Middle School Study Circle
        Group “A1”
•Alumni Field
  Was purchased for fair market value
  (not a gift) and has a deed restriction
  that can be removed by means outlined
  by the City Attorney
•Educational Narrative
  A “Final” design for either site will meet
  the educational narrative needs
           Alumni Field
•City Council Minutes
  That the offer of Joseph W. Peirce et al for
  the sale and conveyance to the City of
  Portsmouth for the sum of twenty-five
  hundred ($2,500) of land on Parrott
  avenue for the purposes of an armory site
  and for a park…

  Was contingent upon Armory construction
  No mention of a gift
  No thank you to the Peirce Estate
          Alumni Field
•1913 Portsmouth Herald Article
  No mention of a gift
  Purchase for $2,500
•1913 City Ledger
  Payment to Peirce Estate of $2,500
•1910 Tax Assessment
  Land including Mansion valued at
    Alumni Field Summary
•Not a Trust, no Trustees
•Not a gift
•Please Stop calling it the Peirce Land or
Peirce Trust

Oddly Enough..The Sagamore Creek Site was
Purchased with gifted money from the
National Park Service for purposes of outdoor
recreation land
What criteria should be incorporated into our City’s
plans to improve the educational facilities for our
              6th, 7th and 8th graders?


•Wildlife Corridors
•Portsmouth Identity
Portsmouth Has a History of

•1960s decision to keep the South Mill Pond
   •Chamber of Commerce wanted a parking lot
•Preserve 40 Homes in the South End
   •Strawbery Banke Museum
   •Federal Government suggested bulldoze for low-
   income housing
  Portsmouth Has a History of

•Conversion of Portsmouth Hospital into City Hall
   •Urban Land Institute suggested high end condos
•First city in NH to adopt Historic District Zoning
   •Realtor groups opposed this
•Returned Market Square to the Pedestrians
   •Portsmouth Herald opposition

School Location should reflect…

•Portsmouth Specialness
  •Our historic value is unique
  •Students in the center of community
  •Develop students sense of belonging

•Consider both Students and Public
•Security provided through proximity
•Access to communities cultural
  •Strawbery Banke, Library, Music Hall,

•Marginal Price differences should not be
considered significant
   •Avoid Bias by using separate architect
   for final design
•Opportunity Costs should be considered
   •Irrevocable loss of wildlife corridor
   •Never will return to downtown

•More analysis of temporary housing options
•Short term inconvenience measured against long
term benefits
•Students can learn from inconvenience
   •Power of community
   •Value of history
•Playing Field Location should NOT be a driving
force in locating school building
Site Comparison

Parrott Avenue   Sagamore Creek

 Preservation      Community
           Closing Statement

We all wish to express our appreciation for this unique
opportunity to exercise our right to participation in democracy
within our special community. We believe that creative ways to
address current and future needs for the education of our
middle-school children can be devised through renovation of the
current school. We further believe that imaginative thinking is
called for. We are calling for the kind of thinking that will result
in renewed investment in a school that retains its connection
with our community and a continued commitment to the highly-
valued concept of sustainability. We believe that such an
investment will be of greater lasting value financially and
culturally to the entire community now and into the future.
portsmouth listens…

  Thank you for listening!

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