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									                                                        ANNEX 1

    Advertisement for the EU Special Representative Support Team in Kosovo / Belgrade Liaison

                         Call for Contributions and Advertisement for Staff Members

Organisation:       EU Special Representative in Kosovo - EU dedicated support team
Job Location:       Belgrade
Availability:       15 September 2009

Contract Regime:    Seconded by the EU Member States or EU Institutions

Titles/Vacancy          1 Security Officer (contracted) (ref. ST04)
Deadline for
                                                    Friday 21 August 2009 by close of business
Email address to
send the Job
                    For more information related to the selection and recruitment, please contact the General Secretariat of the
                    Council of the European Union, DGE VI :

                    Mr Justin Davies, EU Coordinator/Political Adviser to the EUSR in Kosovo
                    Office of the EUSR in Kosovo
                    Rue de la Loi 175, B1048 Brussels
                    Tel: + 32 2 281 55 58
                    Fax: + 32 2 281 66 45

                    Mr Tomás Reyes Ortega, DGE VI - Serbia
                    DGE VI - Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
                    Rue de la Loi 175, B1048 Brussels
                    Tel: + 32 2 281 39 96
                    Fax: + 32 2 281 85 08

The General Secretariat of the EU, through DGE VI Directorate for the Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central
Asia requests EU Member States and European Institutions to alert experts to the following available contracted position
with the EUSR Support Team in Kosovo / Belgrade liaison, according to the described requirements and profiles. The
availability of the post will be subject to a final agreement on the necessary budgetary resources.

A. Essential Requirements

Citizenship – Citizen of a Member State of the European Union (EU) and enjoying full rights as a citizen.

Integrity – The job requires the highest standards of personal integrity, impartiality and self-discipline within the EUSR
Support Team. Participants are not allowed to provide or discuss any information or document as a result of access to
classified and/or sensitive information related to the EUSR Support Team or respective tasks and activities. The
participants shall carry out their duties and act in the interest of the EUSR.

Knowledge of the EU Institutions – Good knowledge of the EU Institutions and international standards, particularly
related to the Common Foreign and Security Policy, including the European Security and Defence Policy.

Knowledge of the Western Balkans – Very good knowledge of the history, culture, social and political situation of the
Western Balkans, in particular through field experience in a multilateral working environment.

Negotiation Skills - Excellent negotiating skills and the ability to work professionally in a stressful and diverse

Flexibility and adaptability – Ability to work in arduous conditions with a limited network of support. Must be able to
cope with possible extended separation from family and usual environment. Ability to work as a team player, excellent
interpersonal and communication skills.

Physical and mental health – Physically fit and in good health without any physical or mental problems or substance
dependency which can impair operational performance in the EUSR Support Team.

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Ability to communicate effectively in English and other languages – Must be fully fluent in written and oral English
language. Knowledge of French will be an asset. Ability to function independently in Serbian language will be a distinct

Computer Skills – Skills in word processing and spreadsheets are essential. Knowledge of other IT tools will be an

B. Essential Documents and Requirements for the Selected Candidates

Passport – The selected candidate should ideally obtain a diplomatic or service passport from the respective national

Visas – EUSR support members must ensure that visas are obtained for entry into the Kosovo area prior to departure
from their home country. It is also essential to obtain any transit visas, which may be required for passage through
countries en route to the Balkans/Kosovo area.

Security Clearance – To have or obtain a national security clearance "EU SECRET" level or equivalent.

Certificate/Booklet of vaccination - To be in possession of a valid certificate/booklet of vaccination showing all
vaccinations and immunisations received. To be vaccinated according to the required immunisations for the geographical

Medical Certificate – To be in possession of a valid certificate declaring fit to participate in the context of EUSR support
team activities.

Driver Licence – Be in possession of a valid - including Balkans/Kosovo area - civilian driver licence for motor vehicles
(Category B or equivalent). Able to drive any 4 wheel drive vehicles.

C. Job Description

                                         EU Security Officer (Belgrade based)

                                                     (Reference ST04)

Main tasks

Under the general supervision of the EU Special Representative for Kosovo (EUSR) and direct supervision of the EU
Coordinator/Political Adviser in Belgrade and in consultation with EU Council Security Office (CSO) External Protection
Service (EPS) as required, the successful candidate will effectively implement appropriate safety and security
management procedures related to the safety and security of EUSR staff and the protection of EUSR assets in the

In particular, he/she will:

      Be responsible for the coordination with EULEX mission, EC Delegation, OSCE and United Nations (UN)
       agencies in the region, namely Kosovo and Serbia to ensure participation in the local and regional security plan.
      Maintain an ongoing evaluation of regional air and land evacuation routes and resources for use in emergencies
       in accordance, where appropriate, with any EUSR security/evacuation plans if included.
      Ensure mission/programme staff are aware of and compliant with all CSO security procedures; (i.e. security
       clearances, Minimum Security Operational Standards (MSOS), Minimum Security Operational Residential
       Standards (MSORS), travel/movement procedures, evacuation procedures and Council Secretariat Security
       Policy). Develop appropriate mission-specific security operating standards (MS-SOS) to enhance or compliment
       existing MSOS.
      Maintain continuous open lines of communication with the CSO EPS Head of Section, to ensure cooperation
       and coordination on all security matters and, as required, keep SITCEN and CSO EPS informed of significant
       safety/security incidents.
      Develop and maintain a dialogue with local/national security services and government actors related to the
       safety and security of EUSR staff in Belgrade and the protection of mission's assets.
      Maintain effective working relationships with other EU/UN/Inter-governmental Organizations (IGO) security
       personnel and attend security cell meetings as required. Represent the EU Coordinator/Political Adviser and/or
       the EUSR in the country/regional Security Management Team (SMT) and/or area SMT meetings, or attend as
       required as an observer. This includes advising the EU Coordinator/Political Adviser and the EUSR of their
       security responsibilities and advising upon the management of the EU Security Phase System.
      Develop and maintain a stand-alone Mission Security Plan (MSP), appropriate contingency plans and all
       relevant security Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the EU Coordinator/Politcal Adviser’s entire mission
       responsibility in Serbia which would form the basis of an annex for reference in the EUSR's MSP. Develop and
       maintain office security procedures that include, an identity card system, access control SOPs and key control
       procedures. Develop and maintain the warden system to ensure accountability for all staff in the event of a
       security emergency or natural disaster.

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      Develop and maintain fire safety procedures, including the maintenance of fire fighting equipment and detection
       devices are in place, conduct fire safety training and emergency evacuation drills required.
      Assess prevailing local/regional security conditions in efforts to identify security threats, risks, trends, patterns,
       and disseminate all relevant safety/security advisories/reports/alerts to all EUSR staff in a timely manner.
      Conduct physical security assessments of office premises, vehicles and international residences and provide
       advice to ensure compliance. Provide security orientation briefings to all new staff and visitors. Conduct
       safety/security training as required.
      Investigate security related incidents involving EUSR assets or staff members, in coordination with CSO EPS
       and SITCEN. Assume responsibility for guard force management.
      Maintain a radio room primarily for programme and emergency communications, that will further provide
       additional support to the EC Delegation radio room when required, manage the distribution of VHF radios, staff
       training and allocation of call signs.
      Develop and maintain security database of all staff including all contact and medical details, call signs and
       residence locations.
      Ensure that correct procedures are followed and respected in terms of the handling, storage and destruction of
       EU Classified Information in accordance with EU Security Policy Guidelines.
      Working in close conjunction with CSO EPS, assist the mission's administrative and procurement officers with
       the appropriate technical advice relating to the procurement of security works, services or equipment in order to
       facilitate procurement process.
      Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Qualifications and Experience

    Advanced University Degree (Master's degree or equivalent) preferably in business administration, political/social
      science, psychology, or international relations, with focus on security management. A first level university
      degree, or police/military academy, or senior service command and general staff college, with a relevant
      combination of professional qualifications and experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university
    at least 10 years overall professional experience and at least 5 years professional experience at managerial level
      in the civilian security or military/police field service with extensive command or leadership experience with at
      least two years of international exposure in a managerial function at the EU, or other international organisation;
    direct experience in the EU Council Secretariat's Security Management System with proven crisis management
      capabilities in a leadership role is a distinct advantage.
    previous experience at senior management level and ability to work as an effective member of the senior
      management team is preferred.
    experienced in providing articulate and concise presentations to a variety of audiences and at an appropriate
      level using varying presentation methods.
    previous experience in providing security training to all levels of staff, including radio communications, warden
      management and incident management.
    ability to analyze and report on complex security issues to high level stakeholders and advise on and implement
      measures for mitigation.
    ability to develop and manage databases.


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