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1 800-708-7659
                                                      PARIS                            TOURISTINFORMATION:
                                                                                             08 92 68 31 12
Inquiries:                      LUXE                      127, av. des Champs-Elysées
Direct Line from Paris: 917-716-9360                  GUIDE           Mon-Sat 9am-8pm -

                                                           CELL PHONE RENTAL
  Lost key - A lost key will cost you $800 US as           They deliver the phone to you within one hour or two.
  we must change all locks if key is lost to insure your
  safety and the safety of future renters.                 - Euro Exaphone Email
                                                             01 44 09 77 78 - 39, rue Saint-Ferdinand -
  Windows - Please close all windows when you
                                                             Paris 17th . Metro : Porte-Maillot.
  leave the apartment.
                                                           - Rent a cell express
HOW TO USE TELEPHONE IN APARTMENT?                           01 53 93 78 00 - 14, rue Magellan - Paris 8th.
The phone in the apartment can make local calls, calls       Métro : Georges V.
in France and calls to a cell phone in France.
In order to make international calls you must use an
international calling card or buy a pre-paid phone card.   National and International Calls
                                                           LOCAL AND NATIONAL CALLS
CARD? Are available in most tabacs, post offices,             To call Paris from anywhere in France,
money exchanges and metro stations. Sold in                   dial 01 + 8 digit n°
denominations of approximately 7.5, 15 and 30 Euros.          To call other areas in France, dial the 2 digit
Each card has a PIN code that allows you to call from         area code 02, 03, 04 or 05 + 8 digit numbers
any phone line. Make sure you buy the card that has
the best rates for the specific country you are calling.      To call a cell from anywhere in France,
                                                              dial 06 + 8 digit numbers
To use the prepaid phone card the card will prompt
you in English ; just wait a second after the French       INFORMATION CALLS
greeting. For most pre-paid cards follow these
                                                              Local Operator dial 12
instructions :
                                                              International Operator dial 32 12
   Pick up receiver and listen for tone.
   Enter the phone number indicated on the                 INTERNATIONAL CALLS
   back of the card.                                       Dial 00 + country code + area code + the number
   Once you hear the recorded message, enter
   the card's PIN code and then pound.                        To call US from France dial 00 + 1 +…
   Dial the number, using any appropriate                     To call Canada from France dial 00 + 1 +…
   long distance codes.                                       To call Australia from France dial 00 + 61 +…
                                                              To call UK from France dial 00 + 44 +…
INTERNATIONAL CALLING CARDS                                   To call Italy from France dial 00 + 39 +…
On public phones and in the apartment,
just dial your calling card access number directly.
                                                           To call Paris from the US
   For ATT dial 0800-99-00-11                              dial 011 33 1 + 8 digit numbers
   For MCI dial 0800-99-00-19
   For Sprint dial 0800-99-00-87                           To call a cell phone in Paris from the US
                                                           dial 011 33 6 + 8 digit numbers
                             EMERGENCIES AND MEDICAL CARE
EMERGENCY NUMBERS                                          MEDICAL ASSISTANCE
           Fire dial 18                                    British nationals should carry an E11 form that will
           Police dial 17                                  refund up to 70% on any medical care they might
           Ambulance (SAMU) dial 15                        need in France.
           Emergency from a mobile dial 112                American Hospital : 63, blvd. Victor-Hugo -
           Operator dial 12                                92202 Neuilly-sur-Seine - ER 24/24: 01 47 47 70 15
                                                           consultations 01 46 41 27 27
NIGHT PHARMACIES                                           switchboard 01 46 41 25 25
                                                           SOS Anti-Poison : 01 40 05 48 48
Pay in CASH. No credit cards accepted.                     SOS Doctors : 01 47 07 77 77. 24 hours house calls.
                                                           The doctor will come to the apartment.
European Pharmacy of the Place-de-Clichy
6, Place de Clichy - Paris 18th. 01 48 74 65 18            SOS Pediatricians : 01 41 93 41 59.
Metro : Place-de-Clichy. Daily: 24 hours.                  Mon-Frid from 8pm. Sat 2pm-Mon 8am.

Pharmacy of the Champs-Elysées                             SOS Dentists : 87 boulevard du Port-Royal
84, avenue des Champs-Elysées. Paris 8th. 01 45 62 02 41   Paris 13th - Metro : Gobelins. 01 42 46 11 20
Metro : Franklin-Roosevelt. Daily : 24 hours.              For appointment the same day, call before 4pm.
                                                           For appointment in late evening until 12am,
LOST PROPERTY                                              call after 6pm.
Bureau des Objets trouvés- 36, rue des Morillons
Paris 15th - Metro : Convention.                            Attention :
08 21 00 25 25. English-speaking.                           SOS Doctors, SOS Pediatricians
Mon-Thu 8.30am-5pm. Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm.                 and SOS Dentists, prices from 45 to 92 €.

                                        FOREIGN EMBASSIES

                                                           American Embassy
                                                           2, avenue Gabriel - Paris 8th -
                                                           01 43 12 22 22 (American Nationals)
                                                           0810 26 46 46 (Visa Service)
                                                           Metro : Champs-Elysées
                                                           American Consulate
                                                           2, rue St. Florentin - Paris 1st
                                                           (Switch. 01 43 12 22 22)
                                                           Metro : Concorde

                                                           British Embassy
                                                           35, rue du fbg St Honoré - Paris 8th
                                                           01 44 51 31 00
                                                           Metro : Madeleine

                                                           Australian Embassy - 01 40 59 33 00
                                                           4, rue Jean Rey - Paris 15th - Metro : Bir-Hakeim

                                                           Italian Consulate - 01 44 30 47 00
                                                           5, blvd. Emile-Augier - Paris 16th - Metro : La Muette

                                                           Canadian Embassy - 01 44 43 29 00
                                                           35, av. Montaigne - Paris 8th -Metro : Alma-Marceau

                                                           New-Zealand Embassy - 01 45 01 43 43
                                                           7, rue Léonard-de-Vinci - Paris 16th -
                                                           Métro : Victor-Hugo
                                            MONEY AND BANK
Make sure you do not go to a place that charges a service fee when you are changing cash. It is very easy to take
money out of a machine with an ATM card. You get a good rate this way. There are machines all over the city.
However, there will be a fee if you change traveller's checks. Currency converter :

 In Montmartre - Dey - 1, rue Lepic. Paris 18th.            11, rue Scribe - Paris 9th. Metro : Opéra.
 Mon-Sat. 9am-8pm. At the very bottom of rue                0 800 90 08 88 English-speaking.
 Lepic, on the right when going down towards
 metro Blanche. It is just before the bakery on the         LOST OR STOLEN CREDIT CARDS
 corner.                                                    To declare a lost or stolen card, the following 24
                                                            hours. English-speaking.
  At the airports - Travelex. These are also
  found in shopping areas such as Avenue des
                                                            American Express 0800 90 86 00 or 0800 90 08 33
  Champs-Elysées and Avenue de l'Opéra.
                                                            Eurocard/Mastercard 0800 90 13 87
  Open daily 6.30am-11pm.
                                                            Visa 0800 91 56 13
  In Palais-Royal - Master Change.                          Diners Club 01 49 06 17 50
  4, av. de l'opéra. Paris 2nd. Open Daily : 9am-9pm.

                                            GETTING AROUND

The metro is the most convenient (and quickest) way to        TRAVEL PASS
get around the city. If you are in Paris for a week           Paris Visite is a pass to discover Paris and its region.
(starting Monday) buy a Carte Orange Semaine.                 The user's name must be written on the pass
You really only need Zone 1 & 2 as this gives you             (no photo necessary). Each coupon is valid for either
unlimited use of the metro system within Paris for the        a 1, 2, 3 or 5 day period (calendar days and not a 24
entire week, from Monday to Monday. It will cost              hour period) of your choice: 1-3, 1-5, 1-8 zones.
around 12.50 € for the week. This is probably one of the
best deals in Paris. Make sure you fill in your name,         With the Paris Visite pass travel freely within the
Carte D‚ Orange number and that you put a photo on            zone area of your choice. This pass offers a reduced
the ID card. Otherwise you risk a 28 € ticket! If you         rate for children between 4 and 11 years of age.
arrive mid-week, or are not planning on using the metro
extensively, buy a Tickets Carnet (ten tickets). This         This pass is on sale in all metros, RER and SNCF
will cost you about 9.45 €. Each ticket can be used once      stations, the Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports
by anyone. You can ride the bus with your metro pass.         and in certain Parisian hotels and many tour
The bus is a great way to see the city, and also very         operators abroad.
convenient. You can get a bus map at the metro station
where you buy your pass. For more information :
                                                               PARIS VISITE ADULT
08 36 68 41 14 (English-speaking).                                      Zones 1 day 2 days 3 days 5 days
                                                               1-3     8,35     13,70 18,25 26,65         euros
With the ticket "T", the client travels via :                  1-5     16,75 26,65 37,35 45,70            euros
   whole metro network                                         1-8     23,60 34,30 42,65 53,35            euros
   RER (RATP and SNCF) within Paris
   RATP buses in Paris its suburbs
   Optile network, which gathers together private bus          PARIS VISITE CHILDREN*
   companies in the greater suburbs area
                                                               Zones 1 day 2 days 3 days 5 days
   Montmartre Funiculaire with a ticket T "Metro,
   bus, Tram, RER-Paris". This allows you to take              1-3     4,55     6,85    9,15 13,70        euros
   a one-way trip (up or down).
                                                               1-5     8,35     12,95 18,25 22,85         euros
     TICKET T                                                  1-8     11,40 16,75 21,30 26,65            euros
     1 ticket                       1,40 euros
     Carnet of 10 tickets full fare 10,50   euros             *4-11 years old
The Paris Metro is a great way to get around.      DESTINATION            ROUTE
It is clean and safe and can quickly get you       Arc de Triomphe        Line M10 to LA MOTTE
anywhere you want to go – including the                                   PIQUET GRENELLE transfer
return trip to the apartment after a long day                             to Line M6 to CHARLES DE
of walking! The metro is pretty easy to figure                            GAULLE ETOILE
out, especially once you get familiar with how     Eiffel Tower           Line M10 to LA MOTTE
it works. For those guests who haven’t used                               PIQUET GRENELLE transfer
the metro in Paris before, here are a few quick                           to Line M8 to ECOLE
pointers to help you get started. There are 14                            MILITAIRE
lines in the metro system. Each line is            Montmartre/            Line M10 to SEVRES-
numbered and is named after its end points.        Sacre Coeur            BABYLONE transfer to Line
Every metro station does have a metro system                              M12 to ABBESSES
map on a wall near the ticket booth before         Galeries Lafayette     Line M10 to JUSSIEU (Dir.
you go through the turnstiles.                                            Gare d’Austerlitz) transfer to
                                                                          Line M7 to CHAUSSEE
If your destination station happens to be on                              D’ANTON LAFAYETTE
the same line as your starting station, all you    Les Invalides          Line M10 to DUROC
have to do is board the train on the track                                transfer to Line M13 to
headed in the right direction and get off at                              VARENNE
your destination station. For example, if you
                                                   L’Opera                Line M10 to JUSSIEU (Dir.
are going from MAUBERT-MUTUALITE to
                                                                          Gare d’Austerlitz) transfer to
SEVRES-BABYLONE, you follow the signs                                     Line M7 to OPERA
white signs to the track labeled “Direction
Boulogne” because Boulogne is the end of           Musee d’Orsay          Line M10 to SEVRES-
Line M10 headed in the direction of the                                   BABYLONE transfer to
                                                                          Line M12 to SOLFERINO
                                                   Bon Marche Dept.       Line M10 to SEVRES-
NOTE                                               Store                  BABYLONE
In every station the white signs will direct you
to the proper track. Direction Gare d’Austerlitz   The Louvre             Line M10 to JUSSIEU (Dir.
                                                                          Gare d’Austerlitz) transfer to
and for the other track are labeled Direction
                                                                          Line M7 to PALAIS-ROYAL
Boulogne. Those track signs also conveniently                             MUSEE DU LOUVRE
list the stations on the line headed in that
direction. (In our earlier example, the            St. Germain des        Line M10 to ODEON or
SEVRES-BABYLONE station would be listed            Pres                   MABILLON
on the sign “Direction Boulogne.” This serves
as a “double check” for to be sure you are
heading in the right direction.)

If you want to visit Sacre-Coeur and               When transferring from one line to another in a
Montmartre, you’ll see that the closest station    station, look for orange signs on the platform as
is ABBESSES on Line M12 Porte de Chappelle         you get off the train indicating the path to other
Mairie d’Issy. If you are starting at              lines and other directions. Some stations serve as
MAUBERT-MUTUALITE, you will see that               the junction of several lines and it can be a long
there is a connection between Line M10 and         walk to get to your desired line.
Line M12 at the SEVRES-BABYLONE station.
So you would take Line M10 to SEVRES-
BABLYONE (Direction Boulogne), transfer at
SEVRES-BABYLONE to Line M12 (Direction
Porte de la Chapelle) and get off at the
ABBESSES station.
Walking is one of the best ways to see and             For a leisurely stroll checkout these places:
experience Paris. We strongly recommend you
bring a good pair of walking shoes. Here are some         Jardin du Luxembourg
suggested “Must-Sees”                                     Evenings along the Seine
                                                          Antique shops and art around rue Jacob
Destination                                               and rue Bonaparte
  Ile St. Louis (4th)                                     Marais, around the Place des Vosges
  Latin Quarter (5th )                                    and rue des Francs Bourgeois
  Pantheon (5th)                                          Blvd St. Germain stop at Café de Flore
  Jardin du Luxembourg (6th)                              or Aux Deux Magots
  l’Odeon Neighborhood (6th)                              Rue du Cherche Midi and rue du Bac
  Pompidou Museum (3rd)                                   in the 6th and 7th arrondissements
  Eglise St. Germain-des-Pres (6th)                       Rue du Faubourg Ste. Honore
  Place des Vosges (Marais) (4th)                         and the Place Vendome
  The Louvre (1st)                                        Champs Elysees
  Bon Marche Dept. Store (6th)
                                                          Palais Royal
  Tuileries Gardens (1st)
  Musee d’Orsay (7th)                                     Tuileries Gardens
  L’Opera (9th)                                         The Latin Quarter
  Les Invalides (7th)                                   At one time in Paris’s history, the term “Latin Quarter”
  Galeries Lafayette Dept. Store (9th)                  referred to most of the Left Bank, especially around the
  Montmartre/Sacre Coeur (18th)                         Sorbonne Today, the “Latin Quarter” generally refers to
  Eiffel Tower (7th)                                    a popular tourist area that straddles the 5th and 6th
  Arc de Triomphe (8th)                                 arrondissements. The Latin Quarter area is bisected by
                                                        the boulevard St. Michel. This is a very busy thoroughfare
  Ile St. Louis                                         that runs south from the Seine at the Pont St. Michel and
  Only 6,000 Louisiens live in the most romantic        constitutes the border between the 5th and 6th
  quartier in Paris. Ile St. Louis is a preserved       arrondissements. The portion of the Latin Quarter across
  village that captures Parisian life centuries ago.    the boulevard St. Michel in the 6th is slightly, but not
  The main street is rue St. Louis en L’Ile which       much, less hectic. One of the classic Paris bistros called
  runs though the island starting at the end of the     “Allard” is on the rue Saint-Andre des Arts in the 6th
                                                        arrondissement portion of the Latin Quarter. There are
   pedestrian bridge and going right up to the far
                                                        a number of old-fashioned jazz and other music clubs in
  tip. Rue St. Louis en L’Ile is a quaint, somewhat
                                                        the Latin Quarter.
  touristy, street that has loads of shops for
  clothing, jewelry, antiques, art and other goods,
  including some fairly inexpensive jewelry stores      St. Germain-des-Pres
  that offer items that make great gifts to bring       St-Germain-des-Pres is a lovely and sophisticated area
  home to family. The friendly casual Brasserie         in the 6th arrondissement. It has a reputation for
  de l'Ile St-Louis, is a favorite serving good,        sophistication in fashion, antiques, and decor, as well as
  hearty Alsatian foods served all day long. Mon        being the home of intellectuals such as Sartre, Simone
  Vieil Ami also serves Alsatian food, it's elegant     de Beauvoir, Hemingway and Fitzgerald. The Jardin du
  and modernized and reservations are essential.        Luxembourg is a wonderful place to visit. The center of
  Les Fous de l'Isle, opened in June 2005,              St. Germain des Pres is the Eglise St. Germain des Pres
                                                        on the boulevard St.-Germain. Here are some places to
  offers traditional cooking, it’s a good value and
                                                        checkout in St.Germain des Pres:
  the plates are loaded with fresh vegetables.
  L'Escale is a busy old-time hangout rarely            - Jardin du Luxembourg
  frequented by tourists. Islanders proudly call        - Shopping along such streets as rue du Bac, rue
  Isami the best Japanese restaurant in Paris.            du Cherche-Midi, rue Tournon
  La Charlotte de l'Isle has been serving teas          - Visiting the Church of Saint-Sulpice of DaVinci
  and hot chocolates accompanied by homemade              Code fame
  cakes and tarts for over thirty years. Purchase       - Shopping at the Bon Marche department store
                                                        - People watching at Café Flore or Deux Magots
  delicious prepared take-away food and pastries
                                                        - Window shopping at the art galleries, antiques
  (try the mille feuille) from Gourmet Calixte;
                                                          shops in the Carre Rive Gauche. This is the
  wine from nearby Nicolas and cheese from La             designation used by a group of 100 or more
  Ferme Saint Aubin, one of Paris's premiere              independent shops located in a quadrant bounded
  cheese shops. Ile St. Louis is most famous for its      by rue du Bac, rue de l’Universite, rue de Lille and
   Berthillon ice cream. Many shops serve it, but         rue des Sts-Peres. There are also wonderful shops
  the main store is at 31, rue St. Louis en L’Ile.        along rue Bonaparte, rue Jacob, rue de Seine, rue
  The ice cream is good enough to justify the wait        de l’Abbaye and rue de Furstemberg
  in line that always extends outside the store.
MUSEUMS AND SITES CARD                                  TRAINS
A pass* for 1, 3 or 5 days, valid to visit 70 museums   Info and reservation for train tickets in France &
and monuments in Paris and the Ile de France            Europe : 08 36 35 35 35. No guarantee that they will
region. Free and priority access for permanent          speak English. Paris is served by six main-line rail
collections in the museums and monuments.               terminals.
Save time: no need to wait in line.
                                                          Station near Montmartre : Gare St.Lazare -
Unlimited number of visits during your stay.              Gare du Nord.
The museum and monument pass is on sale in the
                                                          Station near Palais-Royal : Gare Montparnasse
principal metro stations, in the Paris Convention
and Visitors Bureau, in the FNAC.
                                                        CAR RENTAL

                                                          Hertz 01 39 38 38 38 -
                                                          Europcar 08 25 35 23 52 -
  Roissy/Charles de Gaulle                                Avis 01 53 32 79 10 -
  Located 23 km North-East of Paris.                      Ada 01 40 25 34 49 -
  It has 2 terminals; the second is split into
  terminals 2A, 2B, 2C.                                 Department Stores
  Information: 01 48 62 22 80
                                                        Au Printemps -
  Orly                                                  64, blvd Haussmann. 01 42 82 50 00.
  Situated 14 km south of Paris.                        Metro: Opera; Havre-Caumartin.
  It has 2 terminals, Orly South is the international   Near the Galeries Lafayette and very similar to
   terminal, Orly West is the domestic terminal.        it. The 6th-floor Brasserie sits below a huge and
  Information: 01 49 75 15 15                           impressive stained glass dome. Nearby, Au
                                                        Printemps de l'Homme (31, rue Caumartin),
                                                        is all dedicated to men clothing.
    Airlines Companies
     Air France                0820 820 820
     American Airlines         0810 872 872             Virgin Megastore -
     British Airlines          0825 825 400             52/60 av. des Champs-Elysées. 01 49 53 00.
     Singapore Airlines        0821 230 380             Metro: Franklin-Roosevelt.
     Northwest Airlines        0890 710 710             Open every day from 10am to 12pm, it offers
     United Airlines           0800 301 301             one of the largest selection of books and CD,
     Alitalia Linee            0820 315 315             videos of the town.
                                                        Le Bon Marché -
                                                        24, rue de Sèvres. 01 44 39 80 00.
TAXI                                                    Metro: Sèvres-Babylone.
                                                        Designed by Gustave Eiffel, it is the oldest and
Many taxi stations are on the main streets.             the chicest department store in Paris. It provides
Vacant can be identified by a white light.              the best brands of men and women clothing.
An orange light means that they are busy.     
If you call taxi operators, they often ask for
                                                        Fnac -
your local phone number, have it ready !
                                                        136, rue de Rennes. 01 49 54 30 00.
                                                        Metro: Montparnasse.
Taxi operator
                                                        This great establishment branches throughout
01 41 27 66 99 or 66 (English-speaking)
                                                        Paris are completely devoted to books and music.
01 47 39 47 39 - 01 49 36 10 10
                                                        It also provides an excellent range of cameras
In general, you can only board a taxi at a               and computers along with a complimentary
marked taxi stand. “Hailing” a cab as you do            ticket booking service
in the U.S. is not permitted in Paris and most
                                                        Galeries Lafayette -
taxi drivers will not stop for you.
                                                        40, blvd. Haussmann. 01 42 82 34 56.
                                                        Metro: Opera; Havre-Caumartin.
                                                        With a glass dome which dates back to Bell
                                                        Epoque, the store is dedicated to fashion
                                                        showcasing excellent designers.

The best Organic Market in Paris                          Birds and Flowers Market
Open Sunday 9am-2apm -                                    Open daily 8am-7.30pm -
Blvd. Raspail, between rue du Cherche-Midi                Place Louis-Lepine.
and rue de Rennes.                                        Metro: Cité.
Metro: Sèvres-Babylone.                                   Vist Ille de la Cite next to Palais Justice and not
The most famous organic market with products              far from Notre Dame on Sundaywhen its bustling
straight from the farm. A large range of organic wines.   with vendors. Expect a large variety of flowers and
ines.                                                     on Sunday, it is turned intoa bird market. Nearby,
The most famous organic market with products              there are a number of pet shops.
Organic Market near Montmartre                            Puces of Saint-Ouen
Open Saturday, 9am-2pm -                                  Flea Antique Mart-
Blvd. des Batignolles, in the center divider strip.       Open Saturday- Monday, 7am-7:30pm
Metro: Rome or Place de Clichy.                           Metro: Porte de Clignancourt
A diverse collection of antibiotic free fruits and        This huge colorful market is located in St.Ouen,
vegetables showcase in this lively bohemian               town just northeof the 18th.

    Paris Luxe Recommends
                                                              Le Viaduc Café - 3, avenue Daumesnil
    Goumard Prunier - 9, rue Duphot - Paris 8th               Paris 12th - 01 44 74 70 70 Situated under a
    01 42 60 36 07 - Fabulous fish. Very expensive.           lovely arch among the galleries of avenue
                                                              Daumesnil, near Bastille. Very nice to brunch
    Gaia - 44, rue du Bac - Paris 7th - 01 45 44 73 73        or lunch. Opened daily from 9am to 2am, this
    Very good seafood. Good service and tasty desserts.       is a perfect place to stay late in.

    Les Elysées - Hotel Vernet - 5, rue Vernet.               Maison Prunier - 16, avenue Victor-Hugo
    Paris 8h 01 44 31 98 00/98                                Paris 16th - 01 44 17 35 85 Fabulous seafood with
                                                              impeccable service. English is spoken fluently.
    Astor Madeleine - 11, rue Astorg - Paris 8th              If you want to treat yourself to a real French
    1 53 05 05 20 - Approx $80/person for                     culinary experience, this is the place togo.
    appetizer, main course, wine, dessert & coffee.           Meals will average at least $100 per person.
    New restaurant under the supervision of Joel
    Robuchon. Food is fabulous and creative.                  Bouillon Racine - 3, rue Racine - Paris 6th
    Service is very good. They are extremely nice             01 44 32 15 62 - This magnificient Art Nouveau
    and helpful BUT a bit confused & bumbling.                restaurant in the Latin Quarter offer an
    This will enhance your experience and endear              excellent Belgium cuisine accompanied by
    them to you, along with their inherent kindness           one of a great selection of beers.
     that is often missing in the French service
    industry.                                                 Guy Savoy - 18, rue Troyon - Paris 8th
                                                              01 43 80 40 61 If you want to splurge, Guy
    Restaurant Laurent - 41, avenue Gabriel                   Savoy is worth it. The food and service are
    Paris 8th - 01 42 25 00 39 -            fabulous. The prices... high. Count on about
    Menu supervised by Joel Robuchon, Excellent food.         $150 per person for a full three course mean
    Elegant ambiance. Very expensive (but worth it!).         with wine and aperitifs.

    The Blue Elephant- 43, rue de la Roquette                 Bocconi - 10, rue d'Artois - Paris 8th
    Paris 11th - 01 47 00 42 00 Wonderful and                 01 53 76 44 44 - This trattoria serves a good
    authentic Thai cuisine.Beautiful ambiance and             Northern Italy food in a modern décor.
    impeccable serviceApprox. 40 € per person.                Great selection of Italian wines.

    Le Square Trousseau 1, rue Antoine-Vollon                 Paolo Pétrini - 6 rue du Débarcadère
    aris 12th - 01 43 43 06 00 Excellent French food          Paris 17th - 01 45 74 25 95 Very good Italian
    in a classic bistro ambiance.                             restaurant. Open lunch and dinner.
                                       RECREATION IN PARIS
TIME OUT                                                  PARIS INFORMATION WEBSITES
Buy the Paris guide "PARISCOPE", out every       
Wednesday, for 0.50 €. Lists all movies, plays,            Very detailed site. Highly recommended.
operas, dance, art shows and museums (with       
addresses and phone number).                               Tons of info on Paris.
TICKETS ON LINE                                            Tons of info on Paris including many cybercafes.
This is a site where you can buy tickets online in
English. Go to "quick search" OR "advanced search".        Paris Tourist Information official site.
Put in the dates and event you desire. Make sure you
put in the date the reverse of how we put it in the US.    Very extensive website related to tourism in Paris.
Ex: Sept. 21, 2001 (USA) = 21/9/01 (France) -             
                                                           Tickets on line.
                                                          FRANCE INFORMATION WEBSITE
English speaking private guides - 01 30 83 77 80
                                                           Information about France.

  ENGLISH BOOKSTORES                             
                                                           For the independent travelers
  WH Smith                                                 Aquitaine (South west):
  248, rue de Rivoli, Paris 1st - 01 44 77 88 99 
  Metro: Concorde Open Mon-Sat: 9am-7.30pm
  and Sunday: 1pm-7.30pm.                   Provence (South east):
  Brentano's                                               LNGID=eng
  37, avenue de l'Opéra - 2nd - 01 42 61 52 50             Normandy (West):
  Metro: Pyramides. Open daily except Sunday:    
  10 am-7.30pm
                                                           Mont Saint-Michel (West):
  San Francisco Book Co.
  17, rue Monsieur-le-Prince - Paris 6th Metro: Odeon      Burgundy (Central):
  01 43 29 15 70 Excellent selection of second hand
  books in English at reasonable prices. Open Mon-Sat:
  11am-9pm and Sunday: 2pm-7.30pm                         MAPS

                                                  Detailed road maps for people driving
MASSAGE                                                    into Paris, France and from most of Europe.
Olivier Wannebroucq
                                                  In French only for the moment!
15, rue des Tournelles, Paris                              Paris Metro : Maps of Metro, RER, Bus. Detailed
4th 06 60 17 05 36                street itineraries in Paris. Bus tours.
Wonderful traditional Indian massages of head, face,
feet, and body. By appointment only. Prices start at
55 euros, an additional 30 % for massages at home.
                                                           Train tickets in France/Europe.
                                                           Currency Exchange/Converter.
                                                           Travel Insurances.
                                                           Info on all flights in both airports.
             BUSINESS HOURS                                  NATIONAL HOLIDAYS
Banks are open weekdays but there is no strict       With 11 national holidays (jours fériés) and five
pattern to their hours of business. Some are even    weeks of paid vacation, the French have their
open on Saturdays. Generally, they're open from      share of repose. In May, there is a holiday nearly
9.30am to 4.30 or 5pm.                               every week, so be prepared for stores, banks, and
                                                     museums to shut their doors for days at a time.
Most Paris museums close one day a week -
usually Monday or Tuesday - and on national          Bastille day (July 14th) is observed in true French
holidays. Usually, they're open from 10am to 5 or    form. Celebrations begin in the evening on the
6pm. A few museums close for lunch (noon - 2)        13th and finish the next day with the annual
and are open Sundays only in the afternoon.          military parade down the Champs-Elysées and a
Many of the large museums have one nocturne          fireworks display, usually at Trocadero.
opening per week when they close at 9.30am or
10pm.                                                       January 1 (New Year's day)
                                                            March or April (Easter Monday)
Large shops are open from 9.30 or 10am to 6
                                                            May 1 (Labour Day) ;
or 7pm and don't close at lunchtime. Many of the
large department stores stay open till 10pm on              May 8 (VE day)
Wednesdays or Thursdays. Smaller shops and                  3rd Thursday of May (Ascension)
many supermarkets often open earlier (8am) but              July 14 (Bastille Day)
take a lengthy lunch break (1 to 3pm) ; small food          August 15 (Assumption)
shops are often open Sunday mornings. Some
corner grocery stores will stay open until about            November 1 (All Saints day) ;
10pm (except on Mondays when they close).                   November 11 (Armistice WW1)
Most shops close all day Sunday, except some                December 25 (Christmas)
around the Marais, Latin Quarter and the Ile de
la Cité.
                                                      BASIC FRENCH SURVIVAL PHRASES

                                                      Hello (good day) - Bonjour
 METRIC CONVERSIONS                                   Goodbye - Au revoir - Hello-goodbye - Salut
                                                      Yes/No - Oui/Non - Open/closed - Ouvert/Fermé
  1 inch               25.00 milimeters
                                                      A hotel - Un hotel -A restaurant - Un restaurant
  1 square yard        0.80 square meter              A grocery - Une épicerie A room - Une chambre
                                                      The Tourist info service - L'office du tourisme
  1 foot               0.30 meters                    The train station - La gare - A ticket - Un billet
  1 meter              39.40 inches                   Include -Inclus Cheaper - Moins cher
                                                      A little/A lot - Un peu/Beaucoup
  1 yard               0.90 meters                    Expensive - Cher Now - Maintenant
                                                      How much is it? - Combien ça coûte ?
  1 centimeter         0.40 inch                      Later - Plus tard Just a moment - Un instant
                                                      Today/Tomorrow - Aujourd'hui/Demain
  1 mile               1.60 kilometers
                                                      I'm sorry - Je suis désolé Please - S'il vous plait
  1 acre              0.40 hectare                    Thank you - Merci Men/Women - Homme/Femme
                                                      Where are the toilets? - Où sont les toilettes?
  32°F                0.00 °C
                                                      One - Un Two - Deux Three - Trois
  82°F                28.00 °C                        Four - Quatre Five - Cinq Six - Six
                                                      Seven - Sept Eight - Huit Nine - Neuf Ten -Dix
  1 ounce             28.00 grams                     Monday - Lundi Tuesday - Mardi
  1 Kilogram          2.20 pounds
                                                      Wednesday - Mercredi Thursday - Jeudi
                      0.95 liter                      Friday - Vendredi Saturday - Samedi
  1 quart
                                                      Sunday - Dimanche

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