Fixture AnAlyzer Kit

Take the Hidden Cost Out
of HID Lighting Maintenance
Reduced Maintenance Cost
Identify and replace fixtures nearing end-of-life that can cause
premature lamp failure and repeated trips to the fixture
Quickly Identify the Source of the Issue
Takes approximately 2 minutes to complete test
(Based on use with cobra head fixtures)
Safe Operation
Meter and socket adapter designed for use with safety lead cables
Heavy Duty Insulated Socket Adapter
Allows for testing key electrical values at the socket after disabling,
or pulling the ignitor
Hard Shell Carrying Case
Protects and stores the individual components in a single container
Instruction and ballast criteria included in the kit

 •   Effective on Most Mogul Base                 •   Lighting Maintenance Companies
     HID Lighting Systems                         •   Commercial and Industrial Facilities
     (not approved for electronic ballasts)
                                                  •   Street and Area Lighting
 •   Utilities Maintaining Lighting Systems                       IdentIfy and Replace fIxtuRes neaRIng end of lIfe
Take the Hidden Cost Out
of HID Lighting Maintenance
eye Fixture AnAlyzer Kit
HID lighting fixtures are known for their reliable long life. Many of the existing
High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lighting fixtures have been operating for
decades and are at or nearing the end of their life. These aging fixtures continue
to start and operate newly installed lamps. However, they can cause premature
lamp failure, lamp cycling, or no-starts, resulting in repeated trips to the fixture.
The Fixture Analyzer Kit quickly identifies the source of the problem at the fixture
by checking two critical measurements: Short Circuit Current and Open Circuit
Voltage. By checking the fixture ballast output during routine maintenance,
ballasts nearing end-of-life can be identified and replaced before they fail
entirely. The payoff is a reduction in both outages and maintenance calls.

HID Lighting System Facts:
 •   Ballasts having a Low Short Circuit Current or Low Open Circuit Voltage may
     not start the lamp, or may cause the lamp to cycle on and off after starting.
 •   Ballasts having a High Short Circuit Current may overdrive the lamp causing
     it to cycle and fail prematurely.

Fixture Analyzer Kit, Components and Accessories
 Code        Description
 92380       Fixture Analyzer Kit with Amprobe Meter
 The following individual components may be purchased separately                               Instructions &
 92386       42 in. Red Safety Cable (for use with socket test adapter)                        Test Specifications:
 92385       42 in. Black Safety Cable (for use with socket test adapter)                      Instructions and test specifications
                                                                                               for most High Pressure Sodium
 92389       12 in. Safety Shorting Cable
                                                                                               and Metal Halide ballasts are
 92387       Mogul Socket Test Adapter                                                         included with the fixture analyzer
 92388       Meter with Probe Test Cables (Amprobe) ACD-15 TRMS Pro                            kit on a convenient “pocket size”
                                                                                               card. Short circuit current should
 92399       Hard Shell Carrying Case                                                          be checked first. Open circuit
 Accessories (not included in kit)                                                             voltage test requires quick Ignitor
                                                                                               removal or disabling prior to
 92381       Medium to Mogul Socket Adapter                                                    test. Not approved for use on
                                                                                               electronic ballasts.
For the ultimate in maintenance reduction of your HPS lighting system,
choose the long life EYE Ignitron™ lamp with the built-in ignitor. By
choosing the Ignitron lamp, the fixture ignitor (which represents 20%                          EYE Ignitron™ Lamp:
of the lighting system components) is eliminated as a possible source                          To further reduce maintenance
                                                                                               costs, choose EYE Ignitron. This
of system failure, resulting in reduced system maintenance.                                    environmentally-friendly lamp
For the ultimate in maintenance reduction of Metal Halide lamps                                meets US, EPA TCLP criteria
                                                                                               for nonhazardous waste and
choose one of the broad selection of EYE Metal Halide products.
                                                                                               contains a built-in ignitor which
Call today to find out which one is right for your application.                                eliminates a significant source of
                                                                                               system failure.

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