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					Unit 12 Fairs & Sales
   Objectives
   Focus
   Warming up
   12.1 Finding about a trade fair
   12.2 Talking about products
   12.3 Placing an order
   Sum-up
   Assignment

When the learners finish learning this unit,
 they should be able to

   book accommodation
   describe products and order taking


   Booking, making contacts, order checking

                Warming up
    One of the most common practices in
    business is attending fairs.
   What are fairs? Fairs are platforms for
    manufacturers to display products, for buyers to
    pick up preferable goods, for business to
    develop contacts.( list of some annual fairs such
    as International Motor Fairs, National Book Fairs,
    Toys Show in Shanghai, etc).
   Why do manufacturers attend fairs aimed? They
    attend fairs to developing market and clients or
    making bargain deals.

   What can we see at fairs? Booths/ stands,
    posters, workers at fairs, goods, and
    manufacturers and buyers.

   How to get new contacts? This is what we are
    going to discuss in the unit.

12.1 Finding about a trade fair

A Reading

1. Read the advertisement on Page 66.
Q1: When is the Gift & Stationery Show starts?
(April 21 – 24 )

Q2: Is there going to be a Food Show?
( Yes, from June 11 to 14.)

Q3: What can be expected to display at a
Pharmaceutical Show?
( Medical equipment and drugs)

Q4: Where can one attend the show of furniture
in March?
( Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall )
    Q5: Apart from the shows and fairs, what is
    the other information can we collect from the
   The organizer ----China External Trade
    Development Council
   the contacting way to the organizer----Tel:
    886-2725-1111, Fax: 886-2725-1314
   the e-mail address of Taipei World Trade
   the web site of Taipei World Trade Center----
    http// .
2. Discussion:

 Which trade fairs would have products like
 those in the illustrations on Page 66?

 1.   Computer Show
 2.   Telecommunication Show
 3.   Furniture Show
 4.   Toy Show)
B Listening
l. Before listening, discuss the following points:
   1) What a role is to be played by listener?
      ( a staff at Atlantic Bikes )
   2) What is the task?
      ( arrange an accommodation)
   3) What information is missing on the note?
      ( how many rooms needed, what facilities
      required, duration of staying, reply from
      Ambassador hotel, the alternative choice.)
2. Listen and fill out the note.

3. Listen again for checking.
  Suggested answer:
  1) 3,
  2) shower,
  3) 28,
  4) 2,
  5) No,
  6) Imperial,
  7) 596-5111
C Speaking
1. Role play with files on Page 119(File 32) and
   Page 116 (File 31).
   Useful expressions for booking accommodation:
1) I'd like to book a single room/double room with
   shower/bath from .. .to ….
2) I'd like you to confirm with me about the reservation.
3) Sorry, our hotel has no vacancy now.
4) Sorry, our hotel is full now.

2. Demonstration
12.2 Talking about products
A Reading
   1. Complete the catalogue page from
   Atlantic Bikes with the product in

    New words and expressions:
   Helmet: a cap for the wearer’s safety
   Sole: the bottom of a shoe
   Image: outlook
Suggested answer:

1) racing bike,
2) cycle computer,
3) shoes,
4) cycle bags,
5) mountain bike,
2. Discussion
 From the catalogue, we can see how products
 are described professionally.

 These are the terms generally used for
 describing products:
 Range, standards, price, function, for whom
 the design is done, color, size, material, style,

 Try to find the above terms in the catalogue on
 Page 68.
B Listening
1. Before listening, some expressions are
  introduced to facilitate the listening task:
 combination (组合)

 be available in red color/small size (有红色/小号
 standard model (普通型)

 deluxe model(豪华型)

 be suitable for some one (适用于…)

 offer a discount (打折)
2. Listen to the tape three times. The
  last time is for checking only.
C Speaking
1. Role play with the instruction of D ,Page 69.
  Useful expressions:
   The color combination is red with blue.
   This type is available in red only.
   We can offer a discount of 5%.
   It is in large/ medium/small size.
   It’s suitable for all occasions

2. Demonstration (2 pairs)                    返回
         12.3 Placing an order
A Presentation
1. What is an order?
   An order is a document made by purchasing side to
    supplier which indicates what goods are to be bought
    at what condition ( payment, delivery, etc).

   An order carries such information: order placer and the
    contacting way, order number, to whom the order is
    sent, goods description, quantity, unit price, number of
    the goods ordered, total price, and terms of payment
    ( discount, cash, check, letter of credit), delivery.
2. Read the order on Page 69 and find the
  items terms.

3. Note that discount in English is expressed
  differently from that in Chinese.
   九折= 10% discount.
   What’s in Chinese for a discount of 5%?
   What’s in English for 七折?
    (thirty percent/30% discount )
B Listening

1. Make sure that every item on the order is
   well understood before listening.

2. Listen to the recording.
Suggested answer:

   10 standard racing bikes (yellow), 2,200, 22,000
   10 delux racing bikes (green), 3,500,35,000
   100 mountain bikes, 159, 15,900
   100 helmets , 60, 6,000
   total: 78,900
   Comments: 115% discount = 67,06525% for delivery =
   Grand Total: 70,418
C Discussion and writing
1. Discussion
  Generally speaking, a confirming letter is
  accompanied with an order, particularly the
  order is a large one. By confirming, both the
  buyer and the supplier can make sure the details
  of the deal as even a small mistake will lead to
  big loss. A very cautious supplier also would
  send an acknowledgement to the order placer
  for a further confirming.
2. Practice in class: Use the information to
  complete the order confirmation
 Suggested version:

 Dear Ms. Mclean,
 Confirmation of our order Number AB 2371 for the following:
 10 standard racing bikes (yellow), @2,200
 10 delux racing bikes (green), @3,500
 100 mountain bikes, @159
 100 helmets , @60
 We would like to confirm that payment is by Letter of Credit. Thank
 you for the discount of 15%.
 We would appreciate delivery within the next 6 weeks and look
 forward to receiving your acknowledgement.
 Yours sincerely
 Peter Sung
In this unit, we have learnt:

1 what to do at fairs
2 how to book accommodation
3 what basic information a catalogue carries
4 how to describe products with terms of
5 the procedure of placing order     返回
1. Make sure that you know these terms of
   confirmation
   place an order
   offer a discount
   delivery
   letter of credit
   unit price
2. Put the following sentences into English:
1) 这种产品备有现货。
 (This product is available now.)
2) 能让我看看最新的产品目录吗?
 (Please let me get a latest catalogue.)
3) 这种安全帽适合小学生戴。
 (This helmet is suitable for school children.)
4) 订得多的话,我们可以给你们九折。
 (We could offer you a discount of 10% on your
    big order.)
5) 请帮我预定一个单间。
   (Would you please book a single room for me?)

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