Really nice head horse. Sound and
gentle.                                                                                gentle. See video.

DOOLINDOC                                                     HIP # 131                FLY ON THE PIE                                               HIP # 132
      AQHA 4864515 - CHESTNUT GELDING MARCH 26, 2006                                                AQHA 2771653 - BROWN MARE FEB. 9, 1988
OWNER: ROY V. DAVIS                                                                    OWNER: JAMES LEE ODLE
                                                HAPPY HANCOCK 13                                                                      JET DECK
         JOES LITTLE HANCOCK                                                                    EASY JET
                                                SANDHILL CATHY                                                                        LENA'S BAR TB
DOCS HANCOCK BADGER                                                                    PIE IN THE SKY
                                                DOCS FIRE                                                                             ROULADE TB
         DOCS FANCY ORDERS                                                                      MISS JELLY ROLL
                                                HOLLY BIDS ORDERS                                                                     THAT'S KAY
         RF DOOLIN LEO                          PRICES SMOKEY LEO                               ROCKET BAR TB                         THREE BARS TB
RF BLACKBERRY DOOLIN                            RUNNIN RUTHIE                          FLYING ROCKETTE                                GOLDEN ROCKET TB
                                                TEE J MIKE BEE                                                                        JACKSTRAW TB
         CEE JAY BLUEBERRY                                                                      FLY STRAW
                                                CROSS 5 33 BELL                                                                       FLYING BOBETTE

His dam is in this sale. His sire sold at Clovis and went to Belitz. When this colt,   Pie is a good natured, older mare. She has had a foal every year I have had
Doolin, was green broke he was more honest than any young horse I have                 her. She is open now. Her dam, Flying Rockette SI 91 and was the 1973 winner
seen. He will make a great rope horse. He has an exceptional mind and is a             of the Rainbow Futurity. Sire, Pie In The Sky, SI 101 ROM, was the 1979 All
quick learner.                                                                         American Futurity winner, he was AQHA Racing Champion as a 2 year old,
                                                                                       High Money earning horse.
THIS CATS FLOYD                                             HIP # 133               NOBLE STEPEN BOGGIE                                       HIP # 134
        AQHA 5195247 - CHESTNUT GELDING FEB. 26, 2008                                        AQHA 4578010 - PALOMINO GELDING MAY 2, 2004
OWNER: MATT RARDEN                                                                  OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT
                                               HIGH BROW HICKORY                                                TO BE
         HIGH BROW CAT                                                                    PANS LITTLE ROAN
                                               SMART LITTLE KITTY                                               BROWN PAN
WR THIS CATS SMART                                                                  PANS LYNX LEO
                                               SMART LITTLE LENA                                                MAG BAR LYNX
         THE SMART LOOK                                                                   GO LYNX LEO
                                               DOX ROYAL SMOKE                                                  CHAR GO GAL
         DOC O'LENA                            DOC BAR                                    NOBLE LUCKY BIG STEP  BIG STEP
SANNIE OLENA                                   POCO LENA                            NOBLES STEPN DOLLY                             NOBLE'S JUNE BABE
                                               PEPPY SAN                                                                           BIG STEP
         PEPPYS PUNKIN PAR                                                                   NOBLE CHARLOTISTEP
                                               DOCS THREE PARETTE                                                                  NOBLE DOLLY MCCUE

Nice young broke gelding with a pedigree to do it all! He slides, spins, stops. 6   This good minded gelding is a really smooth rider. Make the ranch ride easy.
months reining training and some calf work. Sire, earner NCHA $236,513.91           Had calves tracked on him and used on the ranch extensively. Hard stopping.
and producer of NCHA $1,104,910.95; and money earnings in NRHA/NRCHA.               Big Step and Leo bred.
Dam, earner NCHA $29,203.18 and producer of NCHA $111,589.36; and
money earners in NRCHA; she produced Doc Alley, $80,000. Do not miss this
opportunity to own this colt-a unique combination of looks, talent and pedigree!
Thank you and God Bless.

NOT A FANCY GIRL                                            HIP # 135               TENINO BELLE                                              HIP # 136
          AQHA 4809880 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 4, 2005                                            AQHA 5324969 - BLACK MARE MAY 26, 2010
OWNER: BUNK FARLEY                                                                  OWNER: RANDY HARRIS
                                               DRY DOC                                                                             PEPPY SAN BADGER
         DRY SMOKY LEO                                                                       LITTLE PEPPY FAIR
                                               PRICES CHIRSTY LEO                                                                  TENINO FIAR
JONES PANCHO DOC BAR                                                                TENINOS PEPPY COWBOY
                                               POCOS SONITA                                                                        SOUSA QUIXOTE
         RAFTER L POCOS LADY                                                                 HADA DEL RANCHO
                                               LADY PANCHOETTE                                                                     LA DE TEJAS
         TOLO PINE FEATHERS                    PINE FEATHERS                                 PEPPYS SAN TWO                        PEPPY SAN
FEATHERS FANCY GIRL                            LEO TOLO KINGS JR                    MM DEES PEPPY SAN                              TOP SAILS
                                               IMA VEGAS DNADEE                                                                    MAJOR PEPPY ROYAL
         MISS SMOKY GIRL                                                                     DEES MAJOR ROYAL
                                               MISS SMOKY BLUE                                                                     DEE'S BILLY JOE

This gelding has had a lot of cow work and is extremely gentle and well             Classy filly with great cowhorse bloodlines.

LILAS DEELIGHT                                              HIP # 137               A CLASSIC DOUBLE                                          HIP # 138
            AQHA 4362959 - SORREL MARE APRIL 1, 2003                                             AQHA 4451281 - BAY GELDING FEB. 17, 2002
OWNER: TAY B. McOSKER                                                               OWNER: DANNY EDMOND
                                               SKIPS PRINT                                                                         SONNY GO LUCKY
         SKIPS SPANISH PRINT                                                                 MR SONNY MONEY
                                               SPANISH TATE                                                                        IMA WADDY CASH
ZELDAS CANDY BARS                                                                   DOUBLE THE MONEY
                                               SUGAR TICKER                                                                        QUAKER STRAW
         TICKS TID BIT                                                                       MISS BECKY STRAW
                                               SECO LINDA                                                                          ADAM'S REBECCA
         MOORE BARS NONE                       THE ESCAPADE                                  KING W GOLDSEEKER                     GOLDSEEKER BARS
CHIC DEELIGHT                                  CHIC CHARITY                         MS SIERRA SILHOUETTE                           SKIPPER SILK
                                               LEOS STAR EXECUTIVE                                                                 SIERRA SCOOT
         EXECUTIVE CHIC                                                                      RIDGE SCOOT
                                               CHIC CHARITY                                                                        HONEY RIDGE

Finished Playday mare. Poles, barrels, flags, etc. 14.2 hands. Rides in S           Classic is a nine year old gelding. Good ranch horse, gentle and 100% sound
hackamore. Ridden by all ages.                                                      and can really travel.
DCC CJ GUN                                                HIP # 139              SCOOTER                                                      HIP # 140
            AQHA 5349180 - SORREL MARE MAY 16, 2010                                                 GRADE - BAY ROAN GELDING 2004
OWNER: DASCO CATTLE CO.                                                          OWNER: SCOTT CLUGY
                                             SON O SUGAR
         CJ SUGAR
                                             CHRISTY JAY
                                             SMOOTH HERMAN
         SMOOTH DOT
                                             NU CREAMPURR
         PLAYGUN                             FRECKLES PLAYBOY
DCC HIRED GUN                                MISS SILVER PISTOL
                                             DUAL PEP
         EASY DUAL IT
                                             SOLANO JILL
                                                                                 Gentle bay roan gelding. Rojo Drifter son out of a Blue Valentine/Driftwood
Nice filly with an excellent pedigree. Playgun, NCHA $185,733; Easy Dual It,     mare. Started with 120 rides, ready to go to work.
NCHA $18,000+. CJ Goldrush has earned AQHA Points in Halter, Working
CowHorse, Reining, Heading, Heeling, Ranch Versaility, 1 Grand and 2
Reserve Grands, 4 All Around titles and has earned his Performance ROM.

CALL ME GOOD CASH                                         HIP # 141              SCOOBY ETERNAL JACK                                          HIP # 142
        AQHA 3971728 - CHESTNUT GELDING JAN. 27, 2000                                     AQHA 4606848 - BUCKSKIN GELDING MAY 12, 2004
                            ROCKET WRANGLER                                                                                     COOLEST
      DASH FOR CASH                                                                       COOLEST REFLECTION
                            FIND A BUYER TB                                                                                     TE N KIM
MISS N CASH                                                                      MY ETERNAL TE
                            DOC BAR                                                                                             COED'S SUN
      DOC N MISSY                                                                         COEDS KARMEL
                            MISSY'S HANKIE                                                                                      COOKIE'S KARMEL
      HAIDAS LITTLE PEP     PEPPY SAN BADGER                                              HESA STAR JACK                        SNIPPY STAR JACK
CALL ME GOOD N EVIL                          DOC'S HAIDA                         MELODY JACKS LADY                              CUCA STAR
                                             DOC O' LENA                                                                        BLACKBURN STINKY
         SR GOOD SPEED                                                                    MELODY BLACKBURN
                                             DOC'S SERENDIPITY                                                                  MELODY FIREFLY

NCHA and AQHA money earner. 2008- 2010 AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse              Scooby will stand 15.2 hands and is stout. He has good bone foot. He is very
Honor Roll. 2010 7th in AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse Amateur World. Retired      pretty with his big full mane and tail. We have started him in heading and he is
from competition, ready to play!                                                 really showing talent. He will short lope all day and has a nice turn around. He is
                                                                                 an excellent ranch horse and we have ridden him on trails. He will go anywhere
                                                                                 you point him. He is gentle for any level of rider but can be asked for another
                                                                                 gear. Watch him in the preview. 100% sound, no vices.

MR BAR FIVE QUEEN                                         HIP # 143              MISS VA LUX                                                  HIP # 144
          AQHA 5131797 - GRAY GELDING MARCH 5, 2008                                          AQHA X0613506 - BLACK MARE JULY 21, 2002
OWNER: EDD HUBBARD                                                               OWNER: RICARDO LOPEZ
                                             SONOITA SLIM                                                                       DOC BAR
         SONOITA WHOPPER GLO                                                              DOC'S J JAY
                                             GLO PRINCESS CREEK                                                                 PAULA JUMPUP
BAR FIVE GLO WORM                                                                DOCTOR JAY LUX
                                             SONOITA BUDDY                                                                      AGAINU
         BAR FIVE WINNIE                                                                  MONA LUX
                                             BAR FIVE BILLIES BAB                                                               MISS LUXIE
         DOCTOR POCO JESS                    POCO DOC POVERTY                             MESQUITE DOCTOR                       DOC'S J JAY
POCOS QUEEN SALT                             JESSIE BO JACK                      WOCSON JOSIE MCCUE                             HY YELLOW
                                             DO BARS SALTY                                                                      JOE WAYNE
         QUEEN SALT                                                                       WOCSON JOSIE
                                             QUEENIE MAGIC                                                                      WOCSON PRIDE

Started on the ranch. Good size, bone, color and bloodlines. Quiet on has been   Working in the feedyard for one year. Turned out and back in for six months.
ridden and wants to please.                                                      Real nice beautiful mare. Anyone can ride.
POCO S ROPE N TY                                          HIP # 145               DAVE                                                        HIP # 146
        APHA 966853 - DUN/SOLID GELDING APRIL 11, 2009                                                GRADE - SORREL GELDING 2004
OWNER: MATT MAY                                                                   OWNER: CASEY REINERT
                                             DISCOUNTS IMAGE
                                             POCO CHULUPA
                                             SCOOT OAK BAR JAY
                                             CONTESSA PINE
         MACHO MODEL                         SUPREME MODEL
RIATA WIMPY MOUNT                            BONNIE SUPREME
                                             BOUNCE BACK BIG
                                             SHERRIE'S RIO
                                                                                  We have used him last fall and spring at the ranch and sale barn. Sound.
Roper is a real pretty dun gelding. He has had tons of ground work and is ready
to start. He is foundation bred and will make a great roping or ranch horse
prospect. 100% sound.

CODY DOCS LADY                                            HIP # 147               GAME LITTLE MAN                                             HIP # 148
           AQHA 2823420 - SORREL MARE APRIL 20, 1989                                      AQHA X0620939 - BROWN GELDING APRIL 12, 2003
OWNER: JOHN O. BERRY                                                              OWNER: RICHARD HUGHES
                                             DOC BAR                                                                             SPECIAL EFFORT
         DOC'S LYNX                                                                        SPECIAL TASK
                                             JAMEEN TIVIO                                                                        MISS PREVEL TB
CODY DOC                                                                          SOUL OF THE GAME
                                             RICKELS' CODY                                                                       ST BAR
         MAS AMI                                                                           MISS OLITA
                                             MISS ELEVEN                                                                         MISS OLENE
         SOBA TAYLOR                         POCO BUENO                                    TILT THE ODDS TB                      TILT UP TB
LADY SOBA                                    HEART 101                            TO B'S CORRINA TB                              GOOD LOOKING CHICK TB
                                             APRIL FOOL M                                                                        F DON B. TB
         FANDANGALEE                                                                       TO B. POSITIVE TB
                                             FANDANGO JUBILEE                                                                    THAT'S THE MAMA'S TB

This is a good mare. She raises good babies. Broke to ride.                       Sire, Soul Of The Game SI 108 and earned approximately $90,000.

HALFTIME TIGER                                            HIP # 149               MARKOS SUN                                                  HIP # 150
         AQHA 4672484 - SORREL GELDING JULY 29, 2005                                         AQHA 4628562 - BAY GELDING MARCH 24, 2004
OWNER: SANDY E. WINFREY                                                           OWNER: JUSTIN & KACI MORRIS
                                             DOC BAR                                                                             DOC O'LENA
         DOC'S MAHOGANY                                                                    MR SUN O LENA
                                             JANDON TB                                                                           SUNFLOWER SANA
DOCS TIGER ROYAL                                                                  GUTHRIE SUN
                                             WAGGONER ROYAL                                                                      PEPONITA
         TIGRESS ROYAL                                                                     LONG ROAD SIX
                                             DOCS TIGRESS                                                                        LONG ROAD BABY
         KINGS RELIEF                        KING HANKINS                                  STAR DYNASTY DUKE                     STAR DYNASTY
TOLIVER MARE KR 003                          POCO GOLDEN HORNET                   MARKOS STAR                                    DUKE SALLY
                                             HALFTIME STATS                                                                      SOME SIX
         HALFTIME STATS POLLY                                                              MISS MARKO SIX
                                             UNION BARS LADY                                                                     MISS MARK O BECK

                                                                                  Nice, stout 7 year old bay gelding. Just needs a job to go on with.
PAY DAYS CON MAN                                           HIP # 151                WHATA MISS MAJESTY                                           HIP # 152
              AQHA 466609 - BAY GELDING JUNE 2, 1996                                          AQHA 4427030 - SORREL MARE MARCH 22, 2003
OWNER: TERRY YOUNG                                                                  OWNER: KENNETH ALBUS
                                              MOON DECK                                                                             DOC O' LENA
         JET DECK                                                                            TANQUERY GIN
                                              MISS NIGHT BAR                                                                        GIN ECHOLS
JET'S PAY DAY                                                                       WHATAPICK
                                              CROTON OIL                                                                            SAN TIP
         CROTON'S PAY DAY                                                                    WHATATIP
                                              SHOWDOWN CANDY                                                                        WHATASIGHT
         TOP MOON                             MOON DECK                                      ATHENA BEE                             DOC ATHENA
HONEY ON THE MOON                             RICA BAR                              ATHENA BEE MAJESTY                              MISS DIVIDEN BEE
                                              FIRST CHOICE TB                                                                       MARGIN OF CASH
         MONEY LANDING TB                                                                    MAJESTY FIVE
                                              CUTE BROKER TB                                                                        TRUDY FIVE

Sells without papers-buyers responsibility.                                         Should foal by Cash Vern Five before sale date. Halter broke.

LIGHT IT UP PHOENIX                                        HIP # 153                SPIDER DUSTER                                                HIP # 154
        AQHA 3906676 - SORREL GELDING MARCH 27, 1998                                          AQHA 5278606 - BAY ROAN MARE APRIL 29, 2009
OWNER: CODY & JENNIFER ANDERTON                                                     OWNER: MARIA BOND
                            ROCKET WRANGLER                                                                                         HIGH ROLLING ROANY
      DASH FOR CASH                                                                          HIGH ROLLING CEDAR
                            FIND A BUYER                                                                                            CEDAR MCKEAG
BET THE CASH                                                                        BLUE CEDAR SMOKE
                            EASY EJT                                                                                                THE BLUE BULL
      TAKE YOU ON                                                                            KAYS BLUE KELLY
                            AZURE                                                                                                   TEXAS KAY TWO
      ROCK A TEAR           TINY'S GAY                                                       ALONG CAME A SPIDER                    BLACK WEASEL
FOUND A PEANUT                                HUNTIN ROCKET                         SPIDERS CASH                                    VAILS TWO FOX
                                              JONNY APOLLO                                                                          HEZA PREFERRED CASH
         RICH LORIANNE                                                                       MARKIES CASH
                                              RICH LEGACY                                                                           DANCER SAL

Big, solid and sound. Anyone can ride. Been to PRCA, High School/College            Big, straight, and gentle. Should be able to pull a freight train by the time she
rodeo's. Easy to handle, safe on the ground to be around kids. Consistant 1D        turns three. Barrel racers, ropers-take a look!!
check winner. Healthy, ready to run.

SAIL ON SMOKE                                              HIP # 155                HOT PUNKROCK HANCOCK                                         HIP # 156
          AQHA 4445624 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 2, 2003                                            AQHA 4574108 - BAY GELDING JUNE 7, 2004
OWNER: DOUGLAS HEGAR                                                                OWNER: G. W. JACKSON
                                              SAIL ON BUNNY                                                                         BAR DEE WRANGLER
         SAIL ON DEE                                                                         HANCOCK BOY 001
                                              TINA TURNER                                                                           MARION OKIE
SAIL ON YELLOW GOLD                                                                 PUNK ROCK HANCOCK
                                              DIALING MOON                                                                          STRIKERS POISE
         NEGRITA BUGS                                                                        LADY IMPRESSIVE JACK
                                              DANDY'S MIDNIGHT                                                                      GO MECA BEE
         DOCS SMOKY PINE                      MR DRY PEPPY                                   ONE BAR DAY                            TONTO BAR'S CORD
SMOKES LADY PINE                              POCO PRETTY PINE                      HOT BILLIE TEA                                  ONE MAY DAY
                                              SMOKE FIFTY                                                                           MR SAND DECK
         SMOKES ROAN                                                                         NOSTAR BILLIE
                                              RAIL A DOCSMOKE                                                                       BILLIE GOLD STAR

Bred to six mares in 2006, got six foals in 2007. Gelded Fall of 2006 and           Big, stout bay gelding. Gentle, sound and used in the feedyard. Roped outside
continued to used him on the ranch. Started on barrels, poles and team              cattle, pulls good at horn.
roping. Excellent rein and sorts cattle the best. All around used and very gentle
for anyone. Using him to pony race colts at Farmington, NM right now. He's
gentle and trustworthy. See him at demo roping.
POCO S BELLE STARR                                          HIP # 157               ACE O LENA LIT                                              HIP # 158
              AQHA 5269752 - DUN MARE APRIL 13, 2009                                       AQHA 4563712 - BUCKSKIN GELDING APRIL 11, 2004
OWNER: MATT MAY                                                                     OWNER: GABBY EDWARDS
                                               DISCOUNTS IMAGE                                                                    FRECKLES PLAYBOY
         CE POCO SILVER LT                                                                   PLAYBOYS SHADOW
                                               POCO CHULUPA                                                                       MISS DOC O LENA
POCO DUN IN SILVER                                                                  DOBALENA PLAYBOY
                                               SCOOT OAK BAR JAY                                                                  ZENOLENA
         CONTESSAS LAST                                                                      MISS ZENO BARB
                                               CONTESSA PINE                                                                      MISS ROACH 91
         BRADY HAWK HULL                       PARR DEVIL                                    PEPPY TAITO                          PEPPYS PAVO
GAMBLIN STARDUSTER                             HULLS BOOGIE CHICK                   RSI DUDE                                      LA TAITA
                                               STARDUSTER JR                                                                      SANCHO LIT
         CREAMY STAR                                                                         PROCTOR SAGE HEN
                                               CREAMY BLAZE                                                                       PROCTOR GRAYGO

This two year old filly is a must see. Double registered AQHA and APHA. She         This big buckskin is a dream to ride! I've been to rodeo's on him for the last
is foundation bred with a nice big hip and great looks too. Belle has had lots of   four years and on any given day, he will put you in the winners circle and it
ground work done and has been ponied through the canyons. She is ready to           doesn't matter what event-barrels, poles, breakaway roping-he's just flat good
train and could go any way. 100% sound.                                             and flat broke. I'm going off to college and I won't be able to take him with me.
                                                                                    My dad rides him in the feedyard in the off season, so he's well broke. Just ask
                                                                                    Steve, he knows him.

TENINOS PEP                                                 HIP # 159               GRAY                                                        HIP # 160
            AQHA 5196901 - BROWN MARE JUNE 10, 2009                                                   GRADE - GRAY FILLY JUNE 21, 2009
OWNER: RANDY HARRIS                                                                 OWNER: WESLEY GRAU
                                               PEPPY SAN BADGER
                                               TENINO FIAR
                                               SOUSA QUIXOTE
                                               LA DE TEJAS
         PEPPYS SAN TWO                        PEPPY SAN
MM DEES PEPPY SAN                              TOP SAILS
                                               MAJOR PEPPY ROYAL
                                               DEE'S BILLY JOE
                                                                                    Sire, Petos Irish Spin and goes back to Peptoboonsmal and Paddy Irish
Fancy two year old with good bloodlines. Ready to start.                            Whiskey. Dam is Preppys Princess in catalog.

SPECIAL DELIVERY JET                                        HIP # 161               BOGGY BOTTOM BUCKIE                                         HIP # 162
       APHA 948209 - BAY/TOBIANO GELDING MAY 12, 2008                                         AQHA 4758545 - BUCKSKIN MARE APRIL 8, 2005
OWNER: ROSS DAVIS                                                                   OWNER: G & S
                                               DASH FOR CASH                                                                      SMART LITTLE LENA
         TAKIN ON THE CASH                                                                   SMART LITTLE ABNER
                                               TAKE YOU ON                                                                        A LENAETTE
NO COMPROMISES                                                                      DMAC SMART LIL JAZZ
                                               SPECIAL EFFORT                                                                     YOUNG GUN
         MS SPECIAL DELIVERY                                                                 DOCS JAZZY SOCKS
                                               MISS QUICK DELIVERY                                                                WILSONS GAY JEWEL
         JET LEGACY                            EASY JET TOO                                  LUCKY BOTTOM TOM                     LUCKY BOTTOM RUFUS
JET N SPECIAL                                  PAINTED COPY                         LUCKY BOTTOM 122                              CINDEE ANN BAILEY
                                               SPECIAL LEADER                                                                     DOCTOR T JAY
         MY SPECIAL QUEEN                                                                    LITTLE DOC SUE
                                               LION OH NESS                                                                       WHIMPER SUE

A horse bred for speed. Dash For Cash, Special Effort, Easy Jet. Not too late to    This little mare stands 14.1 hands and weighs a bunch. Long mane and tail
race this colt. Must sell on account of health. Another barrel prospect that        with lots of shape. She rides quiet and low headed, gentle enough to make
should make a great one.                                                            anything you want. Very willing. Excellent disposition.
KSU NU PEPPY BADGER                                         HIP # 163              LEWIS BLUE MAN                                             HIP # 164
            AQHA 4379793 - BAY GELDING APRIL 22, 2003                                      AQHA 4560513 - BLUE ROAN STALLION MAY 4, 2004
OWNER: BOB & JULIENNE LOWE                                                         OWNER: PAT CARTER
                                               DOC BAR                                                                           LOWRY BOY 38
         NU BAR                                                                             HANCOCK DUPLICATE
                                               TERESA TIVIO                                                                      SEMINOLE LUCY
TAMU MU BAR REY                                                                    MR RED MAN HANCOCK
                                               REY JAY                                                                           MR ROAN HANCOCK
         TAMU REY ETTA                                                                      MS MISTY HANCOCK
                                               TAMU JOETTE                                                                       BLUEBIRD HANCOCK
         MR DOC BAR DIAMOND                    TENINO TUFFY                                 SPANISH VADEN                        SPANISH WAR
MS DIAMOND COWGIRL                             AMBERJACKS JOSIE                    BO DEEM                                       VADEN'S PRINCESS
                                               COWOBY QUINCY                                                                     RED WOLF JOE
         MISSFOURONTHEFLOOR                                                                 MISS RED WOLF DEE
                                               IDA HIGH                                                                          PEASE DEE

Extra nice gelding. 15 hands. Has had it all done on him. Lots of handle and       Blue has been used a lot outside. We've been using blue as a head horse.
cow. Gathering, sorting, loading trucks, transferring wheat pasture cattle from    This horse has a lot of bone and is really shapey. If someone is looking for a
place to another. Helped move cattle in fron of wildfires. Ready to start in the   tripping prospect, here he is! 100% sound. Video.
arena. Sound.

NOBLE BAR NONE SIX                                          HIP # 165              OREO N CHIP                                                HIP # 166
         AQHA 4765333 - PALOMINO GELDING MAY 2, 2005                                      APHA 815988 - BLACK/SOLID GELDING MAY 25, 2004
OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT                                             OWNER: GRAY GALLACHER
                            SONNY DEE BAR                                                                                        ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP
       SILVER DEE BAR                                                                       CHIP AHOY TOMMY
                            SILVER WHIRLAWAY                                                                                     MISS ROYAL SCOTCH
SIX CHICKS BAR                                                                     ZIPPO CHIP
                            FAST TIME LEO                                                                                        INVESTA GLOW
       LEO SIX CHICKS                                                                       INVESTA ZIPPO
                            6 CHICK'S CONNIE                                                                                     BONNIE BAR CUE
       NOBLE LUCKY BIG STEP BIG STEP                                                        CLAY BAY IMAGE                       SKIP'S IMAGE
NOBLESTEPLADYBUGMOON                           NOBLE'S JUNE BABE                   MISS WANNA WISH                               FERN HILLS LADY
                                               BAR NONE BUG                                                                      TRIPLE'S IMAGE
         NOBLES BAR BUG STEP                                                                WISH ME THREE
                                               NOBLES HUSLUN STEP                                                                STAR'S AMBER

This yellow gelding has worked on the ranch and tracked calves in the arena.       Real nice, ranch raised, gentle for branding pen, just started as a head horse
Sonny Dee Bar, Big Step and Leo breeding. Turning and stopping nice. Make          sixty days. See at demo.
him your next rope horse.

RAFTERS TIVIO                                               HIP # 167              MS NITAS KITTY                                             HIP # 168
         AQHA 4691969 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 16, 2005                                        AQHA 5090515 - SORREL MARE MARCH 26, 2008
OWNER: TEAL & COURTNEY BENNETT                                                     OWNER: TOM BROWN
                           SMART LITTLE LENA                                                                                     DOC TARI
      LENAS BUSY BEE                                                                        ZACK T WOOD
                           PRISSY BEA                                                                                            LINTONS LADY DOC
RA TUFF LITTLE LENA                                                                NITAS WOOD
                           MAGNOLIA FRECKLE                                                                                      DOC QUIXOTE
      WANTA FLASHDANCE                                                                      NITAS QUIXOTE
                           ZAIN BAY LADY                                                                                         CHICKASHA ANITA
      RAFTER L DRY DOC     PEPONITA                                                         FRECKLES MISS                        FRECKLES PLAYBOY
RAFTERS LENA                                   DRY LEE                             MERADAS KITTY                                 LENAETTE
                                               MAXI LENA                                                                         DOC BAR
         DESIREE CEE                                                                        DOC'S KITTY
                                               ECHOLWOOD TIVIO                                                                   KITTY BUCK

Nice, attractive gelding that has a great cowhorse pedigree. This gelding has      Sire, Nitas Wood NCHA $13,553.67; offspring NCHA $2,452,031.69. Dam,
been used in all phases of ranch work. He has had lots of cattle roped on him      Meradas Kitty NCHA $13,884.96; offspring NCHA $126,855.36.
outside. Well broke and 100% sound. See video.
DEBS SHINY MAN                                              HIP # 169                CJ MISSN SAN                                                  HIP # 170
           AQHA 4975672 - GRAY GELDING JUNE 26, 2007                                           AQHA 5308523 - GRAY STALLION APRIL 20, 2010
OWNER: MEYER HORSE CO.                                                               OWNER: BILL & GINGER SNEED
                                               SHINING SPARK                                                                         MISS N CASH
         SHINERS GLO AT NIGHT                                                                  MISS N CATCH
                                               LEO NIGHT GLO                                                                         CEE ANNIE
SPORTIN A SHINER                                                                     COWBOYS MISSN 214
                                               JACKS REVENUE                                                                         IMA SON O SUGAR
         EL REY JACKIE                                                                         MERRY GO MAVIS
                                               TRAPICHE                                                                              MAVIS RACK
         TEE J DOUBLE JACKIE                   JACKIE BEE                                      CJ CHARLES                            CJ SUGAR
JACKIES GRAY GAL 018                           JACKIE BOO                            CJ PEPPY SAN SUGAR                              TIGER BADGER
                                               CHUCKAWAY'S DAKOTA                                                                    TIM O LENA
         CHUCKAWAY DUN GAL                                                                     TIMS BOSTON BEAUTY
                                               MISS BARS DUNIT                                                                       BOSTON ALICE

Shiny is a pretty dapple gray gelding with a solid pedigree. He is easy to look at   This colt is definitely an eye catcher. His beautiful color and athletic potential
and is put together like one should be. He was broke by a 70 year old man that       are obvious. Stout and gentle, this colt has a wonderful future ahead of him.
raised him since he was a yearling. We have been using him on our place and          Check him out!! 100% sound.
he is a pleasure to ride. We have been roping the hot heels on him and started
him on cattle. He shows extreme potential as a performance horse. 100%
sound and no vices.

PRIMO BOON                                                  HIP # 171                MAGIC                                                         HIP # 172
       AQHA 4777060 - BLUE ROAN STALLION APRIL 3, 2006                                                       GRADE - BLACK MARE 2004
OWNER: RICHARD MAULSBY                                                               OWNER: RAYMOND RIVALE`
                                               DOC O'LENA
                                               SMART PEPPY
         BET YER BOONS
                                               BET YER BLUE BOONS
         CAPITOL LETTERS                       DOC'S J JAY
RUDE CAPITOL                                   EIGHTEEN LETTERS
                                               PRIDES CUTTER
         LADY RUDE
                                               KITTY RUDE
                                                                                     Small black pony. Broke and rides well. Also broke to the cart. Has been used
Nice colt with color, breeding and class. Nice horse-bred in the purple. Out of a    on the ranch extensively. Used in shetland pony race at La Junta Kids Rodeo.
Blue Hand. Hand breed or AI. Sound to breed. Sire, Smart Lena Boon                   Cute little mare.
offspring NCHA money earners $112,705.66.

LIL MS GET AROUND                                           HIP # 173                RIVIERA ROMEO                                                 HIP # 174
              AQHA 4965343 - BAY MARE APRIL 11, 2007                                             AQHA 3266110 - SORREL STALLION MAY 1994
                            DUNIT RAWHIDE                                                                                            ROCKET WRANGLER
      DUNNIT KYLE STYLE                                                                        DASH FOR CASH
                            MISS DIAMOND DELLA                                                                                       FIND A BUYER TB
JACS KICKN BACK                                                                      TAKIN ON THE CASH
                            CEASER REED                                                                                              EASY JET
      LADY SORREL REED                                                                         TAKE YOU ON
                            LADY MY SORREL                                                                                           AZUREE
      RATONS RACER          COLONEL MALBEC                                                     VENETIAN JESTER TB                    TOM FOOL TB
PEPPY RATAN                                    MISS WILSON BESS                      MISS VENETIAN BUG                               VENICE TB
                                               HURACAN PEPPY                                                                         LADY BUG'S MOON
         LITTLE SAN ANI                                                                        FLICK BUG
                                               CHARN ANI                                                                             FLICKA WAGON

Cow bred all the way! Ridden by Cole Berry for the last year and half. Great         Sound and sound to breed. Proven for conformation, speed and ability. Sire, SI
disposition and just the right size. Has the foundation to do anything a cow         109 (1988), Champion 2 & 3 year old colt. Stakes winner of 13 races, to 3,
horse needs to do.                                                                   $661,697, Bay Meadows Fut G1, etc; sire of 299 ROM $6,795,095, 30 stakes
                                                                                     winners including A Delightful Dasher SI 95 (6 wins, $1,504,154 All American
                                                                                     Fut G1, etc), etc. Dam, SI 94 TB, 2 wins to 4, $34,447; dam of 6 foals, 3 to
                                                                                     race, 2 ROM, etc. Offspring have won saddles in barrels and team roping.
                                                                                     Earners in USTRC, Rope The Rockies and Jackpots, etc.
TEQUES STYLIN                                              HIP # 175             CEE DOC TWO BARS PEP                                        HIP # 176
           AQHA 4384058 - DUN GELDING APRIL 16, 2003                                       AQHA 5349268 - DUN GELDING MARCH 16, 2010
OWNER: KLAY WATERS & TEAL BENNETT                                                OWNER: CLAY DANNELLEY
                            HOLLYWOOD DUN IT                                                                                   WILYWOOD
      DUNIT RAWHIDE                                                                       WILY NATIVE
                            IMA SPANISH SKIP                                                                                   JET DANCE NATIVE
DUNNIT KYLE STYLE                                                                LEEVAS NATIVE
                            MR DIAMOND DUDE                                                                                    HOT HANCOCK DUDE
      MISS DIAMOND DELLA                                                                  LEEVAS HANCOCK
                            BRIGHT DELLA                                                                       LEEVAS VELVET RED
      A NIGHT TRAIN         GREAT PINE                                                    COLONELCUTTERQUIXOTE HOTSHOT COLONEL

TEQUITA OLIVIA NIGHT                          POCOS BAR FLOWER                   MISS MADONNA CUTTER                           SR MISS PEPPY DOC
                                              DOC CROTON                                                                       FIDDLE ON JACK
         SHANES SASSY SIS                                                                 RAIN ON GAL
                                              TEQUES SHANE 1                                                                   HOPE IT RAINS

A good gelding that has been used a lot. Should make a nice roping horse.        A real nice flashy colt. Gentle and is going to have a lot of size. Sire and dam
Started in arena. 100% sound and safe.                                           are very smart, athletic, lots of speed and cow sense. Has a lot of stop.

GENUINE BRITE MISSY                                        HIP # 177             RF BLACKBERRY DOOLIN                                        HIP # 178
          AQHA 3678888 - SORREL MARE MARCH 27, 1998                                            AQHA 4267265 - GRAY MARE MAY 12, 2002
OWNER: G. M. "DOGIE" JONES                                                       OWNER: ROY V. DAVIS
                                              DASH FOR CASH                                                                    RONDO LEO
         MISS N CASH                                                                      PRICES SMOKEY LEO
                                              DOC N MISSY                                                                      KANSAS CINDY
GENUINE CREDIT                                                                   RF DOOLIN LEO
                                              DENUINE DOC                                                                      THE OLE MAN
         GENUINE SANA                                                                     RUNNIN RUTHIE
                                              SHANNA SAN                                                                       CONNIE DOOLIN
         BRITE BLEND                          CALL ME NUGGET                              TEE J MIKE BEE                       JACKIE BEE
MISSY BRITE                                   MISS SAILOR BLEND                  CEE JAY BLUEBERRY                             MIKE'S DOOLIN
                                              BAR O SCHOOL BOY                                                                 CEE BAR BADGER 71
         SCHOOL MISSY                                                                     CROSS 5 33 BELL
                                              WATROUS MISSY                                                                    CROSS 1 34 BELL

Broke her early and was riding good but, we needed her in our breeding           Fame all over these papers. Some of these bloodlines come from the infamous
program. She has been an excellent producer. In foal to "A Night Train" who is   Mullendore Ranch. This beautiful gray mare has been broke for several years
by an AQHA Hall of Fame Stallion "Great Pine".                                   and roped, was not roped on a lot. She needs to continue roping or ranch job.

MONTE QUESTION ROCK                                        HIP # 179             UNNAMED                                                     HIP # 180
            AQHA 5191764 - SORREL MARE MAY 21, 2009                                       AQHA PENDING - BUCKSKIN STALLION MAY 2010
OWNER: HOWARD TOMPKINS                                                           OWNER: VICTORIA WYLIE
                                              MR SAN PEPPY                                                                     CHAMP'S BUCKY
         RIO ROCK DOC                                                                     KANSAS DEER
                                              DRYS MISTY SMOKE                                                                 BROWN CREEK STAR
QUESTION ROCK LEO                                                                BUCKS POCO LEO
                                              DOC J JAYS SILVER                                                                PEPPY DOCSAN
         QUESTION SKIPPA                                                                  KITTEN DONE IT
                                              SKIPPA QUESTION                                                                  CEN TEN RIN
         MONTE RONDO                          MONTERREY LEO                               UNO SUPERSTAR                        DOCS SUPERSTAR BAR
MONTE LEO QUESTION                            LEA QUESTION                       TIDYS TRIPLE DOC                              BRINKS JOSE TWINK
                                              DOC J JAYS SILVER                                                                KIOWA DIAMOND
         QUESTION SKIPPA                                                                  KIOWA N SMOKE
                                              SKIPPA QUESTION                                                                  SMOKY N SUPERSTAR

This colt is gentle, halter broke can lead and handle very well. She's had her   Nice yearling buckskin stud colt. He will have a lot of cow to him when he is
feet handled and trimmed.                                                        older. Papers at AQHA and should be back by sale time. He has a foundation
                                                                                 pedigree. Keep him a stud or make him a gelding, he's good for any type of job
LEMON PIE SKY TB                                           HIP # 181               JC BLACKJACK TWIST                                          HIP # 182
                      - SORREL MARE MARCH 2004                                             AQHA 4979007 - BUCKSKIN GELDING MAY 02, 2007
OWNER: RANDY HARRIS                                                                OWNER: MEYER HORSE CO.
                                              *MILL REEF TB                                                                      MISTER SUMMER TWIST
         *DOYOUN TB                                                                         TWIST OF BLUE MAGIC
                                              DUMKA TB                                                                           FOXY BLUE BONANZA
*MANNDAR TB                                                                        BLACKJACK MAGIC TWO
                                              *DIESIS TB                                                                         FIDDLE ON JACK
         MADIRIYA TB                                                                        RIVS JAKCIE TWO
                                              MAJANADA TB                                                                        DAVES JACKIE TWO
         *SEPTIEME CIEL TB                    *SEATTLE SLEW TB                              ZANS DUSTY DUN                       ZANS DUSTY ZIPPER
SKY WING TB                                   MAXIMOVA TB                          JC DUNNYS BUCKSKIN                            TYREES HONEYBEE
                                              *SILENT SCREEN TB                                                                  TRUE N TRUE
         WINGS OF HOPE TB                                                                   TRUE N PINE
                                              ESIRNUS TB                                                                         PINES HONEYBABE

This mare has been ridden on trail rides. She is out of a stakes winner of over    JC is a dark buckskin gelding with a lot of shape and athletic ability. He was
$1 million. Great prospect for broodmare to produce runners or barrel racing.      raised and broke by a 70 year old man. We have ridden him everywhere. He is
                                                                                   good in the rough country and will never refuse. We have started him with the
                                                                                   hot heels on cattle. He shows great potential in any performance event. He is
                                                                                   gentle and safe to be around and is a pleasure to ride. 100% sound and no

ROY                                                        HIP # 183               JRL DOX PEPPY BELLE                                         HIP # 184
                    GRADE - SORREL GELDING 1999                                              AQHA 4088588 - SORREL MARE MARCH 14, 2001
OWNER: GIDEON & BEKA PETERSON                                                      OWNER: CODY & JENNIFER ANDERTON
                                                                                                               DOC BAR
                                                                                        DOC O'LENA
                                                                                                               POCO LENA
                                                                                   DOX WARBLER
                                                                                                               MORA LEO
                                                                                                               INKY FLIP
                                                                                        PEPPYS DOC             PEPPY SAN
                                                                                   JRL YOGIS SNOWFLAKE                           DOC'S SNOW FLAKE
                                                                                                                                 THE MAJOR LEAGUER
                                                                                            YOGIS MAJOREY
                                                                                                                                 LIGHTNING MOONREY
Roy is a nice ranch horse that's been used to gather and sort cattle. Drug
calves to the branding fire. Roped and tied down cattle outside. He has had        Sells with CD Olena colt on side, paperwork guaranteed for foal. Nice, nice
some steers roped on him in the arena on the head side. Good all around            mare, she has nice babies with good size. Sound, gentle. We are moving so
horse that anyone can get along with. Gentle and no buck! 100% sound.              she has to go!

CHIP N CHOCOLATE                                           HIP # 185               YOUNG PEPPY GUN                                             HIP # 186
            AQHA 3459693 - BAY STALLION JAN. 21, 1991                                         AQHA 4878820 - SORREL GELDING MAY 9, 2006
OWNER: S & M BARNS                                                                 OWNER: JIM BURROWS, TANNER KUBE, AGT
                                              ZIPPO PAT BARS                                                   MR SAN PEPPY
         ZIPPO PINE BAR                                                                 PEPPY SAN BADGER
                                              DOLLIE PINE                                                      SUGAR BADGER
ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP                                                                DULCES PEPPY
                                              CUSTUS JAGUAR                                                    DOC BAR
         FANCY BLUE CHIP                                                                SANDIA DULCE
                                              IRENE 3                                                          BONNIE JO LEO
         PLAIN DEALING TB                     NORTHERN DANCER TB                        YOUNG GUN              FRECKLES PLAYBOY
RHYTHM N ROCK                                 ESSIE BS VENTURE TB                  HR YOUNG LASSIE                               LENAETTE
                                              BAR NON BOB                                                                        PEPPY TWICE
         MISS BOBBIE DOLL                                                                   LA LASSIE LYNX
                                              JIGGS' CINDY                                                                       SR LA LYNX

A rare opportunity. Big, pretty blood bay. Point earner and proven sire of point   If it involves a cow, this nice little horse has done it! A calf dragging machine
earners. Sires colts that can do it all. AQHA Incentive Fund. Money earner.        with a big stop and turnaround. Quiet and gentle for grandma to grandkid.
Listed APHA too.                                                                   Consistent on the heel end. Watches a cow and always earns his feed. Ready
                                                                                   to go to town. 100% solid and sound. Sire, Dulces Peppy offspring NCHA
                                                                                   $178,454.00, NRHA $11,867.53, NRCHA $1,097.00.
JRL YOGIS SNOWFLAKE                                         HIP # 187                RUSHS RAVISHING RUBY                                     HIP # 188
            AQHA 3472072 - SORREL MARE APRIL 2, 1996                                            AQHA 4158320 - SORREL MARE MAY 14, 2001
OWNER: IVEY QUARTER HORSES                                                           OWNER: KIP DEFOOR
                                               LEO SAN                                                                           MR SAN PEPPY
         PEPPY SAN                                                                            PEPPY SAN BADGER
                                               PEPPY BELLE                                                                       SUGAR BADGER
PEPPYS DOC                                                                           LITTLE RUSH
                                               DOC BAR                                                                           FRECKLES PLAYBOY
         DOC'S SNOW FLAKE                                                                     PLAYBOYS RUBY
                                               GAYE MOUNT                                                                        LENACHICK
         THE MAJOR LEAGUER                     MAJOR BONANZA                                  BRINKS ROYAL LEE                   MR SPANISH LEE
YOGIS MAJOREY                                  COWBOYS HI DANDY                      LEES DRY MIST                               ROYAL JENNY
                                               LIGHTNING REY                                                                     DRY ACCOUNT
         LIGHTNING MOONREY                                                                    CASSIE DRY
                                               ALTA PANDA                                                                        KITTY CREAM PUFF

Excellent riding horse and breeder! This mare throws heavy muscled babies.           Can't say enough about Ruby, huge stop, big hip, great mother. Roan colt at
She had cutting training in her early years and is an excellent riding horse. Very   side by Smart Lena Boon an own son of Smart Little Lena x Bet Yer Boons with
athletic and light on the reins. Sire, Peppys Doc, NCHA money earner and             offspring earnings over $111,000 and bred back to Smart Lena Boon for 2012
offspring are NCHA/NRHA/NRCHA money earners.                                         colt. As a two year old she was in cutting training with Jaime Dosher. Look
                                                                                     close at this pedigree. 100% sound. Sire, Little Rush NCHA $25,937.52 and
                                                                                     money earner in NRHA and NRCHA. Dam, NCHA $2,660.56.

OTT TWO KATMAN DO                                           HIP # 189                DCC DUAL CJ                                              HIP # 190
         AQHA 4624839 - SORREL GELDING JUNE 20, 2003                                            AQHA 5244795 - BAY GELDING APRIL 15, 2009
OWNER: TIM RIDDLE                                                                    OWNER: DASCO CATTLE CO.
                                               LEO SAN                                                                           SON O SUGAR
         MR SAN PEPPY                                                                         CJ SUGAR
                                               PEPPY BELLE                                                                       CHRISTY JAY
HURACAN PEPPY                                                                        CJ GOLDRUSH
                                               WIMPY JR                                                                          SMOOTH HERMAN
         LA HURACAN                                                                           SMOOTH DOT
                                               REMOLINA                                                                          NU CREAMPURR
         DOC LEO SAN BIRDIE                    DOC'S SUG                                      DUAL PEP                           PEPPY SAN BADGER
LEO SAN BRANDY                                 BIRDIE IRENE SAN                      EASY DUAL IT                                MISS DUAL DOC
                                               BEAU BONANZA                                                                      DOC'S SOLANO
         BEAUS APRIL FIRST                                                                    SOLANO JILL
                                               SHA LAY DEE                                                                       LEO LADY JILL

Pretty sorrel gelding. We rode him on the ranch. This horse is really cowy. We       Nice shapey bay gelding. 45 days of riding. Easy Dual It, NCHA $18,000+. CJ
have also used him to doctor and roped lots of cattle on him.                        Goldrush has earned AQHA Points in Halter, Working CowHorse, Reining,
                                                                                     Heading, Heeling, Ranch Versaility, 1 Grand and 2 Reserve Grands, 4 All
                                                                                     Around titles and has earned his Performance ROM.

DANCE BOY                                                   HIP # 191                GFR BACASFASTTRACK                                       HIP # 192
         AQHA 5317363 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 19, 2010                                        AQHA 5095783 - RED ROAN GELDING MAY 14, 2008
                             PEPTOBOONSMAL                                                                      FANCY ROAN BAR
      BOONLIGHT DANCER                                                                     FANCYS ZIPPO DUDE
                             LITTLE DANCER LENA                                                                 FANCY ZIPPO JANE
IMA BOONLIGHT DANCER                                                                 JESSIES FANCY ZIPPO
                             DOC'S JACK SPRAT                                                                   TOM'S TWIN BAR
      JAE BAR HEATHER                                                                      JESSIE BARMAID
                             MISS LEO LE                                                                        GYPSY BARMAID
      SMART SOONER           SMART LITTLE LENA                                             SELECT JOE BACA      WATCH JOE BACA
SMART REILENA                                  SHESA PLAYMATE                        GFR BACAS WONDER                            SELECT CEDAR
                                               POPPIN PEPONITA                                                                   RED CEDAR BARK
         REILENA POPPIN                                                                       WONDER BARK
                                               SNOOKYS LITTLE BIT                                                                SIOUX REP

A Dancer colt out of Smart Reilena mare. He's bred to do anything. Smart and         Jessie is a big, stout, strawberry roan gelding. He was rasied on the Reeves
athletic. Take a look!                                                               Ranch in South Dakota. Bred and built to be a slave. Started well and should
                                                                                     make a good saddle horse. 100% sound.
RBS PEPPY CUTTER TOM                                        HIP # 193                BRING YOUR OWN BOONS                                       HIP # 194
            AQHA 4363738 - BAY GELDING APRIL 21, 2003                                          AQHA 5299007 - BAY STALLION MARCH 21, 2010
OWNER: MAVERICK HORSE CO.                                                            OWNER: MATT RARDEN
                                               PEPPY SAN                                                                           PEPTOBOONSMAL
         IMAPEPPYSANDOC                                                                       ROAN TEXAS
                                               DOC'S MADONNA                                                                       LYNX BAR LEGACY
RBS PEPPY SAN                                                                        WM BOONSHAKE
                                               DOC'S TOM THUMB                                                                     ATHENA SHELL
         MAME BABY                                                                            ATHENA SUGAR LENA
                                               CUTTER'S MAME                                                                       SUGAR ROAN JAN
         DOC QUIXOTE                           DOC BAR                                        STAR SOCKS DOC                       DOC BAR STAR
AMIE QUIXOTE                                   MAGNOLIA GAL                          DOCS ANGEL DUSTER                             POPPY SOCKS
                                               GRAND VALLEY                                                                        ZANS LOTSA MOOLA
         GRAND RHYTHM                                                                         ZANS LOTA ANGEL ANN
                                               RHYTHM CAT                                                                          TIE SONS LADY ANN

This horse was trained as a cutter as a 2 year old. Was used as a stud for           Halter broke and real gentle.
awhile. We cut him and used him all winter on the ranch.

ZANEES LIL HIGHBROW                                         HIP # 195                CODY LADY GLO                                              HIP # 196
          AQHA 3953893 - SORREL GELDING MAY 15, 2000                                             AQHA 5163557 - SORREL MARE APRIL 1, 2008
OWNER: SALLY OCKEN, PINE McQUAY, AGT                                                 OWNER: JOHN O. BERRY
                            DOC'S HICKORY                                                                                          GENUINE DOC
     HIGH BROW HICKORY                                                                        SHINING SPARK
                            GRULLA SAN                                                                                             DIAMONDS SPARKLE
SMART LIL HIGHBROW                                                                   SHINERS GLO AT NIGHT
                            SMART LITTLE LENA                                                                                      WAR LEO JR
     SMART LITTLE KITTY                                                                       LEO NIGHT GLO
                            DOC'S KITTY                                                                                            LES' NIGHT GLO
     DOC'S LYNX             DOC BAR                                                           CODY DOC                             DOC'S LYNX
ZANEE LYNX                                     JAMEEN TIVIO                          CODY DOCS LADY                                MAS AMI
                                               ZANTANON H                                                                          SOBA TAYLOR
         ZAN'S MAGIC                                                                          LADY SOBA
                                               MAGIC EYE                                                                           FANDANGALEE

Seven has $3,102.86 in NCHA earnings and has AQHA points. His sire is a full         I've got too many mares. This mare is really bred. She has 45 rides on her.
brother to High Brow Cat. He is super broke. He has had steers roped on him,
mainly steer stopping. I have hauled him to ranch sortings as well and he is
quick and snappy in the gate. He has outstanding manners. Clips and loads
with no problems.

JHB HANCOCK PLENTY                                          HIP # 197                MAID WITH CHOCOLATE                                        HIP # 198
        AQHA 4229113 - BLUE ROAN GELDING JUNE 5, 2002                                        ApHC 640392 - CHESTNUT GELDING APRIL 19, 2005
OWNER: MEYER HORSE CO.                                                               OWNER: BODEE BALDWIN
                                               GLENWOOD                                                                            DREAMFINDER
         HAPPY GLEN                                                                           MAIDS DREAM
                                               HAPPY'S BEST                                                                        WAPITIS MAID
PLENTY HAPPY                                                                         MAID WITH APPROVAL
                                               GOOSEBERRY                                                                          GOIN FOR APPROVAL
         BERRYS BELLE                                                                         SHES APPROVING
                                               MAYBELLE BLUE                                                                       SHES HERE
         HANCOCK DUPLICATE                     LOWRY BOY 36                                   HOT CHOCOLATE CHIP                   CHIPS HOT CHOCOLATE
CC DEE DEE                                     SEMINOLE LUCY                         SHANS CHOCOLATE CHIP                          THE PASSING LANE
                                               GOOSEBERRY                                                                          PRINCE SHANNON
         DEE DEE MERRITT                                                                      SHANSHEARTHROB
                                               BLUE'S CALL GAL                                                                     CO KITTIE

Glenn is a pretty blue roan gelding that will stand 15 hands and is stout. He has    Sprinkles is a cow eating machine. He is a solid heel horse for any level roper
mostly been trail ridden his whole life and will go where he is pointed. We have     and has been headed on also. Gentle for anyone. 100% sound.
ridden him in the timber and cross the river. He will lope cirlces and carries his
head low. He is very gentle to ride and to be around. 100% sound, no vices.
FOR THE BLUE N GRAY                                        HIP # 199               KICKASHOE BIGEASY                                          HIP # 200
            AQHA 4446556 - BAY GELDING MAY 16, 2003                                       AQHA 4684194 - PALOMINO GELDING APRIL 27, 2005
OWNER: BEN LOLLEY                                                                  OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT
                                              PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                 SONNY DEE BAR
         HAIDAS LITTLE PEP                                                                SILVER DEE BAR
                                              DOC'S HAIDA                                                      SILVER WHIRLAWAY
MECOM BLUE                                                                         SIX CHICKS BAR
                                              BOON BAR                                                         FAST TIME LEO
         ROYAL BLUE BOON                                                                  LEO SIX CHICKS
                                              ROYAL TINCIE                                                     6 CHICK'S CONNIE
         GENUINE LEGACY                       PEPPY SAN BADGER                            BUENOS SANCHO        SANCHO SNIP
GL FRECKLES PLAYGIRL                          LYNX BAR LEGACY                      NOBLE LILSANTOOTSTEP                          BUENO'S RED LADY
                                              FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                                                   NOBLES ALEJOS STEP
         MITSY PLAYGIRL                                                                     NOBLES ALLMAN STEP
                                              WRANGLERS BECKY                                                                    NOBEL DOLLY MCCUE

A really good heel horse. Very broke. Lots of cow about him. He can do it. An      This golden gelding has been used on the ranch. You can swing a rope on him
own son of Mecom Blue NCHA $17,392.08; off-spring NCHA $2,363,513.16,              and track cattle. Great barrel prospect. Don’t miss this nice gelding. Sonny Dee
NRCHA $20,560.59, AQHA World Championship Show $20,171.10, etc.                    Bar, Leo and Poco Bueno breeding.

MDS GOLDEN ZANE                                            HIP # 201               SKIPA BO JACK                                              HIP # 202
    APHA 929787 - PALOMINO/SOLID GELDING OCT. 20, 2005                                      AQHA 4258660 - RED ROAN GELDING MAY 2, 2002
OWNER: SCOTT CLUGY                                                                 OWNER: JIM REEVES, RALPH TATON, AGT
                                              COUNTRY HOBY                                                      FANCY ROAN BAR
         HOBYS CHARCOAL                                                                  FANCY BO JO
                                              POCO MISS CHARCOAL                                                MISS FANCY RAIDER
ARTISTIC GOLD DUST                                                                 FANCY BO JACK
                                              EGO JOE                                                           CONTINENTAL JAC
         TANGO JOSIE REED                                                                UNIQUELY CONTINENTAL
                                              TANGO REC                                                         ALTERS ANGEL
         EASTERS SILVER BAR                   EASTER GENTLEMAN                           SKIPPA RECEIPT         SKIPPER'S SPORT
CDR EASTERS MISS                              LASSO'S MISS LASS                    SKIPA MISS IMA                                SKIPPA PAYMENT
                                              JACKIE BEE                                                                         PIECES OF SILVER
         TEE JAY JACKIE ANN                                                                 IMA QUICK ZIPPER
                                              NERO'S AMBER                                                                       SKIPPER ZIPPER

Athletic gelding. Gentle and ready to go any direction. Thirty days in the arena   14.2 hands, three stocking legs, big hip and thick. Extremely nice looking. One
heading. Might also be a good barrel prospect.                                     owner, ranch raised in South Dakota. Ridden in big country. Real nice to ride.
                                                                                   Heels. Will have roped a few calves by sale day.

SILVER MOUNT ARTEX                                         HIP # 203               THISISCATTIN COUNTRY                                       HIP # 204
      AQHA 5333592 - BLUE ROAN STALLION JUNE 10, 2010                                        AQHA 4344906 - SORREL GELDING JAN. 28, 2003
OWNER: CRAIG COX                                                                   OWNER: FRED BRAY RANCH
                                              CLARKE HANCOCK                                                                     DOC O'LENA
         JP HANCOCK                                                                         SMART LITTLE LENA
                                              HIGHLANDS LADY                                                                     SMART PEPPY
JP HENRY HANCOCK                                                                   CATTIN
                                              BLUE BOY HANCOCK                                                                   DOC'S LYNX
         MS BLUE DIAL HANCOCK                                                               LYNX MELODY
                                              LADY BLUE DIAL                                                                     TRONA
         PLENTY HAPPY                         HAPPY GLEN                                    DOCS BUDHA                           DOC BAR
EGYPT CREAM HANCOCK                           BERRYS BELLE                         NO GRAY AREA BUDHA                            HOLLY BAR MAID
                                              BAR TALENT                                                                         BOB ACRE DOC
         ROSEVELLE HANCOCK                                                                  SUSAN ACRE
                                              RANKIN HANCOCK FLY                                                                 PISTOLENA GAY BAR

Nice blue yearling colt. Will grow up to be a really versatile ranch cowhorse.     Good looking little horse that will demo Friday on the heel side. He has also
Gentle and smart. Should mature to be about 15.1 hands and weigh 1250 lbs.         been used to gather cattle in the pasture. Bred the best and easy to be around.
Might make a stud. 2 x Driftwood, 2 x Blue Valentine, 2 x Roan Hancock.
FOXY PLAYBOY LADY                                             HIP # 205               ZIPS BEE FROST                                            HIP # 206
              AQHA 5324967 - BLACK MARE MAY 25, 2010                                             AQHA 4078318 - GRAY GELDING APRIL 2, 2001
OWNER: RANDY HARRIS                                                                   OWNER: BRANDON REYSTEAD
                                                MISS N CATCH                                                                       TEE JAY ROMAN
         COWBOYS MISSN 214                                                                     HOW D ROMAN SMOKE
                                                MERRY GO MAVIS                                                                     SKIP SUE MONTLEON
MISSN LENA                                                                            CR SMOKES ZIPS BEE
                                                RB BLACK PLAYBOY                                                                   ZIPS DUDE
         RBEES SHOW GIRL                                                                       HOW D FASTASIA
                                                SAN PEPPY SHOW GIRL                                                                HOW D FANCY
         PINES HOLLEY                           POCO PINE                                      RED M G SIX                         VELVET'S RED
FOUR LAKES LADY 002                             HOLLYWOOD MELODY                      CHERRY TEE FROST                             MARIE'S GAL
                                                JAE BAR KERRY                                                                      ROYAL TEE POWER
         TONETTE DORSETT                                                                       SKIPS FROST POWER
                                                LINDA DE PICACHO                                                                   SKIPS FROST

Fancy black filly with great bloodlines.                                              Big, stout and pretty. Ready to go heading on him. Top notch for beginner or
                                                                                      pros. Stands out in a crowd.

LOW BOOM                                                      HIP # 207               SHES ALWAYS TALKING                                       HIP # 208
         AQHA 5056569 - BLACK STALLION MARCH 17, 2008                                           AQHA X0648547 - SORREL MARE APRIL 18, 2005
OWNER: REX & GRETCHEN GREEN, KLAY WATERS, AGT                                         OWNER: RICHARD HUGHES
                           PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                                                        DASH FOR CASH
     PEPTOBOONSMAL                                                                             FIRST DOWN DASH
                           ROYAL BLUE BOON                                                                                         FIRST PRIZE ROSE
BOONSMAL CEE LENA                                                                     ROYAL ALWAYS
                           DOC O'LENA                                                                                              BEDUINO TB
     HOLLY CEE LENA                                                                            HAREMS CHOICE
                           PEP'S HOLLY                                                                                             FLICKA YOUR BIC
     HICKORYS LOWENBRAU    HIGH BROW HICKORY                                                   VIKINGS EGO TB                      DAKOTAS BOLD TB
BEAUTY OF LOWENBRAU                             LEMAC JAN                             SMILE N VIKE TB                              HIKING VIKING TB
                                                SONITALENA                                                                         GRENFALL TB
         BEAUTY OF SONITALENA                                                                  SMILE N BAREIT TB
                                                TIP OF BEAUTY                                                                      PATAHA PRINCESS TB

Low Boom is a handsome young black stallion. Started at the Green Ranch.              Sire, Royal Always, is a G1 producer and sire of many winners. Her dam's first
He is doing well in his Cutting, Reining, CowHorse training. Low Boom will be a       colt to go to the track has won at Ruidoso and Hobbs. This mare should make
great asset to your breeding program. If you're looking for color, he's got it!       you a good broodmare.
100% sound. Sire, NCHA $136,742.65; his offspring have NCHA earnings of
$96,532.73 and earnings in NRCHA.

TT DOCS RAIDER                                                HIP # 209               FIGS YELLOW LYNX                                          HIP # 210
             AQHA 4916942 - GRAY GELDING FEB. 8, 2006                                             AQHA 5036753 - DUN GELDING AUG. 8, 2007
OWNER: NANCY PEIRCE NASH                                                              OWNER: DAVID OR EVA SCHOUBROEK
                                                DOC O'LENA                                                       COLONEL FRECKLES
         CD OLENA                                                                          SHOT O SPIRIT
                                                CD CHICA SAN BADGER                                              SHOT O TEQUILA
MILLENNIUM CD                                                                         FRECKLES YELLOW DOG
                                                FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                                 JAY SAW DECK
         SOME KINDA PLAYGIRL                                                               JAY SAW SQUAW
                                                DOCALADY                                                         SARAH CHANT
         DOC'S FLYING BAR                       DOC BAR                                    SHOT O SPIRIT         COLONEL FRECKLES
TAMU DOCS MABELINE                              FLYING MABLE                          FRITZI JAY LYNX                              SHOT O TEQUILA
                                                REY JAY                                                                            DOC'S LYNX
         TAMU REY ETTA                                                                         FRITZI LYNX
                                                TAMU JOETTE                                                                        SEN CHEX

This big, sound, good looking gray colt graduated from the Texas Tech Equine          Colonel Freckles bred. Used outside. Gentle ranch horse. Handles good,
Program. He's had lots of attention and riding, and is very gentle. Along with        stops, turnaround. 100% sound.
his good bloodlines, he also has a couple of months of professional cutting
training on his resume. It's time for this college kid to put his education to use.
CN SPEAK SIX BOON                                         HIP # 211               BOOT SCOOTIN TWISTER                                      HIP # 212
         AQHA 5007125 - PALOMINO GELDING MAY 4, 2007                                    POA T-43588 - BLACK/WHITE STALLION APRIL 24, 2001
OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT                                            OWNER: COLT CARTER
                            SONNY DEE BAR                                                                                      TOUGH PLAUDIT
       SILVER DEE BAR                                                                      SANTEE SAILOR
                            SILVER WHIRLAWAY                                                                                   SANTEE PLAUDIT-NAN
SIX CHICKS BAR                                                                    JKA SUPREME SCOOTER
                            FAST TIME LEO                                                                                      TOUGH PLAUDIT
       LEO SIX CHICKS                                                                      SANTEE FANCY
                            6 CHICK'S CONNIE                                                                                   SANTEE SCOOTER SUPRE
       NOBLES STEP DOC BOON NOBEL LUCKY BIG STEP                                           SANTEE TWISTER                      TOUGH PLAUDIT
NOBLEBOONSPARKLESTEP                         NOBLE BARBEST STEP                   LILIBEST TWIST                               TWISTY BAR DEB
                                             NOBLES ALEJOS STEP                                                                JW CHISUM
         NOBLES SPARKLIN STEP                                                              MISS KITTY BY JW
                                             JOSEY SUE                                                                         MISS DREAM WEAVER

Flashy perfomance prospect that is a pleasure to ride. Used on the ranch. Quiet   Apple Jacks is a real cute POA. He is about 14 hands and is really broke. He
disposition. Sonny Dee Bar and Fast Time Leo on the papers.                       has been hauled in heeling and breakaway, to High School and College
                                                                                  Rodeo's. This will be a great step up horse for a kid. 100% sound and gentle.
                                                                                  Video. Demo.

SB OKLAHOMA DRIFTER                                       HIP # 213               MARY                                                      HIP # 214
      AQHA 4547655 - BUCKSKIN GELDING MARCH 11, 2004                                                  GRADE - GRAY MARE JAN. 1998
OWNER: CHUCK VERETTO, HARLEY FRY, AGT                                             OWNER: JASON PARSONS
                           HANDY SENATOR
                           LADY ZERO 19
                           GO BADGER GO
                           PINTADO BLUE
SWEET LADY BENEE                             GILL CTL CO MARE 17
                                             FAROUK TIGER
                                             SWEET LADY MCCUE
                                                                                  This mare is 15.3 hands and about 1250 lbs. I have owned this horse for ten
He has 120 days of feedlot training. I was going to use him as a heel horse but   years, she has been my #1 head and heel horse for six years. She is sound
bought another horse and don't have the time to put in on him. He will make a     and ready for jackpots and USTRC. Experience ropers.
great ranch pony or prospect! 100% sound.

SNAZZY REVIEWS                                            HIP # 215               GRAY                                                      HIP # 216
     APHA 711503 - GRULLO/SOLID GELDING APRIL 25, 2002                                              GRADE - GRAY FILLY MAY 23, 2008
OWNER: JUSTIN SMITH, BRANDON REYSTEAD, AGT                                        OWNER: WESLEY GRAU
                             BLUE MAX
                             CLAUDES MOON DECK
                             POCO MR KING
                             AGNES JONES
FOLS FLY CHARGE                              SNAZZY BUG
                                             SOUNDTHECHARGE TB
         FLY CHARGE TB
                                             FLY COUNTESS TB
                                                                                  She is a reddish gray filly. Sire, Petos Irish Spin, Peptoboonsmal and Paddy's
Snazzy is a big, stout, ranch horse. He's done everything from dragging calves    Irish Whiskey. Dam is Smooth Lady San by General Santander by Uno Peppy
to loading trucks and doctoring yearlings. He has also been started team          Bueno Snip by Uno San. Her mother is Smooth Roan Lady and goes back to
roping-heeling.                                                                   Preppy's Bid and Strait Silver.
CABANA DOLLAR                                              HIP # 217              SKUNKY                                                       HIP # 218
            AQHA 4856136 - BAY GELDING JUNE 11, 2006                                               GRADE - BLACK/WHITE GELDING 2001
OWNER: PATTY MOBERLY                                                              OWNER: TAY B. McOSKER
                                              DOC TARI
         ROBIN TARI
                                              HONEY MAY ROBIN
                                              DRIP DRY PARDNER
         DRIPS JULIE
                                              GAYBOB JULIE
         JAE BAR KERRY                        DOC'S JACK SPRAT
SISTER KENZIE                                 MISS LEO LE
                                              ROBIN TARI
                                              JAE BAR BONITA
                                                                                  Cute little horse. 13.2 hands. Been used for breakaway and goats. Also know
Been on trail rides and in rough country. Ridden in feedlot, opens gates-both     poles. Not for a little kid or a beginner. If you let him sit too long, he can be a
sides, and sorted on him.                                                         little cold-backed.

JA CDS SUNSHINE                                            HIP # 219              OREO                                                         HIP # 220
            AQHA 5327919 - SORREL MARE JUNE 1, 2010                                                       GRADE - BLACK MARE 2006
OWNER: CODY & JENNIFER ANDERTON                                                   OWNER: RAYMOND RIVALE`
                            CD OLENA
                            MISS ROYALE DRY
                            HICKORY JEAN
     DOX WARBLER            DOC O'LENA
JRL DOX PEPPY BELLE                           LEOMORA
                                              PEPPYS DOC
                                              YOGIS MAJOREY
                                                                                  Flashy, cute, black pony mare. Broke by my daughters and rode many miles
Nice made yearling. Should be able to do anything! Excellent pedigree. We         gathering and checking cattle. Gentle, pretty and sound.
are moving so she has to go!

DLB BLUE DRIFTWOOD                                         HIP # 221              BLACK POWDER GUNS                                            HIP # 222
       AQHA 4081967 - BLUE ROAN GELDING APRIL 23, 2001                                      AQHA 4819289 - GRAY GELDING MARCH 13, 2006
OWNER: MEYER HORSE CO.                                                            OWNER: JOHN P. GOVER
                                              SNIPPYS COWBOY                                                                      FRECKLES PLAYBOY
         BEE LOWA COWBOY                                                                   PLAYGUN
                                              JAYCEE RILLETTE                                                                     MISS SILVER PISTOL
BUBBA ROAN COWBOY                                                                 PG GUNPOWDER
                                              EUCHRE ROAN                                                                         PEPPY SAN BADGER
         MISS TUFF ROAN                                                                    POWDERRIVER PEPIDOC
                                              ZIMS TUFF                                                                           DOC A HOLLY LENA
         CRIMS MY DADDY                       CRIMSON PAGE                                 BLUE DIAMOND HANCOCK                   HESA EDDIE HANCOCK
BLUE SEEKER BARS                              LITTLE PANSY BAR                    WR PAY UP NOW                                   BLUE DIAMOND ROCK
                                              POLECAT BOB                                                                         STRAIT SILVER
         SEEKERS GOLDEN ROSE                                                               PAY ME IN SILVER
                                              ADMIRALS SUGAR                                                                      NATURALLY PAY

Blue is a pretty blue roan gelding, He stands 15.1 hands and is well built. He    Well broke ranch using horse. Grandson of the great Playgun. Rabies
has been a ranch horse his whole life. He has been used in the branding pen       vaccinated.
and to gather and sort. He has been started heading and is showing potential.
He is a solid horse that will go anywhere he is asked and will go all day. 100%
sound and no vices.
FOUR LAKES LADY 002                                        HIP # 223              JONSEYS VEGAS                                               HIP # 224
             AQHA 3724199 - BLACK MARE MAY 10, 1998                                       AQHA 4780683 - BUCKSKIN GELDING FEB. 28, 2004
OWNER: RANDY HARRIS                                                               OWNER: BUNK FARLEY
                                              POCO BUENO                                                                         DRY DOC
         POCO PINE                                                                         DRY SMOKY LEO
                                              PRETTY ROSALIE                                                                     PRICES CHRISTY LEO
PINES HOLLEY                                                                      JONES PANCHO DOC BAR
                                              LITTLE HOLLYWOOD                                                                   POCOS SONITA
         HOLLYWOOD MELODY                                                                  RAFTER L POCOS LADY
                                              DUNNIE'S GYPSY                                                                     LADY PANCHOETTE
         JAE BAR KERRY                        DOC'S JACK SPRAT                             TOLO PINE FEATHERS                    PINE FEATHERS
TONETTE DORSETT                               MISS LEO LE                         VEGAS SMOKY GIRL                               LEO TOLO KINGS JR
                                              PICACHO JOE                                                                        IMA VEGAS DANDEE
         LINDA DE PICACHO                                                                  MISS SMOKY GIRL
                                              POCO DELINDA                                                                       MISS SMOKY BLUE

Great broodmare. Cowhorse bloodlines. Should foal by sale time by Teninos         Jonsey is a versatile classy gelding with a lot of action. We have used him for
Peppy Cowboy.                                                                     everything on the ranch. He is very willing and wants to please.

ROWDYS ENCORE CODY                                         HIP # 225              CAREER ENTERPRISE                                           HIP # 226
   APHA 755693 - SORREL/TOB-OVR GELDING MARCH 2, 2003                                     AQHA 4005118 - BROWN GELDING MARCH 18, 2000
OWNER: DANNY EDMOND                                                               OWNER: DASCO CATTLE CO.
                                              KAY CEE LEAGUER                                                                    BE AECH ENTERPRISE
         MAJOR LEAGUER                                                                     SURPRISE ENTERPRISE
                                              IMA CHAMPS LADY                                                                    JIMMYS VALENTINE
A MAJOR PLEASURE                                                                  NATURAL ENTERPRISE
                                              SKIP'S ARTIST                                                                      COE BADGER TWO
         SKIPS PLEASURE                                                                    NATURAL
                                              BLAZE ECHO                                                                         MISS CEE BARS 99
         ENCORE                               ONE HUNDRED TWO                              EDDIE EIGHTY                          EDDIE 40
ENCORES KALICOCODY                            BABBY SKIT                          CAREER MODEL                                   TOOTIE TOOT 71
                                              HANK CODY                                                                          TANQUERY GIN
         GO CODYS STREAK                                                                   GINS MODEL
                                              GO JET STREAK                                                                      THE MODEL

Rowdy is 15.3 hands, trained for English and Western Pleasure. Gentle for         Big Brown is big, stout, good looking and doesn't buck. Been used on the
anyone, quiet and 100% sound.                                                     ranch and heading on him. Raised by 6666 Ranch.

EASY ROLLIN ROCKY                                          HIP # 227              SUGAR HAWK DOC                                              HIP # 228
       AQHA 5325320 - SORREL STALLION MARCH 28, 2010                                        AQHA 4590848 - SORREL GELDING MAY 17, 2004
OWNER: JAMES LEE ODLE                                                             OWNER: PINE & SAMANTHA McQUAY
                                              RAISE YOUR GLASS                                               DOC O' LENA
         SPECIAL EFFORT                                                                 DOC O DYNAMITE
                                              GO EFFORTLESSLY                                                GAY BAR DIXIE
JETS SPECIAL EFFORT                                                               DOC O MISTER HAWK
                                              PIE IN THE SKY                                                 THREE HAWKS
         FLY ON THE PIE                                                                 SHYANNE SUGAR HAWK
                                              FLYING ROCKETTE                                                SHY ANNE SUGAR
         HIGH ROLLIN TEXAN                    LAST HURRAH                               ZANS PARSON          ZAN PARR BAR
EASY DASH ROCKETTE                            ROSIE RULER                         PARSONS QUESTION                               LITTLE JACK TWO
                                              EASY FIRST DOWN                                                                    FIFTH NOTE
         SPECIAL FIRST DOWN                                                                SUGAR'S SONG
                                              SPECIAL EXPRESSION                                                                 SUGAR SCOOT

This colt is halter broke and handled some. His sire, Jets Special Effort, ROM,   Split is a 7 year old sorrel gelding. Solid using ranch horse. Used on a 4,000
SI 86, has money earning offspring. Dam, Easy Dash Rockette, unraced but a        head cow/calf operation. He has been used to doctor calves and drag calves to
producer of 3 foals. Two have gone to Mexico to run.                              the fire. Also used to load trucks with. Started in the arena roping steers. Sound
HEZA WEASEL                                             HIP # 229              QUESTION ROCK DIEGO                                        HIP # 230
         AQHA 4494143 - SORREL GELDING FEB. 24, 2004                                     AQHA 4516656 - SORREL GELDING JUNE 8, 2004
                            EASY SIX                                                                      MR SAN PEPPY
      STREAKIN SIX                                                                  RIO ROCK DOC
                            MISS ASSURED                                                                  DRYS MISTY SMOKE
DEAN MIRACLE                                                                   QUESTION ROCK LEO
                            REB'S POLICY TB                                                               DOC J JAYS SILVER
      OUR THIRD DELIGHT                                                             QUESTION SKIPPA
                            TINY'S DELIGHT                                                                SKIPPA QUESTION
      DASH THRU TRAFFIC     FIRST DOWN DASH                                         POCO DIEGO 007        POCO BUENO
TIZZIE LIZZIE                               LADY METER READER                  DIEGO LEO                                     THURMOND SORREL
                                            EASY JET                                                                         LEO'S QUESTION
         TIZOUR JET                                                                     SKIPPA LEO
                                            CHENILLE                                                                         SKIPPY SAL

Big and stout. Used on ranch for three years. Drug calves and roped/doctored   Nice seven year old that I've been riding for the last two years. We've been
yearlings outside. Used in arena. Hauled to team ropings. Very gentle.         working and taking care of some cattle, roping, some sick ones and loading
Guaranteed sound. Possibly barrel race prospect. See at demo.                  them on the trailer. I just started roping in the arena.

QUINCY FRITZ DE CHEX                                    HIP # 231              CN SIX CHICKS BUG                                          HIP # 232
          AQHA 3963444 - SORREL GELDING MAY 1, 2000                                    AQHA 4831642 - PALOMINO GELDING JUNE 1, 2006
OWNER: EDD HUBBARD                                                             OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT
                                            FRIENDLY FRITZ                                                 SONNY DEE BAR
         COLONEL LEO FRITZ                                                            SILVER DEE BAR
                                            FRECKLETTA PEARL                                               SILVER WHIRLAWAY
SUPER EXPRESS CHEX                                                             SIX CHICKS BAR
                                            WOLVERTON CHEX                                                 FAST TIME LEO
         SIOUX CHEX                                                                   LEO SIX CHICKS
                                            SANDLINE SUE                                                   6 CHICK'S CONNIE
         QUINCY SIRWINSALOT                 SIR QUINCY DAN                            NOBLE LUCKY BIG STEP BIG STEP
GOLDEN MISS PRISS                           TORI POSSUM                        NOBLE STEPBARONONEBUG                         NOBLE'S JUNE BABE
                                            SUTER'S GOLD BAR                                                                 BAR NONE BUG
         GOLDEN LITTLE MISS                                                             NOBLES BAR BUG STEP
                                            MISS BAR DOUBLE                                                                  NOBLES HUSLUN STEP

Extra gentle everyday ranch horse. Good heel horse for young or old. Has       Big hipped with a pencil neck. Used on the ranch penning and gathering. Sonny
been hauled to local jackpots. 100% sound.                                     Dee Bar, Fast Time Leo and Big Step all on the papers. Don’t over look him.

WIMPY CREDIT CARD                                       HIP # 233              CHICKASA COMET                                             HIP # 234
       AQHA 4079145 - PALOMINO GELDING APRIL 10, 2001                                   AQHA 5009457 - SORREL GELDING JUNE 17, 2007
OWNER: KIP MIDDLETON                                                           OWNER: CASEY REINERT
                                            SHOWDOWN JOE JACK                                                                CHICKASHA DAN
         HEZA WIMPY JACK                                                                CHICHASHA MAN
                                            MISS WIMPY DUDE                                                                  MARK'S COWGIRL
THREE EYED WIMPY                                                               CHICKASA TWO
                                            WATCH JOE SONOITA                                                                CLEGGS DUDE TOO
         MIS THREE EYED JO                                                              KELLIES WHIZ
                                            JO JO JEAN                                                                       SHEZA QUICK WHIZ
         DANDY CREDIT CARD                  HEZA CHARGER                                REAL SNEAKY                          NEW BAR
MISS DANDY CARD                             DANDY SPUR                         SNEAKYS COMET                                 MISS DARK SNEAK
                                            RICH DUDE                                                                        COMET BARS
         MISS DAN STAR                                                                  PICCOLA COMET
                                            ROBERTA MAY                                                                      CRIS COLA

Nice ten year old gelding. Handles good, smooth, gentle and 100% sound.        Good minded colt. Has been started on the barrels. Stays gentle. Sound.
Has been used as a flagging horse at the USTRC and has had some roped on
in the arena.
CEE TWO COLONEL                                            HIP # 235                BB DUKE O LENA                                             HIP # 236
       AQHA 5346509 - BLUE ROAN STALLION APRIL 5, 2010                                      AQHA 5145887 - BUCKSKIN GELDING MAY 22, 2008
OWNER: CLAY DANNELLEY                                                               OWNER: BILL GOEBEL
                                              WILYWOOD                                                                            GOLD LENA
         WILY NATIVE                                                                         LENAS STAR
                                              JET DANCE NATIVE                                                                    LEE'S GIRL
LEEVAS NATIVE                                                                       ROCKY MOUNTAIN LENA
                                              HOT HANCOCK DUDE                                                                    POCO HOLEY DOC
         LEEVAS HANCOCK                                                                      WAYWARD TRACKS
                                              LEEVAS VELVET RED                                                                   WINNING CHANT
         COLONELCUTTERQUIXOTE HOTSHOT COLONEL                                                MR SNOOPER                           SNOOPER BID HILL
RAIN ON FRECKLES                              SR MISS PEPPY DOC                     MISS BONNIE BARB                              FALCON GIRL 24
                                              FIDDLE ON JACK                                                                      BARBWIRE BANDIT
         RAIN ON GAL                                                                         BUNNY BARB
                                              HOPE IT RAINS                                                                       RIO NITA

Great stud prospect. Very good bloodlines. Both parents have lots of speed,         Nice, big, dark buckskin gelding. Started right last winter and used this spring
athletic ability, cow sense and a hard stop. Will have lots of size.                for ranch work. Very gentle. Good footed. AQHA Remuda Award winner. CS
                                                                                    Ranch and Dry Doc breeding on bottom.

WHODALEE DODALEE                                           HIP # 237                LB SPEED                                                   HIP # 238
        APHA 920934 - BAY/TOBIANO MARE MARCH 5, 2007                                            AQHA 4330722 - BAY GELDING APRIL 25, 2002
OWNER: STEVE COCHRAN                                                                OWNER: CINDY BIRD
                                              BUNNY BID                                                                           EASY SIX
         SAIL ON BUNNY                                                                       STREAKIN SIX
                                              MISS MYRNA MIX                                                                      MISS ASSURED
WHOSE DAT BUNNY                                                                     WORLD SPEED
                                              EASY AMOS                                                                           DASH FOR CASH
         SOMA MISSILE                                                                        DASH FOR SPEED
                                              MISSLE OH                                                                           MIGHTY SPEEDY
         MASAS SPECIAL LYNX                   ETERNAL CONCHO                                 COMMANDER PEPONITA                   MR PEPONITA TIVIO
PARKER SUNDAE                                 CHICKS BAR                            LB HONEY SCRIPT                               MICHELE IN COMMAND
                                              THREEHEARTSROLL                                                                     HOLLYWOOD SCRIPT
         THREEHEARTSSUNDAE                                                                   DOCS SCRIPT LYNX
                                              MISS PRISSY POLLY                                                                   LELIAS LYNX

This four year old mare has had lots of ranch work done on her. She has             Sweet, big, stout, good looking quarter horse. Super broke, easy to handle with
tracked calves and has the potential to be a solid breakaway or calf horse. She     no bad habits. Super gentle with no buck! Has worked cattle, knows the barrel
has been started on barrels.                                                        pattern and has team roping experience. Will work for any age! Great
                                                                                    disposition and an easy keeper!

COWBOY                                                     HIP # 239                SMART SAILING PEPPY                                        HIP # 240
                     GRADE - PAINT GELDING 1999                                              AQHA 4607364 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 5, 2004
OWNER: BRETT JOHNSON                                                                OWNER: ROY V. DAVIS
                                                                                                                                  SMART LITTLE LENA
                                                                                             SMART CHIC OLENA
                                                                                                                                  GAY SUGAR CHIC
                                                                                    SAILING SMART
                                                                                                                                  TOPSAIL CODY
                                                                                             SAILING DOLL
                                                                                                                                  JINX LAUREL
                                                                                             COTTON PAC STINKY                    COTTON PACS SUGAR
                                                                                    PEPPY GAY BAILEY                              DECKI TENDER
                                                                                                                                  NINAS PEPPY DOC
                                                                                             PEPPYS NINA GAY
                                                                                                                                  SWEET SUSIE GAY
I bought this horse in 2004 for my 13 y/o son and he's never bucked and never
been a problem. Broke by a sixty year old horse-woman. He's packed elk,             This gelding has supreme breeding. On of my grandsons has roped on this
deer, bear and will walk straight up a mountain full of rocks all week long.        horse at several jackpots. He has caught a lot of heels on him. Has a big stop.
Worked one winter on ranch roping, dragging lots of calves into trailer; doesn't    He is very smart, there is a reason this line has smart in their name. We call
get excited about anything. My eighty y/o father rides him everywhere. Can          him Smarty.
catch him in 1000 acre pasture with ease. Looking for big, good looking paint
that will do anything, you can put almost anyone on, don't let Cowboy get by you!
ABS DRY ZACK BAR                                           HIP # 241               DOC                                                       HIP # 242
       AQHA 4922248 - PALOMINO GELDING APRIL 30, 2006                                                 GRADE - SORREL GELDING 2001
OWNER: GARY GROKETT                                                                OWNER: DOUGLAS HEGAR
                                              DOC BAR
         DRY DOC
                                              POCO LENA
                                              MR SAN PEPPY
                                              LA BIFANIA
         SILK RUSH                            SILKY FOX
MJB SILK JESSICA                              SKYET
                                              DOLLAR GRAVVER
                                              TABANOS COFFEE
                                                                                   Ropes. Toughest horse I've ever had. Gather cattle in rocks with no shoes.
Zack is a flashy palomino with blaze face. He is big, pretty and gentle. Zack      See at demo heading. Gentle. Excellent ranch horse with lots of speed.
has been ranched on, ridden lots of miles and drug lots of calves. He is jackpot
ready in both heading and heeling.

PATRICKS EYE                                               HIP # 243               CN GOLDY BOON BAR                                         HIP # 244
         AQHA 3901054 - GRAY GELDING MARCH 17, 1999                                         AQHA 4831639 - PALOMINO MARE APRIL 14, 2006
OWNER: HEATHER GODWIN                                                              OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT
                                              ROCKET WRANGLER                                                  SONNY DEE BAR
         DASH FOR CASH                                                                    SILVER DEE BAR
                                              FIND A BUYER TB                                                  SILVER WHIRLAWAY
MR EYE OPENER                                                                      SIX CHICKS BAR
                                              BEDUINO TB                                                       FAST TIME LEO
         BEDAWEE                                                                          LEO SIX CHICKS
                                              OUGHT TO GO                                                      6 CHICK'S CONNIE
         MR TRUCKA JET                        EASY JET                                    NOBLE LUCKY BIG STEP BIG STEP
RUNNIN ICH                                    TRUCKAHLA                            NOBLES BOONBAR DOLLY                         NOBLE'S JUNE BABE
                                              ICHIBON                                                                           BOON BAR
         ICHI RUN                                                                           NOBLE BARBEST STEP
                                              BAR PUD                                                                           NOBLE DOLLY MCCUE

Magnum is an exceptionally good looking with speed too. He is well patterened      Great conformation. Used on the ranch and arena work. You can take her
on the barrels and has been started correctly and slowly on the head side.         anywhere and get the job done. Pretty golden palomino color. Boon Bar, Sonny
                                                                                   Dee Bar and Big Step on the papers. Breed her when you are finished using her

LYNXS CORY                                                 HIP # 245               WRANGLERS FANCY MAN                                       HIP # 246
         AQHA 3498203 - BROWN GELDING APRIL 11, 1996                                      AQHA 4280525 - RED ROAN GELDING JUNE 11, 2002
OWNER: CLINT STONE                                                                 OWNER: TAY B. McOSKER
                                              MR SAN PEPPY                                                                      DOC'S WRANGLER
         PEPPYS RAINBOW                                                                     WRANGLERS DEAN
                                              COLORACION                                                                        FRECKLE'S JEWEL
LYNX TEE                                                                           FRECKLES CHICKS
                                              DOC'S LYNX                                                                        AHEAD OF TIME
         LACETTA                                                                            TAYLOR TIME MISS
                                              COPY'S TEE DECK                                                                   BARBARIL
         LOOK OUT CHARLIE                     ROBIN III                                     WRANGLERS ASH                       CEES WRANGLER
LITTLE AMYS PUDDEN                            OPAL FAYE                            WRANGLERS LIL FLAME                          POCO ETHEL RITA
                                              TACK STRIP                                                                        LEFTA GRAY BLAZE
         TACK'S PUDDEN                                                                      PEPPERMINT BLAZE ANN
                                              MISS SANDERS 1                                                                    PEPPER A COCO

Calf and heel horse. Good for experienced roper.                                   Nine year old gelding. Used for ranch work and drill team. Ridden by all ages 6
                                                                                   and up. Little bit of a booger on the ground but not when you're riding him.
                                                                                   Started heeling and breakaway.
JJ KADERS DANDY                                             HIP # 247                MAGICALLY A GOOD MAC                                         HIP # 248
            AQHA 4747132 - BAY GELDING JUNE 11, 2004                                         AQHA X0667070 - BLACK GELDING MARCH 24, 2007
OWNER: HARLEY FRY, DON GATES, AGT                                                    OWNER: MEYER HORSE CO.
                            WATCH JOE JACK                                                                                          ZIPPOS MR GOOD BAR
     WATCH BOBBY JOE                                                                          MACS GOOD N PLENTY
                            SONOITA JO                                                                                              MACS DEBUTANTE
WATCH BOBBY REED                                                                     PLENTY OF GOOD MAC
                            DOC'S PRESCRIPTION                                                                                      ZERO MAC
     DOCS CHOCOLATE                                                                           MICHELE MAC
                            MISS POCO 2                                                                                             MR FLEET'S LADY
     BIG STEP IMPRESSIVE    ULTRA LOVE                                                        MAGIC MAC REYNOLDS                    MR MAC REYNOLDS
DIG THAT STEP                                  MISS CONNIE STEP                      MACS MAGICAL APRIL                             GEORGIA RABLING TB
                                               ZEPHYR DEAN                                                                          MR ALMOST FOUR
         SLICK ROCK IONE                                                                      MS LUCY JEAN
                                               SLICK ROCK SHAN                                                                      LANY MAR DECK

Dandy has good conformation with a star and 1 stocking. He is a gentle, patient      Mac is a very shapy gelding that is stout and pretty. He has a pretty head and
gelding and will make someone a great head horse. He has won money on both           good hip. Mac is a very nice mover and is quiet and gentle. He lopes good
sides of team roping, but likes the head side better. He is a big, stout horse and   cirlces with collection and wants to stop. We have used Mac to check pastures
can pull those steers left. He will be great for beginners or intermediate ropers.   and to move mares. He will make a good rope and barrel prospect. 100%
He will put in anyone in the position to win. He is also gentle enough to handle     sound, no vices.
the younger riders too. 100% sound.

YALOO VAN WAGON                                             HIP # 249                SKEEZIX STAR                                                 HIP # 250
        AQHA 3711582 - BROWN GELDING MARCH 11, 1998                                               AQHA 3192797 - SORREL MARE MAY 1, 1993
OWNER: REX MARTIN                                                                    OWNER: PAT CARTER
                                               PORTER VAN                                                                           DOC O'LENA
         VAN TIGUA                                                                            SMART LITTLE LENA
                                               TIGUA HANCOCK                                                                        SMART PEPPY
VAN TIGUA JR                                                                         SMART LITTLE SKEEZIX
                                               PORTER VAN                                                                           COLONEL FRECKLES
         YO VAN YO                                                                            FRECKLES COWBOY
                                               HUMBINGER                                                                            COWBOYS TOTTIE
         SCOUT HONOR                           GOLDEN SCOUT                                   LENA'S VEGAS BOY                      DRY DOC
MISS WAGON SCOUT                               PRIDE OIL                             LENAVEGAS STAR                                 VEGAS MODEL
                                               VAN TIGUA                                                                            TRIPPLE PAT
         MISS POCO TIGUA                                                                      SCOOTIN STAR
                                               MISS POCO ROAN                                                                       SCOOTIN ECHO

Youth All-Around horse for confident rider. Finished heeling horse, started on       A good daughter of Smart Little Skeezix, NCHA $30,667 and NCHA producer.
breakaway. Barrels, poles, goats. Rides pasture, gathers, etc. Not for a heavy       This mare is pasture exposed to Calies Greygun; son of Playgun, and out of the
handed inexperienced rider. No buck. Sound.                                          good cutting mare Calie O Lena; Calies Greygun is a World Show gualifier in
                                                                                     Heading, Heeling, Calf Roping as well as NCHA money earner.

HIGHTS LINCOLN                                              HIP # 251                SWIFTLY DASHIN TB                                            HIP # 252
       AQHA 5207157 - RED ROAN GELDING APRIL 28, 2009                                            - DARK BAY/BROWN GELDING APRIL 14, 2006
OWNER: MATT RARDEN                                                                   OWNER: ROSS DAVIS
                                               SMART LITTLE RONDEE                                                                  IRISH RIVER TB
         SMART LITTLE ROMEO                                                                   SAM THE LION TB
                                               DOCS SPARTA                                                                          BROADWAY LULLABY TB
SMART LITTLE FINCH                                                                   SWIFT LION TB
                                               MAJESTIC SPINNER                                                                     SWIFT AND PROUD TB
         KROGS ROAN LADY                                                                      I'LL MAKE IT SWIFT TB
                                               KROGS SIZZLING BAR                                                                   ENGAGEMENT PARTY TB
         SPOOKS SILVER BAR                     DOC'S SILVER BAR                               RAY'S WORD TB                         VERBATIM TB
DBL EASE SILVER LADY                           HOLLY'S SPOOK                         RACHEL'S DELIGHT TB                            WINABLE TB
                                               TE JAY SILVER DUDE                                                                   TIFFANY ICE TB
         NO DOUBT JACKIE                                                                      LILIANN'S DELIGHT TB
                                               DESTINY LEO ME                                                                       PURE PAGAN TB

Started in round pen and has some riding time. Willing to learn.                     Raced but won little money. Good early speed. I think this horse is a real good
                                                                                     barrel prospect. He is very gentle, use him on a ranch or the trails. He is smart,
                                                                                     learns fast and is very calm.
LEO TIVIO BADGER                                           HIP # 253                MISS OLENA CASH                                              HIP # 254
           AQHA 4370577 - SORREL GELDING MAY 7,2003                                            AQHA 4980227 - SORREL MARE APRIL 12, 2007
OWNER: ZAC REAM                                                                     OWNER: KENNETH ALBUS
                                              COUGARAND                                                                            DASH FOR CASH
         COUGAR AND TIVIO                                                                    MARGIN OF CASH
                                              MISS SUGAR TIVIO                                                                     WIDE MARGIN
QUE TIVIO BADGER HY                                                                 CASH VERN FIVE
                                              DOC QUEDOW                                                                           FLIT FIVE
         QUEDOWS FOLLY                                                                       VERA FIVE
                                              FLOWERS BUBBLE                                                                       DOUBLE CHERRY
         HURACAN PEPPY                        MR SAN PEPPY                                   WHATAPICK                             TANQUERY GIN
SUZIE PEPPY                                   LA HURACAN                            WHATA MISS MAJESTY                             WHATATIP
                                              REAL SNEAKY                                                                          ATHENA BEE
         SNEAKY SUZIE JH                                                                     ATHENA BEE MAJESTY
                                              SUZIE'S HUDSON                                                                       MAJESTY FIVE

A good looking gelding with a lot of talent that has been used outside his whole    Sells open. Pasture bred in past. First foal sold high. Halter broke and nice to
life. He has a lot of run, a nice move and can really face. He has been hauled to   be around.
a few jackpots. Will be shown on video and at the demo. Sound.

DOLLAR SAN PEPPY                                           HIP # 255                POCO GRAFA WAY                                               HIP # 256
         AQHA 5190163 - SORREL STALLION MAY 14, 2009                                        AQHA 5330333 - RED DUN STALLION JUNE 25, 2010
OWNER: RANDY HARRIS                                                                 OWNER: J. W. NOBLE
                                              PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                                     POCO BUENO
         LITTLE PEPPY FAIR                                                                   POCO KING TUCK
                                              TENINO FIAR                                                                          LADY ILLINI 25
TENINOS PEPPY COWBOY                                                                DUNN THE COWBOY WAY
                                              SOUSA QUIXOTE                                                                        POCO FACT
         HADA DEL RANCHO                                                                     DREGERS POCO LASS
                                              LA DE TEJAS                                                                          KATY DILLON
         JAE BAR KERRY                        DOC'S JACK SPRAT                               POCO OJOS GRANDE                      POCO BUENO
HORSE THIEF MOON                              MISS LEO LE                           POCO GRANDE GRAFA                              WIMPY'S OJOS
                                              PEPPY MOTORSCOOTER                                                                   POCO DIEGO 007
         SCOOTARI                                                                            POCO MECANOGRAFA
                                              BAHIA TARI                                                                           WANA CLINTON

Very nice colt. Good mind. Great conformation and ready to start.                   Foundation bred top and bottom. Very good temperament. Lots of color. Will
                                                                                    lead, load, tie, etc. Very athletic and gentle. Well muscled and correct. This
                                                                                    colt will make about any type of horse you want without much effort. Look him

VAQUERO IN HOLLYWOOD                                       HIP # 257                DOX HOT SHOT                                                 HIP # 258
       AQHA 4755261 - CHESTNUT GELDING APRIL 28, 2005                                          AQHA 4796026 - BAY GELDING MARCH 21, 2006
                            MAJOR BONANZA                                                                                          JEWEL'S LEO BARS
     THE MAJOR LEGEND                                                                        FRECKLES PLAYBOY
                            ANN DOC BAR                                                                                            GAY JAY
MAJOR VAQUERO                                                                       PEGIS PLAYBOY
                            GOLSEEKER BARDOT                                                                                       PEPPY SAN BADGER
     NOW DARLING                                                                             PEGIS PRETTY PEPPY
                            DUDES PET                                                                                              QUARANTENA
     HOLLYWOOD DUN IT       HOLLYWOOD JAC 86                                                 DOX WARBLER                           DOC O'LENA
DUNITS REINING HEIR                           BLOSSOM BERRY                         JRL DOX PEPPY BELLE                            LEOMORA
                                              TOPSAIL CODY                                                                         PEPPYS DOC
         HEIR TO REIN                                                                        JRL YOGIS SNOWFLAKE
                                              MISS POCO 172                                                                        YOGIS MAJOREY

Plenty of speed and ability here. He has had 8 months of heading and heeling        Nice five year old. Started on reining. Stops, spins, neck reins. Loads in
training and has been hauled to some jackpots. Lots of ranch work. Shown in         trailer, stands for shoer. Easy to catch. Gentle and sound.
AQHA Versatility, winner in 2010. Great spins.
PLAYFUL LITTLE KITTY                                      HIP # 259               CN SHINE BIG TIME                                          HIP # 260
         AQHA 5201016 - CHESTNUT MARE MARCH 2, 2009                                       AQHA 5031947 - BUCKSKIN GELDING MAY 10, 2007
OWNER: IVEY QUARTER HORSES                                                        OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT
                                             HIGH BROW HICKORY                                                SHINING SPARK
         HIGH BROW CAT                                                                  SHINING KING CODY
                                             SMART LITTLE KITTY                                               LANCEOLITA
LITTLE FRECKLES CAT                                                               WR SHINING PAVO
                                             FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                                 PEPPYS PAVO
         FRECKLES FROM HEAVEN                                                           MISS PAVO DEGREE
                                             PEPPYS FROM HEAVEN                                               MISS NIFTY ALEJO
         PLAYGUN                             FRECKLES PLAYBOY                           PANS LYNX LEO         PANS LITTLE ROAN
MISS PLAYGUN                                 MISS SILVER PISTOL                   NOBLEBOONLEOMERCEDE                           GO LYNX LEO
                                             GENUINE DOC                                                                        JJJ BIG STEP LEO
         GENUINE ROSE                                                                      NOBLE DOCBAR LEOSTEP
                                             DEE WATTY                                                                          NOBLE BARBEST STEP

She is by a NCHA money earning son of High Brow Cat and out of a daughter         Dun in the right color! Shining Spark, Leo and Mr San Peppy bred. Big, easy
of Freckles Playboy. Dam is an own daughter of Playgun. This filly has a lot of   and smooth moving. Lots of potential as a performer or ranch work. Used on
potential!                                                                        the ranch and some arena work. Turns and stops great.

DULCES JOANIE SIX                                         HIP # 261               CHIEF BLAZING SOX                                          HIP # 262
         AQHA 4759635 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 5, 2005                                       AQHA 4620713 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 26, 2004
OWNER: GABBY EDWARDS                                                              OWNER: G. W. JACKSON
                                             PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                                   PEPPY SAN
         DULCES PEPPY                                                                      IMAPEPPYSANDOC
                                             SANDIA DULCE                                                                       DOC'S MADONNA
DP FRECKLED LENA                                                                  PEP N FRECK
                                             SMART LITTLE LENA                                                                  COLONEL FRECKLES
         KARINA LENA                                                                       FRECKLES MISTRESS
                                             LISSA LENA                                                                         JIM BAR YUCCA
         JOANIES SIX                         TANQUERY GIN                                  ENVISTAED FUTURE                     SONNY VISTA BAR
MISS JOANIES DOLL                            CEE HOLLY JOANIE                     MOLLY SOX LOU                                 LEO DOLLY BARS
                                             CLEVER BOY                                                                         MR HIGH SOCKS
         MISS LIBERTY BAY                                                                  BOBBIE SOX LOU
                                             MISS LIBERTY SANDY                                                                 LITTLE LEO LOU

This is my ribbon roping and goat tying horse. I won the ribbon roping and        Big, stout, sorrel gelding. Gentle, sound and been used in feedyard. Roped
breakaway roping on him nearly every time last summer! I have used him the        outside cattle and been in ranch rodeo's.
last two years, he just keeps getting better. He will watch a cow pretty good.
Loves to jerk one over. Look at him-for a sorrel he is gorgeous! Broke to ride
and gentle for anyone. My dad rides him in the feedyard in my off season. He
is really broke.

DUNNY                                                     HIP # 263               MAHOGANY SUNRISE                                           HIP # 264
                  GRADE - DUN GELDING APRIL 2004                                             AQHA 5296897 - SORREL MARE APRIL 12, 2010
OWNER: CODY & JENNIFER ANDERTON                                                   OWNER: KADEE GRUBBS
                                                                                                                                MR BLACKBURN 41
                                                                                           MR BLACKBURN HOLLY
                                                                                  MR BLACKBURN TUCKER
                                                                                                                                STEVE TUCKER
                                                                                           KRISTYS TUCKER
                                                                                                                                KRISTY KING
                                                                                           DOC'S MAHOGANY                       DOC BAR
                                                                                  MAHOGANY SAN                                  JANDON
                                                                                                                                SCANDAL SAN
                                                                                           ROYALETA SAN
                                                                                                                                ROYALETA HOLLY
By a Bar Dee-Mr Blackburn stud and out of a Texas Kicker mare. Been heeling
for a year on him. Lots of potential for a calf horse! Raised and used on the     Halter broke, trailers, trims, stands tied and ground manners started. Sunnee is
ranch all his life. Nice horse! Great color!                                      sweet and seems to be well minded.
QUESTION SILVER LEO                                        HIP # 265             EYED BE A FROST                                            HIP # 266
            AQHA 5191749 - SORREL MARE MAY 12, 2009                                         AQHA 4870137 - GRAY GELDING MAY 28, 2006
OWNER: HOWARD TOMPKINS                                                           OWNER: BOBBY ARMIJO
                                              MR SAN PEPPY                                                                     SUN FROST
         RIO ROCK DOC                                                                     PAT COWAN
                                              DRYS MISTY SMOKE                                                                 MISS 3 JOHN
QUESTION ROCK LEO                                                                COWANS BLUE COWBOY
                                              DOC J JAYS SILVER                                                                BUNNY PAT JACK
         QUESTION SKIPPA                                                                  JACKS ACE LADY
                                              SKIPPA QUESTION                                                                  SUSAN'S ACE
         DOC J JAYS SILVER                    DOC'S J JAY                                 FROSTY FEATURE                       TRUCKLE FEATURE
JAYS SILVER LEO                               HY SILVER HOPE                     ROMANS FEATURE                                MISS LEO FROST
                                              POCO DIEGO 007                                                                   HOW D ROMAN
         DIEGO LEO                                                                        PEEKABOO RHYTHM
                                              SKIPPA LEO                                                                       RHYTHM SKIPS

This colt is gentle, halter broke can lead and handle very well. She's had her   Good looking five year old gray gelding. Sound and broke to ride. Sun Frost
feet handled and trimmed.                                                        bred horse's are proven show and rodeo performers. Take a good look! You
                                                                                 will like him!

WATCH ZIPPOS SILVER                                        HIP # 267             LES GLOS PRINCE                                            HIP # 268
            AQHA 3578334 - GRAY GELDING MAY 1, 1997                                       AQHA 4415741 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 23, 2003
OWNER: SANDY E. WINFREY                                                          OWNER: MARK CRULL, VIC OGLE, AGT
                                              ZIPPO PINE BAR                                                  JEWEL'S LEO BARS
         ZIPPO CASH BAR                                                                COLONEL FRECKLES
                                              WYONA DOLCASH                                                   CHRISTY JAY
SONNY GO CASH                                                                    LES GLOS COLONEL
                                              SONNY GO LUCKY                                                  LES GLO
         GO LUCKY DOLL                                                                 LES GLO'S SUE
                                              WYTRO CUPIE DOLL                                                SOOTY SUE
         WATCH JOE TONY                       WATCH JOE JACK                           BINGO HICKORY          DOC'S HICKORY
WATCHTONY GRAY ANGEL                          HARLA TONA                         BINGO PRINCESS                                BINGO QUIXOTE
                                              MR CHUCKAWAY REED                                                                SNYDER PRINCE
         MISS SPICE DECE                                                                  PRINCESS BERG
                                              SWEETIES GINGER                                                                  MISS GINGER BERG

                                                                                 Fancy head horse. Sound, gentle eight year old sorrel gelding. Son of Les
                                                                                 Glos Colonel. Trained by John Phillip. Hauled to the PRCA. Won at every

LQ NAVARRO                                                 HIP # 269             BEES PEPPY                                                 HIP # 270
          AQHA 4281442 - BROWN GELDING APRIL 6, 2002                                     AQHA 3839518 - RED ROAN GELDING MAY 10, 1999
OWNER: ALBERT PACHECO, PETER MARTENS, AGT                                        OWNER: STEVEN R. and/or WANDA S. LANGE, BRANDON
                           ROCKET WRANGLER                                       REYSTEAD, AGT
      DASH FOR CASH                                                                                           PEPPY SAN
                           FIND A BUYER TB                                            DOCS SUPER SAN
CASHIN MAN                                                                                                    DOC'S LOBLOLLY
                           RUNAWAY WINNER                                        SHARLAS PEPPY
      FLASHIN IT                                                                                              HANAWINKLE
                           HEMP N FLASH                                               KAYDEE KING
      RAISE YOUR GLASS TB                                                                                     QUARTER'S MAY
                           RAISE A NATIVE TB
                                                                                      FIESTA PIE              PIE IN THE SKY
RAISE A SWIFT LADY                            CHAMPAGNE WOMAN TB
                                                                                 MAKIT EASY BEE                                FIESTA DATE
                                              MR MASTER BUG
         THE SWIFT LADY                                                                                                        ROCKET REBEL
                                              LADY AFTON BUG                              BLACK ROCKETTE
                                                                                                                               MILADY ROBIN REED

                                                                                 Owner is too busy to enjoy this big red roan gelding-the grandkids did though!
                                                                                 General training and two months team roping and ranch riding this spring.
RIO TEXAS GUN                                                HIP # 271              MISS SMOKIN SUNSPOT                                         HIP # 272
          AQHA 4389140 - SORREL GELDING MAY 10, 2003                                             AQHA 4496575 - GRAY MARE APRIL 18, 2003
OWNER: DASCO CATTLE CO.                                                             OWNER: JOHN O. BERRY
                                                FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                                                  JEWEL'S LEO BARS
         YOUNG GUN                                                                           FRECKLES PLAYBOY
                                                LENAETTE                                                                          GAY JAY
YOUNG RIO GUNNER                                                                    FRECKLES SMOKIN DOC
                                                DOC QUIXOTE                                                                       DOC'S SMOKE
         MONEY TALKS RIO                                                                     MISS DOC SMOKE
                                                MONEY FROM HOME                                                                   DOC'S LOBLOLLY
         DOX WARBLER                            DOC O'LENA                                   LITTLE DOC CHANCE                    DOCS BLACK BADGER
MISS TEXAS LENA                                 LEONORA                             LITTLE MISS SUNSPOT                           JEAN CHANCE
                                                MR SNOOPER                                                                        CHANO WAGGONER
         SPOTTED WIGGY                                                                       MISS SUNSPOT
                                                SPOTTED FLY                                                                       NATCHI WAGGONER

Good looking, gentle and broke. Doctored outside cattle, drug calves, worked        This is a good mare. We are using her babies today.
the gate, and anything else you can think of on a ranch. Used in ranch rodeo's
and shown in ranch horse competitions. Started on the head side and can
really run. Nice horse!

HESTRAIT HOLLYWOOD                                           HIP # 273              SH SMOKIN YALL                                              HIP # 274
              AQHA 4475101 - GRAY GELDING MAY 2003                                                 AQHA 4710772 - BAY MARE MAY 23, 2005
OWNER: HOLLIS VAUGHN                                                                OWNER: TERRY YOUNG
                                                PEPPY SAN BADGER                                                                  PEPPY SAN BADGER
         LITTLE PEPPY FAIR                                                                   PEPPYCREE
                                                TENINO FAIR                                                                       CRELENA
LEOS PEPPY FAIR                                                                     PLAYED IN THE CREEK
                                                SOUSA QUIXOTE                                                                     FRECKLES PLAYBOY
         MS QUIXOTE UTOPIAN                                                                  TOPLESS PLAYGIRL
                                                TOP NUN                                                                           ONE LUNG
         STRAIT SILVER                          QUICKSIL COMMAND                             REGERSCAN DO                         LEO GOLDSEEKER
SHESTRAIT HOLLYWOOD                             BUENO CHEX BONITA                   SMOKIN CAN DO                                 EXCUSE BAY LADY
                                                SIX CHICK                                                                         SMOKEY TEE
         CHICKALL                                                                            MISTY RAMONA
                                                ALL SILVER                                                                        SPANISH RAMONA

This is a beautiful horse that absolutely anyone can ride with plenty of ability.   Awesome, gentle and loves people. Sixty days with cutting trainer. Very
Ready to go rope-head or heel, also great ranch horse. Been lots of miles           athletic, can go any direction. Great bloodlines, with point earners, money
outside in real rocky rough country. Plenty of cattle roped outside on him and      earners and World Champion in pedigree.
drug lots of calves.

JENNYS GOTTA GUN                                             HIP # 275              CN FLASHY BOON DOC                                          HIP # 276
           AQHA 4934023 - SORREL MARE MARCH 3, 2006                                       AQHA 4831656 - PALOMINO GELDING MARCH 29, 2006
OWNER: AARON SMITH                                                                  OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT
                                                JEWEL'S LEO BARS                                                BIG STEP
         FRECKLES PLAYBOY                                                                NOBLE LUCKY BIG STEP
                                                GAY JAY                                                         NOBLE'S JUNE BABE
YOUNG GUN                                                                           NOBLES STEP DOC BOON
                                                DOC O'LENA                                                      BOON BAR
         LENAETTE                                                                        NOBLE BARBEST STEP
                                                BAR SOCKS BABE                                                  NOBLE DOLLY MCCUE
         PEPPY SAN BADGER                       MR SAN PEPPY                             PANS LYNX LEO          PANS LITTLE ROAN
TABASCO MISS                                    SUGAR BADGER                        NOBLEBOONGOLDEN GIRL                          GO LYNX LEO
                                                DOC'S LYNX                                                                        BUENOS SANCHO
         LYNX BAR LEGACY                                                                     NOBLE LILFLASHSTEPER
                                                ROYAL BAR LEGACY                                                                  NOBLE LIGHTNIN STEP

Finished cutter. Will be Amateur or Non-Pro. Also ridden outside and in the         This flashy yellow gelding is an eye catcher. He has tracked calves and has a
pens. Drug calves to the fire. Anyone can ride. Will show at demo. Sire,            trememdous stop. Used on the ranch gathering and penning cattle.
Young Gun, NCHA $34,749.35. Dam, Tabasco Miss is a producer of NCHA
money earners of $105,349.21.
BERTS SUGAR REED                                           HIP # 277              CAPITAL                                                      HIP # 278
          AQHA 4948866 - RED DUN GELDING MAY 4, 2007                                                  GRADE - SORREL GELDING 2006
OWNER: VICTORIA WYLIE & GAIL VILLAREALE                                           OWNER: RICARDO LOPEZ
                              KINGS STARFIRE
                              DOMINOS DUSKY DELL
                              BERT LEO
                              INDIAN POLE
      ROYAL FINISH            SUGAR BARS
ROYAL SUGAR REED                              ROYAL SUGAR DROP
                                              WHISKEY BERT
                                              DOCS ROSETTE
                                                                                  Beautiful sorrel with white stripe on face and back left leg white. Lots of mane
This is a nice four year old red dun gelding. He is being ridden by my daughter   and tail. He's been working in the feedyard for ten months. A very friendly
and is going to be started on breakaway and maybe heading before sale day.        horse and easy to work with. Knows some what with roping cows.
He has a foundation pedigree. See at demo.

BACAS LUCKY GEM                                            HIP # 279              CAN CON FOR MONEY                                            HIP # 280
             AQHA 5205940 - DUN MARE APRIL 28, 2009                                       AQHA X0638927 - RED ROAN GELDING JUNE 8, 2003
OWNER: BOB & JULIENNE LOWE                                                        OWNER: S & M BARNS
                                              TWO EYED JACK                                                                       THE CONTINENTAL
         JACK TWO STAR                                                                     BROTHER CAN
                                              STARABAR                                                                            NANCY COX
BACAS TWO STAR GEM                                                                HANDCRAFTED CAN
                                              LINEBARS BLUEBOY                                                                    SPOTTED DARE TB
         BACAS GEM                                                                         SPOTTED MARY
                                              BACAS GEMINI RED                                                                    PEE WEE KITTEN
         DUNDEE COLONEL                       COLONEL LEGION                               BAR MONEYS CODY                        THREE JETS CODY
LUCKY DUNDETTE                                PISTOLS ARIA                        CODYS CLASSY BELLE                              MONEY'S BEST
                                              PLANO GEM                                                                           NIGHTLY'S PLEASURE TB
         PLANO FUNNY FACE                                                                  PATTY BELLE TB
                                              BACA SOLANOS                                                                        BRASH BELLE TB

Real classy filly. We have done a lot of ground work with her. She is gentle      Nice, odd color, a waste to sit at my barn. Bred to do it all! Nice barrel, roping
and has a great disposition. Will make a nice all around mare. Sound.             or show prospect. Awesome on trails. AKA Trump.

CLAYS POCO LADY                                            HIP # 281              A BOON PISTOL                                                HIP # 282
             AQHA 4059448 - GRAY MARE MAY 13, 2000                                         AQHA 5335859 - SORREL GELDING APRIL 18, 2010
OWNER: WESLEY GRAU                                                                OWNER: DALLAS TALKINGTON, KIP DEFOOR, AGT
                                              PRERECORDED                                                      PEPTOBOONSMAL
         PREPPYS BID                                                                    BOONLIGHT DANCER
                                              REBS BID                                                         LITTLE DANCER LENA
CLAYS BID                                                                         IMA BOONLIGHT DANCER
                                              SKIPBAR SUPREME                                                  DOC'S JACK SPRAT
         GRACE N GLORY                                                                  JAE BAR HEATHER
                                              ROOSTER'S GIRL                                                   MISS LEO LE
         SMOOTH SILVER LAD                    STRAIT SILVER                             SMART LITTLE PISTOL    SMART LITTLE LENA
SMOOTH POCO LADY                              SMOOTH MAY                          PRETTY LITTLE HANAH                             MISS SILVER PISTOL
                                              GAMBLIN TICKET                                                                      PEPONITA
         BURGESS Y POCO                                                                    PEPS PRETTY NITA
                                              ZIPS POCO PLAYGIRL                                                                  ROYAL PRETTY

HYPP-N/N.                                                                         A real nice Dancer colt out of a Smart Little Pistol mare. Very athletic and nice
                                                                                  to look at.
JONESY GOLD                                                HIP # 283             MR KING CHIP                                               HIP # 284
       AQHA 4828940 - PALOMINO GELDING APRIL 18, 2005                                    APHA 803655 - DUN/OVERO GELDING MAY 20, 2004
OWNER: BUNK FARLEY                                                               OWNER: GRAY GALLACHER
                                              DRY DOC                                                                          ZIPS CHOCOLATE CHIP
         DRY SMOKY LEO                                                                    CHIP AHOY TOMMY
                                              PRICES CHRISTY LEO                                                               MISS ROYAL SCOTCH
JONES PANCHO DOC BAR                                                             ZIPPO CHIP
                                              POCOS SONITA                                                                     INVESTA GLOW
         RAFTER L POCOS LADY                                                              INVESTA ZIPPO
                                              LADY PANCHOETTE                                                                  BONNIE BAR CUE
         IMA VEGAS DANDEE                     IMA DANDEE BAR                              DOC SILVERS KING                     PAJARITO DOC
MISS SMOKY GIRL                               SCENTED SILK                       DOC SANDY KING                                LOLA FIVE
                                              CLABBER BAR SR                                                                   MR SWEETMILK
         MISS SMOKY BLUE                                                                  MISS SWEETMILK KING
                                              IMA BLUE BIRD                                                                    LULU FIVE

This gelding is a great all around using horse. We have used him for all ranch   Super gentle seven year old. Ranch raised. One owner. Very stout to horn,
work in the feedlot. He is very well mannered.                                   rates cattle nice out of box. Head or heel. See him at demo.

FOUR HAPPY 019                                             HIP # 285             ERNIE PEPPER                                               HIP # 286
          AQHA 3814438 - SORREL GELDING MAY 4, 1999                                        AQHA 4995843 - SORREL GELDING MAY 23, 2007
OWNER: TIM RIDDLE                                                                OWNER: MEYER HORSE CO.
                                              THE CONTINENTAL                                                                  MR SAN PEPPY
         CONTINENTAL FLY                                                                  PEPPY SAN BADGER
                                              MY BEAVER 6                                                                      SUGAR BADGER
FIGUREFOUR HAPPY 518                                                             ANNIES LITTLE PEPPER
                                              HAPPY HANCOCK                                                                    DOC O' LENA
         HAPPY HANCOCK 18                                                                 ANNOLENA
                                              EDDIE LEE                                                                        SKEETS CHICK
         THIRSTY BEGGAR                       BEGGAR TOOTS                                MASTER MERADA                        FRECKLES MERADA
FIGURE FOUR 319                               SUE'S PEPOO                        MERADAS POKEMON                               KINGS MASTERPIECE
                                              EDDIE EIGHTY FIVE                                                                DOC O NINERS FOX
         AV TWENTY ONE                                                                    DOC O BOOnS TARA
                                              FROSTY HOPE                                                                      BOONS DOLLEY

This is a pretty gelding that was born and raised on the Haythorn Ranch. We      Pepper is a handsome sorrel gelding. Grandson of Peppy San Badger. Quiet
have also hauled him to some ranch rodoes and jackpots. Sells 100% sound.        and gentle for just about anyone. He is a great heel horse with a big stop and
                                                                                 turn around. We have ranched on him and he excells at everything he does.
                                                                                 Take him in any direction and enjoy him.

DOCS BARTENDER JEWEL                                       HIP # 287             DEVONS FLYING PIE                                          HIP # 288
         AQHA 3732162 - SORREL STALLION APRIL 7, 1998                                         AQHA 5211387 - GRAY MARE APRIL 1, 2009
OWNER: BODEE BALDWIN                                                             OWNER: JAMES LEE ODLE
                                              LIGHTNING BAR                                                                    STORM CAT
         DOC BAR                                                                          DEVON LANE
                                              DANDY DOLL                                                                       TO THE HUNT
DOCS BUDHA                                                                       DEVONS SIGNATURE
                                              KING HOLLY BAR                                                                   THE SIGNATURE
         HOLLY BAR MAID                                                                   SHIRLEYS SIGNATURE
                                              SABER'S PREACHER                                                                 SHIRLEY B GAYLE
         PONCHO FRECKLES                      COLONEL FRECKLES                            PIE IN THE SKY                       EASY JET
PONCHO CROWN JEWEL                            SPICY TOAST                        FLY ON THE PIE                                MISS JELLY ROLL
                                              FOX EASTER                                                                       ROCKET BAR
         FOXY JEWEL                                                                       FLYING ROCKETTE
                                              SQUAW'S JEWEL                                                                    FLY STRAW

Good natured stud. Sound to breed. Throws duns and blacks. Sound.                This filly is halter broke and has been saddled a few times and ridden some.
                                                                                 You will like this good looking gray filly. Her sire, Devons Signature has a SI
                                                                                 100; ROM, placed All Amercian Futurity, Los Alamitos Winter Derby, Rainbow
                                                                                 Derby, All American Gold Cup. His dam, Fly On The Pie has 4 ROM foals
                                                                                 (Hesa Fly On The Pie; Pies Flying Effort; Jets Special Effort, Backed By Pie).
DOCS RIPPED OFF                                             HIP # 289              BLACK PEPPY BARON                                         HIP # 290
       AQHA 4932496 - BAY ROAN GELDING APRIL 24, 2007                                         AQHA 5239216 - BROWN MARE MARCH 5, 2009
                           AZUL CABALLO AMIGO                                                                  DUSTERS JEREMY
      REED ME AZUL                                                                       LX BLACK BEE
                           PEPPYS HY REED                                                                      MONUBEE
AZULS RIPPED OFF                                                                   LX BLACK BARON
                           BLUE JAY BABE                                                                       BARON BELL
      ALEXS RIPPED OFF                                                                   BELL JACKETTA
                           NORTHERN RIP OFF                                                                    JACKETTA
      CHAPS DRIFTWOOD      SNIPPYS DRIFTWOOD                                             FIGURE FOUR FRITZ     SNICKELFRITZ CHEX
DOCS COW LADY                                  FROSTY'S SASSY BAR                  FIGURE FOUR PEPPY JS                         HANCOCK CINCO
                                               DELLS CHICK                                                                      SAN TIP
         TRULY DIAMOND DUN                                                                  TIPS TWENTY EIGHT
                                               LISAS BUR DUN                                                                    HAPPY HANCOCK 28

Rip is a pretty well built bay roan gelding. He was born in rough country out in   Roping prospect deluxe! Very gentle, nice made, moving so she's got to go!
Wyoming. Rip is athletic and should make a top notch gelding. He is started        Comes from a line of money earning roping horses.
under saddle and is bred to be tough. 100% sound.

MCCUES PISTOL PETE                                          HIP # 291              DOLL                                                      HIP # 292
      APHA 688349 - BAY/TOBIANO GELDING JUNE 22, 2002                                                 GRADE - BLUE ROAN MARE 2006
OWNER: SCOTT CLUGY                                                                 OWNER: CLAY DANNELLEY
                                               KINGFISHER MCCUE
                                               LJ IMPS LEO DIAMON
                                               IMPRESSIVE DUAL
                                               FUNNYFACE VICTORY
         CHIQUITO DIABLO                       DOCS DIABLO
MISS MINKA PISTOL                              BANBOX
                                               DRY ROCK PISTOL
                                                                                   3 in 1 package. She has a filly on her side. She has been exposed to Leevas
Well built paint gelding. Has been used for general cow work and has sixty         Native. She had sixty days riding when she was a two year old. Very athletic.
days in the arena heading.                                                         Her colts have been very responsive to work with.

APACHE TIME                                                 HIP # 293              COWBOY ROYAL TWIST                                        HIP # 294
       APHA 537736 - BAY/TOBIANO MARE MARCH 12, 1999                                        AQHA 5333248 - SORREL STALLION MAY 27, 2010
OWNER: CASEY REINERT                                                               OWNER: RANDY HARRIS
                                               UTOPIAN                                                                          PEPPY SAN BADGER
         MOORE UTOPIAN                                                                      LITTLE PEPPY FAIR
                                               AXES SALLEY                                                                      TENINO FAIR
TOBYSLITTLEAPACHE                                                                  TENINOS PEPPY COWBOY
                                               TODD'S RIDGE BAR                                                                 SOUSA QUIXOTE
         HONEYCREEK MYJEWEL                                                                 HADA DEL RANCHO
                                               JIM DANDI ROPER                                                                  LA DE TEJAS
         STANSTEAD TB                          GUMMO TB                                     JAE BAR KERRY                       DOC'S JACK SPRAT
MEDALISAS FIRST TB                             ECUSSION TB                         MISS BO DITTO                                MISS LEO LE
                                               IMPRESSIVE TB                                                                    ST BAR
         MEDALISA TB                                                                        MISS SAINT BAR
                                               AMPHIMACER TB                                                                    HOLLAND'S TWIST

We have used her just like the geldings. Gathered wild cattle and at the rodeos    Fancy colt. Lots of chrome. Really well made from proven ranch horse
and bull ridings. Headed on in the arena. Gentle and sound.                        bloodlines.
CREDITS MISS BLEND                                          HIP # 295              JOHN                                                        HIP # 296
           AQHA 3791359 - SORREL MARE APRIL 10, 1999                                               GRADE - BAY/TOBIANO GELDING 2001
OWNER: G. M. "DOGIE" JONES                                                         OWNER: G & S
                                              DASH FOR CASH
         MISS N CASH
                                              DOC N MISSY
                                              DENUINE DOC
                                              SHANNA SAN
         BRITE BLEND                          CALL ME NUGGET
MISSY BRITE                                   MISS SAILOR BLEND
                                              BAR O SCHOOL BOY
                                              WATROUS MISSY
                                                                                   This little paint gelding stands 14.2 hands and weighs 1100 lbs. He is gentle all
Sire, Genuine Credit, I purchased from Carol Rose of Gainesville, TX, he has       the time. Very friendly, likes people. No bad habits. He rides excellent, quiet
lots of cow and is very fast. Dam is a good producer and is in foal to "A Night    and low headed. Used in feedyard. Perfect family horse.
Train", who is by an AQHA Hall of Fame Stallion "Great Pine". She has good
size and is very attractive.

PATTIS FIRST THOUGHT                                        HIP # 297              CN DOLLARSTEP SHINE                                         HIP # 298
           AQHA 4846486 - BROWN MARE APRIL 11, 2006                                       AQHA 5007085 - PALOMINO GELDING APRIL 24, 2007
OWNER: RICHARD HUGHES                                                              OWNER: CHARLES NOBLE, JANE DEBORD, AGT
                                              DASH FOR CASH                                                    SHINING SPARK
         FIRST DOWN DASH                                                                 SHINING KING CODY
                                              FIRST PRIZE ROSE                                                 LANCEOLITA
FIRST THOUGHTS                                                                     WR SHINING PAVO
                                              SHAWNE BUG                                                       PEPPYS PAVO
         BUGGED THOUGHTS                                                                 MISS PAVO DEGREE
                                              LEGAL THOUGHTS                                                   MISS NIFTY ALEJO
         SITTING ON GO                        CHRISTOPHER R. TB                          BUENOS SANCHO         SANCHO SNIP
PATTIS SITTER                                 SUZIE JET                            NOBLE SAN DOLLARSTEP                          BUENO'S RED LADY
                                              DASHES EAGLE                                                                       NOBLE ALEJOS STEP
         EAGLES PATTI                                                                       NOBLES CRIMSON STEP
                                              MISS GO NATIVE                                                                     NOBLE CHARLOTISTEP

Sire, First Thoughts, SI 103 and he ran out $233,991 at the track and he has       Yellow gelding born and bred working cow horse. Shining Spark and San Peppy
winners on the track. Dam, Pattis Sitter, AAA and ran out $35,365. This filly is   breeding. Poco Bueno and Big Step on the bottom. Lots of turn and stop to him.
good looking and a granddaughter of FIRST DOWN DASH.                               Used on the ranch.

BLUES LITTLE CHIP                                           HIP # 299              HUSKY                                                       HIP # 300
          AQHA 4569726 - GRAY GELDING MARCH 30, 2004                                               GRADE - SORREL/PAINT GELDING 2000
OWNER: DAVID OR EVA SCHOUBROEK                                                     OWNER: DASCO CATTLE CO.
                           BLULARK BAR
                           MARY CHARLES
                           THINKIN LYNX
                           FUTURE BID
JESSIES LITTLE BUG                            PRISSY MINNIE
                                              THE INVISIBLE BUG
         BUGS GO BABY GO
                                              BUDS WINAMOON
                                                                                   14.1 hands, eleven year old sorrel/paint gentle grade gelding. Been used
100% sound. Ridden outside. Needs experienced rider. No kid horse.                 during this spring works by eight year old girl. Blaze with four stockings.

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