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					American Culinary Federation

Chef & Child Foundation
Chapter handbook

                       American Culinary Federation
                         Chef & Child Foundation
                           Chapter Handbook
                                           Table of Contents
       A. ACFCCF Mission Statement and Goals.............................. .. p.2
       B. History: past to present.......................................................... p.3
       A. Legal Status........................................................................... p.4
               1. Support
               2. Criteria
               3. Completion
       B. Fundraiser Ideas.................................................................... p.5
       C. Fundraising proceeds............................................................ p.5
       A. Educational Programs........................................................... p.6-7
       B. Community Outreach............................................................. p.7
       C. Childhood Nutrition Day......................................................... p.8-9
       A. “Little Oscar” Award............................................................... p.10-11
               1. Regional
               2. National
      A. True Spirit Award...................................................................      p.12
      B. Michael Ty Endowment Fund................................................                 p.12
      C. Family Tree of Sponsors........................................................           p.12
      D. CCF Facts.............................................................................    p.13
A. Charity Registration Form.................................................................      p.14
B. Fundraising Application Form...........................................................         p.15
C. Fundraising Activity Report..............................................................       p.16
D. Chapter Grant Criteria Type “B” and Application..............................                   p.17
E. Michael Ty Endowment Fund & Application.....................................                    p.18
F. Regional / National Little Oscar Award Application..........................                    p.19
G. Little Oscar Award Prizes & Past Recipients...................................                  p.20-21
H. ACF At A Glance .............................................................................   p.22

I. Introduction
    A. The American Culinary Federation Chef & Child Foundation
       Mission Statement and Goals:

                                1. ACFCCF Mission Statement:

    “To educate children and families in understanding proper nutrition through
    community-based initiatives led by the American Culinary Federation chef
    members, and to be the voice of the culinary industry in its fight against child-
    hood hunger, malnutrition and obesity.”
                            ACFCCF Board of Directors 2007

                                       2. ACFCCF Goals:

    To educate the public through awareness campaigns promoting good health and bal-
    anced diets to avoid the diseases of malnutrition such as obesity, diabetes, heart and
    respiratory problems, etc.

    To introduce chefs as community educators; providing childhood nutrition educational
    programs to the community based upon accurate scientific information as provided by
    reputable, reliable sources such as the United States Department of Agriculture Food
    and Nutrition Services = USDA, and others.

    To provide grants to 501(c)3 charities that specifically target childhood hunger and
    childhood nutrition both locally and nationally through fundraisers, corporate donations
    or sponsorship.

    To raise awareness of proper nutritional education and diet guidelines throughout the
    United States through local chapters holding Childhood Nutrition Day events on or
    around October 16th.

    To assist with national disaster relief for the aid and benefit of children.

    To provide valuable media information and recognition about the American Culinary
    Federation, The ACF Chapter and the member as it relates to their Chef & Child

B. The American Culinary Federation Chef & Child Foundation -
   History: From our past to the present...
    1. During the 23rd World Congress of the World Association of Cooks Society, a
       presentation was made outlining the rising concern of world hunger and its adverse
       affects. ACF representatives attended the congress, including George Hirsch and
       Jack Braun. Hirsch and Braun were moved by the presentation, and agreed that
       with fourteen million Americans being affected with various forms of malnutrition,
       something had to be done.

    2. In 1989 ACF President Jack Braun, CEC, AAC, HOF, George Hirsch, AAC and four
       regional vice presidents outlined a strategy for addressing the dietary and nutritional
       needs of children. They formed the American Culinary Federation Chef & Child
       Foundation (ACFCCF). At the general membership of the ACF 59th Annual
       Convention this philanthropic arm of the ACF was formally adopted. With ACF
       Chapters working together on initiatives to improve the nutrition of America’s
       children, chapter activities and CCF national efforts are and can be tremendously
       successful. In order to build more national support, The Board of Directors voted in
       1998 to refocus efforts, first on local and state levels, creating a strong grassroots
       initiative which supports current national efforts to address the nutritional needs of
       our children.

    3. Today many ACF Chapters and hundreds of members participate annually in the
       programs of the ACFCCF. A major opportunity is our newly renamed CHILDHOOD
       NUTRITION DAY (formerly Childhood Hunger Day) held on October 16th. Every
       year in October American Culinary Federation chefs and ACF Chapters are
       encouraged to hold nutrition awareness events on or around that date.

       (Refer to information for holding this event in III. C, p.8, or on our ACFCCF web site

    4. Recently, at the 2007 ACF National Convention, the ACF Chef & Child Foundation
       voted to join the ACF Foundation, now known as the ACF Education Foundation,
       increasing partnership and branding opportunities for CCF.

    5. Local chapters work with the civil defense authorities, the American Red Cross and
       the Salvation Army to provide funding in times of disaster for the aid and benefit of

    6. CCF provides ACF Chapters with support, so that they may correctly address the
       press, invite well-known people and advertise their events. rev. 1/08

II. American Culinary Federation Chef & Child Foundation
    Fundraising Guidelines
    A. Legal Status:       The American Culinary Federation Chef and Child Foundation is
       registered as a non-profit corporation of the ACF with the Internal Revenue Service (legal
      definition: we are a 501(c)3 charity under section 708 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation
      Law). Because we are incorporated as such, it is vitally important that we follow all the
      guidelines as described in the Fundraising section of the Handbook, especially with regard
      to dispersal of funds.

         1. Support
               a. ACFCCF has a staff to assist you with questions that may arise diring your
                  event planning, during your event, or even after the event has been held. If
                  you have any questions, you can simply call or email the ACF National
                  Headquarters and speak with someone in the Member Service Center, or
                  ask to speak with the CCF Staff. The contact information is: 800-624-9458 or

         2. Criteria
                a. Fill out the charity registration application for the fundraiser (in Appendices
                   A, p.14) and send it to the ACF National Office.

                b. For donations to be tax deductible to the giver, the ACF Chapter holding the
                   fundraising event just pre-registers with CCF.

                c. Donations made to local chapters are tax-deductible to certain degrees
                   under the ACF 501(c)3 status.

         3. Completion
              a. Following the fundraising event, complete the Fundaising Activity Report (in
                 Appendices C, p.16) and send to the ACF National Office with a check from
                 net income after total expenses.

                b. ACF sends a check and/or joint check to your chapter/charity which is 80%
                   of the funds sent in from chapter to charity. The remaining 20% of the funds
                   remain at the national level where 10% can be specified for partner
                   programs, or support national programs. The remaining 10% help to cover
                   the administrative costs and public relations costs.

                c. In order for us to comply with IRS regulations and requirement, any funds
                   raised using the CCF name and/or logo must be sent to the ACF National
                   Office, after the costs of the event have been deducted, to be duly
                   registered. This is done so the CCF is able to track any funds raised for tax

B. Fundraising Ideas
    1. Suggestions for chapter fundraising themes are as follows:

          a. Dinner dance, raffle, 50/50, ethnic food festival, auction a chef, cooking
             classes, BBQ’s, family fairs, a gastronomic dinner, cooking demonstration,

          b. A benefit featuring chefs and/or pastry chefs as a brunch, lunch or a dinner.
                (1) fundraisers may include an auction
                (2) fundraisers may include a raffle, if allowed by state

          c. Develop your own creative fundraising theme.

C. Fundraising Proceeds
    1. Funds raised by the ACF Chapters provide CCF grants to agencies in their local
       communities to present nutrition awareness programs.

          a. These fundraisers provide the means whereby chefs can take an active year
             round interest in adapting nutrition information and programs to address
             hunger, malnutrition and obesity in their community through the 80% net
             proceeds after expenses returned to the chapter’s approved local charity.

          b. The balance of the funds, 20%, are split with 10% directed to the national
             level supporting national CCF programs, helping to cover the administrative
             costs and public relations costs. The remaining 10% can be earmarked for
             Grant Type “B” qualifying chapter nutrition related activities, and with board
             approval are directed toward charitable partners.

`         c. Chapters that do not do fundraisers can make direct
             donations to CCF.

          d. The ACFCCF received funding from corporate sponsors.
                (1) All donations are tax deductible.
                (2) Follow the guidelines in the Fundraising Section II. A. before
                    commencing with a fundraising activity.

III. American Culinary Federation Chef & Child Foundation
     Educational Programs and Community Outreach
    Chapter activities and ACFCCF national efforts are tremendously successful in
    raising awareness of childhood nutrition issues throughout the United States.

    A. Educational Programs
          1. Chef in the Classroom Series - The Chef in the Classroom program provides
             preschoolers through Grades 4-5 with age appropriate nutritional information on
             good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. (Currently being revised)

             a. Foods to Grow on Video and Coloring Placemats - A children’s nutrition
             education video, featuring ACF Chefs teaching children the USDA MyPyramid. The
             video works well with children 5-10 years old. The coloring placemat works well for
             children 10 years old and younger.

             b. The Chef In Me Activity Book - Food, Fun & Safety. Coloring book with an
             emphasis on proper nutrition using the Food Guide MyPyramid (pull-out) recipes
             and safety facts.

             c. Snack Stars “Personal Exploration into
             Nutritious Snacking” and Snack Treks -
             “Adventures into Healthy Eating.” - Both
             were developed by the National Dairy
             Council. Snack Stars audience is Grades 1-
             3 and is a continuation of the Fantastic
             Adventures Program above and includes a
             coloring workbook and other materials.
             Snack Trek is aimed at Grades 4-5, and
             delves into the MyPyramid with workbooks,
             recipes and other material. Do check out
             recipes for sugar content.

          2. What the Kids Are Cooking - This cookbook is co-authored by Len Thompson,
             CEC, of the ACF Central Arkansas Chapter and his wife, Wendy. These easy-to-
             make recipes are sure to make a hit with children in Grades 2-5. (Currently being

          3. Cooking is for Kids - This is a fun-filled program that gives chefs everything
             needed to teach cooking classes for children Grades 3-8. Written by chefs for chefs,
             the program is free to download through the ACFCCF web site. (Currently being
                               4. Hit a Home Run for Nutrition - This is a large scale nutrition
                               and fitness activity for children. It is perfectly suited for an ACF
                               chapter project in their community and is also available free for
                               download through the ACFCCF web site. The children circle the
                               bases sampling nutritious food choices and gathering information
                               ending with a prize at home base. Age appropriate nutrition
                               information is available.

    5. Food is Knowledge - Started in 1988, this is a nine lesson plan curriculum for pre-
       kindergarten, kindergarten and 1st graders created by ACFCCF board member Jim
       Perko. Branded in 2003 by the Cleveland Clinic, F is K creatively integrates food &
       nutrition with academics through seven illustrated characters, each depicting a food
       group in a 30 minute lesson plan. It is currently undergoing a Cleveland Clinic IRB
       (internal review board) approved study for qualitative and quantitative evaluation on
       obesity and Type 2 Diabetes prevention. Also, Junior League Cleveland made F is
       K a signature program in 2006, and
       Children’s Museum Cleveland is piloting F
       is K in a community-based version for a
       Case Western Reserve University Master
       of Public Health students’ capstone project
       that will be evaluated by Cleveland Clinic.

    6. What You Eat...It’s Up To You - Chef Tom Yanisko’s delightful nutrition DVD is
       available for purchase at a very reasonable price through the ACFCCF. It is a
       terrific tool to teach kids about making good food choices. Chef Tokie, the talking
       hat, will enchant the children with his character. Nutrition information to support
       video appropriate for Grades 2-4 is available along with the video. Recipes for
       Smart Sandwiches and Fabulous Fruit Kabobs which children can assemble at their
       desks are available.

    7. That’s Fresh - Kids Cooking Teams - an award winning, community based
       cooking and nutrition education curriculum. Designed to reach children in Grades 4-
       5, the program was developed by professional chefs David Wasson, CCE, CWC,
       and Brad Everett. This program is available for download on the ACFCCF web site.
       (Currently being revised)

    8. Better School Lunches - Go to Dr. Susan Rubins blog and/or Dr. Ann Cooper’s
       blog for information on healthy school lunches.

    9. Nutrition Resources - Information Guides are listed on our web site, or contact
       the ACF National Office, your support staff.

B. Community Outreach
    1. March is National Nutrition Month, with the focus on educating children on the
       importance of proper nutrition. The ACFCCF is partnering with several agencies to
       help promote this cause and encourages chapters to get involved with these
       projects. The Junior League of America has a program, Kids in the Kitchen, a
       hands-on project to educate children about healthy foods. The United States
       Department of Agriculture and the American Dieticians Association both host
       web sites full of information about nutrition and potential activities.

    2. Chefs are encouraged to get involved in improving what kids are eating in schools.
       ACFCCF and Two Angry Moms are working together to promote this.

    3. Childhood Nutrition Day (formerly Childhood Hunger Day) is held annually on
       October 16. Chapters all across the country are encouraged to hold nutrition
       awareness events on or around that date. Refer to III. C. P.8-9 for guidance.

C. Childhood Nutrition Day

                 Held on or around October 16th, Childhood Nutrition Day (formerly
                  called Chef & Child Childhood Hunger Day), this specific event
                    unites our chapters into presenting an educational / nutritional
                     program to the community relating to food. Your chapter may
                    focus on childhood hunger, malnutrition and/or obesity.
                   Information presented needs to be based on reliable and
                 scientifically accepted nutrition information.

               * A cooking or tasting experience is recommended.

    1. Preparation suggestions:

          a. Chapter commits to host a Childhood Nutrition Day Event - determines date/

          b. Committee is formed through the chapters’ Chef & Child Chair.

          c. Size of event and skeleton plans formulated with chapter and board

          d. A sequence of events schedule and meeting dates are set-up.

          e. Develop a budget with financial obligations and logistical limitations

    2. Invite associate/allied members, junior culinarians, culinary enthusiasts and seniors
       to aid and assist your event as volunteers.

    3. Design menu appropriate for children, ease of service and budgetary constraints.

    4. Marketing, promoting and procuring with ACFCCF goals include:

          a. Media: press, radio, TV, letters, flyers, brochures
               (1) prepare a factual press release
               (2) consider hiring a publicist for this task

          b. Ask produce and product purveyors for specific donations
                (1) include in donation form - benefit of presenting nutrition information to
                     children in order to adopt patterns of healthy eating for life-long good

          c. Contact local and/or state agencies with a letter requesting support.
                (1) include date, time frame, place
                (2) number of children attending
                (3) purpose of Childhood Nutrition Day

        5. Pre-event and event day delegation of duties:

                 a. All committee members ready to perform assigned tasks.
                        (1) securing site and resources
                        (2) obtaining the food; keeping it nutritious
                        (3) formatting schedule and timeline
                        (4) event set-up and breakdown
                        (5) secure a volunteer photographer

                 b. Double check list days before with committee members.

                 c. Have members wear chef attire. Bring toques for chefs.

        6. Post event responsibilities:

                 a. Thank you notes/letters sent to all supporters
                       (1) include a photo or two and reinforce event success.
                       (2) represent ACFCCF accurately building chapter members esteem in
                            the community; suggest date for the next year.
                       (3) send ACF National a high resolution photo and brief article of
                            success of event for possible placement in the National Culinary
                            Review, and/or on our web site. Photos of children interacting with
                            chefs are desired.

                 b. ACF Culinary Code is the guide to follow throughout execution of event.

- Hit a Homerun for Nutrition - 2nd base                 - Hit a Homerun for Nutrition - 3rd base

   - “What You Eat, It’s Up To You”                            - Making smart sandwiches
      Nutrition education class...

IV. American Culinary Federation Chef & Child Foundation
    “Little Oscar”

    A. “Little Oscar” Award
    The “Little Oscar” is a bronze statuette of a chef holding a child in his upraised arms. It
    was conceived and designed by the ACF San Diego Chapter with the support of
    Superior Coffee. This large statue remains at the ACFCCF National Office.

           1. A Regional “Little Oscar” Award is given to one chapter per region. This award
              recognizes chapters who have put forth exceptional effort to advance the mission
              and goals of the ACFCCF in its fights against hunger, malnutrition and obesity. It is
              a reflection of a chapter’s involvement in facilitating programs to provide education
              in childhood nutrition and decreasing childhood obesity now and in the future.

                  a. Deadline for applications to be submitted is January 15 of each year.

                  b. It is awarded to a chapter during the ACFCCF report at the general session
                      at the ACF regional conference.

                  c. To the four regional winners, a plaque designating the region and award-
                     winning chapter is presented.

                  d. The Chef & Child chair from the chapter may be recognized, if they were
                     instrumental in formulating the exceptional efforts for the chapter when the
                     “Little Oscar” is presented both regionally and nationally.

                  e. Visit our web site at for an application or refer to
                     Appendices F.P.19.

           2. The National “Little Oscar” Award will be decided by the selection committee
              comprised of four regional CCF Board Members.

                  a. Regional winners do not need to re-apply between their regional conference
                     and national convention; the information submitted in their regional
                     application will be the base criterion for the ACFCCF Little Oscar National
                     Trophy Winner.

                  b. The CCF Committee will consider exceptional effort for providing nutrition
                     education to children, which helps with hunger/malnutrition, and/or other
                     efforts to curb the growing problem of childhood obesity in America. Below
                     are some suggestions:

• AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS - An ACF local chapter holds a Childhood
  Nutrition Day event on around the official Childhood Nutrition Day,
  October 16th.

• SUPPORTING A LOCAL CHARITY that meets CCF guidelines with
  their fundraiser, or your chapter can make a direct monetary donation
  to ACFCCF.

  can work in the community in schools, head start programs and after
  school programs. Educational materials for presenting nutritional
  awareness are available from the ACF National Office.

• DISASTER RELIEF - Call CCF if there is a disaster that affects children.
  Funds are avaiable for your area. Work with your local Civil Defense,
  American Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc. to help train workers plan for
  disaster feeding. Make a small yearly contribution to CCF for disaster

• ESTABLISHING A RELATIONSHIP with your local newspaper, TV and
  radio stations. Invite them to go with you on a community project. Be
  proactive with the press; they will love your events. Take photos of your
  chefs with kids - be sure to wear chef jackets and hats. Send the photos
  and articles to the ACF National Office for consideration in placing them
  on our web site and/or the National Culinary Review.

• MEMBERSHIP ENRICHMENT - Hold a CCF fundraiser - tools to help
  you get started are listed in this handbook. Having a CCF event
  establishes chapter teaming and establishes the chapter in the eyes of
  the community. Form a CCF Committee - invite junior members to get
  involved. Give recognition at your chapter meetings to participants who
  assist with your CCF events:

  (1) The national award is presented during the general session at the
      ACF National Convention and is given to one chapter that excels in
      all CCF areas.

  (2) An article in the National Culinary Review will recognize the winning
      chapter and the Chef & Child chairperson.

  (3) The chapter’s name will be inscribed in a separate, permanent
      plaque at the ACF National Office.

  (4) Any chapter recognized as a National Little Oscar Award winner can
      not apply for the Regional Award for three (3) years.

V. American Culinary Federation Chef & Child Foundation
   Fact Sheet

   A. The True Spirit Award
       1. The True Spirit Award is presented once a year by the American Culinary
          Federation Chef & Child Foundation to a person or chapter who has demonstrated
          extraordinary efforts to aid children, especially with hunger, malnutrition, obesity
          and nutrition issues.

   B. The Michael Ty Endowment Fund

       1. The Michael Ty Endowment Fund was established in 2000 and provides a scholar
          ship for an ACF chef who has dedicated hours to fighting childhood hunger or
          teaching children about nutrition. The fund was named as a tribute to Chef Michael
          Ty, CEC, AAC, ACF President (1993-1994). Chef Ty conceived and produced the
          highly successful School Lunch Challenges for three years.

   C. The Family Tree of Sponsors
       1. CCF accepts donations for the Family Tree of Sponsors and distributes funds to
          worthy proposals. The Family Tree of Sponsors was developed to raise money for
          the Chef & Child Foundation and to honor the sponsors for their donations. The
          sponsor levels and benefits are presented in depth on our ACF CCF Web site.

                         Family Tree of Sponsor Levels are:

                         Cherry = $50,000 or more - lifetime member

                         Walnut = $35,000 - ten year member

                         Maple = $25,000 - six year member

                         Orange = $15,000 - three year member

                         Plum = $10,000 - two year member

                         Pecan = $5,000 - one year member

                         Pear = $2,500 - proud contributor

                         Peach = $100 to $1,000 - proud contributor

                         Apple = $50 to $99 - proud contributor

D. CCF Facts

 &&) SURYLGHV JUDQWV WR ORFDO QRQ-profit charities that feed needy children or provide
 nutrition education

 provides local chapter grants for programs of excellence and merit.

     - Chefs Day at Kids Café - Nutrition education and cooking classes for latch key
       children in community-based programs.

     - Chef in the Classroom educational material developed in conjunction with the
       National Dairy Council features hand puppet, Chef Combo

     - CCF has formed national culinary partnerships with: United States Department of
       Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Services (FSIS) during National Nutrition
       Month and Team Nutrition Days to educate children on the importance of proper

     - ACF chefs go into local elementary schools presenting nutrition programs for
       children. Safety and sanitation are emphasized, and a nutritious cooking experience
       delights children and helps them to make wise food choices. The ACFCCF is
       currently working on a joint effort with the Junior League on “Kids in the Kitchen”, in
       March (National Nutrition Month).

     - Dave Wasson’s excellent program, “That’s Fresh - Kids Cooking Teams”, is available
       through the CCF for chefs who want to teach kids how to cook.

                                     Appendices - A
                         American Culinary Federation
                           Chef & Child Foundation
                                A.     Charity Registration Form
Name of Charity:

              City                                                  State                         Zip

Name of Director: ___________________________________Phone:

List Major Officers on Organizations Board, with Titles:

Tax Status of Organization:______________________Tax Code No.

City and State where Organization was Registered                        Date Registered

Name of ACF Chapter holding this event:

Chapter Contact/Title:______________________________________ Phone:

The American Culinary Federation, Chef and Child Foundation’s mission is “to educate children and
families in understanding proper nutrition through community-based initiatives, and to be the voice of
the culinary industry in its fight against childhood hunger, malnutrition and obesity.”

By signing this registration form, you agree that the funds received from any representative of our
organization will be used for this sole purpose.


Printed Name: ________________________________Title:

                               Please return the completed registration form to:
                          American Culinary Federation Chef and Child Foundation
                                180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, FL 32095
         Ph: (904) 824.4468 or (800) 624.9485. Fax: (904) 825.4758. e-mail:

                                    Appendices - B
                         American Culinary Federation
                           Chef & Child Foundation
                             B.     Fundraising Application Form

Give us a brief description of your event. Three months time is required for publishing.

Chapter Information:

Date of Planned Fundraiser:________________________________

Name of Local Charity: ____________________________________

Name:_____________________________________Chapter ID#: ______________________

Address:__________________________________                      ______________            __________
                      City                                           State                    Zip

Phone:                               Fax:                          E-Mail:                       _____

Please send information to:                 Chapter President, or CCF Chair

Name:_____________________________________Chapter ID#: ______________________

Address:__________________________________                      ______________            __________
                      City                                           State                    Zip

                               Please return the completed registration form to:
                          American Culinary Federation Chef and Child Foundation
                                180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, FL 32095
         Ph: (904) 824.4468 or (800) 624.9485. Fax: (904) 825.4758. e-mail:

                                   Appendices - C
                         American Culinary Federation
                           Chef & Child Foundation
                             C.      Fundraising Activity Report
Chapter Name:

                            City                                          State                      Zip

Telephone: (       )_____________Fax: (             )______________E-Mail:

Event Name: ___________________________________Event Date:

Chapter Chef or CCF Chair:

Name of Local Charity:

     Ticket Sales                                  $

      Raffles/Auction                              $

      Donations                                    $

      Miscellaneous                                $

      Other:_____________________                  $

                            Total Income:          $

$________________$_________________$ _________________$__________________

$________________$ _________________$_________________$__________________

                            Total Expenses:        $

                            Net Income:            $

                              Please return the completed registration form to:
                          American Culinary Federation Chef and Child Foundation
                               180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, FL 32095
     Ph: (904) 824.4468 or (800) 624.9485. Fax: (904) 825.4758. e-mail:

                                         Appendices - D
                            American Culinary Federation
                              Chef & Child Foundation
                    D. Chapter Grant Criteria Type “B” and Application
History and Limits: In January 1999, the amount for Grant “B” funds was set at 10% of the net fundraising dollars.

Definition: “B” Grand funds are provided to chapters that have completed an approved CCF fundraiser. These funds are
for use for a CCF related activity within the Chapter. They cannot be used as seed money for future fundraisers. These
may include, but are not limited to:
                 - Chapter education relating to CCF programs
                 - Chapter CCF community projects
                 - Funding for travel associated with CCF activities

 “B” Grant Request Procedures and Qualifications: Once a chapter has completed their fundraiser, they must send
in the net proceeds following expenditures with the Activity Reporting Form. The chapter can complete the Type “B”
Grant criteria at that time and forward the application along with the funds and report. When the chapter has correctly
completed everything within the time allotted, CCF will review the application and if the application is approved, a check
for the chapter will be included with the two-party checks for the charity.

Reporting: The chapter is responsible for allocating the funds for CCF activities; however, CCF may request verification
of expenditures. Please keep all receipts and documentation current. rev. 6/07

                                     Chapter Grant Application - Type “B”

Chapter Name:

                                         City                                      State                    Zip

Chapter Chef, CCF Chair, or Treasurer:

Telephone: (           )_____________Fax: (                )______________E-Mail:

Print name: ____________________________Signature:

                                                       Office Use

______________________ Fundraising Application: (Appendices B)                           ____________ Date

______________________ Fundraising Activity Report: (Appendices C) ____________ Date

___________Type “B” Grant Approval Date                   Approved by

___________Check date                                     Check no.

                                Please return the completed registration form to:
                           American Culinary Federation Chef and Child Foundation
                                 180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, FL 32095
          Ph: (904) 824.4468 or (800) 624.9485. Fax: (904) 825.4758. e-mail:

                                       Appendices - E
                            American Culinary Federation
                              Chef & Child Foundation
                                E.      Michael Ty Endowment Fund
1. The Endowment Fund was established in 2000 and named in tribute to Chef Michael Ty, CEC,
AAC, a long time member of ACF. Chef Ty was our ACF National President from 1993-1994. Ty
conceived and produced the highly successful School Lunch Challenges for three years.

2. The Michael Ty Endowment Fund provides a scholarship for an ACF chef who has dedicated
hours to fighting childhood hunger or teaching children about nutrition for life long good health. The
recipient of the award will have a donation made on his/her behalf to a charity of his/her choice, in
his/her name. Each award may be used at a school chosen by its recipient within a 12-month period
of winning the award.

                                 Michael Ty Endowment Fund Application

Name:                                                   Certification:

City                                                                  State                         Zip

Place of Employment:

Title:                                            ACF Chapter:

On a separate piece of paper, attach the following information:

       1) Outline your efforts against childhood hunger, malnutrition education, and/or obesity.

       2) Describe your involvement in teaching children about the benefits of choosing to eat
          nutritious food.

       3) What ACFCCF event have you participated in within the last 10 years?

       4) Write a brief essay (150 words or less) on why you deserve this award.

                                  Please return the completed registration form to:
                             American Culinary Federation Chef and Child Foundation
                                   180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, FL 32095
            Ph: (904) 824.4468 or (800) 624.9485. Fax: (904) 825.4758. e-mail:

                                      Appendices - F
                           American Culinary Federation
                             Chef & Child Foundation
      F.       Regional / National “Little Oscar” Award Official Application

“Little Oscar” Award Criteria and Guidelines:

A completed application consists of documentation regarding nutrition awareness involvement to
include photos, media clippings, and/or, press video footage. Documentation may include::

1. ACF Chapter holds a CCF fundraiser
     a. All charities from CCF fundraisers are registered per guidelines in II. A p. 4 with the CCF
         National Office
     b. Fundraisers are registered per criteria in II. A. 2. p.4 with the CCF National Office.
     c. Chapter completes Fundraising Activity Report as defined in A. 3. p.4
2. Chapter receives media coverage with ACFCCF recognition
3. Chapter does one or more forms of community outreach such as Chef in the Classroom
   activities, Childhood Nutrition Day, or other Activity/Awareness Nutrition Campaigns as
   suggested in III. A, B, & C.
4. Refer to IV A. 1 & 2 for detailed information on the Regional and National “Little Oscar” award.
5. Refer to Appendices F for list of National “Little Oscar” awards since 1991.

                                   Application /Deadline is January 15th

ACF Chapter Name:

                               City                                         State                     Zip

ACF Chapter President                                          CCF Chapter Chairman

Contact: Ph: (         )_____________Fax: (            )_____________E-Mail:

                                 Please return the completed registration form to:
                            American Culinary Federation Chef and Child Foundation
                                  180 Center Place Way, St. Augustine, FL 32095
           Ph: (904) 824.4468 or (800) 624.9485. Fax: (904) 825.4758. e-mail:

                           Appendices - G
                 American Culinary Federation
                   Chef & Child Foundation
         G.     List of National Little Oscar Award Recipients

Winners’ Prizes

To the four regional winners, a plaque designating the region and award-winning chapter will
be presented to the regional winner at the regional conference.

To the national winner, in addition to the prizes awarded at their regional conference, a trophy
designating the award winning chapter, an article in the National Culinary Review and the
name of the chapter will be inscribed on a separate, permanent plaque at the ACFCCF
National Office.

                ACFCCF “Little Oscar” Previous National Winners

1991                                    2000
ACF Cleveland Chapter, Inc.             ACF Beehive Chefs Chapter, Inc.
-Northeast Region                       -Western Region

1992                                    2001
The Fraternity of Executive Chefs       ACF Midland Chapter
Of Las Vegas                            -Southeast Region
-Western Region
1993                                    ACF Kona Kohala Chapter, Chefs
ACF Northern New Jersey Chapter         de Cuisine Association, Inc.
-Northeast Region                       -Western Region

1994                                    2003
Central Florida Chapter                 ACF Midlands Chapter
-Southeast Region                       -Southeast Region

1995                                    2004
ACF Tidewater Chapter                   ACF Chefs de Cuisine Society
-Southeast Region                       of Oregon
                                        -Western Region
ACF Long Island Chapter                 2005
-Northeast Region                       ACF Minneapolis Chef
                                        -Central Region
ACF Minneapolis Chef                    2006
-Central Region                         ACF Kona Kohala Chapter Chefs
ACF Jersey Shore Chefs                  de Cuisine, Inc
-Northeast Region                       -Western Region
ACF Myrtle Beach Chefs
-Southeast Region                       2007
ACF Washington State Chefs              Tampa Bay Culinary Association
Association                             -Southeast Region
-Western Region
1998                                    ACF Kona Kohala Chapter Chefs
ACF Laurel Highlands                    de Cuisine, Inc
-Northeast Region                       -Western Region

ACF Springfield/Branson Chefs
-Central Region

                                 Appendices - H
                       American Culinary Federation
                         Chef & Child Foundation
                  G.     American Culinary Federation At A Glance

1. The American Culinary Federation, Inc., established in 1929, is the premier professional
   organization for culinarians in America. With more than 22,000 members spanning over 230
   chapters nationwide, ACF is the culinary leader in offering educational resources, training,
   apprenticeship and accreditation.

2. ACF operates the only comprehensive certification program for chefs and cooks in the United

3. ACF is home to the ACF Culinary Team U.S.A., the official representatives for the United States in
   major international culinary competitions, and for the past four years held the presidium for the
   World Association of Chefs Societies, the largest international network of chef associations with
   more than 8 million members globally.

4. For more information visit the ACF Web site:

5. To learn more about the ACF Chef & Child Foundation, or to become involved in our nutrition
   programs, please contact ACF at (800) 624-9458, or write to American Culinary Federation. 180
   Center Place Way, St. Augustine, Florida 32095. Fax: (904) 825-4758. E-mail:

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