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									    What is the name of the R2
2   unit that flies with Luke?

    A] R2D8
    B] R2D2
    C] R234
    D] Han Solo
    Finish Darth Vader‟s quote,
3   “Luke, I am your _____.”

    A] enemy
    B] friend
    C] father
    D] slave
    Who is Luke Skywalker‟s
4   twin?

    A] Chewbacca
    B] Princess Leia
    C] Darth Maul
    D] Queen Amidala
     How do „Star Wars‟ movies
5    start?

    A] Darth Vader laughing
    B] Rebels cheering
    C] a duel
    D] scrolling text
    What is Chewbacca‟s race?

    A] Bespinite
    B] Ewok
    C] Wookiee
    D] Gunganite
    What weapon does Han
7   Solo use?

    A] phaser
    B] machine gun
    C] lightsaber
    D] blaster
     What did Luke call the
8    Millenium Falcon?

    A] a piece of junk
    B] sloppy starship
    C] flying trash
    D] old-fashioned spaceship
     What did Leia call Han Solo?

    A] force freak
    B] phony senator
    C] scruffy looking nerf herder
    D] traitor
      Who is frozen?

     A] Bobba Fett
     B] Han Solo
     C] Jar-Jar Binks
     D] Leia
     Where did Luke grow up?

     A] Corellia
     B] Naboo
     C] Alderaan
     D] Tatooine
      What was the name of the
12    planet where the rebels
      met the ewoks?

     A] The forest moon of Endor
     B] Endor
     C] Hoth
     D] Alderaan
     Both Luke and Anakin were
13   considered too _____ to be
     trained as Jedi.

     A] young
     B] angry
     C] naive
     D] old
     Who trained Obi-Wan
14   Kenobi?

     A] Qui-Gon Jinn
     B] Mace Windu
     C] Luke Skywalker
     D] Yoda
      How long did Yoda state he
15    had trained Jedi?

     A] almost 800 years
     B] 900 years
     C] 800 years
     D] since before Luke was born
     What type of creature does
16   Jabba intend to feed Luke
     and Han to?

     A] Sarlacc
     B] Ewok
     C] Reek
     D] Tarantula
     Fill in the blank, “Command
17   station, this is ______.”

     A] DV 521
     B] TX 143
     C] ST 321
     D] LM 341
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