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Newsletter No. 102                                                                  MARCH 2006
                                                                                                      by Dorothy Blaak

From time to time people call our         Education                              Service
office enquiring about a pro life
group they’ve heard about. They           Education could be described, at       The service arm provides practical
wonder what they do and if they are       least partly, as the prophetic voice   assistance and comfort to those in
connected to Abbotsford Right to          that warns of danger and recom-        need. They would be the ones who
Life. They also often wonder why          mends a better way. In our bridge      pluck those who have gone over the
there are so many different groups.       story, it would be those who stand     edge out of the waters below and
Wouldn’t it be better to have just        beside the road well ahead of the      bandage up their wounds. Pro lifers
one group instead of dividing scarce      washed out bridge trying to get the    working in this area run crisis preg-
pro life resources between so many?       attention of the drivers to warn       nancy centres and post abortion
                                          them of the danger ahead and tell-     ministries offering counselling and
The short answer is, no. Pro life         ing them about the alternate route.    practical support to those in the
work could be described as divided        Pro lifers involved in education try   midst of a personal crisis. They real-
into three different “arms” – educa-      to show the public how abortion        ize there will always be those who
tion, political action and service. In-   kills unborn children and how it       didn’t hear the warnings, or ignored
dividual people feel called to spe-       hurts women. They know that if         them until it was too late, and end
cific areas, but all are vital to the     they point out a better, safer route   up on the rocky riverbed below in
cause.                                    many will take it and be safe. This    need of help.
                                          is the area Abbotsford Right to
The washed-out bridge                     Life works in.                         All are needed
Imagine that a storm has just washed      Political Activity                     Yes, all these “arms” are needed in
out a bridge around a bend on a well                                             our less than perfect world. We do
travelled mountain road. On one           The goal of political activity is to   need to declare the truth and warn
side of the road is a steep drop-off to   produce legislation that will pro-     others of impending danger. Every
the river below, and on the other, the    tect life and provide legal safe-      one that listens can save themselves
mountain. There is another road; a        guards against danger. Those           a lot of grief. We do need to put up
longer, less travelled route that turns   working in this arm would be the       barricades. Some won’t listen to rea-
off before the washed out bridge,         ones who put up barricades to keep     son, but can be saved if strong
but many travellers don’t know            drivers from flying over the edge      boundaries keep them from disaster.
about it. They don’t realize this road    into the waters below. Pro lifers      And, we do need to be prepared to
can also bring them safely to their       involved in this area work to get      bind up the wounded who didn’t
destination.                              legislation enacted that would pro-    heed the warning or ignored the bar-
                                          tect every human being from con-       ricades and now are in need of love
How can we aid the travellers speed-      ception to natural death. They un-     and care.
ing toward the washed out bridge?         derstand that the law is both a
How do we keep them from disas-           teacher and an inhibiter and would     Each arm is striving to make a dif-
ter? Education? Political action?         prevent many from making a             ference for life. We need them all!
Service? Each of these ways will          disastrous choice.
provide help and all are needed.
                                                        February 11-April 8 Field of Crosses Display up
         Abbotsford                                     April 7             Benefit Concert
     Right to Life Society
      Board of Directors                                April 21-23         Gotta be Kiddin Exhibit at
President ....................Maria McGuire
Vice-President ..... Marcyne Heinrichs                                      Tradex
Secretary....................... Paula Fischer
Treasurer .................... Abe Heinrichs            May 23              Focus on Life Dinner
..................................... Peter Kapteyn
                                                        June 3              Walk for Life
.................................... Kristie Naayer
                                                        June 18             Pro Life Sunday
.................................Richard Peachey
........................................John Varcoe     August 3–7          Abbotsford Agrifair
Executive Director...... Dorothy Blaak                  October 1           Life Chain
Assistant Director ........Arlene Penner
                                                        October 16          Annual General Meeting
     Our Mission is:
                                                        October 27          Fund-Raising Dinner
     to educate our community
     regarding the God given
     value, dignity and right to life
                                                        November 16-18      International Pro Life
     of every human being from
     conception to natural death.                                           Conference in Vancouver
     Our Vision is:
     a society in which, by law and
     public resolve, every human
     life is protected, respected
                                                      Thank you to ...
     and valued from conception
     until natural death.                             ...all the willing helpers who helped us put
       Our Resource Centre is                         the field of crosses display in place
              located at:
     #5 - 2599 Cedar Park Place                       ...the VanderKoois for the use of their field
           Abbotsford BC.                           ...Jack Glazema for the use of his trailer to
              Office hours:
                                                      hold our new enlarged sign
           Monday to Friday
            10 a.m. – 4 p.m.                          Pray that the display causes people to think
       Phone/Fax: (604) 852-4623                      about the magnitude of abortion in Can-
                                                      ada, and most importantly, that it will mo-
               Voice For Life
           is compiled and edited                     tivate women to chose life for their baby.
              by Dorothy Blaak
Page 2
       Abbotsford Right to Life
        Benefit Concert 2006
                        Shane Wiebe
                                                   with Angela Wiebe
                                                             April 7, 2006 - 7:30 pm

                                                             Bakerview M B Church

                                                             2285 Clearbrook Road

                                                             Tickets: $12.00
                                                                           Available at:
                                                                Abbotsford Right to Life
                                                                  Bakerview MB Church
                                                              Sevenoaks Alliance Church
                                                                         House of James
                                                                       King’s Music and
Shane Wiebe became a household name in Abbotsford in                     Tom Lee Music
the summer of 2004 when he competed in the Canadian
Idol competition, making it all the way to the top 5. Our
                                                                         and at the door
city was justifiably proud of her native son!

Since the competition he has continued to develop his
                                                             Be sure to put this evening event
musical career and released his self titled debut album in         on your calendars!
July 2005, and his second, a Christmas album entitled,
“What Child is This” last December.                            An opportunity to support the
                                                               on-going work and projects of
Music is a passion for Shane. “To spend one’s life mak-
ing music, now that’s a God-given privilege.”
                                                              Abbotsford Right to Life will be
                                                             an important part of the evening.
Shane has invited his wife Angela to join him on the
stage and we are looking forward to hearing these tal-         Refreshments will be served.
ented performers.
                                                                                          Page 3
Majority Support Protecting the                                Canada’s Coming
Unborn                                                         Population Crisis
Six in 10 Canadians say they would support laws that           OTTAWA, December 15, 2005 (LifeSiteNews.
would protect unborn children, according to recent poll-       com) – Canada’s population is ageing fast and senior citi-
ing by Environics Research.                                    zens will outnumber children in about a decade, according
                                                               to new population projections released today by the offi-
The survey taken last October, found that 60 per cent (64      cial government statistical organization.
per cent of women and 55 per cent of men) back legal
protections for children in the womb. And of these, about      In all growth scenarios considered for the study, Statistics
half (34 per cent of women and 24 per cent of men) said        Canada reports that seniors aged 65 and over would be-
they believe those protections should begin at conception.     come more numerous than children aged less than 15
Only a third of those surveyed (33 per cent) said they sup-    around the year 2015. A situation the report describes as
ported the legal status quo – which is no protection until     “an unprecedented situation in Canada.”
after the babies are born.
                                                                     By 2031, the number of people aged 65 and over
                                                                      would range between 8.9 million and 9.4 million,
 6 out of 10 Canadians want some form of pro-                         depending on the scenario selected, while the
                                                                      number of children would range between 4.8 mil-
 tection for babies in the womb.                                      lion and 6.6 million.
 7 out of 10 want women to be informed about
                                                                       While Canada’s population is currently younger
 abortion consequences before an abortion.                             than the populations of most of the G8 countries,
                                                                       it is expected to age more rapidly in the coming
                                                                       years. This has been a direct result of the pro-
“For the fourth year in a row, we see that the majority of     nounced baby boom following the Second World War
Canadians do not support the existing situation in Canada      and the rapid decline in fertility that followed with the le-
in which there is no legal protection for babies in the        galization and promotion of contraception and abortion
womb,” said Joanne Byfield, the president of the national      and on-going, relentless implementation of Canadian gov-
education group, LifeCanada, which had commissioned            ernment anti-family policies.
the poll.
                                                               The findings of the research present a nightmare scenario
“Although abortion is held up as an important right for        for Canadian old age security and health care as the work-
women, we see from this poll that in fact women are far        force shrinks and the percentage of retired Canadians bal-
more supportive of protecting human life in the womb.”         loons.

The survey also revealed that in several areas, Canadians      By 2056, an estimated 1 out of 10 Canadians would be 80
want laws limiting abortion where none currently exist.        years or over, compared with around 1 in 30 in 2005.

Fully 70 per cent of respondents said they support             While the report stresses “immigration alone cannot re-
“informed consent” laws requiring that women consider-         verse this ageing trend,” the prospect of encouraging Ca-
ing an abortion be advised about the stages of fetal devel-    nadians to have more children and assisting families is
opment, including an ultrasound scan, the possible side        nowhere mentioned in the report.
effects and complications of having an abortion, and the
alternatives available. Only 27 per cent were opposed.         In every projection scenario, the proportion of the work-
                                                               ing-age population, that is the population aged 15 to 64,
A majority (56 per cent vs. 41 per cent) also support a law    would decline steadily in the 2010s and 2020s. Currently,
requiring girls under 18 years old to get their parents’       the working-age population represents 70% of the total
consent for an abortion. And 50 per cent said that abor-       population. By the beginning of the 2030s, it would de-
tions should only be taxpayer-funded in extreme situa-         cline to 62%, and then level off at about 60%.
tions, “such as a threat to the mother’s life or in cases of
rape or incest.”

Page 4
STDs an “Epidemic” in Canada                                 Montreal Woman gets Three Years
                                                             Probation for Euthanasia of Son
OTTAWA, January 20, 2006 ( – A
spike in sexually transmitted diseases is being described    On January 27, 2006, Marielle Houle, a 60-year-old
by Canadian gynecologists as an “epidemic.”                  woman in Montreal who helped her adult son commit sui-
                                                             cide, was sentenced to three years’ probation. She had
The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Can-       pleaded guilty to a charge of assisting the suicide of her
ada (SOGC) have highlighted alarming statistics from         son, Charles Fariala. The Criminal Code provides a 14-
Canada’s Public Health Agency indicating that since 1997     year maximum sentence for the offence.
there has been an 80% increase in gonorrhea, a 70% in-
                                                             Fariala was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2002 and
crease in Chlamydia, and a staggering 908% increase in
                                                             believed the degenerative disease was advancing rapidly.
syphilis rates in the country.
                                                             He decided to kill himself at age 36, taking a mixture of
                                                             drugs and alcohol. His mother tied his hands, put a plastic
The group warned, additionally, that 400 women die each
                                                             bag over his head and stayed with him until he died. A
year as a result of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infec-
                                                             short time later, she turned herself in to police.
tion, the cause of cervical cancer – killing 40 times more
women each year than AIDS. It is now estimated that at       Houle’s lawyer, Salvatore Mascial, argued that she acted
least 75% of Canadians will have at least one HPV infec-     out of compassion and should not be imprisoned. He de-
tion in their lifetime.                                      scribed her crime as an act of “unconditional love.”

In Alberta, STDs accounted for 62% of all reported dis-      The Crown maintained that while Houle’s intentions may
eases in 2004, almost twice the number compared to the       have been “compassionate,” Canada is not a society that
most recent statistic for 2000, at 37%.                      tolerates euthanasia. The court’s leniency was likely due
                                                             to Houle’s “fragile” mental and physical health.
                                                             Alex Schadenberg, executive director of Ontario’s Eutha-
                                                                nasia Prevention Coalition (EPC), says that not only
                                                                 should a more serious penalty be levelled, Houle
                     “It’s only suicide when you                 should have been charged with second degree mur-
                     do it to yourself. If he died of            der. “It’s only suicide when you do it to yourself,” he
                                                                 said. “But in the court hearings, Houle admitted that
                     suffocation, it was murder.”                she put the bag over his head. If he died of suffoca-
                                                                 tion, it was murder not assisted suicide.”
                                                             The EPC believes that the three year probation fails as a
                                                             deterrent and will be demanding a federal review. They
                                                             are concerned that if there is no deterrent for the act of
  What’s in a Name?                                          assisted suicide others may follow Houle’s example.
                                                             “We are going to ask the new minister of justice, when he
  Many of the Planned Parenthood Canada of-                  or she is appointed, that this case be reviewed. It is up to
  fices have opted to change their name to pre-              them to do the right thing. On February 6th, the new jus-
  sent a new image. Twenty of 23 offices nation-             tice minister is going to receive a formal request for a re-
  wide will now be known as the Canadian Fed-                view because there is no deterrent involved in this case,”
  eration for Sexual Health.                                 said Schadenberg.

  Other pro abortion groups have also changed
  names. Last October Canadian Abortion
  Rights Action League (CARAL) officially                             Abbotsford
  closed its doors to reopen under the name The                         Right to Life
  Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada
  (ARCC). Planned Parenthood in BC is now                                  on the Web!
  called Options for Sexual Health (OPT).                          Check us out at:
  Changing their names has not changed their
                                                                                                                   Page 5
Group Calls upon Federal Health Minister to Investigate Fraud and Drop Dispute

Fredericton - February 22, 2006 A New Brunswick               to penalize provinces for violating the Act.
pro-life group is calling upon the federal health minis-
                                                    Ryan added that the federal government should imme-
ter to investigate possible Medicare fraud by provinces
                                                    diately drop its dispute with New Brunswick over the
that fund private abortion clinics. NB Right to Life also
                                                    latter’s refusal to fund Henry Morgentaler’s clinic in
wants Health Canada to drop its abortion dispute with
New Brunswick over that province’s refusal to fund  Fredericton. “That dispute arose under the previous
such a clinic.                                      Liberal administration which favoured abortion on de-
                                                    mand. Unless the new minister, Tony Clement, favours
The group’s executive director,                                            Medicare fraud, he should drop
Peter Ryan, says Medicare cov-       An unwanted pregnancy is              the matter. It is not about being for
                                                                           or against abortion; it is a question
ers abortion only in cases of
medical necessity. He says,          not an automatic criterion            of respecting the law.”
“Abortion clinics provide abor-      of medical necessity.                      In a letter to the federal health
tion on demand, there is no as-
sessment or demonstration of                                                    minister, Ryan reminds the minis-
medical necessity. An unwanted pregnancy is not an       ter that constitutionally, health care is fundamentally
automatic criterion of medical necessity, I know of no   under provincial jurisdiction and that it is proper for the
medical body in this country that would say it is.”      federal government to allow the provinces to determine
                                                         both what procedures are medically necessary and un-
The Right to Life group says that six provinces are vio- der what circumstances they may be considered medi-
lating the Medicare provisions of the Canada Health      cally necessary. He asserts that even if a province des-
Act by funding private clinic abortions under the guise  ignates a certain procedure, such as abortion, as medi-
of medical necessity. The provinces include Newfound-    cally required under certain circumstances, it does not
land, Manitoba, BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.         mean that procedure must automatically be deemed
                                                         medically required under all circumstances.
“In all honesty, these provinces are practicing fraud,”
says Ryan. “The new Tory government, which prom-         Abortions performed simply on the basis of demand
ised to end corruption, should not stand for it.” The    reflect a pregnant woman’s choice, rather than a situa-
Canada Health Act authorizes the federal government      tion of medical necessity and are more properly desig-
                                                         nated as “electives.”

Canadian Nurses for Life Seeks to Help Student Nurses
Canadian Nurses for Life is a non-profit organization uniting those who seek excellence in the nurturing of and
caring for, the unborn, the newborn, the handicapped, the mentally ill, the aged, the sick and the dying. They are
concerned with the ethical issues in nursing from the perspective of respect for life and quality of care for all of
their patients.

In a recent letter to our office, they informed us that they are organizing a student wing to bring together pro-life
student nurses across Canada who can support and encourage each other as they struggle through their nursing

While in training pro life nursing students are particularly vulnerable. They can be failed for “poor attitude”, not
being a “team player” and other politically correct ways of removing those who do not subscribe to the current
anti-life, anti-family philosophy that pervades many secular universities and colleges in Canada today. It can be
difficult to speak up in class against the teaching of feminist instructors promoting their own values. It can be diffi-
cult to complete some assignments without compromising pro life beliefs.

If you are a nurse or a nursing student, contact:    Canadian Nurses for Life
                                                     254 Ancaster Ave. Ottawa ON K2B 5B4
                                                     or call them at 613-728-8125, and join forces with them today.
We will always need pro life nurses!
Page 6
Education Groups                                                             Local community group
There are scores of local groups across Canada each                    Abbotsford Right to Life Society
serving their own community. Each province has a pro-
vincial group and there is a one national group. Local
groups are often associated by membership with both          Provincial group                    National group
their own provincial group and the national one. They          Pro Life BC                           LifeCanada
collaborate with their provincial group on province wide
projects (such as the Focus on Life media campaign here
in BC) and both the local and the provincial groups work        Specialized Pro Life Educational Groups
with the national organization on nation wide projects
(such as the national poll). Working together serves to:             Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
co-ordinate efforts, maximize on existing expertise, en-             BC Parents and Teachers for Life
able the sharing of resources, reduce the over-all work               National Campus Life Network
load and substantially increase the impact on society.                 Canadian Physicians for Life
                                                                        Canadian Nurses for Life
In addition to the associated educational groups there are            Canadian Pharmacists for Life
many other specialized education groups that have a                  The DeVeber Institute (research)
more specific scope as their names imply. They conduct
research and provide expertise in their own specialized
fields as well as serving their own constituencies.

Political Action Groups
These groups lobby politicians on life issues and track                  Political Action Groups
their voting records, and work to get pro life legislation               Campaign Life Coalition
enacted. They provide information about candidates’ po-                      REAL Women
sitions at election times. Both groups have a national of-               Local provincial chapters
fice with affiliated provincial chapters.

Service Groups
There are many crisis pregnancy centres, like the Fraser
Valley Pregnancy Centre in Aldergrove, located in com-
munities all across Canada. Their focus is to minister di-
rectly, in practical ways, to women (and men) facing an                         Service Groups
unplanned pregnancy or suffering from a past abortion.
Many of them are affiliated with either the Canadian As-                           CAPSS
sociation of Pregnancy Support Services (CAPSS) or                     Local Crisis Pregnancy Centres
Birthright.                                                               Local Birthright Groups
                                                                             Other Service Groups
Making an Impact Together                                                 Hope Adoption Services
                                                                     Post Abortion Community Services
Every group has something unique and valuable to offer                     Canada Silent No More
the pro life movement. Although working in different                      House of Esau Ministries
ways we are all striving to defend life and help those in
need. As we work side by side, sharing skills and infor-
mation we can make an impact for good in our cities, our
provinces and our country.

                                                                                                            Page 7
                                                           Reporting on another recent study, author Pricilla Cole-
                                                           man, professor of Human Development and Family
                                                           Studies at Bowling Green State University, said studies
For years the pro life movement has warned soci-           show women who have abortions are up to five times
ety that abortion hurts women. More and more               more likely to use drugs and alcohol, and to smoke,
studies are showing that what we were declaring            than women who have not had an abortion. The re-
is true. Women deserve to know.                            search review was published in Current Women’s
                                                           Health Reviews.
Increased Suicide Rates
                                                                      Increased Mental Disorders
Dec 1/05 - Finland’s National Research
and Development Center for Welfare and                                 Feb. 10/06 – (LifeSite News) New research
Health conducted a 13-year epidemiologi-                               from a pro-abortion New Zealand scientist
cal study of the entire population of women in Finland,    has found that abortion causes serious mental disorders.
looking at all deaths among women of reproductive age      The study, by David Fergusson at Christchurch School
(15 to 49) between 1987 and 2000. They discovered          of Medicine & Health Sciences, tracked approximately
that compared to women who have not been pregnant          500 women from birth to 25 years. It showed that
in the prior year, deaths from suicide, accidents and      women who have had abortions, even when previous
homicide are 248% higher in the year following an          indicators are taken into account, have a much higher
abortion. They found that the majority of those extra      than average experience of serious psychological dis-
deaths were due to suicide as the women who had had        turbances.
an abortion were six times more likely to commit sui-
cide compared to women who carried their pregnancies       Fergusson had anticipated that his research would
to term.                                                   prove the pro abortion propaganda that abortion re-
                                                           lieves anxieties and gives women a greater sense of
The study was published in the European Journal of         control over their lives. He assumed that problems ex-
Public Health.                                             perienced by post-abortive women would be traceable
                                                           to mental health problems that had existed before the
Increased Substance Abuse                                  abortion.

Jan. 23/06 - Dr. David Reardon, a post-abortion expert     That myth may now be seriously challenged by the re-
and director of research at the Elliot Institute, a non-   search that showed women who have abortions, experi-
profit organization that tracks the impact of abortion,    ence “elevated rates of subsequent mental health prob-
said there are at least 21 studies linking induced abor-   lems including depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviours
tion and substance abuse.                                  and substance use disorders.”

  in the urgent work of promoting the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

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 I would like to make monthly donations of: $ _________________
   ______ postdated cheques enclosed         ______ I will send cheques monthly

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