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									    Ransom of Red Chief
         Your dialectical journal will include:
                       5 similes
                  2 situational irony
                    2 verbal irony
                      6 allusions
                     2 metaphors
                     2 hyperboles
                   1 personification

Your „assertion‟ will be the figurative language you are
               searching for in the text.
          Dialectical Journal
Assertion – Evidence -        Commentary-
what we are Quote             explanation
Allusion    “We selected      The author uses the
            as our victim     name Ebenezer as
            the only child    an allusion to
            of a prominent    Ebenezer Scrooge (A
            citizen named     Christmas Carol) to
            Ebenezer          provide a
            Dorset, “ (39).   background and
                              foreshadow the
                              elements of his
                    Why do people say Geronimo as they
                    jump out of planes? They are hoping
                    they are invincible and impermeable to
                    injuries – Why would Bill use this
                    allusion? THINK!
   Geronimo was the leader of the last American
    Indian fighting force formally to capitulate to the
    United States. Because he fought against such
    daunting odds and held out the longest, he
    became the most famous Apache of all. To the
    pioneers and settlers of Arizona and New Mexico,
    he was a bloody-handed murderer and this image
    endured until the second half of this century.
   Some attributed his numerous raiding successes to
    powers conferred by supernatural beings, including a
    reputed invulnerability to bullets.
Remember the dream of the pirate Sam
has? Sam feels as if they have been
“pirated” out of their ransom by Ebenezer
and his young son.
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