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					Feel Leather
 by Ewald Schillig
                                                                         Ewald Schillig l Contents   3

Feel Leather – table of contents

                                   3    Contents

                                   5    Feel Leather by Ewald Schillig

                                   7    What is leather?
                                        The characteristics of leather

                                   9    How is Feel Leather produced?
                                        Tanning and dyeing of leather

                                   11   The grades of Feel Leather by Ewald Schillig

                                        Feel Leather by Ewald Schillig
                                        4 grades – 4 characteristics
                                   13   Feel Leather – pigmented smooth leather
                                   15   Feel Leather – semi-aniline leather
                                   17   Feel Leather – thick leather
                                   19   Feel Leather – natural leather

                                   21   How is Feel Leather processed?
                                        Leather cutting and processing

                                   23   How does Feel Leather remain beautiful?
                                        Leather care

                                        Feel Leather – the leather brand of Ewald Schillig
                                                                                                                                                                                   Ewald Schillig l Feel Leather by Ewald Schillig 5

Feel Leather by Ewald Schillig

                                                             Exclusive cover materials from Ewald Schillig                                                                        care down to the smallest detail
                                                             bear a common symbol: Feel – by Ewald Schillig.
                                                             Quality you can trust. We vouch for this with
                                                             our name and give you a feeling of security. This
                                                             is where we direct our efforts. Because we know
                                                             you set high requirements. After all, you will be
                                                             spending a considerable part of your life on and
                                                             with your new upholstered furniture. Our moti-
brainwork and handwork                                       vating force is to give you the best. We take the                                                                                       made in Germany
                                                             greatest care in production and use high quality
                                                             materials to make sure that you will enjoy many
                                                             years of sitting comfort. Comfortable sitting, a
                                                             better quality of life and the pleasure of beautiful   a special touch
                                                             designs and materials – these are our objectives –
                                                             for you.

All the products from Ewald Schillig are made in a careful process. The items of upholstery furniture               Feel Leather: our declaration of quality. Processed to the highest standards for healthy, natural living. To
pass through the leather store, cutting, sewing, in parallel, the pre-upholstery stage and then final               protect the environment we only use materials which have been tested for contaminants. This guaran-
convergence in the upholstery workshop – accompanied by lots of expertise and a special touch.                      tees our seal of quality from the German Furniture Quality Association (DGM). We stake our name on that.

                                                                                                                    Only environmentally friendly products are good products – this is a fundamental business philosophy.
                     This symbol stands for guaranteed safety,                                                      Our manufacturing methods and our products have no harmful effects on health. No CFCs, formal-
                     verified quality and healthy living. The
                                                                                                                    dehyde or PCPs arise during processing. What’s more, we do not use any solvents or heavy metals.
                     designation “Made in Germany” guaran-
                     tees you quality at the highest level.                                                         Production in Germany also secures employment.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Ewald Schillig l What is leather?   7

Leather – a natural product!
The characteristics of Feel Leather

Leather – an exquisite natural product– is
soft and robust at the same time. It is
enduringly beautiful and acquires a vivid
patina with use. It is hard-wearing, durable
and easy to look after. And by its very
nature is always unique!

                                                                                                            agreeable to the skin
                                                                                                            easy care
                                                                                                            lasting in value
                                                                                                            timelessly beautiful

In the production of leather for Feel Leather by Ewald Schillig, the skins of cattle of selected origin     No piece of leather is same as another. Natural markings of the skin, variations in grain, scars and
are used. These raw skins are of high quality and have little skin damage. Feel Leather is subjected to     other natural features are all signs that the material is genuine. They underline the authentic origin and
precise quality control. Each skin is precisely examined by experienced eyes. Only carefully checked        unmatchable beauty of our Feel Leather.
skins are processed at Ewald Schillig.
                                                                                                            Real leather is the pure expression of a cultured lifestyle. An incomparable piece of nature. Lasting
After careful examination only the best leathers are designated as Feel Leather. Leather is an              in value and timelessly beautiful. And, what’s more, at Ewald Schillig you can choose from among four
exceptional natural material that meets the highest requirements. Each piece is always a touch different,   different Feel Leather grades. To exactly match your personal feeling and individual style of living.
individual in its surface structure and colour shading.
                                                                                                                     Ewald Schillig l How is Feel Leather produced?   9

Leather refining
Tanning and dyeing of leather

Many different processes are necessary
to turn cowhide into leather. Leather can
be refined in various ways to meet differ-
ing needs and desires. The intensity of
processing with dyes and protective coat-
ings determines the appearance and usage
properties of the leather.

                                             tanning   dyeing

                                                                                                                             colour variety

                                                       Two methods of dyeing are used which lead to different grades. In transparent dyeing (aniline leather)
                                                       the water-soluble dye substances are absorbed into each skin fibre and the dye penetrates right through
                                                       the leather. The pores remain open and the leather has a soft feel like a textile. Insect bites, thorn cuts,
                                                       etc. are retained. They are characteristic features of genuineness which constitute the appearance
                                                       of the natural product and are no reason for complaint. In pigment dyeing several coats of dye are
                                                       applied and cover the skin structures, meaning that the leather loses some of its naturalness. The
                                                       stronger the coating of dye, the more strongly dirt is repelled.
                                                                                                                                          Ewald Schillig l The grades of Feel Leather by Ewald Schillig 11

Feel Leather – four grades from Ewald Schillig:
pigmented smooth leather, semi-aniline leather, thick leather, natural leather

Four selected leather grades meet different requirements. This means that we can fulfil
all wishes for comfort, naturalness, sitting experience and colour nuances. Our Feel
Leathers are various versions of nappa leather – i.e. leather with a smooth surface.

                  pigmented smooth leather

                                                          semi-aniline leather

     thick leather

                                   natural leather

                                                                                          The choice is yours: natural leather with a filigree structure and a luxurious sheen, with all the signs
                                                                                          of genuine quality appreciated by experts – pure leather! Very soft, supple and extremely comfortable.
                                                                                          Or semi-aniline leather: a warm elegance and an incomparable feel combine to form a leather which
                                                                                          is not only soft and beautiful, but also able to handle the stresses and strains of everyday life. When
                                                                                          extreme durability and a sensuous feel are required thick leather comes into its own. And last but not
                                                                                          least – pigmented smooth leather: as uncomplicated as it is beautiful. A leather which stands out by
                                                                                          virtue of its high utility value.
                                                                                                        Ewald Schillig l Feel Leather – semi-aniline leather 13

Feel Leather L 120 – pigmented smooth leather
The uncomplicated all-rounder

                                                  easy care
                                                                                                                   highly robust

                                                                    suitable for everyday use

                                                Pigmented smooth leather

                                                Our recommendation: ideal for all who do not
                                                like natural features and prefer a coated leather
                                                with a particularly hard-wearing surface finish.
                                                A leather which impresses with a particularly
                                                high utility value. For all facets of everyday life.

                                                As uncomplicatedly as beautiful. An all-rounder with a special refinement and perfect finish. Treated
                                                with a colour pigment coating which covers and protects, the leather acquires a smooth, even sur-
                                                face. Scars and pores on the skin pattern virtually disappear. As a result the suitability for daily use
                                                is maximised. When high requirements have to be met in respect of durability and ease of care. While
                                                easy to look after, the smooth leather is also extremely robust. With the best comfort characteristics.
                                                Smooth and pleasantly soft to touch.
                                                                                                  Ewald Schillig l Feel Leather – semi-aniline leather   15

Feel Leather L 130 – semi-aniline leather
The aesthetic approach to everyday life

                                                easy care                                                                       breathable

                                                                                suitable for everyday use

                                                                                                                  agreeable to the skin
                                                              soft to touch

                                            Semi-aniline leather

                                            Our recommendation: anyone who likes luxuri-
                                            ous radiance will be well advised to choose this
                                            leather. Warm elegance and an incomparable
                                            feel are combined in a leather which, with all its
                                            aesthetic advantages, is suitable for the rigours
                                            of everyday use.

                                            Naturalness and ease of care: this smoothly soft leather offers both. The surface is treated with
                                            a very fine colour pigmentation which produces an even appearance, but the natural beauty of the
                                            leather skin remains visible. With its unmistakable markings this is a sign of genuine quality and high
                                            value. And, at the same time, durability and ease of care are optimised by the finish. The comfort
                                            characteristics also speak for themselves: a high-grade supple leather that is soft to touch, agreeable
                                            to the skin and breathable.
                                                                                                   Ewald Schillig l Feel Leather – thick leather   17

Feel Leather L 140 – thick leather
Luxurious strength

                                                                                                                           soft to touch
                                        strong character


                                                                                                     for making an impression
                                                      beautiful patina                               and for living

                                     Thick leather

                                     Our recommendation: for connoisseurs of un-
                                     mistakably strong skins, e.g. for lounge sofas of
                                     today. When durability and a sensuous touch are
                                     required, Feel thick leather particularly plays to
                                     its strengths.

                                     Strong in appearance, soft to the touch. This high quality leather offers far more than its name sug-
                                     gests: a sensuous surface which, in all its thickness, impresses with a very special feel. A real pleasure
                                     for the senses. A strong characteristic is the pronounced, naturally attractive scar structure. Only
                                     selected pieces are used and refined with a light surface pigmentation. The original beauty of this
                                     exclusive, fully scarred leather is completely retained. If looked after well, the leather acquires a
                                     beautiful patina over the years. It forgives small scratches, is stable in shape, strong and yet agree-
                                     able to the skin.
                                                                                                     Ewald Schillig l Feel Leather – natural leather   19

Feel Leather L 150 – natural leather
Leather on the pure side!

                                          breathable                                                     comfortable

                                                                                                                                responds to body
                                                           soft                                                                 temperature

                                       Natural leather

                                       Our recommendation: ideal for particularly
                                       elegant and natural interior design. If looked
                                       after carefully, this luxurious natural product will
                                       remain beautiful for a long time. A real pleasure –
                                       even after many years.

                                       Leather on the pure side! Acrylic resin gives it a vivid structure and gentle lustre. Leather which has
                                       been left largely in its natural form with a lightly pigmented surface is given no concealing layer of
                                       colour. It just receives a light surface treatment to protect against dirt. This enhances the characteristics
                                       of the leather but does not change them. All the natural qualities of genuine leather come into their own.
                                       Experts appreciate the characteristics of nature and growth as well as differences in colour and
                                       structure as signs of genuine quality. The pleasing feeling on the skin – such as the natural breath-
                                       ability and excellent seat climate – is retained. Particularly pleasant is the fact that natural leather im-
                                       mediately acquires the right degree of warmth: body temperature. And it adapts individually to the room
                                       temperature. Its softness, suppleness and extraordinary cosiness are further comfort advantages.
                                                                                                                     Ewald Schillig l How is Feel Leather processed?   21

Leather cutting and processing
Ultra-modern finishing

Leather is a natural raw material and is
therefore not a uniform commodity like
textiles. As a result, the seam patterns and
cuts for a leather upholstered suite are
different from those on fabric suites.


                                                          ultra-modern technology

                                                                          highest precision

                                                          About 25 square metres of leather is needed for a large sofa. Variations in colour and different structural
                                                          patterns are an indication that the material is genuine leather. When transparently dyed leather is used
                                                          (semi-aniline or natural leather), there is a lot of waste offcut material because only perfect pieces of
                                                          skin are used. This is the reason for the higher price compared with pigmented leather and smooth leather.

                                                          For leather-covered upholstered furniture more seams are usually needed than for fabric-covered
                                                          furniture, because the skins cannot be produced in fixed widths and lengths. Additional division seams
                                                          are often found in the seat area and on the back of a sofa. Ultra-modern technology makes it possible
                                                          to optimally utilise the skins and other materials available, which means that Ewald Schillig can offer
                                                          excellent value for money.
                                                                                                     Ewald Schillig l How does Feel Leather remain beautiful? 23

Looking after Feel Leathers
Detailed information in our quality guide

Leather is a natural material which over the years looks better and better if it receives proper
care. Leather is easy to look after, but the following points must be observed:

  Protect leather furniture from direct light and sunshine.
  Avoid excessively dry air as it will cause leather to become brittle and dry.
  Leather furniture should never be placed closer than 30 cm to a radiator.
  Remove fine dust regularly with a damp cloth to prevent an abrasive effect
  on the surface and seams. Never wet the leather excessively when wiping it.

Leather upholstery, particularly in light leather colours, can be stained by dark clothing that is
not colour-fast. In general, this does not represent a reason for complaint.

The wrong care products can do more harm than good! Never use caustic cleaning agents,
turpentine, stain removers, petrol, solvents or floor polish to clean leather as they damage the
natural material. General information on cleaning and care is provided in our quality guide. It
is essential to protect leather furniture from direct light and sunshine.
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