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					                      Sarah A. Van Orman, MD
                                  1815 Capital Avenue
                                   Madison, WI 53705
                                  Home: 608-236-4235
                                  Office: 608-890-1696

Professional Experience
Director of Clinical Services, University Health Services                   February 2007 to present

Responsible for clinical, financial, educational, and administrative aspects of medical
services at University Health Services.

•   Recruited new managers for the Community Health, Primary Care, Primary Care
    Training Program, and Administrative Teams within Clinical Services. Hired and
    oversaw training for seven new support staff.
•   Provides medical oversight to Primary Care, Women’s Health, Dermatology,
    Allergy/Immunization, Travel, Blue Bus Clinic (STI screening and treatment) and
    Community Health clinics with estimated annual visits of 52,000 and a total clinical
    staff of 47.6 FTE.
•   Led major reorganization of Primary Care and Travel Medicine services, including
    implementation of a rapid access scheduling system, establishment of group
    appointments, and restructuring of support staff roles.
•   Reorganized and transferred administrative responsibility for telephone scheduling
    personnel into clinical services.
•   Developed and implemented a universal screening instrument for depression and
    alcohol misuse now used for all student patients.
•   Implemented new policies for respiratory hygiene, controlled substance prescribing,
    medical emergencies, and pharmaceutical samples.
•   Collaborated with the Student Health Insurance Plan Manager to assist the UWSMPH
    in the introduction and implementation of a mandatory health insurance requirement
    for medical students.
•   Introduced measurement and application of American College Health Association
    productivity standards for clinical providers.
•   Provides oversight of clinical training programs for Internal Medicine, Pediatrics,
    family Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynecology resident physicians, 3rd and 4th year
    medical students, and senior nursing students. Supplied interim leadership during
    vacancy of Teaching Program Director.
•   Developed methodology to accurately determine visit costs in Clinical Services by
    reorganization of cost centers and accurate allocation of administrative costs.
•   Provided executive leadership for implementation of a clinical information system as
    chair of the CIS Implementation Committee, fundamentally altering practice within
    both clinical and counseling services through enhanced patient safety, opportunities
    for quality improvement and enhanced reporting and billing capabilities.
•   Participant in Kaufman Administrative Development Program.

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Co-Chair, Benchmarking Committee of ACHA                                    May 2007-present

Coordinates national benchmarking activities of the American College Health
Association (ACHA).

•   Leads the development of a standardized patient satisfaction survey for the American
    College Health Association. The survey, when complete, will represent the first
    nationally benchmarked patient satisfaction instrument for College Health Centers.
•   Collaboratively developing a first draft of clinical benchmarks for college health.
    Draft presentation at ACHA annual convention, Orlando, 2008.
•   Collaborator for ACHA facilities survey, Spring 2008.

Medical Director, University of Chicago Student Care Center                  July 2000-February 2007

Oversight responsibilities for the clinical, educational and administrative aspects of
medical services at the Student Care Center (SCC).

•   Improved SCC services, leading to exponential growth from an average of 12,000 to
    25,000 annual visits while reducing per visit cost by 25%.
•   Introduced specialty services-physical therapy, gynecology, allergy/immunology, and
    sport’s medicine.
•   Oversaw development of a comprehensive health education program with
    administration of the ACHA-National College Health Assessment and adoption of
    ACHA standards for health promotion.
•   Created emergency response plan for the Student Care Center. Participated in the
    creation of an university-wide emergency planning committee.
•   Developed and implemented an electronic database for tracking immunization
•   Maintained accreditation standards for the Joint Commission
•   Chaired the student health insurance review committee. Capitated primary services
    within the health center and restructured insurance benefits to control insurance
    premiums. Reduced annual premium increase from 30% to less than 5%.
•   Built alliances between university administration, student services staff, and the
    medical center.
•   Served as Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME) Re-accreditation Task
    Force Member.
•   Served as a Sexual Harassment Complaint Advisor.

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Assistant Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics                           July 2000-February 2007

•   Maintained active general internal medicine and pediatric practice.
•   Faculty member for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics combined residency. Served as
    clinical preceptor, mentor, and developed outpatient clinical curriculum.
•   Physician for the University of Chicago, Department of Psychiatry, Eating Disorders
        o Provided clinical care for adolescent and adults with eating disorders.
        o Developed and oversaw medical evaluation and treatment guidelines for
            inpatient and outpatient care of patients with eating disorders.
        o Lectured on medical management of eating disorders to students, staff,
            faculty, residents, and mental health professionals.

Secondary Science Teacher, Charter Corps, Teach for America              August 1990-June 1992

Taught secondary school science at Hancock Central High School in Sparta, Georgia.

Training and Education
Resident, University of Chicago Hospitals
Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Chicago, Illinois

M.D., Mayo Medical School
Rochester, Minnesota

B.A., Physics
Carleton College
Northfield, Minnesota

Licensure and Certification
Board Certified Pediatrics, 2000, Recertified, 2007
Board Certified Internal Medicine, 2000
Licensed Physician, State of Wisconsin

Outstanding Clinician Educator Award, 2005. Midwest Society for General Internal

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Professional Societies

•   Member, American College Health Association
•   Co-Chair, Benchmarking Committee of the American College Health Association
•   Chair-elect, Clinical Medicine Section of the American College Health Association
•   Member, American College of Physicians
•   Member, Student Health at Academic Medical Centers Association
•   Big 10 Health Directors Association

Research Support

• 2004-2006, Principal Investigator “Noctis Sero (Late Night).” U.S. Department of
  Education Award for Model Drug and Alcohol Prevention Programs on College
• 2003-2006, Co-Investigator “Treatment of Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa.” NIH
• 2003-2006, Principle Investigator “University of Chicago Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco
  and Health Assessment Survey”
• July 2002-2003. Co-Investigator “Community Based Smoking Cessation in Urban
  Africans” and “Comprehensive Smoking Cessation Program: Trial in University
  Students.” University of Chicago Cancer Center.
• " July 2000-June 2002. Co-Investigator “Adopt a Pediatrician.”
• September 2000-June 2002. Co-Investigator “Smoking Cessation: A Family
  Problem,” Illinois Department of Public Health,

Publications/Poster Presentations

• Andrea King, PhD; Lisa Sánchez-Johnsen, PhD; Sarah Van Orman, MD; Dingcai
  Cao, PhD; and Alicia Matthews, PhD “A Pilot Community-Based Intensive Smoking
  Cessation Intervention in African Americans: Feasibility, Acceptability and Early
  Outcome Indicators.” Journal of the national Medical Association, 100(2) 208-217,
  February, 2008.
• “Patient Satisfaction: A Student-Specific Instrument.” Chickering Spectrum, June,
• Daniel le Grange, Katharine L. Loeb, Sarah Van Orman, and Courtney C. Jellar
  ”Bulimia Nervosa in Adolescents: A Disorder in Evolution?” Archives of Pediatrics
  and Adolescent Medicine, 158: 478 – 482, May 2004.
• Lucille White, Anne Laumann, Kelly Carameli, and Sarah Van Orman, “Tattooing
  and Body Piercing Associations in a Mid-Western Elite University Population” Poster
  Presentation, American Academy of Dermatology, March, 2005.
• “Smoking Cessation in University Students.” Poster Presentation, American College
  Health Association, May 2003.

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Lectures, Presentations, and Teaching

•   Medical Management of Eating Disorders, University Health Services, Continuing
    Medical Education Presentation, April 2007 and March 2008.
•   Medical Management of Eating Disorders, UWSMPH, Nutrition Elective, Fall 2007.
•   Patient Satisfaction Surveys: Can One Size Fit All? American College Health
    Association, New York, May 2006.
•   Patient Satisfaction: By Whose Standard?” Presentation to Student Health at
    Academic Medical Centers, January 2005.
•   “Healthy Campus 2010: Strategies for Assessment, Intervention, and Evaluation at
    the University of Chicago,” University of Chicago, Department of Medicine Grand
    Rounds, May 2006.
•   Invited Participant, Chickering Group Ninth Leadership Forum, “Student Health
    2010: What Changes will the next five years bring?” San Francisco, November 2005.
•   Pediatric Clinical Skills Assessment Module for Third Year Medical Students,
    Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago, Spring 2005.
•   Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Program Clinical Preceptor and outpatient
    curriculum development, University of Chicago, July 2000-2007.
•   “Medical Complications of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia” Department of
    Psychiatry, University of Chicago, September 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.
•   “The University of Chicago Eating Disorders Program,” University of Chicago,
    Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds, Co-presented with Dr. Daniel Le Grange,
    May 2005.
•   “Transcendent 20s: Crossing the Health Care Gap.” A Roundtable for the Pfizer
    Journal, July 2004.
•    “Overview of Eating Disorders.” Presentation to Nutrition and Biology. University
    of Chicago, May 2004.
•   “Nutritional Aspects of Eating Disorders.” Pritzker School of Medicine, March 2004,
    May 2005, April 2006.
•   Invited Participant, Chickering Group Eight Leadership Forum, “Cultural
    Competency in Student Health,” San Francisco, November 2004.
•   “Update on Sexually Transmitted Infections” and “Introduction to Adolescent
    Medicine” Adolescent Medicine Block, Internal Medicine Ambulatory Rotation,
•   Co-developer, Adolescent Medicine Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residents,
    July 2000-2006.
•   Cultural Competency Preceptor, Pritzker School of Medicine, 2003, 2004.
•   Preceptor, 3rd year Internal Medicine Clerkship, Pritzker School of Medicine, 2001-
•   “Update in Adolescent Medicine.” Presentation to Primary Care Group Faculty and
    Medicine-Pediatric Residents, December 2003.
•   Adolescent Medicine Lecture, Women’s Health Elective, Pritzker School of
    Medicine, Fall 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006.
•   “Puberty” Reproductive Biology Elective, Pritzker School of Medicine, 2002

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•   Adolescent Interview Presentation, Clinical Skills 1a –Communication, Pritzker
    School of Medicine, Fall 2002.
•   Pediatric Preceptor, Physical Diagnosis Course, Spring 2001 and 2002.
•   "HIV Testing" Intern Ambulatory Lecture, 2000-2002
•   "Bad to the Bone-Expanding the Differential of Bone Pain" University of Chicago
    Department of Medicine-Grand Rounds, April 2000.

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