NDRRMC Update re SitRep No.4 TS Mina 23Aug2011

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					C. Dam Monitoring (as of 9:00 AM, 23 August 2011)
 • Water levels of dams (La Mesa, Angat, and Ipo) and rivers (Montalban, Nangka,
    Sto Nino (Marikina River), Rosario Junction, San Juan, Fort Santiago and
    Pandacan) are still below critical/spilling level



 • NDRRMC OPCEN upgraded its alert status to BLUE ALERT and the NDRRMC
   Emergency Operations Center was activated effective 8:00 AM, 22 August 2011 to
   ensure the continuous dissemination of weather bulletins and general flood
   advisories to all Regional Centers and RDRRMCs, PDRRMCs and OCDRCs in
   Regions IV-A, IV-B, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, CARAGA and ARMM; and to
   closely monitor the preparedness measures being undertaken by NDRRMC and
   concerned RDRRMCs’ member agencies relative to TD Mina
 • PAGASA representative is rendering duty at OPCEN to closely monitor the
   movement and development of TS Mina
 • DSWD-DROMIC alerted its Field Offices (FOs) along the typhoon path;
   advised FOs to closely monitor the situation particularly those flashflood
   and landslide–prone areas within their jurisdictions and the status of their
   standby funds and stockpile; and closely coordinate with various field
   offices for any report of affected population
 • DOH-HEMS sent alert Memo to all CHDs along the typhoon path
 • LGUs and local agencies in the following regions have initiated preparedness
   activities through continuous disseminations of warning information and
   prepositioning of resources in terms of equipment, manpower and relief supplies in
   case TD Mina will intensify into a typhoon and enhance southwest monsoon
 A. Region I
 • RDRRMC-1 Emergency Operations Center has been activated; continuously
   disseminates weather advisories and bulletins to the RDRRMC member agencies,
   LGUs, association of fisher folks and local media; recommended the activation of
   local DRRMCs and response teams and strict implementation of pre-emptive
   evacuation of residents in high risk areas if situation demands; and will call for an
   emergency meeting
 • DSWD-FO 1 prepositioned 1,000 family packs in the region, 500 family packs in
   Ilocos Norte and quick response fund (QRF); implemented cash–for-work program
   (canal/river de-clogging as flood mitigation activity) in flood–prone areas; assessed
   and readied identified evacuation centers and identified locations of community
 • DILG-1 continuously disseminate weather updates and advisories to the LGUs;
   advises MLGOOs (Municipal Local Government Operations Officers) to go on 24-
   Hr duty and submit reports to DILG regional office if needed; and will implement
   pre-emptive evacuation in high risk areas if situation demands
 • CHD-DOH activated its OPCEN; stockpiled available medicines; placed on standby
   its medical response and health assessment teams composed of doctors, nurses
   and allied health professionals established in the region and four (4) provincial
   offices; established direct coordination and linkages with health clusters of four (4)

    PDRRMCs, 3 DOH-retained hospitals: ITRMC-San Fernando City, La Union;
    RIMC-Dagupan City, Pangasinan, MMMH and MC-Batac City, Ilocos Norte; and all
    DOH representatives are closely coordinating with respective MDRRMCs
•   DA-1 activated its Regional Command Center to closely monitor any possible
    effects on agricultural sectors
•   DPWH activated its operations centers and District Disaster Action Teams; placed
    its district and maintenance crew on standby alert to monitor status of roads and
•   Resources on standby in the following provinces for possible emergency response
          Ilocos Norte – 4 dump trucks, 2 pay loader, 1 mighty mite (payloader- dozer),
          2 road graders, 14 service vehicles, 16 maintenance crew, eight (8) engineers
          and 10 maintenance capatas
          Ilocos Sur - 1 pay loader, 1 road grader, 2 dump trucks, 2 Toyota Hi- lux and
          1 Mitsubishi canter
          La Union - 1 dump truck, 1 road grader, 1 back hoe, 1 pay loader dozer,
          service vehicles and 63 manpower
          Pangasinan - 6 dump trucks, 1 generator set, 1 Toyota H-lux, 1 Mitsubishi
          pick-up, 1 Ford Bronco, 1 Nissan Vanette, 1 Hundai Van, 4 Ford Fierra, 1
          backhoe, 1 pay loader, 2 road grader, 1 bomag road roller, 1 pay loader-
          dozer, 2 pick-up, 2 chainsaw and 12 manpower
•   BFP-1 placed on alert status its emergency response teams, fire trucks, manpower
    and 4 rubber boats with Out Board Motors (OBM): one (1) each in: Vigan City,
    Ilocos Sur; Naguilian, La Union; Urdaneta City and Rosales in Pangasinan for
    possible mobilization
•   PCG activated its District Operations Centers and alerted all WASAR teams in
    AOR for possible response mobilization. Each WASAR team is equipped with
    rubber boats with OBM (1 in Pangasinan, 4 in La Union, and 2 each in Ilocos Norte
    and Ilocos Sur); and implemented the prevention of fisher folks and other small
    vessels from venturing out into the sea
•   PRO1, PNP alerted its Provincial Police Offices/Stations; assessed disaster
    preparedness plan and conducted inventory of resources and equipment for
    rescue and relief operations
          No of SAR trained personnel – 275 ( 48 in Ilocos Norte, 17 in Ilocos Sur, 40
          in La Union and 170 in Pangasinan
          No. of PNP owned rubber boats - 1 in Ilocos Norte, 2 in Ilocos Sur, and
          27 in Pangasinan
          No. of PNP Ambulance – 1 in Ilocos Norte and 1 in Ilocos Sur
          PNP Rescue Vehicles (trucks, patrol cars, utility van) - 51 in Ilocos Norte, 50
          in Ilocos Sur, 28 in La Union and 145 in Pangasinan
•   PIA ensures timely information dissemination of bulletins/advisory to the public and
    assists RDRRMC 1 OPCEN in disseminating weather updates to the public through
    the utilization of PIA News Text blasting
•   NTC alerted all accredited Civic Communication Groups in AOR to assist the NTC
    on communication concerns as emergency communication back up in case
    communication system failed
•   AFP placed the following resources on standby: 2 trailer trucks, 9 M35 trucks (5 in
    La Union and 4 in Pangasinan); 2 ambulances; 3 Navy patrol boats; 4 rubber
    boats; and DRTG teams ready for mobilization if situation demands and alerted
    “OPLAN DAGLI” (a tool in mobilizing AFP resources during disaster response)
•   PRC Pangasinan Chapter is on alert status; placed on standby its WASAR teams
    for response mobilization; and prepositioned three (3) rubber boats with OBM, one

  (1) ambulance and one (1) Mobile Water Treatment Equipment equipped with
  generator and water pump for augmentation
• PRC La Union Chapter is on alert status; placed on standby PRC volunteers,
  CISD teams, two (2) ambulances one (1) land cruiser and one (1) inflatable rubber
  boat for resource mobilization; and stockpiled food packs, first aid kits and spine
• PRC Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte Chapters prepared first aid kits and spine
  boards and alerted first aiders and trained volunteers
• PDRRMCs Pangasinan, La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte activated their
  respective CDRRMCs, MDRRMC and BDRRMC and disseminated warning
  information to the communities through the local radio stations
B. Region II
• RDRRMC/OCDRC continuously disseminates weather bulletins to concerned
   agencies, LGUs, media and general public through SMS and fax; coordinated
   with local DRRMCs on their preparedness activities to include pre-emptive
   evacuation if necessary; continuously monitor regional situation, alerted Vice
   Chairs for Preparedness and Response, local DRRMCs, rescue groups from PNP,
   BFP, PN, PA and PCG personnel for possible SAR activities
C. Region III
• RDRRMC/OCDRC III coordinated with the following:
       Local disaster Risk Reduction officers (DRROs) were alerted; placed their
       respective operation centers on standby for possible activation and
       prepositioning of emergency responders and relief supplies and
       implementation of pre-emptive evacuation of residents in high risk areas in
       their locality;
       AFP’s Provincial Disaster Response Units particularly the 48 IB under LTC
       Kurt Decapia based on Aurora were alerted to monitor the weather
       disturbance for the necessary prepositioning of personnel and equipment in
       flood-prone areas;
       PAGASA’s Flood Forecasting and Warning System for Dam Operations
       (Pampanga) for any water discharge in three (3) dams in the region; and
       CG 7ID, PA in Fort Magsaysay and the Police Regional Office 3-Regional
       Public Safety Battalion placed their respective personnel and rescue assets
       on alert status and be ready for deployment
• Alerted SBMA and Olongapo City Rescue teams to provide assistance in other
  areas of the regions if the situation demands
• Closely monitors the development of TD Mina in AOR through local PAGASA

D. Region IV-A
• RDRRMC/IV-A disseminated NDRRMC advisories to PDRRMCs/PDRRMCOs
   and CDRRMCs/CDRRMOs concerned for further dissemination to the lower
• PDRRMOs of CALABARZON alerted all LDRRMOs to conduct continuous
   monitoring in their respective areas especially flood, landslide, and storm surge-
   prone areas
• PDRRMCs of CALABARZON alerted their respective rescue groups to be ready
   for deployment in case the need arises

E. Region IV-B

•   RDRRMC- OCD IV-B continuously disseminates severe weather bulletin,
    weather forecast and flood advisories to      RDRRMC member agencies,
    PDRRMCs MIMAROPA, Civil Defense Deputized Coordinators, PCG
    SOLCOM and WESCOM and monitors the roll-on-roll-out           (RORO)
    operations and the road condition of Nautical Highway

F. Region V
• OCDRC V Emergency OPCEN has been activated and continuously disseminates
   weather bulletin of TD Mina and flood advisories to the RDRRMC V member
   agencies, Action Officers, LGUs and local media to ensure public safety; alerted
   all PDRRMCs to monitor possible effects; requested NAVFORSOL to put 1
   Islander Aircraft (PNI 310) on standby for possible search and rescue (SAR); and
   prepositioned three (3) M35 trucks from 901 Bde in Polangui and Malinao, Albay
   on 21 August 2011 for any eventuality
• RDRRMC V issued Advisory No. 1 placing the region on alert status and directing
   response agencies namely: DSWD, DPWH, DOH, AFP, PNP, BFP, PCG to put
   their respective disaster response units/team/ assets on call for immediate
   activation; for the AFP, PNP and DPWH to preposition mobility assets in strategic
   locations in coordination with different PDRRMCs; and to monitor bulletins,
   advisories and other related issuances
• PDRRMC Albay issued Advisory No. 1 directing the LGUs of Polangui, Malinao,
   Oas and Libon to speed up sandbagging operation in their respective barangays;
   put into operations their respective evacuation plans and preparations in flood and
   landslide-prone barangays; ordered the AFP, PNP, DPWH and PEO to preposition
   mobility assets in 1st District and 3rd District of Albay; enjoined the public re “No
   Crossing of Rivers/flooded areas” policy; ordered all component units of
   City/Municipality/Barangay DRRMCs to monitor bulletin from PAGASA MGB
   issuances and PDRRMC advisories; ordered all action/response teams to be on
   stand-by and on call for possible activation; and maintain an information board to
   regularly release updates to the local DRRMCs and media outlets for public
• NFA Albay has allocated used sacks for sand bagging operations at 35,000 pcs
   each to Oas, Libon, Polangui and 20,000 pcs to Malinao
• PDRRMCs Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte, Catanduanes and Sorsogon
   continuously disseminate weather update to their respective local DRRMCs
   through Fax, SMS, and local radio stations
• 91D, PA-AFP prepositioned two (2) M35 trucks with 14 enlisted personnel at OCD
   5, Camp Ola, Legaspi City at 5:00 PM 22 August 2011 for deployment to different
   areas to respond to any emergency situations as the need arises
• NAVFORSOL alerted all its DRRT ready for deployment as the need arises and
   placed their trucks on standby for deployment to the different areas to respond to
   any emergency situation
• PCG District Bicol implemented the following circular: HPCG Memo Circular 01-
   09 re guidelines on the movement of vessel during heavy weather and HPCG
   Memo Circular 03-01 re guidelines on the movement of M/B/ MV in the absence of
   weather bulletin. Respective DRG teams are on standby for possible deployment
   in coordination with P/MDRRMCs concerned
• TOG5-PAF placed on standby two (2) teams (1SAR and 1 QRT) with seven (7)
   enlisted personnel each

G. Region VII

• RDRRMC /OCD VII continuously disseminates weather bulletin to all local
  DRRMC and concerned local agencies and monitors any possible effects
  in the AOR

• OCD-NCR activated its Task Force since 22 August 2011 and advised the cities
   of Marikina, Pasig and Muntinlupa on the current water level of Nangka River and
   Marikina River; disseminated Weather Bulletins to MMDRRMC and LDRRMC
   Chairpersons and selected member agencies through SMS; alerted all LGUs,
   CDAGs and other response agencies; and advised them to be on stand-by for
   possible response operations
• Outboard Advertising Association of the Philippines members have rolled down
   their tarpaulin advertisements