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					                      FOUNDATION OF LA JOLLA HIGH SCHOOL
                                             750 Nautilus Street, La Jolla, CA 92037
Volume 22 Fall 2010                    

Foundation Board
                      FROM THE PRESIDENT —
                                              Sandy Coggan Erickson

 Sandy Erickson ’62
                      The   Foundation of La Jolla High School, Inc. is a non-profit
                      public benefit corporation established over 25 years ago by
                      Viking parents to raise funds to meet the needs of La Jolla
    Rob Hixson        High School. Initially the Foundation asked parents and local
   Vice President     businesses for donations and sponsored several fundraisers.
    Cate Yashar       In 1990 the LJHS Alumni Association was founded making it
     Secretary        possible to ask Viking alumni to also support their alma mater.

    Jackie Helm       Since 1985 the Foundation has been successful in raising the funds needed to
     Treasurer        purchase items requested annually by the administration of LJHS. In addition, the
                      Foundation has succeeded in funding many major projects including:
                      	   Light up La Jolla — restored Field lighting & installed Edwards Gate
     Laurie Allen         Locker Project — replaced broken lockers with secure metal lockers
 Christina Andrews        Viking Plaza — renovated the area north of the 400 building
     Linden Blue          Baseball Field — added new dugouts, bleachers, & snack bar
                          Scripps Field — installed artificial surfaces on the field and track
     Roger Clark
                          Lower Field — upgraded softball field with artificial turf
  Paul Dougherty
                          Baseball Clubhouse — built Brent Woodall Clubhouse on Spelman Field
    Sharman Dye
                          Alumni Court — installed tables, benches, bricks, and planted trees
   Jim Frager ’82         Computer Science — replaced 72 computers in the two classrooms
   Howard Frank           Teacher Stations — purchased 42 classroom carts with laptop computer,
     Jon Gilbert                               LCD projector, document camera, DVD player and
   Dana Irwin ’80                              audio system with wireless microphone
  Jeffrey Macelli
  Colleen McNally     This year the Foundation will be asked to fund items that historically you would expect
   Jay O’Neil ’64     your tax dollars to provide: textbooks, technology, classroom equipment, teaching
                      materials, school supplies, campus maintenance, and coaches and uniforms for our
      Wes Pawl
                      athletic teams. In order to fund these requests the Foundation will need the support
     Beth Penny       of every LJHS family, Viking alumni, and our local business community.
   Vera Pitrofsky
Anseth Richards ’80   The Foundation’s fundraising events for the 2010–2011 School Year are:
  Darcy Smith ’73
                                    VIKINGS, VINES & VINTNERS — November 6, 2010
 Kathryn Stephens
                                    TASTE OF LA JOLLA — January 31, 2011
   Mimi Swenson
                                    VIKING GOLF CLASSIC — April 18, 2011

                      You can support our efforts by making a donation to your area of interest, registering
  Dana Shelburne
      Principal       for eScrip, or supporting one of our fundraisers as an underwriter, auction donor,
                      volunteer or ticket purchaser. Check out our website for more information and to
                      donate or purchase tickets on-line.
    Sandi Pawl
 Executive Director   PLEASE HELP US SUPPORT LJHS!
    Page 2                                                                                                        Fall 2010

        FROM THE PRINCIPAL – Dana Shelburne

                                           Because     the 2010-2011 school year has begun under the ongoing
                                           shadow of the state budgetary turmoil, I am more grateful than ever
                                           that the Foundation of La Jolla High School stands ready, as it has since
                                           its inception, to financially support the teaching and learning at this
                                           campus. Year in and year out—especially in these times of fiscal crisis—
                                           the Foundation has raised funds which allow us to offer educational
                                           opportunities and athletic programs we would otherwise not be able to
                                           afford. This generosity has helped LJHS continue to produce exceptional
                                           results in the classroom and on the fields of competition. Among last
                                           year’s honors:

             •       Our NOBCChe teams won regional championships and competed in national contest in
                     Atlanta and Washington, D.C.
             •       The LJHS National Oceanographic Science Bowl team won its regional tournament and
                     traveled to Florida to compete for the national title.
             •       The Viking Cyber Defense Robotic team won the first annual Mayor’s Cup.
             •       Our Academic League team won the Western League title, finished second in the county,
                     and traveled to Chicago for national competitions.
             •       The La Jolla High Drama department earned a “Bravissimo” award for exceptional work in
                     theatre education.
             •       Our Boys’ Basketball and Girls’ Water Polo teams earned CIF All Academic Team Status.
                     Our Boys’ Volleyball team earned similar honors from the Volleyball Coaches’ Association.
             •       Students in our Marine Science classes, in cooperation with San Diego State University,
                     have joined the international efforts to map the world’s oceans and spent many hours in
                     the Bird Rock area measuring and cataloging sea life.
             •       Viking athletics fielded teams in over 25 sports, with Boys’ Basketball and Boys’ Volleyball
                     reaching the CIF finals, and the Girls’ Track Team winning the CIF crown.

        This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but it does underscore the wide variety of activities and pro-
        grams available to students at La Jolla High School—many of which would not happen but for the
        ongoing support of the Foundation. Our students continue to excel both in the classroom and on the
        field of competition, and their ongoing success underscores the fine work done by students, staff,
        parents, and community in support of an instructional program that develops our future leaders. Your
        contributions are needed again this year, and I want to thank you in advance for choosing to support
        La Jolla High School.

                                      Mission Statement: The mission of the Foundation of La Jolla High
                                      School, Inc. is to enhance the overall educational experience of La Jolla
                                      High School students by soliciting, managing and disbursing funds to
                                      support academic, athletic, buildings and grounds, and other needs of
                                      the school for which funding is not available.
Page 3                                                                                                 Fall 2010

                                FOUNDATION SPECIAL PROJECTS
 TENNIS COURTS – Renovation Project
        Support for our Viking tennis teams and
 the school’s courts from LJHS parents, Viking
 alumni, and the La Jolla Tennis Club during the
 past several years made it possible to renovate
 the courts during the summer. The courts have
 been resurfaced, windscreens replaced, benches
 purchased, and lighting will soon be upgraded.

 Plans are now underway to form a committee in
 hopes of launching a major campaign to build
 additional facilities including seating, restrooms,
 snack bar and storage space at the north end
 of the field. If you are interested in serving on
 this committee, please contact Dana Shelburne
 at 858.454.3081.

        La Jolla High School’s theatre/auditorium was built in 1976 with funds raised by the community and
 matched by the school district. In May of 2010, almost 35 years later, the same lighting system, old and
 unsafe, was still being used. A complete upgrade will cost a minimum of $300,00. The Foundation asked
 those attending Nautilus, the Foundation’s Major Fundraiser, to donate to the Lighting Project during the
 Live Auction. The goal was to raise enough money for the purchase of a new light board and some lights.
 Almost $18,000 was raised, and with $32,000 added from the Foundation’s General Fund, a total of $50,000
 was donated to the Theatre Project. Current drama teacher, Ann Boutelle, and former drama teacher,
 Walter Stewart, are now forming a Lighting Project Committee to plan the fundraising campaign to raise the
 remaining funds needed to complete the project. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please
 contact, Ann Boutelle at 858.454.3801.

                                             The new ION Light Board was purchased over the summer. It
                                             was used for the first time in August for the performances of
                                             Alfred Hitchcock’s, “The 39 Steps”, presented by the Full Circle
                                             Theatre Company. Grayson Breen ’09, currently attending Em-
                                             erson College, was in charge of lighting design and direction.
                                             Brendan Milove ’10 and LJHS senior Katheryne Penny, were
                                             members of the cast.

            Cast	of	“The	39	Steps”                                                           Grayson	Breen	’09
         Upper	Left:	Katheryne	Penny	’11
         Lower	Right:	Brendan	Milove	’10
Page 4                                                                                                 Fall 2010

        Each year the Foundation plans ways to raise funds to meet the needs of LJHS. This year we have
 scheduled the Annual Giving Campaign, 3 fun events: Vikings, Vines & Vintners, Taste of La Jolla, and the
 Viking Golf Classic, and additional activities including: eScrip, ticket sales for the PGA Golf Tournament at
 Torrey Pines, and student sports physicals. We hope that every LJHS family will help support the school by
 donating to our giving campaign, attending our events and participating in our activities.

        The Foundation is launching this year’s Annual Giving Campaign
 with the publiciation of this newsletter. Last year over $75,000 was donated
 by LJHS families and Viking alumni. We hope to top that number this year.
 Whether you are a current or past Viking family, we encourage you to donate
 now. The Foundation of La Jolla High School is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) public
 benefit corporation, so your donation is tax deductible. Whether you donate
 by check, credit card, online via our secure web site, or through a transfer
 of stock, you will receive a tax verification letter. We have enclosed a donor
 card and envelope for your use.

 VIKINGS, VINES & VINTNERS – November 6, 2010
                                                  Mark your calendar for a reprise of our amazingly success-
                                          ful Vikings, Vines & Vintners event being held at the La Jolla Country
                                          Club on Saturday, November 6, 2010. Chair Jeff Macelli invites you
                                          to come taste wines, enjoy fabulous food and bid on the diverse
                                          array of wines and auction items at this year’s event. Tickets for
                                          this sell-out event may be purchased online via the Foundation’s
                                          website, in the Foundation Office in the LJHS library, or from Foun-
                                          dation Board members. Last year’s event raised over $40,000 for
                                          LJHS. Contact the Foundation office if you would like to underwrite
                                          or donate wines or other related items to the auction.

  TASTE OF LA JOLLA – January 31, 2011
        If you attended last year’s Taste of La Jolla, you
 enjoyed a beautiful evening with an abundance of delicious
 food offered by over 30 La Jolla restaurants and shops. The
 event was a great success and raised over $19,000. The
 13th annual event, being chaired by Christina Andrews, will
 take place on Monday, January 31. La Jolla restaurants will
 again be opening their doors in generous support of LJHS.
 Tickets are $40 per person in advance, or $50 per person at
 the door. Tickets may be purchased on-line, in the Founda-
 tion Office, or from Foundation members. Don’t miss this
 chance to have fun while supporting LJHS.
  Page 5                                                                                        Fall 2010

   VIKING GOLF CLASSIC – April 18, 2011
                                         The 15th Annual Viking Golf Classic will be held at the La Jolla Country
                                 Club Golf Course on Monday afternoon, April 18, 2011. This fun event is an annual
                                 favorite, so start practicing and plan on taking the afternoon off! Registration and
                                 lunch will begin at 11:00 am followed by the tournament, in a four-person Shamble
                                 Format, beginning at 12:30 pm. Last Spring’s event was a sold-out success, and
                                 over $30,000 was raised for the students of LJHS. Chair Paul Doughtery guaran-
                                 tees another delightful day on the links. It is not too soon to sign up to participate,
                                 sponsor or underwrite! For more information call the Foundation office or go to the
                                 Foundation’s website, under “Viking Golf Classic.”

   eSCRIP – Sign Up Now!
           Think how often you swipe your cards — ATM’s, Grocery
   Clubs, Credit Cards. With eScrip, a simple swipe of your card gen-
   erates instant cash for the school. It is simple and convenient to
   become an eScrip member. Be sure to ask your family and friends
   to register with eScrip too!

   Simply register your grocery store club and credit card(s) on the eScrip web site:
          • Log onto and enter the School I.D. #142514842
          • Register your cards as prompted on the secure site
          • Shop at eScrip merchants
          • A percentage of your purchases will automatically be donated to LJHS

   SOS/SAVE OUR SCHOOLS – January 27-30, 2011
                                             Get inspired by watching the real pros at work at the Farmers’
                                      Insurance PGA Golf Tournament at Torrey Pines Golf Course. The Century
                                      Club, organizer of the annual event, will again make discounted tickets
                                      available to La Jolla High School. Tickets are $17 (a $34 value) and are
                                      good for any one day of the tournament. Even better, $15 is donated back
                                      to the school for each ticket sold. LJHS received over $8,000 last year
                                      thanks to the LJHS students and parents who helped sell tickets.

          Each year, Viking athletes are required to submit a doctor’s certification of fitness to participate in
   school sports. Leave it to the Foundation to figure out a win-win scenario — a win for the athletes’ families
   and a win for the school! Local doctors and nurses volunteer their time and expertise to perform hundreds
   of physicals in the campus gyms. At a cost of only $30 per physical, your family will save on time and con-
   venience, and pay little more than a typical insurance co-payment. Free hot dogs and drinks create a festive
   atmosphere, and last year almost $6,000 was raised for the students of LJHS.
    Page 6                                                                                                Fall 2010

             The Foundation of LJHS Board of Directors is composed of 25 dedicated men and women who con-
     tribute time, energy and funds in support of our school. They are current and former LJHS parents, Viking
     alumni, and community members with diverse skills and expertise. The Board’s primary role is to sponsor
     events and activities that raise funds to help the school meet its current and future financial needs. This is
     accomplished with committees, each of which has specific responsibilities. Additional sub-committees are
     formed to organize the larger events and special projects as needed. The Board meets monthly at 7:00 am,
     in the school’s library. Meeting dates for 2010-2011 are: Sept. 15, Oct. 20, Nov. 17, Dec. 15, Jan. 19, Feb.
     16, Mar. 16, Apr. 20, May 18, and June 8. Meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend. People inter-
     ested in serving on the Board may obtain an application form via the Foundation’s website online or in the
     Foundation office located in the LJHS library.

     ACADEMIC COMMITTEE – Beth Penny, chair
            The Academic Committee reviews funding requests initiated by LJHS faculty and staff members and
     approved by principal Dana Shelburne. Requests are presented for approval at Foundation Board meetings
     based on funds available in each department’s fund or in the Academic General Fund. Last year, thanks to
     the success of the Annual Giving Campaign, funds were provided for textbooks, library books, evironmental
     science equipment, journalism computers, construction and transportation technology tools, sheet music
     and instruments, the AVID college trip, teacher workshops and conferences, and other requested items.

     FINANCE COMMITTEE – Jackie Helm, chair
            The Finance Committee prepares the Foundation’s annual budget for approval, reviews all financial
     statements, and develops and recommends internal financial control policies. The committee also manages
     the Foundation’s Endowment Fund which currently has a balance of over $100,000. Gifts to this fund are
     invested, and the proceeds provide support for LJHS in perpetuity. Donations to the Endowment Fund can
     be made online via the Foundation’s website or by using the enclosed donor card.

     FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE – Colleen McNally, chair
              The Fundraising Committee emphasizes both “funds” and “fun” in the numerous events and ac-
     tivities it oversees each year. The committee actively seeks parent volunteers to insure the success of the
     annual events. This year’s events include Vikings Vines & Vintners, Taste of La Jolla, and the Viking Golf

     MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – Rob Hixson, chair
             The Membership Committee annually receives the names of people interested in becoming board
     members, reviews their qualifications, and presents a list of nominees to the Foundation board for approval.
     Members are required to serve on at least one standing and one fundraising committee, and to actively sup-
     port all Foundation activities and projects. Members are elected to a two year term and are eligible to be
     nominated to serve subsequent terms.

     TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE – Jon Gilbert, chair
            The Technology Committee meets with the LJHS administration and faculty members to determine
     what technology is needed for use in the classroom. Computers, LCD projectors, document cameras, and
     other hardware items, along with numerous software programs are reviewed by the committee and pur-
     chased as deemed appropriate.
Page 7                                                                                                   Fall 2010

 ATHLETIC COMMITTEE – Howard Frank, chair
         The Athletic Committee spearheads projects to provide the best opportunity for student athletes
 at La Jolla High School to participate at the highest level in diverse sports. With the funds raised through
 a variety of efforts, the Committee works closely with the school, specifically the athletic department, to
 maintain and improve the school’s athletic facilities including the baseball field, the softball field, the gyms,
 and the upper athletic field and track. The Committee also serves in a leadership role for athletics-related
 special projects, such as the Brent Woodall Clubhouse on the baseball field and the recently completed
 “Turf It” project. The “Turf It” project involved the installation of field turf (the best synthetic surface on
 the market) on the Muirlands Middle School Athletic Field which is part of the Deni and Jeff Jacobs Athletic
 Complex. This field is the home field for Viking baseball and is also used by the high school’s lacrosse, field
 hockey and soccer teams.
 The following are just some of the activities of the Athletic Committee:
    • Media Guide: Sold at athletic events during the year, this publication gives the name and team photo
         of all student athletes plus a brief bio on each coach and a prognosis for each team. Local families
         and businesses can buy ads in the guide.
    • Sports Supporter Program: Letters requesting donations are mailed to Viking alumni who played
         a specific sport as well as the parents of current student athletes. Proceeds help fund the sport
         designated by the donor.
    • Ad Banners: Local businesses can purchase banners that are displayed on the outfield wall for all
         baseball games and on the wall for all events held in the gym.
    • Alumni Games: For the past seventeen years the Committee has organized an annual Alumni Baseball
         Game. Seven decades of Viking baseball alumni participated in the 2009 game.
    • SOS/Save Our Schools: The Committee coordinates the sale of tickets to the annual Buick Open, with
         88% of the proceeds from the sales going directly to our school’s athletic programs.
    • Athletic Trainer: We were the first and continue to be one of the few high schools in the San Diego
         Unified District to have a full-time athletic trainer. The trainer is 100% funded by the Foundation.
    • Assistant Coaches: The Foundation provides funds for approximately 18 assistant coaches annually.
    • Sport Banners: The committee arranges for the purchase and display of league and CIF Championship
         banners won annually by Viking Athletes.
    • Throughout the school year our committee regularly receives requests from coaches for equipment,
         uniforms, and other items. We do all we can to fund each request.

         The Buildings and Grounds Committee is respon-
 sible for overseeing the ongoing grounds maintenance and
 repairs and replacement of campus facilities. Last year
 the scoreboard and lights on Scripps Field were repaired.
 The old visitor bleachers were removed so a retaining wall
 could be built, the area leveled, and new rental bleachers
 put in place. In addition, tables and chairs for the coun-
 seling office, new awnings for Parker Auditorium, and a
 grounds maintenance vehicle were purchased. PTA funds
 were used to purchase covered trash cans for the quad.
 Thanks again to Ted and Anne Peterson for organizing and
 participating in the monthly campus work parties.

     Special	thanks	to	Crown	Point	Clippers,	owned	
     by	 David	 Hingeley,	 son	 of	 Viking	 alum	 David	
     Hingeley	 ’56,	 for	 trimming	 the	 trees	 on	 our	
     campus	free	of	charge	during	the	school	year.
                                           Thanks for Supporting La Jolla High School
Page 8                                                                                                                                                  Fall 2010

FOUNDATION DONORS                                                                        July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010

VALEDICTORIAN - $10,000+            General Atomics                         Dewhurst & Associates           Colin Campbell ‘92              Burns Drug
Anonymous                           Grappling Experience                 Dr. Paul Dougherty                 Chicago Title Company           Chris & Cathy Carroll
The Blue Family                     Trip ’72 & Lisa Hawkins              Mark & Kathy Fackler               Emdev, Inc.                     John & Betsy Chadwick
Kurt & Jennifer Eve                 William H. Hofmann                   Jim ’82 & Devon Frager             Gellens Investment Co.          Circuit McKellogg Kinney
Jon & Bobbi Gilbert                 Inwindow Outdoor LLC                 Alan & Marie Hemming               Monica Lindkvist Greenberg ‘60      & Ross LLP
    Family Foundation               Aki & Claire Blouin Ito              John A. Hinds ‘54                  Harry’s Coffee Shop ‘88         Melissa Gordon Crabb
Jeff ’62 & Kate Jeffery             Susan Manion                         D. Keith & Nancy S. Humphries      The Hunter Group                Rick & Linda Dicker
                                    Gilbert J. Martin Foundation         Steve & Lori Jellison              Richard & Ruth Kelly            John Drake ‘95
BENEFACTOR - $5,000+                Colleen McNally, M.D.                Beth & Rick Jones                  Masis Kevorkian ‘93/            David & Dorothy Engel
Linnie Cooper Foundation            John & Christine Michaelsen/         Roger & Laura Karnopp                   Monarch Investment Fund    Susanna Flaster
Sandy Coggan Erickson ‘62               Capital Growth Properties        Torrey ’83 & Kimberly Lee          Paul & Julie Latta              Denise Frame
Arthur Q. Johnson Foundation ‘80    Leslie Miller                        Ming & Helen Li                    Thomas & Teresa Doyle Liu ‘77   Howard & Holly Frank
Greg & Susan Jones                  Jeffrey & Satnick Morgan             Andy ’75 & Lory Lock               Dan & Cheryl McCarthy           Dan & Katherine Goese
La Jolla High School PTA            Andy Nelson/Willis Allen Company     David & Neptune Mashayekan         Jonathan & Gillian Moss         Vicky Graham
Bonnie Reid                         Jim ’77 & Wendy Neri ‘86             Jack McGrory                       Don & Carol Nelepovitz          Heinz Gietz Autohaus
                                    Scott & Gale O’Mara                  Mr. & Mrs. Gerald McMahon          Brian & Joylene Nettleton       Hirsh Orthodontics
DONOR - $2,500+                     The Ohara Family                     Merrill Lynch                      Pete Peterson ‘68               Reid & Julie Hollyfield
Anonymous                           Pacific Western Bank                 Susan Morris ‘77                   Jill Q. Porter                  David Jones
Doug & Mini Pathria Bates           Patsy Iverson Page                   Tom Morrow ‘71                     Anseth Page Richards ‘80        Sandra Jones
David & Ginger Boss                 Dr. William ’74 & Beth Penny         John & Becky Zeiner Naitoh         The Sambawa Family              Jeff & Katie Kepper
The Farley Family                   Matt ’78 & Heidi Peterson/           Jeannie Needham                    Jay & Sarah Schrier             Laurence & Gina Langbort
Murray & Jackie Helm                    Peterson Charitable Foundation   Drew Nelson ‘97                    Janice Sedloff                  Eric & Lisa Knapp Lee
America Guinart Martinez            Chuong Ping                          Jay ’64 & Dana Strine O’Neil       Pat Shaler                      Kevin Le/Lele’s Cleaners
Jeff & Mona Cacciari Meyer          Mark & Cathy Riley                   Michael & Carol Parma              Karen Stanley/                  Mark & Mary Jane Linsky
Nicolas ’74 & Caroline Nierenberg   Richard & Faye Hunter Russell ‘78    Joe ’78 & Vera Pitrofsky                Heali’i’s Polynesian ReviewTambra Martinez
Ted & Anne Pflaum Peterson ‘76      Beth Steigerwalt                     Cliff Robertson                    Wahoo’s Fish Tacos              Gerald & Donna McMahon
Arnold & Cate Yashar                John & Kathryn Stephens                  Ethics Foundation ‘41          Tim Walsh/Walsh Financial       Wes & Sandi Pawl
                                    Steven & Lise Wilson Strauss         Prof. & Mrs. H. Rosen/             Cathie Kerns Wegrzyn ‘63        Thomas & Rebecca Porter
PATRON - $1,000+                    John Turner ‘81                          Disa Consulting, Inc.          William White/                  Russell Presidendorfer ‘71
1 Notion                            Glenn & Diane Vanstrum               Shelburne Sherr Court Reporters        The Ascot Shop              Prime Sports Sales
Lorna Alksne ‘82                                                         Daryl Smith ‘94                    Nick & Jane Wyer                RCO Construction
Steve & Lisa Altman                 TRUSTEE - $500+                      Jeffrey Steinhardt                                                 Andrew & Joan Rice
Bank of America Matching Gifts      Kenneth & Cindy Altschuler           Walter & M. Elizabeth Inderlied    MEMBER - $200+                  Donley Ritchey ‘51
Jon Beck ‘87                        Larry ’79 & Deanna Andrews               Strauser                       A Better Deal                   Jim & Nancy Roberts
Rod & Lisa Kay Betts                Virgil & Eva-Marie Benton            Martha Thum                        Michael Abinati                 Ken & Wendy Roos
Brad & Sherrie Black                Peggy Smith Block ‘59                Mark B. Wallner Foundation ‘74     Ace the Application             Paul & Diana Rubens
William K. Busch                    Todd Bloom                           Gene & Jill Pflaum Walsh ‘78/      Adelaide’s Florist & Decorators Tom Russell
The Cahill Family Fund              Doug & Julie Bodenstab                   Walsh Engineers                John & Liz Andrews              Blair & Georgia Robins Sadler
Doug Dawson                         Dahmen Brown ‘55                     Gregory & Trina Taylor Weiner      Barbara Baisch ‘68              Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza
Mitchell & Julie Dubick             Serdar & Tawnya Canogullari                                             Dale & Angels D’Amico Barbour The Sandwich Cub of La Jolla
The Dye Family                      Lee Carson ‘77                       SPONSOR - $300+                    Craig & Suzanne Baumann         The Schrift Family
Gary & Toni Felt                    Rob Cohen/                           BDG Maintenance California, Inc.   Scott & Carol Berquist          Craig & Mimi Swenson
Robert E. Gallagher                     Benchmark Commercial Ins         Jim Beyster ‘77                    Steve Bettles ‘68/Kono’s Café   Bruce & Cheri Tabb
    Charitable Trust                Bronle Crosby ‘73                    Scott Blumenthal ‘96               Bird Rock Dental                Torrey Pines Property
Mike Gay ‘62                        Derek & Karen Dalton                 Jerry Burwell ‘56/                 R. Scott Boughton M.D. ‘69      Management
Rick ’61 & Janet Ito-Geary          Don Dewhurst ‘59/                    Crab Catcher Restaurant            Cory Brown ‘77                  Lori Viviano
                                          Thanks for Supporting La Jolla High School
Page 9                                                                                                                                             Fall 2010

Ron Weaver’66                     Mary Ellen Utschig Irwin     Alfred & Susan Vandendriesse      Bob & Jamie Ginsberg             Jim Poet ‘68
David Wescoe                      Michael Ishayik ‘85          Manuel & Barbara Vasquez          Michael Gold ‘02                 Jeff Ponsford ‘01
David Weston ‘66                  John Jennings ‘91            Allen & Caroline Wei              Nancy Connevey Gonzalez-         Marlene Poulin
Yogurtland Pacific Beach          Jan Jessop ‘55               Patrick & Margaret Wilson             Manero ‘50                   Seth & Susan Pransky
Brian & Celena Zimmerman          Prabhakar & Revdee Jog       John & Ann Woods                  Christopher & Sandra Good        Jordan Ramrus ‘00
                                  Michael & Caroline Kelner    The Zigman Family                 David & Lisa Starr Goodin        John & Martha Ready
FRIEND - $100+                    Jeff & Katie Kepper                                            Stephen & Suri Gray              Bijan & Sara Roshan
Greg & Marcia Abbott              Cathy Swanson Kerns ‘70      CONTRIBUTOR – $1+                 David & Barbara Groce            Mark Ruyle ‘75
Sandy C. Arthurs                  Mary Khodapanah              Amy Aiello                        Roberto Guerrero                 Gary Sacks ‘85
Kevin Benson ‘86                  Tod Khoury ‘83               Chase Allen ‘49                   Charles & Miriam                 Eric & Diane Shwisberg
Guy Benstead ‘78                  Tom & Cyndi Sherman Kirby    Mary Russo Andrews                Gunderson                        Stan Smith ‘60
Bob Berg ‘76                      Eric Korevaar ‘77            Abraham & Deborah Artenstein Steven & Jeri Gurley                  Ashley Morse Spivey ‘96
Scott ’66 & Diane Bertrand        Nicholas Korevaar ‘72        Jason & Mojgan Rezai Austell      Gary & Betsy Mueller Halbert     Gabriel Statsky ‘93
Wendy Bilezikian ‘85              Melvin & Ann Manaster        Elisa Baker & Elaine Bishop       Rick & Annette Hallahan          Allen Steele
Bill Bond ‘60                     Gina Manlapig                S. Gale Slack Bakker ‘79          Mary Ann Barber Hatch ‘42        Tom Stevens ‘54
Christine Borcher/Vine Strategies Geoffrey & Nancy Martin      Elizabeth Thiele Barkett ‘73      Meredith Williams Hoagland ‘51   Eldon Stoneburg ‘47
Pat Boyl ‘58                      Thomas & Anastasia McColl    Mark & Rhonda Beathard            Anne Slattery Howard ‘69         Stephen & Neva Sullaway
Jonathan & Julie Bradhurst        Jody Eurman McLeod ‘75       Robert & Antonietta Bellizzi      Charles Hunt ‘45                 Martin & Bette Teachworth
Herm Brehmer ‘52                  Kris McMillan                Gary & Soo Hoon Beneduci          Kimberly Holzman Iselin ‘70      Richard & Tarja Theiss
John & Ellen Brice                Scott Minick ‘70             Scott & Carol Cipra Bergquist ‘79 William Johnson ‘56              Donald & Holly Timms
Bulfer’s Fine Jewelry             Francisco J. Mireles         Bill Bond ‘60                     Harish Khandrika                 Keith & Lee Buthold Trahan
Chris & Joyce Cary                Laura Mogin                  Kirk & Stacy Bonhan               Janet Graves King ‘84            Hugo & Maria Villar
Asta Ostlind Chase                Mary Hull Mosson             Fred & Nancy Borrelli             Lisa Klinker                     Harold & Carrie Webber
Mary Collins                      Gregory & Angela Moy         Jack C. Bowland ‘43               Seth Koeut ‘98                   Cornelia Relanzia Weiss ‘59
Vince & Denise Costelloe          The Nemeth Family ‘88        Allen Brown ‘60                   Connie Kerns Korn ‘71            Jewel Weien
Tyler & Susan Cramer              Network for Good             Jim Carroll ‘32                   Laurence & Gina Langbort         Gordon Welsh ‘37
Kent Dau ‘54                      Art Northrop                 Hon. Robert C. Coates ‘54         Sue Lathe                        Jane Wheeler
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Devin        E. Spencer Oliver ‘03        William Crary ‘50                 Jondae & Yi-Shuan Li Lee         Liz Courtney Windsong ‘58
Elisabeth Kenney Ecke ‘49         Ming Zhi & Moon Juan Pan     James Dacus ‘46                   Cameron McMillan                 Richard Wright ‘52
Rex ’86 & Molly Riley             Chay Parra                   Donald Easton Davis ‘75           Nicki Marcellino                 Colin & Suzanne Young
    Edwards ‘86                   The Pieper-Rossbacher        Sandra Delgado                    Jane Mattox                      Jill Zagami
Alex Farkas                       FamilyThe Polger Family      Paul & Shannon Pawl Derby ‘96 Jose Mejares                         John F. Zamba ‘55
William D. Fell ‘71               Karen Quinones               Paul & Kimberly Devermann         Mollie Stewart Miles ‘32         John & Pamela ZuccaIn-Hee Yoo
Velia Fowler                      R&B LJ Family Smile Design   Chris Diercks                     Gerald Mock ‘49                  Pam York
Isabel Freeland                   Tara & Al Robbins            Brady Dinnsen ‘03                 Denise Moreno ‘88                Jill Zagami
Larry Gerace                      Jon Romanowsky ‘89           Philip & Linda Gammage            Robert A. Morris ‘79             Karen Zlatic
Bev Greco                         John Schneider ‘64               Dowley ‘77                    Kaitlin Murphy ‘99               John & Pam Zucca
Tom Grimmet                       Kit Sheriff ‘78              Barbara Durwood ‘06               Linda Neagley
Mark & Molly Hagarty              Scott W. Smith               John & Debbie Dyer                Peter Nestingen ‘65
Gary & Betsy Halbert              Satoshi Takagowa             Kathy Shoemaker Fellers ‘64       Kevin J. O’Neil ‘96
Michael & Stephen Halloran        Mike & Deena Tarjan          Joshua Cameron Flesher ‘96        Stacy Steineckert Olofsson ‘89
Fred & Fiona Hardy                Richard & Lisa Tear          Gordon Froeb ‘89                  Ed Olsen ‘53
Bill Haskett ‘65                  Ross Thiele & Son            Chris & Sary Poel Frymann         Ray Ortiz ‘54
Megan Lee Heine ‘81               Arno & Darlene Tuulik        Lisa Dyson Gamblin ‘84            Marilyn McArthur Palmer ‘60
Mary Wolterstorff Hunter ‘72      Malaika Underwood ‘99        Joseph & Barbara Giammona         Mai Pham
Catherine Clarke Hutchins ‘76     Marc & Shannon Van Buskirk   David Gill ‘80                    Patricia Sheela Pickett ‘74
Page 10                                                                                                             Fall 2010

      GENERAL FUND                                                                                            AMOUNT
          Administration              Attendance & Medical Supplies                                              1,694
          Auditorium                  Projection System Equipment Installation                                  13,000
          School Security             Cameras, Maintenance                                                       5,370
          Student Workers             Library - text book check in                                                 425
                                                                                                 Sub-Total     $20,489
          General                     Anti-Plagiarism & Bibliography Software Subscriptions                      2,840
                                      AVID Program                                                               5,734
                                      Mock Trial, Academic League, NOBCCHE Team Registration Fees                1,904
          Construction Technology     Tools                                                                      1,190
          Independent Studies         Books                                                                        414
          Journalism                  Computers                                                                  3,279
          Library                     Library Books, Supplies                                                    5,235
          Math                        Geometry Software                                                          2,222
          Music - Instru/Vocal        Instruments, Sheet Music, Stands, Carts                                    2,374
          Readers                     Science                                                                      328
          Science                     Environmental Science Equipment, Printer, Dissection Cats, Camera         20,216
          Social Studies              Government Teaching Materials                                                598
          Technology                  Printers, Scanners, LCD Projectors, Camcorders, LJHS Website Design       15,767
          Textbooks                   Classroom Sets                                                             5,179
          Transportation Technology   Diagnostic Equipment                                                       1,200
                                                                                                 Sub-Total     $68,480
          General                     Spelman Field, Softball Batting Cage                                       5,314
                                      Golf Cart & Ice Machine Repairs                                            1,300
          Trainer                     Trainer Fee, Supplies                                                     21,809
          Baseball                    Uniforms, Coaching Fees, Balls, Field Maintenance                         10,445
          Basketball Boys             Coaching Fees, Equipment, Tournament Fees                                  2,927
          Basketball Girls            Uniforms, Coaching Fees,Tournament Fees                                    3,066
          Cross Country Boys/Girls    Coaching Fees, Equipment, State Meet Expenses                              1,517
          Field Hockey                Uniforms                                                                   2,220
          Football                    Coaching Fees, Uniforms,Helmets, Conditioning Equipment,Trainer           19,050
          Golf Boys                   Coaching Fee, Range Balls                                                  1,667
          Golf Girls                  Coaching Fees                                                                513
          Soccer Boys                 Coaching Fees                                                              2,610
          Soccer Girls                Coaching Fees, Uniforms                                                    6,764
          Softball                    Coaching Fees                                                              2,088
          Tennis Boys/Girls           Balls                                                                        956
          Track Boys/Girls            Uniforms, Hurdles                                                          1,712
          Volleyball Girls            Coaching Fees, Nets, Pads, Jerseys                                         5,914
          Wrestling                   Coaching Fees, Uniforms, Scale Calibration, Weight Assessments             5,650
                                                                                                 Sub-Total     $95,522
          General                     Campus Maintenance, Golf Cart Repair & Batteries                           5,165
                                      Tables & Chairs Counseling Office                                          1,288
                                      Parker Auditorium Awning, Canopies, Trees, Trash Cans                      5,130
                                      Alumni Court Table, Handicap Ramp, Locker Room Paint                       8,022
          Athletic Fields             Stadium Lighting & Scoreboard Repair, Stadium Paint, Erosion Control       9,464
                                      Turf-it Project, Retaining Wall Project                                   97,602
          Lockers                     Locks                                                                      3,926
          Tennis Courts               Benches, Electrical, Cleaning                                                942
                                                                                                  Sub-Total   $131,539

                                                                                                    TOTAL     $316,030
Page 11                                                                                                                                 Fall 2010

                                                                                    LJHS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
                       the ljhs alumni association newsletter                           Keeping Vikings Connected!

         The LJHS Alumni Association, established in 1990 as part of the Foundation of LJHS, has made it
 possible for Viking alumni to connect with each other and their alma mater for the past 20 years. The Asso-
 ciation hosts a free website, “Viking Alumni Online” ( By registering on the site, Viking
 alums have access to information about the over 25,500 people who have attended LJHS since it opened
 in 1922. Alums can also go to the online Viking Alumni Store and purchase their Association membership,
 clothing and souvenirs.

 The Alumni Association also makes it possible for the Foundation to solicit donations from Viking alumni for
 the benefit of La Jolla High School. During the 09-10 school year, the Alumni Association supported numer-
 ous reunion committees, held the Annual Pre-Game Alumni Reception before the Homecoming Game, and
 hosted a 50th reunion reception for the class of 1959.

 The Viking Alumni Center is located in the LJHS Library/Media Center. Everyone is invited to visit the center
 and browse through the yearbooks, school newspapers and other donated items. Office hours are Mon, Tues,
 Thurs and Fri from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. For more information please contact Alicia Snook, Association
 Administrator, at 858-551-9871 or via e-mail at

 FOUNDATION CONTACT INFORMATION – Sandi Pawl, Executive Director
        Foundation of La Jolla High School                                   Phone (858) 551-1250 FAX (858) 551-1260
        750 Nautilus Street                                                  Email:
        La Jolla, CA 92037                                                   Website:

        Office Hours: Mon — Friday 7am – 2:30pm (located in the LJHS Library Reference Room)

                                FOUNDATION OF LA JOLLA HIGH SCHOOL
                                please apply my tax deductible donation of         $ __________________        to the general fund
                                or to the fund specified:
                                        academics general     : ___ or dept: ____________________            bldgs & grounds:     ___
                                        athletics general:    ___ or sport: ____________________             endowment:     ___
                                                  donations may be made online at:

      DONOR LEVELS              name:  _____________________________________________ if ljhs alum year:______
      valedictorian   $10,000   street: __________________________________________________________________
      benefactor       $5,000   city: _________________________________________ state: ______ zip: ___________
      donor            $2,500   phone: ________________ email: ____________________________________________
      patron           $1,000
      trustee           $500    payment method: visa ___ mc ___ discover ___ am express ___ check ___
      sponsor           $300    name on account:  _________________________________________________________
      member            $200    credit card no: ________________________________________ exp date: __________
      friend            $100    signature: _______________________________________________________________
      contributoor        $10
                                          mail to: the foundation of la jolla high school, 750 nautilus st., la jolla, ca 92037
                            YOUR SUPPORT
The Foundation of La Jolla High School, Inc.                           Non-Profit
750 Nautilus Street                                                   U.S. Postage
La Jolla, CA 92037                                                        PAID
                                                                     San Diego, CA
                                                                      Permit #751

                                           FUNDRAISING EVENTS

                                           Vikings, Vines & Vintners
                                                  NOVEMBER 6

                                                Taste of La Jolla
                                                  JANUARY 31

                                               Viking Golf Classic
                                                    APRIL 18

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