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Employer ID: E-101435
Employer Type: National Park
Employer Region: West
Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Possible Positions: 28
Job Title: Where needed.
Work Description: Hospitality Crew: You will either be working in the kitchen,
housekeeping, or in our laundry facility. Kitchen help work includes, washing dishes,
chopping vegetables preparing food, keeping the kitchen clean, taking out the
garbage, serving in the employee cafeteria etc.
Housekeeping includes cleaning hotel rooms, making beds, doing laundry, cleaning
bathrooms, vacuuming etc. $6.65 per hour.
Server Assistant: Working in a restaurant - clearing and setting tables, pouring water
for guests, general kitchen duties. Advanced English required. $4.70 plus tips
Gift Shop (Retail Sales Associate): Helping guests with gift shop items, stocking
shelves, possible cashiering Advanced English required. $6.85
Laundry Worker: Helping process hotel linens - folding, stacking, working with large
Basic English required. $7.70
Front Desk: Working at a hotel front desk, using a computer to confirm reservations,
assign hotel rooms, etc.
Advanced English and strong computer skills required. $7.00
Uniform/Dress Code: Uniforms are issued at no cost to the employee.
Salary Per Hour: Varies according to position.
Overtime Information: Is paid after 48 hours of working. It is usually available in
May, August, September and October.
Bonuses: Free internet (wireless available in most areas), free uniform, free
transportation around Yellowstone (limited), discounts in our gift shop, discounted
trips outside of Yellowstone.
Work Hours: Hours will vary depending on business at the park and staffing levels.
Usually you can expect to work 30-40 hours a week with two days off in a row.
Second jobs are likely in neighboring community.
Accommodation Cost: 25
Accommodation Description: You will be living in a dormitory and will be sharing
a room with one or two other students. Some dorms have shared bathrooms on each
hall and some rooms have their own bathroom. Your housing costs includes your
room, utilities, and free use of the laundry facilities. MEALS: We have an employee
cafeteria that provides three hot meals a day - all you can eat - for a cost of $58 a
week. The meal plan is not optional.
GETTING TO YELLOWSTONE: Please note the date and time for your arrival to
the employment office. Depending on the date of your arrival and orientation in New
York, you should plan accordingly. You will need to plan to arrive in Bozeman,
Montana on a Monday or Wednesday and stay there for the night. There will be a free
company bus to take you from Bozeman, Montana to Yellowstone at 7:15 AM every
Tuesday or Thursday. You will be given more detailed travel directions and bus
schedules upon your arrival in New York and will receive a packet of information
from the company as well.
Travel Time From NYC to Job Site: 2.5 days
Approximate Travel Cost: $180
Travel Mode: Bus
Description of Business: It is the largest park and resort management company in
the U.S. They are a recognized leader in park and hospitality management and have
received recognition for their environmental management and conservation programs.
They operate parks and destinations throughout the United States. This location has
facilities that include more than 2,000 guest rooms, 14 restaurants spread throughout
a 2.2 million-acre park.
Description of Area: This national park is the world's first national park and one of
the largest in the United States. The park is located on volcanic plateaus in the
northwest corner of Wyoming and contains more than 2 million acres of steaming
geysers, crystalline lakes, waterfalls and panoramic views. The park is also one of the
worlds foremost wildlife sanctuaries, there is a great diversity of mammals, birds and
fish. The park is not near any big city but there are many outdoor activities available
and you will have the opportunity to live and work with Americans and international
students from all over the world. The park also attracts tourists from all over the US
and all over the world. In July alone last year there were approximately 790,000
visitors to the park.

Employer ID: E-116275
Employer Type: Mid-Size Hotel
Employer Region: West
Location: Cody, Wyoming
Possible Positions: 6
Job Title: You will be assigned a position upon your arrival, depending on the needs
of your employer at that time.
Work Description: As motel help, your responsibilities will include: cleaning rooms
& bathrooms; vacuuming; changing linens and towels; making beds; doing laundry;
assisting with the restaurant work, cleaning tables , washing dishes. You will also be
required to do some maintenance around the motel which might include, cleaning the
pool, painting, and landscaping.
Uniform/Dress Code: You should bring closed-toe shoes with you from home. No
tattoos or body/facial piercing should be visible while you’re at work. Generally you
are expected to maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times. Please bring a
collar shirt also known as a polo shirt and black plants
Salary per Hour: $7.25. You will be paid $10.87 per hour for hours worked beyond
40 hours a week.
Bonuses: Raises are available if you demonstrate that you are a good worker.
Work Hours: You will usually be working 8 hours per day; 5 days per week. More
hours are available as the seasons gets busier and if you demonstrate a good attitude.
Accommodation Cost: 75 (refunded at end of season)
Accommodation Description: You will be sharing a house with 5 other international
students and you will share a room with one other student. Linens and towels are
provided. Laundry facilities will be available. The house has a full kitchen and you
will have some meals available for a discounted price. The motel provides a
continental breakfast and snacks all day. Across, the street from the motel is a
restaurant where you will be able to purchase meals. You will also have internet
access available at the motel including access to a game room with a large screen TV
and video games. The motel also has the largest heated pool in Cody, you are
welcome to use the pool whenever you like. You are within walking distance of
stores and activities but transportation is provided if you need it.
Travel Time From NYC to Job Site: 7 hours
Approximate Travel Cost: $220 and then $50 by bus.
Travel Mode: Plane
Description of Business: This is a family owned 42 room motel is located in Cody,
Wyoming about 50 miles from Yellowstone National Parks. You may reach the
property by a 3 day bus ride from NY or a 7 hour plane ride.
Description of Area: The motel is located in the northeast corner of Wyoming.
There are a variety of things to do nearby, including horseback riding hiking and
mountain biking. The motel is within walking distance of everything. You are a short
distance from the famous Buffalo Bill Historical Center and walking distance from
the Cody Rodeo which is open every night. The town of Cody hosts a famous
firework display for the Fourth of July, which is done from the backyard of the motel.
This area of America is famous for cowboys. You will have a truly American
experience here in Cody!

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