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					                                  E-Newsletter for Persian Cat Lovers
                               Fall 2008                                                                                                    Volume 2, Number 2

                                                A Life Saved: Apricot, A Senior’s Story
Welcome to Helping
Persian Cats E-newsletter.    Meet Apricot. Her story has multiple happy endings! A senior cat was rescued from a high kill shelter. That’s a
                              happy ending. She wasn’t in irremediable suffering. Another happy ending. Instead of being 15 years old, she’s
Helping Persian Cats is       probably 8. Happy ending number 3! Instead of being frail and mild, she’s energetic and playful. Happy ending
a 501 (c)(3) organiza-        number 4! It turns out she wasn’t spayed, and during her spay surgery, we also had nasal widening surgery done
tion that rescues Persians,   so she can breathe better and smell her food more easily. Happy ending number 5!
Himalayans, Exotic
Shorthairs and other cats     Her photos say everything. She’s now in a permanent home and is doing
and places them               well. Here is her story:
in responsible and loving
homes. Our organization
is 100% volunteer-led         A scruffy looking Persian was listed by the shelter as being 15 years old.
and staffed. Our network      The shelter was going to euthanize her after just one day at their shelter,
of volunteers rescue cats     for what they called “irremediable suffering”, They said she had a “se-
from animal shelters          vere” upper respiratory infection (URI), better known as a kitty cold.
throughout Southern
California and places them    We had some intense discussions with the shelter, who only gave us until
in caring, lifelong homes.    the end of her second day at their shelter to get her out of there. Even with
                              the time crunch, Our transporter Alleyne was able to drive the 80 miles
                              and made it to the shelter with 10 minutes to spare! She named her
                              Apricot, and drove her to Sherman Oaks to Beverly Oaks Animal Hospi-       tal. The vet, Dr. Turner, said that there was nothing “irremediable” about
ters/CA827.html               Apricot’s condition, except for possibly a left head tilt which may or may
                              not be permanent. And as for suffering, he described Apricot as alert,   sitting up, walking around in her cage, purring and friendly. She was
                              interested in her food, was eating. Apricot did have a URI, described by
                              Dr. Turner in lay terms, as a “snotty nose and watery eyes”!
Lorraine Shelton
                              She was put on a nebulizer 3 x per day - which the vet typically does for
Venita McMorris               Persians that have URIs. She received fluids, was on vibrymycin for her
Executive Director            nasal discharge and terramycin for possible eye infection. She received a
                              lion cut. A complete blood panel was run, and it was normal.
Ranni York
Website Designer              A few days later, Apricot went to her new forever home. Debi was on-
                              board for adopting Apricot from day one, even though we thought Apricot
Miriam Kury                   was 15 years old! This is extremely rare!
Graphic Designer
                              Now fast forward a few months. Apricot is all settled in. She actually
Dawn Fairchild
Newsletter Editor             went into heat, as the shelter didn’t advise us she was not spayed, and we
                              all thought she was 15, so her heat days were over. Not so! She’s had
                              her spay surgery. The vet says she’s probably only 8 years old. While
                              under anesthesia, she had nasal widening surgery. As Debi says about
   Happy                      Apricot’s nose surgery: “Her nose looks amazing. That will be much better
                              for her…Ya don’t know how smushed up it was until you see it the right
  Holidays                    We love our Persians, and we love happy endings!
   from your                  Editor’s note: Unfortunately, “happy endings” are not often the case for senior cats who end     Top:: Apricot’s shelter photo Center: Aprcot
                              up in animal control shelters. Many people do not want to adopt them, because they think         4 days after leaving the shelter following vet
   friends at                 their days are numbered. Many rescue groups are hesitant to take them in, because seniors        care Bottom: Apricot living the good life in
                              usually are extremely difficult to place. When they do, foster homes become permanent homes her permanent home
    Helping                   by default, and foster homes are terribly hard to come by! As Denise, an HPC volunteer
                              recently noted: “If a rescue won’t even take them anymore how are we able to accomplish a no-kill system? Where do the ill seniors go? Who
                              takes them? They don’t deserve to die in the cold shelters with no loved ones around to comfort them.” A viable solution for seniors is urgently
  Persian Cats!               needed.

                                  A “How to” Guide to Rescuing a Shelter Cat….
                                              You Can Do It Too!
                           Ever wonder what to do when a friendly but hungry cat appears on
                           your doorstep, asking to come in and begging to join your other feline
                           friends for a game of tag or a shared breakfast? What about that cute
                           cat you saw online, that you’d love to rescue from living in a cage in
                           the shelter?

                           Well, we’re here to help by giving you a step by step guide to cat
                           rescue. We’ll use Georgie the shelter cat as an example, but many of
                           the same things apply to Johnny the doorstep cat.

                           So, now you’ve decided that you really want to help Georgie, the Per-
Domino ~ adopted by        sian who somehow ended up at your local animal control shelter. But
Deborah October 2008       what do you really know about Georgie?

                           The first and most important thing that you can do is get as much infor-
                           mation about Georgie’s health and behavior as possible. Many animal
                           control shelters have medical staff or veterinarians who can tell you
                                                                                                          Lilliput was rescued from the Baldwin
                           what they may have observed about the cat. Unfortunately, the amount           Park Animal Care and Control Facility by
                           of information you get may be minimal, but if you are persistent and           Helping Persian Cats volunteer Renee.
                           able to spend the time it takes, you may be able to get answers to very        Once a shelter cat, but now the best
                                                                                                          dressed Persian at any Halloween party!
                           important questions such as:
                           1. Has Georgie has been eating and drinking?
                           2. Is the amount of urine output is normal or excessive?
                           3. Is Georgie sick with an upper respiratory infection? If so is Georgie getting any medical attention?
                           4. Does Georgie have diarrhea, or normal stools?
                           5. Does Georgie’s skin look normal, or are there areas of hair loss or flakey skin?
                           6. Is Georgie friendly, stressed out and aggressive, or scared and depressed?
                           7. Was Georgie vaccinated for FVRCP upon intake at the shelter?
                           8. Did the shelter test Georgie for feline leukemia and feline AIDS?
Abby ~ adopted by Derek    9. Is the shelter aware of any health problems?
November 2008              10. Is the shelter aware of any behavior problems, such as not using the litter box?

                           If you’ve gotten answers to even half of these question and you’re not running out the shelter door, congratula-
                           tions! You too can be a cat rescuer!

                           So now what do you do?

                           Well, first and foremost, before introducing any Georgie to your resident cats, bring Georgie to the vet for an
                           exam. This will give you some assurance that Georgie will not have anything that might be contagious.

                           During the exam, the vet will check Georgie’s weight and temperature, look at his mouth for dental disease,
                           check the ears for ear mites or infection, look at the eyes, palpate the kidneys, listen to the heart, and give an
                           overall assessment of the Georgie’s general health. You may also ask the vet to use a Woods lamp, which is a
Lil ~ adopted by Marlena   type of blacklight, in order to search for signs of ringworm. If the skin fluoresces an apple green, this may be a
Octover 2008               sign of ringworm, and should be followed up with a fungal culture and treatment.

                           As a further preventative measure, you may ask the vet to give Georgie a special, and smelly, medicated bath
                           called a lyme sulfer dip, which may kill spores that could lead to a ringworm outbreak.

                           If the animal control shelter has not already done this (and most shelters do not), be sure and ask your vet to test
                           Georgie for feline leukemia and feline AIDS. If he tests positive for either of these viruses, there are important
                           follow up tests that should be done in order to confirm whether Georgie is indeed positive. Do not give up hope,
                           there are options for cats with these viruses. And above all, do your own research in order to make sure that you
                           are doing everything possible for the well being of the cat, and by all mean, contact a reputable cat rescuer for
                           additional advice and support.
                                                                                                                          continued on page 3

                            A “How to” Guide to Rescuing a Shelter Cat….                    continued from page 2

                            The core vaccination for FVRCP should be done, if not already done at the shelter.

                            Spaying and neutering the cat is really important as well, so that unintended and unwanted pregnancies are pre-
                            vented. Most shelters will not adopt an unsprayed or unneutered cat, unless too ill for the surgery.

                            If Georgie is an older cat, or is sick, the vet may request lab work and diagnostic testing, such as a full blood
                            panel, urinalysis, fecal test, or X-rays. The vet may prescribe medications or a special diet to help the cat. Deworm-
                            ing and applying flea preventative is also a good idea.

                            Many Persians and Himalayans are very badly matted when they are rescued, and sometimes the easiest thing to
                            do is to ask the vet staff or a groomer to give the cat a quick lion cut. If Georgie has tangles in his hair, never cut
Katie ~ adopted by Di-      them out with scissors, because it is very easy to accidentally cut the skin. This not only hurts him but often requires
anne August 2008            stitches, and is just a really lousy way to start off your relationship with poor Georgie.

                            Now you’ve learned a lot about the health of the cat you’ve rescued, and you’re ready to take your little Georgie

                            But wait! Where will you put Georgie? Well, hopefully, you’ve got this all planned out already, and space won’t
                            be an issue…..because it is not a good idea to immediately introduce your rescued cat to the other cats in your
                            household. Why? Because sometimes, there are upper respiratory infections that the cat has been exposed to at
                            the shelter, just waiting to happen. Isolating your rescued cat for at least 10 days is the safest way to go.

                            The isolation period is important because it gives you time to get better acquainted with Georgie, and vice versa.
                            He’ll have a chance to get relaxed and acclimated, and also to distress, since life in an animal control shelter, even
                            for a short amount of time, can be really stressful for some cats. During the isolation period, you can also keep an
 Ryan ~ adopted by Robert   eye on how much Georgie is eating, and whether he is peeing normal amounts, or whether his stools are firm…all
 October 2008               signs of good health!

                            After that, it’s time to make gradual and short introductions between Georgie and your other cats. Take your time,
                            because first impressions with cats are pretty important. There’s no rush for the cats to be friends immediately. It
                            may be a little overwhelming for all. But in no time at all, you’ll be able to look back on all you’ve accomplished
                            and see how far Georgie has come, and realize, that you just rescued a cat and saved a life!

                                                                 Your Donations at Work
                            Thanks to kind and generous people who have made contri-
                            butions to support the extreme medical needs of rescued cats,
                            Helping Persians has been able to rescue, rehabilitate and
                            place in loving homes cats like Buddy.

                            We first learned about Buddy through a Craigslist posting. He
 Ty ~ adopted by Barbara    was living with a young woman who did not provide needed
 September 2008             veterinary care, although he had a severely ulcerated eye.
                            We had hoped that his eye had not been too damaged to be
                            saved, but when Buddy was rescued and examined by our
                            veterinarian, we learned that the ulceration was so severe that
                            his eye needed to be surgically removed immediately. After
                            some time recuperating in Miriam’s very capable foster care,
                            and loving life without the pain of a critically injured eye,
                            Buddy soon found his forever home and is flourishing.

                            Thank you Christina Charles, Dawn Fairchild, Deborah             Buddy, adopted by Lauren F. August 2008
                            Friend, Shannon Guziel Pucci, Miriam Kury and Sandy Pister
                            for your donations to help with Buddy’s surgery - you are truly his guardian angels!

                                          How Can I Support Helping Persian Cats?
                          Helping Persian Cats needs your support to continue our rescue work. Our tax-deductible adoption fees fall far
                          short of meeting the expenses we incur in pulling cats from shelters, providing vet exams, vaccinations, testing,
                          spay and neuter surgery, hospitalization, medications and laboratory tests, exrays and blood panels as needed.
                          We often rescue cats who have extraordinary medical needs that can easily cost well over $2,000.

                          Please consider making a donation as part of your end-of-year charitable giving. You will benefit from a tax ded-
                          cution and your thoughtfulness will give the gift of life, health, hope and happiness to to our community’s needi-
                          est animals. 100% of your donation will support veterinary expenses for cats rescued from Southern California
                          animal shelters.

                          Please make a tax-deductibel contribution by clicking here.
Silk ~ adopted by
Michelle July 2008        Support Helping Persians for free! Use GoodSearch for all your Internet search and shopping needs!
                          GoodSearch is an search engine powered by Yahoo! that will make a donation to Helping Persians every time
                          you search the Internet. It doesn’t cost you anything - the money comes from the advertisers.

                          You can also earn money for Helping Persian Cats by doing your holiday shopping online through GoodSearch.
                          Just click the “Shopping” tab and a percentage of your purchase will go to Helping Persians. Retailers include
                          Target, The Gap, Nordstrom’s, Toys R Us, Sephora, Macy’s and many more!

                          To get started, go to to set GoodSearch as your homepage. Make sure to type “Helping
                          Persian Cats” in the “Who do you search for?” box.

                                 Special Holiday Event - Photos with Santa December 6
                          Have your pet’s photo taken with Santa and Helping Persian Cats will receive a donation! Come to our adop-
                          tion event on Saturday, December 6th at PetCo in Santa Monica and your furry little Christmas angel or naughty
Mia ~ adopted by          elf can pose for a photo while filling Santa in on his or her holiday gift wish list - and lucky you will go home
Janey July 2008           with a beautifully framed portrait to treasure! These portraits make wonderful holiday gifts for all of your cat’s
                          favorite people!

                          Tell your friends, family and co-worders to bring their pets - dogs, bunnies, lizards, birds - all are welcome!
                          Helping Persian Cats will receive a $5 donation for each photo taken that will support medical costs for our
                          resued cats.

                                                                                               Santa Photos for Helping Persian Cats
                                                                                               Saturday, December 6
                                                                                               PetCo Santa Monica
                                                                                               2910 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica
                                                                                               11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
                                                                                               Framed portraits are $8.95 each (and Helping
Celine ~ adopted by Kim                                                                        Persian Cats will receive $5 for each portrait!)
July 2008
                                                                                               We have lots of other fun activities planned for
                                                                                               this adoption event. You can purchase beautiful
                                                                                               hand-crafted cat blankets to tuck under the tree,
                                                                                               participate in our holiday drawing for PetCo gift
                                                                                               cards, play along with our Adopter/Kitty Match-
                                                                                               making Game and much more!

                          Rita, adopted by Dawn in July 2007, is hoping for lots of presents   See you there and happy holidays from all of us at
                          this year since she is never naughty and is always nice!             Helping Persian Cats!

                                      1st Ever Helping Persian Cats Art Auction
                        A very generous supporter has donated an remarkable piece of art by internationally renowned Russian painter
                        Beso Kazaishvili. This signed and numbered serigraph on canvas, “”What A Wonderful World It Will Be” is a
                        rare and beautiful work by child artist Beso. Is there an art lover on your holiday shopping list? Perhaps you
                        should treat yourself to this spectacular, uplifting artwork?

                                                                     “What A Wonderful World It Wuill Be” is being auctioned on eBay
                                                                     to raise critically needed funds for Helping Persian Cats. Go to
                                                            and search AUCTION 220324799757 to bid (or
                                                                     click here). 100% of the proceeds from this eBay auction will support
                                                                     Helping Persian Cats.

                                                                      “Kids are like flowers . . . they close their petals and hide away
BooBoo ~ adopted by                                                  when their world is full of darkness. When there is peace and love
Evan June 2008                                                       in their world, they open their petals and flood the Earth with beauty.
                                                                     In this painting, I wanted to show how peace on Earth will make
                                                                     children of all races, colors and religions bloom like a magnificent
                                                                     rainbow!” ~ Beso

                                                                     Beso serigraph on canvas, “”What A Wonderful
                                                                     World It Will Be.” Proof 34/35. Signed and
                                                                     numbered by the artist. 43”x 32”.

                                            Helping Persian Cats 2009 Calendars
                       Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and stories for the Helping Persian Cats 2009 calendar!
                       We had so much fun going through all of the nominations our wonderful adopters submitted and we
                       know that you will fall in love with each and every beautiful cat featured on the calendar. We are
                       pleased to announce our Calendar Girls and Boys!
                               Miss January - Maddie/Elise Korican                       Miss April – Sheba/Jordan Smith
Hershey Cocoa Puff ~      Miss February - Little Latte Mocha/Lisa Graham                  Mr. May – Chip/Amy Crocetti
adopted by Seiko                 Miss March - Honey/Melis Sahin                          Mr. June – Starlight/Debi Schmitt
June 2008
                       As a special thank you, Helping Persian Cats will email our 2009 calendar to our adopters and sup-
                       porters before the new year. We’ll provide printing instructions and hope that you will enjoy learning
                       about each of our Calendar Cats throughout the year!

                       It’s not to late to nominate your cat for July-December. Just email a photo and a short story about your
                       cat to by Saturday, December 30th to be considered.

                                    To Our Dedicated and Treasured Volunteers!
                       There are simply no words to express how much Helping Persian Cats values the commitment and help of our
                       extraordinary volunteers. Without you, we would not be able to accomplish so much and to make such a
Misha ~ adopted by     difference in the lives of needy cats. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do!
Lori October 2007                                                                                          Renee Niemi
                                     Alleyne Clark                    Cindy Holdorff
                                   Marisa Crawford                    Denise Holford                       Debi Schmitt
                                  Ishani Ediersinghe                   Miriam Kury                         Devan Scott
                                    Dawn Fairchild                   Venita McMorris                     Lorraine Shelton
                                    Deborah Friend                   Sherry Meddick                         Raani York
                                     Lisa Graham                    Maryellen Murphy                       Fontaine Yuk

                       Thank you also Dr. Leach and the staff at Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital and Pet Resort for all your veterinary care
                       and support of our daily rescue efforts. We appreciate the high quality care and everything you do for our rescue
                       group and for many others. Beverly Oaks is located at 14302 Ventura Boulevard in Sherman Oaks, phone
                       (818) 788-2022.

                   Three Cheers for Helping Persian Cats Adopters!
Nothing makes all of us at Helping Persian Cats happier than receiving an update from our wonderful adopters about their cat.
Thank you from the bottom of our Persian-loving hearts for all of the love and care you give to your adopted cats - and for let-
ting us know about what each special cat brings to your life!

                                                                   From Lauren: Now knowing her personality I am shocked you got
                                                                   her in that pumpkin sweater! How funny. I am beyond pleased at
                                                                   how wonderful she is. She loves being the only child! She loves
                                                                   sitting on my lap while I pet her!!! I could not believe it but last night
                                                                   she fell asleep on me. She definitely doesn’t like to be picked up, I’ve
                                                                   only tried once, she didn’t growl she just got incredibly fidgety. So I
                                                                   almost feel like she appreciates us not picking her up and she even
                                                                   comes to us when we call her like a dog does! It’s amazing. Thank
                                                                   you again, she is such an amazing cat!

                                 From Chrissy: And by the way, I renamed Resenia “Gidget”
                                      (I thought she needed something spunkier), and she is
                                                         doing great! I enjoy her so much :)

                            From Kurt: Just wanted to give you an up date on Hugo.
                            I have had him now for about 6 months and during that time
                            he has gained a little over a pound and has acclimated
                            himself to riding in the car and feeling very comfortable at
                            home…. He is a precious kitty. He comes to see me when
                             I come in the door with a meow. I feel very lucky that I
                            found him and I am sure he feels very fortunate as well.

                                                       From Michael: She is great and loved
                                                 ZOE is a dream, she is so loving and sweet
                                        We are better because of her being part of our family

                                                From Kati: Quinn…newly dubbed “Sir
                                                Wheezer Snuffles” is just the most wonderful
                                                little fur-ball ever! Within 24 hours he was
                                                eating and drinking and using his litter box in both ways, and seemed all-around com-
                                                fortable. (He did wet the bed once, but I was doing some MAJOR rearranging in
                                                the closet that holds his litter box and I think he prob got confused or mad, no further
                                                incidents since then!) I even took him for a couple of walks around the building (on his
                                                leash of course)…he loves playing with the crickets! But I think he’ll need to get more
                                                acclimated to the area before he gets curious enough to explore a wider area. In the last
                                                week he’s been getting more and more rambunctious and playful in general. Discover-
                                                ing little toys and finding his favorite nooks and crannies…he LOVES curling up in the
                                                bathroom sink as I’m making myself up for the day! LOL! He’s met lots of my friends
                                                already and everyone just adores him and he seems to adore EVERYone right back!
                                                Perfect match!

 Three Cheers for Helping Persian Cats Adopters!                                          continued from page 6

POSH AND SASCHA (now known as Stimpy
and Ren)
From Janet: They are finally getting more
used to us. They still run and hide sometimes
but they end up coming out wanting attention.
We have named them Ren (Posh) and Stimpy
(Sascha) and I think they are getting use to the
new names. They have been very entertaining
and we have fallen deeply in love with them.
They do control the house now and every day
we find something new about them. They are
truly great cats and I am so happy that we
have them.
                                                                                                     Posh (left) and Sascha (above)

                                                        From Joanna: Remy is doing fine and fabulous! She is the de-clawed FIV
                                                        Chinchilla Persian cat I adopted from you a year ago. I cannot imagine life
                                                        without my precious angel - she is my everything. She recently went to the
                                                        vet for a check up and she is in very good health.

                                                                             Hi Former Foster Mommy!
                                                          I just wanted to let you know I love my new
                                                            forever home! I adjusted very quickly and
                                                              after only 2 days, I had full access to the
                                                             house. My favorite place is the sunroom/
                                                          atrium. It is very sunny and warm - I love to
                                                          sleep there! My new brother, Kasma seems
 to like me, but when I try to play with him, he gets scared and runs away. I think he needs a little
more time to adjust. We sit next to each other nicely and sniff noses when we pass each other, but
                                                        he is used to being the instigator of playtime.
                                         I just wanted to thank you for finding me a very nice home.
                                                          I love my new family and they love me too!

                                                                                             Thank you,

                                               SONNY (now known as Percy)
                                               From Eric and Shannon: His name was Sonny when we adopted him from you two and a half
                                               years ago and he’s brought us so much joy and love every day since then. He is still on the pre-
                                               scription food due to his skin allergies but he is doing just great. Percy wants you to know that he
                                               has a great life, he gets to drink out of the bathroom faucet, lay in the sun and sleep between my
                                               wife and I every night. I can’t believe anyone would abandon such a loving and special little guy
                                               like Percy. He’s one of the best things that has ever happened to our lives.
                                               Thanks for all that you do and God bless.

    Three Cheers for Helping Persian Cats Adopters!                                  continued from page 7

                                   THE GODFATHER
                                   From Alexandra: We are doing well here in West LA. Love having the new baby in our home. He is
                                   absolutely incredible. I have taken the entire week off from work to be with him to make sure that he is
                                   well adjusted to his new home.

                                   He is gradually getting more comfortable and decided to sleep with our dog, Zoe, on Saturday morn-
                                   ing. I went to the cat show yesterday and will probably go again today. I picked him up new brushes,
                                                                                  combs, toys, a liquid to help remove the tear staining,
                                                                                  a crinkle bag... he seems thrilled by his new toys. Its so
                                                                                  nice to spoil him. I am seriously thinking about another
                                                                                  friend for him.

                                                                                   Thanks for letting me adopt him. He is my love.

                From Wendy: Made a little video, put it up on You Tube to share with friends!

                                                 COOKIE (now known as Zoey)
                                                 From Deborah: you will NEVER
                                                 get a ‘return request’ from me on
                                                 Zoey. Of all the pets I have ever had
                                                 she is the sweetest, most loving and
                                                 attentive I have ever had. Good thing
                                                 since Desi only wants to watch and
                                                 does not like to be held or petted.
                                                 I am absolutely in love with her! I
                                                 would love to hear about her
                                                 past because she seems likes
                                                 omeone really cherished her
                                                 at one time.

                             From Elaine: Thought I’d give you a little update on Ulysses.
                 Right now he’s sitting in a huge basket of yarn looking quite handsome.
 He’s settling in fine, but my other cat is having some issues. She’ll be fine, it’ll just take
 her a few weeks. Ulysses seems to have a bad cold or some bronchial issues. I started
him on the antibiotic on Sunday. He’s eating very well and is a little purr machine. He’s
quite perplexed about why Georgie runs from him. But he’s calm, not aggressive at all.
                                Seems kind of zen. A nice energy for this grieving house.

      I’ll keep you updated. Thank you for rescuing him and for all that you do for these
                                                                      beautiful creatures.

                                                             Foster Homes Needed
                                              Fostering Hope and Happy New Lives for Cats in Need
                              When you foster a cat for Helping Pesian Cats, you are saving a life - it’s that simple!

                              Here is why:

                              Sadly, most Southern California animal control shelters are considered high kill, particularly when it comes to our
                              feline friends. Even breed cats like Persians, Himalayans, Exotic Shorthairs, Scottish Folds and others are at risk.

                              Part of the reason the risk is so high is that oftentimes, these cats do not “show” well when they are living in
                              cages at shelters. Imagine how they must feel, being uprooted from their homes and caged 24/7 with other cats
                              they don’t even know and the sound of loud barking dogs in the background! And the people they once lived
                              with are nowhere to be found! This is extremely stressful for the cats and can translate into shy behavior or even
Gavin ~ adopted by
                              cage aggression.
Brittany October 2008
                              Other times, the stressful conditions cause these beautiful cats to become ill with upper respiratory infections or
                              other maladies while in cage at the shelters. If the cats are lucky enough to be in an animal control shelter that
                              will follow the law and treat them medically, the sick cat may be given a chance to return to health and find
                              an adopter. But, all too often, a sick cat is seen by the shelter as an inconvenience and a risk to the other cats.
                              Instead of receiving simple medication and being moved to an isolation room, the sick cats are euthanized.

                              That is why we need your help!

                              With your help, we can save more lives of cats in need so they can start leading the lives they always should
                              have enjoyed! All of our rescued cats receive immediate vet exams, updates on their vaccinations, testing for
                              feline leukemia and feline AIDS, spay/neuter surgery, deworming and defleaing. All of this happens BEFORE the
                              cat is placed in foster care.

                              As a foster home, the love and attention you give to these cats is so vitally important! Many of these cats are
Annabelle ~ adopted by        traumatized by their experiences and need your love and care so they can learn to trust people again. As a
Becky August 2008             foster, your close relationsip with the cat will provide us with the most accurate assessment of the cat’s personal-
                              ity and gives valuable guidance in determining whether the cat will be a good fit for the person who wishes to
                              adopt. Foster homes are a crucial element in allowing Helping Persian Cats rescue, rehabilitate and place cats
                              with adopters.

Billa ~ adopted by Brigette
November 2008
                                          Bandit, Kylie and Sophie are currently in Helping Persian Cats foster homes.
                                             Please consider providing a foster home to wonderful cats like these.

                                              If you are interested in joining us in our mission to save more lives,
                                                     please contact Venita at

                                         Can You Help Our Special Needs Cats?
                          Helping Persian Cats rescued these lovely cats from animal control shelters. Each one has some health
                          issues, but we are working to find especially caring homes so that each will be able to live the happiest,
                          healthiest life possible. Please consider adopting one of these very special cats or making a tax-deductible
                          contribution to support their care. Please contact Venita at to discuss adoption
                          opportunities or click here to make a gift.
                                                                Frances is a sweet dollfaced Persian girl who is very much in need
                                                                of a new home. This darling girl was born with a medical condition
                                                                - an enlarged heart - and she must be on medication for the rest of
                                                                her life. She would like a quiet home where she can snuggle up
Kiera ~ adopted by Cyn-                                         next to you at night in bed and sit on your lap. She is a very kind,
thia September 2008                                             loyal and beautiful cat and will make her adopter very happy.

                                                                Julian is loving and georgeous shaded silver boy. He was found as
                                                                a stray in San Diego and was taken to the shelter where he tested
                                                                positive for feline leukemia. Subsequent testing confirmed the posi-
                                                                tive result. Julian needs to find a home where he can be the only cat
                                                                or be a companion to another feline leukemia positive cat. He is an
                                                                extraordinary, very special cat who deserves your love!

                                                                 Clarence is the cutest orange tabby Persian boy, with a very strong
                                                                 social personality! He was rescued recently from a southern CA animal
                                                                 control shelter that he entered because his owners abandoned him.
                                                                 He was found in a home, and had a gold chain wrapped around his
Kobe ~ adopted by
                                                                 chest, arms and body....poor thing! He was discovered not a minute
Candace October 2008
                                                                 too soon! Clarences strong personality and he’s a people lover for
                                                                 sure! He has tested positive for feline aids (FIV), which was confirmed.
                                                                 However, the confirmation cannot tell us whether he possibly was
                                                                 actually vaccinated against FIV, or whether he actually has contracted
                                                                 the virus. Whatever it is, we know that in the several months that
                                                                 we’ve had Clarence, his immune system has not seemed supressed,
                                                                 he has been very healthy! He’s a great companion and an interesting
                                                                 cat, so if you have room in your heart for Clarence, please consider
                                                                 him for adoption! For more information about FIV, go to http://www.

                                              Special Needs Cats Success Stories!
                          You may have read about special needs cats in the last Helping Persian Cats E-newsletter. Happily, two of
Mia Kim ~ adopted by      these darling cats were adopted by extraordinarily caring and compassionate people. Thank you Pat for adop-
Crystal June 2008         ing Beau and Melanie for adopting Pandora. Both are now living happily as cherished members of their new
                          families. Hurrah!

                            Left: Beau
                            Right: Pandora


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