Grant Aid is Critical Component in Paying for College

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        Grant Aid is Critical Component in Paying for College
                              By Judith Greiman, President

Data from the graduating class of 2008 show that Connecticut public and private college students
are third in the nation in terms of debt load upon graduation. Sixty-three percent of Connecticut
graduates leave college with an average debt load of $26, 138. Only students from the District of
Columbia and Iowa have higher debt loads, and Iowa’s recent action to cut need-based aid will
surely exacerbate this problem. This is not a ranking in which
we should take pride.                                                     54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
Reduction of the debt load for Connecticut students will be             “ Connecticut public

                                                                                                                            quarterly newsletter • volume 14 •April 2010
helped by three key actions. Connecticut’s colleges and univer-         and private college
sities have continued to increase campus provided aid and are           students are third
working to manage their budgets to allow them to maintain this          in the nation in
level of funding. At the federal level, Congress recently ap-             54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
                                                                        terms of debt load
proved an increase in the Pell Grant maximum for next fiscal              54321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321
year along with a strategy for continued increases over the next        upon graduation.”
five years for this program of grants to the neediest students.
Finally in Connecticut, our legislature and Governor recognize the importance of need-based grants
and have level-funded the public and private college grant programs in each draft budget released
to date. It is critical that the final budget maintain this level of funding.
                                                                                            Grant Aid (Cont. on p. 2)

       Wesleyan Reachs the Gold Standard in Sustainable Structures
On March 15, the U.S.     improved indoor en-      The Allbritton Center,                  LEED awards points
Green Building Council    vironmental quality,     formerly the Davenport                  based on site selec-
awarded Wesleyan’s        and stewardship of       Campus Center, was a                    tion, public transpor-
newly      renovated      resources and sensi-     nine-month renovation                   tation access, roof-
Allbritton Center for     tivity to their im-                                              ing materials, light
the Study of Public       pacts.                                                           pollution reduction,
Life building a Gold                                                                       energy performance,
Certification based on    “The Gold Certifica-
                                                                                           refrigerant manage-
the Leadership in En-     tion demonstrates
                                                                                           ment, recyclable col-
ergy and Environmental    Wesleyan’s commitment
                                                                                           lection, building re-
Design (LEED) stan-       to sustainable de-
                                                                                           use, building materi-
dards.                    sign, operation and
                                                                                           als, environmental
                          maintenance of its
                                                                                           and air quality, ven-
LEED is an internation-   buildings,” says Alan
                                                                                           tilation and other en-
ally-recognized green     Rubacha, construction   The Allbritton Center, formerly the      vironmental factors.
building certification    services consultant     Davenport Campus Center, was a
system that verifies      for the center. “From   renovation project completed in August
                                                  2009. Wesleyan considered sustainable    During the con-
that a building or com-   the salvage and re-     measures throughout the redesign and     struction phase,
munity was designed and   use of existing ma-     construction, earning a Gold
                                                  Certification from the U.S. Green
                                                                                           Wesleyan was able
built using strategies    terials, to the de-
                                                  Building Council. (Photo by Olivia       to divert 303.84
aimed at improving per-   sign and specifica-     Bartlett Drake)                          tons, or 83.5 per-
formance across all the   tion of new materi-
                                                                                           cent, of on-site
metrics that matter       als and even into the
                                                   project completed in                    generation con-
most: energy savings,     site design, LEED was
                                                   August 2009.
water efficiency, CO2     consulted for every
emissions reduction,      decision.”                                                           Wesleyan (cont. on p. 3)
            Fairfield Jesuit Community Center, a place for Jesuits engaged in varied
                  apostolates at Fairfield University and Fairfield Prep, opens

                                        Fairfield campus, as                feet from its founda-               steel to carpets. A
                                        well as Bridgeport, a               tion – surround it.                 decaying 70-foot tall
                                        city long served by the                                                 tree at the site that
                                        Jesuit Community. “St.                                                  needed to be taken
                                        Ignatius always wanted                                                  down was milled into a
                                        us to see the world in                                                  sliding wall as well
                                        different lights, from                                                  as a cross and altar
                                        different perspec-                                                      for the chapel.
     A new Fairfield Jesuit Community   tives.”
     Center has opened on the                                                                                   The Center also in-
     Fairfield University campus.
                                        The Center’s central                                                    cludes spaces for
                                        campus location posi-                                                   meetings, programs,
     A new Fairfield Jesuit                                                                                     faculty and staff
     Community Center whose                                                                                     development, guests,
     design balances the                                                    Art objects in the Center –         and chamber music
     need for reflection                                                    including African masks in a
                                                                            hallway - represent the countries
                                                                                                                concerts. It is de-
     among religious men                                                    where Jesuits work. Eco-friendly    signed to accommodate
     with their gift for                                                    elements, such as bamboo floors,    a mixed generational
                                                                            were used in the construction.
     engagement and hospi-                                                                                      community, with the
     tality has opened on                                                                                       possibility of an easy
     the Fairfield Univer-                                                                                      reconfiguration at a
     sity campus. The eco-                                                  “It’s a place to perch,
                                                                            to sit and dream; stare             later date for Univer-
     friendly building was                                                                                      sity and Prep uses, if
     conceived as an Apos-                                                  at the stars while
                                         The Center’s chapel features a     being rooted to the                 and when the Jesuit
     tolic outreach center              cross, ambo and altar made out of                                       Community no longer
     for 27 Jesuits engaged             a decaying tree that had to be
                                                                            site and to reconnect
                                                                            with our Jesuit broth-              requires this space.
                                        taken down. It also features
                                        altar stones from all the chapels   ers in different parts                         xxx
                                        on campus.
                                                                            of the world,” said
                                                                            Rev. Gilbert Sunghera,
                                        tions the Jesuit Commu-
                                                                            S.J., project advisor
                                        nity so that they are
                                                                            and assistant professor
                                        closer to the Univer-
                                                                            of architecture at the
                                        sity and Prep. “Stu-                                                     Grant Aid (Cont. from p. 1)
                                                                            University of Detroit
                                        dents and Jesuits will
                                                                            Mercy. He said the
                                        literally cross paths,”                                                 As noted in The Inno-
                                                                            architects, New Haven-
                                        Fairfield University                                                    vation Imperative in
                                                                            based Gray Organschi
                                        President Jeffrey P.                                                    Manufacturing done by
     The Center’s Great Room was                                            Architecture, are “a
     intentionally positioned to look   von Arx, S.J. said. “I                                                  The Boston Consulting
                                                                            team respectful of our
     out onto the University and        believe this will lead                                                  Group, “A skilled,
     Fairfield Prep campuses, as well                                       sacred mission of
                                        to new learning oppor-                                                  educated work force is
     as Bridgeport, a city served by                                        education, and our goal
     the Jesuits.                       tunities, and that new                                                  the most critical
                                                                            to be good stewards of
                                        and as yet unforeseen                                                   element for innovation
                                                                            the Earth.”
                                        opportunities for                                                       success, and countries
     in varied apostolates,
                                        creative and collabora-                                                 and states with strong
     and their colleagues,                                                  The Center features a
                                        tive engagement between                                                 education systems do
     both at the University,                                                host of creative earth-
                                        the University and the                                                  better in the global
     Fairfield College                                                      friendly innovations,
                                        Jesuit community will                                                   battle for innovation
     Preparatory School and                                                 such as a geo-thermal
                                        emerge as this new                                                      leadership.” As
     elsewhere. It also is                                                  heating and cooling
                                        Jesuit Community Center                                                 further noted, “Put
     home to 12 Jesuits.                                                    system that will reduce
                                        comes to life.”                                                         simply, innovation
                                                                            carbon dioxide emis-
      “It combines a sense                                                  sions, a garden roof                requires capable and
                                        The Center is situated                                                  skilled people.”
     of reflection and peace                                                full of sedum plants
                                        in such a way that from                                                 Connecticut’s skilled
     – it is a place rooted                                                 designed to cool the
p2   in prayer and a sense
                                        many of its rooms,
                                                                            building and catch                  workforce will grow
                                        people may feel as if                                                   only if all of our
     of the sacred,” re-                                                    rainwater run-off,
                                        they are sitting in a                                                   talented students are
     marked Rev. Walter                                                     sustainable Cypress
                                        ‘treehouse,’ an often-                                                  able to access the
     Conlan, S.J., rector of                                                doors, floor-to-ceiling
                                        used word to describe                                                   resources necessary to
     the Fairfield Jesuit                                                   windows to let in
                                        the facility. A grove                                                   pay for college.
     Community. The Center                                                  natural light, bamboo
                                        of Centennial beech                                                               XXX
     was built to look                                                      floors, and recycled
                                        trees - intentionally
     directly onto the                                                      content from structural
                                        saved and standing just
         University of Hartford Responds to Demand for
                                                                                       Wesleyan (cont. from p.1)
                    Healthcare Practitioners

                                        enough practitio-     The University’s first    struction waste from
                                        ners to respond to    Doctor of Physical        the landfill. Most
                                        the demand.           Therapy (DPT) class       waste was sent to re-
                                                              will graduate in May,     ceiving agencies to be
                                        Responding to         2010. In its 11-year      recycled.
                                        demand is exactly     history, the physical
                                        what the University   therapy program has       Most material used in
                                        of Hartford’s         grown from bachelor’s     this project adheres
                                        College of Educa-     to master’s to DPT.       to the U.S. Environ-
                                        tion, Nursing and     Along the way, the        mental Protection
                                        Health Professions    program has gained        Agency’s limits on
                                    (ENHP) did. First,        newly renovated space     volatile organic com-
Ryan Cline (foreground) and Kelly                                                       pounds (VOC). Compos-
Brooks, students in the Newington
                                    ENHP’s department of      that includes a state-
Certificate Program in Orthotics    Physical Therapy joined   of–the-art clinical       ite wood and agrifiber
and Prosthetics (NCP), work with    resources with the        teaching facility as      materials used on the
Bob Pelletier (sitting on table),
                                    Newington Certificate     well as three dedi-       project contain no
an amputee who uses a prosthetic
leg. Matt Parente (standing),       Program in Orthotics      cated research spaces;    added urea-formalde-
associate director of the           and Prosthetics to        the Human Performance     hyde. Paints and coat-
Newington Certificate Program and
now clinical program director in    introduce a Master of     Research Lab, the         ing products comply
the University’s Physical Therapy   Science in Prosthetics    Pediatric Research        with “Green Seal”
Department’s orthotics and          and Orthotics (MSPO)      Lab, and the Motor        standards. Carpet and
prosthetics program, oversees
what the students are doing.        with the first class      Control Lab. Addition-    carpeted cushions com-
                                    scheduled to enter in     ally, the on-campus       ply with the Carpet and
According to the U.S.               2012. In just a few       clinic, University        Rug Institute’s Green
Department of Labor,                months, it became         Physical Therapy          Label Plus Program,
the allied health                   evident that demand for   allows faculty to         which ensures that
professions will grow               the program is ex-        continue to provide       customers are purchas-
faster than any other               tremely high, so the      clinical services and     ing among the lowest
occupation in this                  start date for the        provides students a       emitting carpet, ad-
country over the next               first class has been      place for integrated      hesive and cushion
decade creating demand              moved up to 2011.         clinical experiences.     products on the mar-
for trained profession-                                                                 ket. The building also
als at all levels of                The University’s MSPO     Hippotherapy, or          uses low-flush toilets
the health-care system.             program will offer two    physical therapy with     resulting in a 46.4
                                    paths to obtaining the    horses, is an innova-     percent water reduc-
Due to a number of                  master’s degree. In the   tive physical therapy     tion.
factors – including                 4-plus-2 program,         program in the depart-
                                    students who already      ment. The benefits        The Allbritton Center,
aging baby boomers, an
                                    have a bachelor’s         include improved          named after Robert ’92
increased number of
                                    degree in health sci-     balance, posture, and     and     Elena     ’93
diabetics who have lost
                                    ence can apply to the     muscle tone. For the      Allbritton;       Mr.
limbs due to their
                                    traditional two-year      past five years,          Allbritton is also a
disease, and veterans
                                    master’s program.         physical therapy          Wesleyan Board of
returning from Iraq and
                                    University of Hartford    students have used        Trustee member. The
Afghanistan – demand
                                    is the only school in     hippotherapy to work      Allbritton Center was
for prosthetics and
                                    the Northeast that also   with children at the      dedicated in Septem-
orthotics (P&O) practi-
                                    offers an undergraduate   American School for       ber 2009. The origi-
tioners is expected to
                                    combined Bachelor of      the Deaf in West          nal structure was com-
overwhelm the supply in
                                    Science in Health         Hartford.                 pleted 1904 and was
coming years.
                                    Science and Master of                               redesigned in 1984 as
Prosthetists and
                                    Science in Prosthetics    The health care world     Davenport Student Cen-
orthotists design,
                                    and Orthotics 3-plus-2    is ever changing and      ter. It ceased to be
make, and fit appli-
                                    program in which stu-     the University of         used as a student cen-
ances for individuals
                                    dents earn a bachelor’s   Hartford is changing      ter in 2007 with the
who have lost limbs.
P&O professional orga-              and master’s degree in    with it. The Univer-      opening of the Usdan        p3
                                    five years. Both paths    sity, which has a         Center. The renovation
nizations expect the
                                    include a postgraduate,   mission to be a “Pri-     of the building began
number of patients
                                    two-year residency        vate University with a    soon after that.
using artificial limbs
to reach nearly 10                  requirement as a pre-     Public Purpose,” once     Wesleyan’s Fauver Field
million by the year                 requisite for the board   again has responded to    Residence Halls also have
2020 and are concerned              exams.                    a need—this time in       a LEED Basic Certifica-
that there may not be                                         the health-care field.    tion.
          Goodwin College Students Score Highest in
               Nation on Histotechnician Exam
     Since moving to Goodwin College from Hartford Hospital in 2006, the
     Histologic Science program — the only training program of its kind in
     Connecticut — has consistently achieved outstanding results, both in
     terms of student performance on the national certifying exam, and a 100
     percent job-placement rate.                                                  The Independent Voice is a publication
                                                                                  of the Connecticut Conference of
     In February, Goodwin’s program achieved a new milestone, as the release      Independent Colleges, a public policy
     of 2009 testing data revealed that graduating students had the highest       association representing Connecticut’s
     average score on the American Society for Clinical Pathology’s               nonprofit independent higher education
     Histotechnician Exam from among the 28 such programs in the United           institutions.

     States. The exam is required in order to earn certification as a
     histotechnician.                                                             Chair
                                                                                     Mr. Neil Salonen

                                                          Histotechnicians           President, University of Bridgeport

                                                          specialize in the       Vice Chair

                                                          preparation and            Dr. James Jones

                                                          staining of tissues        President, Trinity College

                                                          for microscopic ex-     President
                                                                                     Judith B. Greiman
                                                          amination. Dyes and
                                                                                     Connecticut Conference of
                                                          chemicals are used to
                                                                                     Independent Colleges
                                                          highlight tissue
                                                                                     ph: 860.236.0900
                                                          structures, enabling
                                                                                     fax: 860.236.0910
                                                          pathologists to more
                                                          accurately diagnose
                                                          disease, including
                                                                                     Albertus Magnus College
                                                                                     Connecticut College
                                                          According to the
                                                                                     Fairfield University
                                                          National Society for
                                                                                     Goodwin College
                                                          Histotechnology, the       Mitchell College
                                                          technique dates back       Quinnipiac University
     to 1664 when Robert   Hooke cut sections of cork with a pen knife and           Rensselaer at Hartford
     observed them under   a microscope. Today, histology is a complex science       Sacred Heart University
     focused on cellular   morphology, chemical composition, and function of         Saint Joseph College
     normal and abnormal   tissue.                                                   Saint Vincent’s College
                                                                                     Trinity College
     Goodwin’s program, which draws students from as far away as Maine, fre-         University of Bridgeport
     quently ranks in the top five in terms of exam scores, according to             University of Hartford
     Program Director Zoe Durkin. In 2009, two of the top ten individual exam        University of New Haven
     scores in the nation were achieved by Goodwin students, out of 271 first-       Wesleyan University
     time examinees.                                                                 Yale University

     Durkin says the successes are due to the rigor of the classes and the        The Independent Voice follows a regular
     expertise of instructors.                                                    rotation schedule featuring four of the
                                                                                  sixteen member institutions in each
     “The students have to work very hard, but our instructors work very well     quarterly issue.

     with them,” Durkin said. “There is also a capstone class at the end of
     the program that helps prepare students for the exam.”

     Students in the program can graduate in as little as one year if they
     attend classes full-time for three academic sessions. Applicants must
     have taken biology, chemistry, and algebra courses to be admitted.
     Just as noteworthy as the outstanding exam scores is the program’s em-
     ployment outcomes. All graduates of the program have found employment in
     the field, including jobs with hospitals, labs, and pharmaceutical compa-

     Histotechnicians can earn an average salary of $40,000 or more, according
     to the Connecticut Hospital Association.

     More information is available online at