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Tony Clifford


									Tony Clifford
District Governor 202H
2005 - 2006
               March 2006

  “The Amazing Strength of Ordinary
      People Working Together”
                         The International Association of Lions Clubs
                              District 202H, New Zealand
              District Governor 2005-2006
                                Tony Clifford
                              Home Club: Levin Waiopehu

                                District 202H Cabinet 2005-2006
District Governor                   Region Chairmen                    Zone 3
Tony Clifford (Helen)                                                  Beth Newbold
                                  Region 1 (Zones 1 & 2)               Tel Res/Bus: (04) 476 8322
Tel Res: (06) 368 6724            Warren Biddington (Patricia Kelly)   E-mail:
Mobile: 021 448 546               Tel Res: (04) 904 6824
                                  E-mail:                              Club:    Karori
Club:    Levin Waiopehu 
                                  Club:    Kapiti                      Zone 4
Cabinet Secretary                                                      Robyn Daniels (Ken)
Graham Atkinson                   Region 2 (Zones 3 & 4)               Tel Res: (04) 971 6505
Tel Res: (04) 386 3115            Helen Martin                         E-mail:
Mobile: 027 622 3079              Tel Res: (04) 381 4690               Club:    Wellington Host
E-mal: Tel Bus: (04) 474 0745
Club:    Wellington Host          Mobile: 025 359 518                  Zone 5
                                   Geoff Armstrong (Lynne)
Cabinet Treasurer                 Club:    Capital City                Tel Res: (04) 567 2165
Don Maclean (Tina)                                                     E-mail:
Tel Res: (06) 363 7878            Region 3 (Zones 5 & 6)     
                                  Graeme Seymour (Lorraine)            Club:    Lower Hutt Epuni
Tel Bus: (04) 232 1624
                                  Tel Res: (04) 973 6579
Mobile: 027 441 2734
E-mail:    E-mail: Zone 6
                                  Club:    Riddiford                   Diane Adams (Roy)
Club:    Levin Waiopehu
                                                                       Tel Res: (04) 526 6569
Vice District Governor            Zone Chairmen                        E-mail:
Gary Benton (Debbie)                                                   Club:    Rimutaka
                                  Zone 1
Tel Res: (04) 902 4940            Warren Biddington (Patricia Kelly)
Tel Bus: (04) 298 6746            Tel Res: (04) 904 6824
Fax Bus: (04) 298 7687            E-mail:
Mobile: 027 425 1440    
E-mail:   Club:    Kapiti
Club:    Kapiti
                                  Zone 2                             Please
                                  Ian Lewis (Annette)                Note!
                                  Tel Res: (04) 232 0270
                                  Tel Bus: (04) 477 7139
LIONS WEB SITES:                  E-mail:
                                  Club:    Tawa
District 202H

New Zealand Lions
                                           Copy deadline for the April 2006 issue
Lions International HQ                          is Saturday 25 March 2006.
                                           Please have your contributions to the
Lionnet                                 District Editor by this date.

 ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006
                     District 202H Cabinet Committees 2005-2006

Committee Chairmen                 District Bulletin                      Lions Eye Institute
                                   Glennys Rowland (Vic)                  Helen Martin
IPDG LCIF & Orientation            Tel Res: (04) 478 9326                 Tel Res: (04) 381 4690
IPDG Peter Row (Josephine)         Fax Res: (04) 477 4195                 Mobile: 027 535 9518
Tel Res: (04) 977 8192             E-mail: g&         E-mail:
Fax:      (04) 977 8185            Club:     Johnsonville                 Club:    Capital City
Mobile: 027 544 1918
E-mail: Information Technology                   Youth Exchange
Club:     Lower Hutt (Host)      Tom Lumb (Anne)                          Jan Reid
                                 Tel Res/Fax: (04) 934 3372               Tel Res: (04) 902 1106
Legal & Safety                   E-mail:          E-mail:
Alan Knowsley (Linda)            Club:      Karori                        Club:    Parawai
Tel Res: (04) 386 1990
Tel Bus: (04) 473 6850           Camp Quality                             Youth Peace Poster
Fax:      (04) 386 3990          Tony Clifford (Helen)                    Joe Cameron (Mike)
Mobile: 027 445 4259             Tel Res: (06) 368 6724                   Tel Res: (04) 477 9693
E-mail:     Mobile: 021 448 546                      Tel Bus: (04) 478 9868
Club:     Eastern Suburbs        E-mail:            Fax:     (04) 478 9872
                                 Club:      Levin Waiopehu                E-mail:
MERL                                                                      Club:    Karori
PDG Norm Griffin (Margaret)      LMLCCT Trustee
                                 PDG Alice McDonald                       Young Speechmaker
Tel Res: (04) 526 9421                                                    Angela Ambler (Rex)
Club:     Rimutaka               Tel Res/Fax: (04) 476 8747
                                 Mobile: 021 347 360                      Tel Res: (04) 235 9551
Membership                       E-mail:               Tel Bus: (04) 237 2207
PDG Alice McDonald               Club:      Karori                        Fax:     (04) 235 9557
Tel Res/Fax: (04) 476 8747                                                Mobile: 027 280 2391
Mobile: 021 347 360              Skills for Living                        E-mail:
E-mail:       Mary Snook                               Club:    Whitby
Club:     Karori                 Tel Res: (04) 938 9088
                                                                          Outside Cabinet
Rosemary Cook (Stephen)          Club:      Karori                        Fundraising
Tel Res: (04) 972 2036           Assisted by TrevorAnders                 PDG Ray Lindsay (Trish Gibson)
Mobile: 027 451 7868             Tel Res: (04) 476 7341                   Tel Res: (04) 232 9573
E-mail:                          Tel Bus: (04) 473 7551                   Tels Bus:(04) 496 1705 E-mail:               E-mail:
Club:     Johnsonville           Club:      Karori                        Club:    Tawa
Leadership                         Sight                                  District Convention
Stephen Cook (Rosemary)            PDG Ian    Brown (Elizabeth)           John Vallely
Tel Res: (04) 972 2036             Tel Res:   (04) 905 5444               Tel Res: (04) 569 8406
Mobile: 025 647 1747               Fax:       (04) 905 5445               Tel Bus: (04) 576 0141
E-mail:                            Mobile:    021 102 0504                E-mail:   E-mail:     Club:     Johnsonville
Club:     Johnsonville             Club:      Kapiti
                                                                          District Activities
Retention                          Diabetes                               Lillian Deverill (Brian)
Beth Newbold                       Graeme Seymour (Lorraine)              Tel Res: (04) 478 5754
Tel Res/Bus: (04) 476 8322         Tel Res: (04) 973 6579                 E-mail:
E-mail:                            E-mail:      Club:    Riddiford                     Club:     Johnsonville
Club:    Karori
Guiding Lion                       Malcolm Rotherham (Glenice)
Gary Benton (Debbie)               Tel Res: (04) 233 8227                  District Editor:
Tel Res: (04) 902 4940             Club:    Mana                           Glennys Rowland (V ic)
Tel Bus: (04) 298 6746
Fax Bus::(04) 2987687
                                                                           Tel Res: (04) 478 9326
Mobile: 027 425 1440                                                       Fax Res: (04) 477 4195
E-mail:                                            E-mail:
Club:    Kapiti                                                            g&
                                                                           Club:    Johnsonville

                                                         ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006
                                IN THIS ISSUE
  1    Contents.
  2    District Governor Tony C lifford Reports
  3    VDG Gary Benton Reports – From the “Coast with the Most”
       Directory Update – Please amend your records and MD 202 Directory
  4    District 20 2H T OP Convention – Message from Johnsonville President Carol Hewitt
  5    District 20 2H Convention – Notice from Cabinet Secretary Graham Atkinson
  6    International President Ashok Mehta’s Monthly Message – The Passion to Promote
  7    Seminar for Po tential Vice District Governors and District Governors
  8    Diary Dates – District 202H Calendar of Events, March 2006 to June 2006
  9    Editorial
       District A lmoner Malcolm Rotherham
 10    Lions Eye Institute New Zealand – Update from Project Convenor Helen Martin
 11    Noticeboard: Tinakori and Mana Lions Clubs
 12    Rosemary Cook, candidate for Vice Distr ict Governor
 13    Multiple D istrict Vacancy – Member Executive Management Committee
 14    Registration as an Incorporated Society – District Treasurer Don Maclean reports
 15    Facts – a question of in terpretation!?
 16    Fundraising and Sponsorship Planning – District Advisor PDG Ray Lindsay reports
 17   Orientatio n Session Hosted by Lions Club o f Kapiti – Region 1/Zone 1 Chairman reports
 18    Campaign SightFirst II Makes Great Progress – PIP Dr. Tae Sup Lee reports
 19    Campaign SightFirst II – New Zealand Lions are changing the World
 20    202H Happenings – Projects and events around the clubs.
 21    Parawai Lions Recipe Book – $10.00 per copy – proceeds to Lions Eye Institute NZ
 22    News from other D istricts – Extracts from December 2005 and January 2006 bulletins.
 26    Exciting New Project – Lions Club of Kapiti – Region 1/Zone 1 Chairman reports
 27    Lions Club o f Pencarrow “An Evening with Nor m Hewitt”
 28    Relay for Life – Frank Kitts Park 25-26 March 2006
 29    Peace Poster Project – Youth Chairman Jo Cameron reports
 30    Lions Worldwide Induction Day – 29 April 2006
 31    International You th Camp 2005-2006
 32    Lion Keith M itchell’s 90th Birthday Party Line – Zone 4 Chairman Robyn Daniels reports
 34    Legal Line – How employers can ensure they suffer severe workplace stress and financial hardship
 36    A tribute to Lion Joe and Shir ley Cochrane
 38    Newsletter from PDG Baden and Rosmund in the UK
 39    A Golden Shears Country Feeling for MD Convention
       Great exercise for seniors
 40    Tail End

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                                   1
District Governor Tony Reports
One of the most important events of our Distr ict is just about to
take place. Convention 2006 is being held at Johnsonville. The
registration for ms should now be back. The hard work has
been done by Johnsonville Lions. We should be prepared to
enjoy ourselves. The Redistricting Remits w ill be pu t to the vote
on Saturday and it is impor tant that we all understand what we
are voting for. Any questions p lease ring me before convention.
It is a very important event for our Lions o f 202H .
Speaking of hard work there was a very special event recently in Paraparaumu. It was
the celebration of Lion Keith M itchell’s 90th Birthday. I was not able to be there for this
special event but to have a person of Keith ’s ability in our midst is a b ig honour . He is a
very special person and Lion. A Lion o f 48 years. A charter member of Wellington (Host)
Club and a founder of Lions Clubs in New Zealand. Congratulations from us all.
Our Multip le District Co nvention th is year is very close to home in Masterton. I wou ld
like to encourage as many of you as possible to attend. It won’t be so close again for
years. See you there!
The Senior Leadership Institute is being held very soon in May on the Gold Coast o f
Australia from 17 - 21 May 2006. I know of a number who have put their names
forward and I am very excited with these Lions willing to attend th is Institu te. The
applications have now closed, but when the selection has been made by International
we must give as much support as possible because these institutes are a lot of hard
At the present time Helen and I are attending the conventions of my fellow Distr ict
Governors. We went to Cambridge to 202C ’s convention. We had the p leasure of
meeting with the Lions of that District. It felt like that we were at home amongst so
many fellow Lions. It was good to talk to them and realise that the projects and
problems are just the same as ours.
I went to our Zone meeting which my Club hosted. It was such a good meeting in that
there was some good debating on projects. I just sat and enjoyed. Everybody had their
say with good reply’s and a good resolution. It is something we don’t see much of these
days. It was a well attended meeting showing that our Zone is alive and well.
The one thing that I keep talking on is our membership. We need to increase our
numbers. When I look at the month ly reports it is w ith some d ismay. I know that people
leave for various reasons but we need to find more incentives to keep our people. We
just cannot have then departing. P lease ASK someone to join .
Orientatio n. A meeting was held in Paraparaumu just recently where the evening was
devoted to orientation . By all accounts it was an excellent evening. PDG Peter Row is
prepared to give more of these evenings. Just ask him and I am sure that he will be
willing. It is no t purely for new members but for everyone.
In the near future there is to be a training day on the various positions in a Lions Club.
Everyone is welcome to attend whether you are to be an office holder or are thinking o f
perhaps standing for a position in the future and just want to see what is involved. The

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                         2
dates will be published in ManeLine as well as letters to your C lub. I wou ld recommend
this day. So keep a watch out for the date and details in the near future.
Looking forward to seeing you at Johnsonville on the 11th March for T OP Convention .


VDG Gary Benton reports from the
“Coast with the Most”
Quote from incoming In ternational President Jimmy M Ross:
 “Yes, working together we will try to bu ild up and strengthen
Lions clubs and districts throughout the world upon wh ich our
predecessor governors have accomplished so that we can
handover the clubs and distr icts to our successor governors in a
little more favourable condition to conduct better and more
humanitarian services. The Association counts on us”.
One of Jimmy Ross’s goals is to bring our d istrict ou t o f transition dur ing my term as
your district governor. We are well on the way to achieving this goal alth ough not
through a massive increase in membership bu t rather through the merging of two
Incoming International President Jimmy Ross has a philosophy in life. That is with
determination and persistence we can accomplish far more than we th ink we can. To
this I agree and I have accepted the obligation and desire to respond to the trust and
confidence Lions of District 202H have placed before me to serve as part of the
international officers of the association in 2006 /2007.
I am looking forward to the Johnsonville T OP Convention and meeting up with you all.

Gary Benton

 Directory Update
 Legal & Safety Chairman Alan Knowsley – page 80.
 Address is 79 Hamilton Road not 19
 (This correction was advised earlier in the August 2005
 ManeLine – you have corrected your Directory haven’t
 Mobile is 0274 454 259
 Please amend your Directory.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                     3
District 202H
TOP Convention
Thinking...Of ……..People
Saturday 11 March 2006
For months now we have been:
      Thinking about it
      Talking about it
      and now…
      we are ready to
      Do it!
               To experience a TOP convention ― Thinking Of People
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the delegates and participants who
are planning to attend th is year’s convention. If you haven’t got your registration in, then
ACT now, to be a part of this excellent event. The Saturday night’s entertainment is truly
world class and you will no t want to miss this.
If you haven’t got your registration in – ACT T ODAY!

Carol Hewitt
President, Lions Club of Johnsonville

            JOHNSONVILLE                                 Convention Venues
            CENTRE                                       Business Programme:
                                                         Johnsonville Co mmun ity Centre
                                                         corner Moorefield Road and
                                                         Frankmoore Avenue

                 W ELLESLEY
                 CLUB                                    Convention Dinner:
                                                         The Wellesley Club
                                                         2-8 Maginnity Street
                                                         Wellington City

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                        4
 To All Clubs in District 202H

 District Convention 11 March 2006
 Convention Remits
 Further to the notice in the January - February 2006 ManeLine, copies of the
 remits that have been submitted for the District Conv ention together with the
 explanatory notes have been sent to all Clubs and Cabinet Officers.

 Remit 1.
 From the Multiple District Council and endorsed by the District Cabinet
 That this district approves the redistricting proposal to voluntarily merge
    districts 202B and 202H

 Remit 2.
 From the Multiple District Council and endorsed by the District Cabinet
 That this district approves the redistricting proposal to voluntarily merge
    districts 202A and 202G

 Remit 3.
 From the Multiple District Council and endorsed by the District Cabinet
 That this district approves the redistricting proposal to voluntarily merge
    districts 202I and 202C

 I hav e received a v alid nomination of Lion Rosemary Cook f or the position of Vice
 District Gov ernor f or 2006-07.

 Procedure for Delegate Accreditation:
 The List of Club Delegate Entitlement will be av ailable at the Registration Desk
   at the Convention Centre.
 Club Delegates must register and will be required to indiv idually sign the
   Delegates Register.
 Only the Delegate to whom it has been registered may use voting material. It is
   NOT transferable.
 Registration will close at 11.00am sharp on Saturday 11 March 2006.
 Instructions on Voting will be given by the District Governor.

 Club Awards
 Any Club or individual still holding a District Trophy is requested to return these
 immediately to the District Conv ention Chairman.

 Graham C Atkinson
 District Secretary

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                     5
Monthly Message from International President
Ashok Mehta

The Passion to Promote
If our clubs are to receive the generous public support they
need and deserve to carry out their proj ects and raise funds
with optimum success, they must have a steadfast passion to
promote. This requires building a strong working relationship
with the news media in order to keep their communities informed of the services they
provide and of their plans for future activities targeted to answering local needs.
Indeed, your commitment to promoting the full range of your involvement will prove
decisive in determining how far you will move forward in giving further substance to
our 2005-2006 International programme theme, “Passion to Excel.”
Does your club supply free eye exams and, if needed, eyeglasses to people in need,
sponsor a Peace Poster Contest at a local school or conduct a public health
screening? If you do, or if you participate in other community service activities, they
should be reported to the media. Do you have a member who is handy with a
camera? Quality photos enhance any articl e and increase the chances of getting
published. An even more effective way to spread the word of your success ful
activities is to invite members of the press to your functions. Have information
prepared not only about the project being conducted but also an overview of your
club’s history and details about the objectives of the association and this year’s
international programme.
The public needs to understand our compelling passion for community service, our
pledge to come to the assistance of people in need whenever possible. This was
witnessed by the response of Lions to two recent tragedi es—the tsunami that
devastated huge areas of south Asia and Hurricane Katrina. If we are to substantiate
our commitment to the ideals of “ We Serve,” our story simply must be told. This
isn’t bragging; it isn’t patting ourselves on the back; it is ensuring that everyone is
aware of our accomplishments and consequently eager to support our service and
fundraising initiatives. Our passion to promote is not to reap glory or accolades, but
rather to be in a position to garner that support which will enable us to give still
further of our time and energy in answering community and human needs.
Although it is important that residents of your community know of the work your
club performs locally, it is equally vital that they recognise that ours is an
international association, that on the average Lions annually donate in excess of $741
million to charitable causes and provide more than 70 million hours in voluntary
service to their communities. How often have you heard it said that the Lions club is
the best-kept secret in town? Too often, I am sure. This needs to be reversed and, I
assure you, there is no better way to improve our image and increase public
awareness of our accomplishments and goals than through newspapers, television,
radio and even paid advertising. There is only one way this image can be illuminated

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                  6
and that is for the Lions themselves to take the responsibility of
getting out the word about their achievements and their unbounded
Passion to Excel in all their endeavours.
I also urge Lions to take full advantage of modern technology in
promoting their activities. I’m talking specifically of the Internet
becaus e the number of people receiving their news from this medium increases with
each passing year. Lions need to explore and utilize the opportunities that are
available online. Does you club or district have a Web site? These are tremendous
opportunities for communication to reach both international and external audiences.
Taking this promotion a step further, increasing public awareness of your community
involvement is also an excellent way to recruit new members.
Lions, the Passion to Promote must be a priority item on your club’s agenda. It is a
continuing challenge, one that is certain to play a crucial role in the degree of success
you will experience in forti fying your central role in the community’s voluntary

Ashok Mehta

Downl oaded 16 Februar y 2006 from www.lionscl

               Seminar for Prospective Vice District
               Governors and District Governors
 Notice from Chief Executive Officer PDG Ron Law rence
 A seminar will be held in Masterton f or those Lions
 who are considering the position of Vice District
 Gov ernor and District Governor in the f uture.

 Any Lions seeking advice are invited to this seminar.
 It is available to those Lions who will be attending MD
 conv ention in Masterton.

 Date: Friday 21 April 2006

 Time: 3.00 to 4.00pm

 Facilitators: PDG's Jacquey and Murray Neilson

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                    7
                                   — district 202h events calendar
To ALL Club Presidents and Secretaries.
Please let me know of your for thcoming events as soon as
possible to avoid clashes with o thers in your zone/region.

Lillian Deverill
District Activities Co-ordinator
E-mail: bdev erill.labailey

March 2006
    1      Clubs & Societi es Day, (Look out for the new Campus Club’s information table at
           registration during March)
    7      Pencarro wLions “Evening with Norm H ewitt. See page 27
    11     District 202H TOP Convention. See page 4
  25-26    Relay for Life - Fran k Kitts Park. See page 28

April 2006
    21     Seminar for Prosp ective Vice District Governors and District Governors
           Masterton before MD Convention. See page 7
  21-23    Multiple District 202 Convention, Masterton. See page 39
    27     Kapiti Lions Kapiti Sportsper son of the Year Awards
           Paraparaumu Golf Club. See page 26
    29     Lions W orldwide Indu ction Day. See page 30
  29-30    Johns onville School Skills for Li ving Works hop

May 2006
    20     District 202H Cabinet Meeting

June 2006
  26-29    District Governor’s El ect Semi nar, Boston, Massac hus etts
30-4 July International Convention, Boston, Massachusetts

 District 202H TOP Convention
 11 March 2006
 An important day for District 202H!
 Be there to have your say and vote on the merging of our
 District with 202 B and o ther issues. See pages 4 and 5 of th is
 ManeLine for further infor mation .

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                       8
Hi, h ow are you all – hasn’t the weather been wonderful.
Last month Vic and I were very busy with various activities
including the Petone Fair and the Karori Karnival and o f course
fare-welling the round the world boats. With all the events
going on in Wellington Harry and Potter may have thought
they had been abandoned.
Vic and I attended Lio n Keith M itchell’s n inetieth Bir thday party. It was a wonderfu l
occasion. Among the distinguished guests were International Director Cliff Heywood,
Past International Director Pat Ryan and Keith M itchell’s n iece. Keith M itchell is a
wonderful man who doesn’t pu t th ings in the too hard basket. Keith came to the dinner
in the company of a number o f wonderful ladies from the Sevenoaks Retirement Village
were he lives (he called them his harem!). The ladies really enjoyed themselves and
were still having fu n when we left. There is a report on the party on page 32.
             The Karori Lions Karnival was one of the events Vic and I attended. It was
             one of the best. The lovely fine weather brought every one out to enjoy
             themselves. The food stalls d id a roaring trade, particularly the Karori Lions
             Caravan which ran out of sausages and had to send for more. There were
             lots of in teresting stalls and games to test your skill (and luck!). I even
             brought myself a little African do ll as a memento – see photo .
             It is countdown time to the distr icts TOP Convention on 11 March 2006.
             See pages 4 and 5 . If you have not sent in your registration form please do
             so now. President Carol Hewitt, Convention Chair man John Vallely and all
             the members of the convention team and Johnsonville club are looking
             forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the T OP Convention .
My thought for the month comes from Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962, First Lady of the
United States of America:
                        Friendship with oneself is all- impor tant
                       because without it one cannot be fr iends
                             with anyone else in the world .

Glennys Rowland
District Editor

        District Almoner Malcolm Rotherham
  Clubs are reminded to inform District Almoner Malcolm of any accident, illness
    or bereavement involving members so that he can do his job on our behalf.

                 Malcolm can be contacted at Tel Res: (04) 233 8227

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                      9
                                                                     PO Box 6592

Raising Funds
Late last year information packs about the Lions Eye Institute New Zealand were
sent to most clubs challenging them to consider raising funds towards the $5 million
needed to launch the Lions Eye Institute New Zealand. The information suggested
that if each club raised $5,000, the project would be well on its way with almost half
the funds required being raised by Lions clubs and the rest being raised through
businesses, corporates, trusts etc. Every little bit towards this target helps and it is
fantastic to see that a number of clubs throughout New Zealand have already taken
up the challenge!
The information pack proposed that clubs may consider five fund raising projects to
raise funds for the project. Some ideas were presented on a “ Five for Five” flyer and
a number of clubs who have had their own success ful fundraising ideas were invited
to share those ideas with other clubs.
We appreciate all the support and help that clubs can give to achieve the aim of
building New Zealand’s own Lions Eye Institute. We need your continued support to
make this happen. As Thomas Edison once said: “opportunity is missed by most
people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”
If you or your club can help or i f you would like more information about the project,
please do not hesitate to contact me.
Please remember that all clubs that participate in fundraising are eligible for the
Leadership Entrepreneurship and Innovation award (LEI award). The LEI award is
the first of its kind for New Zealand and is for sight related projects. Please contact
Lions HQ for det ails of how you or your club can enter to win the unique, innovative
and magnificent trophy.

Treatment and Research
When established, the Lions Eye Institute New Zealand will provide infrastructure
needed to enable New Zeal and’s own world-class surgeons, res earchers and eye care
professionals to be at the forefront of preventing and treating eye diseases. The Lions
Eye Institute New Zealand will attract more world experts to help New Zealand
achieve success in preventing blindness. As with the Perth Lions Eye Institute (the
success ful model that is the guiding basis for the Lions Eye Institute in New
Zealand), it is envisaged that all New Zealanders will have access to the Lions Eye
Institute New Zealand.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                 10
Representatives from the Lions Eye Institute project steering group are attending the
202C and 202I conventions, where a display will be set up providing information to
conventioneers. An invitation has also been extended for an information display at
202D’s convention in Waitara. You will also find us at 202H’s convention and at the
MD202 convention in Masterton. A special function has been arranged to host
incoming DGs at the Masterton convention. We look forward to seeing you there.

Your Suggestions
If you require any further information or have any feedback, we would love to hear
from you. Opportunities often come out of the blue and this project can make a
difference to the lives of many New Zeal anders. How wonderful that the Lions have
been invited to participate in this fundraiser and that we have the opportunity to help
so many New Zealanders see again.

Helen Martin
Project Convenor Fund Raising
Tel:     0274 359 518

  Tinakori Lions: Lion Raymond Burrell – Order of Merit
  Tinakori’s most senior Lion Member, Raymond William Burrell was awarded an Order of
  Merit in the last New Years Honours List for services to the Federated Mountain Clubs.
  We are extremely proud of him and it was with obvious pleasure that Ray accepted our
  congratulations when our P resident Ross proposed a toast to him at our first meeting in
  February. Well done Ray.

  Mana Lions: Lion Lyndon Roberts – Valedictory
  The Lions Club of Mana regret to record the passing of Lyn who passed away suddenly
  on the 20th January 2006. Lyn was a charter member o f the Tawa Lions Club, transferring
  to Mana in 1976, and was Mana’s P resident in 1989/90. A dedicated Lion, Lyn was for
  years a director and editor of the clubs bulletin. Lyn was always ready to tell a joke and in
  the latter years always finished the club’ s meetings with a story or two. For the last five
  years or so Lyn was the Club Almoner. His funeral was huge with most of the Mana Club
  and other members of the Lions family attending. He was also a member of P robus. Lyn
  before retiring was with NAC and later Air NZ holding important positions with them.
  Many of his former colleagues were there to say goodbye. Lyn is survived by his loving
  wife Billie and his family. He will be missed by all.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                          11
Rosemary Cook, candidate for
Vice District Governor 2006-2007
I am the youngest of four daughters, born in Central
O tago and moved to L ower Hutt at a young age. We
moved to Wellington in 1960 and I had my
secondary education there. Later I went nursing,
and s ubsequently qualified as a midwife. M ost of my
working career has been as a midwife.
In 1990 I had a change of direc tion and left D elivery midwifery work to
work as a practice nurse in a busy medical c entre, and also as a post natal
domiciliary midwife. I now work part time at Bowen Hospital as a nurse
My hus band of 34 years , Stephen, is an Internal Audit Manager, a
dedicated L ion. H e has had many years on the District Cabinet, as Zone
Chairman, L ong Range P lanning Chairman, and latterly as the Leaders hip
Chairman. We have two great daughters – Hannah who is a Plunket nurse,
and E mily who is an air traffic controller. We have one delightful grandson
– Jos hua. T hey are all supportive and enc ouraging of my standing for VDG .
I have many years experience on P lunket, kindergarten and sc hool
committees and I was the local Commissioner for Girl G uides for s ome
years .
I joined Lions in 1997 and have held mos t Club officer positions – except
treas urer! I have been on Cabinet as Youth Exchange Chairman, Regional
Chairman and c urrently as Extension C hairman.
I received an I nternational P res ident Certificate of A pprec iation, attended
the Lions L eadership I nstitute and am a Certified G uiding Lion.
I am really looking forward to the next year as we Progress Positively

Rosemary Cook

 District 202H TOP Convention
 11 March 2006
 Thinking of People
 If you have not already registered please act NOW.
 See pages 4 and 5 of th is ManeLine for fur ther in formation.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                         12
             Multiple District Vacancy
    Member – Executive Management Committee
 Membership of this committee is the Council Chairman, Chief Executiv e Officer
 and Multiple District Treasurer of the day, and three members appointed by
 Council, one of whom will be appointed chairman.
 Members may be re-appointed for one further three y ear term and then retire.
 Present incumbent is eligible f or reappointment.
 To maintain the system of rotation, applications are inv ited f rom Lions to f ill a
 term of appointment of three years beginning 1 July 2006.
 The EMC meets monthly by teleconf erence call, three times a year in person and
 attends three Council meetings a y ear.
 The successful applicant will possess experience in business management and a
 desire to provide the best possible advice to the Chief Executiv e Officer and
 Applicants are inv ited to provide their reasons for seeking the position and a
 concise CV of no more than three pages outlining the attributes that they would
 bring to the position.
 Applications should include the f ollowing:
      Personal details
      Key strengths
      Suitability f or position
      Achiev ements and skills
      Employ ment/occupational history
      Lions inv olvement
      Other interests
      Ref erees/ref erences

 Applications should be sent to:
                         Chief Executiv e Officer
                         PO Box 6442, Wellington
 by Friday 7 April 2006.

         Appointment will be made by Council-elect at its meeting in April.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                13
Registration as an Incorporated Society
District Treasurer Don Maclean reports

Welcome to: Voluntary Organisation Register
Last year the Companies Office launched a new website for incorporated societies
and charitable trusts. This website has been launched so that we can improv e service
deliv ery to organisations operating in the v oluntary sector. The new website will
enable us to implement online document registration services, and ensure we can
better target inf ormation and resources to incorporated societies and charitable trusts.
If y ou hav e any questions about the website, please contact us on free phone 0508
SOCIETIES (0508 762 438).

Online document registration for incorporated societies
Incorporated societies will be able to meet many of the filing requirements under the
Incorporated Societies Act 1908 online. This includes:
Updating address details
Filing annual financial statements
In addition to this, societies will be able to prov ide us with additional inf ormation such
as the names of officers, website address, phone number and a brief description of
the society's purpose. There is no fee f iling documents online, howev er you will need
the society's registry key.
District Treasurer Don’s observations
It is important for Lions Clubs to be incorporated so that officers limit their personal
liability in any Club activity. It will also facilitate registration as a charitable
organisation from 1 July 2006 (a necessity to av oid income tax liability). I have shown
below current details f or each club contained in the Societies website. As y ou can see
there are a number of clubs either not registered, or struck off because 2004 accounts
hav e not been f iled. In addition there are a signif icant number which hav e not yet f iled
accounts for 2005. Please note that in the absence of a 2005 f iling by 30th June 2006,
Club Treasurers will not be eligible f or a 100% Treasurers Award this y ear. If you
require assistance with registration, filing documents, or updating records please
contact me by email at
LIONS CLUB                      INCORPORATED                STRUCK           ACCOUNTS
202H                                                          OFF              FILED
DISTRICT 202H                               671871                             2004
CAPITAL CITY                    NO
EASTBOURNE                                  217676                               2005
EASTERN SUBURBS                             217196                               2005
ISLAND BAY                                  443340                               2004
JOHNSONVILLE                                217472                               2004
KAPAKAPANUI                     NO
KAPITI                                      216929                               2005
KAPITI PAKEKE                               307350                               2004
KARORI                                      217172                               2004
LEVIN                                       216837                               2004

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                     14
LEVIN WAIOPEHU                                218223                          2005
LOWER HUTT EPUNI                              526859                          2005
LOWER HUTT HOST                               216867                          2005
MANA                                          217643                          2004
NEWLANDS                                      217598                          2005
NZ PARLIAMENT                    NO
PARAWAI                                       639354                          2005
PENCARROW                        NO
PETONE                                        217056        Y ES              2003
RIDDIFORD                                     929319                          2005
RIMUTAKA                                      217552                          2004
SILVERSTREAM                                  218206        Y ES              2003
TAWA                                          216928                          2005
TINAKORI                                      218651                          2004
TITAHI BAY                                    218310        Y ES              2003
UPPER HUTT                                    217041                          2005
HERETAUNGA                                    554077                          2005
WAIKANAE                                      217609                          2004
WAINUIOMATA                                   217150                          2004
WAITANGIRUA                                   218268                          2004
WELLINGTON HOST                               216648        Y ES              2000
WELLINGTON NORTH                              217161                          2005
WESTERN HILLS                                 217935        Y ES              1999

Facts – a question of interpretation!?
 1. Japanese eat very little fat and suffer
    fewer heart attacks than Australians,
    British or Americans.
 2. Mexicans eat a lot o f fat and suffer
    fewer heart attacks than Australians,
    British or Americans.
 3. Africans drink very little red wine
    and suffer fewer heart attacks than Australians, Br itish or A mericans.
 4. Italians dr ink large amounts of red w ine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the
    Aussies, British or A mericans.
 5. Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lo ts of sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart
    attacks than Australians, British or Americans.
Conclusion: Eat and dr ink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.

Thank you to Titahi Bay Lion Allan Bac on for this gem.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                  15
Fundraising and Sponsorship
District Fundraising and Sponsorship Advisor
PDG Ray Lindsay reports

As the current Lions year draws to a close many clubs are looking to forming their
committees for the new year ahead. No doubt those in line for Presidency of their
particular club w ill be thinking o f new pro jects to tackle whilst ensuring existing club
ventures receive the effort necessary to ensure successful outcomes. However, as all this
thinking and activity takes place we need to ask ourselves if our approach on soliciting
sponsorship is as up to the mark as it should be.
Many clubs formulate excellent ideas and activities and demonstrate a skilled manner in
the way they fundraise and go about gaining sponsorship. They could teach the rest of
us a th ing or two on the impor tance of good planning in the fundraising field as well as
offering a raft of practical ideas that w ill increase the chances of success. What all clubs
should avoid is the trap of leaving planning and organising to the last minu te.
Fundraising is not just about asking people for money: it’s about identifying mu tually
beneficial relationships. Whether it be an ind ividual or a business/organisation that is
solicited for sponsorship, the chances of success are greatly increased if he/she/them can
see some reciprocal benefits.
Many Lions clubs run the danger of offering little or no thing by way of a return to a
prospective sponsor and then wonder why that someone or business/organisation they
have approach for funds replies… No thanks!
We all appreciate that in today’s world money does not come easy or cheap:
consequently, when our Lions clubs seek sponsorship for projects or activities, it is only
proper that the prospect is offered something in return . Quite simply, no individual let
alone company or organisation (regardless of its size) can afford to give away funds
expecting nothing in return – nor should we as Lions expect it to be otherwise.
Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that an early and properly planned approach for
funding poin ting ou t the specific benefits accruing to the prospect would, I believe,
consistently bear fruit.
I encourage all incoming Lions club presidents and committee appointees to carefully
consider these matters: after all, it’s a question of how well we can serve the needs of
our commun ity. We need to continually ask questions of ourselves: What are we (i.e.
each Lions club) looking at do ing? Why? Is there a better way? Do we need money to
make things happen? How much do we need? Where can we get it from? What can we
offer our potential sponsors in return for their commitment and financial support?
Our success as Lions clubs working in and for the community is bu ilt o n: successful
projects, maintain ing visibility in the commun ity, and the involvement of sponsors in a
mutually beneficial relationship – all of which ensures that we remain relevant – not just
for the present but into the future also.

Ray Lindsay PDG

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                      16
Orientation Session Hosted by Lions
Club of Kapiti
Region 1/Zone 1 Chairman Warren Biddington reports
At 7 .00pm on Thursday 16th February 2006 the Lions C lub of Kapiti hosted an inaugural
Lions Orientatio n Session for prospective, new and current members. The session was
held in the Paraparaumu Commun ity Centre.
The function attracted 20+ participants, wh ich included two prospective new members,
several recently inducted new club members and their partners and several others who
had been club members for up to ten years or more.
The event was facilitated by PDG Peter Rowe, ably supported by a nu mber o f other
speakers drawn from with in the Lions Club o f Kapiti. The session covered an overview
of the Kapiti club; its history and projects, the meaning of being a Lion, Club structure
and duties of officers, membership categories, attendance requirements, dues policies,
District and M/D structure, LCI, M /D pro jects, Awards, and Lions contact details
(availability o f websites etc).
The function was very successful and those who attended seemed to get a lot out of it.
The only problem being the time restrictio n on covering all the items identified for
discussion. Feedback from the event was most positive and one participant with over 10
years membership in Lions commented “ I never learnt so much about Lions until I came
to this session.”
In a recent report to Cabinet PDG Peter made the following thought-provoking
comments regarding sessions of this nature:
       “It is my earnest hope that other Clubs will p ick up on th is topic, as it is
       very clear that many members are blissfully unaware of the why and the
       wherefore, the aims and amb itions, the reasons and the answers for the
       existence of many offices and functions of Lions Clubs International, and
       it puzzles me to think they belong to an organisation knowing on ly the
       basic functions, but not knowing about the opportun ities and operations
       of LCI, and o f the personnel that make it work so well, and seemingly, no t
       being interested. Maybe, this might be one o f the reasons for loss of
       members – lack of infor mation about Lions and what it really means”.
I wou ld strongly encourage all clubs within D istrict 202H to seriously consider
organising their own Or ientation Session noting the availability o f PDG Peter to help
facilitate such an event. It is suggested that clubs actively promote the event to all their
club members participating not just for new or prospective ones.

Warren Biddington

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                     17
Campaign SightFirst II makes great progress
International Chairman PIP Dr. Tae Sup Lee reports

You will be pleased to know that Campaign SightFirst II is making great progress.
The campaign was launched a little more than six months ago at the international
convention in Hong Kong, yet in that short time Lions worldwide have responded
with great enthusiasm and commitment.
I am happy to report that more than 7,000 Lion leaders have been recruited for the
campaign. CSFII has received thirty-one Lead Gi fts, and more than 600 clubs have
applied to be Model Clubs. To date, more than US$11.9 million has been raised for
CSFII, even though intensive fund-raising by clubs is not scheduled to begin until
2006-2007 and continue through 2007-2008.
The US$150 million campaign (with a stretch goal of US$200 million) will allow
Lions to continue and expand the remarkable work of SightFirst, which prevented
serious vision loss for 24 million people and restored the sight of 4.6 million people
through cataract surgery. As you may know, the funds donated by Lions in the
original SightFirst campaign are nearly exhausted, and blindness remains a terrible
threat primarily becaus e of the aging and growth of the world’s population. The
success of the campaign is absolutely critical; without Lions, millions will lose their
sight unnecessarily.
The campaign’s donor recognition programme will thank donors with a truly
wonderful array of awards. The Helen Keller Knights of Sight will recognise gifts
and pledges of individuals, as well as those from foundations, corporations and
governments. The Visionary Society will recognise gifts and pledges from clubs.
LCIF will begin to acknowledge our donors soon, and provide them with the proper
recognition they so richly deserve.
Please support the campaign. At stake is the sight of millions. Lions have always
risen to the occasion when faced with a great challenge. Our rapid progress in the
campaign so far provides hope and confidence that our efforts will be a resounding

Dr. Tae Sup Lee

Please visit web page: for more international infor mation or
              District 20 2H                   PDG Alice McDonald
              North Island Co-ordinator        PCC Basil Dodunski
              National Co-ord inator           PDG Allan Bruce

   One child goes blind every minute – can you cope with that?

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                  18
                   THE WORLD –
                      ONE PERSON AT A TIME!

      There is no more proud title that a Lion can bear than
                    “Knight of the Blind”.

                 Preserving and restoring sight takes vision.
   A world free of preventable blindness – a world with vision for all – has
                       been Lions’ Vision since 1925.
   All Lions Clubs in New Zealand and around the world will share in the
                         recognition for success in
                        Campaign SightFirst II

                           Estella says:
 “I’m very thankful that the Lions have given me glasses. It will
  help me keep my job and provide a better life for my family.”

    Millions of children no longer live in fear of losing vision to
    river blindness because they receive medicine that keeps
                             them safe.

                  MILLIONS HAVE BEEN SAVED
                  MILLIONS MORE ARE AT RISK

                    The world is watching…

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                            19
                             Snippets from club bu lletins and reports received during
                             February 2006.

                             Johnsonville started the year with a BBQ at Days Bay. Took
                             part in a working bee at the Riding for Disabled. Gearing
                             up to host the distr ict’s T OP Convention on 11 March 2006.
                             Organising a team for the Cancer Society “Relay for Life” at
                             Frank Kitts Park on 25-26 March – see page 28.

                           Kapakapanui. Donated $200 to the Gavin Ro lton Appeal.
                          Held a sausage sizzle at the Warehouse raising $200 to help
Lion Marie Hannan fill a container for Nepal. Marie is going to spend two years in
Nepal running a Ch ildren’s Ho me and supporting the school and commun ity. Five
members attended a Lions Orientation Evening put on by the Kapiti Lions C lub.

Kapiti organised an Orientation Session for new (and no t so new!) members – see
Warren Biddington’s report on page 17. Tendering for the local telephone directory
delivery in May. Parking project at Nga Manu and working bee at Mary Po tter Hospice
in March. Kapiti Sportsperson of the Year project being p lanned for April – see page

Karori’s Summer C ity parking project gave mixed results w ith varied n ightly figures, but
the final total was a very worthwhile $2,336 . A bus-load of members attended the
Waikanae Lions summer meeting. Karori Karnival was held on 19 February and was a
great success.

Lower Hutt (Host) made a number of donations:
    Three safety jackets costing $456 to Victim Support
    $560 to Naenae College to allow 4 students from families who could no t
       afford the cost, participate in the Queen Charlotte Walking Track trip
    $500 worth of groceries to the Food bank.

Mana. Sad to report that joke teller Lyn Roberts passed away after an operation on 20
January. Lyn was a 40 year Lion starting with Tawa and transferring to Mana in 1976 –
see page 11 for valedictory by Mana Secretary John W ilce. Car rally and BBQ being

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                    20
Parawai. Garage sale raised $200 and another $200 raised the fo llow ing day w ith a
sausage sizzle. Twenty four members enjoyed a trip to Wellington taking in the
Malaghan Institute, Cable Car Museum, Rose Gardens and other attractions including
shopping and lunch. Cooked at Ronald McDonald House for 35 very hungry and
grateful parents – menu included roast turkey and vegetables, and fruit salad.

Pencarrow carried out a nu mber of catering pro jects. Received 2 large bags of very soft
pure wool donated by Feltex for knitting for the “To Russia with Love” project. Sent 10
bags of clo thes to the Women ’s Refuge. Next major project “An Evening with Nor m
Hewitt” coming up on 7 March – see page 27.

Tawa celebrated their 40th Anniversary with special guest Lion Keith Mitchell. Walking
group has been in train ing for the Wellington “ Round the Bays” and the Johnsonville to
Ohariu Valley walk. Will be pro moting Lions by wearing their Lions shirts and caps.
New project being developed with Dress-Smart factory outlet at the northern end of

Tinakori’s stall at the Martinborough Fair in February was a success (with another to
attend in March). White elephant stall at the Karori Karnival exceeded all expectations,
raising $750. Presented a cheque for $500 to the Wellington Free Ambulance Service
and cheque for $300 to enable a young man to attend an Outward Bound Course. Four
members are joining the Karori Lions team to help with the Kirkcaldie & Stains

Waikanae. Holiday Meeting was a great success attended by over 70 Lions and partners,
many from other clubs. The Super Garden Trail over Wellington Anniversary Weekend
enjoyed excellent weather, great gardens and good crowds with gross income estimated
at around $30 ,000 inclusive of extra money raised by the Cancer Society and Liddle
Wonder plant sales for Kidsreach.

Wellington (Host) held another successful ‘Roo m at the
Inn’ Christmas dinner. Donated $20,000 towards the
new playground for Wellington Hospital Children’s
Ward and $1,053 to Wellington Hospital for waiting
room benches. Also donated $500 to the Child Cancer
Foundation. A ttended 90t h Bir thday party for our Life
Member, Keith Mitchell – see page 32.

  Parawai Lions Recipe Book
  Av ailable f or just $10.00* a copy. Please order f rom
  Secretary Theresa Tel:(04) 904 2215.
  Proceeds to Lions Eye Institute New Zealand

  * In last month’s ManeLine we incorrectly quoted the
  price as $5.00 – I apologise f or any inconvenience
  caused. But still great value at $10.00!

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                  21
News from other Districts
Extracts from bulletins received or downloaded fro m distr ict websites
during February 2006.

202A Remuera Lions donate $40,000 for p layground at Ronald
     McDonald House. A major extension of Ronald McDonald
     House has been underway for some mon ths, which has
     included an add itional 22 roo ms. This has become necessary
     as more and more families are needed to be accommodated
     with the closure of the BNZ Heart House when the Heart Ward moved from
     Greenlane to Auckland Hospital and also the liver transplant children and their
     families stay here as it is a more suitable environment when children are
     involved. Along with the additional rooms and new kitchen and lounge, a new
                                 playground was designed and this was sponsored by
                                 Remuera Lions. Once completed, it got the seal of
                                 approval from the kids who went straight on and
                                 tested it. An unbelievable soft matting surface has
                                 been used which is bouncy and means the children
                                 will no t be hur t should they fall. The cheque for
                                 $40,000 was handed over at a dinner in December
                                 when key sponsors were thanked.

202B Let’s talk about the positives (a thoughtfu l editorial by Bulletin Editor Tony Ford).
     We often hear complaints about the health system in New Zealand, long waiting
     lists, inadequate treatment, poor facilities etc, etc.
     My own experience of the health system in recent days can only be described as
     excellent. My GP referred me to a Specialist last year because of a lump in the
     plantar fascia region of my foo t which was troubling me. In no time at all I had
     seen the Specialist, had an X- Ray, Ultrasound and MRI Scan. The lu mp was
     benign and we agreed to wait until the end o f January to see if it improved.
     The lump was still there at the end of January, so the Specialist agreed to remove
     it and pu t me on the Waiting List. I agreed to front up at short no tice if there was
     a cancellation, and on the 31st January I was rung and asked if I wou ld like to
     have the operation the next day – you bet I would!
     The next morn ing I arrived at the Day Ward, was first on the list, had the
     operation and was home for lunch! The operation was a great success, no pain
     afterwards, a neat scar to show off and the chance to put my feet up for ten days
     while I was on crutches.
     So why am I telling you this? Well, sometimes we tend to major on the negatives
     in life instead of the positives, so it’s good sometimes to give praise where praise
     is due.
     It’s the same in Lions, we often talk about the negatives, loss o f membership,
     clubs folding, projects that go wrong. In 2006 let’s talk about the positives, the
     things that go right, the new members and all the good th ings that Lions d o in the
     I am thankful that I live in New Zealand with its public health service and I am
     proud to be a Lion serving our commun ity.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                    22
202C Maungatautari Ecological Reserve Project (extract from DG Br ian’s report). Our
     project [to fund the construction o f an observation tower] has not quite had the
     success of the Burns Unit pro ject last year, but with most clubs in the D istrict
     supporting our goal, and o ther avenues still being exploited to reach our target
     total o f $60 ,000, the viewing tower will come to fruition . We can all be proud
     that our effor ts will provide th is fantastic asset for the Reserve and our District.
     Further infor mation of its progress will be relayed to clubs as it becomes
     available. To all those clubs that provided funding and support, thank you once

202D Books in Homes (extract from Youth Chairmen Danny Hurley and Yvonne
     Burke’s report) [Note: “Books in Ho mes” is one of the charities supported by
     former A ll Black Norm Hewitt. Pencarrow Lions are raising funds for th is and the
     “Building Bridges” charity with their “Evening with Nor m Hewitt” project on 7
     March – see page 27 – Ed.]
     What Books in Homes has achieved already:
      35% increase in reading skills by children on the programme in one year
      Positive change in attitude of children, parents and the community towards
         books and learning
      Duffy kids are succeeding
      Duffy kids have more self-esteem
      Parents are becoming increasingly more involved in school life
      Books in Ho mes kids take these qualities to H igh School with them
      Commun ities are becoming involved with their ‘Duffy’ schools
     Books in Ho mes need sponsors!

202E Commun ication – Club Newsletters (extracts from MERL Co-ordinator VDG
     Marion McWha’s report). In recent dealings with several clubs in our distr ict, I
     have come to realise that perhaps the most impor tant key to retention is
     communication .
     Commun ication within clubs is vital – the lifeblood of our organisation. It must
     run in all d irections – fro m the president to and with his or her board o f directors
     and club members, but also between club members and work towards building
     up the club and its membership.
     Commun ication within Clubs can take a variety of for ms – from direct word of
     mouth reports, to phone calls, letters, e-mails and the one that I consider most
     importan t – the club newsletter. However club matters and business are
     communicated, it is vital that all members are kept fully in formed – many
     misunderstandings occur because a member was absent fro m a meeting when
     something important was d iscussed. One of the great p leasures of my Vice
     District Governor’s position is to receive and read the many club newsletters that
     are published each month. Many of these are high quality publications, w ith
     reports from a variety of club members on activities and projects – what has
     happened as well as what is due to happen and when, who is to be involved,
     what the result was or will be – great communication to all club members (and to
     the various cabinet members and other clubs who receive these publications).

                                                                    … conti nued on page 24

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                     23
News from other Districts                 … c onti nued fr om page 23

       Sadly, some clubs don’t have a newsletter at all, and I want to encourage these
       clubs to reconsider this decision – a newsletter doesn’t have to be a h ighly
       polished publication, it is simply a means of getting club infor mation out to all
       members, so an A4 page would be sufficient simply reporting on the last
       meeting, and what is coming up – you don’t have to have jokes, advertisements,
       photographs, just club in formation.
       You do n’t have to have a fancy computer to publish a newsletter – I well
       remember when my Lioness club was formed, our first editor hand-wrote our
       newsletter, with hand-drawn illustrations – a labour o f love by a dedicated
       Wigram Lioness Club member.
       Can I ask all clubs early in this second half of the Lions year to have a look at the
       communication process in your club. Take a few minu tes at your next meeting to
       have an open discussion on this impor tant aspect of growing your Club, and
       retaining your members.

202F Recipe for a Happy New Year (thanks to Gore Pakeke Lions).
     Take twelve, fine, fu ll-grown months, see that these are thoroughly free from all
     old memories o f bitterness, rancour, hate and jealousy; cleanse them comp letely
     from every clinging spite; pick off all specks of pettiness and littleness; in short,
     see that these months are freed from all the past; have them fresh and clean as
     when they first came from the great storehouse of Time.
     Cut these months in to thir ty or th irty one equal parts. This batch will keep for just
     one year. Do not attempt to make up the whole batch at one time (so many
     persons spoil the entire lot th is way), bu t prepare one day at a time as follows:
     Into each day put twelve parts of faith , eleven of patience, ten o f courage, nine of
     work (some people o mit th is ingredient and so spoil the flavour of the rest), eight
     of hope, seven of fidelity, six o f liberality, five of kindness, four of rest (leaving
     this ou t is like leaving the o il out o f the salad, don’t do it), three of prayer two of
     meditation and one well selected resolution.
     Put in about a teaspoonful o f good spirits, a dash of fun , a pinch o f fo lly, a
     sprinkling of play, and a heaped cupful o f good hu mour.
     Pour in lo ts of love and mix with vigour.
     Cook thoroughly in a fervent heat; garnish with a few smiles and a sprig of joy;
     then serve with quietness, unselfishness, and cheerfulness, and a Happy New
     Year is certain.

202G Camp Quality Visit (extract from DG Ro n’s “Review”). Maria and I attended the
     2006 Camp at Wesley College, Wow! What a day! It was great to see Lion Joyce
     Porter from West Auckland and Eric Bettr idge from the Marsden Club giving
     devoted service. We have never seen such a display as provided by the Manukau
     and Auckland Police Divisions. To see 30 patrol cars, 2 paddy wagons, 2 plain
     cars, 1 booze bus and 2 dog wagons on one site w ith a genuine NYPD car w ith
     all its fantastic equipment, really blew the campers away as did the Eagle
     helicopter which after its fly pass landed, and gave everyone an appreciated
     rundown on its capabilities, uses, costs, equipment and successes.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                       24
202I   Why do members leave your Lions club? (report by PDG Neil Motion ). When I
       read the in ternational cumu lated report recently, I was surprised to see that in
       first half of this Lions year our district had lost a total of 44 valuable members. I
       know that there were some deaths included in th is figure but that still leaves a
       frightening nu mber of members lost to our d istrict.
       What are the reasons?
        Boring meetings. Members say: “What am I do ing here – wasting my time?”
        “Nobody in the club cares whether I’m here or not.”
        “I am no t asked to help with community projects.”
        “There is no greeter to greet me on arrival.”
        “Club members only mix in their own cliques and leave me to fend for
        In most cases members who leave will not tell you the real reason why they
            left and once they have gone the club has little show of getting them back.
        In essence, they don’t feel wanted anymore.
       What should we do?
        It is important to have a twinn ing system so as to keep in touch.
        Presidents must plan their year with an ongoing programme of in teresting
            projects and have fun nights as well as good speakers.
        Everyone in the club must be involved with the club activities.
        More visitations to o ther clubs – by the who le club if possible.
        More partner nights.
        Major decisions by the club board must be by recommendation to the whole
            club for open discussion.
        More outside social functions, particularly in the summer mon ths.
        If presidents note a member seems disinterested or unhappy, approach them
            straight away and solve the problem.
        Club meetings must always be in teresting and in formative so members will
            remain enthusiastic and keen.
        In a nu t shell, involve every member in all activities and decisions of your

202J   Ten Commandments for Lions Clubs (thanks to Ashburton County Lions).
       1. Help each other to be r ight – no t wrong.
       2. Look for ways to make new ideas work – not reasons why they don’t.
       3. If in doubt – check it out! Don’t make negative assumptions about o thers.
       4. Help each other win and take pride in each other’s victories.
       5. Speak positively about each other, about your club, and about the
           organisation at every opportunity.
       6. Maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what the circumstances.
       7. Act with initiative and courage as if it all depends on you.
       8. Do everything with enthusiasm – it’s contagious.
       9. Whatever you want, give it away – recognition , respect, commitment, etc.
       10. Don’t lose faith – never give up.
       Can we all take something from th is and include it in our w ider lives?

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                     25
Exciting new project being organised by the
Lions Club of Kapiti
Region 1/Zone 1 Chairman Warren Biddington reports
A major new project is being developed this year by the Lions Club of Kapiti involving
the establishment o f an annual Kapiti Sportspersons of the Year Awards ceremony.
Excellent progress is being made with progressing the project and Pak n’ Save
Paraparaumu has taken up the naming rights sponsorship for three years. Pak ‘n Save are
also adding a nice touch by setting up a cabinet in the supermarket causeway to display
the 12 individual troph ies before the judging. A fter the judging, w inners’ photographs
and achievements will be permanently displayed in the area.
The local commun ity have been most supportive w ith almost all o f the 12 ind ividual
awards being taken up by business sponsors. These include The Kapiti Observer,
Coastlands Shopping Town, Comfor t Inn Elliott’s Mo tor Lodge, Enterprise Kapiti, the
Kapiti C lub, and Don Oliver Fitness City.
The Kapiti Lions Club is undertaking to write to the 45 local sports clubs and 120
individuals on the Coast, advising them of the project and asking them to begin
identifying and documenting suitable no minees. The awards night w ill be held on
Thursday 27 April 2006 at the Paraparaumu Golf C lub and an Events Manager and
special guests have been engaged to ensure the function is a night to remember!
Nomination forms are to become available towards the end of February on line through
the Lions Club o f Kapiti, the KCDC and Sport Kapiti websites and hard copies will be
obtainable fro m Sport Kapiti and other venues, which will be advertised soon.
Nomination will cover 11 categories; sportsman and sportswoman of the year, official,
team, admin istrator, sports personality, coach, athlete with d isabilities, volunteer,
contributor to sport and emerging sportsperson and from the winners, a sportsperson of
the year will be selected.
The catchment for nominations is fro m Paekakariki to Otaki (inclusive). Judging will
focus on performance and service from 1 April 2005 to 31 March 2006, bu t in many
cases such performance and service over longer periods will be relevant.
Residential criteria applies and no minations w ill on ly be accepted from those who lived
in Kapiti dur ing the qualifying period, although those normally acknowledged as Kapiti
residents, but not regularly living here due to international sporting careers or study will
also be eligible.
Kapiti Lions have been monitor ing sports performances since they took on the project
and have a substantial clipping file, demonstrating there are many worthy nominees
living in the area.
This is a well-organised project, which is being managed and coordinated by some very
excited and enthusiastic members of the Lions Club of Kapiti. It is hoped that the event
will become a significant one on the Coast, wh ich the commu nity will strongly support,
and will help to continue to lift the pro file of Lions within the region.

Warren Biddington

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                     26
                       Lions Club of Pencarrow

                      Tuesday 7 March at 7.30pm
                         RSA, Burden Av enue
              $10.00 per person – light supper provided
    All proceed are to be donated to Nor m Hew itt’s two charities:
               “Books in Homes” & “Building Bridges”
                     Tickets available from:
                      Helen (04) 564 5802
                      Jennie (04) 972 6472
                     Maureen (04) 564 6111
                 Wainuiomata RSA (04 564 7996
     Please make cheques payable to Lions Club of Pencarrow

              60 Victoria Street, Petone

          (04) 586 2330                  (04) 586 2331

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                   27
                      Relay for Life         is a unique, challenging and fun
                      way to raise money for cancer research, prevention and
                      early detection activities and patient services at the
                      Cancer Society of New Zealand. Relay for Life is a
                      celebration of remembrance, hope and thanks.

Relay for Life:
 Involves people walking/strolling/running around a track for 24 hours in a

   relay to raise money for the Cancer Society.
 One member of each team must be on the track during the entire

   overnight event.
 Relay for Life events usually begin at midday Saturday and finish midday

 At dusk a Candle Light Ceremony is held to honour those who have had

 While Relay for Life is going on, a community party atmosphere is created

   by team members camping out, enjoying entertainment, games and
 A registration/commitment fee is charged and each team member is

   asked to raise a minimum of $100 prior to the event.

  This year’s event will be held at Frank Kitts Park, Jervois
  Quay, Wellington from 12.00 noon on Saturda y 25 March
          to 12.00 noon to Sunda y 26 March 2006.

Make up a team and j oin your community in taking up the fight against
cancer! Or give your support by attending at any time during the Relay.
Please visit for further details and registration forms.

Where does the money go?
Eighty percent of the money raised goes towards cancer research,
prevention and early detection activities and patient support and
information. All costs for Relay for Life are kept below 20%;
meaning that for every dollar raised by the community, 80 cents
goes directly towards research, prevention and early detection and
support services.
In many areas sponsorship from local businesses covers the entire
cost of running the event.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                         28
Peace Poster Contest
Youth Chairman Jo Cameron reports

Only one poster (sponsoring club Silverstream) made it to DG Tony C lifford by the 15th
November 2005 deadline and as such was the District w inner. A d isappointing result
really but I was pleased to receive a number o f apologies for not submitting any posters
from clubs in the district, as th is tells me that clubs were approaching schools in their
areas but the schools for one reason or another were
choosing not to participate.
The winner o f the 2005-2006 In ternational Peace Poster
Contest “Peace Without Borders” was 13 year old Cleverson
da Silva Rosa fro m Brazil (sponsored by Cidade Gauche
Lions Club). I have the winning poster and the 23 runners
up on my Palm Pilot for those who would like to see them.
Alternatively you can view them on the LCI website.
This years theme is “Celebrate Peace” and I will be
contacting all clubs (by e-mail) shortly and ask the Zone
Chairs to promote th is project within their zones. Once
again I w ill produce a presentation pack which explains the
rules and deadlines and this will be available by mid March.

Jo Cameron

        W e prov ide exclusiv e
   out st anding and professional
   serv ice in t he t ransport at ion   ENJOY THE DIFFERENCE
       of ourv alued client s,           CHAUFFEUR DRIVEN CAB SERVICE
       ensuring personal and                 AIRPORT MEET & GREET
    professional st andards are               BUSINESS TO BUSINESS
     maint ained in a discreet           SPECIAL FUNCTIONS  WEDDINGS
           reliable manner.                   PRIVATE HIRE TOURS

  04 387 7877 0800 470 6050

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                   29
Lions Worldwide Induction Day
Lions Worldwide Induction Day began with a vision of a
worldwide event that celebrates our past, present and our event that welcomes talented new people in to
our association and reaffirms our commitment to the
service of others.

Lions around the world have turned th is vision into action
by launching membership drives, in itiating pub lic
relations campaigns and designing meaningful events to honour the people who w ill
lead us in to a new century of service. To carry on the tradition o f service, the nin th
annual Lions Worldwide Induction Day will be held on Saturday, 29 April 2006. Each
participant will receive an attractive, commemorative certificate signed by In ternational
President Dr. Ashok Mehta.

The Time Is Now!
Lions Worldwide Induction Day is a tribu te to the strength and importance of Lions
clubs all over the world . On this designated day, thousands of new members are
simultaneously inducted into clubs to strengthen Lions programmes around the world .
Press releases and media coverage advertise the event, increasing public knowledge of
Lions clubs and demonstrating the importance these clubs have in helping and serving
the less fortunate o f the world .

Worldwide Induction Day is an event worth celebrating!
Here's how this in ternational programme incorporates member recruitment, member
retention and pub lic relations opportun ities:
     Member Recruitment
        Lions Worldwide Induction Day is centred upon recruiting members. Use th is
        opportunity to launch a membership drive within your club or d istrict. Or, add
        an element of fun by challenging other Lions to recruit new members!
        Challenges can be made between districts, regions, zones and clubs. Each
        participating group simp ly challenges the other to meet or exceed the number of
        new inductees.
     Member Retention
        Lions Worldwide Induction Day also strengthens member retention. New
        members will have the opportunity to see the importance of their ro le as a Lion
        and the importance of our service to others - increasing their knowledge and
        strengthening their dedication. New members will also receive the support of
        existing members as they are warmly welcomed into our association.

Get Ready!
Visit for Planning Guide, Enrolment Forms, Induction Day
Certificates and other infor mation .

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                   30
International Youth Camp 2005-2006
Youth Chairman Angela Ambler received the following from
camp attendee Elinor Millar:
    “All I can say is WOW!
   Thank you so much for sponsoring me to go on the camp. It was the most
   amazing thing ever! I met the most fantastic people – life long friends, without a
   doubt. It was so much fun; each day was jam-packed with great activities.
   The highlight for me was spending the night in Opotiki. We stayed at the Marae
   of one of the people at the camp. The family was so friendly and talented! After
   spending only 2 days there we all felt like family and there were a lot of tears
   when we had to leave.
   I don't know how I can begin to thank you for giving me the opportunity to go. I
   absolutely loved ever second of it and have made best friends all over the world.
   Please send this e-mail on to anyone else who had a part in getting me to the
   camp – it was the best 10 days of my life so far!
   Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

And from the parents of attendee Jen MacDonald to PDG Len Jenkins:
  “To everyone involved in the International Youth Camp 2005-2006 – I’d like to
  thank all of you for the exceptional Camp you have just held in Rotorua.
  After picking up a very emotional and
  tired Jen (which we were somewhat          The New Zealand Lions MD202
  distracted by as you can imagine) and      International Youth Camp is hosted
  driving back to Wellington, we were        by District 202I. It prov ides an
  embarrassed to realise that we had not     opportunity f or y oung males and
  thanked the people present at the          f emales, ages 17-20 to experience a
  Camp.                                      wide range of cultural and physical
                                             activ ities. Two people from each of
  It is apparent from what Jen has said
                                             the ten Lions Districts of MD202 are
  about the Camp that it has made a          inv ited, along with 20 overseas y outh
  huge and significant impact on her. I      to make up the total complement of
  imagine the understanding and benefits 40 attendees. The Camp runs f or 10
  that she received from this Camp will      days in December/January and is
  have a lasting influence and the           based at Lake Okataina, Rotorua.
  memories that Jen has will be
  something that she will always
  I wonder if you could pass on our
  sincere thanks for the time and effort
  all the helpers have put into this Camp
  as we believe that the Camp was truly
  worthwhile and achieved your Camp

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                31
Keith Mitchell’s 90th Birthday Party
Zone 4 Chairman Robyn Daniels reports

Lion Keith, a charter member of the Lions Club of Wellington (Host) was ninety on
2 February 2006. One of several celebrations was with family, Lions and friends at
Cookies Restaurant in Paraparaumu on Saturday 4 February 2006. PDG Ken Daniels
was the MC and kept the proceedings moving along, interspersed with information
about Keith and the odd humorous story.
Three speakers paid tribute to Keith for the work he has done over the years. They
were: Graham Atkinson a long standing member of Wellington (Host) Lions Club
and Cabinet Secret ary, Murray Jens en who has recently retired as chai rman of the
Sevenoaks Retirement Village Trust Board (Keith lives in Seven Oaks), and Past
International Director and long standing friend Pat Ryan who also proposed a toast to
When the evening was being arranged Keith was asked how long he would need to
reply to the toast? He thought a bit then said “ ninety years – how about a minute for
each year?” In the event he kept us spellbound for less than hal f that time.
Wellington (Host) honoured Keith with a Life Membership of the Lloyd Morgan
Lions Clubs Charitable Trust which
was present ed by President Mark
Matthew and International Director
C li ff Heywood. Everyone was
surprised that Keith did not already
have this award as he was a long term
friend of Lloyd Morgan and a member
of the team, which promoted Lloyd for
international president.
It was an evening when I was proud to
be a Lion and especially proud to say I
belong to Keith Mitchell’s Lions club.
Keith is a great example of how to          Zone 4 Chairman Robyn presenting a
grow old gracefully.                                memento to Keith

Robyn Daniels

Extract from Cabinet Secretary Graham’s reminiscences and tribute to Keith
on behalf of the Lions Club of Wellington (Host).

Despite whatever plans he had not to be involved in administration again Keith
quickly succumbed to what a well known politician recently called “ the baubles of
offi ce” and in 1959 he was elected the second President of our Club.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                               32
In October 1960 Keith was appointed the part-time Extension representative, a
position that very rapidly became full-time, and his brief became a major part of his
and Merle's life for the next 22 years. Despite this the Club records show that they
still found time to be involved in almost every aspect of Club life.
By the time I was invited to join Wellington Host the Club was firmly established in
the fabric of the city. The Zoo train was perhaps one of the most visible projects but
in many and varied ways the Club reached out to enhance the lives of citizens, both
individually and collectively. Birthright, Outward Bound and the Smith Family were
just a few of the many wel fare organisations throughout the city who knew to contact
Lions if they had a particular individual needing unheralded assistance and i f they
didn't have a Club contact there was always someone who knew Keith Mitchell.
In keeping with Keith's philosophy, Club meetings were always convivial affai rs.
The Club had first met in the Roseland Cabaret (a venue later infamous and no doubt
known to many here as Carmen's Balcony) but by 1973 we met in the Hotel
Waterloo – then still one of the principal hotels of Wellington. Lion Breweries was
well represented in the Club (chief brewer Ra Bate was President when I was
inducted) and the hotel General Manager was also a member so catering was never a
The Host Club in a capital city finishes up hosting many distinguished Lions visitors
and even more so when the International Representative is a member. In the early
1960s Keith very cunningly arranged for the Prime Minister, Keith Holyoake, to be
invited to become the Club's first, and to my knowledge only, Honorary Member.
This meant of cours e that when Keith was hosting some International dignitary he
could arrange for a visit to Parliament, and subsequently Government House, where
he would be warmly welcomed on a first name basis by Sir Keith proudly wearing
his Lions Badge! Many a World President or International Director went back to
Oakbrook marvelling at the status their New Zealand representative, and his Club,
apparently enjoyed! I might mention that Sir Keith although he seldom attended Club
meetings kept a watchful eye on the Club's activities, helped no doubt by his regular
meetings with Keith Mitchell and reporting by his son-in-law Ken Comber. When
help was requested with a particular project it was never refus ed and many a
reluctant Governm ent Department suddenly became co-operative.
Although it is not my brief to talk about Keith's national and international activities,
nor the many tributes bestowed upon him by LCI, I do want to mention the Lloyd
Morgan campaign and Presidency. … Keith was instrumental in encouraging Lloyd
to move through the New Zealand hierarchy and to put his name forward for
International Director. In those days Keith was the only employee of Lions in New
Zealand and provided much of the administrative support not only to the Council but
also Lloyd's campaign. Ron Rowe was only appointed Multiple District Secretary the
year Lloyd was elected 3rd VP and Keith still handled much of Lloyd's
arrangements. I've already told you how small Keith's office was - believe me when
you added this work to it the room positively bulged.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                 33
A series of plain language articles supplied by Legal & Safety Chairman Alan
Knowsley addressing commonly encountered legal is sues.

How employers can ensure they suffer severe
workplace stress and financial hardship!!
In the first criminal prosecution of its type a firm pleaded guilty to a charge under the
Health and Safety in Employment Act. The employee had raised her concerns over
her work-load with the employer on several occasions, but the employer did not act
to fix the problem.
The firm was fined $8,000, and ordered to pay the employee $1,300 for failing to
address the work-place stress. This was the first prosecution of its kind following a
law change in 2002, and we can expect more prosecutions to follow.
It follows recent cases where hundreds of thousands of dollars have been awarded in
civil cases to employees who suffer work related stress.
The dangers are not only the risk of criminal prosecution. Employees can also claim
in the Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court for unfair dismissal
and breaches of employment agreements. In this case, the worker resigned, and
ultimately received a confidential settlement of her personal grievance cl aim - in
addition to the criminal prosecution taken by OSH.
Such employment claims are not new. The leading case is that of a probation officer
who sued the Department of Corrections for failing to address his work-place stress.
He had been forced to retire on medical grounds, following a lengthy period of
excess work. This included being responsible for three times as many files as he
should have been. At his medical retirement he was assessed as being 90% disabled
due to heart surgery and other health problems, all medically linked to his overwork
and work stress.
The Employment Court found that the work-place stress caused his health problems,
and that they were a direct result of his employer failing to address the causes of his
stress. In that case, he was awarded 14 years loss of sal ary. The total award against
the employer ran into hundreds of thousands of dollars.
It is important to have an active strategy to address work-place safety, including
work-place stress. An employer has a duty to take all reasonable steps to safeguard
health. Steps an employer can take include:
 Identi fying signs of stress, including increased absent eeism.
 Monitoring workloads to ensure they comply with any guidelines.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                  34
Providing information and training for employees on stress.
Setting up a process by which concerns about overwork can be raised, and
  ensuring they are investigated properly.
Ensuring that your agreements include the right to ask an employee to attend a
  medical practitioner of your choice.
Being aware of any personal factors that may make an employee more susceptible
  to workplace stress.
The key in many of these cases is that the stressed employees raised their concerns
with the employer, yet the employer took no action. When a concern is raised around
stress, always act upon it. If a problem is fores eeable or can be anticipated, act to
resolve it. Ignoring a problem can be very costly.

Greg Gimblett

Next issue (April 2006): Shaping the Law – Have Your Say
Practical tips for making submissions about a proposed new law to a select

  Employment Law Problem?
  Here’s w hat you’ll need to know …
  You’ll want to know what your rights are,
  and where you stand…
  You will need to know the right way to make a personal
  grievance known to your employer, and how to file a claim
  with the Employment Relations Authority if necessary.
  I’m Alan Knowsley, a lawyer with many years experience in
  employment law and helping people like you get the best
  result for them.
  I can help you put your claim forward to your employer and
  during the mediation process. In the unlikely event that your
  claim is unresolved
  I can assist you in the Employment Relations Authority.
  Call me now for a relaxed chat about your employment problem on 0800 733 424

                    RAINEY COLLINS LAWYERS

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                               35
A tribute to Joe and Shirley Cochrane
As promised follow ing last month ’s report on the Rimutaka Lions “Room at the Inn”
project co-ordinated by Joe and Shirley Cochrane, I am pleased to reprint an article
about Joe and Shir ley from The Upper Hutt Leader, 18 January 2006.

Cochranes set for golden day
It’ s easy for Joe Cochrane to reme mber his
wedding anniversary. It falls on his birthday.
And this weekend is extra special with Joe
and wife Shirley reaching their 50th golden
The for mer RSA president, Lions Club
stalwart and community volunteer also turns
80 on the big day -- no mean feat in itself but
dwarfed by his and Shirley's celebration of
their half century together as partners and
Most anniversaries and Joe’s birthdays, have
seen the Cochrane clan gather at their long-
time Miro Street home but this weekend the        a year in Wanganui.
celebrations (including the cake cutting) are     P lans were made to see a movie the
happening before about 70 friends and             following Saturday in town but a brutal
relatives – including six children, 16            southerly and a combination of events meant
grandchildren and one great-grandchild.           Joe was unable to meet his new date.
It's all a long from when Joe and Shirley first   The disappointment Shirley was no doubt
met at Hataitai’s Realm Ballroom in the           harbouring was then lifted the next day when
winter of 1954 – just two individuals in the      Joe, on his motorbike, travelled to Tawa and
150-plus crowd at the Saturday night public       located the Butler family home.
dance-spot.                                       “ All he knew was I lived in Tawa and he
The future couple shared a brief time in a        made a few inquires and found me. And he
‘P aul Jones’ progressive circle dance.           made a great impression on my mum and dad
Like their peers they were well dressed – Joe     too,” Shirley recalls.
talks of wearing his “ whistle and flute”, they   Good things grew from there and the couple
learned the dances of the time and loved the      were engaged at the end of the year and
event's atmosphere, non-alcoholic though it       married a tad over 12 months later.
was.                                              Shirley was just 19 while Joe, a Dundee-
“ There was a cup of tea available and soft       trained butcher managing a Karori business
drinks” Joe recalls wistfully.                    he was later to buy, was 30.
“ There was a live band with Glen Miller          “ A friend had said a fellow who wasn’ t
tunes very popular,” Shirley says.                getting married by 30 wouldn’ t get married at
The couple's dance-floor meeting and yes,         all,” he remembers.
shared interest saw Joe escorting Shirley         The reception after a 9.30am Catholic
back to her table.                                wedding and ahead of a inter island ferry to
“ Then he escorted me back to the railway         P icton the same day, had a strong turnout of
station,” says Shirley, an18-year-old living in   fa mily and friends but Joe, half a world away
Tawa Flat, the youngest of six children in a      from his Scotland home, had no relatives
fa mily which moved there from Gisborne via       able to make the day.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                        36
“ He did have no relatives but he had more           lots of respect. We’ ve always, always been
guests than I did, through all his work and          willing to help each other.”
football mates,” Shirley recalls.                    Today the Cochranes are still in the brick
Joe’s third division Marist side had won             house bought nearly 50 years ago and Joe's
promotion that 1955 season and, it seems,            commuting days :are a long way behind him.
were still celebrating their top season months       He's recovering well after a hip operation and
later.                                               is still busy with his community and charity
Joe had left his native Dundee and Scotland          work.
(after finishing his butcher’ s trade) to serve      The work – for the Lions, the RSA welfare,
in the Air Force and Army till 1948 and              the Special Olympics, local junior soccer and
travels that were to lead him to New Zealand.        more – happenings that have always had the
First he worked as a butcher in Hong Kong,           help and support of Shirley.
then with a one million population.                  It’ s very much part of the-way things are
The call of Australia and linking up with            done and have been done for decades. It's the
relatives followed three years later and 18          Cochrane way.
months after that he sailed into Wellington          And they danced for years too. Not often but
“ on a beautiful day just before Easter.”            at end-of-year balls and the like.
And in that “ lovely city” he was, of course,        “ Only in the last two or three dears have we
soon to meet Shirley.                                stopped,” Shirley says.
The couple lived in Aro Valley’ s Inverlochy         Oh how they danced.
House, then partitioned into flats, and had
three children in the first three years of           Footnote from Rimutaka Lion, Laurie
marriage.                                            Collier:
Then the Cochrane fa mily moved to Karori            “Joe is a 28-year member of the Rimutaka
above Joe’ s thriving butchery business – and        Lions Club, past president and director
had a fourth baby – before a move to buy a           and stalwart. His commun ity involvement
spec house in an already long developed              is extensive and has been the recipient of
Miro Street.                                         awards from the Upper Hu tt C ity Council.
“ We bought it off the plans,” at a cost of          Shirley has contributed much also – a
4800 pounds.                                         loyal and tireless worker with Joe over the
Shirley recalls a street full of kids, living in a   years. Both are behind our club ’s annual
burgeoning Upper Hutt and the birth of her           “Room at the Inn” Chr istmas Day dinner
two youngest at the Elderslea Hospital.
                                                     and have co-ordinated the project for
The couple's enduring marriage is based on           many years.
“ always talking a lot and communicating,”
                                                     The Cochranes received congratulatory
Joe says.
                                                     messages from the Governor General,
“ There’s tolerance too but I've been very
lucky.”                                              Prime M inister, local MP Paul Swain and
Shirley says “ there’s been lots of love and         Upper Hutt Mayor Wayne Guppy.”

  District 202H TOP Convention
  11 March 2006
  Thinking of People
  If you have not already registered please act NOW.
  See pages 4 and 5 of th is ManeLine for fur ther in formation.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                           37
Newsletter from PDG Baden &
Rosmund in the UK
It can't be, it j ust c an't be that ti me of year again already!
But it mus t be because the round of Xmas drinks and
parties have already started. The weather has got cold and
the mornings are dar k. The UK had a fantas tic lingering end
to summer and an autumn that seemed to want to l ast for ever, but the last 2 weeks have
certainl y been winter.
We have been taking the chance to catc h up on jobs that we have on our list i n preparation for a
full summer cruising in 2006. Some of the jobs have not been that hard, for example, R wanted a
coupl e of genuine cider mugs, s o we s pent a weekend i n Herefordshire and went to the Westons
Cider orchards, fac tor y. We di d the tours and R sampled the produce. We were both ver y taken
with perry – j ust li ke cider (made from apples) onl y perr y is made from pears. We spent the
Satur day night in the historic town of Ledbur y, where R got her soak i n a bath, and wended our
way home Sunday.
We have als o had a trip down to Guildford (SW London) to see friends from NZ who are fellow
narrow boaters. As usual with boati es the topics of c onversation ended up around power
generation, sanitati on… Other jobs have included getting “windows” put i n the cratch c over,
buying a s peci alist tool that B needs to finish of all the door catc hes on the hull, buying the fold
down garden c hairs and table for next year (they c an be stowed on the roof as we travel. B had
been watching the end of season s ales and got a coupl e of huge bargains – he has s ome of his
Dad's tradi ng cunning after all!), tidying up the paint scratc hes, buying a c ouple of new fenders…
really exciting but all nec essar y stuff.
We have a weekend planner that s ets out what we will be doi ng most weekends between now
and mi d 2006. T he big ticket items are: Xmas to New Year – do nothing – sit and read books , go
for a wal k, do nothing, B to figure out some Sudokus, R to update her scrap books, do nothing.
End of March – R to NZ for her Mum and Dad's 50th wedding anni versar y, B and Pandi to exit
the marina and start our 2006 cruise. B has 2 weeks off and intends to get the last of the little
jobs compl eted on Pani a (includi ng getting all the brass wor k clean after her winter lay-up) and to
continue with his Xmas jobs – errr read books and do nothi ng!
We will have another go at the Four Counties Ring the first 2 weeks in Jul y and s ee if R c an get
past Stoke this time. In between times we have friends , both overseas and loc al, booking
weekends and days cruising. We will als o have the us ual iss ues li ke oil changes to fit in and
shifting towar d our wi nter marina – we have a c ouple of options at the moment.
Following on from that B is intending to be in Ital y on 10 September for the Italian Grand Pri x.
We were in Ital y in 2001 and B watched the Italian GP on TV with some Italians – they are nuts
about motor sport and naturall y support Ferrari, as does B. The thought of actually being at the
Italian GP with thous ands of mad Italian petrol heads has 2 effects in our “household” – one of
yippppeeeee, and the other of oh pleeeeeaaaaasss eeeeee.
And then, well, it will be this ti me of the year again… where di d 2006 go we will as k? The good
thing is that it will be ever closer to being able to jus t drift and dream full time, to abandon wor k to
thos e with the energy and i nclinati on. Reality tells us that we will still have to do some work to
pay for the food and ess entials in life, but only short ter m temp j obs. Just about ti me to s tart
thinking about that wi de beam boat i n Europe mused B…
Have a very happy Xmas and we hope your new year wishes come true – we will be working
hard to ensur e ours do.
Hugs, kisses and handshakes

R and B (and Pandi of course)

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                                  38
A Golden Shears Country Feeling for
MD Convention
A fr iendly country feeling is the emphasis organisers are putting in to
the annual multiple d istrict convention being held in Masterton 21
– 23 April. Wonderfu l wines, great food and that good old country
feeling are assured all delegates coming to Masterton.
The relatively new theatre at Rathkeale College, 5 km north of Masterton, will be the
venue for the opening ceremony on Friday and also for the business session on
Saturday. Delegates will enter the college by a beautiful tree lined avenue to plenty of
parking and lunch under century old trees.
 Lunch time seminars will be a feature of the business session on Saturday. Delegates
   will have a choice from four separate seminars. These will include:
 Insurance for mu ltiple d istrict – a discussion led by Richard Marsden, senior
   consultant fro m Marsh Limited.
 The Lions Eye Institute – a presentation by Lion Dr Tony Wells, oph thalmo logist, and
   project director John H ickling.
 Leadership – a workshop presented by MD 202 Leadership Chairman Chalky White.
 Managing Change – a discussion on how to comfortably come to grips w ith changes
   occurring around us. The facilitator w ill be Geoff Henley, Executive Director
   Network Commun ications Limited.
Looking forward to seeing you all at the Shears Country Convention in Masterton,
Wairarapa in Apr il. See November/December NZ Lion for registration forms or our
website www.n

Ron Lawrence, PDG
Chief Executive Officer

 Great exercise for seniors
 Thank you to Karori Lion Martin Stern f or sharing this great

 I came across this exercise suggested for seniors, to build muscle
 strength in the arms and shoulders. It's so easy, I thought I'd pass it on.
 The article suggested doing it three days a week. Begin by standing on a comfortable
 surface, where you have plenty of room at each side.
 With a 2kg potato sack in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides, and
 hold them there as long as you can. Try to reach a full minute, then relax.
 Each day, you'll find that you can hold this position for just a bit longer.
 After a couple of weeks, move up to 4kg potato sacks, then 10kg potato sacks, and
 eventually try to get to where you can lift a 20kg potato sack in each hand and hold your
 arms straight for more than a full minute.
 Once you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each of the sacks.

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                                    39
                                      Thank you to Wellington (Host) bulletin,
                                        January 2006 for the cartoon. I jus t
                                              couldn’t resist it – Ed.

                            It's easy to become disheartened by the const ant
                            stream of t ragedy and vi ol ence that is beamed
                            into our living rooms, but never lose sight of the
                                 fact that many dedicated individuals and
                               organisations [like Lions! – Ed] are working
                            constantly to ameliorate suffering. So next time
                            it all seems too much to bear, focus on all the
                                  good being done by these good people.
                                               ― Anonymous

ManeLine: District 202H, March 2006                                              40

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