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                     Billiard & Home
                     Recreation Expo

I am the   BCA.

           This is my Expo.
                       Exhibitor Prospectus
                              June 25-27, 2009
                             Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas. Where else?
2009 International Billiard & Home Recreation Expo
 As the premier billiard and home entertainment expo in North America, the International Billiard &
 Home Recreation Expo provides exhibitors the most cost-effective, efficient means to connect with
 thousands of qualified buyers to generate new leads, close deals, expand market share and
 maximize profits.

 The   2009 International Billiard & Home Recreation Expo is the ideal place to:
   •   Broaden your reach by finding new buyers.
   •   Launch new and innovative products and marketing initiatives.
   •   Connect with current customers to better understand their needs.

 Where else can you display your products and services to a marketplace of buyers from around the
 world in search of new products, vendors, education and networking?

       Thousands of retailers and room operators                                 Buyer Classification
       arrive every year to do business with companies                4%
                                                                                                        Billiard Retailer
                                                                                                        (Physical Store)
       just like yours. As a matter of fact, more than 57%                                              Billiard Retailer
                                                                                                        (Catalog/Internet Only)
       of our attendees own retail stores that must carry             13%                               Sporting Goods Retailer

       the latest products and inventory.                                                 57%           Furniture Retailer
                                                                                                        Pool/Spa Retailer

                                                                                                        Billiard Room Operator

                                                                                                        Route Owner/FEC Arcade
                                                                      4%                                Retailer (Other)

                    When Buyers Purchase
                                                          BCA Expo attendees are ready
                                      At the Expo
                                                          to buy and buy big.
                                      Within 30 days of   Cash in hand, almost two-thirds of
                                      the Expo
                                      Within 90 days of   our attendees buy at the Expo.
                                63%   the Expo

                                                                 Amount of Inventory
                                                                 Purchased Annually
                                                                                                   Less than
                                                                             6%                    $100,000-
               And more than a third of our attendees                      7%                      $500,000
               spend over $100,000, with another 36%                 18%                           $1,000,000
               spending up to $1,000,000 a year on                                                 $1,000,001-
               products and services.                                               33%
                                                                       18%                         $2,000,001-

                                                                                                   or more

              I attend the BCA Expo in search of a new vendor or
  potential new category that will fit in our store, and I always
        find a show special that more than pays for my expenses
                     to come to the Show.
All New in 2009!
New Exhibitor Package
We’re offering special pricing, marketing and locations to companies who are new to the BCA Expo
exhibiting experience. With savings ranging from $500 to $700, if you have never used this dynamic event
to promote your business, this is the year to do it! For more information, please visit
BCA Expo Connect!
Your participation in the 2009 BCA Expo includes FREE access to a powerful online marketing system. Your
BCA Expo Connect! profile is a virtual booth that can include your logo, contact information, Web site link,
product descriptions and photos, Expo Only Specials, news and much more.
BCA Expo Connect! enables buyers and potential buyers to find you and your products as they plan their
time at the Expo. With a direct link to you and your Web site, BCA Expo Connect! brings buyers to you via
email, for appointments and information requests. The only thing left for you to do at the Expo is get their
signature on the deal!
BCA Expo Connect! also allows you to track appointments in advance and staff your booth accordingly.
New Product Showcase
Attendees come to the BCA Expo to see new products. Your new product will be prominently and securely
displayed along with your company name and booth number. We’ll promote the Showcase in all BCA Expo
attendee marketing. For more information, please see the Promotional Opportunities Brochure on the
exhibitors’ page of
“BCA Expo Break” eNewsletter
We’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest Expo information from shipping and move in dates to new
marketing ideas.
Online Interactive Floor Plan
This new feature allows you to see and select available booths in real time 24/7, and allows your customers
to find you more easily.

                                                    The 2009 BCA Expo is dedicated to bringing buyers
                                                    to you.
                                                    We have developed a strategic promotional campaign aimed at
                                                    bringing buyers to the 2009 BCA Expo.
                                                    The campaign includes:
                                                      • Direct Marketing. Multi-phased campaign consisting of
                                                        32,000 postcards and over 8,000 brochures.
                                                      • Telemarketing. More than 5,000 calls to
                                                        prospective attendees.
                                                      • Advertising. Thousands of eyes will see ads placed in the
                                                        industry’s leading print publications and online sites.
                                                      • E-mail blasts. Bi-monthly messages to more than
                                                        5,000 prospects.
                                                    We will also support you with:
                                                     • Pre-Printed Marketing Materials. Increase booth
                                                       traffic by shipping these materials to your customers
                                                       and prospects.
                                                     • Official Expo Directory Listing. Your company
                                                       name, contact information and brief description
                                                       are complimentary.
                                                     • Web Listing. Web site visitors can find your company
                           Greg Peterson               profile in a variety of locations on BCA Expo Connect!.
                      President, Peters Billiards    • Attendee List. Complimentary attendee labels for your
                                                       post-expo follow-up.
                                                     • Online Exhibitor Guide. Refer to pivotal information
                                                       and deadlines to make your show experience smooth
                                                       and seamless.
Preliminary Schedule of Events
                                                                                Expo Only Specials
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.    Registration open                                      Create your own special
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.    BCA Annual Membership Meeting
                                                                                for the 2009 BCA Expo.
Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                Whether it’s a discount
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.                    Registration open                      on products, shipping or
8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.                    Breakfast                              warranties, you’ll draw
8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.*                   Generation Youth: Inside the Mind of   extra traffic to your booth.
                                         Tomorrow’s Customer
9:55 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.                   Ribbon Cutting Ceremony                We’ll help you market
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.                   Exhibit Hall open                      your Expo Special with a
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.*                   Making Money in a Tough Economy–       business card ad in the
                                         Part 1: Operations Best Practices
                                                                                Official Expo Directory,
Friday, June 26, 2009                                                           balloons, and booth
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.                    Registration open                      directional signs at
8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.                    Breakfast                              the show.
8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.*                   Making Money in a Tough Economy–
                                         Part 2: Online Marketing on a          Bring buyers to your booth
                                         Shoestring Budget                      with this great program!
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.                   Exhibit Hall open
2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.*                   Making Money in a Tough Economy–
                                         Part 3: Your Customer is King

Saturday, June 27, 2009
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.                    Registration open
8:00 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.                    Breakfast
8:45 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.*                   Secret Shoppers Reveal Insights
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.                   Exhibit Hall open

* Business of Billiards Seminar Series

                    Riviera Hotel
                    $94 (June 23-25), $114 (June 26-27) Single or Double (room tax–9%)
                    The Riviera has 2,100 beautiful, newly renovated rooms, 8 great shows, two specialty
                    restaurants, a buffet, full service health club, more than 45 shops and services,
                    gorgeous pool, two tennis courts and arcade!

                    Treasure Island
                    $105 (June 23-25), $169 (June 26-27) Single or Double (room tax–9%)
                    Located in the heart of the Strip, this AAA-four diamond resort features seven
                    restaurants, four cocktail lounges, tropical pool, health spa, salon, unique attractions
                    and sea battles! Guests can experience the resort’s elegantly redesigned guest rooms,
                    complemented with amenities found only in the world’s finest resorts.

                    Venetian Hotel
                    $219 Single or Double (room tax–9%)
                    Attend the 2009 BCA Expo in style in one of Las Vegas’ most elegant hotels. Combining
                    the elegance and style of Venice with the excitement of Las Vegas, The Venetian
                    offers all of its guests incomparable amenities. In addition to the many attractions
                    of Las Vegas, guests can also enjoy a meal at one of The Venetian’s 15 world-class
                    restaurants, pamper themselves at The Canyon Ranch SpaClub or take a Gondola ride
                    down the Grand Canal amid the Venetian streetscape. All rooms are luxury suites.

                    Please visit to make your reservations.
                                                                                      Hotel Photos Courtesy of the LVCVA
                                                                        2009 INTERNATIONAL BILLIARD & HOME RECREATION EXPO
                                                                                                     EXHIBIT SPACE RENTAL APPLICATION & CONTRACT
                                                                                                                                   June 25- 27, 2009
                                                                                                                                         Sands Expo Center * Las Vegas, Nevada

                          We hereby apply for exhibit space in the International Billiard & Home Recreation Expo, to be conducted on the dates shown above. We understand that upon
                          acceptance by Expo Management, this application becomes a contract, under the terms and conditions set forth here and on the Exhibitor Regulations, which we
                          have read, understand and accept. By completing this Exhibit Application/Contract, we understand and consent to receive all fax and/or e-mail communications and
                          advertisements sent by or on behalf of Expo Management, Expo Contractor and Service Providers. We understand that any change in the information on this
                          contract must be made in writing to Expo Management.

                               A.      Please indicate preferred booth number/location:
                                                  Choice: __________ First                   __________ Second                __________ Third                  __________ Fourth

                               B.      Type of booth space preferred (check one)                 In-Line               Peninsula              Island                 Perimeter

                               C.      Preferred dimension:            Depth _______ x Frontage _______ =          Total Square Feet     __________

                               D. Total booth space cost (deposit must be submitted with contract before exhibit space is selected).
                                  BCA Member (Category 1, 2, 3 submitted on or after 11/2/08):          $1,300 per 10’ x 10’ booth x _______ booths = $ _______________
                                  BCA Member (Category 4):                                              $2,000, 1st 10’ x10’ booth x _______ booths = $ _______________
                                                                                                        ($1,300 each additional 10’ x 10’ booth)
                                  Non-BCA Member:                                                       $2,200, 1st 10’ x10’ booth x _______ booths = $ _______________
                                                                                                        ($1,300 each additional 10’ x 10’ booth)
                          NOTE: BCA Membership categories are defined at under “Membership” and in the bylaws posted on the web site.

                          Deposits must accompany the completed Exhibit Space Contract in order to process booth selection. Deposits are non-transferable and are not-
                          refundable after January 15, 2009. BCA membership is not required to exhibit at the Expo.

                          As payment for exhibit space rental as specified in this Exhibit Space Rental/Application, we attach our remittance of $ __________ according to the
                          following schedule. Failure to submit payment in accordance to the schedule below will result in immediate loss of booth space selected.
                                    __________           $100 per 100 square feet must be submitted with deposit if contract is submitted on or before January 15, 2009.
                                    __________           50% of total booth space cost must be submitted if contract is submitted January 16- March 31, 2009.
                                    __________           100% of total booth space cost must be submitted if contract is submitted on or after April 1, 2009.

                          Cancellations & Refunds: Cancellation requests must be made in writing. If cancellation notification is received on or before January 14, 2009, the full deposit
                          will be refunded. For cancellation requests received between January 15 and March 31, 2009, the exhibitor will be liable for the deposit amount only. For
                          cancellation requests received April 1- May 15, 2009, the exhibitor is liable for 75% of the total contract. The exhibitor is liable for 100% of the total contract if
                          cancellation request is received on or after May 16, 2009. No refunds will be made after May 16, 2009.

                          Downsizing of Booth Space: Requests to downsize all or part of exhibit space must be made in writing. All exhibit space reductions are subject to re-location
                          regardless of amount, seniority points or financial investment. Re-location is at the discretion of Expo Management and/or Expo Sponsor. Reducing exhibit
                          space commitment on or before January 14, 2009 will carry no penalty. Reducing exhibit space commitment between January 15 and March 31, 2009 will carry
                          no penalty if the reduction represents 30% or less of the original commitment. If space reduction is greater than 30%, the exhibitor is subject to a $100 penalty fee to
                          be paid immediately. Reducing exhibit space commitment on or after April 1, 2009 by any amount subjects the exhibitor to a $1,000 per booth penalty fee.

                          Booth Selection: A signed contract and deposit, in accordance with the above terms, must be submitted to select booth space. Booth selection prior to August 31,
                          2008 will be according to accumulated seniority points. After August 31, 2008 booth selection will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Booth selection will be
                          eliminated if payments are not made according to the above mentioned terms.

                                       Check # __________              Credit Card:              Visa       MasterCard
                                                                                                                                    This application is to be returned with remittance to:
                          Credit Card Number:                                                Exp. Date:
                                                                                                                                              INTERNATIONAL BILLIARD &
                          Name on Credit Card:                                                                                                 HOME RECREATION EXPO
                                                                                                                                                c/o William T. Glasgow, Inc.
                          Company Name:                                                                                                           10729 West 163rd Place
                                                                                                                                                Orland Park, IL 60467 USA
                          Address on Credit Card:
                                                                                                                             All checks must be made payable (in U.S. funds only) to
                                                                                                                             INTERNATIONAL BILLIARD & HOME RECREATION EXPO.
cut here to fax or mail

                                                                       Zip/Postal Code on Credit Card: ___________
                          Your signature below indicates that you accept this form to be legal and binding. If you           Make a copy of this application for your records. Upon
                          are paying by credit card, your signature here indicates that you accept all charges on            acceptance by Expo Management, a copy will be returned to
                          above listed credit card.                                                                          exhibitor as confirmation of booth space assignment commitment.

                          This form is also available online at
                                    2007-2008 BCA Expo Exhibitors
A-Top Co., Ltd.                            Frenzy Sports, Inc.                        Playcraft, a Global Merchant Company
A.E. Schmidt Company                       GLD Products                               PokerTek, Inc.
AMF-KT Sports                              Gabriel’s Billiards                        Pool & Billiard Magazine
Ace Product Management Group, Inc.         Galaxy Distributing                        Porter & Sons
Adam Cue Company                           Gameroom Concepts Unlimited, Inc.          Prather Cues
Altivo Pedras Ltda.                        Gemaco, Inc.                               Predator Group
Ambassador Billiards                                      Presidential Billiards
American Amusement Machine Assoc./AAMA     Giroux Cues                                Primo Craft Inc.
American Classic Inc.                      Globalview Billiards                       Professor Q-Ball’s National Pool
American Heritage Billiards                Gorina Cloth USA                           Proline Billiards
American Poolplayers Association, Inc.     Hampton Ridge Billiards                    Quan Xing Recreation & Sports
Armand Billiards Group                     Hao Han Industrial                         Quasimoto Interactive, Inc.
Artisan House Inc.                         Heng Kang Slate Co., Ltd.                  RAM Gameroom Products
Atlas Billiard Supplies                    Hi-Star Co., Ltd.                          RB Control Systems
Authentic Street Signs                     Hippopotamus                               RC Designs by Championship
Autofry/Multi-Chef-MTI                     Holland Bar Stool Company                  Rmp Designs, LLC
Azbar Inc.                                 Hood Leather Goods                         RST2 International
Baosida Business of Stationery             Howard Miller Company                      RVJ International
Bard International                         Hyper-Designs, Inc.                        Rabbit Tanaka Corporation
Baseline Licensing Group                   I.C.E., Inc.                               Regent Sports Corporation
Beaver Machine Corporation                 ICUP                                       Riemann Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Beer & Sports Logos, Inc.                  Imperial International                     Rock-Ola Mfg.
Beijing Xingwei Sports Goods Co., Ltd.     Imports D’Italia Inc.                      Saluc S.A.
Berkline Family Dining                     Incredible Technologies                    Samsara Cues
Big League Promotions            , LLC                    Schon Custom Cues
Billiard Congress of America               Inside Pool Magazine                       Seven Game Tables
Billiard Education Foundation              Iwan Simonis, Inc.                         Shanghai Longsheng Billiards & Equipment
Billiards Digest                           J & J America Billiards Supply             Shanghai Xin Zhan Polymertech Co., Ltd.
Billiards Direct & TIP PIK                 JM Billiard Co.                            Shelti, Inc.
Billiards911                               J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Inc.              SHIN DA Industry
Billiards Royal Flush                      Jacoby Custom Cue                          SIBEL Products Inc.
Body Care Resort, Inc.                     Jianli Billiards Co., Ltd.                 Sides, Inc.
Boraam Industries, LLC                     Jinan Yalin Billiard Goods Co., Ltd.       Signs Factory Direct
Bottelsen Dart Co., Inc.                   Jiujiang Jiuxing Sports Facility Co. Ltd   Silver Buffalo
Brady Distributing                         JOOLA North America LLC                    Silver Cup Chalk, Inc.
Brunswick Billiards                        Joss Cues, Ltd.                            Sir Joseph Billiard Gloves
CHH Quality Products Inc.                  Kaldera Billiards Inc.                     Siriani & Associates
California House                           Kestell Furniture Co., Inc.                Slate Dolly USA
Carbon Studio LLC                          Killerspin                                 SOURCEnterprises, Inc.
Carolina Custom Cues                       Kingston Global, Inc.                      Sports Fan Products
Carrom Company                             Koplow Games                               Stealth Cues
Chalk-O-Matic, LLC                         Landmark Art & Frame                       Sterling Gaming Inc.
Champion Shuffleboard                      Landmark Lighting                          Stern Pinball, Inc.
Changzhou Leqi Shukang Textile Co., Ltd.   Langfang Xingbao Billiards Co., Ltd.       Steve Lunsford Corporation
Chas. W. House & Sons, Inc.                L.E.A.N.I. Slate                           Stinger Cues
Chen Kang (Jiu Jiang) Cultural &           Legacy Billiards                           STORIS Management Systems
Chicago Gaming Company                     Legendary Art                              Stylite Lighting
Chintaly Imports                           Legends of Art, Inc.                       Suzo - Happ Group
Classic Billiards                          Leisure Bay Industries                     TDC Games Inc.
Coastal Amusements Inc.                    Liquidwick Pool Cues                       Taishan Biaoli Billiard Co., Ltd.
Connell Pacific Inc.                       Longoni SRL                                Tempo Industries, Inc.
Connelly BilliardCraft Supplies Ltd.       MBS Group Inc.                             The Billiard Encyclopedia
Creative Cooling                           Mali Company                               The Bondbridge International
Creative Inventions                        Manchester Billiards                       The Fu Li Jing Gong Billiards Articles
Cribbs, Inc., dba Bonzini USA              Marion & Co., Inc.                         The MAXX Group
Crystal Leisure Inc.                       Marquis Wall Decor, Inc.                   The Quality Life
Cue & Case Sales, Inc.                     Martin Kilpatrick T.T. Co.                 The Step2 Company, LLC
Cue Cube Corporation                       McClure Tables                             Thomas Aaron Billiards Inc.
Cue Silk Inc.                              McDermott Handcrafted Cues                 Tiger Products
CueStix International                      Mega Mania Diversions, LLC                 Tobias Design
DFS International, Inc.                    Merit Entertainment                        Toltec Lighting
DHS America Sport                          Mezz Cues                                  Trade Wind Treasures
D.L.T. International, Inc.                 Micro Logic Software, LLC                  Trademark Global
DMI Sports, Inc.                           Midnight Flame Lighting                    Trader Ridge LLC
D&R Industries Inc.                        Mikhail Darafeev, Inc.                     Truebite, Inc.
Da Vinci Imports                           Mounted Memories                           Turf Evolutions LLC
Dart-Stop Backboards & Scoreboards         Mr. Billiard International                 Tweeten Fibre Company, Inc.
Dart World Inc.                            Multiwin Sports Factory Ltd.               U.S. Billiard Association (USBA)
Deer Park Distributors/Crosley Radio       MyComputerGuys.Biz, Inc.                   U.S. Cabinetworks
Diamond Billiard Products Inc.             Namco America Inc.                         USA Outdoor Media
Diamond G Furniture                        National Merchandise of Virginia           Unique Products, Inc.
Digital Dining                             National Wheelchair Poolplayers Assoc.     United States Professional Poolplayers
Dimplex North America                      Neonetics                                  Utah Home Center
Dongguan Jiasen Billiards Goods Factory    Northwoods Billiards                       Valley-Dynamo
Dooley Manufacturing Company               Nottage Design                             Venture Shuffleboard & Rene Pierre Amer.
Douglas Furniture of California, LLC       OB Cues                                    Victoria Gameroom Furnishings
Drawknife Billiards                        Oak Manufacturing Company, Inc.            Viking Cue Mfg., Inc.
Dreamseat, LLC                             Olhausen Billiard Mfg., Inc.               Vitalie Manufacturing
ECI                                        Omnia Italian Design, Inc.                 Walcutt Art Resources Inc.
Eagles Industries Corporation              OmWorks                                    Wave 7 Technologies
East-West Wholesale                        On the Edge Marketing                      Welon China Ltd.
Eastern Jungle Gym                         One80 Darts Co., Ltd.                      Willard’s Cue Products, Inc.
Escalade Sports                            Oreck Vacuum                               Winning Solutions
Expert Billiards                           Ottertail Cedar Log Furniture              Women’s Professional Billiard Assoc.
Fabricon, Div. of Auto Craft Interiors     Padishan International Co., Ltd.           Wood Expressions, Inc.
Falcon Cues Ltd.                           Palason Billiards Inc.                     Wood-Joy
Fan Creations                              Palko Pty. Ltd.                            World of Leisure Mfg. Co.
Firestone Financial                        Paragon                                    Wurlitzer Jukebox & Vending Company
Foot Life Massaging Insoles                Park & Sun Sports                          Xingzi County Mingxing Slate Co., Ltd.
Forstmann Billiard Cloth                   Pastel Furniture                           Z-Lite Jenamees Inc.
Foshan Nanhai Shender Sporting Equip.      Performance Games, Inc.
Included with your booth:
 • Exhibitor Personnel Badges
 • BCA Freight Shipping Discounts
   (included only with your BCA Membership)
 • 9” x 44” two-line company identification sign
 • 8’ high back wall drape and 3’ high side drape
 • Gray booth carpet (alternate colors at exhibitor’s expense)

 • Wastepaper basket

        The BCA Expo provides us with
the perfect opportunity to unveil new                                             Roland Murray
                                                                                  Vice President, Brunswick Billiards
  products, generate leads and close
orders. We also spend quality time with
 our dealer partners to understand what’s working for

            them, how we can improve our products and
     programs, and better support their businesses.

                                      Product Categories
                                      Accessories                 Cues                        Promotional Items/
                                      Apparel                     Darts & Dartboards           Executive Gifts/Trophies
                                      Association Services        Design & Consulting         Publications/Web Sites
                                      ATM Machines                Fireplace/Indoor/           Shuffleboard
                                      Balls                         Outdoor                   Signs & Neon
                                      Bars/Barstools/             Food & Beverage             Slate
                                       Bar Miscellaneous          Equipment/Facilities/       Software/Computer
                                      Books/Video Tapes/DVDs        Services                   Systems
                                      Casual Furniture/Products   Games/Game Tables           Spas/Tanning/Pools
                                      Chalk & Talc                Insurance                   Table Supplies/
                                      Christmas Supplies          Jukebox & Sound             Accessories/Repair
                                      Cloth                         Systems                   Tables
              Skip Nemecek            Coin-Operated Machines      Lighting & Light Fixtures   Tips/Scuffers/Shapers
   President, Tweeten Fibre Company
                                      Cue Care/Maintenance/       Outdoor/Furniture           Water Related Equipment
                                       Parts                      Poker Chips/Tables/         & Supplies/Swimming Pool
                                      Cue Cases                     Accessories

                                      Cue Racks & Stands

              In this business environment, whether you’re a
   manufacturer or distributor, you owe it to yourself and
          the industry to exhibit at the 2009 BCA Expo.

BCA Sponsorship Opportunities
For as little as $79, exhibitors can also take advantage of sponsorship opportunities that fit
every budget.
Being a sponsor will help your customers find you and send new business to your booth. And a
sponsorship or advertisement ensures that you stand out from your competitors.
This year’s BCA Expo offers a wide variety of NEW sponsorship opportunities including Web advertising,
enhanced profiles in BCA Expo Connect and the BCA Expo Break eNewsletter to attendees.
Here are a few of the additional NEW promotions available only to our exhibitors:
Floor Logos: Create a customized path to your booth by advertising on the show floor utilizing six 2’ X 2’
personalized floor tiles.
New Product Showcase: Put your new products here and gain high-level exposure for your company
and your booth.
Official BCA Expo Directory Ad: Take advantage of your opportunity to advertise your company,
products and booth location in the BCA Expo Official Expo Directory, the exclusive publication for
information on the show. Your ad or sponsorship will be seen again and again because the pocket-sized
directory (with your ad) is kept year-round as reference guide.
Column Wraps: Give your company prime, floor-to-ceiling, 360-degree exposure every day by wrapping
a column with your information just inside the entrance to the BCA Expo.
Sponsorships Opportunities are limited! So to reach your buyers before, during and after the Expo, see
the Promotional Opportunities Brochure on the exhibitor’s page of

The BCA Expo is managed by:                               The BCA Expo is owned and produced by:
WT Glasgow, Inc.                                          Billiard Congress of America
10729 West 163rd Place                                    12303 Airport Way, Suite 160
Orland Park, IL 60467                                     Broomfield, CO 80021

                 BCA Expo 2009
                 Billiard Congress of America
                 12303 Airport Way
                 Suite 160
                 Broomfield, CO 80021

            Vegas. Where else?

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