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					  Optical 10x, Digital 10x Speed Dome Camera

• 440K Pixel, 1/4” Sony Interline Transfer CCD
• X10 Optical Zoom and X10 Digital Zoom (Total 100x)
• Day & Night (IR Cut Filter)
• Low Illumination with 0.7 Lux (Color) / 0.02 Lux (B/W) @ 50 IRE
• Frame Freeze Function
• No Accumulative Error with Preset Function
• Shortest Path by Vector Drive Technology
• High Accuracy with Micro-Stepping Control Technology
• Smooth Motion at High Zoom Magnification Mode
• Lightening Speed (MAX. 360°/sec) & Smooth Manual Speed (MIN. 0.05°/sec)
• Independent Preset Parameter Setup (AE, WB and etc.)
• 128 Preset Positions with Alphanumeric Labels
• 4 Pattern, 8 Swing and 8 Group Functions
• 4 Privacy Masks (Spherical Coordinates)
• Auto Flip, Auto Parking, Power-up Action / On-Screen Display On/Off                      Configuration
• Dual Compression (MPEG4 encoder 1ea, JPEG encoder 1ea) : Independent
  resolution, frame rate and bit rate video compression
  (30fps @ NTSC, 25fps @ PAL)
• Dual Streaming (MPEG4 stream 1ea, JPEG stream 1ea) :
  Independent resolution, frame rate and bit rate video streaming                                  PIMA Server
• 4 Resolution Selectable : D1, Half D1, 2CIF, CIF                            Laptop PC
• CBR/VBR selectable (CBR : 100kbps ~ 5Mbps / VBR : low, normal, high)
• Full duplex voice communication:G.723 (ADPCM), microphone input,                                                           NDAS Storage
                                                                                           INTERNET              Modem
  speaker output
• Various soft wares for PC, PDA and mobile phone                            Desktop PC
• 50 Concurrent Access                                                                          CARRIER          Router
• Event based automatic or manual control of relay output
  (open / short control)                                                                                                             MIC
• Encryption of ID, password, video and data
• Alarm by e-mail & SMS in case of event (video loss, motion and
  sensor triggering)
• Pre-alarm and Post-alarm video recording in the PIMA server in case       Moblie Phone

  of event (motion and sensor triggering)
• Intelligent motion detection and alarm triggering
• DDNS and all IP addresses (Global, Private, Dynamic and Static
   IP address) supported
• Multi-level user ID & password
• Encryption of user ID/password, video, audio, data
• Remote configuration and status using web-based tool                                           Relay
• Firmware upgradable for future proof

• Image Device                    Sony 1/4” Interline Transfer CCD

• Effective Pixels                380K Pixels [768(H) x 494(V)]               440K Pixels [752(H) x 582(V)]

• H. Resolution                   500 TV Lines(Color), 570 TV Lines(B/W)

• S/N Ratio                       50 dB(AGC Off)

• Zoom                            X10 Optical Zoom and X10 Digital Zoom

• Focal Length                    F1.8, f=3.8 ~ 38mm

• Min. Illumination               0.7 Lux (Color) / 0.02 Lux (B/W) @ 50 IRE

• Day & Night                     Auto / Day / Night (IR Cut Filter)

• Focus                           Auto / Manual / Semi-Auto

• Iris                            Auto / Manual

• Shutter Speed                   x128 ~ 1/120000 sec

• AGC                             Normal / High / Off

• Flickerless                     Selectable
• Privacy Mark                    4 Masks with Spherical Coordinates

• Other Functions                 Frame Freeze Function

• Resolution
        NTSC : 720 * 480(D1)
        PAL : 720 * 576(D1)
• Frame Rate
        NTSC : Up to 30 fps in all resolutions
         PAL : Up to 25 fps in all resolutions
• Bit Rate
          CBR/VBR selectable
          CBR : 100kbps ~ 5Mbps
          VBR : low, normal, high
• Compression
          MPEG4 / JPEG (JPEG compression for mobile monitoring)

Event & Alarm                                                           Management
• Pre-alarm Buffer : Max. 10 seconds                                   • Remote Administration : Remote configuration and
• Post-alarm Buffer : Max. 20 seconds                                    status using web-based tool
• Motion Detection : Motion Vector Based                               • System Firmware Update : Remote system firmware
• Sensor Input Detection                                                  update over network using web client
• Video Loss Detection                                                 • User web page uploadable into the network camera

Security                                                                Interoperable Products
• Administrator ID/Password : Managing of users and                    • Network A/V Client : C-152
  Configuration of the network camera                                  • Network Monitor : M-152
• User ID/Password : Multi-level user ID/password                      • Relay Server
• Encryption : Encrypted user ID/password, Video, Audio, Data          • PIMA Server

Network                                                                 Physical
• Physical Layer : 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet                          • Operating temperature   -30°C ~ 50°C (-22°F ~ 122°F)
• Protocol : TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, NTP, ARP, DDNS, DHCP             • Communiction system     RS-485 / 422
• IP support : Dynamic IP, Static IP, Global IP, Private IP                                      Built-in, Fan : Always On
• DDNS Available in the PIMA server                                    • Operating Fan/Heater    Heater : On below Internal Temperature
  (http://www.pima1.net)                                                                         10°C / 50°F
                                                                       • Dimension               Dome : ø 107.5 mm / ø 4.2”
                                                                                                 Housing : 149(ø)x141(H)mm / 5.9”(ø)x5.6”(H)
                                                                       • Weight                  About 3.8 Kg
                                                                       • Construction            Aluminum body , Clear vandal bubble (PC)
                                                                       • Power                   DC 12V / 0.8A

             Viewer @ PC (A / V Communicator)                                             Web Viewer @ PC

                      NVR @ PC
                                                                                          PDA Viewer @ PDA
            View & Record up to 225 Cameras

                            Image Viewer                                          Video Viewer (Mobieye Viewer)

▪ Traffic Information
  On the streets or highway status to enable drivers to use roads efficiently by transmitting live video
▪ Observation Tour
  At museum or exhibition hall to reinforce security and to encourage children to study by transmitting live video of its exhibits or
  art works on the Internet.
▪ Tourist Facility
  At tourist attractions or around hotels to provide good-quality service to tourists.
▪ Construction Site
  At any construction sites to enable managers to confirm construction progress without visiting the site in person.
▪ Weather Observation
  At sightseeing resort to provide current weather information to potential tourists.
  At shops employing POS system to monitor multiple shops at one time. No additional cable work is needed since most
  POS terminal is connected to Ethernet.
▪ Department Store / Distribution Center
  At stores to promote advertising impact and increase sales by showing commodity racks or showrooms displaying
  popular products.
  At unmanned bank branches installing to monitor ATM efficiently for safe operation and maintenance
▪ College Campus
  At lecture rooms and other facilities rooms to enable lecture to manage students or protect deluxe facilities

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