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Oracle Fusion Middleware and BEA: An Inside Look - BEA Integration Strategy
John Aisien, VP Product Management, Fusion Middleware, EMEA August 27th, 2008

Oracle’s Middleware Business
• 1 of 3 Primary Product Businesses

• Significant R&D Investment
• Fastest Growing Middleware Offering for 7 Years • Surpassed $1B in revenue during FY06 • 77,000 Customers, 55,000 Prior to BEA Acquisition • Best-In-Class Products



BEA Acquisition Rationale
• Pioneer & Leader in Middleware • Complementary Products and Architecture • Innovative Team with Middleware Expertise • Strengthens Presence in Strategic Markets • Expands Partner & Channel Ecosystem


Oracle’s Integration Principles
Strategic Clarity & Continuity for Immediate Benefit
• Clear, Well-Defined Integrated Product Strategy
• Unifies Best-of-Best Products with Clear & Pragmatic Strategy • Accelerated Product Integration Lowers Cost & Complexity

• Additional Choices, Constant Communication
• Well Defined Options available from your Oracle Teams • Multiple Resources and Touch-points to Provide Updates

• Protects & Enhances existing Customer Investments
• No Forced Migration: No Policy Requires Migration from BEA • No Fundamental Changes to Strategic Principles (e.g. Hot-Pluggable)

• Broadens Oracle & BEA Investment in Middleware
• More resources across Engineering, Sales, & Support • Broad Partner Ecosystem of 11,000, including 5,000 ISVs


BEA Organizational Continuity
• Sales & Consulting
• Vast Majority of BEA Sales Reps & SCs Retained and Integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware Sales Teams • Oracle Fusion Middleware Sales Now 3,000 Strong • Enterprise Architect Initiative – Incorporates BEA Experts

• Support
• Vast Majority of BEA Support Staff Retained • Existing Support Processes Continue Unchanged • Existing BEA Support Organization Continues to Support BEA Products as part of Oracle Fusion Middleware Support

• Engineering
• Vast Majority of R&D Retained and Integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware Development – Now 4,500 Strong • Retained all BEA Development Centers

Complementary Combination
Oracle & BEA Leadership

Leader in 18 Magic Quadrants

Leader in 12 Forrester Waves

More than 200 Product Awards


Rapidly Growing Java Community 1 Million Java Developers
in combined Oracle Community
1,000,000 900,000 800,000 700,000 600,000 500,000 400,000 300,000 200,000 100,000 00 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09


#1 in Middleware

Oracle is #1 in Modern Middleware


Product Strategy: Integration Principles

Architectural Integrity & Standards

Product Strength

Installed Base


Product Roadmap

Strategic Products

Continue & Converge



Product Roadmap

Strategic Products • Strategic Products
• BEA Products being adopted immediately with limited re-design into Oracle Fusion Middleware • No corresponding Oracle Products exist in majority of cases • Corresponding Oracle Products converge with BEA Products with rapid integration over 12-18 Months


Product Roadmap

Continue & Converge • Continue & Converge Products
• BEA Products being incrementally re-designed to integrate with Oracle Fusion Middleware • Gradual integration with existing Oracle Fusion Middleware Technology to broaden features with automated upgrades • Continued development & maintenance for at least 9 Years

Product Roadmap

Maintenance • Maintenance Products
• BEA had EOL’d due to limited adoption prior to Oracle M&A • Continued Maintenance with appropriate fixes for 5 Years


Product Offering
Development Tools
Oracle JDeveloper • Integrated Development Tool spanning entire Middleware Product Family • Declarative, Standards-based MVC Framework (JSF, EJB, AJAX) • Broad Suite of Best-in-Class Eclipse Add-ins (Java EE, SOA, JPA, ..) • Complete PL/SQL Development Tool & Report Writer • Components packaged in Eclipse Pack • Older BEA Development Framework

Oracle ADF
Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse

Oracle Forms & Reports
BEA Workshop

BEA Beehive


Oracle WebLogic Suite
Application Server Foundation with In-Memory Data Grid for Scalability, Performance, and Availability

• WebLogic Server Enterprise Ed. • Oracle App Server Enterprise Ed.

• Coherence Enterprise Ed.

Oracle WebLogic Suite

• WebLogic Operations Control • WebLogic Real Time


Oracle WebLogic Application Grid
Extreme Scale-Out Deployment and Performance for Java
• Coherence Grid Edition

• JRockit Real Time
• WebLogic Operations Control • Enterprise Manager Diagnostics Pack
• JRockit Mission Control
• Application Diagnostics for Java

Oracle WebLogic Application Grid


Oracle Tuxedo
Distributed Transaction Processing for Open Systems; eXtreme Transaction Processing (XTP) for C, C++, and COBOL

• Tuxedo • Services Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo (SALT) • Tuxedo System and Applications Monitor (TSAM)

Oracle Tuxedo

• Tuxedo Mainframe Adapters


Oracle SOA Suite
Comprehensive & Preintegrated SOA Platform
• Oracle BPEL Process Manager • Oracle Service Bus (based on AquaLogic Service Bus) • Oracle CEP / BEA Event Server • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

Oracle SOA Suite

• Oracle Business Rules
• Oracle JDeveloper • Oracle Web Services Manager


Oracle BPM Suite
Comprehensive Business Process Management

• Oracle BPEL Process Manager • AquaLogic BPM Designer • Oracle JDeveloper • AquaLogic BPM/ XPDL Runtime

Oracle BPM Suite

• Oracle Business Rules • Oracle WebCenter*

* Restricted Use License


Product Offering
Systems Management for Fusion Middleware
EM Provisioning Pack for Middleware EM Configuration Pack for Middleware EM Diagnostics Pack for Middleware EM Management Pack for SOA Suite EM Management Pack for Identity Management EM Management Pack for Business Intelligence • Packaged Solution to Provision Middleware (being extended to BEA) • Configure & Change Manage Middleware (being extended to BEA) – BEA Guardian will be integrated with EM • Includes Application Diagnostics for Java (AD4J) & JRockit Mission Control • Single Console & Solution to Manage SOA Suite • Single Console & Solution to Manage Identity Mgmt. Suite • Single Console & Solution to Manage Business Intelligence Suite


Product Offering
Service-Oriented Architecture – SOA Governance
BEA AquaLogic Enterprise Repository • Repository to capture, share, & change manage SOA Artifacts across lifecycle • Standards-based UDDI v3.0 Registry to publish & discover Services • Policy Manager to define & manage Security & QOS Policies on Services • Management Console to Monitor Service Level Response Times & Availability • Management Console to Monitor, Trace, & Change Manage SOA • OEM Product & Redundant with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Service Registry
Oracle Web Services Manager EM Service Level Management Pack EM SOA Management Pack BEA AquaLogic Services Manager


Oracle WebCenter Suite
Comprehensive, Open Enterprise 2.0 Portal
• Oracle WebCenter Services

• Oracle BPEL Process Manager*
• Oracle Content Server* • Oracle Secure Enterprise Search* • Oracle Presence *
Former BEA products

• Oracle WebCenter Interaction • Oracle WebCenter Collaboration • Oracle WebCenter .NET Application Accelerator • Oracle WebCenter Console for Microsoft Sharepoint

Oracle WebCenter Suite

* Restricted Use License

Product Offering
Identity Management
Oracle Directory Services Oracle Identity Manager Oracle Role Manager Oracle Access Manager Oracle Adaptive Access Manager BEA AL-Enterprise Security • Scalable & Reliable LDAP Directory, Meta-Directory & Virtual Directory • Physical Asset & User Account Provisioning with Identity Administration

• Business Role Analysis, Provisioning & Management
• Single Sign-On for Web, Client-Server, & Mainframe Applications • Risk-based Strong Authentication for Access Management • Centralized Management of Entitlements or Authorization Privileges • Standards-based, Cross-Domain Identity Federation

Oracle Identity Federation


Product Offering
Service Delivery Platform
BEA WebLogic SIP Server BEA WebLogic Network Gatekeeper Oracle Presence Oracle Virtual PBX Oracle Telephony Application Oracle Unified User Profile Oracle SIP Server • Now Oracle Communications Converged Application Server • Expose Network Services - Now Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper • Carrier Grade SIP-based Presence Application

• Carrier Grade Packaged VoIP-based Virtual PBX Application
• Carrier Grade Residential Telephony Application • Unified User Profile Management across Multiple Operator Systems • Replaced by WebLogic SIP Server



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