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Season 6, Episode 3-


INT. Cassidy’s House

We resume right where we left off. Sawyer picks the phone up off the ground. SAWYER (To Cassidy): “I gotta take this outside.”

EXT. Cassidy’s House SAWYER (To Jack): “We have to what?” JACK: “We have to break Kate out.” SAWYER: “I always knew you were crazy, Doc, but not this kind of crazy.” JACK: “Sawyer, be serious.” SAWYER: “Okay then, Doc. Why the hell do we have to break her out?” JACK: “Because we’re going back.” SAWYER (Oblivious): “Back where?” JACK: “You know where.” Sawyer’s back hits the door and he slides down to a sitting position. SAWYER: “Why the hell would we go back?” JACK: “Because James, we weren’t supposed—”

SAWYER: “And what the hell were we supposed to do, Jack? Literally 6 hours ago you said we were supposed to do this.” JACK: “Boone’s dead. Shannon too.” SAWYER: “What?” JACK: “Boone’s leg got crushed in a car accident and you wouldn’t believe who shot Shannon.” SAWYER: “You’re kidding. Who?” JACK: “Ana Lucia.” Something comes over Sawyer. SAWYER: “So you mean everybody’s gonna die anyway? Even though we reset things?” JACK: “Yes, James, the universe course-corrects. You should know that by now.” SAWYER: “I’ll do it.” JACK: “You will?” SAWYER: “Yeah. But I suggest we get some more people, including Sayid.” JACK: “I’m on it. I’ll call Sayid. In the meantime, meet me outside the church in ten minutes.” SAWYER: “What church?”

JACK: “I’ll send you the address. Bye, Sawyer.” Sawyer gets up and goes inside. SAWYER: “I got something I gotta do, Cassidy.” CASSIDY: “You’re just gonna walk out again? You make amends with me and then five minutes later you walk out?” Sawyer kisses her and the baby on the cheek and leaves.


Scene Two INT. Nadia’s House It’s still late night. Sayid and Nadia sit at the table together. Sayid’s phone rings. SAYID: “I’ll just be a moment.” He gets up, walks into the other room and answers.” SAYID: “Jack?” JACK: “Sayid, I need you for something.” SAYID: “What for, Jack? It’s three in the morning.” JACK: “Just meet me at the church.”

SAYID: “Jack, what’s this for?” Jack has already hung up. Scene Switch Jack’s waiting outside the church when Sawyer and Sayid pull up simultaneously. SAYID: “What’s this for?” SAWYER: “The doc wants to break Kate out of the slammer. Says he wants to go back.” Sayid stops in his tracks. SAYID: “Why would he want to go back yet again? He left it twice. It was his own decision to detonate the bomb and send us back. How in his right mind would he want to bring us back again?” SAWYER: “Because his mind ain’t right.” SAYID (To Jack): “So it’s true?” JACK: “Yeah, Sayid. We need you.” SAYID: “I just reunited with Nadia and now you’re asking me to go on a suicide mission to a maximum security prison to break Kate out? That is impossible. How do you expect to do this? Go in guns blazing?” JACK: “I was thinking of taking a more discreet approach.”

Music starts playing. We see Jack’s mouth moving but we can’t hear what he’s saying. The music stops after about fifteen seconds. SAYID: “You came up with that this quickly?” Jack nods. SAYID (To Sawyer): “I guess he’s not crazy after all.” SAWYER: “I agree. But we need one more.” JACK: “I’ve got an idea.” Jack starts dialing his phone. Scene Three

INT. Jail Reception Desk The receptionist sits, reading her book. Someone walks up, wearing an orderly’s outfit and carrying a cart. ORDERLY: “I’m here to do a physical on Kate Austen.” The camera revolves around. It’s Jack. JACK: “Allow me to introduce my partner, Hugo.” Hurley approaches the desk and gives her a nod. RECEPTIONIST: “What’s wrong with Miss Austen?”

JACK: “Oh, nothing we know of. Since she was just checked in we need to give her a few vaccines and give her a look.” RECEPTIONIST: “Why are there two of you?” Jack hesitates. HURLEY: “I’m the guy who’s gotta give her the shots.” The receptionist nods. She dials her phone. Scene Switch INT. White Van Sawyer and Sayid sit in a van outside the prison. SAYID: “Do you think it will work?” SAWYER: “I dunno. Looks kinda sketchy to me. I mean, them going in, putting her on the cart and covering her up so they can’t see? The cops are gonna wanna inspect the cart before they leave.” SAYID: “That’s why you’re here, James. When Jack enters the lobby you give him some support.” SAWYER: “But they’ll call the cops.” SAYID: “That’s why I’m driving the car, Sawyer. I know how to lose the authorities.”

SAWYER: “We’ll only have a little bit before the cops start lookin’ for us. How are we gonna persuade the rest of the survivors, especially Jin and Sun, to go back before we get caught?” SAYID: “You’re the con man, I’m just the driver.” Sayid smiles. Scene Switch INT. Jail Infirmary Jack and Hurley enter the infirmary room where Kate sits, handcuffed to a chair. A guard is in the corner. Jack pulls out a silenced pistol and shoots the guard in the leg. The guard is cringing. He’s reaching for his walkie when Jack kicks him in the face, knocking him out. KATE: “I was told I’d be getting a checkup.” Jack starts picking Kate’s handcuffs. JACK: “We don’t have a lot of time. Let’s go.” Kate is freed. KATE: “How are you gonna get me out? They’ll know.” JACK: “Just get in the cart.” KATE: “But they’ll see.”

HURLEY: “We’ll cover it up, dude.” JACK: “Just get in.” Kate does as she’s told, and Hurley puts a sheet over the cart. Scene Switch INT. Reception Room Sawyer enters the room and starts small talk with the reception lady as Jack and Hurley exit with the cart. Just as they reach the door, a guard speaks up. GUARD: “Stop!” Jack stops the cart. JACK: “Is there a problem, officer?” GUARD: “No. I just need to inspect your cart. It’s standard procedure, and-” Gunshot. The guard falls to the ground. Sawyer has shot the guard in the back. The guard appears to be okay because of his vest, but Jack knocks him out. Sawyer hits the receptionist with the handle of his gun before she can sound the alarm. The group rushes to the van. Kate, Jack, and Hurley get in the back, and Sawyer closes the door behind them. Sawyer sits in the front by Sayid.

SAYID: “They will have heard that.” He starts the car. SAWYER: “Well, Abdul, I didn’t see any other option.” Sayid drives. As they turn a corner, sirens are heard. Three cop cars appear in the mirror. JACK: “Sayid, can you lose them?” SAYID: “You’d best hold on.” Sayid swerves down an alleyway. The cops follow. Sayid exits the alley and turns a corner. The cops speak through their bull horn. COP: “Stop the car!” SAYID: “Jack, if they start shooting I need you to give me cover fire.” Jack nods. Sayid looks at the speedometer. It’s at 84. COP: “If you don’t stop the car I’ll have no choice but to start shooting!” Jack opens the rear hatch and hands Kate a gun. The two start shooting, and Hurley just hides behind the cart, hands over his heads. Jack shoots and hits a driver in the shoulder. The car swerves and hits a building.

Now more cars are onto them. Sayid turns onto a bridge, which is going over water. A cop shoots out the tire of the car, and Sayid loses control. The cart flies out of the back of the car, hitting a cop car. Jack shuts the rear hatch. JACK: “Can you still drive?” SAYID: “I’ll try!” There is a roadblock seen in the middle of the bridge. SAWYER: “MOTHERFU-“ The car swerves off the road and through the guardrail, and plummets until it hits the water.

Scene Four

We’re seeing a closed eye. It opens. We zoom out to show that it’s Jack, who’s stuck in the car underwater. Kate is trying to open the door, but the water pressure is not allowing her to. The car is not filled with water yet, but the window starts to crack. SAYID: “We have to get out!”

SAWYER: “Can you find a gun?” JACK: “Yeah! I’ve got mine!” He fires at the window, but all heard is a click. JACK: “I’m out!” The water bursts in, and the car starts to fill up. Hurley is looking absolutely horrified. Sawyer tries to swim through the window, but we see that his seatbelt is stuck. The water is chest-high. SAWYER: “Kate!” The water is almost full, and Kate pulls out her gun. She shoots the top of the seatbelt, letting Sawyer free. He swims out. Sayid is now letting everyone go out before him. First Hurley, then Kate. Jack and Sayid are now having a silent argument. Jack points at the window, trying to get Sayid out, but Sayid refuses. He points at the window himself. Jack shakes his head. Scene Switch EXT. River

Kate, Hurley and Sawyer surface from underwater. We wait a moment to see Jack surface. KATE: “Where’s Sayid?” JACK: “He should be up soon.” A few seconds pass, and he’s still not surfaced. Jack dives down. The car is almost at the bottom of the river, which is about 30 feet down. Jack is swimming as fast as he can. He reaches the car almost out of breath. He pulls Sayid out of the car and shoots up. He is about to lose consciousness when Sawyer helps him to surface. The group swims to the closest beach. Jack starts CPR. He does five pumps and then breathes into Sayid’s mouth. He starts pumping again. Sayid has not woken. Jack keeps pumping and nothing is working. Sawyer takes his fist and pounds Sayid’s chest himself, and Sayid coughs water. JACK: “Easy, easy. You’re okay.” SAWYER: “Doc, we gotta go.” Sirens are still heard. JACK: “Then let’s go.”

The group rushes into the jungle.


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