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HP…Amazing career. Amazing results.
Amazing career.
   Amazing results.
Every day, HP employees around            We know that there is much more to     Find out more about how HP’s Total
the globe are doing amazing things        our success than just developing       Rewards Programs support your
for our customers. Whether it’s           new products. It’s about developing    physical, emotional and financial
implementing solutions for some of        people and building rewarding          wellness, allowing you to:
the world’s largest and most              careers. It’s about inspiring and
influential companies, developing          empowering you to make amazing         Live well.
new technologies to help small
business owners succeed, or
                                          things happen, every day. Our
                                          focus on people underlies
                                                                                 Stay healthy.
inspiring the new technologies that
help to shape the world around
                                          everything we do. It’s why we’re
                                          known as such a great place to
                                                                                 Live well.
us… HP employees really do touch          work. Our Total Rewards Program
                                                                                 Be happy.
millions of lives every day. So, if the   reinforces our spirit and drive. Our
idea of making a difference in this       innovative and flexible rewards let
                                                                                 Live well.
world inspires you, and if you are        you tailor your benefits to allow you   Feel financially secure.
looking for a rewarding work              to live well.
experience –

HP is the
company for you.
Live well.
   Do amazing.
When you live well, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. At HP, living well means more than just staying
healthy. It means looking at the bigger picture and focusing on your total wellness – physical, emotional and
financial. That’s why we provide you with much more than a benefits package. Our innovative, competitive total
rewards package will help you truly live well, so you can do amazing.


Stay healthy                              Be happy                                 Feel financially secure
Physical wellness                         Emotional wellness                       Financial wellness
From medical and dental coverage that     Finding balance in your life is an       While you are working to build new
you can customize to fit your unique      important part of living well. To help   solutions for HP’s customers, you
needs to a Health Spending Account        you get there, HP provides you with      will also be working to build your
you can use for everything from laser     competitive vacation packages and        financial security. With retirement
eye surgery to fertility treatments, HP   access to expert advice and              and savings plans, performance
helps you stay healthy so you can         counselling through our Employee         bonuses, life, disability and travel
live well.                                Assistance Program.                      insurance, employee purchase
                                                                                   programs and much more, HP
                                                                                   allows you to live well now
                                                                                   and in the future.

HP…Amazing career. Amazing results.
Live well.
   Stay healthy.
Good physical health is a cornerstone to living well. At HP, we take a holistic approach to your physical heath –
from encouraging an active lifestyle to providing you with flexible benefits that ensure you and your family
receive the health and dental care you need.

Here are some ways HP helps you stay healthy:

    Flexible Benefits – Everyone’s benefits needs are unique. That’s why HP provides comprehensive flexible
    benefits coverage that you can customize to meet your needs and the needs of your family. These
    benefits are a valuable part of your total rewards package and offer you multiple levels of coverage to
    choose from.
    Choices for flex dollars

                                                   Life                 AD&D
           Dental                     Medical                                              Disability
                                                Insurance             Insurance

    Health Spending Account – Your Health Spending Account can be used to pay for eligible items
    not covered under your medical and dental options. From prescription sunglasses to fertility
    treatments, the list of eligible items and services is extensive.
    Wellness Initiatives – Since its launch in 2010, HP’s Winning with Wellness Program has
    inspired thousands of HP employees to live well and be healthy. This progressive program
    includes team health challenges and our Wellness Central portal, where you can watch
    videos and download articles related to all aspects of living well.

HP…Amazing career. Amazing results.
Live well.
   Be happy.
Life can be hectic. That’s why HP’s total rewards package has multiple programs in place to help you
balance the multiple demands of your work and personal life.

Here are a few of the ways HP helps you find balance so you can live well and be happy:

    Vacation – Whether you spend it exploring the world or relaxing at home, vacation is a great way to
    refresh and recharge. It is also an important part of your total rewards package from HP. You will start
    off with 15 vacation days and earn an additional day for every two years of service to a maximum of
    25 days.
    Statutory Holidays – HP provides you a total of 11 statutory holidays each year – that is almost one
    for every month of the year!
    Leaves of Absence – Life is full of unexpected events. That’s why we offer unpaid leaves of absence for
    family and medical reasons, bereavement, jury duty and personal reasons.
    Employee Assistance – All HP employees and their families have access to our Employee Assistance
    Program, which provides professional counselling, as well as support for family, financial, health,
    career and legal issues.

HP…Amazing career. Amazing results.
Live well.
   Be happy.                          (continued)

    Teamwork and Support to Do Amazing – Amazing things happen when you have the support of a
    strong team behind you. At HP, we value our teams and the innovative products and solutions they
    develop by working together.
    Diversity – At HP, we believe that new and different ways of thinking are at the heart of innovation.
    That’s why we value diversity and welcome people of different cultures, lifestyles, generations
    and backgrounds.
    Education Assistance Program – You are passionate about learning new things and taking your skills to
    the next level. The HP Education Assistance Program is in place to support this passion by providing you
    with financial assistance for degree programs that align with HP business goals and match your current
    or future job assignments.

HP…Amazing career. Amazing results.
Live well.
   Feel financially secure.
HP wants to help you achieve your financial goals. Whether you are saving for retirement, starting a family
or simply preparing for life’s unexpected expenses, our total rewards package has programs in place to
help you feel financially secure.

Here are some of HP’s financial wellness programs:

    Retirement and Savings Plans – The HP retirement savings program makes it easier to achieve your
    retirement goals with a variety of investment choices and RRSP contribution matching of up to 5% of
    your salary.
    Financial Planning Tools – Whether you are a first-time investor or a seasoned saver, you have access to
    a variety of financial planning tools and resources.
    Life and Accident Insurance – HP offers options for employee, spousal and children’s life and accident
    insurance so you can customize your coverage to fit the needs of your family.
    Income Replacement Insurance – Long- and short-term disability insurance is there to protect your
    income in case you become ill or injured and are unable to work.
    Employee Stock Purchase Plan – As an HP employee, you are emotionally invested in the success of
    the company. The Employee Stock Purchase Plan allows you to share in that success financially by
    giving you the opportunity to purchase HP shares at a discount.

HP…Amazing career. Amazing results.
Live well.
   Feel financially secure. (continued)
    Parental Top-Up Benefit – Whether you just had your first child or are getting ready to adopt your third,
    taking time off to enjoy your new arrival is a priority for parents. With HP’s parental top-up benefit you
    may be eligible to receive a salary top-up to 100% of your weekly gross salary.
    Company Performance Bonus – We know that HP employees are at the heart of our success. That’s why
    HP’s company performance bonus and incentive programs ensure that you are rewarded for your
    contribution. This bonus recognizes your hard work and is a valuable part of your total
    rewards package.
    Employee Discount Program – In addition to discounts on many HP products, you can also save with
    deals from other retailers on items such as home and auto insurance, financial services, automobiles
    and other merchandise.
    Travel Assistance – Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, HP makes sure that you’re
    covered through our travel assistance program.

DISCLAIMER: This document contains brief descriptions of some of our benefits. If there are any inconsistencies between this document and the
benefits contracts, the contracts will prevail. Please note that HP may make changes or cancel any of these plans at any time.

June 2011

HP…Amazing career. Amazing results.

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