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					Fare Evasion Prosecution

Going to Court - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why am I going to Court?       Q. Where is the Court?             Q. If I attend court will I have
                                                                     access to free legal
A. Because it is alleged that     A. The address of the Court is     representation?
you have committed an             on the summons. For details of
offence – details of the          how to get there, call
alleged offence are on the        Transport for London Travel        A. It is unlikely that you will
summons.                          Information on 020 7222 1234       have access to free legal
                                  or use the Journey Planner at      representation known
Q. Do I have to attend the                     popularly as legal-aid in cases
Court in person?                                                     of this nature, but you must
                                                                     contact the court direct for
A. No – if you are pleading       Q. Why have I not received a       further information.
guilty, you only need to          Penalty Fare Notice?
complete the form on the
reverse of the summons and        A. Penalty fares are only issued   Q. What happens if I wish to
return it to the Court, along     in circumstances where the         plead Not Guilty?
with the means form which         passenger has been unable to
asks for your financial           produce a ticket for the           A. You should either sign the
incomings and out-goings.         journey being made. If the         appropriate box on the reverse
                                  Inspector suspects that this is    of the summons and send it to
Q. Where can I obtain advice      as a result of a deliberate        the Court, or attend Court as
about my case?                    attempt to avoid paying the        directed and plead Not Guilty
                                  fare, then the matter is likely    in person. A further date will
A. You should seek the advice     to be reported for prosecution     then be arranged for a trial
of either a solicitor or the      as opposed to dealing with it      when the Inspector concerned
Citizens Advice Bureau. Details   by way of a penalty fare.          will also be present.
of these are available from
your local library or any
Magistrates’ Court.               Q. Can I just pay the £100         Q. Will I be able to question or
                                  costs that are on the summons      challenge the Inspector in
Transport for London CANNOT       and have the case withdrawn?       Court?
give any advice with regard to
completing the forms or on        A. No – you must respond to        A. Yes. If you plead Not Guilty,
how you should proceed.           the summons, either in writing     you will have an opportunity
                                  or in person. The £100             to put your own questions to
Q. What happens if I just         costs on the Summons               the Inspector regarding the
ignore the summons?               represent a contribution to        offence.
                                  Transport for London’s costs
A. The Court may decide to        and will normally be awarded
allow the matter to proceed in    by the Court only if you are
your absence and you will have    convicted.
no opportunity to put your
case across to the Judge.
Q. Will I get a Criminal Record?   Q. If I did not attend Court      Q. If convicted how do I pay
                                   how would I learn of the          any fine or costs?
A. Yes, if you are convicted of    outcome?
the offence, you would have a                                        A. You would need to contact
criminal record registered in      A. The Court would normally       the Court about payment
your name.                         write to inform you of the        options.
                                   outcome of the hearing. If
Q. If the Court convicts me in     however you do not hear from
my absence, would I have a         the Court within 2 weeks of
right of appeal?                   the hearing, you should
                                   contact the Court directly.
A. Yes, but you need to
contact the Court as soon as
you receive the memorandum
of conviction.

                     Further information, including the Transport for London
                     Revenue Enforcement and Prosecution Policy, can be
                     obtained from

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