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                                                  From left: Susan Karl, Ellen Wakeman, Team Evergreen Board Member Chris Porter, and
                                                  Gabriela Ferrat wear their colors proudly during the 2010 Triple Bypass. Photo provided
                                                  by Gabriela Ferrat.

         FROM THE                                Trailblazers’ Epic
         captain’s saddle
                                                 Preparations By Mark Spurgeon
Captain's Saddle                                 2010 was another outstanding year for Team Evergreen’s Triple Bypass
By Victoria Klinger, TE President                and the Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb put on by Team
                                                 Evergreen Racing. The TBP seemed to have even more strong riders this
The 2010 Triple Bypass has come and gone         year, and the costumes and cowbells of the volunteers were amazing.
– thanks to all the riders and volunteers that   While the weather showed up a bit iffy early-on for the Hill Climb, the sky
make this event one of the classic Colorado      cleared for a great day. One of my buddies who raced the event described
rides. Success in life often depends on how      the fog below and the view above at tree-line as one of the best, lament-
well we make transitions and Alem                ing that he hadn’t any kind of a camera to save the moment.
International transitioned well in year one of
their management of the event – hats off to      The Trailblazers’ Spring and Summer volunteer trail days on the Nice Kitty
them and Ride Director Jenny Anderson.           Trail in Buffalo Creek has produced exemplary singletrack. Recent miles
                                                 have been very challenging due to the topology of rocky terrain requiring a
Riders and volunteers of the Triple Bypass       fair amount of rock armoring, and for the most part the rocks are not
have provided very positive feedback and         small, with a few switchbacks thrown in to make the hill even more inter-
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  August 2010                                     Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat                                                 Page 1
Trailblazers                                     Continued from previous page

esting. The good news is that the trail’s pin flag line is      September 17-19, 2010. Paul Murphy and Derek Runes
moving away from this area down the hill toward the pon-        worked together to produce some drop-dead displays for
derosa tree line.                                               placement in the BikeSource’s three retail locations. If you
                                                                have an opportunity, stop in, check out the displays and
A significant requirement of this project, which factored for   meet some of their staff. As always, our fingers are
all of us in the decision process, was a bridge over Buffalo    crossed for good weather to accompany some great rid-
Creek and its associated floodplain at FS543 with a span        ing, camping, camaraderie and trail building.
of 50-60 feet, not a small thing, and a challenge to resolve.
Long after that decision and much time in collaborative         Group Meadows Campground is reserved, check your cal-
research with the Forest Service, the estimated cost            endar and reserve the weekend. If time is tight just come
showed up as $70, 544. The really good news is that on          out for Saturday. We will have food and beverage for all
July 21st, the South Platte Enhancement Board approved          our hardy volunteers.
the Trailblazers’ grant request for $17,700! These monies
vindicate the Forest Service’s in-kind donation of site man-    Online registration is available at or
agement and design engineering services, and will provide
matching funds for an additional collaborative grant appli-
cation. So essentially, Phase 1, the bridge’s substructure
will be completed this September-October, very cool!

With the financial support of Team Evergreen,
Specialized Bicycles and the BikeSource our
Directors are making preparations for another great
weekend in September for Team Evergreen’s Epic,

                                                                     Photos courtesy of the Trailblazers. Left: Paul Murphy & Derek
                                                                     Runes. Top: Jeff Nuhtrieb, Nate Spurgeon, & Tyler Wingfield.

  July 2010                           Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                                    Page 2

Mt. Evans Hill Climb
Despite threatening skies and what
appeared to be a day in for rain, the
45th Annual Bob Cook Memorial,
benefiting Amgen’s Breakaway from
Cancer, provided a pleasantly cool
start and clear skies above Echo

The race was tactical from the start
with Team Hotel San Jose setting
tempo for Kevin Nicol the 2008 Mt
Evans winner. Peter Stetina tested
the group with an attack at mile 20
or about 12000 feet elevation .
Overend held onto Stetina's wheel
long enough to distance himself
from the rest of the pack. Peter
Stetina accelerated again and
dropped Overend with a few miles
to go and finished in 1:50:20
Overend was 1:51:40 and Phil
Zajicek rounded out the top three at
                                                                             Matt Updike races up Mt. Evans. Photo by Ashley Leavitt.

This year’s race was a milestone for many. In the women’s          Bob Alexander, who also rode the Triple Bypass with us, was
race, Tammy Jacques-Grewal, former pro mountain bike               sharing his recovery story as well. Bob completed the chal-
racer won in 2:15:07. Second was Angela Naeth in 2:16:30           lenge only seven months out from open heart surgery!
followed by Lisa Tumminello in 2:18:11.
                                                                   Matt Updike of Denver, CO became the first handcyclist to
Jacques-Grewal’s racing schedule in the 90’s never quite           officially conquer the Bob Cook Memorial / Mt. Evans Hill
made room for winning on Mt. Evans, but after recovering           Climb Saturday, when he completed the 14 mile climb to the
from chronic pancreatitis (with over 16 procedures to remove       top of the highest paved road in the world. His time from
calcifications) she is “racing to celebrate being alive! My last   Echo Lake to the summit of 1:58:05 shattered the unofficial
road race experience as a professional was The Redlands            previous best time by 42 minutes.
Bicycle Classic in 1999 where I place 3rd overall and then I
retired soon afterward because I was starting to get very ill.     Next year’s race will take place on the same calendar week-
I did not know what was wrong with my health.”                     end – July 23rd, 2011. We look forward to seeing you there!

  August 2010                           Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                                  Page 3
Triple Recap                                                          ARE READING THIS?
Huge thanks go out to all the volunteers and riders who made
the 2010 Triple Bypass such a success. We hope everyone
                                                                       Yea you are, and so are
had a great ride and is marking their calendars for next year’s      approximately 2000 avid road
event, July 9, 2011.
                                                                         and mountain bikers.
Triple Trivia                                                       REACH YOUR TARGET MARKET
                                                                       ADVERTISE IN BIKE BEAT
Did you know?
                                                                    Bike Beat advertising connects you with a highly
• 5% of riders biked themselves to the start line, rather
                                                                    motivated group of Colorado professionals who con-
  than driving
                                                                    sider activities like cycling, mountain biking, running
• 71% did NOT have a personal support vehicle meet them
                                                                    and triathlon to be defining personal traits. Our mem-
  at any point along the course
                                                                    bers are committed to improving their lives through
• 37% of riders say that they train year ‘round
                                                                    endurance sports and they have the means to sup-
• 97.28% of Triple riders described their experience at the
                                                                    port that lifestyle.
  ride as good, great, or terrific!
• 12% of riders say they have participated in the ride 4 or
                                                                    Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat is published and distrib-
  more times.
                                                                    uted to our membership 10 times per year.
• 25% of riders were actually first-timers this year
• 79% of riders are from Colorado
                                                                    To learn more about advertising opportunities, contact
• Riders are 81% male and
                                                                    Team Evergreen Executive Director, Dave Newcomer
  19% female
                                                                    at 303-579-4847 or
• Riders consumed
  6982 Clif bars,
  3150 pounds of
  and 4900 bananas.

 That’s a lot of bananas!

  Send in your 2010 Triple
  Bypass photos & stories
  And get entered in the drawing to win a free
  2011 Triple Bypass Entry!

  See page 20 for complete details.

  Deadline for September issue: August 20th.

  August 2010                         Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                            Page 4

The Bailey Hundo

The Bailey HUNDO: The Senators’ Underground Invitational was held June 19th out of Bailey, Colorado. Sponsored
by Senator Chris Romer, Senator Mark Scheffel, Senator Mike Kopp, and Senator Greg Brophy, the proceeds of
the race will enhance the singletrack trail system around Bailey, as well as promote mountain biking to at-risk youth,
and high schoolers around the state by supporting Trips For Kids Denver/Boulder and the newly-founded Colorado
High School Cycling League (CHSCL).

The race was a partnership between the Senators as well as      winners took home one-off Hundo hardware for their trophy
the Platte Canyon Chamber of Commerce, Colorado                 cases.
Mountain Biking Association, Outpost Wilderness
Adventures, Wheat Ridge Cyclery and Team Evergreen              The Bailey area is a great area to mountain bike and there
Bicycle Club and Racing Team.                                   are more trails that will become available to mountain bikers
                                                                soon. The course featured over 40 miles of singletrack
Invitations went out to about 175 racers for the first annual   through the Buffalo Creek Trail System and along the
race and only 15 racers did not complete the course in the      Colorado Trail as well as some challenging climbs on dirt
allotted 14 hours. Each racer had to attend a mandatory         roads and jeep trails. Since this race is very close to the
rider safety meeting and make a donation to the race. The       Colorado Front Range, has a great course, and was very
course was well mapped with GPS points and 10 aid stations      well run by passionate and connected organizers; expect
placed approximately every 10 miles.                            racer numbers to swell in coming years as this race gains
The Platte Canyon Chamber of Commerce pulled out the
stops to make this an unforgettable event, providing enter-     There were several TE and TER members that were invited
tainment in Bailey both the night before the HUNDO, as well     to this inaugural race. Dave Cenedella, Bob Campbell, Jerry
as during the dinner and celebration after the race. All race   Haynie, Jeff and Adam Buckwalter (father/son) all completed
finishers received a special Hundo-style award and category     the race.
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  May 2010                            Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                            Page 5
Bailey Hundo                                                    continued from previous page

         Team Evergreen rider experiences
Bailey Hundo to Get Big by Bob Campbell                                more miles, and make it to the finish. The total elevation gain
I was part of the race organizing group representing Team              per my GPS was 10,600 feet. Cold beer and food were most
Evergreen and was able to help with the course and the map-            welcome at the finish.
ping of the route in the months leading up to the race.                I felt as though that I really accomplished an achievement.
Since this was to be my longest one day ride/race ever, I did          Nancy Spencer met me at most aid stations for food, hydra-
not want to take chances on nutrition and hydration. I carried a       tion, and especially support and encouragement. It was really
huge Camelbak loaded with 100 oz of water and lots of food.            great seeing her smiling face and cheering me on. I also want
I’ve read that 250 to 300 calories per hour is all a rider can eat,    to thank all of the wonderful volunteers for organizing this race
but I proved them wrong by eating 500 calories an hour during          in such a short time, and for all of their help at the start, aid
the entire race. As it turns out, I didn’t need to carry so much       stations, and finish. The success of this race would not have
as there was plenty of water and food at each aid station.             been possible without their help.

In the first leg of the race I was too full to go real hard, and in    Saturday Singletrack by Jeff Buckwalter
the first half mile of the race I broke a spoke. The resulting wob-    There’s hardly a better way to spend a Saturday than racing
ble in the rear tire made my V-brakes were hit the rear rim pret-      your bike around the some of the world’s best singletrack,
ty firmly. Luckily, the Wheat Ridge Cyclery repair van was at the      while being awed by the performance of fellow competitors
first aid station and had the correct spoke to make an on the          like Dave Wiens and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski. Those of us
trail repair. For the next five hours I got to ride some of the most   who rode the inaugural Bailey Hundo were privileged to do
fun singletrack in the country, to be followed by 40 miles of          just that. Adding to the enjoyment factor was the excellent
steep dirt road climbs in the sun. Once I made it to Stoney Pass       event organization and enthusiastic support and cheerleading
I knew that I would finish the race.                                   from the many volunteers who manned the course and the 10
                                                                       feed stations.
At the finish line I enjoyed brats, burgers, beer and live music.
Every finisher received a wood and metal Hundo plaque. This            I felt pretty good throughout most of the course, but with a time
one is off my bucket list and was an experience that I will never      of 10 hours 19 minutes, my performance was more or less
forget. Plan on this race to get BIG.                                  what I expected… not fast enough! It probably put me some-
                                                                       where in the middle of the pack of my 46+ “Old Man” catego-
First annual Bailey Hundo – 100 mile endurance
                                                                       ry. I did lose about 20 minutes fixing a broken chain, a job that
mountain bike race by Jerry Haynie
                                                                       would have absorbed no more than 5 minutes for someone of
At the 6:00am start, all I could think about were deadlines to fin-
                                                                       average mechanical ability. The repair would have taken even
ish the race. I have to cross the Platte River by 1:30 (60miles)
                                                                       longer were it not for the three competitors who loaned me a
and the finish line by 7:00 (100 miles). I made each of them at
                                                                       chain tool (mine was useless) and helped me wrestle chain /
1:05 and 6:37 – a long day indeed and especially on a mountain
                                                                       derailleur / quick links into place. Thanks a million for the help,
bike. During the race I consumed 120 ounces of Accelerade, 80
                                                                       you guys.
oz. water, 5 energy bars, 2 oranges, 1 peanut butter bagel, a
hand full of deli turkey, and 8 ibuprofens.                            Without a doubt, the highlight of the race for me lay in sharing
                                                                       it with my 19 year old son Adam. He ended up placing 3rd in
This was a very challenging race and I was happy just to have
                                                                       the Men’s 29 & Under category and was faster than me, bro-
finished. The last 25 miles were by far the most difficult. It was
                                                                       ken chain notwithstanding!
tough but somehow I was able dig a little deeper, find a few

  August 2010                             Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                                     Page 6

Heat in the Hills                                                              By Jon Farinholt

Firecracker 50 MTB
July 4th weekend was a hot one in Breckenridge for 750
folks riding challenging loops up the slopes of the ski area.
Results deeper than 1st, 2nd, 3rd are still difficult to find,
though we do know that Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski won this
50 miler after his recent win at the Team Evergreen sup-
ported Bailey Hundo, and our favorite Leadville aficionado
Dave Weins took 3rd place. Photos and results are on the
303 site:

Winter Park MTB
     With more than 35 of our MTB team racers registered
for the series, TER has fielded 4 teams for 2010.
     After winning the team placement for two out of the
past three years, TER is again currently poised in first                            On the line at Winter Park. Photo provided by Jon Farinholt.
place for the WP Series. They’re going to need a lot more
                                                                           Race #1 was the HILL CLIMB on June 12th in their divi-
paint because after just 4 races under our belt, TER contin-
                                                                           sions: 1st place awards went to Robert Dodd, Scott
ues to leave its cleat marks all over the podium! With far
                                                                           Wilksonson, and David Newcomer, 2nd place went to Jim
too many finishes to report, here are just the top 3’s so far:
                                                                           Gallagher and Todd Croke , and 3rd place finishes to Will
                                                                           Allen , Brad Eich, Pete Fennell , and Andy Benowitz.
                                                                               Race #2 was the CROSS COUNTRY SUPER LOOP on
                                                                           June 26th which gave: 1st to Nick Fennell 2nd place went to
                                                                           Victoria Klinger, Kevin Egan, and Andy Benowitz, and 3rd
                                                                           place for Will Allen , Scott Wilkonson, and Robert Atwell.
                                                                               Race #3 was the VALLEY POINT TO POINT on July
                                                                           10th with 1st place finishes captured by Nick Fennell and
                                                                           Andy Benowitz, 2nds for Michael Scott, Ted Benning, and
                                                                           Peter Rockwood, and 3rd place for Amir Alrubaiy, Pete
                                                                           Fennell, and Terrie Dittmeyer.
                                                                               Race #4 was the SUPER D DOWNHILL on July 11th an
                                                                           put on 1st for Nick Fennell and Andy Benowitz, a 2nd for
                                                                           Chuck Joga, and 3rd for Ted Benning.

                                                                           Mt Evans Hill Climb
                                                                           The weather finally cooled at altitude on July 24th as citi-
                                                                           zens and racers began the climb from Idaho Springs. It was
        Chris rides the Point to Point. Photo provided by Jon Farinholt.                                               Continued on next page

  August 2010                               Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                                       Page 7
TEAM EVERGREEN RACING Continued from previous page

                                                                                       Racing above the clouds. Photo provided by
                                                                                       Jon Farinholt.

                                                                                        any TER rider, including all of the
                                                                                        men! Randie once again became
                                                                                        Colorado's State Champion Hill
                                                                                        Climber for SW65+. Amy Thompson
                                                                                        and Pam Moore raced Evans for the
                                                                                        first time and had positive, successful
                                                                                        experiences, also earning TER dou-
                                                                                        ble pts toward Best All Around Team
                                                                                        standings. TER remains in 2nd place
                                                                                        for 35+ and 3rd for 45+ as a result!
                                                                                        Robin tried some new things and
                                                                                        once again had more of a "learning
                                                                                        experience" race than what she
a day not unlike the Col du Tourmalet (but twice the final
                                                                would call a "positive and successful experience." Cat 3,
altitude) while riders entered a cloud bank before reaching
                                                                Caroline, 3rd, Anne, 10th 35+, Ellen, 5th, Pam, 8th 45+
the lake.
                                                                Amy, 7th 65+, Randie, 1st
Fortunately the road stayed dry and cyclists were visible in
                                                                Men: Greg Berlind again had the fasest TER time making it
their bright jerseys being followed by the race caravan of
                                                                to the top in 2:13:42!! This time earned Greg 8th place in
vehicles. After climbing past the visitors’ center and above
                                                                the men's 45 open, out of a field of 42 elite racers. Great
the 11,000 tree line, the clouds drifted off into the valleys
                                                                job, Greg!! 35+cat 4: Steven Hurst, 2:35, 33rd Nigel, 2:36,
                                                                34th Brian F, 2:41, 43rd Patrick, 2:47, 57th Tim, 2:50, 60th
                                                                45+ open Greg, 2:13, 8th Peter, 2:26, 21st Dean, 2:28,
With little wind and plenty of alpine sunshine, the race con-
                                                                25th Bob, 2:36, 28th 45+, cat 4 Kevin, 2:34, 17th Ray, 2:49,
tinued up the many turns and past the indigenous goats.
                                                                31st Reginald, 2:38, 22nd Brian B, 2:50, 33rd 55+ Chris
Finally at the summit, most riders elected to enjoy the
                                                                Porter, 2:48, 25th Michael, 2:56, 37th
scenery and reward of the climb while others opted for a
warm ride back down in one of the many support vehicles.
                                                                Please forward any TER news tips & photos to Jon
More race photos from the first caravan are also posted to
                                                                Farinholt at and be
                                                                sure to visit the collection of all the race team photos
TER had the highest number of team members racing,
                                                                including free downloads at
passing Colorado Bike Law this year! Way to go TER!
Women: Caroline again had the fastest TER time for
women, at 2:27:31. Wow! This was the 3rd fastest time for

  August 2010                              Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                              Page 8
      Share the Trail

Mountain Bike Advocacy                                                                          by Peter Morales

New Trails Named at Apex
The new trails are up and
named in Apex Park. The trail
which is internal to the park and
runs from Apex Trail to Sluice
Box        trail   is     named
Hardscrabble. The other trail,
which is an alternative access
route on the eastern edge of the
park, i.e., up to Pick N Sledge
Trail, is named the Argos Trail.
That trail is named after the
Argos Skipper Butterfly, a rare
species, which is native to the
area just north of the trail.
Please remember that the Apex Trail is one way biking on                    Meyer Ranch Share the Trail event. Photo by Paul Murphy
certain segments on odd-numbered days.

JCOS Etiquette Bandanas
The brand new JCOS Etiquette Bandanas (which contain
basic trail etiquette principles) are presently being printed
with TE and Trailblazers Logos. As soon as they are
available, Rangers and park volunteers will soon be              RIDE SMART
handing them out to all those respectful park users, who
know the secret hand shake.
                                                                   RIDE SAFE
                                                                     Team Evergreen Advocacy Group Members
JCOS Share the Trail Events
JCOS participates in the occasional Share the Trail                             Peter Morales • Kelly Garrod
event. These events are outreach events in which JCOS                           Mark Spurgeon • Paul Delia
Park Rangers bring their trailers, full with promotional
and informational materials, and take the opportunity to
                                                                          For more information on TE Advocacy, visit:
have conversations with park users about what works
best in the Open Space park system. If you happen upon
such an event during one of your rides, don’t be shy. Go
have a chat with the Park Ranger and get to know your
local JCOS representative.

August 2010                                Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                                Page 9
      Share the Road

Road Bike Advocacy
by Kelly Garrod

Triple Riders Keep it Clean · Deer Creek Canyon Update · Jeffco Needs Your Input

Triple Bypass                                                    Black Hawk Bike Ban
Congratulations to Triple Bypass riders not only for com-        And finally, the Black Hawk Bike Ban is still something we
pleting an amazing ride, but also to their consideration of      must deal with. The Board of Alderman don’t seem interest-
the residents along Squaw Pass. This year, the cleanup of        ed in lifting the ban. Team Evergreen suggests contacting
Squaw Pass road consisted of only 28 pieces of litter, an        the casinos and businesses in Black Hawk and let them
incredible accomplishment for 3,500 riders. Thanks for not       know your dissatisfaction.
discarding your debris on the road.
                                                                 Bicycle Colorado continues to lead the charge on the bike
Deer Creek Canyon                                                bans and their efforts to overturn the Black Hawk bike ban
If you ride Deer Creek Canyon, Jefferson County Sheriff’s        are moving to the next stage. Bicycle Colorado has con-
office is maintaining their enforcement effort this summer.      nected several cyclists who received tickets with a law firm
In June, they had 58 officers, with 110 contacts with bicy-      that is providing pro bono representation. Arraignment for
clists issuing 11 tickets. By mid June, 30 summons were          these tickets is scheduled for August with the trial to follow
already issued to bicyclists. The reasons vary, however          in the fall.
failure to stop for a stop sign is popular followed by speed-
ing, riding in the wrong lane of traffic, and riding 2 or more   Bicycle Colorado has reviewed the city's ordinance with
abreast impeding traffic are other reasons. We are all           multiple lawyers and found it to be in direct conflict with
ambassadors of our sport and need to ride within the law.        state law. Their arguments will be presented at trial.

Jeffco Seeks Input                                               You can support Bicycle Colorado’s efforts by becoming a
Jefferson County is soliciting comments for their                member of Bicycle Colorado, renewing your membership,
Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan. Both the plan and comment form          or by making a special donation. For more information, visit
can be found on their website:                                   Bicycle Colorado online at:

The best way to get more bicycle routes is to note your
concerns. Jefferson County is trying to help us, please
help them with your comment.

  August 2010                               Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                          Page 10
Finish Strong!                                    By Rob Lockey, CSCS

The summer event season is well underway. Whether it’s one           a fuel source. The lactate threshold test is determining the
bike tour, multiple running races or a triathlon series, it may      point at which the human body falls behind in buffering and
be time to dial in training. To attain goals set for these events,   struggles to stay efficient. Above this marker the production of
coaching and physiology testing can help guide competitors           byproducts far outpaces the removal and this leads toward
and everyday athletes. The process of training from data             the inability to continue increased intensity for extended peri-
retrieved from a test like lactate threshold begins early in the     ods of time. Knowing this point can assist in setting up train-
winter. So, by this time in the summer, that data may not be         ing zones to optimize recovery as well as the lactate thresh-
as accurate for training because of the adaptations brought          old. A lactate threshold test consists of a graded exercise pro-
about from the training. A midsummer slump can be due to             tocol to simulate increased workload on the individual. This
using older data and this can result in unreached goals for the      test can be done easily on a bike or treadmill and generally is
end of summer. To reverse this trend and get a much                  30-45 minutes in length. This test should be completed at the
deserved personal record for that last event of the season, a        end of a recovery period so that the overall training fatigue is
retest is in order.                                                  low and can be considered part of the training.

A midsummer test of lactate threshold can help identify heart        Lactate threshold testing and training utilizes the individual
rate and power zones for current physical condition. This has        markers of each competitor and allows for improvements
several benefits which will help optimize a training schedule        based on real data not just general guidelines. Timing a
for the last push to the end. Retesting provides a better idea       Lactate threshold test mid season is best done around 4-6
of the ability to recover which helps for those active recovery      weeks before the main event or ‘A’ race, so that training can
days after a high intensity workout. It also helps focus high        be adjusted to optimize those weeks towards attaining the
intensity workouts by allowing you to sustain the proper             goals set by the athlete. It is not uncommon to see significant
zones to gain the adaptations desired. Most of all a test will       improvements when a training plan is structured around this
show the current threshold, and if the training has been going       test, due to the ability to make each workout specific and
well, this should have increased. This increase refers to            focused, thus removing any of the ‘junk miles’. There is still
improved efficiency, and a lower heart rate for a given work-        time this summer to focus heart rate and power training and
load which equals being faster.                                      anyone can see improvements.

The appearance of lactate in blood is measured from a pin            Rob Lockey, CSCS, ACSM/HFS and a USA Cycling LII Certified Coach,
prick on the finger with an analyzer that gives a reading in         provides testing and coaching through Optimize Endurance Services.
mmol/L (millimoles per liter). At a cellular level when the          Contact him at 303-356-9893 or
processes of fuel production increase the cell becomes more
acidic due to the buildup of H+ (hydrogen with a positive
charge) and this is termed acidosis. This acidosis upsets the
balance of the cell and to manage or buffer it shuttles the H+
outside to the blood stream with the help from lactate. Once
in the blood stream it is called blood lactate and this is what
is being measured in the test. The body manages the blood
lactate by removal through breath, sweat and urine as well as

  August 2010                                 Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                            Page 11
August 2010   Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·   Page 12
August Rides
HELMETS ARE REQUIRED on all Team Evergreen rides. DEPARTURE: All rides will depart promptly at the time noted in each of the ride
descriptions. Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to sign in and get ready. CANCELLATION: Rides will be cancelled when temper-
atures are below 40 degrees and/or road conditions are obviously unsafe for bicycling. When conditions are questionable, call the ride
leader for a last-minute check.

Ongoing Rides                            For complete ride details visit us online at:
Mountain Gentlemen and Lovely Ladies · Tuesdays & Fridays
August rides leave at 8:30am
Perfect for early season training or beginning riders! The ride leader promises that slower speeds will be encouraged and no one will
be left behind. Meet in Morrison at the east end of town on CO Hwy 74 (near C-470) across the road from the Conoco Breakplace.
Meeting places will vary, based on the weather and temperature. Please note that the start time and even the ride day is subject to
change, based on the weather. Call Mike Carter the day before the ride for possible change in times and location.
Call: 303-670-7898 · Email

Wednesday Morning Rides
Show and go for these moderate road rides. Meeting times and locations will vary, based on weather, route and month.
Contact Siggi Manke, at 303-679-9284,

Sun, August 1                                              Wed, August 11                                                 Sat, August 21
Strong/Difficult Road Ride                                 Blue/Capable Wed. Night MTB Ride                               Strong/Difficult Road Ride
Bergen Park Loop                                           Mt. Falcon Lower                                               Stonewall Century
Distance: 33 Miles, Elevation Gain: 4,500 Feet, Leader:    Distance: 12 Miles, Elevation Gain: 1,800 Feet, Ride           Organized by Spanish Peaks Cycling Club. Distance:
Michael Brill, 970-390-7426,           Leader: Kathy Eckert, 303-503-9728,                            104 Miles, Elevation Gain: 7,500 Feet
Meet at the Albertson's parking lot @ Highway 74 &
Stagecaoch Blvd ready to depart at 8:30am                  Meet at Mt. Falcon lower parking lot, Ride Options: Ride       Wed, August 25
                                                           Mt. Falcon Lower trail only or include upper trails for dis-   Blue/Medium Wed. Night MTB Ride
Wed, August 4                                              tances of 6-10 miles.
                                                                                                                          Evergreen Mountain from Alderfer Three Sisters
Blue/Capable Wed. Night MTB Ride                                                                                          Distance: 10 Miles, Leader: Mike Leibowitz, 303-946-6155
                                                           Sat, August 14
Lair of the Bear to Pence Park                                                                                   Meet at Alderfer Three Sister
Distance: 12 Miles, Leader: Chris Davis, 303-502-0422,
                                                           Strong/Difficult MTB Ride                                      upper parking lot. Ride Options: Ride Evergreen Mountain Meet at Lair of the Bear parking     Two Elks/Commando Run
                                                                                                                          trail only or include Alderfer Three Sisters/Blair Ranch
lot. Ride Options: Ride part way or all the way to Pence   Distance: 20 Miles, Leader:
                                                                                                                          trails for distances of 6-10 miles
Park for distances of 8-12 miles                           TBD, Meet-up & Directions: TBD
                                                                                                                          Sat, August 28
Sat, August 7                                              Sun, August 15                                                 Strong/Difficult MTB Ride
Capable/Blue MTB Ride                                      Strong/Difficult Road Ride                                     Meander the Mines
West Magnolia Trails Up to Mines                           Bergen Park to Echo Lake                                       Distance: 20 Miles, Elevation Gain: 2,500 Feet, Leader:
Distance: 15 Miles, Leader: Helen Dohrman, (720) 470-      Distance: 36 Miles, Elevation Gain: 3900 Feet,                 Ben Sowkolski, (719) 486-5983,
0445, Meet at Happy Trails Coffee       Leader: Debbie McCabe, 303-674-1644,                 
Shop in Nederland ready for a 9:30am departure.   Meet at Bergen Park                  Meet in Leadville, NW corner 7th & Ash
                                                           Park and Ride ready for an 8:30am departure.
Sat, August 7                                                                                                             Sun, August 29
Strong/Difficult Road Ride                                 Wed, August 18                                                 Standard/Easy Road Ride
                                                           Blue/Medium Wed. Night MTB Ride                                Idaho Springs to Georgetown
Copper Triangle
                                                                                                                          Option: Out & Back to Bakerville, Distance: 25 Miles,
Sponsored by Colorado Cyclist & Benefiting the Davis       TBD To Be Decided
                                                                                                                          Elevation Gain: 900 Feet, Leader: Cathy Jones, 303-670-
Phinney Foundation. Distance: 81 Miles, Elevation Gain:    Distance: 10 Miles, Elevation Gain: 1,000 Feet,
                                                                                                                          1325,, Meet at the Idaho Springs
5,500 Feet.                                                Leader: Terri Wickstrom, 303-474-4161,                         Forest Service ready for a 9:00 am departure.
Sun, August 8
Strong/Difficult Road Ride                                 Sat, August 21
Buffalo Park Loop                                          Strong/Difficult MTB Ride
Distance: 31 Miles, Elevation Gain: 3,200 Feet, Leader:    Gold Dust Trail - Como
Janet Saxon, 303-507-5656,, Meet        Distance: 16 Miles, Elevation Gain:
at the Evergreen Lake House for an 8:30 am departure.      2,200 Feet, Leader: Open
                                                           Please check the TE website for updates

                  Always check for the latest details and ride changes/updates!
  August 2010                                              Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                                                           Page 13
Coming to a Road or Trail Near You
Circle the Summit - 3rd Annual Bob           Veta, CO. Registration includes: a t-         Tour of the Vineyards
Guthrie Memorial Ride                        shirt, snacks, lunch, traffic control, SAG    Saturday, September 18, 2010
                                             support, a post-ride barbeque dinner,
Saturday, August, 14, 2010                                                       
                                             and a chance to win dozens of door                                                                    A great way to celebrate the start of fall,
                                             prizes. Plus, your registration fee raises
Circle beautiful Lake Dillon on paved                                                      by joining in this bicycle tour of
                                             money for local non-profits who provide       Colorado’s Wine Country. This 25-mile
bike paths and roads that take you           dozens of hardworking volunteers for          ride through the vineyards of the Western
through some of the country’s most           the event.                                    Slope (on paved roads with a few hills)
spectacular biking country. Century rid-
                                                                                           gives cyclists an opportunity to pass by
ers climb some of the highest roads in
                                             Deer Creek Challenge                          the area’s wineries, as well as acres of
Colorado, topping out at Arapahoe                                                          fruit orchards, located in the Grand Valley
Basin, Ute and Vail Passes, with extra       August 29, 2010                               of Palisade, CO prior to the Colorado
credit for forging on to the top of                    Mountain Winefest “Festival in the Park”.
Loveland Pass. All rides start and finish    Gauge your end-of-season fitness on
on Frisco’s historic Main Street After the   this Century, Metric Century or 33-mile
                                                                                           24 Hours of Colorado Springs
ride enjoy a great lunch and a beer pro-     ride. The Deer Creek Challenge offers
vided by local eateries. Then, settle into   up 12,751 vertical feet of elevation gain     Sat–Sun, September 18 & 19, 2010
your lounge chair and listen to the great    in a single day (Century Course). All
music from The Subdudes and Booker T.        rides are non-competitive and are not         Hiding within the borders of the Air Force
                                             timed. All courses have limited capacity      Academy is the Falcon Trail. Slowly
                                                                                           developed over the years by cadets and
Columbia Muddy Buddy Ride & Run              and will cap out. The start and finish will
                                                                                           residents as an exercise trail, the
Sunday, August 15, 2010                      take place at the Denver Botanic
                                                                                           Academy has invested heavily in upgrad-
                                             Gardens at Chatfield Each rider                                                            ing the trail to become the heart pound-
                                             receives: commemorative t-shirt, post-        ing, exhilarating experience of the the
Columbia Muddy Buddy Ride & Run
                                             ride party with catered lunch, live band      now award winning Falcon Trail. A14.6
events are adventure races that require
                                             and free beer for those over 21, aid sta-     mile race course has been marked that is
two-person teams to navigate a six to
                                             tions with great food, beverage and           described as EPIC!
seven-mile mountain bike and trail-run-
                                             energy resupply products, free mas-
ning course containing five obstacles.
Each event’s signature finale involves
both teammates belly-crawling through
                                             Enchanted Circle Century Bike Tour
a 60-foot-long mud pit before crossing
the finish line. Kids between the ages of    Saturday, September 11, 2010                     SAVE THE DATE
4 and 13 can also join in the fun as a
part of the Columbia Mini Muddy Buddy
                                             This is a scenic, high altitude, alpine
in which they complete a short obstacle      ride through the beautiful mountains of
course and slither through the same          the Carson National Forest. The route            Kokopelli Fall Trip
mud pit as the grown-ups.                    is from Red River to Questa to Taos, to          Sept 30 – Oct 3
                                             Angel Fire, through Angel Fire to Black
Stonewall Century                            Lake and back out through Angel Fire,            Ride Leader
Saturday, August 21, 2010                    to Eagle Nest and back to Red River.             Scott Egolf, (970) 406-0349
                                             The 21st Annual Top of the World
The Stonewall Century is a challenging       Mountain Bike Race is held in conjunc-
road bike ride along one of Colorado’s       tion with the Century on Sunday,
                                             September 11, 2010.                              For more info on Kokopelli visit the
most beautiful scenic highways.
                                                                                              Team Evergreen website.
Century ride is 102 miles with +7500 ft
elevation gain. There are 25-& 50-mile
options. Ride starts and ends in La

 August 2010                                 Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                               Page 14
   by Janet Saxon
                                                   What’s in Your Bottle?

   I assume that you, as a cyclist, own a few                           bottles … i.e. mixing an orange drink in a blue bottle
water bottles. I will also assume that you have                        makes for a pretty ugly color to have to consume!
those bottles that you favor, and those bottles that
you could easily part with. So, what constitutes a                     Water bottles also come in many differing shapes and
good water bottle anyway?                                              sizes. There is one certain event that I do every year that
                                                                       gives out those short bottles. I do not have any use for
I personally, am very particular about my water bot-                   these bottles, they are too small, so I have just simply
tles. I have collected quite a few over the years, and                 stopped accepting them at packet pick-up.
I definitely have my favorites. Some come with good
memories, i.e. of the event that I acquired it at, some                  And then for one of the most important water bottle rating
have good water flow, and some just down right, feel                  factors – the Nipple. This is a very critical part of the bottle,
good to squeeze.                                                          and can easily differentiate a fine bottle from a terrible
                                                                           bottle. The hard plastic nipple bottles get tossed (recy-
I cannot remember the last time I actually purchased a                      cled) immediately, and the soft, rubbery ones, which are
water bottle, they just seem to multiply, and become                       much more palatable, and are my favorite. (The dogs
the ever-so-common take-away from most events                              too, they like to chew on them.) And than there is the
and races. As I peruse my water bottle cupboard                           daunting “suction” nipple – the ones that you see on the
(yes, they have their own designated cupboard) to                        Camelbak bottles. I personally do not like these nipples
pick the bottle(s) of the day from my overflowing                        at all - they remind me of the dentist office suction tube
inventory, I ponder as to what my needs will be for                     (that I still have not mastered without the feeling of having
that day, and which bottle will best suit these needs.                  my tonsils sucked out of my throat!)
Should the bottle match my outfit, or my bike, or
should it be one that has a good feel? What consti-                    The different nipples also deliver differing flow volumes of
tutes the perfect water bottle is a bit of a science that can be    liquid, and this is yet another water bottle rating criteria. The
quite interesting.                                                    Nipple Flow Meter measures the amount of liquid dispersed
                                                                          per squeeze. Some nipples just do not allow a good flow
Last year at a certain race, I was honored with the DFL                    – and do not even come close to satisfying my thirst. So
designation. Thank goodness, I did not get a bottle from                   the larger volume flow nipples rank higher than do the
that event since I would not have wanted to re-live that                   sad and slow dribblers. (Note: those “ergonomically cor-
experience in my mind every time I took a swig from it.                     rect” Gatorade bottle nipples do not even count in this
The bottle Design is an important rating factor. Some                       rating!)
seem to bring back very fond memories, and some bring
back those dreaded memories. Some are pretty and                            Back in the days, the only version of bottle that I was
artistic, and some just have the name of an event. Than,                    familiar with was the kind that had a small fill hole, or
some are clear, while others are of color. On a side note,                  mouth. Mouth Size is also a critical factor since the
just be careful what drink mixes you put in those colored                    small ones were too small to allow for ice cubes. The

                                                                                                               Continued on next page

  August 2010                                 Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                              Page 15
                                                                                         WEDNESDAY MORNING
                                                                                         RIDES GOING STRONG

                                                                                         The Wednesday morning rides continue
                                                                                         to be a big hit. Anywhere from 25-40 riders
                                                                                         have shown up for recent outings. Don’t
                                                                                         miss out. Contact Contact Siggi Manke, at

                                                                                         Meeting times and locations vary, based
                                                                                         on weather, route and month.

                                                                                         Left: Riders celebrate at the summit of Berthoud
                                                                                         Pass on a recent Wednesday Morning Ride.
                                                                                         Photo provided by Sue Karl.

Water Bottles 101                                  Continued from previous page
tops also snapped on, and therefore also snapped off at the           preferred rubbery feeling nipple tops also happen to be my
most inappropriate times, leaving your chest full of whatever         dog’s favorites chew toys. They love to chew the rubbery tops,
was in your bottle. These bottles have since been shoved to           but they leave the lonely bottoms laying around, deemed use-
the back of the shelf, soon to fall off except for those with sen-    less. And no, they do not even touch the hard plastic nipple
timental value, and the wider mouth, screw top bottles that can       tops, commonly found on those short bottles… they somehow
handle ice cubes have moved to the front on the shelf.                know a good bottle from a bad one too!

Bottle Composition is also of interest. Most of my bottles are of     So what does one do with extra bottoms, and not enough tops
the plastic variety, and I must say that I do prefer these over the   (of water bottles, that is)? Well, play the mix and match game!
new fangled aluminum or stainless steel ones. I just have a           When I do get around to actually washing my water bottles, I
hard time drinking out of a metal container, perhaps I am fear-       try and wash several at a time so that I can play the Garanimal
ful of the tongue stuck to the frozen flagpole scene? Some peo-       game – match the bottom to a top, mix colors together, make
ple also prefer those insulated water bottles. Do they really         new combinations, screw, unscrew, and try again …just as
keep beverages cooler? Not sure, but I do know that my friend         good as having several new bottles to choose from. The com-
Scott uses them so that his water does not freeze on his              binations are endless, and the final result may be the new and
monthly ride up to Estes Park in the winter months!                   best water bottle of the day.

As a peruse my water bottle cupboard, I have noticed that I           So, the next time you grab for that bicycle beverage container
have a lot more water bottle bottoms than I do have tops. How         as you head out on the road or trail, think about what makes
can this be? They are not getting sucked into the dryer void like     you grab the one that gets used - and enjoy !
my favorite sock does. No, instead my favorite bottles with the
  August 2010                                  Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                                 Page 16
Longtime Team Evergreen Member Remembered
By Vince Pietrobon

Colorado’s cycling community has lost one       An avid cyclist, he was registered to ride      His family requests that donations be sent
of its own. Stuart Keene was killed in an       this year’s Triple ByPass. He also originated   to Table Mountain Animal Shelter, 4105
accident June 25 while setting up for a         the Dome to Dome ride, which went from          Youngfield St., Golden, CO 80401 or Bike
video shoot at the Thunder Valley               the state capitol building to the top of Mt.    for Humanity, 485 Williams St., Denver, CO
motocross nationals.                            Evans.                                          80218.

Stuart was well known by many, going back       A tribute to Stuart was held at Wynkoop
to his licensed racing days in the eighties,    Brewery on July 18. Friends may also con-
and his role as media coordinator for the       tribute their thoughts to two web pages set
Coors Classic. Stuart was often seen not        up for him:
only racing on his bike, but also on the back and
of the motorbike with camera shooting the       Facebook page Stuart Keene Remembered.
action of bike races. A free lance camera-
man, he began his career with Channel 6,
KRMA, and had filmed, primarily documen-
taries, on all seven continents. He recently
shot a Tour de France documentary with
Michael Aisner, producer and originator of
the Coors Classic.

Photos from Facebook page “Stuart Keene Remembered”.

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Finally… SUMMER!                                              By Helen Dohrman

                                                 Smiles all around for Tipperary Creek in Winter Park. Photo provided by Helen Dohrman.

My first rides this season with Team Evergreen have been          infamous hike-a-bike steps! I’ve done this ride both directions
Walker Ranch, Keystone Gulch and Tipperary Creek. The             and going down is by far more desirable than climbing up!
weather was superb on all three, as were the terrain and
company.                                                          Next, on July 3, we rode Keystone Gulch, another fun (albeit
                                                                  less technically challenging) trip up in the mountains. This
Walker Ranch is a difficult 7.4-mile loop at the end of           ride includes a series of trails linked together at the end of the
Flagstaff Road in Boulder. This area of Flagstaff succumbed       West Ridge section of the Colorado Trail. Gary Pollaoro led
to fire in 2000 leaving more sand, gravel, and charred trees.     14 riders 5 miles up Keystone Gulch on a service road out-
Walker now has a desert-like feel, reminding me a bit of          side of Keystone Ski Resort. From there we accessed the
Buffalo Creek. Due to injury, the original ride leader couldn’t   gorgeous and rolling hills single track of the Colorado Trail, as
make the ride and I stepped in to lead. Come ride day there       well as Red's, Keystone Ranch, Blair Witch, Soda Creek
were only two of us but there was still fun and challenge to be   trails, Summit Cove, and Aqueduct. Believe it or not, there are
had.                                                              even more trails to choose to increase the amusement of this
                                                                  ride, which pretty much has it all: hilly singletrack, rolling hills,
This ride is not for wimps: there is 1,700’ of elevation gain     non-technical forested climbs, rollercoaster downhill, super
sandwiched between rocky trails both down to and back up          skinny singletrack, etc. In addition, the views of the 10-Mile
from South Boulder Creek (a raging river). One such section       Range are awesome and the change from forest to alpine
is akin to the ‘rock garden’ at Hall Ranch but wider and steep-   desert is distinct and happens quite fast, adding to the
er. Much of this ride is ‘doable’, as proven by my riding part-   decrease in concentration just when it’s needed most!
ner Mike, but as we see on many Front Range mountain
rides, erosion has taken its toll and has exposed rocks and       Lastly, Tipperary. This was quite the endurance ride on July
roots that can increase difficulty. Walker also has lovely        17! Unfortunately the Fat Tire Classic was going on so we
meadows that traverse the hillside. And let us not forget the     choose different segments of singletrack to avoid the crowds.

 August 2010                                Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                                Page 18
Finally…Summer!                               Continued from previous page

Personally, I prefer the extensive selection of trails to the long
stretches of uphill dirt roads but I got an excellent workout
anyway. We rode about 32 miles and gained 4,011’ in eleva-
tion when it was all said and done.

This trail system includes a 3+ mile steady climb on single-
track to the top of Morse Pass, the usual spot for a quick
break. From here, the downhill is a coupla loose, rocky and
FAST miles, before accessing such trails as Flume,
Chainsaw, Zoom, D2, D4 and Blue Sky.

Few injuries and loads of happy faces have made for a great
beginning to my summer of riding in the Rockies.
                                                                                                                          Helen Dohrman
Next up: Steamboat!                                                                                          Team Evergreen Mountain Bike
                                                                                                           Committee Member Extraordinaire

                        Team Evergreen mountain bikers enjoy a break on the Keystone Gulch ride on July 3rd. Photo provided by Mike Brislin.

  August 2010                                  Team Evergreen’s Bike Beat ·                                  Page 19
The Captain’s Saddle
Continued from Page 1

suggestions for the future. Stay tuned for those results and
                                                                           PARTING SHOT
enhancements to the event, the 23rd Annual Triple Bypass
on July 9th, 2011.

The Tour de France did not fail to provide us with an excit-
ing race that kept our motivation high in the final days of
training for the Triple and beyond. Let’s hope Lance makes
a successful transition into the next phase of his life – a
true sign of success! It is hard at this point to imagine him
pursuing a quiet, more private life. While his star power
prevails, this year the Tour introduced us to many emerg-
ing riders that will undoubtedly provide us with excitement
for years to come!

As we transition to August and feel the power of our riding
propel us through the plains, up the foothills and over
mountain passes, thank you to everyone who rides a bicy-
cle and drives a vehicle for the effort to share and get
along on both the roads and trails.
                                                                       This high wheeler was spotted during the recent Buffalo Bill Days
Enjoy!                                                                                        Parade in Golden. Photo by Ed McIlvain.
Victoria, Team Evergreen President

  Send Us Your Stories
  And get entered in the drawing to win a free
  2011 Triple Bypass Entry!

  We love hearing about your cycling adventures. Share your great times, and not so great times.
  Contribute a story to Bike Beat! Send stories to Stories can be sent
  in a word document and can be as short and sweet as you like, or up to about 350 words. Also,
  photos help tell your story! Don't forget to include images. At the end of this year we’ll draw a
  name from all those that contributed. The lucky winner will receive a complimentary entry into the
  2011 Triple Bypass. See you in the next Bike Beat! Deadline for the September
  issue is August 20th.

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 Team Evergreen Classifieds
Team Evergreen members are allowed free classified advertising. Ads must be bicycle related or otherwise of interest
to the Team Evergreen cycling community. Within a 12 month period, ads will run a maximum of three issues. Email
your ads to: Classified will be edited to no more than 50 words.

FOR SALE                                                                 SPECIALIZED TARMAC EXPERT 49CM
Yakima Rocket Box 16: 2 Road Cranks: Bottle Cages: FSA                   Great condition. This baby will climb ev'ry mountain and get
Carbon Stem, Road Saddles. Three 54 cm 10 speed bikes:                   you there and back in style. Dan Lipsher, 970-389-5702,
Eddy Merckx Titanium frame W/ Kestrel carbon forks:             06/10
Campy Chorus w/ FSA compact crank; Mavic wheels;
Winwood carbon bars : B/O over $1200.00. Carbon/Alum                     STUFF FOR SALE
compact frame; Full Campy Record; FSA carbon: stem, seat                 Hitch mount Bike Rack: Yakima Extreme Getaway, Holds 4
post, compact crank & bars; Mavic Wheelset: B/O over                     bikes W/ attachment, Keyed locks included, Fits 2” stan-
$1900.00. Call (303) 929-0312 07/10                                      dard trailer hitch: $200.00. Yakima Rocket Box 16: W/
                                                                         keyed locks: $190.00. Park Work Stand: Solid, tubular bike
COPPER MOUNTAIN CONDO                                                    holder: $90.00. Road Cranks: Shimano 105 double;
Discount for TE Members $75 / night.                                     Reasonable offers considered! (303) 929-0312 05/10
Details can be found on
unit number 135291. 06/10

Team Evergreen Board of Directors
President                                 Victoria Klinger      303-670-6523 (h)            
Vice President & Trailblazers President   Mark Spurgeon         303-601-9874 (h)            
Treasurer                                 Tom Carby             303-883-1898 (m)            
Secretary                                 Mac McShane           303-355-3581 (h)   303-757-5446 (w)
Road Bike Committee Chair                 George Rooney         303-670-1908 (h)   303-619-1908 (c)
Board Member & MTB Committee Co-Chair     Bob Campbell          303-526-3000 (w)            
Board Member & MTB Committee Co-Chair     Jerry Haynie          303-915-5395 (w)            
Board Member & MTB Committee Co-Chair     Paul Delia            303-219-1709 (h)            
Board Member                              Chris “Rocky” Davis   303-679-2749 (h)            
Board Member & Advocacy Director          Peter Morales         303-739-7038 (h)            
Board Member                              Chris Porter          303-888-9001 (c)            
Board Member                              Janet Saxon           303-507-5656 (c)   303-850-4776 (w)

Committee Heads
Triple Bypass Coordinator                 Jenny Anderson        303-473-1998 (w)            
Team Evergreen Racing Director            Brian France          303-954-0506                
Mountain Bike Committee Co-Chair          Craig Topp            303-552-8708 (h)            
Mountain Bike Committee Co-Chair          Helen Dohrman         303-448-1884 (h)            
Mountain Bike Committee Co-Chair          Ryan Feild                                        
Trail Advocacy                            Peter Morales         303-739-7038 (h)            
Road Advocacy                             Kelly Garrod                                      

Executive Director                        Dave Newcomer         303-579-4847 (w)            
Bike Beat Editor                          Tamra McIlvain        303-204-2232 (w)            
Team Evergreen Information                Dave Newcomer                                     
Team Evergreen Website                                                                      

          Team Evergreen Membership Application/Renewal (available online only)
             To join or renew your membership to Team Evergreen, visit us online at:

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